It is time to begin the process of Disclosure. Therefore I am releasing two relatively recent genuine images, coming from the Dragon sources, related to the Disclosure process. I have been instructed by the Light forces not yet to reveal what exactly is on those two images, because human mind then starts to speculate and intellectualize. It is much more important for the people to have a direct energetic experience of the images.

In the future, whenever I will release genuine images, I will say so explicitly.

The Breakthrough is near!


Gogo Thule: Why The World Needs Healers

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Why The World Needs Healers

By Gogo Thule, Wake Up World, May 20, 2015

In an age of DIY, information overload, and a growing consciousness around our understanding of self as a multi-dimensional being, it’s easy to believe that you can figure damn near everything out yourself. And since we have been deceived in great unjust ways I completely understand a need from many to rely on self and to reject leaders or organized and institutionalized structures.

When it comes to spirituality I now see that some have come to the conclusion that there is no true need for the concept of gurus or that the journey within is greater when done yourself. I agree that a large and potent part of our Earth journey is one that only we, as an individual can take; that discovering your god-given power and connection is a blessing only you can truly uncover. Though I believe that the ‘guru’ is within, in a sense…

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Jon Rappoport: The Taboo Against Paranormal Experience is a Taboo Against Freedom

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Paranormal-1By Jon Rappoport, Waking Times, May 14, 2015

For those who want to examine a rigorous presentation of the paranormal, based on a long history of laboratory experiments, I recommend Dean Radin’s classic, The Conscious Universe: The Scientific Truth of Psychic Phenomena. (HarperCollins, 1997)

This article is not about that.

It’s about a taboo.

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Andrea Schulman: Are You Blocking Valuable Guidance From The Universe?

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Are You Blocking Valuable Guidance From The Universe?  in5d in 5d in5d.com www.in5d.com http://in5d.com/ body mind soul spirit BodyMindSoulSpirit.com http://bodymindsoulspirit.com/

By Andrea Schulman, BodyMindSoulSpirit.com, May 15, 2015

We all have many things we are wishing and hoping for, and the universe is constantly sending us opportunities to have the things we want through the Law of Attraction.  When we are open to the guidance the universe is sending us, good ideas and proper directions are plentiful, and we get to where we want to be quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, sometimes we block some of this valuable guidance from the universe.

One way I have found we often block the guidance from the universe is in our conversations with other people. It is fairly common for us to close our ears when friends, relatives and acquaintances offer advice, suggestions or just general information.  Sometimes this happens because we are too busy thinking of the next thing we want to say.  Other times, our egos are offended, because…

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10 Mind-Blowing Experiences Shared By People Who Took The Psychedelic DMT

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Source: www.alternet.org (Thanks to Collectively Conscious.) Original Post Date: February 24, 2015

For young people in the late ’90s, access to unbiased information on drugs was hard to find. Our teachers, whether they believed it or not, said all drugs were bad. D.A.R.E programs told us stories of falls from grace, psychotic breaks, and brain damage, which frightened some, and increased curiosity in others. (As Scientific American reported in December of 2013, data collected regarding D.A.R.E. shows “that the program does little or nothing to combat substance use in youth.”) Thankfully, in 1995, when Amazon, EBay and Craigslist got their start, so did a website called Erowid. Erowid’s motto describes the site as “an online encyclopedia that documents the complex relationship between humans and psychoactives.”

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Biometric attendants carry forth elevation in subtle body energetics


gaia_energy1Biometric attendants carry forth elevation in subtle body energetics.

Creation of Higher body multidimensional pathways has been accelerated.

Traversing of multidimensional pathways is facilitated for all.

Effects are “sensed” at all levels of Hue-Being experience, as well as humanity elements, accompanied with “sense of acceleration”.

“Open Universal Arms” presents to all.

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Kryon: This is Not Your Father’s New Age

Spirit Train Chronicles

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Twenty-five years ago, I discussed with you what is happening now. Back then, it was only a potential, but now it’s your reality. This was not prophecy when I told you back then that there would be no Armageddon or World War Three. It was not prophecy, but a powerful potential. The entire reason for my being and the awakening of my partner was because of what you did. The victory it contains falls in the lap of the old soul, who has controlled the consciousness of the timing of it all.

