Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 26APR2014

Spirit Train Chronicles

Yulin Cave 10 ceiling with winged horse (Western Xia)

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (26 April 2014) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian

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Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: April 22, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle – April 22, 2014 –

7 Manik, 10 Kank’in, 10 Caban

Selamat Balik! Events continue to move forward! The dark continues to reel as it encounters one potential setback after another. A scenario is forming that promises to give us the means to bring out the first stage of monetary reforms that are to swiftly lead to your abundance. The currency reforms and the new banking regulations are merely the start of a system that is to produce gold-backed monies.

These things are to lead to a new environment that is to be overseen by a series of NESARA-like governments across this globe. It is this new network of governance that is to spawn disclosure and set the way for formal announcements about first contact and your return to full consciousness. This process is to also allow for your inner Earth brethren to appear before you. We, along with your Ascended Masters, are to set the stage for this grand journey. As you progress, so Mother Earth is to move forward with changes to her surface realm. These alterations are to return her surface to the size and shape that existed in the latter days of ancient Lemuria. In this mode, a permanent golden Age can appear!

All of you are now undergoing transformations that affect your body, mind and emotions. This is necessary to provide you with the means to become fully conscious Beings. Our initial tasks are simply to provide you with mentors who have the necessary training to aid you in reaching preliminary points you need in order to be transformed by the magnificent Light chambers given to us by Heaven. Each chamber is a living entity, capable of returning you to your former state. The Atlanteans and their dark “friends” imposed limited consciousness upon you.

Their vile experiment, which left a few hundred Atlanteans in a lesser state, was done by the dark to subvert the ways of Heaven. At the same time, it gave your ancestors important experiences to better understand the conditions imposed by the dark upon its many galactic creations. This special knowledge is to permit you to aid the former Anchara continuum-based planetary societies on their own journey toward the Light.

This journey of yours has numerous twists, which keep you frustrated and wondering about what is occurring around you. Special groups are moving forward with programs designed to permit you to be free. The dark cabal understands only two things – wealth and power. These were manifested on Mother Earth at the start of the first golden ages almost 13 millennia ago. These concepts are now to be pushed aside by a series of actions of our numerous associates. In a galactic society, these concepts are unknown.

Technology provides everyone with health, food and clothing. There is only the daily use of your divine service to grow on all levels: spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Employing this acquired knowledge, individuals add their logic to solve any potential problem that can arise. Thus, it is nearly impossible for any potential problem not to receive its proper creative solution. We reside in a society that is open, free and filled with joy and happiness.

The galactic society you are to construct is one that is to be founded on the many prototypes that exist throughout this galaxy. The Agarthans maintain a vast library that has records of all that has preceded you. In addition, you are to possess an edition of our sacred “Book of Understanding.” These volumes can give you additional clues on how you are to go about forging this galactic society, which is to have many branches on Venus, Mars, Gaia and Pax. Numerous societies of special Spirits exist here that are also to assist you in this process.

In total, you have a great amount of possibilities that are to be the foundations for your new star nation. Many throughout this and numerous nearby galaxies follow closely what you are destined to achieve. All of us realize what you are to do, and the wondrous effect it is to have on all. Hence, we come to introduce ourselves to you at the right divine time. This moment is now forming and, shortly, we are to be permitted to address you directly.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Today is a time for renewal. It is a moment when, together, we can visualize a new reality forming in joy around us. Let the wondrous events of this day lead us to freedom and responsibility. This responsibility is to create new governance, spread prosperity and honor our mutual individual sovereignty. Bear in mind that sovereignty is a gift given by the Creator.

We are here to honor and protect it. The original dream of America was to fully bask in this and to peacefully spread it throughout this world. Respect for all is based on the sacredness of all life. Gaia is a living Being that is to be honored and thanked for her great gifts. You live in a realm filled with an amazing diversity of life. A similar diversity is spread across this galaxy. Respect it! Feel its joy! Be the grand mentors that you were put here to be. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

As you rejoice in your new reality, understand that it requires your love and your firm commitment to who you really are. Become aware of the changes and be ready to accept the start of a new world. Centuries ago, Count Saint Germain established a great nation on the shores of North America. He carefully gave a series of documents to this nation that set up both its governance and its basic principles. In the 19th century, this land began to veer from what he had founded in the latter half of the previous century.

This land is on the brink of completing a procedure that has the potential to restore it to what it once was. We bless and divinely thank those whose courage and tenacity have made all of this possible. The healing that needs to take place requires your sacred help. We are all in this together! Blessings unto all. Be one in prosperity and in Joy!

