Inner Goddess Revealed – The Alchemy of Wholeness Through a Sacred Tattoo

Tania Marie

Tattoo DesignAnother sacred tattoo journey births into being. I had A LOT of fun creating this piece and enjoyed being able to work with the Egyptian energy again, for part of it, as that is rich in my own soul history.

This is one of those times I was given creative freedom and liberty to fully channel from that connective heart space of tapping in to the energy received and how it wants to manifest. I was also given a whole back as my canvas to work with.

The original of this drawing is done to scale and is quite large (stretching into a space of 20″ long, 13″+ across at top and 11″ across at bottom) and will fill most of my client’s back.  We may integrate more into it down the road, or flowingly extend into her sides as her journey of evolution continues.

But for now, I tapped into…

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The Office of Poofness: September 15, 2013

Greetings and Salutations,

When a society suffers collective amnesia, when it loses its historical consciousness, the values formed through that society’s history inevitably erode. That decay undermines the society’s political, social, and intellectual cohesion, and may threaten its survival.Introduction:The Mainstream of CIVILIZATION, 1989.

From ZAP:

Hi All,

For some reason unbeknownst to me, some have decided my identity is really that of Marion Horn Jr. Of Five Star Trust. Wow. Believe me, if I was Marion, then the other guys on the trust would be walloping me and giving me sh** for sending out these messages. Besides, I write about things other than “get me an audit so I can pay taxes and get the money released from the trust”.

That is Marion’s sole focus…get a print out of the account and go to the IRS, pay taxes, and by doing so, force the five star funds to be officially released. Marion does not have any time to do such newsletters, or bother with the project side – it is all about getting the trust monies released. He refused to give ‘em up to the cabal, and paid a price for maintaining that integrity, and that is what he is all about now.

This is in response to the following:

Hello Susan, Marion (ZAP), and Mr. X,

My name is MR. XYZ. I and my family live in [SOME COUNTRY]. I (we) have applied for the position of Director of a non-profit organization that oversees humanitarian projects that are to be funded via philanthropists out of Europe as well as some funding coming through the St. Germain trusts. As I understand, the acceptance, funding, and admin are to be done in house – that is we (the NPO) will be responsible for the entire operation.

I am very interested in what you are doing with respect to having your operation web-based and interactive with the requesting clients. I am also interested in having a Galactic presence for any help that they are willing to give – both in admin and vetting – anything would be a great help.

Would you be willing to ‘sub-out’ Mr. X when he is finished with your project? We are willing to compensate whatever his fees are and ‘it’s for humanity’ – a great cause. [MY COUNTRY] is a great country and he would enjoy visiting here.

[Zap: I guarantee he would – really nice place]

I would like to be able to duplicate our NPO operation as a template for other NPOs in other countries to help them get started (free of charge of course). I’m a bit of an idealist and visionary so I apologize in advance if you think I am out of line for making this request (“who says NO first, if you don’t ask?).

Warm Regards


P.S. We have always enjoyed Poof’s contributions (and now Susan’s) and welcome Marions thoughts and revelations.

So, much thanks for saying what you said. There will be many such opportunities for all who choose this path of helping others through the administrative side (not for everybody as that has its particular challenges), and dedication at this level is very important to all of us in the near future.

So while I understand the accusation, no, I am not Marion. I weigh far less than he does, have not had heart surgery, and I am not concerned with money as he is, just pigs and their flight qualifications.

In answer to this email:

I am sending this to the e-mail address I used when I wanted a consultation with Poof. Since allegedly Poof is gone I hope this will get to someone that has taken his place; Susan ZAP, et al.

Yes, James has passed and is sorely missed by us

ZAP, in your last report you stated “and it has started. The coming week, I think Wednesday is the target date here, we will see announcements and release of funds for the redemptions”. Well Wednesday has come and gone and I have seen nothing. Just like hundreds of times before, none of the predictions ever come to pass.

