The Trident of Poseidon

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It seems that everything is coming together. After reading this beautiful article from Eliza, I got inspired to write. Starting on the morning of the 15th of June, after a year living in this cottage, I see suddenly the trident of Poseidon on the wall of the bedroom, just next to my head. This means that it was only meant for me to see now.

It got me inspired to write about this and doing some research about the spiritual side of this trident symbol and I got some amazing results that will get me in the right direction. My surprise is that the trident is linked to dreaming as stated in this article : Dreams in the mystical process

As Poseidon rules over the waters it is also a symbol of deeper emotions and dreams. The trident also represents birth, life and death – body, mind and spirit – past, present and future.

The forces of our dreams are so amazing and so inspiring , also to know that dreams can reflect the inner state of your being but also can reflect of what is happening on the other side of the veil. Even though we believe that dreams are just dreams, we can’t deny that maybe the world we are living in , is a dream on itself and when we are in a dream state according to the laws of this 3-D world, maybe we are entering the real world by dreaming, breaking free of the chains of illusion that seems to be weighing us down right now. As I have dreamed for a long time and remember almost all my dreams, not to mentions that I didn’t write them all down, I feel the importance of these dreams, starting with the dream I had and still remember when I was six. During the years, sometimes dreams become merged into my illusion/reality , so vivid that I take them up as a fact. I remember being in between states of dreaming an awake and seeing so much wonderful things that both inspired me and sometimes also scared me, depending on what I saw.

So getting back to the trident on my wall, for me is a sign that my dreaming is becoming more than the state of dreaming. Meaning that I passed the gates into higher level of enlightenment. As the trident is a powerful  symbol for purification and spiritual advancement through dream work. You will surely agree with me that this path to enlightenment will be a forever process, there is always so much things to learn, so much to see.

I felt excitement of discovering this trident on the wall, it is for me a sign that we are guided into ventures that expands our universe and beyond, to multiple realities and dimensions, to go wherever our heart wants to go. Dream beyond dreaming. It is a sign to be guided to the next level, to the next step as guided in the article dreams in the mystical process.

As closure I want to present this dream I had on Friday the 13 leaving me with different set of inner body vibrations.

Dream friday the 13th

we are never alone

Love Lisa

Dream 23 April 2014: Endgame – up to the 5th Dimension



Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


I had some pretty action dreams these past days, some of them pretty scary like the one last night. This dream was also a lot of action and to much details, so I only going to describe this dream in overall. What it makes it so special is because Arachanai (my higher self) want to make a comment on this dream.


I am in a mall and I am standing in a particular room where I was hiding my gatekeeper book with all the special keys in it. The reason I am in this room is because I had a feeling that something wasn’t right, so I took the book out of his hiding place to see if all the keys are still there. The book falls open on a particular one. On the paper was a square that was filled in with some golden leaves and curls with a blue/green background. On top of it was a golden key attached to it.

Suddenly somebody threw a kind of blast grenade at us and a big air displacement went on that knocked us to the floor. When I got up and saw that the key was gone from the book. Immediately I ran out of the room into the mall and I see I am to late.

I see lightning and a rain storm coming with the words I hear in my head ” The endgame has begun. Up to the 5th Dimension”.

Then the dream getting very hectic, supported by many friends, chased by a lot of enemies trying to stop us to reach the 5th Dimension.

At the end of the dream I am standing on a high bridge (with red railings) and I have skies on. Our enemies are coming fast so I decided to ski of the railings of the bridge all the way down. I am going very fast and in no time I reach the portal (that looks green) that will takes us to the 5th Dimension and…

Then I woke up…





Hi there my sweet self, it has been some time again that we spoke to each other through outer means as this dream. The reason I wanted to comment on this dream is that what happened reflects what is happening, not only inside of you in your body and spirit but it is also reflecting of what is going on in the world. The outer/inner world that you call Earth. 

