Meditation flights

As these meditations are going to become larger I decided to make sub-pages for these Meditations per month. I also going to make different meditation picture story sub-pages per month. If you read these meditations, maybe it doesn’t bring up a strong connection, that is why I also decided to include Tauno’s meditations, because our connection in meditation is so strong.

There is also a page on Spirit Train Chronicles where the meditations are noted, see: Crystal Meditation

Crystal Connection October
Crystal Connection in Pictures October 2012

This is a short crystal connection meditation in September

Meditation flight 30 September 2012

I decided to do a meditation drawing, let my fingers do the work.

I started with clearing my mind and holding the crystal beside me. First I started to draw with a

black pencil and when my drawing was done. I colored it in through feeling it. It took me 50 min

to finish it. And this is the result.

Meditation flight 29 September 2012

avatar I saw the tree Eywa , from the movie Avatar and she was bright, and white. I am lying down and connect with her through heir veins. I can feel it pulsing. (picture describes how it felt, connecting to the tree of life) And then I hear a drum beating slowly with the rhythm of a heartbeat. And I feel it pulsing up and down like a heartbeat through a network of sort of veins (lye lines) and see the light shooting through it covering the whole earth, Gaia in a pulsing with this energy white light. I feel so at peace with it.

The vision shifts and I am running , I am scared, there is shooting and I fall. I feel myself rising up, and in this moment I envision pink love and heal this memory. Now i see Tauno meditating, it likes she is floating in the air, i also see Leslee’s face. End of meditation.

Meditation flight 28 September 2012

he first images appear too be Olmec figurines. Then I am on a ship and see a blond man, got the name Ashtar? He says if have too try to focus, and I am trying to manifest on the ship. I didn’t succeed wel. Ship was kinda blue grey walls. Then i felt great and like I am distancing from everything. End of meditation.

Note: Here is notation from Tauno about this mediation: Dear Lisa, You had another message from Ashtar I feel, we are about to manifest the craft ! It is wonderful, thank you, try to listen to “Immunity” meditation as often as you can. Love You! Tauno

It looked like my meditation was overflowing into my dreams. I was on that ship again and I was receiving some kinda of download. I was being teached in an unusual manner for me. Some kinda of device was put on my head and it was as if I saw the images/words in my mind. It came very fast, like a download. Then I woke up.

The first group meditation 27-09-2012 (Leslee -Tauno and me) is posted here: link crystal meditation post

Note: Tauno about the hand I saw in the meditation and probably more info will follow.
Dear Lisa, You have got a message from Ashtar Sheran/about the same soul group we belong to/, the Hand – He is Guiding and protecting us, I will share it when the other common meditations are posted here in a few minutes. LOVE YOU ALL

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