Strange Cloud

I took this picture yesterday of this really strange cloud. It is pointing to some where. As I looked closer to the two light spots, with some imagination you could see our star beings face in it. What do you think?


Openhearted Rebellion


Emergency call to Ascension Workers to Assist the Arcturians in Channeling the Excess Electromagnetic Energy on Earth, Caused by Intense Solar Activity

tr. Sandra, ed. M.

JKM 1-9-13 Balancing the Extreme Electromagnetic Solar Surges and the Magnetism of the World Grid

(Judith in Chimayo at midnight)

J: I was awakened with extreme velocity, very powerful electromagnetic surges. And as I focus, I see arcs of energy going from our poles and forming like, connecting, rather, if you had the image of an orange, that would describe what I’m speaking of, or a tangerine, because these arcs of energy go out and they’re curving, and then they’re met with arcs from the north and the south pole meet completing the circuit. And there’s a number of them arcing from our electromagnetic polar fields. I get the image of arcs of energy going out to connect to the…

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