Crystal Connections October 2012

These are pictures/drawings I made of every crystal connection meditation I did.

Crystal Connection October

The first drawing beginning with the Chief and Shaman lady is the 1st of October…. and ending with Ying/Yang symbol 30th of October.

I moved them here because it will be a better oversight what happens each month. I also decided to post Tauno’s meditations (see the notes) here because they are so in sync with mine , I just have to post them so that you can see the significance and how powerful these meditations are.

Crystal Connection 29 October 2012

Before the meditation I got first a picture of the pyramids of Giza and the sphinx. There is a sandstorm going on and I am hiding in one of the pyramids.

The meditation itself. I first see a star. Then I see Isis/Horus/Thoth. I see first a straight canal and then I am standing on a river between the reed, I can see I am standing on the Nile.

I then have a strange but deep feeling , as if I was going deeper into my inner-self, or deeper in meditation. I was carrying some water in a small urn on my head. I am dressed in white and I am descending some stairs, the wall on my right side. As I go down the stairs I overlook the sea nearby. It has a Mediterranean feel to it. I am in Atlantis and we are on our way to energize the gardens. I see a heron flying of a wall towards the sea. Then I get the word Lyra through.

Note: I saw the crystal highway in OLA and I entered the crystal. I saw a human figure standing on the surface/ground and a Light sphere on the figure`s head – where the crown chakra is. Then from above there came a ray of Light and the human rtarted funneling the Light into Gaia till the whole human body started shining as a big sphere of Light, the Light spread at a long distance and covered a vast area. I saw the earth`s surface and some other similar Lights on it, the surface was shining from many points and above these points there were also been Light spheres and connections were forming as if there were many portals of Light over the surface.

I saw a beautiful woman, tall and looked like a Native American with wolf`s head on her head and over the wolf there was a bird spreading its wings, next to the woman I saw an wolf, I thought of Lisa and I knew we were connected at this moment
Then I saw me and Lisa as two human fugures that were side by side and were entering a portal from which a strong golden Light was beaming as if we were entering the Sun and a wind was blowing against us, a wind of Light, we entered there
I found myself in the Elven craft was in my previous meditation, there were many Beings there and I felt I was in a kind of Record Hall or Library where the whole history is recorded and I could witness past events and go wherever I want in all of the past ages. I saw the teacher again, the wizard, the same Being that i connect with the word wicca that I received before when I saw him for the first time. I asked ” Did I live in Ireland in a past life of mine?”- the crystal gave me Light I asked ” Was I a Druid?” The crystal showed me two human figures – a husband and a wife, next to them I saw another figure that was raised a hand over the family and had a bad intent. Then I saw a huge battle. All around the battle field there were bodies and fighting men.
I raised up and I saw an unknown crystal land, a mountain, then the rocks formed rectangular shapes and I saw something like a stone village, I saw houses that turned out to be the stones of Stonehenge, I saw a round shaped village that was at the same time Stonehenge and I could see under Stonehenge, there was a land below the surface, the landscape was idyllic, mountains, green valleys and I saw a Being there. Namaste

Note 2:Isis is considered to be the mother of Horus-Ra, I feel you were given the same impressions like me when i saw the portal under the Egyptian Gods, it is in connection with Atlantis and Inner Earth and the time for connection between all of these. Toth is connected too, He is the Father of Ra and sends us messages, Leslee also wrote about this and all relates to Abi-Qor and its manifestation.

Crystal Connection 28 October 2012

I emerge myself in a cocoon of Golden and White light. I see a gray/white dove flying up. I see, I am in a clock tower of a church again, and the bells are ringing.

The vision shifts , I seem to be on a market ( it feels like a bleed through or a past memory) I see shadows of people, it feels like a market in Peru. (I always felt strongly connected to Peru). I get an image through that seems to be Inca city – and get the words , ‘ Island in the sky ‘ ) and then I recognize I am standing in “Machu Picchu” and something big (ritual) is going to happen. Everyone is gathered there and I feel the energy and light streaming under this city. I ask what is happening and got – The sun is about to shift-“. I am standing on a big courtyard in “Machu Picchu”, in front of an Inca pyramid and see a big portal opening in front of me with the words : “the floodgates are open.”

Note:I meditated with OLA and a Lemurian. I was at the top of a high crystal mountain I saw flying Beings, one of them was flying on a broom , then I saw Angelic Being, then the broom again but the broom was something like a sky motorbike :)
The meditation began, I saw a young Native American who was standing next to a Shaman, the shaman was trying to connect this Native American with another Being that carried both male and female energies and was Angelic, this was a mighty Angel with wings and I felt the energy of AA Michael Then I was in front of a portal, I entered in and found myself in the past, at the lower vibrational level, I could see the same native American up there and his deeds in the past down here where I was, at the lower level, not a thing that this man could be proud of himself, then I could move higher, above the level of the Native American man, there was a shining point , a craft, at the higher level I could see an Angel, a loving energy, then the clouds and a shifting taking place, the Poles changed! and there was a portal in the sky, the portal was open and I came in, up, then on the left and up till I saw a Being from the higher dimension and again the Light and Love I felt, I received “You are Loved”
Then I did a powerful energy giving to the World/thanks to Hathors/, in my Heart I felt Love and Gratitude, I imagined the space between every atom of my heart, I expanded the area, feeling Love and Gratitude and filled the space between all atoms and cells of my body , of the air outside my body, I simply merged with ALL, in this vast ocean of energy that creates my reality , expanded , till I reached a vast area, the whole Planet, I filled the Planet with Love and Light and Gratitude from my God Spark and then when looked at OLA I saw the crystal so clear as it was watter drop from a clean mountain stream, OLA has been a little dimmed these days and Now It shines charged with LIGHT Thank You LOVE

Crystal Connection 27 October 2012

Still not feeling well. I felt the urge to put the crystal on my third eye. I saw a soft glowing , golden light coming trough the stone into my third eye. Then from out of my third eye a butterfly rose up out of it and exploded into a beautiful colored firework.