A great healing for Mother Earth is taking place. Ever since the rise of the first societies after the fall of Atlantis, humanity has used the Earth for its homes, sustenance and even the source of its clothes and its shrines. We dug up the Earth and at first honored her for what she did to permit us our lives. Eventually, these blessings fell by the wayside and a new attitude of abuse became the norm. This was especially prevalent in the early time of the recorded histories of Egypt, India and China. The Americas also dishonored Gaia.

It is time for this to cease. It is time to honor a brave and kind one who gives you life. Use the new governance and new technologies! Return to honoring Gaia. Also, thank the Creator and diligently learn new truths and new ways. The time of celestial reunion arrives! Hosanna! Hosanna!

Today, we went over the events of the day. We ask that you see this as a new beginning. Be prepared to accept a new prosperity along with new governance. We are all prepared to come forth and teach what is needed to complete your transition from limited to galactic consciousness. Times are indeed changing! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours! So Be It!

Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: April 19, 2014 – The Air is Humming and Something Grand is Coming!

City of Light Update: The Air is Humming and Something Grand is Coming! as received by Genii Townsend: April 19, 2014 –

Genii: Among other things, being a stage performer, this title seems to fit this visit!”  (Title words from the Broadway musical West Side Story)

Visiting the City of Light once more makes me smile, as I see that I am carrying my little white Pomeranian puppy ‘Light’ Spirit. This is a first. How strange? Well, I guess this is correct.

All the streets outside this gate are empty of people and all is quiet… Interesting, because usually I see lots of people, both inside and out.

Now inside the City, I look for my Guide, La-Luke, and see him waving a distance away as he beckons me to come to him.

I put my Light puppy down and we now move a bit faster to catch up with this waving hand.

Genii: “Hi, What is going on. It is so quiet?

La-Luke: “It is birthing time!”

G: ” What does that mean?

L-L: “It means that for so long in your time frequency, you and many others have waited for the City to birth into your dimension.

“Come we go to the Embassy.”

By this time, we have walked thru the fascinating ‘Recreation Park’, which is in full bloom with plants and flowers to a waiting trolley and hopped aboard. A short ride and we are at the back door of the ‘Embassy of Peace’, as we usually end up on the stage this way.  Entering in with my puppy is fun and little ‘Light’ had to sniff everything which brings smiles from E.T. Master Ooo-lon, as he reached out to hug me and the puppy caught his attention.

Ooo-lon:” Ah, I see we have a new visitor.”

Genii Townsend and Light, her 'puppy'.

Genii: ” This is my puppy ‘Light’. I did not know he was coming too.”

O: “This is good, animals are quite welcome. So now, you wonder, why you are summoned here?”

G: ” Yes, people are waiting for this City to materialize. What can be said at this point?”

He motioned me to be seated and I did, with my pup on my lap, as he looks around at this strange vast audience of Light Beings from the universe. Strange, not a bark from him, which in itself is unusual.

O: “He feels the love and is comfortable with that love and this vast array of loving beings are delighted to see, perhaps for the first time, an earth animal close up. Now then, we have assembled to let you know that most of the clearing of technical apparatus is about completed and, dear one, this is good news.”

G: “Does this mean the City is finally to appear soon?”

O: “As reported. So much time have you waited and we are pleased to continue to lift the human consciousness enough to make the birth a finality. So then, a bit more patience and a surprise sunrise that really is not the sun at all. What a welcome sight this will be.

“The Christ light will indeed shine even brighter.”

G: “What do I do –  or other Light Links (need to do) – to help? “

O: “Continue as you are with the tones (the four ‘aaaahs’ that many attending the 2012 Scenario Conference in Sedona would be familiar with). But be quite open to even stronger vibrations, as you have noticed, coming like waves. Much cleansing has been going on for sometime and, even now, you have noticed that what looks tragic – as people leave the planet and their current lives – help, in one way or another, from the ‘other’ side, is balancing out the consciousness of this level.

“The frequencies are not seen so much as felt. You, in particular, have experienced highs and lows as the City introduces, that you are to be seen as a City of Light Emissary in your world. You take your daily light sessions to help people’s needs, as requested.

“To assist you, is your little Light Spirit here to help you. He is your balancing point partner. Notice how quiet he is and quite content in this vast arena and it is a strange place, not like at his home.”

G: “What more can I do to assist this City to birth?”

O: “Your current support has been given. Add the Inner Child clearing with your session with their doll making. The Inner Child needs to be healed as well.

“Your service has just begun.

“When you are here in the City, you will do even more and your City Guides are on hand now to lead you forward – as your ‘City of Light book’, Something’s Coming, opens new minds to see the Impossible is Possible with God.

“The Christ is at hand as well, as he directs the City into it’s appearance. So expect to surprisingly see him at any moment, as you already have several times.

“So then, this quiet session between us, is to bring you up-to-date as we finalize the City for it’s grand entrance.”

