Crystal Connection 6 September 2013

I had a vision that I had to convert to an image. Even a image can say much, with some words it makes it complete. I saw 6 smaller blue crystals and one big crystal in the middle. The crystals are spinning clockwise. A white light emerges from the big crystal and flashes some beams first through the 6 crystals and then ONE big beams goes below, going through a big spinning cogwheel of time, through the spiral, going straight into Gaia. I get first images of Atlantis. Then I see Maori symbols (The Maori symbol on the bottom stands for family). The light is a birth light and is encoded with New Earth DNA. A new dawn is coming. (I merged my picture and my sketch together)


Crystal connection – Tauno
I connected with the Golden energies of the Egyptian Gods, I saw myself on a rectangular platform over the surface, over Egypt and connected with Egyptian Gods , I could literally talk with them
I got their Blessing, they came one by one giving to us their blessing as I was over a pyramid and was watching it from above, Bastet came as a white Cat smiling and sitting on a pillar, the pillar looked like a pillar of a temple that was in golden energies and the Cat looked like a statue – so elegant lying at the top of the pillar, but this was not a Statue, Bastet was really there connected with us and giving a Blessing.

I saw a Pharaoh raising his right hand and showing us the portal that we should go through, the portal is to the right – Reality, it looks like a channel of blue white and grey energies
I do Namaste gesture with OLA in my hands and I feel the Gods. They are grateful because we are those who serve as the physical energy needed so that the connection to be made, we are also helping them to reach the connection with Atlantis again and thus we all release the long lasting Atlantis Karma so that to be able to continue our path further into Light. I am on the platform again and see our Family from the Stars awaiting us there, tall, blue – familiar – I think of Arcturians. As I sit with my hands forming a bud and with it is OLA I see the portal to the Elven forest – I am here again to the Tree of Life, the same familiar light green and grey colours

Crystal Connection 5 September 2013

This is a clip from the old movie “The Dark Crystal”, this is a great movie about the coming of ascension and the completion of the earths kundalini transfer. This clip is of the completion of the transfer and the creators of the world to leave, starting a new beginning on this land.

I felt like I couldn’t participate, I felt to overwhelmed and at the same time exhausted.

Crystal Connection –Tauno
A golden star goes round counterclockwise and I feel the Galaxy shining in golden Light. Egyptian Gods connected with us and I can float on Nile river , I come from the North and move southward watching the Pyramids and temples of Ancient Egypt, no war, there is Peace.
I was aware of my physical body sitting on my chair in my room merging with its Light twin body , the light filled my physical body as I concentrated on my Heart Chakra being aware of the physical and Light bodies that are merging
Strong Energies, I see all of us connected in a circle, I am in the middle of the circle and you are the 7 rays of the Rosette, we are about to make a Sacred breathing of energies into Mother Earth via this formation of ours, I can sense your heart energy connected with mine and I concentrate on my throat chakra, I am opening a Portal breathing in and absorbing the higher energies, I reach the Third eye and I can feel a mountain top – Olympus, the sky is dark blue and the mountain top is white, I sense a Bird flying and I absorb the energies, now it is time to breathe out and go down to Earth again bringing these higher energies into Earth. I am again in my room , in my physical body merged with the Light body. We are standing on a flat surface, green grass under our feet , the place feels to me so much like Stonehenge


Crystal Connection – Frila

Dear Tauno,

I first centered on my heart chakra, then saw a pink rose grew in our center and from my heart.

I saw not only once the pink tree grew from the center of our star, which grew and grew until well connecting the earth and the sky. Sometimes, it’s rather a pink helix appearing in the center of our star.

Then I saw a very big yellow rose rotating clockwise.

In the intervals, appeared some symbols, and some columns of texts shown on the same page which looked like computer screen of white light words and black ground. However, I could not read the last one. Regarding the symbols, what I can recall are a triangle with three points which were respectively shown at the stretches of the tree angles [I don’t know if I described well in English], and a Vesica Piscis.