Yes a portal has been opened , you as One of the gatekeepers (and no it was meant to be that the key was taken – referring to dream) . The reason your dreams are like action movies is because it is what you said in the title – it is truly an Endgame.

Now that the portal has been opened I recommend to work with those energies to reach yourself into the 5th dimension. As you know, you are already there as a gatekeeper. Also for the other ones who are reading this dream, you can also work with this energies to reach into the 5th dimension.

As a last one I wanted to pointed something out that you read in the Cathar prophecy of 1244 AD  ” It has no fabric, only understanding. It has no membership, save those who know they belong.”

I send you all a vast ray of love and light,



( you can click on the image so that you can read the whole prophecy. This prophecy touched my heart and it is not the only time I read about Cathar history.)










Higher Self via April Bender: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway

Higher Self: HS Brief – You’ve Now Entered the Most Auspicious Period of the April 2014 Gateway, channeled by April Bender, April 21, 2014 at

This is just a quick update to confirm that yes, as of yesterday you and the Collective Higher Mind crossed the threshold into the more auspicious period (April 20-26) of this larger April 2014 Gateway and/or window of catalytic opportunity.

You experienced this palpably yesterday, as on an energetic level it felt like you were being softly encompassed and then gently lifted by the first substantial wave or inundation of Unity/Christ Consciousness as it moved throughout the entire 5D-7D Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life.

This wave or cascade of higher harmonics unleashed, seemingly thrust you upwards – way up, into a higher state and/or elevation of being, integration and flow. Like the eagle soaring high above in the sky, this grand movement or light induction has gifted you and other Warriors of Light, a much greater field of vision and space for unhindered, joyful co-creative flight.

In fact in the days leading up to yesterday, you felt a progressive lightening, shifting, and overall change in energetic environment or landscape. It literally seemed as if each day you woke up somewhere different – you’re “normal” life/environment feeling very much different, “off” somehow, though you couldn’t put your finger on it. This is indicative of the many timelines, experiences and information you are naturally merging within Self and within the Higher Mind/Web through the deepening of the overall Sequencing Process.

Your dreams have also been rather vivid and engaging leading into this period, another indication of such activity. Also worth noting is that your breath has expanded dramatically – so much so that it oftentimes feels to you now as if there is no inner and outer you – but instead, only a thin membrane in which the two energies of in-breath/out-breath meet, and this is an indication that you’re vehicle (soul/spirit/energy body) is in the process of expanding/upgrading once again.

As these Cascades of Higher Harmonics continue to be unleashed within the Collective Higher Mind/Web of Life, as this latest induction (collective in-breath) phase now moves into peak intensity, be prepared for even greater shifts and elevations in consciousness along with a deeper sense of Communion with various aspects of Creation itself.

For as you know, these cascades are being unleashed within the Collective Mind/Web in an attempt to harmoniously unite all areas/nodal points of information/connection and even more importantly, to awaken this Mind to its I AM presence of Self – also known as The Event. Also keep in mind that this colossal in-breath is in preparation of an even grander co-creative collective “out-breath,” which as previously stated, will be focused very much on the theme of Reclamation.

So stay centered in your seat/throne of Divine Empowerment, stay intentional in your breath-work and engagement with the overall Sequencing Process. The intensifying cascades of Unity/Christ Consciousness over of the course of the next 4-6 days will see a lot shift, change and rise for release and reclamation, not to mention perhaps catalyzing a miraculous collective moment of “no-time” or “no-separation,” if the cascades are able to flow mostly unimpeded for full activation or “self-awareness” of the Collective Higher Mind.

Things are going marvelously well and you and all the other Warriors of Light, should stand tall and proudly together. For it is your collective co-creation which is about to take its first conscious breath!

