The Year 2014 Dreamflights

This is a picture I took when I traveled through South Africa. This picture fits perfectly for this dream section. A dreamboat floating on the dream clouds of heaven.

This is a picture I took when I traveled through South Africa. This picture fits perfectly for this dream section. A dreamboat floating on the dream clouds of heaven.

Dream 27 September 2014: Eclipse

There was a sun/moon eclipse going on, but this eclipse was strange. I see the moon go in front of the sun, but then the moon was transparent together with the sun. But I saw the moon making circles around the sun. There are a lot of people around me looking at the same eclipse, but it seems they didn’t see anything strange.

The dream changes and Sangoma Mamelodi was coming towards me and takes me outside of my apartment onto the balustrade and we hang over the railing and touch the concrete below. I suddenly get a vision of colourful racing cars, making a lot of starting noise.

The lady Sangoma and I go back in and she talks/looks into the crystal. She tells me that I am not an apprentice anymore, but not a master yet. I am now becoming a journey woman. We are watching the sun eclipse again and now I see a normal one, when it passes I see the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen, with lots of oranges, yellow and reds. Behind me I see in a corner a beautiful tree without leaves, and again a beautiful sunset.


Dream 25 September 2014: beyond spirit


The skull appears in the night sky, on the right you see the trails of the man’s soul passing by. Copyright Liesbeth Swenne

My friend and I are in sort of a theme park and we had to deliver our tax papers to a counter that was standing in the middle of a square. There was a man and a woman behind it and we gave them our tax papers. The lady looks at my tax papers and told me that it wasn’t filled in correct. She tries to explain to me how to fill it in properly, but I still don’t understand it.

After that we assemble with other groups as there is a competition going on in the park. My friend and I are a team and we are getting a map to navigate through the park. We have to follow a certain pattern that will lead us to whatever it is hidden.

We are now in a building that half looks like a hospital/warehouse and in a corner there is a room half way open with green hospital curtains half open. We see a men lying in the hospital bed, surrounded by a lot of people, he is dying. The lights are flicker and tell my friend strange things are going to happen here. I think a doctor takes the tube out of this man’s throat and I see the men taking has last breath.

As I turn around something is happening to me. I find myself outside, walking along a black short man and a white woman with red hair (this reminds me of myself when I was a bit younger, I had red hair and my husband is black and shorter then me). I look up and see stars in the night sky; it was a bit clouded though. And suddenly I see the man’s soul passing over; it looked like a white chemtrail but with a huge speed passing me by, flying between the clouds, up to the stars. The soul trail was intertwined with stars and gave it a beautiful sight.

I was the only seeing this amazing happening. As I looked down this hill shaped landscape, towards the evening sky, when suddenly a huge transparent skull appears with an unfriendly look. I told the men and the woman that I was walking with, what I saw. Because they are both publishers, the want to publish my story. I had to make a drawing for the cover, so I made the landscape with the skull I saw. But they didn’t like it much and they asked me if I couldn’t make a drawing of the soul I saw passing over me.

I was in a kind of amusement centre and there was a party going on. The reason of me being there was that I had to check it out if the room where the party was in, was good. We crash the party and find myself sitting on a long a chair, and both sides there were other people sitting on chairs. I was sitting between old people and in front of us where other people standing. They appeared to be giants and they were staring at us intensely.


Dream 23 September 2014: Magical growing plants and trees.

I am chased by the FBI for a crime they think I did. But this is all made up by them to have valid reason to arrest me and put me away for life without anyone questioning what is happening to me. The reason they are after me is because I have a gift they want to exploit. One of my gifts are camouflage, so I successful changed my features so that I could board the plane. I am flying to Germany, but I will land first in Fort Lauderdale. The reason why I going there, is to get an honest trial.

The next dreams, I can’t remember the order of them, so I just write them down as I think it went. I find some kids feeling very hot, having a fever so I decided to put them in the freezer half way. But I see they are getting to cold now, so quickly I get them out and wrap them in very warm blankets.

Now I am in a competition to find as much purple flowers as we can. I had a feeling that we have to use these purple flowers for something important, like healing. We are running towards a man that should give us water for the flowers. Some of the people in front of me have buckets and want them filled. Now I suddenly I got the urge to get some more purple flowers, I felt like it was more important to have more of them.

I ran into a nursery and I look for specific purple flowers and see in a corner, just 1 purple flower in the earth bed. This is not enough and I take the purple flower out of the earth and replant it where there is a lot of space and light. The atmosphere is beautiful and I begin to sing to the flower. It starts to grow and grow and grow until the flower became a huge tree full with those purple flowers. I felt wonder looking at this tree and thousands of little purple flowers. I look up to this huge tree.

One of the attendants of the nursery asked me if I didn’t want a job with the nursery. But I said no and shift my attention to the tree. I ask the tree if he would give his purple flowers for healing and the tree is willing to give. He shakes all the flowers of the branches and they fall to the ground. Instantly green grows on the branches and a kind of moss grows on the trunk of the tree. I thank him for his gift to us.

More new dreams are following, in the mean time you can catch up on my dreams on this page: Dreamflight 2014 where I update with a few more new dreams.


Dream 23 September 2014

I make some pictures of our family with a self-timer. When I see the pictures, it seems every picture has been doubled. The first picture is just a normal 3 dimension picture in our earthly form. But the second picture captured our spirit reflection, and we seem to be white, we didn’t even have a mouth, nose, ears or eyes. In the first picture we just wore our regular earth clothes but in this picture we wore black clothes.

The dream takes me to a lived living room, the paint falls of the walls, and the couches are so old that even the plants come through the holes. I am thinking to get rid of those couches.


Dream 16 September 2014

This was kind of a strange scary dream. My two friends and I are living together in a studio. I have one side of the wall where I do my art; my desk is full of paper and art materials. We are in the studio and it feels like something bad is coming our way and we feel scared of it.

The dream changes and we find ourselves in a boat on a lake. We are still inland as we can see behind us the city and in front of us the fore land. Big dark clouds are packing into the sky and we feel the threat coming from these clouds. They form a tornado, a tornado consisting of a many-headed monster. Some are black horses; others are dragons or other scale creatures, opening their mouth in trying to devour us. We quickly sail back and we hide again in our studio, with the door locked.


Dream 10 September 2014

My two daughters were kidnapped and the only way to find them was to help a psychic lady with her show. It is the first time I help her with, but I had some trouble to choose the right crystals to give her. She thought I wasn’t fast enough so she said I wasn’t any help and I better go my way.

Now I have no choice to look for my children myself trying to make use of my psychic powers.


Dream 8 September 2014

I see a big beautiful silver glistening clock with big silver arms, pointing the time. It is five minutes past 1. After that I find myself in space.


Dream 7 September 2014

This was a kind of special dream; I was sitting on a rock overlooking a beautiful landscape, sitting next to GOD. I felt so special and I felt so safe, knowing that everything and everyone would be safe. Then I see a bright white flash and the sun explodes. Then this overpowering feeling came up of: ‘I am so happy to be released from this earthly existence. But it was short-lived, because I found myself back on Earth. And I felt disappointed.


Dream 5 September 2014

When I woke up from this dream, I had such a wonderful feeling. This dream was so beautiful.



It is winter and I find myself on a snowy and icy bridge with my friends. We are looking at a beautiful sunset and on the right we see our city (the city looks like Budapest). The bridge is closed off because it is so icy and we are playing a special game. The game is to ice-skate as fast as possible, collect many things and skate back. The bridge leads into a cave that is sealed off and we brought many things in there. But there is a legend that funny things happen in this cave. They give the start and we ice-skate as fast as possible back. As I am ice-skating towards the cave I see blue glowing snowflakes dancing up, making it very magical. In the cave I grab as many stuff in my arms and ice-skate back to the finish. Then we started again, but when I was alone in the cave, something was happening. I saw a portal opening on the end of the cave, the direction I didn’t want to skate to. But for some reason, the portal was throwing up some illusions. So I was thinking I was skating out of the cave, but instead I ended up ice-skating into the portal. I felt so strong vibrations going through my body that I woke up out of my dream.



