Crystal Connection 25 October 2013


I had trouble to make connection, I saw a green swamp with green fog swirling over it. It was dark and above this swamp I saw 5 white candles burning.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I focused on my Heart and made a connection, I sensed a Gate was opening to Inner Earth and there were some Beings at the entrance, a woman opened the door, she was with dark hair , white skin and a little too heavy but not fat, she was dressed in White and her clothing reminded me of a folk German style from the Alps Mountain. I saw also the Cat Goddess Bastet and a big Angelic Face of Aether Light , this being was blond and looked like a woman, then the vision stopped and I felt the energies working on me, I almost fell asleep when I suddenly opened my eyes, closed them again and a vision came, I jumped into the open Space and saw the Stars, the energy work continued for some “time” after this

Taryn Crimi – Angelic Guides: Are Ghosts Real?

Openhearted Rebellion


In keeping with the theme of this coming holiday of Halloween as well as the Day of the Dead we have been asked to share our perspective on ghosts. Certainly there are many who deny their existence, and we would be happy to dedicate this time to shedding some light on the topic at hand. Many are eager to know if “ghosts are in fact real? Are they good or bad? Who are they? What do they want? Why are they here? These are just some of the questions that we will touch upon in this message at this time.

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Crystal Connection 24 October 2013

red chinese lanterns

Source picture:

I see red lanterns with burning candles inside , with black Chinese characters painted on the side, first hanging on a line. But then they came loose and floated of into the peaceful starry night sky. I am a light being floating over some green Chinese mountains surrounded by water, I feel very peaceful. It is daylight. I see myself as a Buddha and the I feel like big lotus petals are opening inside of me, but also opening into the land. The lotus flowers are white and are opening up in every place, city , nature exists, covering so the energy grid all over the world, I feel a part of it a feel myself integrating into the grid and suddenly I have to think about leslee’s post long time ago where you imagine all the ships coming through earth’s veil a grid. I just see them every where like luminous silver fairy sparkles in the sky, flashing their beautiful lights. See a white cross

Crystal Connection – 24 October 2013

I wanted to connect with RA and I made a connection with Powerful Golden energies. I was in Egypt in Spirit and I saw the Great Pyramid and the underground tunnel below it and the tunnel inside it that leads upwards, A Being was there underground and was showing us a shining plate , I noticed the Ibis head of this Being. Then I almost fell asleep in meditation and let the energies work on me and my connection, I was surrounded by Golden Light and I felt it with my Heart , the connection with RA – warm energy, I felt the Eye of Ra again and the Blessing of RA.

Crystal Connection – Feilla

Both your words are so graceful !!!

Yesterday seemed an important day for me, however, I sensed myself pretty queer. I even forgot all that I had planned to do, and my sense was so blurred.

Since I still have problem to fall asleep, and the moment of doing meditation is the very time that I can relax myself most, I allowed myself to fall asleep directly during/after our connection. I hence might lose quite memory of my connection.

I first saw a golden goddess with long hair who looks like elven queen in Japanese manga style, but the image then soon turned into Bastet. I’m not sure if they were the same one. Anyhow, they brought me a very tender comforting energy.

Since I’ve been frustrated for my connection for a long time, I tried to connect Max and Imar. Again, they helped straighten my faith. I seemed to see ImarSam and Et crystal skull. The name “Sam” was shown to me, but the correspondent crystal skull that I saw resemble rather Mahasamatman/Sammie Girl.

Regarding to the photo of the crystal skull Sam :

Again, I saw the golden Atlantean spiral. Then there were successively the scenes of some beyond contemporary cities. The first one is the most impressive. It’s a white asymmetrical tour which looked like a blade whose rim is golden, surrounded by the shorter white buildings.

Besides these, I cannot recall more.

Crystal Connection 23 October 2013

Rila Mountain Bulgaria

Source picture:

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with the energies of RA via my Solar Plexus in a trance sound meditation. I felt the Golden energies and the circulating energies within my body. I got a vision f a pyramid that levitated in Space, then I was shown how a reversed Pyramid is coming down to Egypt and connects with a Pyramid and Merkaba is made by the two pyramids. I feel myself as enormous Human sitting in meditation on the surface in Egypt and I felt so Powerful, I felt the connection with space. I was breathing in and out in the Blue energy around me, I saw a path that was leading upwards, the path was of brown colour and was very high connecting us with the higher realms, felt the connection with the lakes in Rila mountain. I made lotus with my hands holding OLA in front of my Heart, then raised the lotus above my head and then down in the Namaste gesture. I sensed a Presence of a Being of higher vibrations, slim and tall and of White Light

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first saw a very long golden corridor, then the red beam of diagonals of an octagon.

After that there was a long moment that no more vision was gotten.

The last vision came again a long corridor.