Everything that has transpired during these years has been realized potential. That is to say that we see the potentials of what you might do, and report on that and only that. Much of what we see now is realized quickly. When we told you in 2012 there would…

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Dream and vision – 4 May 2015 : Lemuria


Woodsprites in the movie ‘Avatar’

In this dream I realized that something is persistence in my other dreams, is this incredible power I feel inside of me. I had, for me, a very powerful dream accompanied with a powerful vision after the dream.

The dream:

My mom is making popcorn in the kitchen, but she puts to much corn in the pot and it overflows the kitchen, into our living room.I want help to clean up the mess, but when I take something to clean up, I accidentally spilled some water onto the kitchen floor.

In the mean time my mother made some Christmas balls from popcorn and hangs them in our tall white Christmas tree. Our living room is very big and in the middle is a sort of a circle island. On the island is a fireplace that is burning on hot coals. On the other side of the island is kitchen that is fitted with gas stoves, and they are burning. I told my mom I would turn them of as the fireplace is now burning and giving warmth.

Dream meaning popcorn: ‘It may indicate that some important fact or truth is being made aware to you’

The dream changes and I am attending a sort of ceremony in a big building. I am sitting on a little bench against the wall facing the side of the chairs where people sitting and facing right, where a big Eskimo chief with white hair, is talking  There are a lot of people and it is a mix of white people and the Eskimo Indians. The chief begins to talk in his own language, so I don’t understand what he is saying. When he is done, one of the people in the audience requested a translation into English. The Chief laughs and translates his speech in English. In front of me, on the last three rows of chairs, are lovely Eskimo old ladies sitting nicely together. One of those ladies stands up and walks towards me. It was like she knows why she is coming up to me. I told her that I was visited by bad spirits that won’t leave me alone. She said she knows and that is why she came to me, she wants to help me.

I sit on a small round chair that can spin around. She spins me round and round, in the mean time she sprinkles some little paper stars over me. In the next round of spinning, she sprinkles blue and silver stars over me and then it happens…this incredible feeling comes over me, it goes around me and through me, I start to levitate…what an incredible awesome feeling is that. But it doesn’t last long as I am being thrown into a tornado of white unlit candles. The lady who helps me isn’t friendly anymore and looks at me with her piercing blue eyes and says: ‘ I will never learn’. I am not afraid and feel an enormous power coming through me and a blast of white light comes out of me, and I see with a very loud voice a sort of incantation: ‘A sheena’ This creates a very strong wind that blasts this lady out of my sight. Once it is over I regret what I have done and I yell ‘ come back’. But she was gone and I woke up from this dream.

I was interested if the word Sheena meant something and found the following: The name Sheena is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Sheena is: God’s gift.

A soon as I woke up I got bombarded by vision after vision.

My visions:

With my third eye is got the following visions: I see stars floating into space. Then white floating feathers that light up in the dark, are floating towards me, just like those woodsprites in the movie ‘Avatar’. They are surrounding me and they turn into the whole universe and this universal light is swirling around me and through me. Such a revelation is made to me, this feeling is so amazing. I see someone coming towards me in shadows, it doesn’t feel right and I surround myself with the light and ask my guides and angels to protect me. I see a circle of angels and guides surrounding me in a circle and in an instant I feel the warmth and the safety in this circle. I see the face of my twin flame.

Then I see black space again with the stars and then I see myself as a high priestess clothed in white. I ask if I am a fairy priestess and the answer is ‘NO’. So I make a connection with the power I felt in my dream and I feel this enormous power coming into me (so much that I am little bit afraid of it) and then I see surroundings that maybe is connected to Egypt or Atlantis. Again the answer is ‘NO’. Then I hear…Emu…Lemu….Land of MU. Suddenly it is clear to me that I was once a high priestess in Lemuria or Land of MU.  I also made the connection with the popcorn ‘important fact or truth being made aware to you’ and this powerful vision of me being a high priestess and the power that flows through my dreams.


American Kabuki: Pre-Ascension Exercise #1 LEARNING TO FEEL THE ENERGIES.

I thought I’d post some exercises I have been playing with over the past few months.  They are relatively simple compared to the post I made about “spinning the light” in someone to raise their level of light coming from Source.

The first one is one given to me by Heather Tucci-Jarraf… which simply involves laying down somewhere comfortable and quiet where you won’t be disturbed.  You might want to meditate and clear your mind of distractions.

