72 Possible Signs of Alien Abduction Detalied by Abductees

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1 – LOST TIME: A period of time, from minutes to several days, in which you cannot recall what happened to you or what you have done.2 – UNUSUAL MARKS: On your body like scars, scoop marks, laser cuts in series on ankle, wrist or back. Any scars which you’re unable to explain where you got them from.

3 – TAPPING OR HUMMING NOISES: Hearing these sounds upon odd occasion such as bedtime, just prior to sleep. (Many times, just prior to bedtime, for a period of many years, traveling on the road in my job, I thought an 18-wheeler was idling outside my room. Never was any truck, just the sound in my head.)

 – BEING 4-4-4
4 – WATCHED: A feeling you get, during or just prior to sleep at night.

5 – SLEEPWALKING: You wake up in a different place from where you went to sleep and do not know how you got there. (As detailed in my book, I did this from age seven to age sixteen.)

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