Dream 4 September 2014

I was travelling with my parents and we stayed in a hotel room that was way too small for us. We have not enough room to sleep there. The dream changes and I find myself with my friends in the city. It feels like we having fun as it is very late, the streets are deserted. We are on our way home as we get attacked by ghosts. Some of the ghosts are malicious and let some of my friends think they are boys. It is actually funny to see that.

The dream changes and my friends and I find ourselves in a shopping center and because it is very late and all the shops are closed. We find ourselves on the highest floor of the shopping centre, in the farthest corner, were no one can find us. We sleep on the floor or against the railing as I see an opening in the ceiling. A ladder comes down and a lady artist comes out of there. She is really upset with us and wants us gone. I see that she is an artist and I compelled her to look at our art. I had some drawings of my kids, a face in the water and a grey extra-terrestrial lying down with eyes closed. The ET looks like the Asgard in Stargate SG-1.

When she sees the drawings, she gets very lenient and offers us a place to sleep in her studio. As we go up the ladder I see I forgot my keys. On this moment a security guard comes by and sees my keys. He picks it up and I rush down the ladder again, following him. I am asking the security guard to give my keys back but it seems he doesn’t hear me at first. Then I ask him to just let my keys fall on the floor and it seems he heard me as he let them fall on the floor. As I pick my keys up I notice that a guard robot is coming towards me. He sees me and is coming after me. I running towards the ladder again as I go up, the woman who provided us shelter was still down, kicks the robot hard that it spins around. Now we are safe up in her studio. She has a lot of hammocks in her studio she can hang up. The studio looks magical a safe haven.

The dream gets me now to a little square and it is sunny and the sky is blue. I find myself between old people on a terrace, listening to a speech about a very important person.

The last dream I find myself in my home again and I am cleaning the kitchen thoroughly as I will get some inspection from some people. I poor some blue stuff down the drain of the sink. Suddenly I hear a knock and surprisingly it is my parents coming to stay with us. I was already busy with cooking some meal.


Dream 1 September 2014

The dream is rather violently. I find myself at a restaurant dinner surrounded with people. It is winter and I am looking outside and I see that a train has been derailed. Around the rail-cars I see a very evil and cold looking fat lady, hovering inches from the ground. She cools her anger on the train that has been derailed. I see a lot of scared people in those rail-cars. So I raise a protection field around the dinner so she can’t cool her anger on us. The protection wall is yellow of color and very hard. She can’t reach us so she diverts her anger back on the poor people in the rail-cars. She looks with so much evil towards the people in the cars that I put a protection field around theirs too.

But it is not enough so I decided to go outside to rescue them. I jump onto some kind of platform and I am standing in front of her. I told her that what she does is not right, but she doesn’t care. Now I grab her head with my hands and show her the terrible things she did. She is…shocked …not really…and because my hands are around her head, my body was vulnerable. She pushes into my flank and it really hurts. I try to grab her hands but I am unsuccessful. The pain is so overwhelming that I wake up.

I fall asleep again and I am on safari and see a rhino and other wild animals. They were very close to us. The last dream I can remember is that I assist one of my family member with the birth.


Dream 31 August 2014

I still remember selective dream fragments and it comes with a feeling that I am on sort of a course that I can’t remember. Then my guide tells me to relax and that all is well.

The first one I remember vaguely again.

I had to reset a password but this password had to match this with his age and physical appearance. Otherwise I couldn’t give him the password.

The dream drops me in my former bedroom in my old living place in Hasselt. I find myself in the sitting room and I am looking outside the window. In the distance of the blue sky I see an UFO flying over very slow and then I see the UFO starts multiply itself. Now there are hundreds of UFO’s flying in the sky. I am so happy that I feel myself float up to the ceiling, and without a doubt, I know I just can fly through the ceiling. So I feel myself floating through several floors of the apartment and the dream changes…

It feels like I am in the future and in another dimension, I live in a world without color. It is a world controlled by a lot of rules, no diversions. We all live in colorless apartment blocks, stacked upon each other. The terraces are painted white, but the new law has changed and now everybody is painting it black.

It is also against the law to have colorful things in your possession, if found, you get arrested and jailed for it. A man comes towards me and shows me in secret a very colorful stone pendant. It is already getting dark and the lights are lit in all the apartment blocks. Despite the lack of color, it is a beautiful sight to see all these magical lights. I looked around very quickly to see if nobody saw this and I shove him quickly in my friend’s apartment on ground floor. It is also forbidden to read the colorful stones, and even harder punished. I open the door again and look outside, it seem the streets are empty now. Quickly I shove him in my apartment next door.

The dream changes and finds myself in an old movie theatre and I need to put the stones in a certain order. But I take too much time and all the others are already gone through the portal that connects to another dimension. It is a round door in the theatre and I quickly went to this door, but it is closed. There is a golden hand next to the door and I pushed it. The door opens and I step through it, to another dimension. When I am through my guide and master asked me if I went through the portal when the theatre was full of people and on which time and condition I entered the portal.


Dream 29 August 2014

It has been a while for me of remembering dreams, as the first thing I woke up, the dream disappeared out of my head so quickly I couldn’t remember anything.

I vaguely recall that I am being chased by bad forces. The dream sets me now in a grey building and I am surrounded by a lot of people with children. I am handing out little stickers that they have to stick on their t-shirts; it will give them the power to fly. But it only works when you have positive thoughts, like in the movie Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle’s pixie dust. My happy thoughts are both births of my two daughters and feel myself rising into the air. What a wonderful feeling of flying into the air. I see also other people and children flying around and that makes me happy.

Now I find myself in an apartment, we are visiting some friend that also asks us to stay over. We have to find our way through a half dark living room with a lot of stuff lying and sitting around. We arrive in the bedroom area and it is very big single bedroom with two double beds and 1 single bed. The bedroom was much lighter and had some strange magic to it. The bedding were from a rich deep green and were embroidered with glitter gold pattern. Also we had a beautiful view onto the beach where a sunset was happening. Everything looked sparkling and magical and told my friends that I would like to sleep in the single bed, close to the beach view. The bedroom changes and a beautiful warm glow make it more magical and the sky above is a deep soft evening blue.

I am transported now back into the room and I look upon the landscape in front of me that looks a lot like Lord of the rings, especially the landscape around the city of Gondor. I look out of the window and look to my right and see on the ridge we see some movement. They are super big trolls and one of them begins to shoot big arrows towards us. A bit further I see a curved door in stone melt away.

Now I find myself with someone else in a kitchen (situated in an apartment block, a few floors up) and two people open our backdoor kitchen, they are detectives looking for us. They are archer detectives and one of the detectives, a woman, is keeping us at gunshot. While the other archer detective a chasing down my friends. I look carefully for a way to escape but I can’t see any.



Dream 21 August 2014

The itsy bitsy spider

Climbed up the waterspout.

Down came the rain

And washed the spider out.

Out came the sun

And dried up all the rain.

So the itsy-bitsy spider

Climbed up the spout again!

I dream that my mother had died and we were living in a single room hut because we didn’t have the money to leave in a house. My father is there and also my two children. I am busy to make the room brighter and I am painting it yellow. So I look away for one moment, and the whole room is painted black. I was so upset that I am saying “give me my yellow walls back”. Then the walls turn from black to yellow again.

(Note: I just watched the movie King Kong and there is a scene with big ugly and scary spiders)

Then in the right hand corner I see a really big spider and take my special spider brush to brush it away. Around this spider seems to be a thousand of little tiny spiders. The spider falls onto the floor, very close to my daughter. I told her not to move an inch.

The dream changes and we are sitting at the table, having dinner. My mother’s ghost appears in front of me and I am the only one who sees her. I ask her why she left us and told her that I really miss her.


Dream 10 August 2014

I dream that I am sitting in the bushes and it is dark. I look under the big leaves and see a huge butterfly hanging upside down, it is a rainbow butterfly (meaning: beauty of all nature). Now I am trying to make a picture but the butterfly flies away before I could make it.


