Hero: Hispanic locksmith refuses to help the banks any longer

The Spanish the locksmith Iker de Carlos from Pamplona knew how to convince his colleagues to stop helping the banks to help defaulters out of their home. The police want to follow that example also.

Carlos broke the locks open of houses until he reached a 45-year-old woman that couldn’t reapy her mortgage for six months
When he was about to break open the lock the woman jumped of her balcony. She survived the fall, but for the 22-year-old locksmith this was the last straw. He decided the no longer help the banks .

Harrowing stories

All colleagues of Iker came with harrowing stories. One day a colleague of him was going to the house of an old man. When the bailiff and the deputy of the bank rang the bell the man was sick in bed. He was then lifted out of his house in his pajamas and put on to the street. Meanwhile they replaced the locksmith locks.

Before the dawn of the crisis the Spanish banks smeared those mortgages to the people. When the end of 2008 the banking crisis hit and a quarter of the Spanish people was unemployed, many Spaniards could not pay their mortgages. In the past year, 50,000 of them were evicted out of their house.

“Evicting people out of their house is a part of the police work,” said a spokesman for the Spanish police. “But now it happens 500 times a day. More and more cops sitting at home with psychological complaints. If this goes on much longer we stop. ”

Human chain

To replace the locks Iker got 135 euros. Despite the good pay more of his colleagues were prepared to turn their backs to the banks. They couldn’t cope with the psychological pressure anymore. Also in the province of Navarre, more and more locksmiths are no longer lending their services to banks. “Soon the find banks find no more Spain locksmith to do their work,” said Iker.

Spaniards update each other now through SMS and social media updates when a bailiff is about to evict a defaulter from his or her home. They then form a human chain around the house so that the eviction does not take place.

Nice job

And the bank managers? Seven months after the fall of the Spanish bank Bankia, the former director, Rodrigo Rato, has again a nice job. Telefonica, the largest telecom company in the country, proposes him as a consultant for Europe and South America.

Justice has launched an investigation into the role of Rato at the fall of Bankia. He is accused of fraud, price fixing and also he would have falsified accounts.

Rodrigo Rato is a prominent member of the ruling party Partido Popular Prime Minister Rajoy. Rato was in the 9)’s Minister of Economic Affairs and head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Bron: Standaard.be

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A World of Love is Coming!’ Brave Archer Films presents ‘2012 Crossing Over: A New Beginning’ a film written, directed, filmed, edited and entirely independently funded and produced by Amel Tresnjic.

Plot: Unlike the doomsday perspective portrayed in the media, the film explores a ‘positive’ spiritual viewpoint regarding the significance of December 21, 2012 and beyond. Furthermore it explores ‘our world’s current state’ and provides an empowering message of how every individual can contribute in making the world a better place. The film investigates the galactic alignment, consciousness awakening, cycles of evolution, our binary star system with Sirius, the fear agenda in the media, who’s behind it, love vs fear, the power of choice and much more.

The film is loaded with amazing revelations of the current times we live in, from exceptional astrologer and teacher Santos Bonacci, spiritual leaders Bud Barber, George Neo and much more. The doco is…

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Sanat Kumara: Our Heartfelt Apologies to the Disappointed

As this a very long transcription, I didn’t put all of the article in this post, and put a link at the bottom to read further on Steve’s site.

Here are Sanat Kumara’s answers on An Hour with an Angel, Jan. 7, 2013, on the subject of 21/12/12/. Sanat is planetary logos and keeper of the universal laws. He visited the planet or was worshipped in spirit as Quetzlcoatl, Ahuramazda (Zoroastrian), the Ancient of Days (Hebrew), Skanda and Subramanya (Hindu), and at other significant times during the planet’s history.

I apologize for the rattling of paper. I began the New Year muting my headset instead of Skype only to discover after that doing that did not mute all sound. Mea culpa.

Sanat (or “Raj” as he’s familiarly called by his peers; “Raj” means king) explains what was happening behind the scenes before 21/12/12. Truly Archangel Michael did call Ascension a process and so he did hint that it would not be over on 21/12/12. I failed to appreciate that comment.

