The Partnered Energy Of the Sun and the Moon Is In Play!

The Shift of Time and Energy!

sun and moon

There days in the field are getting curiouser and curiouser.  I should have realized when I attempted to read on the 3rd and came up blank just about all day, another shift was underway, but I was too busy complaining to the universe… again!  But even in that, the game is getting interesting.  By the third attempt at connecting that day (the 3rd) I was going to email the remaining three and let them know I am down if they wanted to go ahead and reschedule, or wait and have a chat with me.  For as down as I was, my team got thru and waved their pointer finger at me and said no, connect with everyone, especially this one man I had on my agenda, they needed to get a message to him.  Kewl beans??  Sure enough, they opened my antenna just enough to see this large, looming ET…

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Ashtar Speaks via Philipp: “Contact” is Imminent








We, your Galactic Family, are in the process of organizing physical contact with you. It is imminent.

This contact between us will be on an individual basis and will be down on your beloved planet Gaia. There will be neither mass landings nor a beaming aboard a ship.

Rather we will visit those of you who have managed to raise their energies to a certain level that matches with our own energy.

Please make no mistake. Such an encounter makes high demands on our energy vessels.

Our energy levels are at different stages, and we – in order to cope with your levels – have to lower our energy to a certain degree. Such a degree is our lowest limit and to go further down could cause us serious damage. That is the reason why you have to meet us halfway.

Philipp: What can you expect from our contacts, and how does the contact happen?

We can assure you that we will not approach you suddenly out of the blue and cause you fear or any other unpleasant feelings. The contact will happen in a situation which you are familiar with.

Each contact will be individually tailor-made so to speak, to cover the needs of each of you.

There are plenty of possibilities how we can achieve our goal to meet you without “frightening you to death”.

For some, the contact could happen while they are on a walk or preparing to relax in front of the TV. For others it could be whilst they are preparing for meditation in a quiet place of their home. The possibilities are endless, but again, always focused on your well-being.

Although each contact will be individually tailor-made, all contacts will have the same underlying principle – the contact will happen while you are wide awake.

It will not happen during your sleep or meditation. It will happen when you are fully awake and anchored in your body. You will experience it with all your senses. It is exactly the same as you would meet a beloved member of your family or a friend. And in fact, we are your family!

You are allowed to take pictures and make recordings. Please share these widely. Can you discern what impact this will have on the Disclosure process?

Think big and then even bigger! And yes, we know how much you like “Selfies” and we are looking forward to your creativity in taking pictures with us.

There are concerns of how to interact with us.

First of all, we are as much eager as you are to finally reconnect with you. We, too, will be “nervous” and we understand how nervous you must be when you meet us.

Just listen to your heart and follow its advice. And you will know perfectly how to “behave” during the contact.

Philipp: My next question is, “When will the contact happen?”

As stated above, it will happen when you have sufficiently raised your energy levels and during the best occasion to meet you.

But many contacts have already happened. Because more and more of you are reaching the required energy levels, the contacts will gain momentum exceptionally.

Words are insufficient to express our deep joy in meeting you “face to face”.

Go in Peace and be assured of our never-ending Love for you!

On behalf of your Galactic Family,

Your brother,


Video: Bill Clinton Takes One Step Forward for Disclosure

By Steve Lillebuen – April 4, 2014

The former US president says he finds it increasingly unlikely that we’re alone in the universe, and hopes if we are visited by extraterrestrials that they come in peace.

Bill Clinton has revealed he “wouldn’t be surprised” if aliens visited Earth after he ordered a complete review of secret government files.

The former US president has opened up about his efforts investigating extraterrestrial life during an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk show.



He said his second term in office included the 50th anniversary of the infamous Roswell incident, which sparked a generation of conspiracy theories about a possible UFO crash landing.

Ex-President Bill Clinton checked there were no aliens being kept at Roswell.

Mr Clinton said he had all the records on the incident reviewed in time for the anniversary, as well as all the records on the secret Area 51 military base “to make sure there was no alien down there”.

While he didn’t find an alien, he said the truth is out there.

“If we were visited some day, I wouldn’t be surprised,” he said.  There are just too many planets in the universe to think otherwise, he added.

He promised the late-night host that he would tell the public if he had proof of alien life after reviewing the government’s files.

“If they’re out there, think of how all the differences among people on Earth would seem small if we felt threatened by a space invader,” he said.

“I just hope that it’s not like Independence Day, the movie, that it’s a conflict. It may be the only way to unite us in this increasingly divided world of ours.”

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: April 3, 2014 – A Divine Done Deal…Now!

Stephen: When we were in Sedona for the 2012 Scenario Conference, Genii and I instantly bonded. Later, she confessed to me that her guides had told her that the second City of Light was going to be in Australia, making us ‘forever friends’, as she calls us. I’ve since seen this city and all its breathtaking beauty during a major breathwork session. However, as far as I can recall, this is the first time ‘they’ have publicly revealed this.

City of Light Update:  A Divine Done Deal … Now!, as received by Genii Townsend, April 3, 2014 –

Genii:  Guidance message please – any topic even from my Galactic Guide YA.. (Ya-Fu-Fuss) with any City of Light report please.

YA: “YA here!… the YA space Emorgy (energy) comes into mental sound for the Genii who looks for answers to unknown questions. Thus the YA teacher fills the unknown.