Dream 4 August 2014

I find myself in an office and I am in a meeting. The tables are set in a square and I am sitting behind a desk that is towering some TV’s and obscuring my view. The dream changes and I find myself now in the middle of the meeting room sitting to another colleague.

We are sitting in front of what seem to be the opening of cannon. But it looks like those little round windows of a ship. And I had the feeling that we are also staring at a portal. I felt we had no choice to sit there, like an invisible force kept us on that spot. Cause we shouldn’t sit in front of this. I hold on to my colleague and put some sort of mental protection around us.

Then this powerful weapon portal opens and fires a very powerful white light and we were in the path of it. But because we are protected, we didn’t feel too much, but I feel that my feet and legs are falling apart in light particles. It was such a strange feeling, so strange that I strengthen my force field around us and the feeling goes away.  Then it stops and we survived this ordeal.

But it seems while we were in the beam, the opening of the portal, we changed dimensions. Our parents don’t exist anymore and also my children. We don’t like this and we are trying to figure out a way back to our own reality.



Dream 3 August 2014: The Call Home

I am in my bedroom and the lights are on (I assume that it is dark outside) and I am held there against my will. But something is happening; suddenly two men appear out of nowhere. I feel that I have nothing to fear from them, they all had good vibrations. They tell me they come to rescue me but they have to escape through unconventional means. We had to lie in my bed and pull the sheets over our heads and now it was up to my imagination to escape. Now it feels like the bed is moving and it gets first light, then dark, then light again. This older men says that we have arrived, wherever that is. I found myself in a little room that looked and felt very familiar and I saw again (see dream 31 July 2014) those drawings of people in different poses. I see a desk in front of me with a sketchbook that I am apparently working in.

The man feels very familiar, as I have been there for several times (it really felt like a place I visit a lot and is real, cause the feeling I had of this place is one of coming home and feeling so happy). He is standing in the doorway and past him I can see people doing a lot of different sports. He is my guide and says: “In this place you can be yourself here, you can sport here, or draw or practice, whatever you want to do. But I also will give you support whenever you need to explore yourself in depth, in soul. Is this what you want to do?” I agree that is what I want to do. Then a vibration of comfort, peace and safety comes of him.

When the dream ended I had a feeling of knowing this place where I would go whenever I am dreaming. It felt like a school and I felt this urge to go there forever, I was feeling homesick. I never had this feeling of waking up from a dream. Could this be real, is this where I belong? Even when writing this down, the feeling of homesick comes up again and I feel tears in my heart and a longing.


Dream 2 August 2014

In the dream I am walking with my friends in the city. Then suddenly we felt a bad vibration coming from the sky and we know something bad is coming. We found ourselves now in a single grey street, with on both sides houses of the same structure and look, with the same steel doors and locks, and big handles. There is only grey pavement, no single green in sight. I look around and see that my friends are also gone, nice and safe behind the doors. I can feel the darkness coming near and I desperately try all the handles of the doors. I am knocking now on a door and a friendly colored lady opens the door. She is so nice to let me in and I meet other two women who are also taking shelter there. I feel save inside.

The dream changes and we are on our way again, when suddenly we feel that same threat again. We are close to a small community of houses, and I don’t know how we know, but we knew that the government found a bomb and sealed of the area. The government didn’t want the population to know about this bomb threat. There is a high security around this place and we try to get in, but we are stopped by policemen and government men.

One of the government men stops us and shows us a picture of a woman. He asks us if we seen her. I was so surprised to see my mother’s picture that I said stupidly: “yes that is my mother”. Suddenly I realized my mistake and before I know I get arrested. The reason they were looking for my mother is because she had some magical talents they want to abuse. The reason they arrested me is that they think I inherited those gifts.

The dream changes again and I find myself in a room, in my home and I am looking after my 3 siblings. My two sisters and 1 brother and I urged them to pack as we have to flee the house from the police. They are after our family, due thinking we all have special gifts.



Dream 31 July 2014


I had a meeting with three women (three sisters) at a restaurant. My friend is taking pictures of the clouds, and as she is reviewing the pictures on her digital camera she lets out a surprise cry. Quickly she shows me the picture she was all excited about. In the picture I see the three faces of the three sisters we are meeting in the clouds. The dream changes and I am in my room, the wall is filled with drawings of people and faces in different positions. Drawings are in black and brown ink, very beautiful.



Dream 24 July 2014: Adventure

I find myself in a room, ready to go on adventure. Not any adventure, an adventure through the dimensions. I have a guide who will guide me through these dimensions. My guide is an androgyny and takes me on a mission. We transport and find ourselves on the bottom of the sea, what appears a half open tunnel. The seawater is dark blue and green and we can breath under water. It is half dark inside and I see children walking towards me, it seems that those children are abducted by those sea mermaids. The children look very sad and pass me without seeing me. The mermaids have a sort of green membrane over their faces and they push the kids in front of them. The children are not happy.

The dream is changing and I find myself in the city. It appears to be in the evening and a terrible storm is going on. I am in a bar now and a lot of people are drinking alcohol. I find myself in a back room of the bar with bars in front of the windows. Now all those people are staring through (Xp: library) these windows and want to come in, but they can’t , because everything is closed of.

We are back and it seems we were away for more than 6 months. But something is not right about this reality, because it seems the seasons fall on the wrong times and dates. It also feels like I am in a different dimension then the one I came from.



Dream 20 July 2014: Dimensions and Vampires.

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne



It seems I am on a magical market sitting on a chair in front of a table. In front of me is a lady in multicolored clothes. I have a question to her, to bring me to another dimension as I was following a friend. She puts some sand on the table that turns in a watercolor substance of blue and brown colors. She asks me to put my hand on the spot. I feel vibrations running through me and I feel myself being transported to another dimension.

I am in the other dimension, standing on a boulevard. On my left is the sea and on my right sand dunes as far as my eye can see. I am looking for the person ( I soon realize I maybe looking for my best spiritual friend Leslee) I really hold dear. But I cannot fiend this person.

The dream changes and I am standing in front of a door of a house. I ring the doorbell and a man clothed as a vampire answers the door. He has a red and black mantle and a black suit. My friends are also with me and we enter his home that seems to be a vampire shop and museum. I am looking for some fake vampire teeth. There are a lot of platforms in the shop and a lot of stuff, and we are walking through it. On our way through the shop I ask him how he developed his spiritual muscles. He says I show you and he goes into a sort of work out room. He sits on a sort of training machine where you need to lie on your back and push with your feet some weights. So he lies down and let me see how he does it.

Now the dream takes me to a motel where me and me friends want to stay for the night. But one of the rooms my friends are staying in seems to be haunted as they flee out of their room. Another friend and me are investing the matter and we are entering the room. We fiend some blue salt on the floor that seems to be confirming our suspicion.

Now I am in my bedroom, where I currently stay in Johannesburg. I leave my bedroom and leave my friends behind. When I go back to the bedroom they ask what is the password to come in. I tell them it is LI5962 and when I am inside the bedroom I see the dimensional portal has grown bigger, it is huge now, bigger then me. Now I am the first one to enter this dimensional portal and land upon a soft yellow beach.

I am sitting on a rock, doing some drawings on a sketchbook while watching the beautiful sunset. My friends are also there and we enjoy this nice beach and in front of us is a landing stage with a sort of tower house. We are doing some creativity exercises , one of them, I draw a ladder upon the tower house and such. Suddenly a see a few ghosts appear in front of me and bring me in a sort of trance. I find myself on the tower house and I am just playing, dangerously close to the edge, only thinking it is one floor high, even if I am three floors high.



Dream 16 July 2014: The voice of GOD 


Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

 This has been a very powerful dream, short but powerful. That night my youngest daughter experienced some belly ache and after a while she eventually fell asleep.

I was dreaming that I was walking on a dirt road when I met this seemingly evil man. This man tries every dirty trick in the book to get me in the claws of the dark. As I was walking and talking to this man, we came across a bridge. We stopped in front while this man was still trying to catch me in the dark nets. But he didn’t succeed as I had compassion for him and saw the good side of him, I wasn’t scared either from him.

