Crystal Connection 26 August 2013

translucent blue

I got so much interrupted that I couldn’t concentrate. I only saw blue translucent flying up looking like dandelions but more fluffy, the background is also illuminated blue.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I made a connection with my Celestial Soul through sending Appreciation and Gratitude into the Portal an arm over my crown chakra
I received the elixir that was sent to me from my Higher Self, I saw myself in a pyramid and in front of me opened a Portal – like a tube and there I saw Jeshua sending energy to me, I absorbed the energy, I saw a cross sign and it was a stairs the vertical line of this cross – a portal to Christ consciousness is now open. I saw all of us connected in a circle – Native American Chief and the Shaman came like flashes I also saw myself with wings and of golden Light, I was in a beam of Light and Ascending.

A pyramid, the Great Pyramid I saw , I was looking at it from above at night – the same night Light as Lisa has drawn in her recent picture we function like a pyramid, the pyramid became 6 sided one and I was flying around above it. Angels in me, my whole body full of Angels , it is so beautiful, I am in my own Creation, I look around and everywhere I sense the healthy and fresh energy and Angels – a world of pink and orange colours, sky of pale pink , river below, a round building of white, the Angels create a Tree – the Tree of Life

Crystal Connection – Frila

Since I had an impression that there were so many ones on the streets were in blue, I first envisioned each one of us being a blue beam connecting the higher dimensions and the inner earth. I saw the bright light radiated from the central triangle of our star. In the center of the triangle, the constricted blue helix transported the energy between the realms above and below.

Then, again, I tried to connect Max. As yesterday, when connecting him, the energy was so powerful that I could not finish the connection soon; besides, my spiritual, physical are not sufficient enough to allow me to recall well the details of our connection.

The remnant parts in my memory :

There were more than two times that the golden spider and web just appeared. I felt my ethereal body was being mended in some way.

The number 499 was shown to me.

I saw again the crystal skulls, Max, Amar, Ami, ET crystal skull,Mitchell-Hedges, and the Paris one.

Max seemed also help me to reach some ancient American Indian city that I was looking down from above ; besides, I once saw a gate and a river.

Good night, and nice dreamflights, my beloved family !!!