The Year 2019 Dreamflights


Come with me on my dream journey’s.

The latest dream will be on top, the further you go down the older they get.

Friday 8 February 2019  ‘Protected’

Do you see the face in the clouds?

Do you see the face in the clouds?

I am with an art group hackers, our ploy is to hack spaces with our art. We make pre made art in squares and when we hack a wall or space, we hang our art quickly on the wall.

The dream changes and me and the team are fighting evil that is set in the city. We are at apartment blocks, and evil is trying to destroy us, but we are fighting back. Big objects are being thrown at each other. It is a magical fight that we are loosing. So we cast a spell to go back in time and save us from destruction. But we have to hide ourselves from our past selves, we see ourselves fighting evil.

We are in the hallway of an apartment block and this man offers to teleport us to somewhere else. But now we find ourselves in a clear plastic cube and we are surrounded by evil. Some of the evil creatures are coming in the clear cube and some hornets. Around our clear cube, I see a billion of hornets waiting to devour us. But I am not scared, I say to them that we are protected by GOD and the angels. I feel a pinch of doubt for a nano second but then it is gone. I am not scared and confident that we are protected by GOD and the angels. They come closer and closer….and stop. They are stopped by a greater force they can’t see. I feel a bliss to know that I am protected, that we are protected, warriors of light.


Thursday 7 February 2019  ‘Mixed dream’

I am living now in Hasselt and an airplane wings just goes through my bedroom. But the wings is just a hologram and it is not damaging my bedroom. As I look out I see more airplanes in the sky, they are surrounded by beautiful colored birds.

The dream changes and I am on my bike on my way to Cape Town, but I have no idea how I ended up there. I am on my way to see my brother and his wife. In the streets of Cape Town I meet people and I am talking to them. They are not happy and dissatisfied. I feel at easy with them. Now I enter my flat and I am followed by Kutner (Dr House) , but he is really not Kutner. It is a being that can shape shift and now he shapeshifts into a rattlesnake and bites me.


Tuesday 5 February 2019  ‘Art form’

The local jail is transformed into an art school, and art school that I am attending. An old prison guard comes into the school and thinks we are inmates who are broken loose. He doesn’t know that the jail has been transformed into an art school. So he orders us to go back to our cell, he grabs on of my friends. But we tell him that this is not a jail anymore, that it is now a school.

We have exams now and we have to make a cake with a partner. The ingredients are whipped cream, marshmallows and oreos cookies. I ask my partner to put some ingredients away so that we can focus first on the cake. But she puts it in the attic. We put whipped cream onto the cake and then we put oreos cookies and marshmallows on top of it.  But it seems we don’t have enough whipped cream for the other smaller two cakes.

The dream changes and I am not happy that I find myself home again after a nice long holiday in America. I am in a restaurant that has little bowls of colored sparkly water on top of the table. In this bowls are plastic little colorful fish and seahorses, that are floating on top of the water.

We are done and we are now walking towards a race. We are between very green hills as we approach the road where the race is. The owner of this patch of green is putting up a speed camera so that he catches people who are driving to fast in this part of the hills. Some of the racers are racing by quite fast, others is as if they are a tortoise, driving very slow. End of dream.


Sunday 3 February 2019  ‘Dreamflight Magic’

GLS Blaze

I want to go to magic school but in order to enroll, you have to pass the test. I ran with my friend past an upstanding cobra and up onto a high wall. I past this test and also my husband past his test.

Now I am standing on a playground surrounded by buildings, one of the buildings looks like a castle. The castle like building stands on my left, and I see my husband standing on the tower, and he calls to me.

We end up in the dean’s room and my husband complains that there 37 plates, while it must be 36 plates. There was one to many.  I said that throw the extra plate out or use it as under some plants. They put a tomato tree on it and it is a big tree with a lot of tomatoes hanging from it ( Growing tomatoes promise you happiness and joy in family life). A lady passes by and picks a small tomato to taste. I walk further and I am in a greenhouse where everybody is now growing tomatoes.