Though I didn’t have the vision about the journey, I did sense the flow of river….Thanks to you, I got it’s Nile.

Thank you for bringing me to experience such a PINK, tender and peaceful journey in Egypt !!!

Crystal Connection 4 September 2013

I look at the crop circle that Tauno mailed us and I see on the top a confederation of ships, then the circle, the sun dawns on earth, the sun and the moon, the opening of the gate, triangle connection, the circle, the sacred chants and the crystal, opening a gate,

hummingbird symbol, labyrinth, I am floating in the void, (i see small blues sphere in the corner of my left eye)

Decided to play with the picture of the crop circle that Tauno mailed us

20-Cooks Plantation, Wiltshire, UK. Reported 23rd August. (2)

Note Tauno: Thank You, Lisa, You saw us and I can see it now in the picture – illuminating with the merging of our physical and Light bodies! What a connection, sister!
Again in such a strong resonance!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I did a meditation being aware of my physical body sitting in my room, the chair, the desk, I just saw my physical body as I am and merged with my Light body that is exactly the same – as a twin slightly bigger than the physical body, the Light body filled my physical body with Light. I got a vision of the three Giza Pyramids as if I am there standing on the sand and watching them from below, some moments passed and I saw Nefertiti.

Then the Light expanded and I felt a Light beaming energy from my Heart Chacra. I felt like a Sun giving waves of energy that makes a sound with so high vibration that it is hardly hear able by physical ears. I then connected with the Egyptian God`s energy – it is a common energy and I got the message.

In the past when I was a Druid my Spirit used to leave the physical body in trance or meditation, this happens to me now too because it comes from my Druid past, it is a habit. The difference is that in the past the Souls ascended without the physical vessel , this explains the surge of the Soul to leave and fly. Now we are Ascending with our physical bodies and this is why it is important to be aware of the physical, the Light body merges with its physical twin and thus uplifts the physical into the higher frequencies

Amun RA Speaks
Thank You, Amun RA

as I did Namaste gesture I got a vision of a Goddess Bastet, Bastet came in Golden Light with a Golden Crown in a long robe and is now giving Her Blessing
Thank You Bastet

Crystal Connection 3 September 2013


I am transported to a room full off crystal skulls, that come to life to light beings full of wisdom, I stand on a platform facing the council, they are powering up their light being, I see feel the energy coming from them, they don’t give it me directly, it would be to strong, it is a combined energy of knowledge, love and remembrance.

I see a hummingbird, green, purple buzzing by, a gate opens up under my feet, it is giving light blue fluo light with strange symbols also in blue light, the are growing falling into the leylines of the land, I fall through the gate. I am at Stonehenge, the moon is full and shining bright, I feel I am one of the druids,it is our group,we back together in this life time, the earth is opening up and we are doing a ceremony, a ceremony of light, things begin to float out of the earth, the spiral, the hexagon, the triangle, portals within us, I float now up to heavens, I see angels surrounding mother earth, surrounding us, , a door, it takes me to a library,

I feel the knowledge in me activated by the light beings, a gate of crystal skulls, connecting with the crystals in mother earth, connecting with our crystals, love beams through, bouncing forth and back , increasing, making a network, binding us, binding us to heaven , to the universe, to our brothers and sisters, the crystal gateways, the crystal pathway, I see triangles stacked on top of each other having the colors of the rainbow,

I am in the 6th dimension, creating, I feel so light, I feel so creative, I love this, I miss this, I see a daisy waving in the green grass, the blue sky, I am sitting in the tall grass the waves by the wind, I am on new earth, I can see the mountains before me and a big lake…the place is so peaceful, I want to stay there forever….