G: “The Charles Betterton (Stephen: Charles is Genii’s long-time friend and business partner) has been looking at a certain Arizona property of possibilities of serving many, ( ) what can be said of this Soda Springs location?

O: “Indeed, this property is connected with the City being readied to appear, as said. It is a Divine Done Deal, as you say. Add to that, a City Information Light Center location for the Light Links to function from; plus daily use supplies on hold.”

“Until the City actually appears – and due to your vast light work you are also taken care of, just as you take care of the little furry one on your lap. Rest, play, as the Charles is on hand to help you as you help others, in your daily doings.

“So, if we are finished, I send you back to your Sedona home with love and support from all of us here in the Embassy; who are vast friends from far away locations;  who are well aware of what Gods true love is, and surrounds you in this embrace. You will soon be brought back into the physical City of Light.

“Create your Genii magic for all – including all of those who have been ‘Light Linked’ to God thru your services with the 4 Keys to Light sessions as well as the Inner Child Connection sessions.

“The children will also enjoy the City with a special playland like Disneyland.”

G:”Good! Thank you! I have been in contact with Mr.D (as I call Walt Disney) since 2003, and have recorded many messages of our conversations.”

O: “And it is as it should be. He, too, still plays as you are quite aware, and his words are worth remembering. So now we say goodbye. But not forever.

“You will be called back, so please be open to this and, in the meantime, go play and know that God attends you with your dealings with your world.”

…As we get up, my puppy Light becomes excited and is ready to leave. We are led out and, as I notice as we stood up, so did all of the audience… and the love from them feels overwhelming like a heart light wave, that you always want to stay in.

Who says such nonsense of ET’s coming to take over us ? If so, it will be of pure love… nothing less. And, Lord knows, this planet needs a lot of healing love and peace to reign on Earth.

Thanks God, for this visit and whatever the magic is that you intend to bring forth, because, I feel ‘the Air is Humming and Something Grand is coming’…imagine that! Lucky us! and so it is!”

The Last Prophecy of the Cathars

This is the last Cathar prophecy from the 13th Century. It’s prophesied date missed the Harmonic Convergence by one year. What an incredible testament to these times it is. And how modern.

The Cathars were a a Christian sect that posed a direct challenge to the Catholic Church and were persecuted during the Abigensian Crusade.



Master Jesus via Natalie Glasson: A Year of Intense Illumination

Master Jesus

Master Jesus: A Year of Intense Illumination, channeled by Natalie Glasson, April 16, 2014 at

Deeply loved and beloved souls upon the Earth, I bring forth to you my love, truth and consciousness to share openly with you as I exist here as a loving brother to your soul. I am Master Jesus and I come forth to speak with you of the Year of Intense Illumination which is entering into your reality and presence now.

As I open my heart to you sharing all that I am and the wisdom drawn forth from the Creator for this sacred time on the Earth, I ask you to open your heart chakra to me so I may lovingly and gracefully transfer all that needs to be imparted and activated within your being. Let us commune with open heart chakras bringing freedom and expansion to all I share and all you experience.

I am a being of illumination and I have walked the Earth illuminated in and as the light of the Creator. You are now gracefully and with the acceptance of your soul achieving the same. You are walking the Earth as an illuminated being of light, the essence of your being is the light you can so easily illuminate with power and intensity. Let this be your truth, your deep knowingness, your understanding and your reality.

To be a being of illumination is to recognise that you are on the Earth now at this very moment to emanate, amplify, share and express the pure light of the Creator in every conscious moment. This assists the evolvement of your inner knowingness and the acceptance of the great wealth of wisdom within your being while also allowing you to be an anchor and activator for light upon the Earth. An illuminated being is allowing the light of the Creator to work through all aspects of your being; this may take the form of healing yourself or simply feeling carried forth by the profound waves of light flowing through and from you.

You may wish to affirm:

‘I am a being of illuminated light; I am the illuminated light of my soul, soul group and the Creator. All that is the Creator is illuminated through me and all souls I connect with.’

The energy period and transition you have labelled as 2014 brings forth into your reality an immense volume of light, flowing from the Creator and activating from and through your being. The intensity of light will build immensely and will continue into 2015 as the main period of intense illumination is beginning now in April 2014 and will continue roughly for a year. The immense light which is flowing from the Creator and activating from within your being has the purpose of magnification.

As souls upon the Earth focus upon the manifestation of the presence of love within their beings with the projection of love into their reality, the intensity of light is magnifying love so that even the smallest thought, feeling, action or projection of love will be amplified to create a profoundly powerful foundation of love upon the Earth and within all beings. It is a time for souls in physical bodies to truly choose love, to observe and experience the power of love, how it is a healer and the source of all on the Earth and the inner planes.