Note: meditated with ALGIZ, OLA and Leos. This time I did not enter the crystal, I was connected them via the Third eye and meditated with my eyes closed One, two, three shining dots in space, a craft flying I asked my Guides to answer me about my connection with Lisa and reveal to me something concerning our past. I received a quick vision, just for a second – we were in Jerusalem at the time when Jesus was here on Earth , we were very close to Him , I think we were his students or followers, then I saw Jesus/a being with Christ vibration giving Healing and Blessing. Then I saw an Archangel , He was shining, I asked if He Is AA Michael and received – Yes. Then the transmission began , I was aware that this time my tak is receiving and sending LIGHT from AA Michael to the Earth, I started funneling the energy, I saw a Huge Beam of Light and rays from Him towards me
I was flying in space, a Light transforming into Eagle flying, then a Being with wings, Angel, I was flying I am on Earth now, on the surface and a giant flower /Lotus, Tulip/ opens, it is in fact a craft and I am getting out from it and step on the surface, then at the place where the flower was I see Tutankhamen, then the Sphinx, I see a pyramid like these in south America and receive ” The Pyramids are forming a Map, they are all around the Planet”

Note 2:Lisa, I also put the crystal on my third eye ! I usually gaze into it but now I was aware that you have troubles concentrating, I was thinking of you and received an inner urge to put the crystal on my third eye and meditated later with closed eyes, I saw this butterfly in one of my previous meditations, it was like lace, so Elvish and with green and blue colours
Thank You my sister, the Light You saw is perhaps AA Michael. Love You so much, see you in dream time
With the Power of My I AM Presence I AM sending to you my LIGHT and Healing White energy NOW

Crystal Connection 26 October 2012

I was so tired and exhausted but I tried to do a connection and see what would come. So,
I see first two spirals spinning like suns. Then I am crying inside and feel a radiant bright light going out of me with the words: “I am a light beacon”.

I am in a dark forest and visiting an Elven town. They greet me inside their homes and the interiors look a lot like the inside of “Rivendell” in the movie “Lord of the Rings”. The vision shifts and I see bees working together to pollinate the new earth.

Note: Dear Lisa, I also received wicca , the similar visions about ascending people and rainbow Lights and raising crystals from under water, Huge Lemurian and clear crystal points

Note:I had a vision of a magic Butterfly with elvish vibrations, then I saw an Wolf, the Wolf was scratching the door and wanted to come , the meditation began I was in Inner Earth and I felt the presence of many of our Guides, Thoth, Ra too. I saw a Native American woman – OcaTawa, next to Her there was the White Owl. but the eyes of the Owl were covered with something that looked like a bandage. I received “Bring the crystals to the LIGHT, they need LIGHT , too long they stayed in the darkness and absorbed negative energy , now they need Healing and Light” my first thought about this was that we need to put our crystals in places that catch best the Light , the crystals love the Light. Then I saw a forest with no trees, there were Light beams instead and there I saw a Being, She was Shining and was beautiful and of Angelic vibrations, I asked Her Who She is and received ” I AM Your Future Self as You envisioned and this is the path forwards, next to Her I saw another woman, taller and also Angelic, She was my next facet, then next to the second woman there was Her Twin, side by side, I saw some of my facets from the higher dimension. I received that I come from VEGA and I am Lyrian. Then my Lemurian and OLA showed me part of the recordings into the Lemurian crystal, I saw an ancient sky with so many flying disks that it looked like a migration of sardines. I saw vertical carvings too that formed the sign II

Note 2: Here it is again, the connection, dear, the wolf and the butterfly, you were me crying inside and saying I am a light beacon, I feel we borrowed personalities/or were communicating telepathically/, bees – Bee is a Soul of a Druid that is in meditation or changing dimension, so wonderful connection, I also was in a forest, the forest in my meditation was of Light rays in another dimension. Love You

Crystal connection 25 October 2012

I started my connection and saw myself in my purple Wicca dress ( I have one actually) performing some ritual.

The vision shifts and I see a white/pink lotus flower opening its petals. Out of the core comes a miniature sun/star and levitating upwards and shining very bright. Then the lotus flower also rises up in the air, coming out from a big lake/pond. I see crystals rising from out of the water and more & more coming , going into the air, only to notice that it wasn’t crystals but crystalline people/bodies Ascending into the sky/heavens. It is just a beautiful sight as that little bright sun dispersing the light upon them.

