Vision: Inside Abi-Qor : arrival and departure hall

I am being encouraged by a sweet lady, Leslee, to share a vision I had of Abi-Qor through dreams. She is getting strong messages that Abiquor arises through the vision of many. It was like a puzzle I had to fit together the image. It is a rough sketch and you are standing on a balcony surrounded by green and you look below the arrival and departure hall in I believe Abi-Qor. The blue patches are the windows that look out to the blue sky and the second arch is actually a dome, but my perspective is a little bit off. But anyway it is only a presentation. At the back you see a crystal pool with two fountains.

Abi-qor sketch0001

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Update Jan 20th: Where is it?

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Good evening my friends! After a ridiculously busy day I returned to RTS tonight knowing that there would be a shite load of negative comments and taunts. I’m exhausted so I’m not going to get into a major article tonight though.

I’m not even going to attempt to reply to each of the 276 comments on yesterdays article- I think that Blogger might have a nervous breakdown if I did, lol.

So let’s just talk about it here.

Now, many people are calling me a disinformation agent, a shill (not sure how that works as this is my blog, lol), a psy-ops agent, etc… and of course belittling and jeering the intel and information that I reported here. That’s fine- as I always say, everyone is welcome to their own opinion and to believe what they want to believe. I think that most of those who posted ranting comments don’t really want answers, but are more interested in getting other readers to turn away.

Those are NOT the people I’m writing this for.

Right now, all over the world there are a huge amount of people who are sitting back scratching their heads, saying “WTF?!” … and I’m not talking about you guys. I’m talking about the people who KNOW what’s been going on in Washington DC and all over the world.

There are a shit load of people basically having a freak out right now and I’m not talking about your average John Q Public type people here. Why? Because they Know what was suppose to happen, they know what they were told would happen, they know what (supposedly) happened this week….. yet, there is Supreme Court Justice Roberts swearing in Obama.

The information and intel that I have written about over the past few weeks is absolutely correct. We’ve had so many confirmations of so many facts from so many areas of government(s), 3 letter agencies, military, business/financial… the cross examination of every aspect of every piece of information has been meticulously combed through and everyone involved has agreed that it is accurate.

For weeks we’ve been hearing “Announcements today/tonight/tomorrow!!” and yet…. nothing. This past week we were told “Announcements will happen any moment!” and yet….. nothing.

If you listened to the radio show I did with Lisa Harrison last week HERE I talked a bit about what is happening, and the Why. (I come in at the 43 minute mark)

Why haven’t they made “The” announcement? Why hasn’t the RV, and the new financial system, and the release of the various funds happened?

What else happened in December? There were two extremely exciting things that happened. On December 21st the energy of our planet shifted dramatically. On December 25th The People’s Trust UCC filings were made public.

I will go into more detail on both of these topics tomorrow as I’m seriously wiped out and in need of sleep. I will say this for now though: This week should be an amazing week.


Crystal Connection 20 January 2013


Source picture:

I make a connection , I see a rope ladder in front of me, and as I look up I see it goes up into heaven. I climb it and the ladder goes to the sun, it is a sun portal. Beside the portal there are angels and guides standing , encouraging me to go through. I step through and I feel that my body is scattered around in particles and at the same time, because I am in the sun, infused with extra sun energy. After a few minutes I am reassembled again, and I am feeling quite blissful. Now I feel a beam of light coming from my heart, it goes through the pyramids , connecting with Tauno , through her heart, connecting with Elvi, connecting with Tolan, connecting with Leslee through the heart, and connecting with me again. Between those connection points, in the middle, a vortex is opening because of this  connection and this is also the queue for the cities of light to emerge al over the world. Everybody is connected, and cities are emerging all over and everybody looks in awe. I see Obama doing the inauguration and something happens, a strong light blast goes as a wave over the world and everybody is blissful. Then I saw a thousand blue butterflies, a signature of the blue flame of AA Michael, going up in the air.

Note Tauno: WOW, Lisa, I also walked round the earth and started with the Pyramids to return to them and then Fly high in Space, we did it, my sister, the connection through the Heart! I saw the open flight of the Craft of our Star Family in our skies and everyone was aware of this and it was quite normal

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was in Egypt watching the earth from above during the Day, I asked to be shown the direction of the other crystal to be discovered and I received Ukraine, I thought of Elvi and something she told me about one of Her Names, perhaps Elvi is about to connect with this crystal
Then I returned to Egypt and was connected with Isis, Isis spread Her wings , I saw the Earth from above again, I was on a Space ship and Disclosure was done, the silver metallic Saucer  Craft was in the Sky and was visible from the land, this was something normal.
Then I connected with some Native American Chiefs that were performing a Holy ritual and one of them pointed at me, I felt the Presence of the Wolf and the Owl, the Owl carried the Spirit of a young Native American Shaman Woman with Angelic vibrations, the Owl connected with the Pyramids in Egypt and became grey , then turned into a Heavenly Bird with long tail and I got the feeling of moving upwards, high over the land into the Space. Then I saw myself flying over the snowy mountains again