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with the Archangels and Lord Michael first – called them with my Soul, visualized a Golden crown over my head, the crown was rotating and I felt myself like I was the Earth, I could see the mountains and the valleys from above and the crown was in the sky and was changing shape and look while rotating, I felt myself then as a Celtic woman in Middle Ages, I was about to leave and they were preparing for me a table where I will sit and have a feast in the midst of my enemies – my inner fears, my inner demons, all that makes me suffer and keep me down. I will be there with them to say farewell and then leave home where I can see green grass, the crown rotates as I am listening to the Celtic song, so sad and wise like the Earth. A portal forms in the ring where the crown rotates, from my crown chakra there is an open portal that shines with the colors of the rainbow , it connects me with all Egyptian Gods that give us their blessing and moves higher and connects us with Archangels.
Magdalen – the Holy Woman sings her song, I can hear her, the energies are heavenly around the song and they are tender and loving


Crystal Connection – Frila

Two days ago, I dreamed of participating three successive funerals, including my father’s. In that dream, he came back the next day after his death, but only I could see him. Both of us had deep regret. Though the phantom coming back after that his death in fact only looked like him, besides, even in the very dream I once also felt it’s someone else, I cannot help but fall into some deep sadness. Regarding the 3rd funeral, it’s of one of my seniors in the Taijiquan courses, whose funeral was just held two weeks ago in Taipei. In the same dream, my favorite pet dog who had died in fact in summer 2002 was still alive but, just as what I’ve dreams pretty frequently during the last 11 years, getting that his death was coming, I was so anxious. The most wired is that when holding him, I should feel some kind of emotions between a woman and a man.

It may be another climax for me to do cleansing, I hence get into some deep depression.

Today, close to the beginning of our connection, I saw a elongated clear Crystal Skull, towards my left, so similar to what Lisa painted for us today. He has such a gentile character as a philosopher, a melancholic one. As the ones that I have met, I felt that we have known for a very long time, even that he might have a terrestrial incarnation, too.

Soon, I saw a man…a Chinese literati general with beard in a suit of armor, riding on a horse, who might live between 11-13th century, the dynasty of Song. I could at last see my Chinese incarnation during our connection.

Appeared a transparent tetrahedron. I felt I was soon crouching in it. Then it became a octahedron.

I seem to loose the part after this. What I can recall after that is that I felt there was a knot on my solar plexus which some Master was helping me unfasten.

I somehow was aboard on a craft, however, the concerned memory is too frail.

Appeared a transverse diamond whose two half parts are of different colors.

A man or rather anthropomorphic being with brown hair, big green and convex eyes, beard and buck-tooth, wearing the clothes similar to Tarzan. Being unable to distinguish if he is kind or not, I ask AA Michael.

Then appeared a female one….however, my memory about her is almost gone.

Appeared again three pyramids, I knew somethings were waiting for me. However the memory after that was also gone.

What I can barely recall is I was overlooking a man in black clothes, wearing a bamboo hat, carrying something with shoulder-pole, walking in hurry with naked feet? in the rain, passing a garden yard?! I felt his life stress, sense of guilt and straitened circumstances. It felt like there was someone ill waiting for him. The background looked like far Eastern Asia in the first half of 20th century. I’m not sure if that man was me. This scene was shown at my right.

After that what was shown to me at my left is a modern or future city with tall buildings. However, what I felt from it is also melancholic.

Then I sensed there was a heavy and dark cloud covering my heart. I hence asked AA Raphael and Mother Mary for helping me cleanse it.

A portal/wormhole appeared, and a young white horse came to me. I knew he was coming to getting me out off that darkness/grief. He touched my heart chakra, running towards my right.

During all the course, the eye of Horus appeared to me for at least three times. Besides, I heard at least two times some kind of male Buddhist chanting. A number, 75 was once shown.

In the end, it’s again a transverse diamond but with a ball/ circle in the center.