I look up and I see in the clouds crystal cities decloaking. The vision shifts and I sit in front of the TV as they showing all around the world the decloaking of the cities. There is excitement & happiness in the air.

It changes and I am standing on a shore, the lake is so big that I can’t see the other side (I think I am on Lake Titicaca, with the snow mountains on the back). Big smooth and transparent crystals rock stones come out of the water and rise above the water catching the sun rays. Golden / yellow shining bright people re-arranging the stones so the huge stones can catch the sun rays ..and on the other end comes out a rainbow. I follow the rainbows to the landscape behind me. Behind me I see the mountains with snow and in front of them a green jungle. Near the shore I see crystal pyramids catching the rainbow as mirrors and collect them, & from the top of the pyramid comes a blue laser light firing up Gaia’s crystal body/grid and with the words ‘ it is TIME’

Note:I was in a craft of Elvish origin, Leos gave me this vision through OLA, it was the most beautiful ship I have ever seen, decorated with leaves and flowers forming beautiful lace, as I was watching a glass that was decorated by a skillful artist, the world of Elves. Lemurian Beings I consider very close connected with Elves and magicians The craft was with some floors and rectangular rooms in it, and it showed me my past, on the lower level I saw funny creatures like cartoons, they were primitive and of lower level of consciousness, then on the next floor I saw a teacher, a wizard with magic wand sitting at the center of a forest and giving some teaching..the word wicca popped into my mind On the third floor I saw a human/Angelic figure, a pyramid, eagles and in a cave a white rabbit Up there on the highest floor there was another ship inside the huge Mother Craft, the ship was flying inside the Mother and the Mother was near the SUN, so near that the Sun was everything I could see outside the craft except the many other smaller craft that were also flying near the Sun, At the surface of the Mother Ship appeared ancient Egyptian drawings, Egyptian Gods all together, side by side,I received ” We Served for Ascension, We came to All of You this time so that You remember the Promise that was given to You after the fall of Atlantis, the promise that You will be helped, all traces in your history concerning Us have the same purpose – Ascension, now the time has come to awaken for your true part and to decode the mysteries that have been occupying scientists` minds for so many ages” I saw the surface below the Gods opening, it is a portal, a portal in Gaya that opens and connects Inner and Surface Earth, a Light Ray is in this portal, a Golden Light of no age connects all and I see the most beautiful sky and clouds ever, All is Light but the Light of Wisdom because the Light of Infinity has a different colour, this is more mature Light I see

Note 2: Dear Lisa, I also received wicca , the similar visions about ascending people and rainbow Lights and raising crystals from under water, Huge Lemurian and clear crystal points.

Crystal connection 23 October 2012

I saw first the happy face of Leslee inside of Abi-Qor. Then I was meditating on top of the mountain with a view on the sea below. The sun was rising from out of the hill. Then suddenly it was like this picture was crumbled like paper in front of me and found myself in a white void. A rainbow comes in the void and next to it a young Native American man appears… holding out a dream catcher to me. As I look, the dream-catcher starts to spin in spirals ending up in… me meditating in front of one Stonehenge monoliths. The weather is misty and gray, but the grass was so green looking.

Note: Dear Hearts, Here is what I was shown. I was traveling/flying along a crystal highway and there was another soul with me there too, we were moving together at the same pace, one of the figures that was on the right turned into a pyramid with shining top, the other one became Angelic and had an aura that formed an eye together with the Angelic Being inside this aura
The pyramid got bigger, I had a feeling that this is Giza pyramid and the Sphinx next to it I saw some Angels that appeared in my meditation Mother Earth was Ascending, the New Reality was crystalline and was coming from above over the old one so that to merge with it and transmute the old negative I saw the Ocean of Love and Light that was showering the Planet and the tide was so Glorious that the rocks started to shine with clear crystal Light I sent my Love and Light to all directions and to the core of Gaya , I felt Huge wave of Love emerging from my heart and connecting Mother Earth with the Great Central Sun

Note 2: Lisa, I also saw the ocean from above, deep waters with crystal rocks in them
I feel there is connection between Stasha that is in Ireland and us, today I have discovered a synchronicity between us and Suntria as far as the Sirius is concerned/ remember the two Suns over the green valley, Suntria got one of her facets coming to her from Sirius/ :) . Wonderful and so amazing! Also, I remember a face, smiling face, with a winter hat ..looked like Leslee :) I say this quite serious, this type of connection between Lisa and me amazes me so very much

Crystal connection 22 October 2012

I felt a powerful connection with the crystal and could feel the energy emanating from it. I also saw a golden light around it. I found myself floating in the crystal pool and felt the light of the crystals beaming through me. Then I saw two suns shining above a little scenic village surrounded by a green valley. Then I felt father sun shining in my heart. It shifts, I am standing at the sea, eb & flood of the water. The full moon is shining and a white dove rises to the moon. I am back in the valley and I see angels watching us lovingly.