If your mind is really distracted just sit down at a table, write down your worst concerns in little sheets of paper, and put them in a box on a book shelf somewhere.  We all have daily concerns, and the exercise of putting in a box seems to just set them aside for the time being, as silly as it sounds, it does work.  Try to avoid watching the major news networks, or fighting with family just prior to doing this… you don’t need your mind filled with concocted terrorist fear programming or the latest Ebola plague hysteria… or family troubles… This is a time for a call mind.

Lay down and just FEEEEEEELLLLL the energies surrounding you…  Feel the pure love energies caress your body, feel them move over your skin… we are in a very energetic time of change and most of you are already noticing the odd sensations on your skin that may vary as to the time of day in intensity. For me its usually strongest in the morning and late evening… I can’t say that will be your experience, it could be highly individual.  This energies are like filaments of light and the move and dance about as you move through or interact with them.  Move you arms or legs slightly and notice how the sensations change.  Be at peace with all around you.  Accept that you are Pure Love consciousness in-body and that the Universe is preparing you for a major body upgrade as it interacts with your body energy, the cells and DNA.

I’ve created an image of roughly what I sense when I feel the energies moving around my body and interacting with my body.  The purpose here is SIMPLY TO FEEL, minus the filtering of the mind that is so easily distracted by so much.

Your mileage may vary, this is an exercise you may want to do daily.

American Kabuki: Pre-Ascension Exercise #2 Connecting to Universal YOU via the Double Vortex


This next exercise is useful for getting a glimpse of your Higher or perhaps Highest aspect of SELF… The true YOU, most of which is not currently residing in full in your body. Until you see it, you don’t know what you don’t know right?  Again this one was suggested to me by Heather.

The goal here is to raise the body vibration so that you can get a glimpse of what is in store for you. Its more than you ever thought. It’s my belief the veil on consciousness is pretty much gone… but we have a number of internal veils and perceptual filters that have been programmed into our belief systems.    If you haven’t read Pre-Ascension Exercise #1, read it and do it before this exercise… You need to be familiar with how the energies feel and that they surround you and lovingly interact with you.

I, and some others I have taught this to, have noticed at least on the first successful go, we reached a stage where various entities watched us as if behind they were behind glass windows.  I am not saying this will happen to everyone, your mileage may vary,  but don’t be too surprised if the keepers of the planet earth human ant-farm become slight more apparent and they can be of several types of entities. They cannot harm you, and they don’t seem to interact.  This is a free-will planet. For me they had some shocked reactions as in “how is he doing what he is doing?”  It was not scary, more humorous than anything.

The technique is a visualizing tool.  Its somewhat similar to spinning the light in someone but much much easier…  Its just basic visualization.  You are not moving light, just picturing a vortex.

Lay down somewhere quiet and where you won’t be disturbed.

Visualize a vortex running the length of your body and you start in spinning in your mind’s eye. Then you introduce a second vortex inside that vortex an start it spinning.  The direction of spin doesn’t seem to matter all that much, and for simplicity sake I spin them both the same direction its not necessary to counter rotate the vortexes to notice the effect.  The principle seems to be that when you get two or more vortexes going it multiples the vibration rate you can access and become resonate with.

Below is rough image of what I am trying to describe, you don’t have to visualize them as double ended funnels, you can just make them tunnels or wormholes though your being it works just as well. Play with it and have fun with the process is the most important thing.  The colors are simply for illustration purposes you can make them any color you want or no color at all.  Have fun with this and do it in joy.  There’s no right and wrong way to do it.  It gets easier to do the more you do it.

I found an interesting diagram about vortexes today on Google.  This from the book “Living Energies”…. and it explains a bit WHY this vortex method works…

After you do this for a while you will notice your body vibrating at higher frequency….  now for the fun part, switch the process to your heart chakra… which is you connection to Source.

ts when I switch to the heart chakra vortex that I noticed the fun stuff.   I make no guarantees this works for everyone, you may find techniques that work better for you. If you do let me know.  I’ve also done a triple vortex but the vibration was so high it gave me a headache… but if you can try that if you want.  Each vortex seems to multiple the frequency.

PS:  This is what I saw when I did this the first time….  I cannot predict what you will see so I won’t attempt to do so.   All I know is it sure beats this current 58 year human body of mine!  LOL!!! have fun.  We are in for some interesting changes in the months ahead!