SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey: April 11, 2014

SaLuSa: April 11, 2014. Channelled by Mike Quinsey at

We come again to tell you that matters will soon be coming to a head, as the Love and Light continues to strongly establish itself upon the Earth. Each of you can take some credit for these changes, and we welcome your determination to achieve total success.

We are continually monitoring events upon Earth and would assure you that all proceeds very well. We do, so to say, keep everything under wraps and even so are making very good progress. For those that keep up with our reports that come through various sources, a picture is emerging that should indicate how much progress we have made.

It has been many years now that our craft have come close to Earth, and it is our way of assuring you that we are looking after you. Sometimes we have to allow karmic situations to see their way to completion, thus allowing much karma to be cleared. Some look at the devastation caused in Syria and the immense loss of life and wonder if it has all been necessary. We would say “yes” because the situation has released so much karma, and allowed many souls to move forward.

The destruction would seem to be massive, but bear in mind that it is the negative energies that are being cleared. Upon our arrival on Earth – which is an event that will be announced in the near future – we shall work with you to clear any areas destroyed by wars. We can assure you that all traces will be removed and everything restored to its original beauty.

We can transform areas back to their pristine condition if necessary, in next to no time. These will be exciting times and most fulfilling after centuries of death and destruction. We can absolutely state that nothing shall interfere with our plans to restore Mother Earth. So do not worry unduly as to how the restoration will take place as with our technologies and experience it will seem to be no time at all.

Way back in your past the Earth was truly a Paradise and to it you shall return. God has decreed that there will be an end to wars and the pointless destruction that they cause. So whatever challenges you are yet to experience, bear in mind that you are to see and experience a wonderful closing to the last cycle.

Because the people of Earth will have more freedom to travel, the mysteries of other races will become known and ultimately you will realise how much you are alike. People seek happiness and peace, and it is only the dark Ones who have deliberately maintained a situation that has repeatedly led to wars and unrest.

That is already changing and with the mixing of the different Races, people are realising that there is in truth only one Race upon Earth – the Human Race. Even so, as you have incarnated in many different countries for your evolution, you have acquired an understanding of the differences – that All are One. In the larger picture you are all Gods but that is a potential at this time, yet you will come to accept that truth.

You are not your body yet it is a vehicle that you use to gain experience. However, upon death you will move into a higher version of it that will not age or be subject to the ravages of time. In fact it will be a perfect version of your previous body but in a higher vibration. The future will be full of very acceptable surprises, not least of all your ability to experience freedom to define your own future, and choose them.

Being on Earth in the lower dimensions has had its ups and downs, but to use your terminology – it is a fast track to Ascension. Nowhere else would you evolve at such a fast pace, and be assured that many souls would willingly change places with you. It may seem unlikely but you are truly privileged to have the opportunity to evolve in the lower dimensions.

Also be aware that you only carry a small amount of knowledge as to your real status. You are far greater than you imagine but in time you will “grow” into a much higher level of consciousness. On Earth you are very limited and part of your challenge has been to find your real Self.

Once you begin to realise that your consciousness is limited yet has no boundaries, you will quickly evolve at an astonishing pace. We tell you all of this because it is time for the truth to be made known. You can therefore set your sights as high as you like as literally anything is possible where your evolution is concerned.

Being a Human is in itself a remarkable experience, but can you imagine what it is like to be an Angel. Indeed, what it is like to be at the right hand of God, in a state of pure perfection. You are too far into the lower dimensions to “feel” what it is like in the higher ones, but that will come to you in time. As you must realise, there is no need to limit your ambitions as all souls are slowly making their way back to the Godhead. It may be a little too much to expect you to take in such possibilities but we do want to make you realise that you have unlimited potential.

Coming back to Earth once again, do what you can to help other souls on their journey. After all you are all “One” and all at different stages of your journey back home. Share your knowledge where you know it can be accepted and understood, but do not overwhelm another soul as sometimes all that is needed to help awaken them is a subtle suggestion or idea. Deep down each soul knows the Truth, but it has been clouded or hidden deliberately to allow a focus on the experiences necessary. So never assume that lack of knowledge or intelligence are pointers to a soul’s stage of evolution.

I am SaLuSa, and look forward to meeting you on the Earth and being able to help speed up your progress. You will be enlightened more fully as to what the future holds for you, and we can even give you glimpses of it. Technologies are used by us that will truly seem miraculous, and we can therefore deal with your problems on Earth with all speed. Restoring the planet to its pristine condition is one of our first priorities.

However, our resources are virtually unlimited, and we have millions of craft to call upon if we needed them. Great times lie ahead and be assured we will invite you to share them with us. So go forward with full confidence as everything will work out not just to your expectations, but well beyond. I leave you with my Love and Blessings.

