Nancy Tate ~ Wake Up Call: Hatonn, January 16, 2013

I have a matter of importance that I wish to discuss with you. It is that of the coming involvement with all of you in the interim of the coming Inauguration. There is to be an appearance of a certain party who will have some words for all of mankind. It is going to be a short interlude and there will be a presentation made by this person that will shock some and satisfy others that they are not crazy in their knowledge of what is at the root of all of this reality.
I speak of the one that has been said to appear at this event and who will bring a certain amount of surprise to the festivities. When this takes place it will be as if there was an interlude of silence, and then all will break loose in disbelief for some and extreme welcome for others. There will be an energy of excitement that will bring many people to an instant realization of what has been being said by us as truth.

When that takes place it will bring a whole new crescendo of song to the play of the ages. It will bring some people to a deeper understanding of who they are, and why they have been having certain thoughts lately. With this new opening there will be an onslaught to new beginnings for humanity. It will open up a whole new stream of events that will bring great changes to the way life is lived on earth.

As this comes into being, there will be great governmental change, as well as all other aspects of societal interaction. The process will take some time, but it will be a gradual and sure sign of the changing times. There are people who will benefit from the gradual changing over, for it will be for them an unfolding of what has been taking place behind the scenes and of what it will take to bring the freedom back to the people.

I bring you this information on this day because this one has been told of this coming event and she was not in complete harmony with it. It is a matter of removing the boundaries in everyone’s mind at their own speed and release of the fear-based ideas of some people. It is a matter of bringing to the surface that, which is not as yet realized, so that it can be removed and blessed for its gift of forgetfulness in these times of duality.

It is now time to step up to the wheel of change and do your parts in its evolvement. You have served the cause of duality well, and now it is time to continue in the new cause of freedom and awakening to spread forth the truth of what these times are all about.

Go now and see to it that your days are filled with the new feeling of freedom, love and power in yourselves. Know that as each day comes there will be a new awakening to what is coming down the pike for all of you. Live in the oneness that you all are and know that as you do you are adding to the contribution that all of humanity is giving to the cosmos. We receive your gifts and give back to you that which you are destined for, and our part in it. You are living the receivership that is twofold and as we receive, so too do you.

We love you tremendously, and we stand with you in these new steps that you are taking. Make your choices and dance forward in them as the world around you changes. It is a splendid gift you give to yourselves and we are all one in the journey.

Thank you dear Hatonn,

Love, Nancy Tate

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