Networks of love will be built upon the Earth while old energetic lines and grids within Mother Earth’s body will be awoken and ignited once more to carry streams of love. The intense volume of light acts as a source of creation and manifestation for love while also carrying into the vibration of love, the new sacred wisdom of harmony, unity and truth from the heart chakra of the Creator.

Many new energetic networks, energetic points and chakras will awaken within your physical bodies and energetic bodies to support, carry and maintain the presence of love, thus allowing love to be created and the experience of all.

The intense vibrations and waves of light flowing into the Earth and activating from your being in the present will also assist in the magnification of your light body thus preparing you to access new dimensions of the Creator’s universe. It is with and through your light body that you make shifts into quicker vibrations of light, accessing the truth within you.

Although souls still exist in physical bodies a transition is occurring where the light body and the physical body are merging which symbolises that separation and the solid nature of the Earth is altering existing in greater conscious unity with the Creator. This is all because of your devotion and conscious awareness that your light body and physical body are merging in preparation to allow you to emanate and express greater volumes of the Creator’s light on the Earth.

The light body holds much wisdom from your soul, information and key activation times for your ascension as well as memories of your true self and the inner planes. With the light body merging with the physical body this will allow for much illumination and enlightenment on many levels of your being. The intensity of light flowing will encourage your light body to expand tremendously becoming double the size or more than it has been in the past.

As the light body expands it will assist you in accessing and holding greater volumes of light thus magnifying all the many new shifts occurring in different areas and levels of your being. It will act as a foundation and inspiration stabilising and guiding your entire being into ascension and unity with the Creator. The light body will create a cocoon of magnification allowing all shifts and the presence of love to magnify at greater speed into the physical reality and experience.

At this most sacred and special time it is guided for you to focus upon receiving the wealth of light from the Creator and being receptive to the abundance of light flowing from you thus empowering yourself with light and magnifying your truth with light. Although this will be a gradual process it may require some adjustment time especially within the physical body, as your physical body seeks further healing and nourishment.

It will be beneficial to support a focus upon yourself as an illuminated being as this will not only encourage you to receive the light of the Creator but to channel and circulate light throughout your being expansively into your surroundings. When you visualise, sense and acknowledge yourself as a being of light not only do you create and anchor light into every situation and experience but you begin to breathe, eat, walk, sleep as light. Everything within and around you becomes purified and raised in vibrations.

With your focus upon embodying love you begin to experience the fully manifested integration and power of love and light. Every thought will be a thought of love magnified by light thus you will be aligned on all levels of your being with conscious awareness to the Creator.

It is time to see self as light for this is your truth! When you see yourself as light you are peeling away illusion and creating a deeper focus upon your truth within you!

‘I am a magnified illuminated being of love; I am light and love in form.’

This is a powerful affirmation which you can repeat out loud or in your mind while bringing the focus of your third eye chakra into your being and heart space to recognise the great wealth of light within your being. With every breath you exhale imagine your light emanating far and wide with powerful expansion, while knowing your deepest essence is love. See yourself as a being of light and know your immense light magnifies the love which is naturally you.

You can imagine immense shining light flowing through your skin and every part of your being. This is a powerful practice to achieve daily as it will encourage your light body to expand and merge with your physical body and all aspects of your being, thus allowing you to exist as the truth of the Creator on the Earth.

It is the time of illumination and with the integration of love and light the downloading of the new Christ Consciousness will manifest.

In eternal love,

Master Jesus

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Video: Meteor-Like Object Over Russia’s Murmansk, YouTube  – April 19, 2014

Residents of the Kola Peninsula in Russia witnessed the fall of a celestial body similar to the famous Chelyabinsk meteorite on Saturday night.

It flashed at 02:10 am local time and was clearly seen in the sky. However, no sound of explosions was heard. This footage was captured on a car dash cam.



Officials say that the nature of the celestial body is unknown.

Here’s how Nature World News reported the story:

russia-meteorNorthern Russian City Sees Meteor-Like Object

From Nature World News – April 21, 2014 –

Residents of Murmansk, a city in Northern Russia, reported seeing a huge fireball tearing through the night-sky. The event occurred at 2.10am local time Saturday and was caught by several dashboard cameras, according to Russia Today. The authenticity of the videos hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The impact, however, wasn’t as dramatic as the meteorite that hit Chelyabinsk in Siberia last year, nbcnews reported.

Officials haven’t confirmed that the object caught on camera over the weekend was a meteorite. According to Russia Today, there is also no news of debris of the object being found near Murmansk.

The bright object was seen just days before the annual Lyrid meteor, which is expected to peak April 21 and 22, according to The International Business Times.

Meteors, the bright flashes of light streaking across the sky, are fairly common. However, several of these meteors are never observed as they occur during the day or at remote places on Earth.