You have no idea how close we did in fact come to this. The head guy of Wells Fargo had no choice but to obey orders, so he did, and lost his job but kept his life (that’s how serious this ##### is people). His place was taken by a triumvirate, and these 3 are now charged with the release. It is to be this coming week, but they have been trying every single day to date.

I would ask that if you don’t have good solid information about what is happening, that you just say nothing. Getting hopes up just to have them dashed once again is somewhat cruel on your part.

That was solid information, otherwise I would have kept silent. Witness WF chief being fired – that is no small matter.

I realize that you think you are helping but sometimes it is better to say nothing than to give out erroneous information. After so many years, everyone’s psyche is fragile and bad info doesn’t help to make it better. You need to understand that there are hundreds that believe this whole thing is a fraud and will never happen. Frankly I have never seen anything that indicates it is for real, just a lot of rhetoric.

If it was rhetoric, lives would not be lost. Look at James. He gave hope for years and the best information he could without stepping over the line. Now at this time in this process, when all this is getting done, he went from healthy to cancer of everything (massive system attack from cancer of liver, pancreas, lungs, brain, etc) in only one month. Then he died. He was about to reveal everything and they could not afford this.

If you have credible information that can be verified them bring it on. Otherwise I suggest you zip it.

I will not zip anything, just zap. And credible information? Hmmmmm….only if you have access to the higher levels, can you verify such information. Asking for verifiable information is a 2-edged thing here. By implying you can verify information, also means you can be privy to such information, yet you seek it.

Thank you,

The Godfather

You are welcome. Want to train pigs?

Q&A from Office of Poofness readers to ZAP:

People sometimes lose confidence in one’s quality of information when projections do not come to pass even though projections are just that, projections. An example would be the RV date and rate projections. Please provide some understanding as to why the projections of the RV dates given have never come about.

Because the landscape for the reset was still not ready despite best efforts. Dates have come and gone. People have come and died. The effort continues.

Is it just so fluid and enormous a task involving so many countries or the Cabal putting up road blocks or it’s just not time yet as we are waiting on a particular date?

Yes. Trillions of dollars in cabal accounts can wield much power, so that the cabal stays in power. However, this time is about over. They are trying their best to get the reset done, and the RV announced.

Have we reached a significant position that we can now move ahead putting many of these things behind us? Has the Cabal finally been dealt with?

Yes and no. For the most part, yes. There are a few more items being negotiated on and the main thing here, is asking for forgiveness. When the cabal asks for that, that person gets redemption. Otherwise, jail or something particularly special to suit their requirements.

Earlier you said the process for us to receive F&P was to start the bond redemptions, make AU settlements to the countries then we would see the RV. Where are we in this process now?

Yes. The redemptions have indeed started, and tomorrow, the funds for these redemptions start flowing. Going to be a massive week of activity in this regard as many have already been closed, paid, but money went to escrow until the funds are released. Then the formal settlements can be done, then the RV

How long will it take to complete the redemptions?

About 2 years to get all the old debt taken out of the system, systematically. Not a five minute job.

Is paying the countries just a push of a button?

No. It is a careful identification process, then negotiation, then settlement. Then a button is pushed, and debt is zeroed.

Does each phase have to be completed before we can move to the next phase?

Yes. The only caveat is that once a process is started and validly existing, the next phase can kick in and begin. It overlaps.

We have been told that the F&P is sitting in the US and is not part of the program funds. If this is true then why can’t the F&P be paid out now?

It can, but the cabal has blocked it at every turn. The further circumstance is that the redemptions must begin before that is even considered being let out.

Does the F&P have to be paid out before the new system comes in or does that make a difference?

No. The new system will be in place for the F&P. The new system will support the release. This is important. Otherwise we could have economic chaos, and this is what Uncle Sam does not need.

Are we waiting for the new banking year to start Oct. 1 to move ahead with our payout?

Pretty well so in my opinion. Again common sense. With the new banking year’s we can have a new system in place and active, so out with the old, in with the new.

What are the chances that our F&P will be coming out by the end of October, 50%, 80%, 90%, 100% or sometime in November?

No comment but really really close.