The City rises out of the nothingness of the unseen. It, in your language, has been a major accomplishment. Even for us in the outer realms of your unseen dimension. But by now, your current day is certainly a facade masquerading as a sunny day, normally to be spent. However, behind this curtain of a staged normal day, action is taking place for the event of any century previous. As the Genii says quite often. “It’s all God’s Show Business!”

This awesome production SPECTACULAR, even NOW in process for the appearance of the 2nd City to be in Australia is in process. But at this moment, we are looking to see and understand the first to come forth in the 3/d physical for it will, with God at the helm. This is such God news.

Your patience must last a bit longer (which most humans have very little of) and going into the higher levels, you have the level of Now, which you may be missing the energy behind known as Now;; for it is expected (right this very second) when it is the ‘Now’ as the final energy bringing it forward into vision.

Being in the Now, is not your so-called ‘bad’, for anything to be is achieved in the Now, as no time exists. It is only in the timelessness that all appears. Anything you do is ‘in the moment’. There is nothing else in this Divine hologram that you find your designs and makes things come to pass.

In the Now, you see the finality of the quest and when one is in the Now, the Emorgy is swift to respond as it is (3/d energy in action), so this dear one is good.

You look to the Loving Springs Property to develop as a loving space and also, a Loving Meeting Information building to serve many in many ways, as the City makes it’s presence known.

This should be seen as ‘Now’ as I have reported to the Genii is a ‘Divine Done Deal’… period! It is suggested that you come from this mental/visual impression only

So, on this beautiful sunny day, God has lit up the stage for the performance to begin and with spring springing forth, a Divine leap of faith of it being already, a Divine Done Deal that is finished and enjoyed so….

Be here Now!

Now you can say..”All thru, Thank you” and it is so…. So in Love and Light it be, the City of Light has arrived and all are blessed.

Genii: AHHHH!” Imagine That!

Angelic Guides via Taryn Crimi: You Must First Let Go of the Old Before You Can Make Room for the New

Openhearted Rebellion

butterflies_freedomAngelic Guides: You Must First Let Go of the Old Before You Can Make Room for the New, channeled through Taryn Crimi, April 1, 2014 at | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the process of letting go. Each of you has just come through a massive time of release, clearing and letting go. This could have been experienced in a multitude of ways, some of you manifested this through physically purging, others manifested this through the loss of possessions, a career, a home or a loved one. The month of March was difficult for many of you but you have accomplished far more than it seemingly appears and this is what we would like to further elaborate upon today.

Not all of you have manifested this massive release through physical symptoms but we would say a very large portion…

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The Fear of Finding Truth For Yourself

Openhearted Rebellion

Written by Will, The Galactic Free Press.

At first this may not seem like it’s really an issue, it seems like something people would naturally choose. Who wouldn’t want to know the truth? But when you really look at society, people who search for truth themselves is actually a rarity.

We’re programmed to behave otherwise from a very young age. It’s easier in the short run for a parent to teach their child exactly what to believe. It’s more convinient this way, and it’s likely the way the parent was raised so they really don’t know any better. Then the child goes to school where they’re taught what’s “important” and a whole lot more of what to believe. As the person grows up, the influence of school and parents is generally replaced by mainstream media, the government and other “authorities” such as bosses, priests, self-help/spiritual gurus, there’s always plenty…

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Saul via John Smallman: Humanity Is Precariously Balanced…

Openhearted Rebellion

John Smallman

Saul: Humanity Is Precariously Balanced…, channeled by John Smallman, April 2, 2014 at: | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: John Smallman

Humanity’s awakening is unavoidable and imminent! The Love that has been flowing through you all – loving conduits that you are – as you hold the Light and make the intention for humanity to awaken is an energy of enormous power that will not be brushed aside, ignored, or dismissed.

One of your more amusing ways of putting things when talking about the human tendency to ignore or deny something unseen but plainly visible, is by referring it as “The 800lb Gorilla in the room.” Well, the field of divine Love enveloping humanity and your planet is somewhat larger than that! And there is no way that you can continue to ignore it. Your awakening is imminent!

Some of you most definitely are aware of the…

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Deepest Inner Stirrings portends explosive and rapid movements of Higher Paradigms, for the benefit of all Gaia inhabitants

Éireport Blog

eireport_logo_thumb_1 Stasis of planetary energetics is at an end, as consciousness ascends and expels lower statics.

Deepest Inner Stirrings portends explosive and rapid movements of Higher Paradigms, for the benefit of all Gaia inhabitants.

Cascades of Light now increase in strength and intensity and effect.

Cosmic Multipliers are in full effect at this moment.

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“If you Build It, and Give it Away, They will come.” QEG Full Disclosure.

Hopegirl Blog Archives 2012-2015

QEG Core

Free energy has been released to the people.  You can choose to be skeptical if you wish, but in time (perhaps just a few short months) the reality of what is happening will become more and more apparent.

Open sourcing the plans for the QEG was a turning point for all of us. Now that the cat’s out of the bag, we would like to take this opportunity to fully disclose to The People the full background story behind the last 6 months. We could not speak about much of this before we open sourced as we had to protect our family, our energy, and maintain the integrity of what we were trying to do.

The Results in the First Week:
In the first 24 hours 20,000 people downloaded the QEG plans. Since then it has gone so viral it is hard to get an accurate count. The manual has…

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