I saw Santa Muerte too
She appeared when I saw the Native American Chiefs

Crystal Connection 17 January 2013

I saw a series of Merkaba’s going from smaller to bigger , like a kaleidoscope, going through my heart chakra, feeling of lifting me up , feeling light, felt so strange like I was levitating in my own body. I felt a connection with you and I felt stars and universes and so on. Amazing feeling.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I see green color, then some shining Sparks of Golden Light in the Green
The Lotus Portal, pink and white and Angelic Being with Christ vibrations there
I see us holding hands and moving around the Lotus Portal, me, Lisa, Elvi, Leslee and another One, we are Angels holding hands and in the Circle there is Strong Beam of Light that stretches upwards and connects us with the Great Central Sun, I look up and see the energy going upwards, we fly holding hands around the Lotus.

And also I saw the Pyramids and a reverse Pyramid that was pouring energy into one of the pyramids that are on the land, the reversed one is from Space. I see a female Beautiful Face in front of me, it is big and hear “We Are Waiting For You”, received the name EMA. I see two flying saucers, they are silver white.

I see a child with a smiling face going up the ladder, the ladder is from the dark and up there behind the wall is the SUN, The child is me, I look into this new World, the New Earth, I see a Sun and a Sky and blue color, there are only patterns of Land, we are about to manifest it, the mountains, the rivers, the seas, everything from these patterns, we are the Creators, everything is waiting for Us to be manifested
I see the Hands of God embracing the Planet with a gentle hug

Crystal Connection – Elvi
A little bit scattered (as me today…) but some symbols: a white horse with a red mane and tail (RED like fire) was running happily, came to a big sea, then started flying (had wings) over the water, still very happy laughing, then lots and lots of white pearls. And somewhere small grey bats, nice ones, then I also saw a ladder, SUN and some planet with a ring (the ring was towards me/us, funny? Big energies. Yes, somewhere a blue mountain, snow, ice, north, beautiful.
Can anybody explain symbols?

Crystal Connection – Vee
Greetings everyone!
Last night I held my Rose Quartz and began meditation after grounding and asking for protection. My intent was to connect with Mary Magdalene seeking assistance and guidance. I asked permission to connect three times. While trying to connect my entire body chilled. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of bright lights. Nothing more.

I was very calm and flowing with the energy so I followed the meditation instructions posted by Leslee from Lhamo Dorje & Teo’Na. I set my intention to board the Aurora. I visualized the ship as silver and round in shape. As the ship began to land, I could not keep the imagine of the space craft that I visualized. The craft appeared to be translucent, like crystal. So, I went with it. A door opened and I saw light coming from the inside so I walked up the ramp and went inside past one door. I saw another door and imagined someone opening it. The figure appeared as a shadow. I could not get a clear picture. Three times I asked, “what is your name?” I waited and I got Aurora. Wow, did I really hear that? Then I asked, “what is my name? I asked three times and waited. I got Mahatule (spelled how it sounded)

Then around 5:00 this morning I awoke and decided to meditate. I tried to connect with Mary Magdalene. I saw the colors purple, green and burst of light. Then I had a vision of an Asian man who exited a store and he said to me, she is up there, pointing up. I looked up and saw the word Psychic. Next, I heard these numbers: 2420047. End of visions.

Crystal Connection 15 January 2013


Source Picture:

I see cogwheels again but instead I feel them spinning in my body. I see now spirals inside my body. Vision changes and I see a white rabbit with red eyes looking at me. He turns around and I see his tale and I follow the rabbit through a spiral portal . I am everywhere , every galaxy , dimension , universe … Then I ask the connection between me, Tauno and Elvi, and we are connected because we maintain this part of the grid, the network of Gaia . It starts with Elvi, goes through Tauno to strengthen and then ends with me. I see Leslee, she is the middle point and makes a triangle. She is the key to unlock everything

Crystal Connection – Tauno
A road in front of me, I was led by the rune TIR, then I saw GEBO again
Triangular cave entrance
LIGHT and I felt Angelic Presence, I was in Space, I saw White Light energy like a cloud in Space and God was Creating. I saw the Pyramids in Egypt and the Pyramid became bride in white dress and I saw a marriage, there were flowers and the new family kissed.

I saw the Eye of the Owl that turned into the eye of a Wolf, Bear and Eagle
I felt Love in my Heart and sent it to Elvi and Lisa and to Leslee.

I found myself in a forest and I was very little , there was a big mushroom over me as a cave, it was a beautiful forest. I felt Light and warmth around my body. I saw my crystal point Leos, the crystal was bigger in my vision.