Spiritual Guidance: Keep Opening Your Channels

Openhearted Rebellion

Conveyed through Wes Annac, The Aquarius Paradigm

To create the changes you want to see, it’s essential that you start becoming examples of them in action. You’re the conscious souls on the front lines of helping awaken humanity, and while it’s easy to discuss and advocate ideas that are relevant to the new world you’re building, actions forever speak louder than words.

The things you say are important, but the things you do speak volumes to your true readiness or un-readiness to build the new world of your dreams. Talking about this new world is easy and enjoyable, but the work to bring it about will be far more enjoyable when you start tackling the biggest and most difficult issues holding you back.

You’re being given a lot of help with realizing the importance of being the change you want to see, but we can’t do all of this important work for…

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(Video) Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian, via Maryann Rada: Pleiadians Now You Are Called

Asket of Temmer, Pleiadian: Pleiadians Now You Are Called, channeled by Maryann Rada, April 24, 2014, at http://timetransformers.wordpress.com

What does it mean to be Pleiadian? We as a people are in the process of discovering that for ourselves, not by merit of the placement of our sun but by the light that we are recognizing in ourselves and each other as something new, divine, and at our core, remembered. Asket shares deep, loving thoughts on our present transformation from global to galactic humans in this intimate and encouraging talk.


Source: The Golden Age of Gaia