A meteor making it to the earth’s surface is a very rare event. About 99.99 percent of meteors completely disintegrate before reaching the surface, according to The American Meteor Society.

Last year, a large rock landed near Chelyabinsk in Russia. The meteorite explosion injured over 1,000 people. The radiation caused skin and retinal injuries in several people.

The Chelyabinsk explosion was the largest meteorite explosion in the world since 1908, according to IBT.

Several studies have been conducted on the Chelyabinsk meteorite. Russian Academy of Sciences researchers have reported that the rock that hit Russia last February exploded with an energy of nearly 500 kilotonnes of TNT, according to the Guardian.


Jeshua, Adama and One Who Serves via James McConnell: This Is a Re-birth of Knowing Who You Are

Jeshua, Adama and One Who Serves: This Is a Re-birth of Knowing Who You Are, channeled by James McConnell, April 21, 2014, at

One Who Serves: Greetings to you. Good to be here with you again on this wonderful, auspicious day. Auspicious in many ways and we will go into that in time here. Understand that I am only here briefly, I say “I” for I am an “I” certainly and there is a “We” certainly too. We will be back here shortly after we introduce this next one or prepare the way for this next one. We think you already know who this is who will come. Be back with you shortly.

Jeshua: Hello to you my brothers and sisters. It is so wonderful to be here with you on this day, this time, this moment, in your history and your understanding. For as you know there are many things happening, many things that are going on in what you call behind the scenes. And these things are continuing and will continue. But I am here today more to speak to you about what this day means in your understanding.

Yes, it is about my resurrection, it is about the culmination of my life at that time some two thousand years ago, but it is so much more than that. For it is the times of the new beginning, of the changes as the Spring, the flowers with the Spring begin to blossom. The new growth begins to come out everywhere. Just as in that there is this resurrection of new life all around you. And as I came back from the seeming death, so too does life come back each and every year from seeming death. For do not the plants and the trees lose their growth for a period of time and then renewed once again in the Spring.

That is what is happening now but it is so much more in this time, in your understanding. For all is changing. This is a re-birth, a re-birth of your knowing who you are. You are coming back again to remembering the totality of your being for you have been here many times as you know it. But as the saying goes, “The times they are a changing.” And so many things are happening that this is the time of remembrance. This is a time where each one of you here in this room and many who would read these words are going to begin to remember. It may already be happening in you. You may already be getting little glimpses of who you are or who you were and beginning to know, once again, that you are so much more than what you look at when you look in the mirror.

You are a being of light! Each one of you and as you look in the mirror, I implore you as you look at yourself in the mirror to see yourselves as we see you. Not as you see yourself, as most of you see yourselves but as we see you, as Prime Creator sees you. For you are a being of great power and you are coming back into that power. Not a power of having over someone else. I do not speak of that type of power but a power of love, of love moving through your being and becoming the totality of who you are as that Love Being.

That is what you have always been. You are going to remember that now. You are going to begin to remember who you are and you will look in that mirror and you will begin to see as we see you. For as you look in the mirror and you begin to believe, you will see. And that goes for everywhere you go. As you find yourself in nature look at the trees. Look at the energy around the leaves and know that the energy is real. Begin to see it for what it really is. Begin to see it as LIFE for life is all around you and you are a part of that life. And you resonate with that consciousness that is in each of those trees and plants and animals and birds and so on.

Begin to feel the One-ness with all around you. That is the meaning of this day. That is the meaning of this time. For it is a time you will look back on, in the not too distant future, and you will look back on this moment and this day and remember all you went through all your lifetimes and you will look at the culmination of all of that and realize that you have completed your journey, at least this part of your journey. And you completed it to the utmost of your capabilities.

My message to you is one of love, as always, and that is what I came to show and came to be and certainly, to show you the way. That way has been forged but it has been forged not only by me and those of us who went before you, it is being forged now by you for you are the new ones to move on! You are the ones who will be taking on the mantle if you so choose to do so. We know when that time comes, you will look back on all you have been through, you will look at the present moment and you will look into the future and you will make the choice to once again be of service. For that is what you are. You are beings of love. Beings of service. That is what is meant to “Be of the Light” and we are here now. All of my peace and love be with you as you continue on in this new Spring.

Adama: I am Adama and I am here only briefly with you at this time simply to share this message. That message of our emergence to meet again. We have given this message before but now is a time that IS coming. For just as Aramda has shared with you that those of you in this group are to be a part of the new disclosure of understanding so too are you to be those who can welcome us, those who can bring understandings between us, between the surface and Inner Earth.

So that we can come to be with you, you can prepare the way for us to do this. It does not take a great deal of sacrifice or of time spent in meditation. It only takes a yearning, a yearning to be part of something new and wonderful. And to say, “Yes, Adama, we are here for you! We wish to be one of those you would contact when you first come up from Inner Earth.”