Thank you SaLuSa

Mike Quinsey

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation via Sheldan Nidle: April 8, 2014

Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation Update as received by Sheldan Nidle – April 8, 2014 –

6 Ben, 16 Mac, 10 Caban

Dratzo! Things are buzzing around your globe! Numerous incidents have occurred which are scaring the leaders of the dark cabal. The events are now forcing these arrogant ones to relent and permit the rise of a new global monetary system. Along with this development is the establishing of a new international financial system.

This series of linked events is creating shock waves that threaten the very existence of many corrupt and formerly omnipotent governments. An ever-growing wedge is now appearing that is shortly to cause them to allow new governance to appear. This manifesting phenomenon is eventually to allow a thorough disclosure of our existence to occur.

The dark can easily see that its reign of many millennia is swiftly coming to a close. It is to be replaced by rule based on morality, your sovereignty and an ever-rising prosperity. In this new realm, you are to learn many things that were hidden from you; among them your extraterrestrial origins and the former existence of the fallen continents of Atlantis and Mu.

These new facts are to shock you into some understanding of who you really are. The rest is to come when the Ascended Masters and their Inner Earth brethren address you. All of these things are to prepare you for the fact that you are shortly to return to full consciousness. Those who carefully kept this from you realized that these truths revealed were to cause a “revolution” that was swiftly return you to the very edges of full consciousness. Hence, a number of great lies were put into effect to hide this from you.

These manipulations included redrawing your religions, altering the basis of modern science and creating a monetary system based upon scarcity. These endless “false flags” are to be rectified by what is happening around your globe. Our allies are forging the underpinnings for a new financial system and are readying the mechanisms for the rise of a new reality. These events are now manifesting in bits and pieces around your globe, and are only the mere beginnings!

Your new set of facts is to readjust your basic perceptions about your world. Take these in hand and be ready to apply them to your many societies. The primary purpose is to lift you far above survival level and rid you of governance and a worldly cabal whose purpose is to deny you your natural birthrights. Lies were purposely told to you. They are now to be removed and replaced by truths that make most of what you know useless. Take what you learn and be prepared to expand this when your Ascended Masters address you.

This new set of knowledge is just the start of what you really need to know about yourselves and your original ancestors, the numerous immigrants from the stars! These fully conscious Beings came here to aid Gaia and care for a vast and wondrous interlocked set of eco-systems. Gaia was then united and possessed a fully conscious realm both on and below her surface. This remarkable world had birthed this galaxy and come to rest eons ago in the life zone of your sun.

The process of protecting and preserving a host of eco-systems also included adding to the robustness of Gaia. The initial results were quite promising. The new colonists had gained a renewal for Gaia and her living systems that brought a great joy to all. This process was temporarily skewed by the rise of the new daughter colony of Atlantis. The rulers of this daughter colony were greatly influenced by the priests and priestesses of the Anchara continuum.

This can be likened to the legends of the great fall of humanity into darkness. These legends have largely made it impossible to fully comprehend the workings imposed on them by the Anunnaki and their succeeding bands of minions. This confusion is now to be returned to truth! Coming history lessons are to prepare you to understand why you are now in limited consciousness and how you are to be returned to your natural state of full consciousness. The final step in this journey is to be done by Heaven and your space and Inner Earth families.

Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! Our various associates and their allies are completing actions that are to bring sovereignty, prosperity and freedom to you.

At present, each one of the several events that are manifesting is ready to greatly alter the world you live in. The dark has been in charge ever since the Atlanteans left for their location in Beta Centauri. They left behind those who successfully manipulated this surface reality for nearly 13 millennia. This reign is coming to an end as new institutions are born.

While this is occurring, we have watched as Heaven adjusts and recalibrates your mental emotional and physical bodies. As each of these reaches a higher vibration, you become able to absorb new perceptions and rethink the foundation of your various core beliefs. With these small transformations you are then ready to receive what we need to tell you.

Dear blessed Ones, you are at the very edge of a new reality. Most of what you know has been given to you in puzzles. The dark persists in explaining to you that these odd puzzles are truth. In fact, they are only jumbled half-truths. We intend to present to you the complete solved puzzle, eliminating any mysteries. Once you have absorbed these messages, you can see who you truly are, and what you once were.

These actions are only the beginning of what we are to say. You need to be assured of your destination in this grand journey. Much has been written by many, attempting to uncover what the dark so heinously mixed up. Absent the mysteries, you can then see how unique and wondrous you truly are. In this new setting, we can introduce you to what the process of Ascension is really about!

You are entering a realm filled with wonder and miracles! This requires you to focus deeply and intently upon the Divine, and the real meaning of divine service. In this mode, numerous subjects take on deep meanings that you have not previously experienced. This mode requires a special degree of training to allow you to see and clearly outline what you need to do to accomplish your inner and outer goals.

