Crystal Connection 18 September 2013



The energies are going out of the window, it goes beyond of what is received. The night of the full moon opens a flood off purification, through the opening of the gate of remembrance portal. I see blue candles floating in the air, they burning the blue flame.

Under the candles, slowly rotating is a golden cogwheel (representing time) inside of the wheel opening is a spiral that spirals downwards onto me, I burst into blue flames , I feel it purifies me. I feel now the flames of truth coming out of my hands.

Vision changes and I feel like I am a Native American Indian that looks over the plains.

I am in the angel/spirit realm, it feels so strange and yet so comforting. I am now in my favorite spot where I feel safe and peaceful.

I see a ray of light coming through the heavy dark clouds, lighting up my heart in sparkles.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I called Hathor and then I was receiving DNA activation’s getting myself ready to connect with the Heart of Gaia. I did not have many visions , my connection was felt mostly as energy that was vibrating in my whole body
I felt Angelic Presence. I saw myself in a forest and there was a wooden hut there then I was guided to channel Isis energies into Gaia and Isis came as a vision and borrowed my body, I felt Powerful and spread my arms like the wings of Isis and did the round movement that formed the Sphere again while holding OLA.

I remember when connected with the Heart of Gaia that a giant Snake came and the snake was looking at me and then disappeared

Crystal Connection – Frila

I in fact started pretty late, even about the time you almost finished it. Beyond my expectation, this is such a lovely dulcet connection.

Being solicitous about the vain attempts, I only centered on my 3rd eye, heart charkas and solar plexus, after envisioning the SUN descending from my crown chakra, till the heart of Gaïa. I tried to connect Max, then appeared an elongated clear crystal skull. It’s wired that I seemed to be somewhere above him so what I saw was his top. He transmit energy and something from his top. I feel so loved and grateful !!!

Then I saw a golden arch portal with stairs in front of me, a very very classical portal. In the course of stepping on the stairs, I felt I was climbing on the stairway of the Aztec pyramid.

I lose the memory of the next visions.

Then what amazed me so is that I should be in a mistful forest that felt like Paradise. The trees at the two sides even embraced each other, forming an archway. After passing it, as Tauno, I saw a wooden hut whose section is round, felt so elven.

May you all have a nice Full Moon day !!!

Crystal Connection 17 September 2013

world map

I felt so exhausted and stressed that I waited for connection until I was more relaxed.

I got following meditation. First I see sparkly whirls , then a dark thunder sky with lots of rain and hard wind. I pour my pinky love in to this storm that is hitting Mexico , but also in Japan. And then the light comes through and feel the calmness and the sun. I see a hawk flying up into the sky, calling.

Then I see the Bermuda Triangle and I have the direction to see where all these points of these triangle connects to, goes through…I see in this Bermuda Triangle a pyramid and I see a light coming out of the top of the pyramid.

The point of Bermuda, the line goes through UK, Finland, Denmark
Point of Puerto Rico, this line goes through Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa
Point of Miami, goes through Florida (where Leslee is) and it goes through the state lines between mexico and united states and if you really line it through the world map on the other side , it ends up in Australia, goes back through South-Africa and so on back to Bermuda triangle

Below is what I liked the connection of the Bermuda Triangle shipping those ships ,planes back to Egypt.

I hope you have a wonderful night, even though I have a terrible headache, I feel so strong with this crystal by my side.

PS when I started looking up images for Bermuda triangle, I was surprised also to see pictures of storms that I saw in the beginning of my meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with the energy of the Egyptian Gods again and received their Blessing felt as Golden Light energy around me , I felt home in these higher vibrations and I felt Love, My Heart Chakra and third Eye Chakra connected and I got a feeling of Space. I asked the Egyptian Gods to help me connect with the Core of Gaia as I wish to give Light into the Core, I was explained that they only can give me Power and Light and the path to the core is my own task to be found, they showed me the direction.

I was led to Giza again and moved underground till I reached the Pyramids. There the Egyptians stopped and I had to walk the Portal myself, I made a connection with my Celestial Soul sending Gratitude and I felt my Central Channel open and a ray of Golden Light connected my chakras as I started my journey to the Core, it was not a deep meditation rather than a vision by intent/will
I reached the Golden Core of Gaia – the surface looked like a fiery land as if I was standing on the Inner Sun, I saw my craft there, it was waiting for me, I remembered my previous meditation when I reached the core in my Sphere that was my creation , my craft, the craft was already there and I saw some balls too, they were Beings that were carrying the vibrations of Joy and Happiness, they were jumping randomly and were vibrating like little children playing a game together.

Soon I was aware that GLS ALGIZ was there with me , in the Core of Gaia, I just stayed there and gradually felt a Sun within, my Inner Sun , My Inner Sun was connected with the Inner Sun of Gaia and I started giving rays of golden Light in all directions making connections all around the Planet, I saw the Cosmos while being inside the Earth, my consciousness expanded both inside and outside


Crystal Connection – Frila

As before, by or during the energetic climax, my connection gets somehow hindered. I hence had no vision at all today.