As you know, this group is being prepared. Will it happen? Maybe. We cannot say for certain what will be the outcome of this. But we can say that those of you here in this group and those others who are not here this day, can all be a part of this New Dawn that is approaching.

We are ready to be with you. Are you ready to have us be with you? (YES!) Then we will make it so. There are things that must occur first and occurring they are even as we speak. Very soon, even in your understanding of soon, those changes are upon you. We await with great anticipation, our arrival to be with you again, our brothers and sisters of the Light.
All peace and love be with you, each one of you. Adonai.

One Who Serves: Greetings to you. We be back with you now. Back to answer questions if you have. We do not necessarily have a message but your questions may bring that about. We will see. Are there questions here?

Question: Are there genuine people from Earth? What is the percentage of people who are just from Earth as opposed to being from other star systems?

There is actually a small percentage that are from the other systems and stars and all of this. Many are here that have been part of this evolution for a very long time here. And those of you that are here, coming from other systems as you know, as system busters and all of this, you have come here for a reason, you have come to volunteer to be here and you are here doing this mission and you are here to bring all of those who have been a part of this evolution to come to the next level of their being.

And many of them do not understand this or know this or have any inclination whatsoever of what we are speaking of here. That is your mission or a very large part of many of your missions, to bring this understanding to them when the time comes. Certainly it is not for you to push it on them but in terms of synchronicity, when they are ready, the teacher appears, you see?

Question: My son is obsessed with lucid dreaming. He wants it and asks for it. Do you have any suggestions that will help him along that path?

First of all, it is important to know the believing is seeing part. That also influences your dreams as well. So, when one begins to believe that there is such a thing as lucid dreaming and that they can control their dreams, then they will more and more bring about that particular understanding within their dreams, you see. So, believe it more and more and this one who is doing that now will go into, just before their sleep state, before they go into sleep land, if they would say simply, “I will remember and control my most important dreams”.

If they say that and believe that going in, it does not necessarily mean that it will happen each time but it will be more and more. And also, when one awakens from the dream, when one begins to remember the dream and can write it down or tell someone else. And this can begin to make your dreams more important in your time there. You see?

This particular one is in the process of moving to a different level in his own. You will begin to understand what we mean in the time coming here. It is already happening but there is more coming.

Question: I am trying to understand the symbol of the cat that lay down and died by my car this week.

Because as you have said, in the discussion you had earlier, yes we do eavesdrop somewhat but mostly we are taking this through the James, that there is a synchronicity that is happening not only with you, many others would be aware of this as well if they would come forward and speak of it, many will not though, they will notice that there are many leaving their physical bodies around them and they are not recognizing it as you have recognized, that there is a synchronicity involved here. That this is a time period that this is happening.

It has been spoken of previously through many sources who have spoken of this. That things are changing and those who are not ready to go through the continuing changes are leaving and they will leave and that is all there is to it. There is not much more we can say on this other than it is happening and it will continue to happen. The more you notice it, the more you will notice the synchronicity involved here. See?

Question: I continue to have an awareness of my mother’s presence and it is very strange. It has been over six years but there is still a presence and it is strange. What does she want?

It is not so much what she wants it is just that still in some respects a very large part of your life. Not so much in the physical sense here but she is waiting for you. She will be one that you will see, not when you pass from the body because you are not going to do that, you are taking that body with you regardless of you wanting to take it or not, that is what is going to be. Unless you decided, certainly, that you do not want to do that and that is your choice.

But she, this one you are speaking of, this entity, this being is waiting for you to welcome you in some respects, when the time comes. You will understand this more and more later. She is watching over you. Although we must say that there are many beings who are watching over you. Much more than what you would call your guardian angels.

There is some understanding of a connection that an object can somewhat hold someone to you, yes, that is correct. If you get rid of the object, you will not get rid of her. Do not know how else to say it but by being blunt.

Question: The Masters have said that we are going to be serving together as a group. I mean in the bigger picture?

You are already serving together as a group, yes. You are already in the bigger picture. We do not mean to be condescending in any respect here but you are already in the big picture here, you have been a part of the big picture for a long time. The Plan, the Great Plan, and each one of you is working out in your, in what might seem like a small part in the plan, but there is no small part in the Plan or big part. You must come to understand this. No one is better or worse that another.

Just because one is speaking to the world and sharing all of these things and you know of these particular people, they do not necessarily have any larger part than you do as you do your individual meditations or come together in this group in this respect. You see, no one has a lesser or greater part, it all depends on who is looking at this. From our point of view, there is no greater or lesser part here. You are all a part of the Great Picture, the Great Plan. You all are bringing this together at once. Which incidentally, brings us to something here?