Crystal Connection 2 September 2013

Christopher Columbus ship Santa Maria

Source picture:

The call of Ascension, I see ships cruising to blue ocean, having a red cross, white sails,(Christopher Columbus ship Santa Maria) navigating through the inner storms,universes explosions, newly formed universes, I feel my heart exploding into a million pieces, mirrored back to me, the journey is long with a feeling of no end. Arachanai is with me as also other beings, i feel so heavy in my heart and I cry, the give me an energy hug, I see triangles lining up to each other, I connect with max and he shines brighter and brighter, forming , deconstruct my heart. my being, I feel a light, a ball of light going through me, I see Leslee holding mother earth in her hands, loving it, giving light, I see Tauno now, growing nature, giving new life of plants and trees, I see Frila giving life to the earth, giving it energy, I see troy making rainbows, making mountains, ….and so on and on, everybody is doing something to create the ONE

Crystal Connection – Tauno
My attention was concentrated into my Heart Chakra and I was floating in green energies. I heard the names of the Egyptian Gods again and their energies came to me as colours.

Hathor – Green
Amun RA – Golden
Isis – Golden

Then I called the Angels and I saw them as the names were vibrating into my chakras. I saw the Archangels in a white cloud that was a portal, I asked them to join me in my flight through the portals and they did so, I felt my flight different from the flights I had before, there was with me the Angelic energy and I was flying while I was standing on a golden rectangular platform and golden energies were all around me and a ray of golden Light was directed to me.

Then I was in the familiar Ocean of the transcendental realm ready to enter the Sphere of all Possibilities. I visualized my Solar Plexus as the center of the universe. I visualized my Future self in 2 weeks( connect with my Future self via a link between my Solar Plexus and the Solar Plexus of my Future self) – dressed in my autumn clothes and after work I am watching on TV a live interview with members of our Star Family. I see a craft and I am ready to go on board – round craft like a disk with many Lights below, no more unnecessary 3D job, no 3D boss, no more disregard of my free will, I am serving my mission of Light fully without any obstacles together with all of you and our Star Brothers and Sisters


Crystal Connection – Frila

It’s wired that my consciousness during the meditation once unplugged. I didn’t know where I was at that very moment  and seemed to loose the memory about what I had just experienced before it.

The part I can barely recall…as yesterday, I first envisioned the violet flame purifying all our star and the regions that  have still suffered wars and the conflagration happening in Yosemite.

I felt tranquil today, though might be more distracted. Again, I saw a big golden spider staying on a hexagonal web. Her head was towards the earth. Then, it’s a scarab which might in green.

I saw a giant white round craft hovering above us. Its portal at its bottom was open, welcoming us to aboard. Beside this, I seemed to be in another one a little bit earlier, from which I looked towards the earth.

Again, appeared not only one triangle portals.

As Lisa, I connected Max, too and this time, he brought me Ami and another elongated crystal skull of dark color. I felt their love and the intimacy with them. However, for some reason that I cannot know, the energy felt relative thin, as contrasted with last night.

My beloved family, here, I’m so earnest at sharing this with you, particularly for Leslee. What happened to Leslee is pretty similar to that I had experience in July. The guy who stole my energy just vis QQ, something like skype. Here, I would like to thank to Tauno again for the ultimate rescue.

Regarding doing a stronger defense, I just found this, thanks to a CN lightworker’s reminding. This method, applying for the Goddess Vortex was in fact posted by Portal 2012 on March 3rd, 2013. I guess maybe you all  read it already. As I know and sense, the attacks from darkness become more intense in the second half of August as focusing on some particular targets. I hope this may help somehow.

Besides, here, I highly recommend you a kind of mineral, SHUNGITE. I just bought a shungite pendulum in the mid August after doing some tests in that shop. I was so amazed for is power and its high efficiency on sheltering from the magnetic waves, of course including that on mind control. Beside this, tourmaline is also sufficient (though not 100%) for the similar anti-magnetism function.

Here is the the concerned site who gives a good presentation on it.

Please take care, my beloved family !