Sanat begins with a heartfelt apology to those of us who feel that the Company of Heaven let them down.
He says that a cry went up from humanity to extend the process and the Divine Mother granted an extension. I don’t disbelieve that statement but it’ll be a hard sell, I think.

Ascension was postponed in 2000, if memory serves me, for much the same reason. And Archangel Michael said this time around that the Divine Mother’s plan did not permit for delay or postponement.

You remember that, when I said on Dec. 26, 2012, there was a confidential comment that AAM made that I could not reveal? Sanat revealed it last night by saying, up till that time, it appeared that 30% of Earth’s population would ascend. AAM revealed that to me perhaps in late November but asked me not to share it generally. Well, now that secret is out.
Sanat’s suggestion that everyone who chose to would now ascend makes sense out of the two times that AAM said that earlier and I could not understand what he was suggesting. Now those earlier comments also make sense. Sanat also reminds us that Archangel Michael said that Ascension was a process and I do recall that comment.

Sanat also explains what stands in the way of NESARA manifesting.

I’m very pleased that Sanat insisted on spending ample time on why the results from 21/12/12 were so much less than we anticipated. If I host the next Hour with an Angel, I’ll continue the discussion with him, particularly of the further stages of Ascension, before turning to the topic of co-creating the New Earth. Many thanks to Ellen for this exceptionally speedy turnaround of the transcript.
An Hour with an Angel, January 7, 2013, with Sanat Kumara

Geoffrey West: Happy New Year, and happy New Age, with greetings and blessings to all joining us for another Hour with an Angel.

As always, we have Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of the book The Great Awakening, and also Steve Beckow, founder of the site formerly known as the 2012 Scenario and now known as the Golden Age of Gaia.
For new listeners to the program, you can access the new site by going to Golden Age of Gaia dot com (GoldenAgeofGaia.com).
I’m Geoffrey West, sitting in for Graham Dewyea this evening. Our guest will be Sanat Kumara.
With that, I will turn things over to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you very much, Geoff. And welcome, Linda, after the New Year.
Linda Dillon: Oh, thanks. It’s good to be back, and it’s good to be talking to everybody again, after our nice little break, our recovery period.

SB: Is there anything you wanted to share, Linda, before we speak to Sanat?

LD: No, I don’t think so. I think that Sanat Kumara has a lot to say today.

SB: Okay. I’ll let you transition into your channeling. So first of all, I’d like to thank Raj, as Sanat Kumara prefers us to call him, for coming today. Welcome, Sanat.

Sanat Kumara: Greetings. I am Sanat Kumara. And yes, dearly beloved ones, you may call me Raj.
You may call me however you choose, and I will answer in the golden radiance of all time, and in this time of new beginnings.

SB: Thank you.

SK: As keeper of universal law, as guardian and planetary Logos, as brother and friend and ally, I welcome each and every one of you.

And, yes, I commend you as well — for your diligence, for your perseverance, for the holding of truth, of hope, of faith, of trust, of generosity, as you go forward as One, for this is one of the most important aspects that has emanated from this experience of what you, dear Steve, are referring to as December 21st, 2012.

The human collective has emerged as a united front, and each of you, of course, are experiencing it in a different way, accepting it in a different way, understanding it in a different way.
But I do not wish to jump ahead. Let us begin.

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Crystal Connection 7 January 2013: Home!!


Source picture: http://soundcolourvibration.com/category/creator-wave/ (there are amazing vibration artwork on this site, check it out!!)

I connect with you Tauno, and I see and feel her lovely spirit, I also feel Leslee is there. Waves of energy, vibrations, waves of healing, waves of sound and colors green, blue , violet, white, yellow, orange… are coming at and through me. The vision changes and I am in the sea, first the waves are very rough in the beginning but as times goes, it goes slower and more smoother and then calm water. I see angels, I see my higher self meeting a group of angels, then I merge with my higher self and a feeling of coming home.