I walked further and came upon a huge room, with very high ceilings. Suddenly (it was just a inner knowing) a voice came from the ceiling, a voice of GOD. I feel a strange energy, god’s hand, lifting me up gently and I am floating gently to the voice. The feeling I have over my body because of the energy is very exciting, very strange but so comfortable ( I would love to have this feeling again, it makes me so happy) and suddenly GOD gives me a vision about who I am. I lean towards a purple flower and smell it’s gently smell and I hear ” Your are so full of compassion and see the good in people , even if they are evil. And you are someone who is she is, nothing more, nothing less”

Then my husband wakes me up as it is time to go to work. It is 5.30 AM.

I though this you tube video, the sound of the universe would compliment this dream:



Dream 9 July 2014: In the world below

I find myself going into an ice cave , following, walking, gliding down, down the ice blue tunnel. I finally arrive in what it seems in another world. Everything seems so strange and feels strange. A young lady is waiting there for me, she looks beautiful like a princess. It is not so cold down here as she was wearing a kind of attire without sleeves, it looks like gold. She welcomes me but she urges me to put on some clothes and some kind of weird looking shoes to cover me feet and I see she does not have feet as I do. I can’t see it well, but it is a mix of fins and hobbit feet. We are in a building with lots of windows without glass and lots of plants and vines surrounding the building. (this is more seeing/feeling of the interior). As she urges me to put on those weird clothes and shoes, her friends are coming our way. It is to late so the only thing I could do was trying to hide my feet from them. But is to no use, they see my feet. One of her friend has very long black hair with a little yellow flower in it. (now that I write this down, I see that when I did my shopping, I bought my cleaning stuff all yellow, I wanted to go for yellow) My friend pleaded with them not to tell anyone what they saw.

YELLOW: clarity, perception, understanding, cheerfulness, expansiveness, motivation, leadership, learning, communication, creativity, curiosity, productivity, health, blessing, enlightenment, intellect, stimulating, busy, bright, rich, sacred, solar magic.

But to no avail, when they left, not long after some strange men in orange suits and apparently my friends dad (who is a high placed person within the government of theirs) to take me and lock me up. They want to do some experiments on me. Then I find myself on their local market and talking one of the merchants, but she says she doesn’t want me here. I plead then with her, if she doesn’t want me here, to find a way to get home, the way up. As I didn’t want to stay and that I missed my family. Then I woke up out of this dream, feeling relieved that I was lying back in my bed.


Then my dream gets a little bit vague… I find myself in the same world again and somebody was stealing some food and I was looking for this person. I got him and put him in a huge transparent bag and obviously very strong, with all his belonging and handed him over to two looking policemen.

After that I was looking for my daughter Sarah and I see her. She went on a trip and just came back. I was so happy to see her again. (Here she was the age of 3 wearing a yellow summer dress with with little flowers)

Dream 30 June 2014

I find myself in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe. A doctor examines me and says why it has been difficult for me to breathe. It is because I have a mild heart attack. Now I leave the hospital, and I find myself in a sort of reception room (It is like a tower where operators work to safely land planes at the airport) and I see a man and a woman with a sort of headphones. The woman said that she had received an extra-terrestrial message and I asked her to just play for me. We stare at a small TV screen and on the screen, what looks like an alien that he has a kind of green plastic mask. Everything feels fake, and I tell them that the message probably is false and that we should ignore it.

The dream changed and I am in one of the major corridors of a shopping centre and I look out onto the street. Suddenly I hear everybody scream of an alien attack and when I look up , I see thousands of ships in the air, ready to attack. I see one of the ships diving down. (When I look back on the dream, it seems to me the ships were from our own government, and it is a false flag attack). I quickly run home and go to the attic (my kids play there) where I pick up my children and bring them to safety.

We walk towards the mall, but now I see that there are two corridors where one can go through.  One of them seems to be a tunnel and there is a soldier in front of it. For one reason or another, I knew I had clearance for my children to pass through. The soldier let them through, but I did not follow them, I knew that they were saved. I’m going to the other entrance into the mall. Once inside I see another soldier pointing all people where they should go to shelter.  I finally find my children in the tunnel, it is poorly lit with candlelight and the kids are scared and crying. I grab them and place each of them on my knee and hold them tight to comfort them. (Then I had a sense of why we were there, because we all have the same energy signature that is why we were allowed to go into the tunnel)

Now I’m back in the same place in the mall and look out to the same street. I feel that something is about to happen, I feel a kind of wave energy coming through and suddenly there are brown birds falling onto the street. Everyone is recommended to listen to music so we are protected from this deadly energy wave. There is a music store close by and they sell cell phones. I take one of the mobile phones and listen to music.

The dream changes and I find myself in space looking down at the earth. The earth seems super big, I can only see half of the body and if I’m on the dark side. I see dark blue water and continents shrouded in black. I watch one of these Galactic ships sailing past and open a kind of wormhole. (It almost looks like when they turn on the Stargate (Stargate SG-1) and the swirl that comes out) Slowly I see the ship going into what looks like a water wormhole …. zoeffff … and they are gone. Ship and wormhole disappeared instantly.

I find myself in a sort of warehouse, cruise ship and I sit on a stone bench in a sort of auditorium. There are many people around me and it looks like they are very hungry. I’m the only one eating, and when I could no longer stand that they were staring at me, I stood up. I asked them if they wanted to eat something and everyone nods. Ok I say, I’m going to get food for you, and I saw all the faces lightening up with happiness.


Dream 27 June 2014

I was in the city and the sun is setting on beautiful clouds. One of the clouds was shaped in the shape of a face and the sun was playing beautiful with different kind of orange shades. So I take out my camera to take a lot of pictures until it is out of side behind those tall skyscrapers. (Funny when I came home I saw almost the exact face in the clouds, colored by orange and yellow rays of the sun)

The dream changes and places me in a sort of twilight zone, between dimensions. I can’t see the dimension I am in very sharp, everything looks hazy. But the scenery feels peaceful, I see a couple of farmer houses with red roofs. Now I walk to the building to my far right and as I enter I see I am in a sort of pub. Young and old men are occupying to pub and one of them say I came to the right place.

I ask him what is the right place? And he says you are in the middle of everything. (In the dream I get a feeling that I am on an island, and not an ordinary island, but an island in the middle of the world and in another dimension. And from this place I go anywhere in the world, it is all the same distance.)

The last piece of the dream wasn’t peaceful but scary. It is night and I am lying in my bed next to my husband. We are on the first floor of our house. It seems the first floor is at the attic as the window is sloping and I can see out side. Below me I see a roof and another adjacent roof. Two men dressed in black are climbing over the roof, so I wake up my husband to tell him what is going on. He leans over me to take a good look outside. In my panic I want to close the window, but by then the two robbers where already opening the window. One of the guys has a big knife in his hand and tries to stab me…but I manage to take his hand and stab him with his own knife…then I woke up out of this terrible, but realistic dream.

24 June 2014: Killer Robots

I find myself on an airport and have the feeling that something is about to happen, I can feel it in the air(port). First I hear very heavy footsteps coming my way and when I look up… oh my god…huge drilling machines with legs are killing people. One of those machines is coming my way and I see other machines killing people. All the people run away in panic and suddenly I find myself on the floor, knocked over by panicking people. Then I see this drilling robot bow down over me and start drilling towards my face. Now I have a sort of shield in the form of a wheel in my hand trying to protect myself of this killer robot. The machine drills a hole in the shield inches away from my face. I manage to get up and escape.

I find myself now flying in an airplane with other people. But the airplane is not going to our end destination, it is flying to a remote area away from the killer machines. We land in a plane graveyard and when we set up camp it is already dark and gloomy. I sit under a rusty roof and a bit further I see our leader sitting in front of a fire talking to somebody. So I think the whole group is there so I get up and walk towards our leader. But I stop as I see that he is just talking to one person, so I back away as I feel I barged into a private conversation.

The dream changes and I find myself in the city running away from the killer machines. First they chase us, but at some point we were hiding so well they gave up searching for us. I see the machines walk into a dead en street. I want to see what is happening so I follow them. They open an portal in the dead end wall and jump in and disappear.

