City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 – First Time… Planet Event

Genii TownsendCity of Light Update: First Time…Planet Event, as received by Genii Townsend: August 12, 2014 –

In a meditative consciousness I find myself delighted to re-enter one of the City gates with many others that are also happy and excited, like people trying to get into Disneyland. This is not quite the same, for I am on my way to the City Embassy of Peace and it is like coming home as I have been here so many times before.

My City Guide, La-Luke, appears almost as if by magic, grabs my hand and we are on our way thru the recreation park filled with flowers and trees that send colors floating all around, and to the wheelless, driverless trolley that usually whisks us to the back door of the large stadium size Embassy of Peace building.

The ride is swift, as we are deposited at the performer’s entrance back stage. Walking thru the backstage curtains we are met by Ooo-lon the master communicator who, between space tones and our language has been addressing the hundreds of universal extraterrestrials seated for our arrival. My space language falls short and he communicates in both levels of earth and space tones.

Stepping on this stage is kind of hard to express. It is the sensation of not only seeing, but mostly “feeling”, the love from the hundreds of space entities in the audience. Awesome!

Ooo-lon: “Come we speak a bit”, and he leads me to a seating area already set up.

Genii: “Thank you”, I say as I wave to this friendly audience. “What may I be advised of?”

O: “The pleasure of your human company is enjoyed by us all. Those of your planet who fear us, have been preprogramed from movies and media chatter, that we are other than welcome.”

G: “Oh but you are!” I say, as I sense the love here.

O: “By some who have been informed, but as you sit in this magnificent City, designed by a Universal God bringing this place forth and knowing love, you are used to us. We have long since been on your planet bringing harmony, not destruction. You do that very well all by yourselves. You do not need any help in that area.

“Much is being seen on your screens of visual information. The shake-up and discontent being seen is a part of the releasing of the darkness as the Dr. Bill has said. ‘One cannot release what one does not know of.’

“As the light stretches across your planet, the negativity of your planet is shone like a flashlight in a dark room, and no one can hide anything, period.

“So then, mark my words well! All this will end as the Great One enters with a Gift of Light that cannot be hidden. This dear one IS A FIRST! Never before has your planet been able to actually have a total cleansing with God’s love leading the parade.”

G: “Yes I am aware, what more can I do to help?”

O: “You are doing so with your book of City Light to inform the masses of The City that cometh and speaking truth when requested.”

G: “If people could see what I am seeing this very moment and even more so, know what I am feeling, they could better feel (even knowing with all the rampaging across the planet) that it will end and the consciousness lifted peacefully. Wow!”

O: “Indeed it is in progress, even though it may look pretty bad with the darkness, the darkness cannot stay in the light that is coming into the planet. Nothing can hide in this light.

“Your Sedona area is prime to set the course of this love. This power now being set in place on the outside looks pretty normal, but in the unseen it is very busy, (and has to be) otherwise we could not do the work of love we are now doing.

“Are those really clouds, or are they covering something not ready to be seen? God’s behind the scene’s mental planning? Of course!

“Permit these words to be heard and applied. God’s love attends with a City of Light Healing Center entering your location soon. Be alert — could be soon!

“So then, remember to find the local City Light Center (information location) as it will be needed, and you can expect thousands of people to come to see the miracle that has taken place. Property values will sky-rocket!

“Open the door of closed minded. As people ascend they will be wanting to live in the frequencies of the City location. Remember this is the first city to ever be introduced on your planet for God’s massive healings to take place.

“Make a note: Even now, the next two Cities of Light and Love are being set for action and are in progress.

“#2. Australia and #3.The United Kingdom, duplicates of this one, with more also coming forth around the planet.”

G: “So are there more Embassies of Peace coming forth as well?”

O: “Of course. Peace is being activated! Does not the singing prayer say ‘Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.’ Well, raising consciousness does that.

“Go now and take this love and light you feel, and enjoy the message just given in a place of love and light.”

G: “Thank you, I am so blessed.”

And with an extraterrestrial hug, we head out thru the back curtains to the waiting trolley and arrive at the City gate as we say goodbye. Visit over!

Bingo…I find my way back home in my bedroom ready to head out to the front porch to feed a couple of blue jays who are squawking for their dally peanut breakfast, along with my pom puppy ‘Light’ looking for any food he can get.

Thanks for joining me .. good stuff ahead!


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