Note Tauno: What a connection we made again , Lisa! I also got a feeling of home when I saw the wing and cherry 🙂 we met, my sister and this is so wonderful! I Love You
Yes, I saw the Owl that is OcaTawa, Les is with us in Spirit
Yes, the vibrations were healing and we crossed the sea and connected with Machu Picchu-Abi-Qor. LOVE AND LIGHT, my Hearts

Seconde note Tauno: Lisa, I forgot to tell you that I was there with you and I sensed a smell of some plant or oil


Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes and concentrated on my third eye I saw the White Butterfly , then cherries and an angelic feather that transformed into Angelic wing and I received” You little cherry, this is You” I got a feeling of home.

Then I was connected with the Sphinx and Pyramids from Egypt and the Sphinx turned into a Golden Cobra that was moving as if She has to tell me something
I thought of Atlantis Crystals and got a message, the third line is Egypt-Lisa-Machu Picchu, crystal-human-crystal, so the location of the crystal is under Machu Picchu

I saw Light that was vibrating and a face of a Being there, then Light again and a dove that turned into a White Owl /OcaTawa/, I am connected with Leslee and Lisa is connected with us.

Oh, at the end of the meditation I saw Anubis

Wow see below message by ÉirePort : Establishment of New Protocols has been Completed, this just makes our connection more validated

Establishment of new protocols for transmission of Higher D Energies into the New Gaia has been completed. Further adjustments will be made as Gaia projects forward via the finalized timeline.

Some will call this period that of “homeward bound”. That is correct. The home has been prepared appropriately by the New Gaia, and each of her Hue-man inhabitants. Short period of adjustment will be necessary for those unaware of their presence on this timeline. All has been accounted for during transition.

Fellow travelers meet energetically first, follow by “in the body” illusion. As Inner Beings connect, planetary uplift occurs in an instant.

Waiting is over.

Time to begin… Anew…

ÉirePort | January 8, 2013 at 09:02
URL: http://wp.me/p2sFUY-5Y


I wanted to do a little experiment and also for just to see what is happening, I decided to put some locations on the map and see where it would bring me. These locations came out of knowing, meditation and conversations with Tauno and Leslee.

scan map0001

Yesterday I was chatting with Tauno, and I was telling her about my little experiment above. I made the connections and then notice when I drew a line from the location of Tauno and Giza through the middle point (see spiral I drew) that I ended up in Ecuador and on the line was Quito.

Quito: the city itself extends to within about 1 km of zero latitude, a monument and museum marking the general location of the equator is known locally as ‘la mitad del mundo‘ or translated , the middle of the world

Tauno has a feeling that maybe Abi-qor is an aether city located above Machu-Pichhu.She also added to check which crystals have cubic structure, because it is in connection with Atlantis Crystals, Tolan and our location and mission.

Some interesting information is coming from Tauno:

Violet Atlantis crystal (North) is under Finland – I am the center connecting it with its partner -the White Atlantis crystal that is under Egypt (South) – this is the FIRST LINE
Me – GIZA/the center that connects me with/ – Lisa – this is the SECOND LINE
see the connection crystal-human in this relation. The THIRD LINE is Egypt- Lisa-Machu Picchu
1 crystal-human-crystal
2 human-crystal-human
3.crystal-human crystal

See below pictures with connections:


We are about to discover Atlantis couple crystals/they are 6 couples all, so 12 crystals we need to activate. We may need other people to join us

Also, I see the Rune GEBO in this

Crystals are our helpers as we are the helpers of the crystals, we co-work, this appears to be a kind of Divine pattern, crystals must be discovered and when we know their location each of us can work with a couple of them to give them Love and Healing and Protection, thus the crystals will be activated and will help us and Mother Earth. Since the fall of Atlantis these crystals were moved out of their right positions, so…they need to be placed correctly, we do not know what is the right position for them.

To be continued…

Multidimensional Ocean

Laura: I have accumulated a collection of opinions, vidoes and photos what in my opinion was the one event designed in order to prevent our global Ascension by keeping us into fear and angry vibrations. Many of us fell for this event, and our vibrations lowered. I know personally I was extremely pained and shocked by this story.  But how does the story stand scrutiny 3 weeks later? Please spread the information presented here, in order to restore inner peace, love and to resume our light work. This has also created much division, much diversion also, which are well known cabal delay tacaics to keep us away from the truth and from working together. We send our love to all those who were truly affected by this story, not to the con artists with an agenda for chaos and money making.



Laura: This video…

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