Crystal Connection 1 September 2013


Source picture:

My heart is so weary now, the howling wolves howl to the universe, encoding vibrations of remembrance within us, decoding our fragmented heart, I feel like walking on air, the lands are floating in the air, the owl is flying into the dying lands of old, bringing his wisdom to uplift the people to another dimension of remembrance, of love, the sun is bright, the stair steps of heaving lifting me up , on step higher and higher,meeting with angels, merging with my higher self, see the world shining in new light, a light of vibrant, a light of remembrance…remember… search into your heart and find yourself buried beneath all this illusions of possessions, wants and so on…love yourself as you are, you are the shining bright stars on the world’s firmament.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with Egyptian Gods and I was calling their energy while listening to the Names, before hearing each name I knew what I am about to hear, before the name Isis I got an urge to raise my hands with OLA and form a circle , I felt the golden energies of Isis connecting with my Crown Chakra. Then I connected with my Celestial Soul sending Appreciation and Gratitude, my tears were falling, like springs while I was connecting with my BA , I was thankful for this experience of my current life time, I was thankful for all the opportunities I have.

I sense the elixir coming down from my Celestial Soul into my physical body. I go through some portals into my inner world, connect with the Heart – flying in the sky, energies. I landed on a place were we were three of us – me, Lisa and someone else – like girls in school uniforms/blue/ and at teen age then I float into the energies of golden Light again

Crystal Connection – Frila

I first envisioned the violet flame purifying all of us, our star, and all the earth, then the golden and emerald flame healing us, both in physical and mental aspects.

I sent light to Syria, Egypt and the countries around the Aegean sea.

Again, I asked Max for helping me and us, to activate our DNA and upgrade us.

Emerged a giant rotating crystal points in the center of our star, which then became the core of the crystal flower….of an extremely beauty.

First appeared a White Dragon then a Black Dragon from the center. They both flied towards Petra’s position.

Then, again, I saw the Saltire, inverse triangles, as well an upside down Y.

There is a low triangle, appearing at my right and being toward my right.

I came to a pyramid in front of me, which looked blurred, then appeared two other pyramids at my right, one big and one small.

Then I was in that big one. I passed a series of tunnels/corridors and chambers. Then felt I approached an anthropomorphic sarcophagus or coffin which was set uprigt. Soon, I was in it. Staying in it, I felt my KA of another conscious level/layer just enter to another dimension where there were also various chambers in the pyramid(s). It felt like the situation in the movie of Inception.

I’m not sure if the same sarcophagus or coffin turned flat-wise then. I first glimpsed this one from the side of its head, then felt myself lying inside.

Again, another layer of my KA again passed various tunnels and chambers, including the ones whose portals were flanked by two giant sculpted centaurs in Ancient Persian style. They seemed to have consciousness and spoke to me telepathically.

I saw the Ankh which was first shown in 2D and then turning into 3D. After that, either its upper part became or above it appeared a heart of light blue color in ethereal form.

I first saw a the three diagonals of the hexagon, then its contour, then a big equilateral cross extending from its center.

I approached somewhere there are giant sculptures which looked so similar with the ones that we see in Abu Simbel, but each one was carved in some shallow niche. The deities also communicated with me telepathically. However, my 3D brain seems still unable to translate them.

I wonder if all these happened in inner earth ?

Then I saw an American Native looking girl with two braids, in about her late teenage or early 20s, whose character seemed much more mature than her age. She looked like someone respectable in her tribe, being firm, sturdy and courageous. I felt she was one of my incarnation.

A boy at his 21 (yes that sure) appeared to me, with Caucasian looking, brown and short curled hair, in a T-shirt with thick red-blue cross stripes. He looked so brilliant and loving and his image maintained there for a pretty long while.

Like the last days, Max didn’t show himself to me, but I felt his presence. Then appeared an elongated crystal skull that I had never seen. I asked his name, he answered that name is not important and he is not terrestrial. The second one is the skull holding an animal in his mouth, but doesn’t look hideous at all. This reminds me of one kind of Ancient Chinese Bronze Ritual vessels. However, it’s on the contrary in form of a beast holding the head of a human.