The dream changes and I am in a taxi with a friend. It seems we are in Amsterdam or somewhere in Belgium. My friend asks where I left the tickets, because she wants it as a souvenir.


Friday 1 February 2019  ‘Meeting other dimensional beings’

I am at my work and I see that now team members are assigned different tasks. Now I am sitting alone in a room with my colleague and I like it that it is nice and quiet in there. Outside it is very busy and loud. We are outside the room and a lot of people are showing personal projects.

I now lie in a hospital bed at work, I say once you stay in bed, you never come out. Then we follow some people and we come across a barrier to another dimension. You can see the difference because where the other dimension starts, it is rippling and has a red colour to it. Some animals on our side go to the dimension wall, and as they touch it, it seems to light up, and we see on the other side, very strange looking animals. As an animal go through, it seems it switches places, and that strange looking animal is now on our side. Then the animal morphs into me as I am the first person it sees.

Our king arrives and he orders to capture this being and me, but I am not the only one who gets tied up. There is another person who sparks interest in the king. As we stand before him, he releases us again except for the being. Now he asks us to make a judgement, either to trust it or to kill it. People around me are voting to kill the being and as I look into the beings eyes, I see sadness. So I speak up and say: ‘ even though we don’t know this being, we can’t judge if it is good or bad. We shouldn’t pass judgement before we try to know and understand this being’. The death sentence is wrong, only because we don’t know this being. End of dream.


Thursday 31 January 2019   ‘Responsibility’

I want to buy some things before I take the train. But I must abandon my things because something, I don’t know, happened. I want to take an elevator down, but it doesn’t feel like an elevator. It seems so narrow and the walls are padded too. I almost think I am in a nut house. Then there is this weird cube panel, you must reach in far to touch the buttons of the elevator. The buttons are random and next to the buttons is a scanning device. I put my hand on the scanning device and I feel a magnetic pull. So, I pull out my hand as fast as I can before it does something to my hand. I now reach again for the buttons, but I don’t know which floor I want to go. I reach for the number 2 (= Two stands for balance, diversity, partnership, marriage co-operation, soul or receptivity). The doors are closing, and we go down, as we go down, it feels like we hit zero gravity. I am floating in the elevator, and I am just having a good time with this.

The dream changes and I am escorting a lady to her psychologist. The psychologist is asking a lot of personal questions to this lady, and she doesn’t like it. I don’t like to listen to personal stuff, so I go out onto the balcony. As I stare out in the distance I try to keep my pain and tears inside of me. I do want to cry but not in public. Then the psychologist is standing next to me and she has this familiar energy again. (guide? She feels like the psychologist I had back in Hasselt). I see people walking past the open door. The psychologist walks to the door and closes it.

She wants to talk to me, she asks me why I quite therapy. And she also heard that I am doing something. Also, my best friend came to her in a panic and was worried about me. This is also the reason why nobody is taking responsibility for me. When I hear this, I feel more hurt and I push myself away from her by saying ‘that’s fine’. I can do this on my own, I don’t need anybody. I will carve my own path. I go inside and sit in the couch. I take my paper and watercolours and start to colour. The psychologist comes inside but I ignore her. End of dream.


Wednesday 30 January 2019  ‘Evil’

I live with other people and my kids in one apartment. One of the ladies is very evil and she doesn’t want us in the apartment. But we have an appointment with the husband of this lady. He gives us a tour around the apartment and I see paintings in brown colours of gods and goddesses. Some of those are evil. I also see Hecate, don’t recall the other ones. End of dream.


Tuesday 29 January 2019   ‘Healing’

I am meeting up with this psychologist, but his energy feels familiar, like we have known each other for a long time. This is one of the dreams where I can’t open my eyes properly, I can only look through some slits. No matter how hard I try, it isn’t happening. I cannot see anything of my surroundings.

As I walk out of the practice, I close the door behind me. But the door doesn’t stay closed, it opens again. Then a young black man walks to the door and says an incantation to close the door. I am again in the practice of the psychologist, but I am not the one talking to him. Another lady is talking to him. Something happens but because I still can’t see much, I don’t know what is happening. It is only a feeling that I have. End of dream.