Until next time…

Activate the gate of remembrance within you

On Thursday the 29th I got a partial message through, but because I was so busy that I haven’t been able to write it down into it’s fullest potential. As I was driving that day to work I got again a strong connection with Blaze and that it was time to convey a message again. This message actually got triggered by a picture a dear sister Tauno sent to me of a crop circle. I looked at the picture and felt something unlocking in my inner being.

at Cooks Plantation , nr Beckhampton , Wiltshire

Crop Circle at Cooks Plantation , nr Beckhampton , Wiltshire, United Kingdom. Reported 23rd August

Source picture:

As I am now connecting with my higher self Arachanai to write the message down that they want me to write on that day, but due circumstances it will be written now.

Message: It has been in relation with the ship Blaze that acts as an amplifier of opening a particular gate. This is the gate of remembrance (the picture above is the gate that will trigger/activate what has been dormant within you) that will transform you to who you really are. An infinite creator being. The ship Blaze seeks people who can harness this portal to its fullest potential, so that everyone can benefit of this portal of remembrance. It will activate some portions of your DNA that unlock the secrets of the past, now and future within you. We are so much more than what we now can perceive, if only we could perceive our energetic bodies and fields, which are expanding into the universe.

For support you can make a connection with your inner personal dragon. With this connection you connect with the magic within yourself, releasing all the fears and illusions of this 3D world.

Love Arachanai


Lisa, update: See my sister’s comment and use it in combination with the portal of remembrance.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)


Source Picture: copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Once upon a time in the land of light and shadow
there was a tale about an ordinaire lighthouse
That lighthouse became famous when a battle started a thousand years ago. 
In that lighthouse lived a man
who’s job was too guide ship’s safely to the harbor. One day the shadow of the lighthouse 
became bored to always lie on the ground
and asked the lighthouse if he would trade places for a day But the lighthouse had his pride and by the way he liked to help people, and ship’s safely and so his answer was NO!!!
So the shadow house got angry at the lighthouse
As revenge, for denying his request,
when the lighthouse keeper turned on the light and left the  shadow house would sneak in and put it out again.
And when the light went out the ship’s got lost and wrecked, and people died.
Eventually the lighthouse agreed to let him be the lighthouse for one day 
but once you taste what is good, you always want more, I say. So when there are times 
when the light in the lighthouse is not shining in the darkest nights
Then you’ll know , there is battle going on between shadow and light.

Story by Liesbeth S. (wolfke74)

This is the shadow of a lighthouse on L’aghulas. The most southern point in South-Africa.

I have been writing articles in my head for some time now but never had the time, the energy or the guts to write them down. Every time I saw a marvellous article being posted, I got insecure. Maybe it is time to follow my own path and own inner workings to establish some more confidence in me. The first person who showed me that I am an amazing person inside is Leslee Hare, who invited me to participate in the Spirit Chronicles that gave me a big boost to try and stand on my own with this blog I am now taking more care of. The second person who gave me more confidence in meditation and brought me up to new heights , new spiritual amazement is Tauno. I am grateful that I met Leslee and Tauno in my life. They are the drive in my spiritual endeavour. I also thank my husband who is so understanding in what I am going true and my two daughters who love me for who I am. The following article will be written by me and my higher self Arachanai, but there will be no distinction, or maybe you will spot it, of who is writing at a particular time.