Note: I re-programmed OLA with the words Ascension and LIGHT
I saw an wolf . I was in a snowy mountain and I could see between two rocks down there, Abi-Qor perhaps, the area was round and there was Light down there. Then I was connected with Umbro and somehow His face reminded me of the white Owl, I asked about the message for us and I had a vision I was watching at a huge and tall edge of a building, the building was perfect, as it was cut with a knife, flat roof maybe, this was the feeling, all the surface of the outer walls of the building was covered with sophisticated carvings and figures of non human forms, there was a space between this building and the area with the stairs and shining with rainbow colours dots, there were so many shining dots there as the rainbow has come into Leos …the building was in an ancient/Lemurian/ time line, the line between the building and the dots was the current timeline we are in and the dots with rainbow colours and the stairs was the time line of Ascension. I saw millions of souls ascending , they were all shining with Light of golden and silver colour and were ascending and leaving Light trace behind/under, because they were moving upwards/ them, all around the world – so many and many souls ascending…this was spectacular. I saw a portal, the souls were heading towards the portal. I sent my Love and Light to Gaya and to the Great Central Sun, I sent all my Love and Light to Humanity

Crystal connection 20 October 2012

I was lying in the crystal pool again ( read other meditations) but now I had a gray body suit on, that covered my whole body, hands and around my head, leaving only, eyes, nose and mouth uncovered. Then I see a picture of a hand mills followed by pink clouds (a sign that there is wind). The vision changes and see a Vikingship sailing on the sea with a spiral sun above.

Note:I was flying in a craft mostly and had visions inside the craft. First there came two Angelic Beings and later I could see more Angels, I received “Christ consciousness” and an aether cross above them. I saw a Being that looked very much like Heruka then I saw a she- wolf with two little wolves near Her, the three wolves were in a snowy mountain in something like a cave, they were protected I saw the top of the mountain and a portal near the top in the shape of rectangle. Then I saw Leos face – a man with black hair and black beard I saw a pyramid and over its top two shining dots, one of them- the upper one – was bigger and was in fact the fire coming from the erupting volcano behind the pyramid, the volcano was in the mountain, high and far away from land and the land down there was shining.

Crystal Connection 18 October 2012

I am a bit tired today , couldn’t concentrate that long on meditation. I was seeing a church bell ringing loud and all the churches were ringing there bells around the world. We are standing on the streets and looking up seeing a lot of small ships coming down from our star brothers and sisters. We were all excited.

Note:Angeilc Being/s saw that transformed into Ashtar and Horus with dog`s head I was flying above the surface and could see the whole globe from above, the portal over Gaya is wide open, I can see the New Earth through the portal and the line is so thin between these two Earths, they come more and more closer till they merge, the New Earth is here. I am in New Earth and can see under the surface where there is a crystalline city. I see a being that appears to be Ubmro and a sign that is a handwritten letter Г in Bulgarian, the stick can be regarded as the Rune I – ISA, and above the Rune a flying Eagle, the word GOD and in Bulgarian Gospod start both with this letter Г, the message here is perhaps – there was a delay but you will be victorious because this is God Will I asked Umbro to give me His message and I received ” Your time in duality reaches its end” Then I was in a crystal ship in open space, the ship was gigantic of a natural crystal point shape, inside there were huge stairs and mountains or caves, then I was in something like a council hall, enormous hall that looked like a theater hall with balconies …imagine the hall in Star Wars where all Star nations were gathering to vote , something like Parlament- something like this I saw, there was an important meeting The craft was flying in Space

Crystal connection 17 October 2012

I imagine myself floating in a crystal pool, and meditating. Before my third eye appears an ice circle. Then when I look through the opening I see a white world and heavy snowing outside. I am in an iglo having it nice and warm at the fire. Suddenly I am standing outside and a brown deer runs by. I follow it into the snowy forest and not so far away I see someone standing. When i am closer I see it is a Native American Shaman. I am half naked and he puts his finger in red paint and paints a spiral onto my chest and on the spot where my third eye is. He points at me and he says “Na’ha”. I change , transform into a white deer and i leap in to a spiral vortex. I am swirling around until I burst into a swirling energy, outwards.

Crystal Connection 16 October 2012

Before i go into meditation i always surround myself with golden cloud light and pink love light. I am sitting inside the monastery that i saw yesterday in my meditation. I was a monk meditating and chanting ‘ohm’ and on the altar was a bright golden sun and also a portal. Suddenly the energy was bursting out of it charging the light-grid through the whole world. A white dove rose up and my spirit joins the flight with the dove. We are flying over a vast green landscape carved by a river. I am still hanging in the sky when AA Michael appears to me. He changes into Ashtar and he invites me into a scout-ship, telling me not to be afraid. He makes me very relaxed and i feel the love coming from him and I feel @ ease. I can fly the scout-ship and I can decide where to go. We go up into space, i see Blaze and other ships. Ashtar said to me that my mission was almost over and i could return home (it made me actually cry and the craving got only bigger). I see infinity symbol energy swirling around Gaia. It was a beautiful sight to see. Watching together with all the other million ships beside us.

