SaLuSa 24.9.2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

As your Sun is so much brighter now, your Light is also shining so brightly and this allows us to work with you and come closer to you each day. This also allows all the changes to move much faster, as now your wishes being fulfilled almost instantly. Do practice fearless wishing and see for yourself how it is manifesting into your reality. Being fearless is the most important point in your current transformational process, that is why we are constantly making you aware of the fact, that only fear and doubts are holding you now from making your dreams come true. You need to find the best way of clearing away those old memories and thoughts that are causing you looking back and questioning if this what you dream of is really that what you wish. We want to let you know that your dreams are with certainty showing…

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UK Filter to Block “Esoteric Content” — Worldwide Implications

Laura Bruno's Blog

What’s the difference between pornography and spiritual teachings? According to this new censorship effort in the UK: nothing. That’s right. The government that willfully engages in and covers up pervasive, systemic sexual abuse of children has decided that it must Nanny State out children’s possible access to online pornography — as well as anyone else’s access to whatever spiritual information the government decides to label “esoteric.”

Hmmm … the worldwide spiritual awakening seems to have those pathetic powers that (think they) “be” quakin’ in their booties.

I do encourage people to act on this one, since the insanity has already begun to infiltrate other countries. We live in a vibrational world. Got to stamp out those rising online spiritual communities as well as all that esoteric knowledge. Must. Launch. Earth. Back. To. Dark. Ages. You know, for the children’s sake. I actually know of some people who’ve already felt the…

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