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Trust in us and God that events are going to proceed as promised, and do not worry as to the timing as it will occur in a way that is exactly correct for the desired outcome. Also be assured that the end times will work out as planned, and that responsibility is ours and everything is totally prepared. There is no need to be concerned about your individual role and what will happen to you, as each of you will experience precisely what you have planned. Some of you have elected to leave the Earth early, and others will see the final year through to the end. Either way it will have been your choice, and all will ultimately leave the old Earth as you presently know it.

To ride out any rough patches of experience simply keep your mind and focus on Ascension, because as the year progresses…

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Dreamflight 16-17 January 2013

Note: Mostly I archive me old and new dreams under page: Dreamflights or Road to full consciousness (dreams). But today I felt to post it as a post (of course I still going to put it there as a kind of archive).

X connection 23 11

Dreamflight 16 january 2013

I was walking in the street and I noticed a kinda of umbilical cord going from my belly to up into heaven. It was silver/white of color. So I was kinda of curious where it would go and I just help myself and yank it, but nothing moved. The dream changes and I am at a kind of gathering. There are people sitting around a round table. I am standing on a round calender with concentric circles , looked a bit like a mayan calender, with symbols. I walk anti-clockwise on the circle and I can feel a big shift happening. I see the number 999

(Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue: 999: Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.) 

On the calender. Somebody is saying that if you read it the other way it was the number of the beast (Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue:  666— Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between Heaven and Earth. Like the famous, “Sermon on the Mount” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will be met as a result.)

The dream shifts and I am driving on a highway that is in construction (road of Ascension?)  , beside me there is no security barriers, and I can see the road a few meters below me. The road below me was lighting up blue, kind of strange. As I was driving I got a lot of obstacles, a train-track was dividing the road and I got almost hit by a locomotive train that was passing down the track. Then a bus was driving backwards out of an exit and was blocking the road. I was stopping my car and I woke up.

Dreamflight 17 January 2013

In the first dream I was with others and we got a snake as a present. Mine was blue/green. Then they were playing snake music to keep them calm and they were taking the snakes out and they gave it to us. I was holding out my arm, but because I was so afraid that this snake would bite me (what you attract, you get) that it indeed bite me, but in my back.

The dream changes and I am standing half way into the water. The water is at my belly and I see a black mini water tornado coming my way. As it comes closer I see a mini-evil face in that tornado and I got scared because it was consciously coming my way. So I started to swim frantically to get out, but as it came closer, I was praying to God to save me , cause I could feel the tornado coming closer. So , before I knew what happened , the dream changes.

I am now somewhere in a building and I see myself sitting at a bar. She is from another time line. She turns and looked at me. We could have been twin sisters if I didn’t know that she was from another timeline. Then she asks me if I didn’t miss my twin sister (twin flame?) in this life time?  (When I woke up and got me thinking, I was always fascinated by twins, could this be?)

The dream changes again and I am standing in a queue for customs. This wasn’t an ordinary travel. We were waiting to visit places in another timeline. The world I am in , in this dream, the air is clean and there is no pollution.  When my documents were cleared we went into some kind of tunnel airlock. It then opened to the other side and brown fumes were coming towards us and we all had to cough. We step into the other side and we are on a mountain side looking down onto London. It looks like we around the 1800’s , the sky was orange of all the pollution fumes. But despite of this, I was excited to explore. End of dream.


( BREAKING NEWS)) Very Urgent Please Share Widely


For Immediate Release

Paradigm Research Group, January 15, 2013

Click here to view the embedded video.

Los Angeles, CA – CHD2 Productions will hold a media event at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah to launch a major event/documentary project. At the press conference Apollo14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth person to walk on the Moon, will be introduced as the international spokesperson for the Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure and Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell will be announced as Director of a documentary film, Truth Embargo, based upon this Citizens’ Hearing.  See film Trailer.

The media event will be held in the Aspen Room at the Park City Peaks, 2121 Park Avenue, Park City, UT on Friday, January 18 from 2-3 pm MST.

The Citizens’ Hearing on Disclosure will be produced by Paradigm Research Group and will take place between April 29 and May 3 in Washington, DC at the National Press Club where the main ballroom will be turned into a “Congressional Hearing Room.”  This unprecedented project will bring top researchers from around the world along with government/agency witnesses to testify for 30 hours over five days before former members of the United States Congress.  The subject of this hearing is an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.  The motto of this hearing is, “If Congress will not do its job, the people will.”   The last time the Congress of the United States held a hearing on what is arguably the most important issue in the world today was in 1968 before the House Committee on Science and Astronautics.

Producing the accompanying documentary film Truth Embargo will be Just Cause Entertainment, a film/television/special effects company located in Marina Del Rey, California.