Note: I entered in and I was flying till a Being appeared in front of me, I could see the face, first it was not a face from Earth – big eyes , on the head was a kind of dark hair and gradually the Being started to look like Native American, I asked “What is your name?” and I received something that started with A, next to Him near the right shoulder I saw a white owl
I asked again” Do you have a message to us?’ – I saw a wolf transforming into a bear and the bear was rising her front legs and gradually sat down and calmed down. Then I saw the Earth from Space, there was a huge portal over the Earth, this was something like a soap bubble stretching and shortening and I could see a shining craft in it, actually throughout my meditation this craft remained, the portal was not only a portal but a realm – a higher realm over the Earth, I could see some of the Earth`s facets of existence I was flying over the surface and I saw many Spirits in the air, they could change form and I saw how human spirits grow wings, I received “the transformation is taking place” Then I saw the same huge Being that connects Mother Earth with the Space, the same alive tree, Angelic-Nature Being

Crystal Connection 15 October 2012

I see million of butterflies scatter around and then they are making a heart shape. Then I see the pyramid with eye, a symbol of the Illuminati. I see it going up in flames. The scenery changes and the surroundings let me think of the landscapes in Switzerland. I am standing in a green valley looking up at a mountain cliff with on top a kind of monastery hidden from view. Only the ones who are vibrating a higher dimension is able to see it. I am standing in the snow on a mountain looking at the green valley beneath me.

Connection with the article of Lisa Gawlas: Three becoming ONEI started with a prayer to my Guardians and Guides to give me Love and Protection

Note: I started with a prayer to my Guardians and Guides to give me Love and Protection
I meditated with three crystals – OLA, ALGIZ and Leos. I entered into the sea and through water I saw a volcano erupting, then the volcano transformed into Native American tippy and finally I saw a Native American man sitting on the ground with his back in front of me and meditating, next to this meditating man I saw a monkey /Thoth/ then the Eye appeared – RA
I was flying over the land, it was a beautiful sighting to watch the earth from above, there was the mountain chain there , large fields with crops, the Light from the Sunset, magnificent clouds and on the left the giant structure of the Great pyramid, so high and big. I saw the surface again and a mighty Being connecting the Sky with Mother Earth, this Being was the most strange Creature I have ever seen , a mixture of Nature Spirits and Angelic Beings, the Being had wings and was an aether one and could change form and image, this Being was standing on the ground like Giant alive tree – Yggdrasil maybe, the tree was alive and at the same time an Angel and Spirit of Nature. Then I saw the Rune TYR that means victory , the Rune was in the sky and all around it there were beings, all kind of Spirits, Santa Moerte too. There were reptilians, demons, a rich mixture of entities that were about to leave the Earth but still were hanging in the air , I called the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation watching the land and the beings above

Blaze Blaze Blaze
the Violet Fire
Transmuting all shadow into
Light Light Light

I saw Lights in the sky and a giant Beam of Light that was coming from above, the Ray was Huge and it was cleaning the Earth like a big vacuum cleaner. Then I saw the land at night and two or more than two shining craft in the sky

Crystal Connection 14 October 2012

I am standing on a high cliff overlooking the sea, it is a very bright and sunny day. I see dolphins leaping out of the water and they are all excited. The portal is opening and I see excitement in the Crystal Cities, everybody is in positive anticipation and in preparation. Something is happening. I see a second portal opening and I can see into space and see all the ships also in happy anticipation docked around Gaia. I see a white energy whirling around Gaia and exploding into the universe. Energy is expanding… and expanding

Note: I started with an attunement with mantra AOM
I was in the Angelic realms, everything was shining with pure White crystalline Light
I saw a baby/under 1 year old, approximately at the age of 6 moths/riding a horse/dear and the horse was about to make a giant leap upwards, Jeshua was helping and was giving energy and protection, I saw Jeshua quite clear and I asked Him to give us His message I was in a mountain and between the rocks there was a Being of Light, this Being has not a form but is a shining Golden Orb I was flying above the mountain next, over the rocky tops and peaks and I saw a gathering of people high in the mountain, they were mostly Native American and were sitting high in the mountain taking part of some gathering. Then I saw the surface of earth and the whole sky above was both a sky and a huge Mother Ship, the craft was not visible with physical eyes, but it was definitely there sending Love and Light to Earth, I saw a funnel at the distance, this funnel was reaching the land with its point and was a kind of stairs of elevator through which our Family from the stars could come down to us

Crystal Connection 13 October 2012

I am standing on a mountaintop and before me I see a mountain-chain covered with snow. Flying like a crow, I am flying over the below pine forest tree. The forest comes closer and in mid air I transform into myself , landing softly on the snow below me. Again, I am walking through this pine forest and I am encountering a stone arch (see Andy Goldsworthy stone arch) It is a portal that you can look through into other dimensions. What I see is millions of star ships docked around our beloved Gaia and I can feel the love coming from every ship. The vision changes and I am flying through the clouds, seeing the “Aurora Borealis” . Looking around, I find myself on Antarctica , near the opening of “Inner-Earth”. I am meditating and a wolf comes up to me, putting his head onto my knee. Together we enjoy the display of the “Aurora Borealis” and the colorful rainbow energy beams that is coming out from the opening.