As the portal closes a flash in the form of a blue hexagon flashes by and I see that this flash is reconstructing our dimension, like the robots where never there. Somehow I was protected from this alteration, I still remember what happened. But I don’t know why I wasn’t affected by this reset button, maybe because I was so close to this portal and saw this flash passing my face.

18 June 2014


A Is my Galactic Pod Ship. B Is the ship that rescues us out of the ruble.

I only remember my dream in pieces, here and there.

The first thing I remember is entering my Galactic Pod ship that was custom made to my needs. See drawing A. I am off to space. The dream changes and I am now in a building on mission, a mission to rescue my family. I found Nolwazi and Sarah and some other family members. But there also others that don’t belong to my family and as we are outside, I am trying to keep the glass door shut so that they won’t come out. The problem is that some of my family was still trapped on the other side and I was wondering how to get them out whiteout letting escape the non member family. But before I could think of something the whole building explodes trowing me far away.  I see the building first in a big fireball and then crumbling down like breadcrumbs. Some of the rubble lands on my family and buried them deep under need them.

I felt so said until a voice in my dream said that everything will be OK with them, whatever it seems now. 

Me and another family member are left over but we are still in danger. A kind of small golden ship with alien symbols on it and blue half stones in the middle with strange markings comes by. It has handles on the end of the ship and we both hang on this handles and fly away. See picture B.

In my last dream I am hold prisoner in some sort of hospital with my friend who I consider my sister. They are doing some experiments on me and my sister to enhance our abilities. But one of the nurses is really mean to me and she saying nasty things about me and taking me to an open window threatening to trow me out. One of the nurses that was sitting on a bench next to me told the nasty nurse to quite.  As I looked out the window I can see we are on the first floor and what a great opportunity to escape. And that is what I and my sister do, we jump out of the window and run away.

It is evening and we are at a pool party, but some of the treatments are not for free and we don’t have any money. We decide to leave the party by jumping into the other empty swimming pool, and we have fun swimming across. We get out of the pool and we see in the darker part, another big pool but the water looked kind of dark. We jump anyway in it but as soon as I start to swim I don’t feel save. I feel like shadows are swimming along me and I get out of the swimming pool real quick. So I shout to my sister to come out of the water as it was not safe. Then I see a big lion shadow going for her and I am shouting, and shouting to hurry up. Luckily she made it out of the water on time.

After a week on the run and hungry we decided to get back to the hospital. We see that they were clearing the hospital, I see the guards and they recognize us and let us in. All the staff there were surprised that we came back. One of the nurses leads us back to the check up room to see if we were OK. Then one of the heart meters went crazy and I don’t know if it was mine or my sisters.

I wake up half and have a dream/vision/fantasy? seeing that I was the one having a heart attack (it was strange as I was both awake and seeing myself in my dream, dying, floating above my body). It was the military who wanted to get things along and they induced a  heart attack to raise my abilities, so when I got half conscious , I was able to float some medical instruments in the air and then I went under again. I am next to my body again and I see that they take my sister away as she was no longer needed. They were focusing on me as it seems my abilities got advanced enough and they are rolling me out on a stretcher, they are going to take me to a very secret location where they can experiment further and…. then I really woke up out of this crazy dream.


Friday the 13th of June 2014 – this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th

Russel Crowe as demon in the movie "Winter's Tale" Source picture:

Russel Crowe as demon in the movie “Winter’s Tale”
Source picture:


Wow, when I read that it was a full moon from the 12th to 13th of June, no wonder I had such powerful dream. (*PD is my paranormal detector that said some words when I was typing up this dream)

Full Moon article:Musings of a Full Moon

I was in a student house again with a lot of people and friends. We are in the living room and it is very crowed. We are watching TV but suddenly when I saw some images on the TV and I had the urge to walk out of the house. Also some people wanted me to leave the house. I had this book with copper cover in my hands, the person who gave it to me , made such a beautiful painting on it.

I am standing in a building complex with a lot of green area park’s around it. So I am standing with two other friends and in the distance I see horses running to a particular building , away from it and come back in a circle movement. That was the way to go my friends. We were walking up to this huge building, because we now something dark is coming our way.

The scene changes and me and my friends are standing in a room. In my hand I have a golden curved sword or “scimitar”  with strange symbols written on it. A carpet is lying in front of our feet. My friend, she knows a bit of magic and she has some papers with strange magic words on it. My other friend is the first one to read the strange readings and she did a pretty good job. But when it was my time, I had some trouble to read them properly and my friend got a bit frustrated by it.

When I look down I see the carpet took on some red, green, blue and orange lighting colors. They were swirling through each other. My friend is still upset and said the magic didn’t do as it was supposed to do and she walked away.

As I wanted to follow her, suddenly the carpet was whispering to me, whispering to come and lie down onto his magic. As I couldn’t feel anything malicious from it, I decided to lie down.

Wow, what happened next it was really hard to describe but I felt powers going through me, I see colored flashes of light before my closed eyes. My whole body was shivering and shaking and feel a powerful power surge going through me. Electricity was building up in side of me and I felt so protected and so powerful at the same time. I fear nothing or nobody. Finally I come out of this state and I stand up.

In the mean time my friend came back and I talked to her fluently in the language I couldn’t  pronounce in the first place. She is overwhelmed with what she is hearing and asked me what I have done. I told her that the carpet was talking to me to lie down on it. She get’s really angry with me, I don’t know if she gets angry because I took a big risk or that she didn’t think of it herself.

Anyhow the magic is now in me and is there to stay (even when I woke up , I still feel this powerful electricity and a different me going through my whole body). We have no time to argue about this as we can feel a wave of darkness coming our way. Immediately I stand up straight and close my eyes and let the power surge through me. The first thing I do is make a wall of light around the building, next thing I roll down all the blinds of the windows in the room we are standing. The room is curved as also the windows and we seem to be standing in a big eating facility with small tables and chairs. Then this dark fog of heaviness falls on to the building and we find ourselves in the dark. We feel the attack but they are not getting through. After a while I get bored and I demand that they give us light. The fog lights up a bit but not a lot so I demand that they give us more light by stretching out my powers to them. Now we can see enough of what is going on in the room.

I know the fight isn’t over yet. From here it get’s a bit confused as I don’t know what happened first or next, but then I get this through that time isn’t linear also , so it really doesn’t matter. And on this note I just write it down as I believed it happened, or maybe I was traveling through time in this dream. (*PD 96)

We are sitting at the tables when we get overrun by the people we saw in the student house (in the beginning of the dream) but they are possessed by shadows. They start to clean the whole place and also clean the tables. One of the people is the girl who wanted me to leave the house. I thought now the roles are changed.

I stand now on a stage where magical three books appear that will help us to fight of the demons and the dark minions. But I don’t know how it will work, but I have faith that when it matters, they come to our rescue.

The reason the place is getting cleaned by these shadows as a very high demon is coming to visit us and we are going to fight. I sit at the table when the demon appears and sits in front of me.  (The demon looks almost like Russel Crowe in the movie “Winter’s Tale”).

The first book is lying before me and I told him that I have a surprise for him. I open the book in the middle and a hologram appears. It is a light hologram (it looks like golden-yellow sparkles) of a face that almost looks like Jesus, but then it changes into a woman and she kisses the demon. The demon get’s upset and then disappears in thin air. The first victory is in.

Now we are under attack again by shadows and I open the second book. A pot (*PD roll) comes out of the book with colorful bubbles. I tell one of the shadows to put his fingers in the pot of bubbles. Something is stirring and a lot of  rainbow bubbles come flying out of the pot, popping every shadow out of our room. A second victory.

Suddenly one of my friends fly out of the building , right were the dark forces are. I open the last book and kinda of machine with a retractable claw arm. Because of a lot of magic and dark forces out there, my friend was floating in the air. I see on the other side of the building another dark black machine with also a retractable claw arm but with evil eyes painted on it, trying to grab my friend. But I am faster and I reach her before they do and real her in. A third victory.