All of this is related so you can quickly discover how the spiritual and physical realms are connected. This insight lets you interact as a most wondrous collective and pursue both your joint and individual goals. You become a member of both the sisterhoods and brotherhoods of the Light in Heaven and for the Earth. You are returned to the sacred missions that brought you long ago to this most magnificent realm!

Today, we briefly explored what is happening around you. Be prepared for magic and for grand miracles to occur. We are shaping events that are to transform your surface reality, that can eventually permit Gaia’s two realms to again become one! The time for celebration is forming around you! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed yours!

So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

Dana Zook: Recovering from Canada’s Holocaust

Residential School

I’m sharing this story as a third party because it’s significant in showing the Tsunami of Love embracing Gaia right now.

From March 28-31, 2014, my sister, Tamara Jo, attended the 4-day First Nations Justice Hearing in Edmonton Alberta; the final one of the four held across Canada, which was live-streamed to 40 countries world-wide.

Her late husband was a victim of a residential school and she knows many families from the reservation deeply affected by residential-school trauma. His brother, remembered only by a few elders, was a 5-year old boy, who was carried out of the school in the middle of the night; never to be seen again. He was one of countless thousands.

Many heart-rending stories came out at the hearing; children stripped of their names, birthdays and hair (the latter which is sacred in First Nations tradition). These are in addition to the horrific physical, emotional and sexual abuse that occurred to hundreds of thousands of children, many of whom never returned home to see their parents.

There were stories of the ghostly, silent villages stripped of their children; filled only with grief-stricken parents who were terrified by the threat of jail for resisting. There are memories of girls and nuns allegedly giving birth to babies that were buried alive; unmarked mass graves, and generally the near destruction of a beautiful spiritual race that has been deeply connected to Gaia.

It has remained a hidden part of our history that until now, has been silenced, denied and unspoken, even by those who experienced it. The tragedy also lies in the condemning judgements made against First Nations people in this country and throughout the world.

My sister is a very humble soul who also has a very open heart and spiritual eye. In spite of her pain and tears, throughout the conference, she was channeling divine light, offering deep prayers for the traumatized and murdered souls of the children and was constantly calling upon higher realms to help in the healing of all the souls and people.

With her spiritual eye open, she started to see little sparkles rise up from the thousands of people attending the hearing. She described them as initially like sparkles in the snow which changed to look like fireflies rising up. Many people described burning hands and feet, unbeknownst to them, the place attaching spirits often leave. Many of these lights had eyes that looked at her in gratitude and love because she could see them.

She saw the residential school her late husband attended and saw thousands of these fireflies rising up. She saw fragments of traumatized spirits coming back together in wholeness for their journey home.

As she wept in gratitude for the salvation of these souls, she began one by one, to see the same phenomenon in all the residential schools across Alberta (25 in total!), then across Canada… This quickly spread to the USA, Mexico, and then each country throughout the world. (Apparently Australia was significantly lit up!).

She also saw the lights of many earthbound spirits from accidents, suicides and wars. She saw them rise up in clusters throughout the waters/oceans. Throughout all of this, she described being in what seemed like a vortex tube where she became immersed in unity consciousness and transcended time and space. She saw the stunning beauty of our beloved Mother Earth lit up with healing, freedom and joy of millions of souls going home.

For the closing ceremonies, many people, including prominent politicians, were moved to tears and many hearts were opened. During this, she saw a massive spiritual teepee of light over the conference and white milky-like spiritual energy pouring through the top onto everyone which, she realized was Divine Mother’s milk nurturing her children.

At the end, a sacred fire was lit and all the Kleenex with everyone’s tears from the last four days, were burned to ash. Tamara Jo called upon Lady Quan Yin to place a pearl of compassion into each of the hearts of all attending and anyone they subsequently come across. In addition, with the help of angels, she symbolically placed an ember from the sacred fire into each heart. She saw the trails of light from all the people going back to their communities and touching the hearts of whomever they came close to.

She’d extremely humbled and honored to have been used this way and has absolutely no ego about it. In response to her service, she has received miracles following this whole event. I have strongly encouraged her to write about this since she is a bright, articulate and excellent storyteller. However, she is struggling with many issues, including her health and it’s too much for her right now.

I feel that this has been a profound shift in many realms and my hope is that in sharing this, it may help many people who’ve be struggling with faith and hope or change towards the materialization of Nova Earth.

Thank you for joining your heart of love in oneness for a beautiful beginning of our new world…

In Love and gratitude,
Dana Zook

Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast April 2014 – Universal Purification

Openhearted Rebellion

Emmanuelpeaceofficial1By Emmanuel Dagher, April 2014 – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

I am so grateful to share in this way with you today.