Note: I was meditating with OLA and Leos and my other crystals and the bamboo near me I was in a craft with many opportunities for visiting different places, I saw in the distance another craft, it was not flying, just hanging over a land, its shape was like a disk and at the same time mushroom. I was inside a craft and I saw a white crystalline owl in front of me, I asked HER to give me Her message, I saw the EYE again. Then I was shown the same place on Earth with the mountain chain/Pagosa?/ at sunset, the land shifted and the place raiser up and became full of Light, I saw the clouds, they were amazing and full of Light craft everywhere I asked ” Tell me , Spirit, are my friends connected with me now in meditation…I did not see anything at first…then I saw some human figures holding each other`s hand. When I was about to go out a beautiful sight I had …a place in a forest, the forest was forming a circle around a lake or river, I could see the big river stone there and a shining Light coming from underwater, the place was so peaceful and quiet

Crystal Connection 12 October 2012

I am standing under a kinda of stone arch portal (see above picture from Andy Goldsworthy, recommending to see his Nature Art) and I am looking at a crystal city, with crystal skyscrapers. The light that was reflecting on the buildings was creating beautiful multicolored environment. Everything had an airy feeling to it. I turn around and see that I am standing high up in the clouds. The city is build up on the clouds. Through the clouds below, I see a forest carved by a snake river. The river sparkles because of the sun. I am flying like an eagle above the tree tops, spiraling down and down. Now I am standing on the forest floor, in a very dense forest. Turning into a brown bear, I stand on my two behind legs, making myself big. Transforming into myself again, I walk through the forest until I come to an open short grainy field. Beautiful tipi’s are standing there and in between are pyramids. Looking up I see star ships twinkling in the night sky, giving confirmation that they are there. The vision changes and I am standing at a big lake, that changes into the sea and beach. It is blue sky and the seagulls are making noises as they fly by. I dive into the sea and go deeper and deeper. Before I know, I am guided by to whales. It felt so peaceful.

Note: saw the crystal highway again in OLA and I came in
I was flying in Space, I was in a giant craft. I also got a vision of a Lion transforming into Wolf and then became a Bear , all of Them were Giant. I saw a Being that looked like the stone figures of Easter Islands, the Lemurian showed me a recording of the past , it was the time after Atlantis fall, the dark forces have come on Earth and the dark Beings was ruling the land, reptilians trying to eat the Light I saw, and I had physically sensed the negative energies as itches all around my body , I saw a reptile holding a sphere of LIGHT and trying to destroy it but the Light remained, up above there was a huge crystal realm of White Light and I saw Angelic Beings there , they were observing and Keeping the Sphere of Light. Then I saw a cave/portal and got in , I found myself flying in Space again, I saw some huge eagles flying , mighty wings, the eagles were craft that was forming a Fleet of Light. End of meditation

Crystal Connection 11 October 2012

I can’t concentrate so good because I am so tired. The only vision I got was seeing myself standing in the ocean in front of a huge water tornado. It is a gray and wet day.

Note: News from Abi-Qor

After the sound meditation I received a vision of Thoth again with ibis head, then the Sphinx and Nefertiti
I saw a crystal highway in OLA and entered in, I was inside a craft, there were two or three rooms -very high arch ceilings, narrow high rooms and each one of them was a portal to other dimension, I saw stairs leading downwards but when I looked closer it turned out that this down leads upwards, reversed stairs I saw
Then I was taken to a high place, a city in clouds , it was a fortress with a tower for observation and protection made from stone, next to it in the sea of clouds was a palace , very high in the mountain, I asked”Where am I? What is this place? Is this Asgard?”
I saw the roots of the palace, a fire there and yes, this was Asgard, Thor was working with His Hammer at the roots of the palace in a magical cave , the reflections of the fire were visible from a long distance
I was in a cave, there were two birds there – a crow on the left and next to it another bird that gradually disappeared and only the crow remained, the bird that disappeared was aether one, a fiery bird
I saw three layers/time lines/dimensions, in a large cave, they were one over the other and showed the path of Humanity, I saw a figure walking on the second “floor” , then on the third and over there were the clouds of the upper floor
Then I was shown a mountain
Yes, this time I was standing on a mountain pathway among the rocks and I could see the mountain peaks in the distance, the landscape was so real and at the same time supernatural because the rock on the right of me /and the pathway/ was a conscious Being communicating with me via thought, this rock was both a rock and a fiery Spirit that has the power to transport me to other dimension, I was in Abi-Qor watching from above the land, Abi-Qor was in the roots of giant super tall trees in a dark forest under the pathway, it was after the Sunset and I could see Abi-Qor shining under the trees, in the roots of the trees and below
Then I saw a similar three layers /time lines/dimensions but this time they were not from stone but from white crystal and Humanity was at the first crystal floor. I feel this as a sign of Ascending and continuing our evolution on a higher level
I sent my LOVE and Healing White Light to the Great Lemurian Cystals seeded in our Planet so that to activate them with LOVE and co-work with them for Creating Our New Reality

Blaze Blaze Blaze
the Violet Fire
Transmuting all shadow into
Light Light Light

Crystal Connection 9 October 2012

I have trouble to concentrate, but still got following connection. I was standing at a big sunflower field with the same pyramids I saw in my other meditations, shooting a blue laser light into the sky. It is late in the afternoon, it is getting dark. It is also dark because of the looming black/dark blue thunderclouds that is coming my way. Lightning bolts are shooting out of the sky, l lightening up the surroundings. Then I hear a hard boom of thunder. The vision changes and briefly I make connection with an Egyptian Goddess (Isis?). The scene changes again and find myself lying/meditating in a pool of crystals. I am flying like an eagle over the landscape of Pagosa Springs and Abi-Qor.