Sunday 27 January 2019  ‘Levitating’

I don’t remember much from this dream but 1 moment I didn’t forget. I was in the bathroom experimenting with a broken green bottle in the shower. There was some anti- gravity going on at a certain spot in this shower. The green bottle just hovers in the air.


Friday 25 January 2019  ‘Colorful’


I am on a holiday with my hubby and we are visiting a museum. But we don’t have a hotel room to stay in, so we sleep in our car. We got woken up by a security guard, he laughs when he sees that we are sleeping in there. The dream changes and I am making artworks for school. My art teacher approves all my work. The dream takes me on a boat in the middle of a lake surrounded by people.

Then I am back in a jeep and my father is driving. We drive on a dirt road when I look at my left I notice a structure up on the hill. I see a lot of people gathering around this structure. My father drives further on this dirt road but ends up driving through grasses until we can’t drive any further. When we get out of the car, a strange thing started to happen. Birds are raining out of the sky and slowly it changes to normal rain. We are climbing the stairs of this wooden tower structure. It is a watch tower and when we arrive on the platform that overlooks the landscape, my brother is waiting there. In the mean time my phone broke but my brother says he can fix it.

I look out and I notice a very colourful town. It looks like colourful house cubes stacked on top of each other connected by metal stairs. It gives the town a unique look, I like this colourful look surrounded by the different greens of the trees. My camera is in my hands and I take a lot of pictures. It feels like home, am I in New Earth? Or is this a past life memory in another world? End of dream.


Thursday 24 January 2019  ‘Cursed’

My dad and I are at home when someone come into our house uninvited. She is a witch and there are a lot of children surrounding her, but they are not her children. She came to my house because of my book about witchcraft and books of shadow. Some of my books are very old but I sense danger from her request. Rather that it falls into the wrong hands, my dad and I are burning the books. The witch gets furious and in retaliation she curses me. But I said to her that I don’t believe in cursed. She takes a wooden coaster and rubs it to my skin. When she takes it off my shoulder looks badly bruised and some skin is also broken. I am amazed and scared at the same time. She takes me hostage and I learn that she already took my mom hostage.

The witch takes me to another dimension where I see my mom. I ran to her and I hug her, I am glad she is not hurt. The witch let me do things that I really don’t want to do. So, I must escape back to my own dimension. My mom is not there anymore, it is just me. I am walking past a channel of water, that lies next to a train track.

When I see my dimension on the other side, over the train tracks and water, I get very excited. I don’t hesitate and jump into the water and swim to the other side. I climb over a wall and I am back into my dimension. It seems I ended up in a theme park. I sit in on of the rides, but before we take off we are scanned for our ID number. But I don’t have one and I landed in Australia. I must go to immigration, but I can do that after the ride. But the ride takes more than 3 hours, so I am going to enjoy the park first. End of dream.


Friday 18 January 2019  ‘Encounters’


The dream starts… with my mom and me shopping in a nice little market. We are at a table where they sell African stuff, we have our eyes on some colourful elephants. The dream changes and I now I put all my stuff in a rented hotel room, where it is safe to keep them.

I am in the car now with my parents and it seems it is night-time. When I look up into the sky I see white lights flying in the sky, they are making patterns. I am excited to see them, to see the ufo’s dancing in the sky. As if they hear my thoughts they fly towards me and over me. I can see them more clearly and they look like glowing triangle jet fighters. But they are not airplanes, they fly faster than even the jet fighters. We stop the car, but we do not go out. Then an extra-terrestrial ship land beside us, I even more excited and happy. As I go out of the car, I find myself now in a quiet street during the day. I see a truck coming at high speeds come through the bend, and it goes wrong. It has a big accident and one of the wheels is flying over my head. Luckily it didn’t hit me and was ok.