Does Basel III, the part that will allow us to be paid, have to be in place before Oct 1 when the new banking year starts?

Basel III is only the protocol upon which the new system will stand on. Wikipedia defines it as:

“global, voluntary regulatory standard on bank capital adequacy, stress testing and market liquidity risk. It was agreed upon by the members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision in 2010–11, and was scheduled to be introduced from 2013 until 2015; changes from April 1, 2013 extended implementation until March 31, 2018 however.[1][2] The third instalment of the Basel Accords (see Basel I, Basel II) was developed in response to the deficiencies in financial regulation revealed by the late-2000s financial crisis. Basel III was supposed to strengthen bank capital requirements by increasing bank liquidity and decreasing bank leverage “

A lot of the folks in the programs are in their latter years and fear they will not understand the process of receiving their deliveries and funds. They have heard about the non-disclosure and are afraid that if they talk to anyone at all even sons or daughters or sign a delivery slip at the door that they will be breaking a non disclosure agreement. Would you please make a few comments regarding these issues?

Non-disclosure will be specific as to what can be said or not. Accepting a delivery does not break non-disclosure so they are safe.

Who can we talk to?

Your wife or husband, your banker, your lawyer, etc. But hanging out on the street corner and telling everybody about it is a violation.

Who do we listen to for the correct information? Should we fear any problems with the Cabal?

Listen to all the information out there, and do not do anything or act on this information until some period of time passes, and you can see whether it is correct or not. Scams fall apart in a matter of minutes or days so be patient, and the truth will always come out. There will be good solid information coming out from select sources. They will be trustworthy. If I get such information, I will speak.

Recently the pretence of a war with Syria has been on everyone’s mind. Most Americans and many other peoples are tired of war the profiteering that wars create for those in influential positions and positions of power and wealth. What conclusions can we draw from these new agreements to settle things peacefully and expediently?

They did not receive some trillions of dollars they needed to get that war underway and install more fear and martial law. It fell apart. So no choice but to do it peacefully. Yay team.

Has the Cabal finally been put in a position that prevents a war from starting?


Are there other forces controlling this new outcome for a peaceful settlement?

Yes. Many. And the involvement of the US armed forces, and their stand of “piss off” in respect of another war went a long way towards the peaceful solution. Obama listened well.

Is this a sign that our programs and payouts are truly going to happen quickly now?

Yes it is. it is the time of our humanity rising past the old and into the new paradigm. it is our evolution. there are a great many things in place already for this time.

The matrix funds are ready for release, the debts will be zeroed, and we will all get to the work. the reconstruction projects await.

And this week will see the first funds released, and the preliminary infrastructure for the project side put in place. Remember it is not about the money, but people, and what we can do to reconstruct this blue ball we call home. focus on that, and the money will come by itself to help.

in love and light in our service




POOF Says:

Sometimes you can tell more by who stuck a sock in it, than the daily back and forth that goes on out here. I know some folks who used to swagger with power out here, are having a hard time breathing right now, as their power has been stripped of them and their greatest fears are being realized. Whole piles of attorneys can’t even help them now, as the brave new world dawns upon them, and shines it’s light upon their dark deeds. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. All other events have been confirmed from many directions, so we wait with great anticipation, as the whole sole of the final shoe drops across this world.

That’s it, can’t say anymore. There are details it wouldn’t be prudent to be dropping out here, let them finish, all of it will become clear anyhow.

Love and Kisses,
Susan & Staff
Office of Poofness

Steve Beckow: One Last Reminder on the Reval

Dong 22

Folks, this will be a post that grows over the next hour because I’d like to get the initial word out asap and then provide the details later.

I’ve just spoken to Archangel Michael on the pre-record of An Hour with an Angel and he suggests that it would be a good idea for lightworkers to go out and purchase – it doesn’t have to be a large amount – even a very small amount of Vietnamese currency (the dong).

I had not intended to say anything more on the matter but given that he said what he said, I thought I probably should. The reval could happen at any time so don’t postpone doing this. I will expand this post later or put up a second post to include his comments as soon as I can.