Crystal Connection 8 October 2012

I am standing in a clear running river, with white pebbles on the bottom of the stream. The water isn’t cold or hot, it is just the right temperature and very soothing. It is a mountain river, and behind me were two snowy mountain peaks. ( it reminds me of a dream i had some months ago, standing on the same river.)

I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face. I see the sun stretching his sun rays and embrace Mother Earth. I follow the river upstream.

Now I am on a ship & I seem to be @ a sort of bar where they serve non alcoholic exotic drinks. The scene/bar reminds me of the series ‘Deep Space Nine’ with all different races mingling. I am mingling too.

The vision shifts and it seems I am standing on a huge lake, it has a deep green color. The water gets disturbed and out of the water two water orbs emerge from it, hovering a few meters above it. Then out of no where two fire orbs appear. Then two earth orbs and @ last 2 air orbs. They are swirling around and then merge together, creating a flash of white light. …

When I can see again, I see it is now only ONE golden orb with wings. (looks like the golden snitch in Harry Potter) and then it takes of. In front of me , before my feet I see two white pebbles, brown spirals carved into it.

Note: I started with listening to a dimensional atonement sound meditation and this time the vision I had was different, so vivid and colorful than ever, I saw a floating violet Lotus Flower on a vivid green river, the colors were not from our 3D reality, at times the louts was just a strong spark of Golden Light coming from the green
I sat between the amethyst and rose quartz MaiOwta with a Lemurian and ALGIZ
I closed my eyes and did a meditation for activating my Angelic Self and bringing Light to Mother Earth connecting Her with the Great Central Sun and activating the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation. Next I asked the Spirit to give me the next message to all of us
I was flying in Space, then I found myself in the ocean following two giant whales, they were leading me to a very beautiful underwater land with crystal mountain peaks, the land was shining with golden and white Light. There were huge mushrooms there
Then I saw a giant dragon lying on its back and an Eagle over it, I received “The Eagle won the battle with the Dragon”
Then I saw a craft that looked like an Eagle

Note 2: Hi, dear Lisa, When I was doing the sound meditation to attune myself to the different dimensions I was imagining a river, it was vividly green, the colour was not a 3D green colour but had an inner Light in it, this is a wonderful telepathic connection that we made again, the river and the mountain, this reminds me of a dream I shared before, later realized I were in Abi-Qor, you were there too, as were Les and Troy, this is the same place, Les saw another thing that she connected with moss agate, Les, I hope you remember this. I am so impressed! Love You!

Meditation flight 7 October

I get better @ being quiet and meditating.

I closed my eyes and I seem to be standing/traveling a dirt road. The landscape around me reminds me of European country. Green hills as far the eye can see, here and there some trees. The vision disappears and I am floating in the dark.

I see this big hand again coming towards me. The hand is picking me up very softly and closes around me. The hand starts to emit white soft light and I feel safe.

I see Leslee’s , Tauno’s & KP’s face and suddenly we are picked by a time vortex. We are planted firmly into New Earth. Everything looks so big, tall trees, flowers & plants. Time fast forwards and I see myself growing trees, plants and flowers out of nothing. It is by running energy through my hands and pointing at the soil, that they begin to grow.

Suddenly the tree I am growing turns slowly into silver and then the tree becomes crystalline, the branches look like two uphold hands. From the core rises a white energy orb. I look into it and I become ONE with the orb, feeling I am the outer & inner universe at the same time. I am ONE with all that WAS, all that IS and all that is STILL TO COME. I am you & you are me.

From others trees emerges other crystalline energy orbs, touching surroundings and turning into crystalline. It also transforms me in crystalline and I feel so light. This transforming is catching up, going over the whole world. I look up to the night sky full of twinkling stars and the trees and the orbs are emitting blue light, it is a magical sight. I see people being happy, dancing round the trees. I got the words that the grid has energized.

Note: To share how synchronized we are in Meditating: “Lisa, you were connected with Ashtar too and again! I also saw the crystalline new earth, getting bigger and bigger
How could you know that I am translating now and have learned of the Aethos/Tom Kenyon, Hathors/ – Oneness of the souls that come into IT and reside as long as they want there in service to all, they lose all identity there and names, and become a common Aethos, being in the presence of an Aethos is elevating for each Soul. Love and Light

Meditation flight 6 October

I first stare in the yellow eyes of an eagle. I am flying, seeing the landscape going by underneath me. Then I see this Egyptian lady. (According to Tauno: Isis) Then I see in White Owl flying towards me. I am at the same mountains (see meditation 5th of October) with the red sunset.

My vision shifts and before me I see big golden doors with lots of symbols and figures on it. I push them open and enter a big golden temple. I see the black Egyptian lady (priestess?) again and she looks up. I look up too and suddenly I find myself on a ship. I am trying to see faces but they change so fast. I asked if have a body that is in stasis, here on the ship. They show me again the image of me floating in the water with crystals and people taking care of me. The meditation ends with me staring in the eyes and beak of a crow. After that I am floating in a white room.