Then things get weird… I am still in the street, but also in a room at the same time. The room is semi dark and there is a pregnant woman on the bed, seemingly in labour. My mentor is also there, and she is doing a ritual onto the pregnant woman. I don’t feel very good when I see this. It looks like a satanic ritual, she is doing an incantation. When she sees my look, she explains that it is not a satanic incantation. This incantation will enhance my psychic abilities. I am still in the room and I am skyping with my best friend who is busy to sell my house. I need his advice about something.

The dream changes and I find myself in a big hall that feels like a shopping mall and a hospital. We are still at the street, but the street is now in this hospital, a decapitated bus is standing in the hall. The people inside look like they are in shock. I see older people and children in this bus. Then I spot my best friend in the bus and I run to him and get him out of the bus. Then I make sure all the other people are out of the bus and that they are ok. People are brought into the hospital and I follow.

I see in one of the rooms a little girl with blond hair staring at me. She says to me that I am lending someone’s sight. Only know I am aware that I am not in my own body, that I am looking through somebody else’s eyes. I am feeling very confused. Now I have this duality feeling, I am the pregnant lady and I am the lady who is going to adopt the baby of this pregnant lady. And then I am also an observer of what is happening in the hospital. I walk with my family and my three-year-old son through the gliding doors of the hospital. Once through the doors my point of view changes again and I am now the lady that wants to adopt him. Then I am again the third observer looking at the family coming in. End of dream.


Thursday 17 January 2019  ‘The Wadde’


I find myself on the wadde, is it low tide and the beach is visible. But when you walk on this beach, you must be very careful. It has spots of quicksand and swamp. I walk very carefully because some girls disappeared in those dangerous spots. Now I am on my own, my group is way further on the beach. Because I am looking at the group, I am distracted, and I walk half way into a soft spot. Luckily for me I don’t fall all the way into the quicksand. I can pull myself out again. In the distance I see a lonely seal bathing in the sunshine. I see a blue glowing stone on the beach and I pick it up and put it in my pocket of my trousers. I am walking back to the group.

As I walk, I see something is happening and we are now surrounded by the army. It is as if an all-knowing is coming over me, I know what to do. I take the blue glowing stone out of my pocket and I ask the stone orb to protect all these people. The glowing stone rises in the air and reduces itself to a smaller size. It then buries itself in the quicksand and is gone. At that moment a lady was looking for seashells and saw the last glimmer of the stone before it disappeared. She quickly comes to see what it was, but when she doesn’t find anything she looks disappointed.

The kids are at school and I am in sitting in an empty class besides Nolwazi’s class (my youngest daughter). I hear her making friends and I am very proud of her. Then I see my best friend Gigi, who I haven’t seen for a long time. But I am so happy to see her (guide?) but before I can give her hug we get disturbed by her boyfriend. He is busy rehearsing for a school play. End of the dream.


Thursday 15 January 2019  ‘Mixed dream’

I am driving with my family along the coast and as we look out, in the sea, we see big waves coming towards us. The waves become higher and higher. (New energy wave?) We arrive in the city and as we are driving through the streets with very tall sky scrapers. As I look up, I see the tsunami wave looming above the sky scrapers. But it seems the wave is barely moving, it is just looming as we drive further. Then I find a hole in the wall, we leave our car and walk through, it leads to another dimension. We should be safe here at this side of the wall. But I want to know what the situation is on the other side, so I decide to go through the opening again.

The dream takes me now to a party where I meet important people and celebrities. Now I am at work and I give all my details to the man on the other side of the phone line. He is surprised that I am working for this company and congratulates me.

Again, the dream changes and now we just bought a house. I see in the right upper corner of the room that it is wet, I don’t like it. We are eating now in the living room and Shannon comes in and takes my food to warm up in the microwave. I am not happy that she steals my food. (Related because my parents are visiting us now). I look out over the city below me and see a lot of traffic. It seems to be the city of London (= Nobility, you have an elevated sense of self). I am in the city and I see a bus walking on mechanical long robot legs. It looks scary, but the bus just walks over all the traffic.

