Gaia Portal: Expanded Grand Portal Activity Engages Cosmic Energetic Connections for all Hue-Beings

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14 Sep

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gaia_energy1Expanded grand portal activity engages Cosmic energetic connections for all Hue-Beings at this moment. Such connections are necessary at this time to precursor the “full disclosure” chapters.

All Hue-Beings experience heightened sensitivities at all levels, including 3D body extremities such as hands/fingers, feet/toes, mouth/tongue/teeth, and crown chakra.

Recommended for Hue-Beings at this time are Self-patience, rest (physical), and stillness, as Higher-D DNA alterations proceed. Resulting eventually in the Cosmic-ready DNA energetic grid required for Cosmic Hue-Being Ascension process.

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Group Healing II: An Oceanic Healing Event

Group Healing II: An Oceanic Healing Event:

On September 21, 2013 at 3pm, The Watchers will be coordinating with multiple collaborations and the purpose is to extend healing into the Waters on Planet Earth.  We are extending an invitation to all who wish to participate.   This event will occur on Saturday, September 21, 2013 at 3pm your time.  Remember that  linear time is an illusion!

Wherever you are in the World, on Saturday September 21 at 3pm your time, join us in meditation and intend on sending Healing and the Light of  Transformation into the Waters on and in this Planet.  The Watchers along with multiple High Frequency Brethren Collectives will be assisting in gathering all of your healing and funneling them into the Waters through the physical efforts of humanity. If you would like to participate, please send an  RSVP email

A positive tertiary effect of this event will be on the water that exists within all life on this planet will too be transformed and healed.  This includes the water that is contained  within the human body and all of the Animae as well as the Plant kingdom.  In addition, there are multiple other beings that reside on this planet that contain water within their physical bodies that will benefit.  In short, a cleansing of the emotional body as well as the physical body will occur for the participant as well as the intended recipients of this event.

If you would like to participate and will not be available on the 21st at 3pm, all you have to do is send healing to the Water, as instructed above.  Do so when you have time and intend that your healing be merged with the energy of:

Group Healing II: An Oceanic Healing Event

occurring at 3pm on Saturday September 21.


Dawna-representive of the Dolphin Collective


The Watchers

The Blue Whale

The Audience

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Thank You from Ellie and Jerry!

A note to all who have sent the loving, healing energies (and assistance) to me and my son, Jerry, during this time of “new beginnings”.

I WILL get around to personal “thank you” notes as I want to send a big hug to each and every one of you precious souls! It may take a couple of days but I’ll be in touch! I just wanted to get this note off for now, through Steve, to express our gratitude for so many responses to Steve’s message.

I opened my e-mail this morning and was almost bowled over by all the love, healing energies and blessings that flowed out to me! Awesome feeling! I hope all can feel the love I am sending to you readers at this moment!

We are doing better than I expected in this short time since the accident – at night, Jerry and I both are being taken to our ship (1) where Plen (2) is doing all he can to help us heal as quickly as he can – the healing process has to be done slowly so our Earth body can adjust to the higher frequency light that is used, from what I understand.

The healing chambers on the ship work miracles! They can be used in a horizontal position or upright – and anyone can be taken there – all you need do is ask!

With Plen working on us from his vantage point and you Earth Angels sending healing energies, we are in a bubble of Light/Love that I wish could be sent around the world! Maybe it IS happening as I write about it! I pray it is so! Anyhow, we both feel much better today, thank you!

I was so stressed, I was in pain all over my body as if I were in the car with Jerry! We BOTH needed a caretaker yesterday! Today, with the few pain meds ER prescribed, Jerry is able to take care of my basic needs as he has been – fixing my simple meals, keeping my water glass full, and taking care of our 10 cats. He does love those cats and would crawl down the steps to feed and water them if he had to!

Well, I need to get to my daily routine now so will close with deepest gratitude and love to all!


Ellie and Jerry


(1) Ellie is a conscious Pleiadian starseed. Her body is in stasis aboard her father’s ship. See for instance “Clone Update, Feb. 23, 2012,” at or “Ellie’s Pick: An Introduction to the Pleiadians,” at For other articles on Ellie, enter “Ellie Miser” in the search box.

(2) Plen is her Pleiadian partner.