Crystal Connection 22 October 2013

the emerald city

Source picture: The wizard of Oz, Emerald City :

I am surround by golden, orange, yellow, autumn colors, like bubbles . I see blue purple crystals, it is a city, crystal city, it glows into the darkness. I see the warm autumn colors and turns in this warm crystal city. They exist next to each other. I see an emerald city. I then see a white icy crystal city surrounded by snow. I am surround by portal circles , it is a transport device. As last vision I see a majestic white elk looking at me, standing between
pine trees on snow.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected the Inner Sun and the Inner Moon of my inner world, the two energies combined into a strong and Powerful White Gold that I felt within and around me as I was doing the connection, at times it seemed I am falling asleep, no particular visions just energy work. I sensed I am in Space and a Lightning came like a flash of energy, like a laser ray

Crystal Connection – Troy

I found myself in a rowboat in a bay, near a beach. The water was very calm, and I could see some islands on the horizon. I was laying down in the boat, relaxing.

As I watched the horizon I saw 3 mid-sized saucers hover slowly down towards the water. Then they went into the water, and created some fairly large waves which rocked the boat. I was not concerned, and noticed that my focus shifted to where I was following the saucers down into the water.

They descended into the bay for several minutes… it seemed like a long time. Then they went through a cave. It looked kind of like they were going through a barnacle (which makes sense if you consider they can shrink themselves very small).

When the saucers went out the other side I saw the series of pyramids on the lake, that Lisa had seen previously. I had a sense the pyramids were a counterbalance to the pyramids on “our” side. Some of the pyramids here (on our side) had been covered by sand or dirt long ago.. but they were still there.

Crystal Connection 21 October 2013

Source picture:

I had difficulty to connect. I only saw a orb, half blue and half clear sitting in my solar plexus.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I concentrated on my pineal gland doing a dimensional attunement, the sound circulated and i felt the energies were moving into my head and I almost fell asleep, felt Light. Then I concentrated on my heart and I felt an expansion, I saw a portal opened, a metallic grey channel down, I entered in and I found myself in a metallic corridor, I saw a Man with long White beard, then I saw a Being meditating in Buddha position, then I reached a round platform- construction, this is an energy pool I was explained, the platform looked like a craft at the same time, It got lighter and I sensed a light coming as a waterfall from the upper worlds, we started flying in our new craft, machines that were flying at fast speed and I saw a stairs of light that led me into the world of the Feline Nations, I saw the white Feline – the same that Leslee saw, she told me I am welcome and I felt this is the place where Bastet lives also. I made a Lotus with my hands holding OLA and I offered it to them as a Gratitude of their warm welcoming, I sensed their energies. The Lotus became larger and larger and turned int white and pink flower gate, Portal opened at its center and I saw a land, the sea shore was curving like a snake and it was white inky blue sea and the letter S, a giant letter S. I came back here where my body is sitting now bringing here these Powerful energies and Blessings of the Feline Nation of White Golden frequencies

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I seemed to get some messages which are resonated with what Tauno sensed…

I first saw a toad of dark brown color with black spots and head downward, appearing in the up-right corner of my vision.

Then a dragon (in Chinese style) was flying to me from somewhere between the center and my left.

I saw Isis in white with some light blue light, flapping her white wings in front of me.

Later, the image turned into Bastet, also in white but more blurred.

Then something also in white but with blue beam frame, similar to Aztec pyramid appeared. I’m not sure if it’s in fact Tulya.

After that, too many thoughts, worries just haunted in my mind, I had hence no more vision.

SaLuSa 25.10.2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

We are always present and sending you our loving energies even if you are busy and need to focus on activities that are requiring your full physical attention. We know it is not very easy to maintain your calmness and your higher perspective of reality when the situations and people around you are of lower vibrations, and are creating stressful atmosphere and sending out these energies that are influencing also you. It is good to take only if a short moment break, and realize that your presence at the place you are currently in is necessary, and it was your choice to help others and influence them with your higher energies now. This short moment of realization will help you to be aware of your own energy field, which will give you comfort and feeling of joy.

Your energy field is much stronger now because you are accepting all incoming…

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AION PORTAL ACTIVATION (Shift of the Ages) 11-23-2013

Spirit Train Chronicles

Thursday, October 24, 2013

(Shift of the Ages)

It is time to take action again! It is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands! Therefore we will meet in groups large and small, as individuals and couples, at the time of the heliocentric Uranus Pluto square on November 23rd. Many of us will gather and visualize the Event happening in the NOW and will be thus creating a clear and harmonious channel of manifestation for the final liberation of the planet.

Our visualization will support the plan for planetary liberation, so that it manifests as soon as possible, as non-violently and smoothly as possible. We can do it! It needs to go viral! We need to reach many people, so that the critical mass of people actually doing it is attained. Please post it on…

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Russell Brand May Have Started a Revolution Last Night

Tania Marie

This video share of Russell Brand with Jeremy Paxman of BBC’s Newsnight goes along with the theme of the RuPaul and Marianne Williamson video I posted a few days ago…more evidence of change taking form in the world-wide, collective reality.

Russell was invited, as guest editor of the New Statesman’s just-published revolution-themed issue, to explain to Jeremy why anyone should listen to a man who has never voted in his life.

Again, I’m the farthest thing from being political, as I work change in other ways, which is why what Russell shares here speaks a language I understand.

Not everyone will agree with what he has to say, and that is as valid as his free will and right to say it. Sometimes I feel that when something is uncomfortable and challenges us to think differently, our egos devise a mechanism to trap onto the one thing about the person or what…

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