As Lisa, I feel extremely exhausted, sleepy all day long today. I was so anxious for the registration of the new pedagogical year and my limit time and energy to look after well both my thesis and the spiritual works.

Our Chinese sister, Aisling just quit her job after having been set up in some case which had in fact nothing to do with her. She hence had time and force today to have a long chat with me. It has in fact been a long time that I have no more time to read the blogs on these ascension events, I cannot but feel being out of the situation. Here, I would apologize to you all for my absence on STC. Today, thanks to Aisling, all my fear and regret were just gone. During the meditation, all in my mind are the words to talk to you and our Chinese family. We have such a dream…she, another sister Fang and I may fulfill the mission to go to Tibet together next year. So far, I just regard it as a dream.

According to my history, my this kind of situation of out of connection may last for at least a whole week. Nevertheless, I’ll try to update my situation with you.

Thanks to Lisa’s precious literal and illustrative guides. Tough I had no connection at all, these “source” help me so to sense the connection, where I’m and we are. You have just supplied me what to share with our Chinese family !!!

May you all have a nice energetic climax of full moon (one of our most important Chinese festival, mid-Autumn festival, this Thursday) and equinox.

Though I cannot share with you the moon cakes that I make on my own, may this picture bring you all my best wishes, and sweeten your hearts.


Crystal Connection 16 September 2013

I didn’t had any visions, just kept on seeing the infinity symbol.

Crystal Meditation – Tauno
I connected my environment with my Light and physical bodies. I felt instantly energized by my Light body and the physical sensation of this was the feeling of warmth and a feeling of Happiness and Bliss. My Physical body just merged with the light body and a Portal opened inside both of them, a Portal to other realms of consciousness, I looked through this portal and I saw a kind of Forest, a Native American I saw and a bird – Eagle or Crow but at the same time I felt the Egyptian Gods connected with us – Thoth, Nut.

I stayed into these energies till a thought of people from my everyday life emerged, I did not try to remove this thought out from my consciousness, everything that comes to us has its purpose. Then I moved into my Heart Center – the Heart Center of my Light body merging with the Heart Center of my Physical body and I felt the energies light green and golden, Thoth appeared again as a vision – standing tall with his long gown and Ibis head, his hands and his pose spoke of the Powers He is bringing now to us. Then my awareness moved into my Pineal Gland and I saw a Sphere. The Sphere was kind of a physical – like a rubber ball but very big – seemed like a Space Craft , rotating and with a hollow bottom, that made it look like a round mushroom in a shape of a ball. The Sphere moved higher and the surface of the Earth was down, I felt we are in the Sphere it was of green and grey colours. I now remember the picture of a dark side of the Moon that is a craft – this sphere looked like this. And I received a message – now our physical bodies are getting ready to receive activations that will bring a change connected with gender, we are gradually evolving into our Higher Bodies


Crystal Meditation – Frila

I had rather the sense of energetic pouring, but few that of connection.

I saw a person’s back whose gender is neutral, short hair, in white long cape mingled with black which looked like shadow.

By the end, a wolf looking like Husky appeared, warmed up my heart.

Crystal Connection 15 September 2013

planet venus


I first saw a golden crown, tall and gold with spirals. I saw the universal sign for peace. Then I felt connected with the planet Venus (above picture is how I almost saw venus as a  planet), I felt the vibration of the population, but for the rest I don’t have a really clear picture. I do get greetings from them, I see someone greeting me. Then I get the following words through:

Planetary reversal, sun gate, triple helix, triple gate, equinox, spiral gate, heart desires, butterfly gate crop circle, gate fractions …(Afterwards these words led to this post The upcoming Triple portals: Spiritual,Physical and human )

I also see a connection with Egypt and Inner Earth , Agartha

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I visualized my environment, my physical body and my Light body as One and my Light body was penetrating my physical body, I received strong energies, the Spirits Native American Elders came to me and I started my journey being aware of my physical body sitting on my chair merging with my Light body, I was in Jerusalem, in a noisy street, the Sun was shining bright and I was at the gates of a temple, arch and pillars and white and orange colours.

Then I saw the mountain , I was high in the mountain and the sky was blue. My Light body Heart Chakra and my physical body Heart chakra merged and I felt a pulsating energy that was forming waves and rings around my Heart, the energy waves spread all around me and I felt the Cosmos. I connected with the Egyptian Gods again – Thoth with his head of a bird , Isis came and connected with me giving me Power as I was making a Sphere of Light around me with my hands holding OLA, I was in a sphere of Golden Light.

I now remember some more details, when I was receiving the energies into my heart Chakra I saw a Heart shaped energy of Light in Cosmos and two Masters in it – Jeshua and Mary Magdalene in the Heart


Crystal Connection – Frila

As the past two days, there were still the white beams of energy shot successively in my heart chakra and solar plexus.

I saw a black Cross, a number of 55332 that was shown two times.

During the course, it seemed that the highly vibrating energy cause the deep fatigue of my nerval system that made me fall asleep. I hence lose lots of memory after waking up at 23:20 of Paris time.