I go into a shop and see some bikes and tennis rackets (my youngest daughter bikes in a team, and my oldest plays tennis) hanging way up high on some hooks. I jump to touch them and then they fall of the hooks. I am glad no one was around otherwise somebody could have hurt themselves


Sunday 13 January 2019  ‘Dreamflight Blaze’

GLS Blaze

I put up an invitation to a healing session aboard the ship Blaze. Here is the dream I had.

I am at the airport and me and my mom are waiting in line to be boarded. My mom stands in front of me. We see the portal and we are ready to walk through it. But before we get to the portal this lady guard puts a door in front of her and pushes us out with it. And we are now standing out of the airport, it seems we have been thrown out. We must start all over again but first I need to fix my passport. We are going to an open building to get the right papers (vibrations?). Then I am going back to the airport to travel. My dream changes and I am now in the hospital room (Blaze). I will be in the hospital for a very long time, so in the mean time I am watching some TV shows.

Then it changes again, and I make myself ready to go on a road trip through America with Ann (but she has the energy of my husband). We have an argument with her when we arrive at our hotel room. Because of that, we enter the wrong hotel room. We open now the door on our right, it says we are now in room 2661 and we walk into a kind of dorm house. I am sitting on my own bed and watch while Ann gets a massage from her friends. But it seems she doesn’t like it, so I rescue her from this.

The dream changes and now we are in the car, and we are on our way to go have a bite. We are now in a restaurant and now my husband is also there, beside Ann. I told my husband that she doesn’t belong with us, that it doesn’t feel right. Then a big shouldered man comes our way and sits on a table. I see a big ginger cookie in front of him, he is making a village with icing. Colourful houses with snow on the roofs, and a beautiful snowy landscape. There is a German quote on the cookie, something about the landscape and the village. He breaks of a piece and eats it. Now I am sitting in front of him and he talks to me. He tells me, I am not treated right and why I allow this. We are sitting in a sort of closed off table in the restaurant with a red table-cloth. Then we moved to an open spot and now there is a game going on. We must guess the age of a machine, I guess 75. But before we get the results I want to go, I also want to leave Ann behind. Suddenly police raid the restaurant, I know I am ok because we don’t have drugs on us.

The dream shifts, and we are sitting outside on a terrace looking at the skyline of the city, along the river that passes through. I see misty blue; purple lights rise from the city. It looks like the polar lights, but they make a beautiful spectacle, I feel spiritually attracted to this. I am making a selfie with this polar city lights.


Thursday 10 January 2019  ‘Keys’

I am already late when I arrive at the church. The doors are locked but the key is sitting outside in the key hole. But before I can turn the key, a lady opens the door for me and I go in. (How did she know I was there?) I stay at the back and look for a place to sit. I am looking at a big TV screen, while I am phoning my mom. While I look at the TV, I get suddenly sick and I go out of the church.

I am going to a doctor to see what is wrong with me. She pricks me in my arms, but I don’t feel anything, but I feel something in my feet. My father pays R1700 and he asks me to look for the tickets. He leaves me alone and leaves his super power to me. When he comes back, he has a lot of stuff with him. There is a magazine with a female doctor on it, he takes out a marker and starts to draw on it. End of dream.


Wednesday 9 January 2019   ‘Unwanted Teleportation’

I teleport to another place in another dimension. At first glance, I am at a very big lake that has a yellow beach. I see other people who are also stuck in this dimension. When I am walking away from the place I came from, when I look back I see children popping up. They don’t know what is happening and look lost. Some adults that were taking up the task to comfort the kids and find them a place to stay. But I am not going to stay here, I am going to find my way back.

The dream changes and I am sitting on a beach chair relaxing. A beautiful golden-colored dog comes to me and lies his head on my lap. It feels like we have known each other for a very long time. He gives me a hug and I give one back and this feels very nice and naturally. It gives me a sense of warmth and security, it feels very nice. I walk back to the place where I came from when I teleport.

Now I see a lonely elevator, standing alone, where did it come from? There was nothing there before, but will this elevator bring us back to our dimension? I want to test this out, a small group of people is just standing next to the elevator. And the other group goes into the elevator. Me I am part of the group that goes into the elevator, it seems that the elevator works. But it doesn’t bring me to my dimension, may because we are all from other dimensions? Or are we in our own dimension and something changed?