You are going to find in the times to come, and it has been in the soon here, it is more in the soon in your understanding here that it is happening, that these changes are coming rapidly and once they begin they will be one right after the other and it will be as if you will have difficulty catching your breath. It will be because there will be so many things happening here that you will be looking at your news, and yes it will begin to come out more and more in your mass media, because it will not be able to be kept out, it will not be possible anymore.

And as the corruption is gone from various levels of underground activities, when that more and more is lessened, the activities that have been happening in the background will be more in the foreground. And you will begin to see this even with those with a three dimensional awareness it will begin to show. It will be the precursor for the changes coming that which is called the “Event” and all of these things are coming. It will be at the same time, in many respects, simultaneously.

Do you understand this? Begin to watch for this. Still there are many things that are behind the scenes but you will begin more and more now to see those things showing outward. You are already to begin to see the beginnings of that. And this is going to increase and increase. There will be times that you will look at the news or listen to it and there will be this happening and you will turn around a few minutes later and there will be something else that occurs. And another and another. We speak in terms of various arrests, we speak in terms of financial changes that are going to come, one right after another here. We speak in terms of various announcements that will come, all of these things that have been spoken of are on the doorstep now.

And what has been called the “Tsunami of Love” has begun. You may already be feeling it in your energy changes here. But certainly will begin to feel it if you have not yet.

Question: It is important to keep your eye on the ball? With all the activities that are third dimensional that are going on, could that take us off our goal of Ascension?

Your goal is Ascension and nothing can take you off the mark now. You, each one, have passed long time ago the point of no return you might say. So, you are well on your way toward the Ascension process or are in the Ascension process. As we have said many times before, you have, in some ways, already ascended it is just your mind, part of your programming that has not yet caught up with it. You see?

The arrests and other events are for the rest of humanity, for the mass consciousness to come on board. Not so much for you but it can be because we have said that part of you that is holding on to the three dimensional because that is what you have known. Think about this please, when you are out in nature, and we use nature all the time because it is coming out of your three dimensional world when you come out in nature if you allow it. And when you are there and you begin to look at the colors of the trees and the grass and you see the vibrance within them and sometimes even see and feel the consciousness within them, now you are operating in higher dimensions and fourth and fifth frequencies. You see?

And we have said many times that you have gone on and come back and gone on and come back. And that is what you are doing. Think of a yoyo, you see?

Question: Is there any benefit for a sunrise meditation at our “Advance” in July?

We can say, certainly yes, it can be very beneficial but it is not so beneficial to your bodies. In terms of desire, your desire, your wanting to get up and all these things. Not as pleasant for you. But we can tell you that, by that time, you are speaking of in terms of the middle of summer here, we are going to tell you that likely, it is not going to be quite what you think it is going to be at that time. What you think of as your terms of “Advance” you will be well on your way at that point.

Question: I have seen the Grand Celebration with Inner Earth. It is beyond words and beautiful!

Yes, the very fact that you have these senses you are having here, the feelings tells you it is more than just your imagination, it is real. You have an avatar in this existence. What do you think the movie, “Avatar” was about? For those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Are you not each avatars here? Are you not a body that has been taken over by a consciousness? Anything further here before we release channel?

Shanti. Peace by with you. Be the One!

Channeled by James McConnell
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Higher Self via April Bender: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway

Higher Self: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway, channeled by April Bender, April 21, 2014 at

This is just a quick update to confirm that yes, as of yesterday you and the Collective Higher Mind crossed the threshold into the more auspicious period (April 20-26) of this larger April 2014 Gateway and/or window of catalytic opportunity.

You experienced this palpably yesterday, as on an energetic level it felt like you were being softly encompassed and then gently lifted by the first substantial wave or inundation of Unity/Christ Consciousness as it moved throughout the entire 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

This wave or cascade of higher harmonics unleashed, seemingly thrust you upwards – way up, into a higher state and/or elevation of being, integration and flow. Like the eagle soaring high above in the sky, this grand movement or light induction has gifted you and other Warriors of Light, a much greater field of vision and space for unhindered, joyful co-creative flight.

In fact in the days leading up to yesterday, you felt a progressive lightening, shifting, and overall change in energetic environment or landscape. It literally seemed as if each day you woke up somewhere different – you’re “normal” life/environment feeling very much different, “off” somehow, though you couldn’t put your finger on it. This is indicative of the many timelines, experiences and information you are naturally merging within Self and within the Higher Mind/Web through the deepening of the overall Sequencing Process.

Your dreams have also been rather vivid and engaging leading into this period, another indication of such activity. Also worth noting is that your breath has expanded dramatically – so much so that it oftentimes feels to you now as if there is no inner and outer you – but instead, only a thin membrane in which the two energies of in-breath/out-breath meet, and this is an indication that you’re vehicle (soul/spirit/energy body) is in the process of expanding/upgrading once again.