Then I wake up out of the dream and I want to hold on to the dream but then a voice says that I don’t need to hold on. The voice says that I passed the test and for me no need to remember or dream anymore. But as I woke up completely after this, I didn’t forget the dream at all, only a bit of memory confusion of what came first or last.



10 June 2014

Source picture:

Source picture:


I was in an big white classroom, huge and it felt like round where there was a lot of computers were we were doing art projects on. I was working on an animation movie in this art school. (I felt like I was in this huge ship) As I stood up I could see out of the window my old art school and the art student flat that they were renovating.

It was time to have some lunch and I seem to be in a big eating hall with a lot of tables that were all taken. It took me long time to find any chair and table to sit as I seem to go round this big hall.

Finally I see one empty chair to sit on. I seem to sit with a lot of people, but two guys are standing out to me. The look like two Indian twins but there eyes are so strange, they had almond shape eyes and there pupils were white with black. Very strange to see but also comfortable as one of the guys seems familiar. He introduces himself and told me we met in an very early stage somewhere else, in another course. They say they are Arcturians.

The dream changes and I appear to be still in the eating hall but standing up reading or making an comic book about Arcturians, but I don’t understand the drawings that was in the comic.


When I woke up I thought of an article I read ” Lightworker Series Appendix A: Your Now Future Space Career Job Descriptions & Ship Names” saying:

You are now attending ship-side schools aligned to your skill-set, talents, plus your higher self’s requests, as well as your Starseed races’ specialties.

In dream recall, you remember sitting in an amphitheater or in a classroom or perhaps taking tests. These memories are from your current ship-side training. Once you leave the Matrix – and are fully trained and synthesized into your One Multidimensional  Self  – you will be engaged in a job / mission within your long-term space home. 

You can read more on:Lightworker series

This article also applies on my dream A Bed of Roses.


9 June 2014


My daughter Sarah petting the donkey.

I dream that I am in sort of zoo but it isn’t a zoo, only the set up looks like a zoo, but it is actual an animal gathering. There are so many people around, a lot of them are tourists, some of the people are here for a purpose. The animals that were there were special animals. The funny thing is that it wasn’t the people watching the animals, but the animals watching the people.

The reason for this particular gathering zoo was that the animals could look into the inner beings of humans. Every time an animal acknowledge the goodness in this human, points could be earned.

I come in a coral where a huge big black horse is lying down and there are a lot of people taking pictures. As I come closer, the horse turns his head to me, as I am at the coral, he puts his head into my arms and acknowledges me.

Also some birds, a particular green bird comes and sit on my shoulder, again acknowledging me.

I walk further and come into another coral where a sort of horse/cow stands and the face has the stripes of a zebra. Also this animal acknowledges me.

Then this gathering animal keeper comes to me and says I am doing a good job and earned more than 3500 points.


I believe that in this dream(s) that I have been tested and seems I am doing a good job so far.


3 June 2014

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

This is what I saw in my dream, a partial scene of the houses that I saw around me. Please click on the picture for a bigger view.

Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Just before I went to sleep I asked my guides to show me a bit of Atlantis and got following dream:

I am walking in what it seems an open concept of houses without windows or doors that locks. The pillars, the walls looks like they are from sandstone. I look out of the window (without window glass) and see a green scenery before me and I see the, same housings around me. The feeling of the environment is a tropical feeling. In the house itself I see on my left an elevated floor that seems carpeted with flowers pattern. It is divided by a glass wall and on the other side I see a clear blue swimming pool and I thought ” Cool a swimming pool in my bedroom“. There is a bed and I see a white dog running around, it seems to be my dog.  My dog wants to go up to the elevated floor but then a woman walks in and runs to the dog and picks him up. As I look at her in question she showed me why she did this. The touches the carpet, but it isn’t a carpet, it seems to be an enormous bath filled with flowers as she  waves around with her hand in the water. That part of the room is a bit dark and poorly lit. (probably to make it more romantic)

The dream changes and I am somewhere in jungle with a lot of dangerous things happening (can’t remember exactly what happened only that I remember I had to find my back to the city again, where my house was) and I am trying to go with my canoe through this wilderness river but I been caught up with snakes on an overhanging tree trunk. I left my canoe and I am going on foot hoping that I am not too late as I knew something bad was going on in the city and I was needed there to help.

Finally I reach my house that seems to  look over a round courtyard and a man who looks sick (I had the feeling it was an epidemic sickness going on) comes towards me. I had the feeling that I was the healer in town and that people come by to me to get some healing.


2 June 2014

I am in a student flat and I am ready to go to class, but I can’t find my schedule of what class I have now. I am looking and looking while other students are leaving, but I still can’t find it and I can’t go as I don’t know where to go. Then I suddenly got an idea for what I can draw and got below drawing in my dream mind (and stayed when I woke up)

Dream drawing idea: hands crossed and overgrown by white roses and leaves with thorns. The arms and hands are also white. The leaves will be green , dusted with some snow.

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Then I find myself in the art class and the art teacher was putting different bears on the desk and was making a contest with the students. I didn’t approve it and I also let him know I didn’t. That was the end of my dream.


28 May 2014: Adjustment Bureau


Also this kind of scene reminds me of a scene in the Adjustment bureau where Matt Damon walks in the office when the members of the Adjustment bureau are just busy and he catches them conducting some experiments.

Source picture:

This dream was kind of special, special as what happened in it. The dream begins ordinary, I am on a trip and I am boating in a canoe on the river. The I came to a small waterfall with a bit of a steep slope to it, but I ran smoothly down without accidents.

Now the dream changes and I am making pictures of my surroundings, I see a big gorge with waterfalls and on top a bridge where the sun is peaking through. I want to make a picture but my camera isn’t working. So I am standing with friends ready to make a trip of our life. We are standing in a sort of ski station and I have a beautiful view over the mountains. What they do here is , they made some flat carriers, that will hold 3 people and will sail down a line to the valley below. A kind a bungee jumping but a bit safer. As my two friends already onto the carrier, I was preparing to get myself on the carrier…

and here it gets strange as I feel they were not a part of my dream. Suddenly three people appear out of thin air and they were dresses in all white clothes. As I was half lying on the carrier, the were helping me , or doing something…then is when I felt that I took control over this dream…I jumped up and I asked them who they are. They looked very shocked that I could see them and they are starting to retrieve…a  double glass door appears , that also appears to be a sort of lift…and they go in…but I plead with them to tell me something why they were in my dream…they give me three words , but two words I couldn’t understand, and I only remember one word.

I was so shocked  learning what the word means as recently I had a revelation that in my past life I was a leader , a warrior.

The word was ‘Gautier”, so when I looked up the meaning of ‘Gautier” it states :  Gautier \ga(u)-tier\ as a boy’s name has the meaning “strong ruler; commander of the army”

What is the odds of that coming through in a dream. Also this kind of scene reminds me of a scene in the Adjustment bureau where Matt Damon walks in the office when the members of the Adjustment bureau are just busy and he catches them conducting some experiments.


Dream 25 May 2014: Meeting with my guides and ET friends



Picture 2014 copyrigthed by Liesbeth Swenne

Before I went to sleep, I was holding my crystal and I focused upon the word ‘Atlantis”

In the first dream I was back again at my parents place, apartment. But now I am in the hallway and I meet up with a sweet lady who is going to help me with my pains. She looks a lot like Lisa Gawlas. Our hallway have two sections, the first one when you com in and find your self in front of a closed double glass doorway. She puts a chair in the first section of the doorway and starts to meditate and suddenly she divided herself in 2 more of herself. The second one starts to play the flute and the third one holds a special stick/wand. Next to the first meditating woman, next to her sits her younger self. The third one pushes the wand into my belly were the pain is (since last week I have been really sick , having belly aches and terrible back aches) and I feel the pain rumbling down , almost disappearing. I feel so wonderful without the pains I have had.

Suddenly the hallway is filled with other guides and I am so happy to see them. Some of them I recognize the face, and they all there, the energies were so wonderful and the real factor seems very real.