We find ourselves in a half-open alien ship that cruises through Cresta mall. Security guards are opening fire at us and we duck away behind structures that keeps us safe from the bullets. The dream changes again, and I am now in England, at the coast of Dover, because I see the white cliffs. I am now sitting in a class with other woman and it seems we are having fun. We make funny hair styles while the teacher looks at us. The hairstyle looks like the hair style in the movie ‘The Grinch’. In the mean time we are laughing at ‘the doctor’ in the series of ‘Doctor Who’. End of dream.


Tuesday 8 January 2019  ‘Treasure’

In my first dream I was growing trees. Then I woke up and went to sleep again. In my second dream my friends and I find a mysterious jewel box. My friends put it on its side and opens it. Something new comes out, something blue and then something orange in the second divide. When we opened the jewel box, we were sitting in the library, but this toy jewel box is not ours. But we are intrigued, and we hide the box so that nobody else knows it. In the box we find two red chili peppers, my friend is the first one to try. But he gets sick after eating it. And we hear a sound coming from the box, it becomes louder and louder. I decided to eat the other chili pepper and I close the box and put it in my pocket.

Then a lady is coming our way and she asks if we saw a toy box. We deny that we have seen it, in the mean time I put my hand in my pocket to feel the box. But somehow, she knows we have the box and she start threatening us. After a while we decided to hand over the box to her. I see her walking up to a man, and see they have another piece of a box in their hands. Somebody told this man that this was a very important box.

Now I am at a house and see a young girl playing in the garden with the toy box. Somebody calls to her and she goes inside the house, leaving the box outside. I am only an observer on this part of the dream.


Monday 7 January 2019  ‘The wave’

I was in my hotel room and I was on the balcony taking a picture of an oncoming wave in the sky, racing through the higher clouds. Then I am racing out of the hotel to get away of the wave. Then I find myself in a race, but the path is blocked so I must take another route. I go back to my room.

And now I am on the top of the building with other people and my friends. Then one of my friends is teleport to Paris. My mentor wants to go after her to see if she can find her, but before she can do that she is already back. The dream changes and I am now in a store. I am looking for specialized equipment for my camera. The owner of the shop says the batteries that I am looking for are sold out. That is not a problem, I know a shop where they certainly have that kind of batteries. I am in a Chinese shopping mall (the mall looks like the Chinese shopping mall in Blairgowrie, where I used to live).



Thursday 3 January 2019  ‘On the ship’

I was relocated to do some new work, so I am walking through a big dark hallway, in the back I see some stairs. Is seems/feels like you must take a risk crossing this big dark hallway. Our work involves electronics and the new comers, me also, are shown our workplaces. When I look out of the window it looks like a beehive, a big ship. In this big room I am working, I make flips against the wall, or making bridges with my body. I am now hanging on the wall with my sweater. We now going to take the stairs and I teach others, who want to, how to take the stairs from a different angle, so that you enter a different dimension.


Wednesday 2 January 2019  ‘Stars’

Everything is permitted, playing, experimenting with the stars.


Tuesday 1 January 2019 ‘ Change’

I was with my mom in an elevator, and we where going up and down. We both were changing jobs, and we were going to our own floor to get to our jobs.

2 responses to “The Year 2019 Dreamflights

  1. Dear Lisa: How composed you are, to have been observing, sensing and noting, and posting till the right moment. The complete logs taken down in such a timeline reveals more significance, including the divine order?!!! Owing to both the physical and attention deficiency, it took me quite time to read them all, once from the latest one, and then from the earliest one. Yes, as always, there is so much synchronicity, even the spots which help recalling the lost pieces of mine. I have never been keep so many details of my dreams, particularly fantastic dreams. I’ve been wondering if these dreams of yours can be repsented via films, how awesome they are going to be, even so fun for both adults and children?!!! Thank you and GLS Blaze for bringing these very healing remedies for me, as always, particularly after my very illness esclating since Feb.10 !!!

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