As I look back at the year 2012 I suddenly realize that I let the end date, 21 December 2012 to live my life without taking responsibility. I have to admit that I secretly was hoping that our star brothers and sisters would force disclosure and everything would be all right. We wouldn’t worry about food, keeping us warm, worrying about money and so forth. But deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be like that but I choose to ignore it because I wanted to believe in a better world. Hence, I think we all wanted it to be like this. Now we are well into 2013 I see things differently. Now I know that I have to take my own responsibility to make my own happiness despite what is happening in the world. I started a journey into my inner self, not quite deep yet as I , for reasons unknown, still be afraid to unleash some demons that I stored somewhere in my closet mind. I think the dream I had last night would illustrate that much. (Dream I had last night: I had a very unusual dream, even though I don’t remember much. The only thing I can remember is that the devil was looking for me in person. I see him walk by in like a black bat cape with red and I managed to cloak myself even though he was looking in my direction but couldn’t see me. Then he almost caught up with me and my skin was turning red, like I was becoming a demon, but I could fight it of and become normal again. As I leave the room someone is giving me a card and it says “congratulation there is a pregnancy of 10 puppies on the way”)  It is apparent that we find a need in keeping our illusions alive even if there are much better solutions on the spiritual horizon. The fine line between knowing and willing to look at what is in front of you creates different perceptions of what is really happening. Can you see that even if you so spiritual advanced, we still look at everything through our own pink glasses?  But does this really matter? Now that we on the verge on uncovering ourselves, the true self that is in all of you. As the Earth rotates around in space, most of us goes on with our lives. But bit by bit, changes creep in without us noticing it, but it is there. I notice that I look at reality in different way than before, not only because of reading all the channellings of enlightened beings or from our star brothers or sisters, what also brought me to this conclusion is all the stories I read on reality shifts:  that made me a firm believer that you do can create your own reality. And I am still trying to apply it on everyday basis, even though it doesn’t always work, due to my doubts or I am not focused enough to create it into reality. As we are moving slowly to a different vibration, the vibration of creating it would be easier, I guess, to do it. A new reality is being created by billions of minds, creating a new tomorrow. What lies ahead can maybe scary but I trust that whenever you feel that little voice inside of you convincing you that nothing is happening, remind yourself that you are a creator and that nothing can stop you from being one. Our loved ones can help us with the path we want to be on even though you or they are not realising this.  Me, after 2012 I still have high hopes and dreams, and I really believe if we stay strong in envision a better world for us, it will slowly will become a reality. If we start to get doubts and stop what we are doing because we are disappointed, nothing will ever change. We have to hang in there and create a better world by having positive thoughts, positive attitudes towards life and treat each other as they are the most special person on Earth. Even Mother Earth is giving me messages of being ONE through my meditations with Tauno, creating balance in the female and male energy. This experiment we are doing as Gatekeepers, is strengthening the balance on Earth and hold out our hands to help the people through the Ascension gates. I still strongly believe that everybody will Ascend, maybe not on the same time and on the same level, but I know everyone gets a chance to make a way out of this illusion together with Mother Earth, the natural kingdom and so on…. We are the future, we are the one we are waiting for (even it would be nice to have a handy hand from our start brothers and sisters, and I still would love to meet them in person)

It is a lazy sunny Sunday here in South-Africa , Johannseburg. My youngest is sleeping and my oldest girl is playing outside in the sun, laughing and having fun. Me, I am struggling with a heavy (Ascension) flu, struggling to breath. But I now I feel centred and everything is just temporary. As the world is moving around me, I feel like I am in the centre of it all, let everything flow… I love you all. Lisa.

24-01-2013: Message from Arachanaï

Beautiful Jacaranda Sunset

This above picture was taken on 11/11/2011 and modified.

Ok here it is, you can have me for breakfast, or lunch. I would say, in a way, I am Arachanaï, so technically speaking, I am not channeling, I just express my multi-dimensional self. Lisa

I just have the feeling, after reading so many wonderful messages, to write a message from the heart. Even though this time I am battling some sickness, my mind and heart is still clear and able to express what I desire. As I don’t know of yet what I want to write about, the feeling that my higher self Arachanaï wants the merge with me gets stronger.

I am Arachanaï, a message from the heart. As I merged with dear Lisa who is now in great pain because of the advanced acceleration she is undergoing on request, I wanted to share a message that goes through the heart of many. It is an acceleration that is exhausting at the least, a lot of souls asked to be update in a more quickly manner and this can cause more then uncomfortable pains but also in form of perceivable negative attacks. The mind wants to take control and clashes with the up speeding of the soul’s and hearts desires and can create havoc in the body. It is like when you are so relaxed and go with the flow, when you have an accident, you almost come unscratched out if it. But if you are tense, fearful and worried, you can get hurt really bad.