He said that he did not want people to go wild over this and be financially irresponsible. But a small purchase will help almost any of us.

Common questions:

(1) Where can I purchase Vietnamese dong?

If you were to plan a trip to Vietnam, where would you go to buy your currency? Your bank? The foreign exchange store in the town center? Vietnamtown? The airport? The bullion dealer down the street? All of these people can exchange your currency for Vietnamese currency. The bank may take three days to get it to you but the foreign-exchange dealer can give it to you right away.

(2) How much currency should I purchase?

Anything. $10 worth. $20. $50. $100.  If you have room on your credit card (while still acting responsibly), then borrow $10 or $20.

The dong can be purchased for pennies but may reval in dollars. Any amount of dong will be of great assistance to you. Go to this site to see how little it costs:

And then imagine if the dong, which costs pennies, revalued at $2 or at $3 or at $4. If you do the math, you’ll see immediately what the returns could be.

If you buy $96 worth of Viet currency, I estimated that it would purchase 1.6 million dong, which, at a reval rate of $2 yields $3.2 million. So $10 would fetch perhaps $320,000. (Please do the math yourself in case I’ve made an error. I’m not a financial whiz.)

(3) Why are you not recommending the dinar?

For several reasons. First: Dinars take days to get here if you order from, say, Treasury Vault. We may not have days. Second: Ordering dinars can mean paying a Fedex and a wire-transfer fee. That is wasted money.  You don’t have to pay it to drive downtown and buy Viet currency, which is publicly tradeable. Third reason: If you do the math, including in your calculations the Fedex and wire-transfer fees, you’ll see that the return on the dong (unfortunate name) is much, much higher.

(4) How will I know when the reval has occurred?

Well, the rate will change at  If the rate is thousands of dong to the dollar one day and the next day $2 per dong, the reval has occurred.

But you can also register with Dinar Recaps to receive their newsletter, which action also adds you automatically to their reval group. As a member of that group, you’ll get an email telling you that the reval has occurred and where to go to cash in your holdings. This step is more necessary for those who hold Iraqi dinars than it is for those who hold Viet currency. Why is that? Because the new dinar is not yet a tradeable currency and the dong is. You can cash the dong in anywhere but the dinar is slightly less easy to cash in.

(5) Supposing I’m not happy later that I bought Viet currency?

Wonderful. Take it back to the dealer and get your money back, minus their spread fee. What have you lost?

Archangel Michael gives us complete instructions on what to do with our blessing so listen to today’s Hour with an Angel for that.

Why am I mentioning this again? Because I want to see everyone out of debt and this is one mechanism for doing that.  Because I hope you’ll gift others from what you earn and so spread the abundance in ever-widening circles around you.

Please do not look to me to be a financial expert. I am no such thing. I will not be able to answer your questions and I’d rather not receive a flood of emails.

If you make the choice to purchase Viet currency, do it as a responsible adult and agree with yourself to do your own research. Start with Dinar Recaps and work out from there. For their discussion of dinars, more or less substitute dong (with appropriate changes).

Are you still sitting in your chair? Up, up. Walk out the door. Turn the key in the car. Drive down to a currency exchange. Plunk $10, $20, any amount of dollars down on the counter and say: “I would like to buy some Vietnamese currency please.”  Take it. Put it in a safe place and … wait. Well heavens, you should be an expert in waiting by now!

Warning: No fair complaining later that you didn’t know you’d have to wait. That goes with the decision. No one knows when the reval will happen. We expect it soon, but we don’t know for sure. Best to buy soon in case the reval happens today, tomorrow, etc. But it may also not happen for a week or two and so you may have to wait.

No fair complaining at all, I’d say. Complaining is a Third-Dimensional response. We are lightworkers and need to act responsibly.

This discussion does not create a responsibility on my part to see to your needs for information or comforting over the time you have to wait after you purchase dong.

No codependency please. There are thousands of you out there and only one of me. So please go about this in an adult way. I cannot promise that I will answer all emails that arise from this. If you participate, you need to do so on your own recognizance and responsibility.