City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: August 23, 2014 – That ‘Now’ Feeling…

City of Light Update: That ‘Now’ Feeling… as received by Genii Townsend, August 23, 2014 –

All is quiet as I enter the scene at a City gate. No one else is seen; only me, it looks like. What is going on, I wonder?

Suddenly La-Luke, my City Guide of eons of time, appears and requests we walk to the Embassy instead of taking the Jolly Trolley.

Well, that is different … Why not. Even exercise in another dimension is good for me.

I have noticed lots of things are different these days, in my outside world … Many unexpected changes. Could be something is coming?

Kind of like this place I am now walking through. My goodness, the white sparkly buildings gleam with the embedded crystals poking through and when the light hits them they are mighty pretty, like this could be a Crystal City … sort of.

I have passed these buildings before and even entered into many, as curiosity led me to check them out, and was I ever surprised at the many ways people will get healed. Talk about advanced technology. Wow!

La-Luke nudges me along, as I am lollygagging in memory. (A good place to lollygag, I say). Yes sir…

This is quite a place! Only God could bring this forth, this Divine Design. Nothing I know matches it with such energetic enrichment and we might even call it ‘Far out’, but by golly it works like nothing I could ever imagine. Thanks God!

So, moving right along… I am led to the Embassy front entrance instead of the performers’ back entrance.

As I am ushered in, into this huge stadium, I get to walk down the center isle (like walking the red carpet for the Academy Awards) to the stage, but past guess what? Many extraterrestrials from all over the universe. Wow… what an experience, I feel like I am being absorbed in love. Whoopee! E.T. come home!

On stage is Ooo-lon, head master and long time forever friend, smiling big time as he invites me to a close-by seat for a City chat.

Genii: “Hi, what an interesting entrance.”

Ooo-lon: “It was time to get, (as you say) up close and personal.”

G: “I feel so loved. Why was I called here?”

O: “We are nearing the end of finishing the connections needed and thus you and others need to be reminded of what will take place.”

G: “I feel I have been ready for centuries.. This City I am told is my mission and almost my 2nd home.”

O: “Yes, Your consistent knowing and belief systems, and your electrical system radiates as love. It could do nothing else”

G: “One woman asked me if I ‘believed’ all this ‘stuff’? I told her: “No … I ‘know’ it.” I also know there is ‘no time’ in my earth world, but we sure count on it for appointments and holidays and such. How does this City fit into that?”

O: “Are you not in the now moment?”

G: “Well, I practice it as much as possible.”

O: “The more you stay there, the quicker the demonstration. ‘NOW’ equals the FINAL! This City has been a Divine dream and the demonstration brings forth the delight of what has been promised to birth. We want you to know that we are close to demonstration as the time is … NOW!”

G: “Great .. what then am I to do?”

O: “Just what you are doing, but just know that pre- preparation to handle a massive influx of people will be heading your way now, and preparations should be put into place … a.s.a.p.

“So then this being said, go back into your world and help where you can and invite others to help prepare, and we will assist you all from here.”

And with this he stood up as did the audience as I was ushered off stage, waving good by, and out I went through the stage door where by golly, the Jolly Trolley was waiting.

We hopped aboard, went to the Gate of Entrance where I said goodbye to my Guide.

And bingo, I am out of meditation, back home with this report to share. It was fun and now to see what is next? Bet it will be great!!

Sur sounds like … Something’s Coming!

Thanks for joining me…
In love & Light!

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