The dream changes and I am working somewhere were I am healing people. I was just doing the last paperwork before I would be off, but someone is approaching me asking for help. I am a bit reluctant as I wanted to go home, but this person leads me to another room.

There is a lady on the stretcher and she is really hurt. The person who lead me to her also helps me to get her better. He reveals a secret and the people around me are changing into extraterrestrials, the look different , with colors and long arms. They came specifically to me cause they know I could help.


 22 May 2014: Star Trek

As I was standing in the living-room of my parents apartment, I happen to look out of the window and saw the belly of the Star Ship. I saw that the ship was heading for trouble and soon will be crashing. So I was heading out to my (old) bedroom where the kids were playing.

Before I could reach them I saw the ship crash and a white/blue flash came and after that the shock waves that hit me hard. But I kept on going towards the bedroom to rescue my kids. I finally got in to the bedroom , picked up my kids and hide in the bathroom. I prayed that my husband was alright.


 17 May 2014: A Starship Visit?



Before I went to sleep I expressed my intention to visit the star ships of my star sisters and brothers. Even though I don’t remember visiting there are some clues found in the dream. Also I don’t remember much of the dream either. So if someone has a clue…please share.   😀

I am wanted by the police and they are chasing me. (Don’t know what I am wanted for) So I was chased by the police and find myself in the city, standing in front of a very tall glass skyscraper. My kids are inside and I go inside to protect them. They are very small and put them in a size of a toothpaste box to keep them save and put them on a ledge.

Just for a moment my perceptions changes and find myself in the toothpaste box with a little window cut out. I am yelling for help.

Again I am standing in the hallway and I see a lady and I ask her to save my children as I lead the police away from them. I get caught and they are taking out the handcuffs, but they look funny and flat. So no handcuffs and the police turn into extra-terrestrials and they take me up the ship (from here everything gets blank as I find myself in the same building again)

Now I look outside and my kids are now so big that the thousands of people that are there, look very tiny and my kids are lying on their backs and the crowd was passing them through. That was a very mighty sight.


12 May 2014: Heavenly Experience



This the moment in the dream where I saw myself two times from different angles.

I find myself in it seems heaven, or it feels that way. It feels amazing. I find myself standing on clouds and there seems to be a mirror effect as I can see myself standing in heavenly light. It appears I am quite younger there, around 20 years old. The light that exists out of different sets of light; there is yellow, orange/pink and white light, it reminds me of my safe place. There is a path going to her.

Now I find myself in those little bumper cars that you use when there is a fair and it is riding on some train tracks around this scene above. So as we go around, I am now 39 years old and I see myself standing 26 years old looking at me in the heavenly light, 20 years old.

– Believe me, this felt very strange to see myself split up in different ages. It seems like a have an out of body experience and at the same time a dimensional experience. –

I find myself in the hospital, lying on a stretcher and a lot of medical staff that are trying to save my life. They push a breathing tube through my throat, but as I was coming around I started to make funny noises as I was trying to breath. They take it out very quick.

The dream changes and I find myself looking after myself as a toddler.

But not for long as I find myself again in the hospital, in a round hospital room and it appears that there is a guard in front of my door. Then the guard receives a phone call and he steps into the staircase and because he doesn’t look at my door and I see my change to leave.


8 May 2014 : Come Home


come home

Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


Some friends and I are building a school for children who have special gifts. We are renovating an old monastery. A big truck comes with a lot of broken stuff but we don’t care as we can fix it as good as new. We are in the section of were the girls will be staying, the walls are pink and in every room there is a bunk bed.

Then we come together in the lobby of the new school and we got a speech from our new school director (it feels like it is Troy). He also tells us to be careful not to get lost in this very big building.

I find myself now in a big room with big windows and I am looking out on a beautiful landscape. I concentrate myself on the sky and suddenly out of nowhere I see a lot of planes flying into my direction. Also I find out that I can control them with my mind and that I can let them fly in certain patterns. And they keep on coming and coming and my friends asking where these planes are coming from.

For a while I found myself working in the school and one of my friends was coming to get me as. We are going to the big room again and now I see small water vortexes swirling around across the window. Something was going on as we saw that the whole landscape was covered with snow. Snow in Spring.

Again we are standing in the lobby of the school welcoming new students with gifted talents.

After I woke up from the dream I heard voice saying ‘COME HOME’ and a feeling of longing came over me.

I fell asleep and was dreaming again of the school but now I was the student there.


Dream 7 May 2014

There was a contest to take as much clothes as you want from the clotheslines and then it would be yours. So I see a lot of people grabbing clothes, also me I have a pile of clothes next to my feet. But then I don’t feel so good so I have to lie down onto the grass. I can’t breathe and feel like I am going to die. The people around me were also thinking I was dying, but instead of helping me, they ran to my pile of clothes to take them. I stood up and chased them away, that it was no manners to do this.

I lie down again and I am feeling worse. A man comes along and tells me he can help me heal. He performs a kind of exorcism and I feel myself floating in the air and saying such horrible words without my control in a very low voice.  I speak in a language I never heard off.

I frighten me so that I woke up and called in the help of my guides and angels, even GOD. It was really a terrible feeling.

After that I fall asleep again and had following dream.

I find myself in a hotel room with other people. There is a lady and a man. The lady is a healer and she wants to help me. She is specialised in what I am going through. We leave the room and we end up in the parking lot of the Hotel and we see some people that are cleaning.

The dream takes me back in the hotel room and the lady is sitting on a chair at a small table. She takes a spell out of her spell book and spell is covered by some gold and copper metal. It looks very beautiful.  This spell should work to help me heal.

We all go together to the lobby of the hotel and we are planning not to pay for our stay. But suddenly a lot of people get into the lobby, like some party was going on. We finally got outside and into the garden and I sit on the grass in the shadow. I am holding an advertising flyer of this lady that is helping me to heal. I see she comes from France.

Then I see a shadow on the hotel wall that changes from hands into big claws getting bigger and bigger. Then I see a crossing between a gargoyle and a dragon with moss green skin coming towards me.  We all start running (but as always in dreams, it seems you can hardly move) but the dragon reaches us in no time. But then I recognized that this dragon is not going to hurt me but is a facet of me. I let go and hug the dragon. Then I see a young boy floating and flying in the air and I want that too. So there I go, I start to float and then I started to fly. I see first people starring at us, but then the green park changes into a big arena with hundreds of thousands of people and the sun was shining on them and it was so colourful to see, I started flying towards them and… my alarm woke me up.

After I woke up I realised that the healing lady that was coming from France, was actual Feilla who helped me. So thanks my dear friend.


4 May 2014 : Changing Dimensions


soul body

Before I went to sleep I had the strangest feeling that came in waves and waves. I knew then something big was happening. The room didn’t feel as usual as it became bigger and bigger. I felt myself going bigger and bigger and instead of going into fear and told myself to go with the flow.  The dimensions change; I felt my spirit going across this dimension bridge, merging with this androgen spirit, which was also a facet of me.  I really felt like I was an engineer on this super big mother ship. I felt like I was one with the ship and I just could see in my mind if there was something out of balance I could fix  it.  Then the waves are coming and coming and kept on coming and felt myself ascend. Again the room got bigger and bigger and I got hotter and hotter. My whole body was so hot.

In the dream I found myself standing in a landscape were there was lot of ruins and we captured one of the big bad gods in stone and put the feet in concrete, surround by bullet proof glass. But this bad god managed to break free but I can stop him from escaping, by pressing a button.

The dream changes and I just came back from a big trip (probably to the mother ship) and I meet some people and friends who asked me to go on a shorter trip. So I find myself packing my bags again. (PD Orange) This was the first in ever that I felt that I am going to ascend as a family.


PD (Paranormal Detector)



23 April 2014: Endgame – up to the 5th Dimension



Copyrighted Liesbeth Swenne


I had some pretty action dreams these past days, some of them pretty scary like the one last night. This dream was also a lot of action and to much details, so I only going to describe this dream in overall. What it makes it so special is because Arachanai (my higher self) want to make a comment on this dream.