Please see the 3rd picture on the black background, since I cannot copy neither the picture, nor its address.

I got Lord Lanto’s private message.

At the end, emerged the Sun Disc crown of Isis.

I’m sorry for asking you for keeping this note confidential for the moment, since I cannot take more violent attacks from the darkness.

Dear Petra…we all love you….you see how much our brothers (Troy and Konstantinos) are willing to protect you and look after you !!!

Crystal Connection – Troy

Some of you might enjoy this video – it is a gallery on Denman Island, BC, Canada, on the West Coast.

So my meditation was just looking out in the green area behind our townhouse. As I was looking through the rungs of the deck railing, I noticed a face in the grass. It was very distinct. At one point it was a spriggan spirit, but when I looked at it, it was also my face, slightly older than I am now. The face was smiling, similar to Mona Lisa or Buddha – and I noticed there was a crown of thorns, similar to Jesus – and also a green beard – like a composite of me/jesus/god/spriggan.

It reminded me of the time on Thetis island when I went to an anglican summer camp, and saw the face of jesus in the leaves of the tree above the cabin. Several years later I returned to the same cabin and the face was still there. It was quite a strange feeling, but also comforting to know that I was being watched over, regardless of my path through life. 🙂

Also attached, I found the “trinity” which PinChu was asking about yesterday, regarding the symbol mentioned. I tend to see anything from the Christian Church as an “unpolished gem” – it still needs a bit of work / elbow grease to reveal the truth underneath it.


Crystal Connection – Jianping

Today’s meditation began with light rose. It gradually turned into a crystal skull, from whose sockets then emit very bright blue beams. This crystal skull gradually turned into a dragon’s head, then successively a tiger‘s, afox‘s head, and at last shifted back to the Crystal Skull .

In front of me, there appeared a light oval window, the window where once shown an Unicorn . And later I saw a wormhole, which is different from what I saw before, being somber, I still got in it. There were some light points guiding me in the front. This wormhole was pretty long , winding turn a lot of bending only with great difficulty go head . It then goes to a darker place , the whole feels like in the water, so that finally fumbled in front of the light and found a worm hole, I quickly go in, like as soon as possible from this dreary environment.

After entering the wormhole see the front in the middle seems to have a very thick trunk, the trunk in the middle of a depression off the bark where there is a shiny all the way to see things , into a look at the original is a light spider this light spider is crawling slowly in this hollow , light spider looks very clear , unlike the past, but fleeting, I stared at it full time for a few minutes , I was watching how it is active . I thought at the moment of our body is also light spider weave body loopholes it.

Was going when, this scenario has been significant immediately , I felt at the moment seems to have entered his body , moving along the blood vessels , is seen most clearly in the throat , two up and down like a small pink tongue tissue in the throat at a one off , and I immediately came out from the throat eyes and saw a very bright light in front of a red halo.

Come near, the original is a starry sky , the air a lot of bright flashing light spot , mostly red, spread into the air like fireworks , the color is very beautiful, I looked at this beautiful night hoping to my heart like a spaceship this idea just flashed in front there was a giant robot , the robot with a big round this helmet , but its neck is very special, like a thick stick with empty shelves supported .

Then below the head , neck empty place, an injection beam , I immediately understand that this is a distortion of the spaceship , I did not hesitate to enter the light beam, sucked the spacecraft , the strange thing is this did not see the spacecraft in appearance, but it is felt to enter a dark room , the dancing flames flashing everywhere , and in the middle there was a very bright light shaped like a pagoda in the flashing , I think , is it into the flame healing chamber , last seen when the spacecraft into a raging fire , and this is very mild , and I into this warm light , unknowingly slept over. In his sleep , got high dimensional Beings of Light from the intimate healing .

