Message of Joy from Higher Self and my Guides by Multidimensional Ocean 8 April 2014

Multidimensional Ocean

1538836_10152107042344023_6312324486324793754_nLaura: Other comments please on world events or anything at all for my readers?
Higher Self and Guides: Yes, we have good and wonderful news. We whisper and chant the days when glory, peace and harmony will reside upon the Earth. We wish to say to you that those days are no longer far. Those days are here now, pre sent, fear no more. Be saddened no more dear ones.
Those of you who have accepted to live on up to this turning point in time are ready to rock the boat as it were.
You are all souls committed to the Earth global ascension and to the embodiment of peace, love and light in its purest and highest form.
There is no alternative now remaining for those who want to subdue the planet and make it theirs. They know that the planet has different wishes than theirs, and that…

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Higher Self via April Bender: Star-Bursts of Light, Information, and Opportunity Prepare All for The Event

Openhearted Rebellion

aprilHigher Self: Star-Bursts of Light, Information, and Opportunity Prepare All for The Event, channeled by April Bender, April 6, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

It’s been a very busy week for you has it not? So many new opportunities and expanded capacities have, in one form or another, presented themselves to you. Some big, some little. Some are heart, relational, or community centered – some are mental, conceptual, and/or creatively centered – and some are more inner expansive, soul/spirit and physical body centered.

These are, in a nutshell, the many aspects of your multi-dimensional selves seeking not only integration and balance but also form and expression within and throughout the Collective Higher Mind and Self. Because the overall harmonization of the 5D-7D Higher Collective Mind/Web of Life, has now reached a culmination state of such balanced alignment, integration and increased flow, due to the continued…

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To Believe in Faeries

Wonderful Works of Spirit

From the age of four to six, I lived in the Ozark Mountains. At night when the lights went off, I would often see my room fill with faeries, flitting and shining in the darkness. There were so many of them they frightened me and I would shut my eyes and pull the covers over my head…but I could still see them! They looked like little people with wings. I told my mother, and she simply said that they would not hurt me so to not be afraid of them. She did not tell me it was my imagination.

In my adult life as a source translator (akashic reader and channel), I have been enlightened to the fact that devic nature spirits will often present to us in the form we understand best. So for me as a small child it was like the faeries in storybooks.

If the images in the…

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First Contact, Cloaked Ships and More.

The Shift of Time and Energy!

first contact

Just when you think you cannot ever be more humbled, more in awe of the events happening in your life or my own, I am proven wrong time and time again, this month so far has been huge in that arena.  When we really allow ourselves to move our of our comfort zone, it really is amazing what can happen.  I was blessed to do the first “meet your ET family” session this week, something that filled with serious performance anxiety and I find it incredibly humbling how much our star family will do all they can to assist and comfort.

I decided to do these sessions from a different place in my home, at my desk and aligning my antenna with the front door instead of the back door.  Kind of like setting up a space and energy field just for our star family connections.  The connection and visuals…

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