As these Cascades of Higher Harmonics continue to be unleashed within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, as this latest induction (collective in-breath) phase now moves into peak intensity, be prepared for even greater shifts and elevations in consciousness along with a deeper sense of Communion with various aspects of Creation itself.

For as you know, these cascades are being unleashed within the Collective Mind/Web in an attempt to harmoniously unite all areas/nodal points of information/connection and even more importantly, to awaken this Mind to its I AM presence of Self – also known as The Event. Also keep in mind that this colossal in-breath is in preparation of an even grander co-creative collective “out-breath,” which as previously stated, will be focused very much on the theme of Reclamation.

So stay centered in your seat/throne of Divine Empowerment, stay intentional in your breath-work and engagement with the overall Sequencing Process. The intensifying cascades of Unity/Christ Consciousness over of the course of the next 4-6 days will see a lot shift, change and rise for release and reclamation, not to mention perhaps catalyzing a miraculous collective moment of “no-time” or “no-separation,” if the cascades are able to flow mostly unimpeded for full activation or “self-awareness” of the Collective Higher Mind.

Things are going marvelously well and you and all the other Warriors of Light, should stand tall and proudly together. For it is your collective co-creation which is about to take its first conscious breath!

Until next time…

9 Things About Telepathy and Telepathic Communication

1. A Basic Explanation of Telepathy

Telepathy describes receiving thoughts or feelings from another person over distance, without using one of the five typical senses of sight, sound, touch, taste or smell. It is more likely to happen between people who have an existing close relationship.Twins often say that they can sense each others’ feelings, no matter what the distance between them. They seem to have an automatic birth-link. It is possible though to have this means of communication with anyone though, and some people can tune in telepathically to animals.

A telepathic relationship is borne from the concept that all beings originate from the same source; some call this a spiritual source, others a natural source, and others a universal force.

2. Who is Telepathic?

Everyone is born with a telepathic gift, it is learning how to use this gift that prevents many people from being able to communicate in this way. Lack of awareness, skepticism and general societal views are often big factors in people locking out this special intuitive ability.

Some cultures openly acknowledge communication in this way, for example the Japanese, who have a word to describe the special relationship and oneness between lovers that is borne from telepathic understanding.

3. Learning to Communicate With Telepathy

A relaxed state greatly increases telepathic powers. Meditation can help to relax the mind and body and make you more receptive to receiving and sending telepathic communications.

It also assists with ridding your mind of unwanted and unnecessary thoughts. Open mindedness enhances the chances of telepathic communications; a closed mind is less likely to be able to transmit or receive effectively.

Try not to listen too much to those who doubt. A healthy amount of scepticism is normal, but once you believe in something yourself, do not allow others to change your views with their disbeliefs and negativity.

When attempting to project a message telepathically, visualise the recipient in great detail. Imagine that they are standing in front of you and picture giving them a message, maybe imagine that you are talking to them over the telephone.

4. Patience

When practicing telepathy, remember that like any skill it takes time to perfect. Do not expect instant results over night. Your talents will improve with practice.

5. Health

Good health and well-being is beneficial to effective communication. Everything is weaker when you are sick, including the ability to project thoughts and feelings.

6. Knowing it Works

As you send your thoughts, you should intuitively get a feeling that your message has been sent. When this happens, stop projecting your thoughts. If you receive telepathic communications from another person, you may feel that you are imagining things. This is normal, but do not disregard the thoughts, listen to them and remember them.

7. How are Communications Received?

Communications can be received by way of feelings, emotions, thoughts, images and desires. Some people can communicate telepathically when dreaming.

Clairvoyance is the term given to a message received in a visual form. Hearing an inner voice is referred to as clairaudience. A feeling is termed as clairsentience, and paracognition refers to an instant knowing of something.

8. Benefits of Telepathy

When you connect with other beings, you are able to relate to them at a higher level; a greater understanding is created. This can have profound impacts on all your relationships.

In the case of animals, you can understand the needs and wants of your beloved pet, who cannot communicate with you verbally as a person would. Additionally, animals can often sense danger before it becomes immediately apparent. By tuning into the feelings of animals this can help to protect you against potential harmful situations.

The art of telepathy provides a more efficient means of communicating. It is environmentally friendly, free, location of either party is not important and it is instantaneous.

Imagine wanting to get in touch with someone in a remote location. No longer must you rely on sketchy internet connections or feeble mobile phone signals to do so.

9. Preventing Telepathic Communications

It is possible to block others from being able to send and receive telepathic communications to and from you. Imagine locking the door to your mind to that person.

This requires a lot of work on your part, as it is likely that you have become so tuned in with another person that sharing your thoughts is almost an automatic process.

Reference: Operation Meditation;