Note: To share how synchronized we are in Meditating: “WOW, Lisa! You were also connected with Isis! The Egyptian woman! The Mother of RA, so many synchronizations with my meditations, I saw the same golden gate with the symbols while I was meditating with my Pyrite, it was near me tonight too, you were connected with it and me, I feel you are following some of my previous visions – you see just what I have seen and at the same time you see exactly what I see at the same time! This is amazing! We visit the same places at the same moment in meditation! Namaste, my sister! Tauno”

Meditation flight 5 October

I was sitting on a high mountain and I was meditating, but I was floating in the air. My eyes are closed but I can feel the sunrise and hear the words ‘ the rise of a new era’.

The sunset had beautiful colors of red and orange. I am standing at the grain field again and yet again full moon and pyramids beaming laser light into the sky. Suddenly the pyramids start to rise and now all the pyramids seem to have a mirror pyramid attached and forming an octahedron shape. They start spinning around very fast, emitting white light and then all the octahedron shapes merge into ONE. It gets smaller and now it is inside my heart, spinning faster, emitting more light.

I am expanding, I am the outer universe & the inner universe…then…I see a Mayan dancer dancing before me. End meditation.


Here is what I have received
I started with a prayer to GOD to give us HIS Light for protection and guiding, I asked the ANGELS to be here with us in this important times and to give us Their Help and Guiding

I started meditation
I saw a gate which was like an arch leading into a cave, I entered in and I saw a Bird of Light flying near the Earth, the Bird was similar to this that Leslee has drawn in her remarkable picture with the pine tree and water
Then I saw the HAND , the HAND was exactly the same that appeared in my cup of coffee a few weeks ago – Ashtar Sheran`s sign , Ashtar connected with us, next to this Hand I saw a similar One that was the sign of the Presence of Isis/Asha – Ashar`s Twin, the mother of Horus/RA….this links us with Thoth again because Thoth is considered to be RA`s Father, here is the connection between all we have connected with and many pieces fall into place:
I saw the top of a giant blond hair too – Ashtar`s
I asked” Tell me Spirit what I am expected to do?”
I saw the Earth`s surface. A mountain and the dark ones in the image of a giant Ant/Wasp/Scorpio/Bugs Bunny eating a carrot appeared on the right
The dark was stabbing into the Earth
I called the Holy Violet Flame of transmutation to transmute the darkness on Earth

Blaze Blaze Blaze
the Violet Fire
Transmuting all shadow into
Light Light Light

The mountain shifted and at the place where I saw the dark I saw this time a mountain top with a shape formed of some pyramids and shining dots in them
Then the two Giant Lemurians appeared shining. I received ” The Crystals Are Free from the dark”
I saw them , they were ready to be activated so that to work with Us
I sent Them My Love and Healing White Light and my Intent and Invitation for them to be our allies for Co-Creating together the most Beautiful Reality that has ever existed in this Universe – a New World of Peace, Joy, Truth and Wisdom

Thank you, Ashtar, Isis, RA, Thoth, ALL of You my Friends and Guardians, My Angels, My Hearts
We Are All ONE

Meditation flight 3 October 2012

First image a yellow bright sun. I see a very colorful paradise bird. Then I am back in the forest meditating on some seeds I have in my hands.

Now I am standing on the edge of the forest looking over a big and wide field of grains. In the field there are several pyramids standing there, in different sizes. It is dark but bright because of the full moon. Something is about to happen. I get the words ‘ the beginning and the end. Full circle’ I see beams of light coming out of the pyramids & seems to align with the stars above. A milky grid is being created, multiplying in strands of energy, braiding a network all over the world. A kinda of mist comes down and it looks also like laser beam sweeping over the land. It sweeps over me and I feel anything that was negative in my body taken away. I get the words ‘ make decisions with the heart. ‘ end of meditation.

Meditation flight 2 October 2012

I was standing in front of a waterfall in a part of the forest that is quite dense. But there is still enough light coming through to give the place a light atmosphere. I am at the bottom of the waterfall, @ the pond that the waterfall created. There are huge plants and flowers & I see fairies buzzing around me. The forest is filled with beautiful bird songs & other animals. I turn around and follow a path, which was easy to walk. I come out of the forest & I am standing on a ridge and I am looking over the forest below me. There are 2 pyramids. one for healing and one for learning. There are a lot of people there. Then I am floating in the water & something is happening in my heart. I am receiving a violet flame through my heart and then floating for a while in the black void,relaxed. Then suddenly I am swimming in the ocean, I am a mermaid and I having fun, diving into the clear salty water. I can breath under water and see a beautiful sea landscape under water. The water is kinda of green-blue color.

Suddenly I am walking a path again & I am walking into a temple/pyramid. I am holding a crystal and inside the pyramid is a big room. There are other crystals, sitting in half circle. Put in certain ways it gives different healing. I put my crystal in on of the slots. Also inside is a large round swimming pool with crystals in it that will give you energy ( like in the movie cocoon) I go inside the water and swim in it. I feel so relaxed. They just wanted me too relax.

Note: Tauno at that time sent me a Violet flame. I only knew it after I posted my meditation and read hers after it. We are all so connected.

Meditation flight 1 October 2012

I was flying like an eagle in the sky, up the winds and down the stream….and beneath me I see a landscape that looks familiar. It looks like I am flying over Pagosa Springs. Then I see a face, and Native American chief and I am a shaman doing some kinda of ritual, talking in a foreign language to me (Native American). I look up to the sky with my arms up, smoke is coming up from a fire…. end of meditation.

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