5 Steps to Experience Astral Travel and Have Other-Worldly Dreams

Lucid Dreaming is a powerful tool for exploring reality on a deeper level including the non-physical astral planes.  Dreaming is also a pre-requisite for being able to live a grounded, strong and pure spiritual life.

Those who can dream well are able to become spiritually enlightened, understand themselves on a deeper level, take command of their lives, manifest positive circumstances as well as being able to explore the non-physical counterpart of the Universe.

Lucid dreaming is the natural result of becoming more self-aware of yourself and reality. Any mental exercise for enhancing lucid dreaming can be a ‘forced approach’ and may not work for long. There is also the danger of creating illusory realities within ones mind that are not connected with deeper spiritual reality.

One may think one is on a higher plane but in fact one is still caught up in maya (illusion). Without a deeper cultivation of awareness – the higher regions of the dream-time and the astral worlds will remain inaccessible.

Astral Travel to Other Worlds

Creating the right conditions for lucid dreaming to occur is far more beneficial as well as being authentic. An organic approach to dream exploration through enhancing awareness will be fruitful in this respect Proficient lucid dreamers will be able to travel to other planets, star systems and even other galaxies. They will also be able to make contact with higher-dimensional ET’s (Star Beings)

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