Galactic Federation Thanksgiving for my family and high ‘ve done it all , we are in a huge transition . Especially in meditation in a quick read from the heart to manifest precisely five dimensions reflect the new reality

Crystal Connection 31 August 2013


Source picture: (Stargate SG-1 The crystal skull)

I am surrounded protected by many beings, letting me know they are there for me if I need it. I feel a spiral rotating on my third eye, it is shining light blue. I am helped to restore myself to full beingness. the crystal is glowing also blue, it connects with the crystals of inner earth and it is connecting with Max, I feel a power surge going through me and so much data transformation is flowing before my eyes, data stream after data stream I am being programmed, upgraded. I see white eyes again looking at me, I feel this is Max too , I see the spiral shell , we end with a new beginning, we are transported through max and I see big white energetic beings, they give use energy of love , i see there hearts beating in their chests and love is flowing towards us,we are so much more then what we now can perceive, if only we could perceive our energetic bodies and fields, they are expanding into the universe.I am in a purple flower field and I am running , feeling so free and joyful like a child. I am home, I am at new earth, it is time to heal.

Crystal Connection 30 August 2013


Source picture:

My visions came up empty, I felt like I was being in a void.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I found myself between dimensions, the ground was soft under my feet, a Portal opened , it had a colour and looked like tiger`s eye stone, brown with golden flashes. I sensed myself moving through this portal and I saw a sky and the New Reality, the sky was pale blue and everything was of soft energy, I saw a round portal and dark green leaves and plants around it like a frame. Beings were there with me, Vegans, I have read their message channeled by a Russian Channeler before the mediation, now these Vegan Family of ours is with us helping us move further, they move to the 7th and we move to the 5 and 6th dimension.

I saw the Galaxy rotating counterclockwise and the center of the Galaxy was of yellow colour. Time and Space got narrow, more and more narrow. I was right about my feeling of the zero point that is a Portal, we are moving towards this zero point that will bring the Shift

Crystal Connection – Frila

First, I would like to thank Leslee for such a long and instructive letter too all of us. I love so much this kind of intimate conversation between family members. Dear Leslee, you see, how you just agglomerate our attention and bind all of us more concentrated on a core/goal. How important you are to us, with such a charisma, such persistent will and calmness.

Tauno, your passion…that tender, airy, elven power, via your words, have always been able to brace me up. I feel my soul and my mood are just pulled upwards, becoming lighter and lighter, thanks to your words and love.

Thanks also to Dad’s understanding and support have always rescued me sufficiently from the traps that might in fact be set by me. But Dad can always just enlightened me without embarrassing me, and help me advance with happiness and joy.

Lisa…I feel you still keep healing my mind and physical illness, what an angel you are to me.

So, tonight, I started our connection in such a great mood. My heart charka was never full of energy, confidence like this.

However, during our connection, as yesterday, I first felt my connection with you was shielded by some darkness. I soon saw a bold blue skin being which was very slim and its eyes are very very big. I asked its name, but it didn’t answer. So, I sent him love and light and asked his departure. At the same time, request also AA Michael’s intervention.

Then I could sense again the connection.

I first saw a big white equilateral cross, than a white rose towards the Tuula. Then appeared two times the “the tri corneredsaltire”, also in white.

Then I saw a golden deer (Lisa), looking rather like fire, staring towards my left, her right (Leslee).

The white veteran mouflon standing in the center, looking after me.

Again, I saw the 15th symbol, MANIFEST, that Bashar introduced to us.

I once saw a very beautiful vortex whose inner part rotated counterclockwise, whereas its periphery spun clockwise. I don’t know if it’s also a portal ? or even the very one that Tauno mentioned ?

Also, not only one time, I saw the wormholes.

I attempted to connect again Max, and asked him to activate us and bring us the knowledge and wisdom. Then what appeared first was Synergy Crystal Skull and then Mahasamatman

Synergy Crystal Skull was shown to me not only once. At that moment, I felt a very powerful thread of white energy pouring in my hear chakra. My whole body hence vibrated. There appeared some other crystal skulls that I still have never seen yet in internet, who might be beyond the reputed 13 ones. Though Max was not shown, but I knew he was there, too. I sent them my wholehearted love, appreciation and gratitude to them all.