A brief point of global stillness occurred in the days that followed the March 20 equinox, which gave us the opportunity to breathe and recharge, in preparation for the hyper-energetic activity the month of April is bringing our way.

The exciting celestial developments during the month of April will create a perfect environment for quantum spiritual expansion to manifest – in our individual lives, and in the collective consciousness.

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SaLuSa 11 April 2014

Spirit Train Chronicles

We come again to tell you that matters are soon to come to a head, as the Love and Light continues to strongly establish itself upon the Earth. Each of you can take some credit for these changes, and we welcome your determination to achieve total success. We are continually monitoring events upon Earth and would assure you that all proceeds very well. We do so to say keep everything under wraps and even so are making very good progress. For those that keep up with our reports that come through various sources, a picture is emerging that should indicate how far much progress we have made.

It has been many years now that our craft have come close to Earth, and it is way of assuring you that we are looking after you. Sometimes we have to allow karmic situations to see their way to completion, thus allowing much…

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Jeshua via John Smallman: You Have Enormous Power, Enormous Capabilities

Openhearted Rebellion

Jesus postingJeshua: You Have Enormous Power, Enormous Capabilities. Channelled by John Smallman, April 10, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

John’s reading of today’s post can be found here:

Time, as you experience it in the illusion, is accelerating. The reason for that is because more and more of you are focusing on the now moment, which is quite free of the limitations that the construct of time imposes upon you. You are making your way into wakefulness, where time is no more, and as you do so it appears to be accelerating and taking you along with it. It’s quite an adventure, is it not? And of course it leads to the cessation of time altogether.

You have a saying “time is of the essence,” and within the illusion that certainly seems to be the case as everyone is almost constantly running to keep up with themselves, to make…

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Message from the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie: Patience and Persistence

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Arcturian Message April 9, 2014Message from the Arcturians: Patience and Persistence. Channelled by Suzanne Lie. April 9, 2014. | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Blessings to you all, we the Arcturians are joyous to be able to share this moment of the “nowness” with all of you who are receiving this message. You may receive this message by reading it. You may receive it in a meditation and not even know that it is written, or you may receive it through a dream.

We send our messages down through our scribes and representatives who have volunteered to allow our essence to flow through them. And, as you know from reading your Internet, there are quite a few people that are channeling our Arcturian messages.

The reason why we are so active is because it is our Galactic Mission to assist all people, planets, galaxies and/or universes that are transiting out of their…

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Galactic Lightship Dreamflights 12APR2014

Spirit Train Chronicles

You are invited to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (12 April 2014) during dreamtime.

All who have expressed their intent to join us will be teleported on board our fleet of Galactic Light Ships.You may express your intent to join a specific ship (all are welcome!). We will be meeting during dreamtime on Saturday night, but you do not need to “schedule” the time you are asleep, since you will be timeshifted to the appropriate “place” in time in order to join us. Passwords provided are intended to enhance intent, not to limit access.

Our Fleet includes the following ships

GLS Mothership OcaTAwa (Password “Center Spiral Wings Unity”)
GLS Aeterna (Password “Wings“)
GLS Algiz (Password “Center“)
GLS Blaze (Password “Helix“)
GLS Chimera (Password “Emanate”)
GLS Salcys
GLS Angelon
GLS Susan
GLS Space Wave (Password “Unity”)
GLS Athabantian (Password “Radiate”; website: Up2the5th, Cosmic Paradigm)

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Falling Stars light the path for Newer Establishments

Éireport Blog

eireport_logo_thumb_1 Falling Stars light the path for Newer Establishments.

Foundations of Higher Vibrational Density now being created will support the New Gaia Paradigm.

Alternative pathways have diminished as result of much elevated Human Consciousness, even since our last message.

Far-reaching actions in Mind, Heart, and Body of Gaia politic are now underway.

The moment to be recalled is Now… and none other…

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I feel

See the movie on: Starseed

Jasmijn is a seven year old girl, who loves hugging trees and having conversations with animals. Anything she touches seems to breathe a sense of aliveness. Robert is ten years old, and the only place where he feels at ease is in nature. He climbs trees as high as he can escaping the everyday reality that is not always easy.

I feel… is about children who experience their environment differently compared to most of us. They travel their own way against the mainstream and dare to see the world with a pureness of vision over and over again.

Spanish version is also available:

director: Elsbeth van Noppen
photography: Jefrim Rothuizen
sound: David Spaans
editor: Albert Markus
music & sounddesign: Michael Bittermann (

grading: Joppo in de Grot
soundmix: Ranko Paukovic

line producer: Estelle Bovelander
producer: Menna Laura Meijer for Kerboschmeijer
commissioning editor: NTR Loes Wormmeester

I feel… was made possible by:
Dutch Cultural Media Fund