As ways of this reality unfolding, the light is pouring in so fast, the upgrading of your physical bodies are also speeding up in this 4th dimension plane. Even though we at the lower cups of the 4th dimension, gradually we are going to climb higher , to the higher cups of 4th dimension , into the lower cups of 5th dimension were we will meet our twin flame, if they are residing there.

I like to share another thought or meditation. Imagine yourself seeking out your higher self, to merge with your higher self. Imagine that you and your higher self hold two seeds in your/higher self hands and fill it with your/higher self’s love, hopes, dreams and light. Then you place it gently into Gaia’s fertile soil and shower it again with plenty of energy and light, the other one you plant it into your heart, and again shower it with plenty of your/higher self’s energy. And every time you lost hope, your dreams or anything else, just think about that seed you planted into your heart, filled with hope, dreams and possibilities… because that is what it is, the possibilities that can feed your multidimensional realities into becoming your reality. A new world will emerge from this tiny seed. It is not the size that will decide what the new world will look like, it is the dreams, the hope, the possibilities you shared that will grow into a world that exceed your wildest expectations.

A last note to everyone, call upon your higher self and merge with it, don’t be afraid, LOVE… don’t think you can’t because you CAN, and live your life the fullest as there is no limit. It is YOU who will pave the path and it will be YOU bringing in higher vibrations so that the possibilities become realities. I will leave you now as Lisa is getting too tired and has to go to the hospital a bit later. I give you my infinite love.

Lisa is now in doubt whether she would blog this or not, as she is not sure if this comes from her ego self, heart or I, her higher self Arachanaï, but I know in her heart, she knows this message is true to her soul. Anyone who is reading this will resonate with it or not. There is no ONE truth, the truth is your heart speaks and resonates of what has been written. Love Arachanaï.

A quick note from me. I must agree with Arachanaï, that when I was writing this message, I was doubting myself so heavily on this, even though when I looked into my heart and I felt Arachanaï so close to me. That doesn’t mean that my doubt is completely gone, but a seed of more self confidence is planted in what I receive from Arachanaï or from my heart. But I think we can convey a much bigger message, with more impact, if we somehow can bring over the emotional good qualities into the words, the energy of being centered, of being ONE.

A Message from my higher self Arachanaï

my higher self ArachanaiThis is the first time I am channeling, this is my first ever channeling of my higher self. I was a bit weary to post it but I got confirmation from a sweet lady that I trust 100%  that the message I received is genuine and not my ego speaking. Yesterday after I was reading Steve Beckow’s article: Bliss Rising I got this message written down.

Since I was reading the Ascension papers from Zingdad 4 years ago, I always felt the connection of my higher self on the 5th dimension and the knowing I already had ascended, I only had to work to change my perception of it. After the portal opening on 21st December I felt this connecting growing, getting more intense and feeling more closer than ever. Since last week my higher self came through stronger and stronger…and yesterday I felt so compelled to write the message I was knowing in my heart. I also received now that my higher self also resides in the 6th and 7th dimension.

A Message from my higher self Arachanaï (I didn’t know at the time, but the painting Ascension I made is depicting my higher self in 6th dimension)

I am a gatekeeper. I ascended long time ago but I felt the need to express that I came back to fulfill my destiny to keep the gate open for others to Ascend. I am currently also in the 5th dimension, but I needed my awareness in the 3rd then and now 4th dimension, to keep the light and the vibrations high. Right now I am in between worlds, mostly in 4th, keeping my center, keeping my vibrations high, keeping my light and energy so that we can all ascend. The heart is the way to the New Earth, a place you are all yearning for. A place of extreme beauty and love. I am Arachanaï, Lisa’s higher self , connecting with her , helping her in her mission to keep the gates open and to open the portals to multidimensional probabilities. Ascension is happening, your vibrations getting higher, your bodies are becoming more crystalline and absorbing more energy…keep on going…lift yourself up to the world you envisioned for your self. We are all waiting for you to come home. Love Arachanaï .