Crystal Connection 29 August 2013

French Alpes

Source picture: Made by me (wolfke74) more on

I see a white cross. I see a history of forgotten memories swirling around in my head, feelings, emotions they are all building up, I walk upon a temple, Isis temple, I see that symbol that I saw in the crop circle Tauno showed me, it is glowing white light and it gets stronger and more loving, it envelops me, I am standing before the stairs of a temple, the light is flowing through me, loving me so deeply I start to cry, I hold myself in this embracing light, the light gets stronger, it goes through my heart, I feel it , i feel it deep , I see snow flakes falling down , they melt into my heart, , I see green landscapes, see a special light coming from the trees and the grass, everything looks so alive, so fresh to vibrant, the gateway in myself is open, a doorway to a new life, a new me, and new tomorrow, I am ready, I am light and I am love, I see the mountain range before me, I feel ONE with mother earth and if feels so great.The longing  of going is going away because I am home, home in myself, my true self.

Crystal Meditation – Tauno
I connected with Quan-Yin and saw a heart shaped portal opening , around the portal there were Angelic wings of purple colour , and there came an Angel of White inside the portal and led me higher, all the time during my meditation the direction was upwards, moving upwards. Then I saw shapes changing, some geometrical figures changing their shape and in fact they were connected with Egyptian Gods` energy, I saw the Cobra, so giant raising upwards and showing her hood, and the Cobra was a Pharaoh.

I saw the moon on the left and the Sun on the right making a connection with their Light and the Earth was between them in a octahedron of rays, the Earth was rotating and changing into a Shining Earth, then I saw the Galaxy rotating and shining with Golden Light. I wanted to connect with the Plant kingdom and i saw a green leaf, then a Being – a Plant that had very Human look, in fact I saw an Elf, green leaves and the plant was taking a shower into the energies and Light all around. Then I was holding OLA next to my Solar Plexus imagining Peace and Joy on Earth for All
I got a message, my Heart was connected with my Solar Plexus and I received – Your Hearts are already connected with your higher Chakras, It is time to connect the Heart with the center of the will/intention so that to realize your Dreams and pour the heart Energies into the Solar Plexus for transmutation and Creation by will for the highest good of All.I saw the skies of the New Earth, I was in Egypt again in front of the Great Giza Pyramid and I connected with Sirius White Brotherhood and got a Chant and said it.

To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts
To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts
To Prevail the Divine Peace and Divine Joy in Human Hearts

Crystal Connection 28 August 2013

crystal skulls

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I couldn’t concentrate much and ask to give me the main visions. I saw first the flower of life followed by a vision of Pi. He is waiting for me on new Earth. Then I am sucked into a crystal white vortex.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Native American representing a bird appeared – I felt the bird as Thunderbird
I first connected with White Tatanka who appeared from the mountain in a Portal of Light
Then I connected with the Egyptian Goddess who raised her hands holding a cross with her right hand , the cross was not Egyptian but Christian one
Then I was in the mountain again dancing with all that are connected , we were dancing in a circle hugged in Sirtaki ( Greek dance) like hug and moved round in a circle

Crystal Connection – Frila

Inspired by Tauno, I first tried envisioned and tried to connect the goddess Isis. I sensed her presence. She looked as an ethereal being with extreme beauty, and tranquility.

Soon, my consciousness was drew to the c.ry.stal sk.ulls.

There were also more than one time that they were shown as a set of 13, one in the center. During the course, I felt very powerful energy pouring in my body, particularly my brain and heart. My feet, legs even once vibrated. When this transmission happened, the word “Egypt” also emerged in my mind. When all these happened, they were in the very “golden light !”

As Tauno, I saw the portals, very giant portals and the Cross. However, the cross that I saw was equilateral. I seemed also in mountain or pyramid.

Great to find the synchronicity with you.