Just Cause Entertainment President Reuben Langdon and Paradigm Research Group Executive Director Stephen Bassett will moderate the press conference. Langdon and Bassett will be meeting throughout the week with activist writers, directors and producers regarding endorsements for the Citizens’ Hearing project.

Truth Embargo mini-trailer:   www.youtube.com/embed/23ZxPuDOkfs CHD2 Productions Contacts:   Stephen Bassett     Reuben Langdon 202-215-8344        818-324-6294

Media Interview Contact:  Janet Donovan, Creative Enterprises International,  202-904-1035 (cell),  202-822-9318

CHD2 Productions, LLC
4130 Del Rey Avenue, Marina Del Rey, CA  90292



A little not from me:

I still want to note here is that you have to use your own discernment of what you read below. I thought it was important enough to spread the word, but it does not mean that I don’t keep an open mind that it may not happen…or it can…time is now in fluid and everything can happen… we just have to stay positive about this so that we attract what we desire.

From the blog: Free at last

A post by Doug McCollum, which was somehow deleted from the RTS Skype Room yesterday, also posted on NESARA News by John MacHaffie today, January 17, 2013.

Posted on 01/17/2013


If this is true, then expect markets to be closed tomorrow.


Subject: Fw: Looks Like things are heating up – Announcements soon…!?!?!?


Andrew Jackson knew what the banks meant to the REPUBLIC of the USA. SO he stopped them from installing the 2nd bank of the united states. which brings me to this awesome night . . . our REPUBLIC. Breathe in this word . . . REPUBLIC. At the latest reading of the ORGANIC consitution by John Boehner he said this word many many times. ACTUALLY lets go further..he said this and the word constituion many times in front of 71 members of congress . . . not 535!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heard me right. A lot of information was passed from above to me and you on here . . . . there are now only 71 members in congress as the ORGANIC republic consitution was read only a few days ago. YES BOEHNER is our interim president and Ron PAUL is interim VP. THE REASON WHY . . .
pay attention all . . .  i have a copy of the Revised Code of the Laws Of Virginia..dating 1819. printer Thomas Ritchie. in other words before me is the original consitution before it was Stolen in 1812..not burned. STOLEN. thank you Tom Dunn and David Dodge. They uncovered this from over twenty years ago in a london library and supreme court in 2000 agreed Commonwealth of Virginia properly ratified so its LAW!!! Now when i read this I note that there is a protocol.

Obama was president of corporation US..not USA. He is no longer in that seat. As he has resigned that corporate seat, Joe Biden by law cannot be the president in flux. His position vacated at same point. Only speaker of house can lawfully gain this Pres. seat. Then he can appoint a VP of his choice ONLY on an interim basis. There has to NOW BE a voting period for both seats and others. WHY..cause lawyers are gone from OUR CONGRESS!!! This brings in the reformation law…there will be elections held WITHIN 120 days of this Monday JANUARY 21, 2013. Note what I just said. )))))

Now moving forward. A VERY CLOSE FRIEND OF MINE(for all the white knight fans) . . . ohh you should be:)))) . . .  told me tonight that Boehener also stated in his acceptance speech . . . . “you abide by the constitution or you hit the road”. Lets move on . . . confusion about pps, rvs, announcements..and dark agenda people.

There have some deliveries made already . . . they were money investments for the investigators. Now we move on to announcements..this comes next. MY contact says it will be by the 20th, but maybe friday . . . (dont swear by this). The white knights will implement when THEY feel its right. After the announcements all the rv money, all programs..including but not limited to Omega, farm claims, freedom, bergavine, destiny. and the st germain trusts will be released also. THIS IS ALL PART OF NeSARA. THE FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT WILL BE DEBT FORGIVENESS FOLLOWED BY TAXES ELIMINATED, AND SO ON. ALL NESARA BASED. The history part will come fter the 3 hour announcements in rotation for 10 days. ALL MEDIA!

As far as Obama is concerned AGAIN . . . AGAIN . . . AGAIN . . . he was groomed for this part only. THE WHITE KNIGHTS NEEDED A SMART LAWYER INSIDE TO WEED OUT THE RATS> it worked . . . leave it alone. His job is done so now hes out. all the laws he passed including the twenty today is MAINLY for the evil ones in governments here..not just us. THE WHITE KNIGHTS HAVE GUARANTEED that WE ARE SAFE!!!!

Just sit back and enjoy the next few days and BE EXPECTANT!!! THE ANNOUNCEMENTS ARE KEY!!! i also have some great history info about wanta/reagan and others thatll rock yer world. and to the dark agenda people on here . . . stay away..go back to Mcdonalds and apply for a job. You have no recourse for OUR GOLD AND OUR REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION . . . IT ALL BELONGS TO WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!