I am in a mall and I am standing in a particular room where I was hiding my gatekeeper book with all the special keys in it. The reason I am in this room is because I had a feeling that something wasn’t right, so I took the book out of his hiding place to see if all the keys are still there. The book falls open on a particular one. On the paper was a square that was filled in with some golden leaves and curls with a blue/green background. On top of it was a golden key attached to it.

Suddenly somebody threw a kind of blast grenade at us and a big air displacement went on that knocked us to the floor. When I got up and saw that the key was gone from the book. Immediately I ran out of the room into the mall and I see I am to late.

I see lightning and a rain storm coming with the words I hear in my head ” The endgame has begun. Up to the 5th Dimension”.

Then the dream getting very hectic, supported by many friends, chased by a lot of enemies trying to stop us to reach the 5th Dimension.

At the end of the dream I am standing on a high bridge (with red railings) and I have skies on. Our enemies are coming fast so I decided to ski of the railings of the bridge all the way down. I am going very fast and in no time I reach the portal (that looks green) that will takes us to the 5th Dimension and…

Then I woke up…





Hi there my sweet self, it has been some time again that we spoke to each other through outer means as this dream. The reason I wanted to comment on this dream is that what happened reflects what is happening, not only inside of you in your body and spirit but it is also reflecting of what is going on in the world. The outer/inner world that you call Earth. 

Yes a portal has been opened , you as One of the gatekeepers (and no it was meant to be that the key was taken – referring to dream) . The reason your dreams are like action movies is because it is what you said in the title – it is truly an Endgame.

Now that the portal has been opened I recommend to work with those energies to reach yourself into the 5th dimension. As you know, you are already there as a gatekeeper. Also for the other ones who are reading this dream, you can also work with this energies to reach into the 5th dimension.

As a last one I wanted to pointed something out that you read in the Cathar prophecy of 1244 AD  ” It has no fabric, only understanding. It has no membership, save those who know they belong.”

I send you all a vast ray of love and light,



( you can click on the image so that you can read the whole prophecy. This prophecy touched my heart and it is not the only time I read about Cathar history.)









15 April 2014: Travel Dimensions

I was in a room with friends and I showed them a drawing of a blue lady saying that I met her again and this is how she looked like.

The dream locates me now on the second floor of a house and I am looking down on a round market place surrounded by houses. Feilla, Tauno and me where looking for our friend Troy. He had disappeared and we couldn’t find him.Then Tauno also disappears. Feilla and me are looking over the balcony and we see snow now on the market place. For some reason Feilla falls over the balcony and I am trying to grab her but I missed. When I looked over the balcony I see Feilla floating in mid air, or it seems that way. It seems she was hold in place by an invisible force field. Then this force field opened into a portal and Feilla falls into it. I jump after her and we both are sucked into this portal that spits us out in a sort cave room. There is were we met Troy again and he shows us a lot of amazing things.

Now I find myself in the mall and they were playing music. The music is so compelling that I start to breakdance. I am so good at it that I started to get a crowd.


12/13 April 2014 Dreamflight:Transformation

Before I went to sleep I stated I wanted to do some work on my ship Blaze as well hit the healingpods.

I was underway with my friends to a very private ceremony somewhere in India, were we knew we weren’t invited but we wanted to try anyway. My friends (I don’t now names), a man and a woman (she had black half short hair). They were travelling in their car and I was traveling in my car. We drove up a driveway that was going into a curve and ended up in a three way road driveway all leading to different locations. My friends drove in front of me but when I turned the curve I didn’t see which driveway/location they went in. So I get out of the car and I yell ‘ where are you guys?” I hear my friends yell back that they are at the left side of me. Before I can go back into my car a police car stops in front of me, with their police lights on. They say I am trespassing and not allowed on the ceremony.

They arrest me and take me down to the police station. There I’ve been put in a room and they threaten me not to go there anymore, they even torture me. After this they just let me go and I am re-united with my friends again. They picked me up in their car and as I sit in the back of the car, a Chinese Holy man appears out of nothing. I can’t remember what he was saying but I had the impression that I had to go to the ceremony because ‘you are the ONE(ness)”

Of course we don’t listen and somehow I am holding a yellow ticket strip to get into the ceremony. There were a lot of people and a lot of security people. They let us through and we are in. We come upon a sort of theatre with a just a few stone benches and in the front is a long wall with food offerings and on top is a ledge with candles. On the candles were picture of holy men and one of them resembles the man I saw in the car. I offered some peas.

Now I am back in a room with curved glass windows on my right side. I am surrounded with almost the same people (different people but with the same energy signature as the police people) and the lady leader asked me what I was doing here. I showed them and levitated something in the air. She told me to stop and not to do it here as eyes were watching. She sends out her bodyguards with guns to secure the premises. They all walk out and I am left with some of the ladies. Now I showed them how I can levitate a thing and transform it at the same into something else.

The room changes and I am sitting now in front of a curved desk and behind it where police people. Apparently it feels like I am in a courtroom and next to me is a girl that conspires with them. She put some grey creamy stuff against the wall of the desk and also sticks a bracelet to it. I can feel they are powerful spells. I cleaned quickly the grey stuff and put on the bracelet. They see it but it is to late because this spell was blank (owner) and now it protects me very well.

I wake up out of this dream and had instantly a vision of being in that ceremony again to choose. I feel they choose me and I see them planting a seed of a gift in my chest, in my heart. It beams out a strong light out and it goes through my whole body and I feel so amazing. Wow what a feeling. I heard the words that I received another talent/gift. I feel my whole body is transmitting white light.

I fell asleep again and I am been met with a beautiful and powerful woman (Selina?) who is going to help me to use this new gift. We are doing a session to come in contact with a new being. I see a long black block with blue, looking like Chinese characters, and she asked me if this was the being I wanted to come in contact with. I confirm and it suddenly triggers something as I begin to write those characters.


11 April 2014: The Golden Tree

 the gatekeeperThis painting is copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

I was growing a beautiful big golden tree, that grows bigger and bigger. It shined so bright and behind this tree was a beautiful green/blue wall with Indian patterns. Wow it looked so amazingly beautiful. This golden tree gives life and energy (light).

I am now in a very grey looking landscape and I am standing there with my kids. In front of us is a ruin of a house. Suddenly a storm comes up and we are forced to get into the abandoned house. As we run inside the house some bricks come down and blocking our way out of the house. Now we are stuck and we sit against a big grey cement wall and it is cold and dark. I hold my kids very tight to me.  Then on my right suddenly a big group of people come through the door. They are dressed like in the very old days; black clothing with white, even the children and they all look very scary. They are singing a song and holding candles in their hands and they are coming after us. I felt it was not safe to stay there and then out of nowhere a man came and ask to follow him. The feeling I had from him was a good one so we followed.

It seems we entered another realm because we now in a nice neighborhood with white houses, green lawns and white fences and wooden garden doors that lead to the gardens. Those creepy people are still after us and he tells us to hide behind those wooden garden doors. My kids were already behind them. I still have to find a place to hide behind. I tumble into a garden and hide behind a wall of bushes. But the owner of that garden was standing there watering his plants. Then I see a small group coming towards me. One woman is holding a big blue lighted stick and she sees me behind those bushes. She tries to poke me with this stick that apparently has a lot of electricity in it.  But then the man that was in the garden rescues me but he pays it with his life.

Those people are gone and I feel so bad that I take this man to a hospital hoping that they can rescue him. I did this because he saved my live. But they manage to save his life only he couldn’t remember his old life anymore. I see him walking on the streets with ragged clothes and he was dirty. But I also see a ghost cop and I think he is the person who saved me and the kids in the beginning of the dream. I see those people again trying to find us and the ghost policemen is growing big plants with white flowers to get them off our trail and to protects us. The plants create a wall. After this dream I woke up and had a vision of a pink river flowing by.

9 and 10 April

I had similar dreams on both days. On the 9th I was dreaming that my oldest daughter Sarah went to the moon and came back. And I went with Nolwazi. On the 10th Nolwazi was chosen to go onto the ship and she was saying good bye for the day.

Explanation with my gut feeling: Probably we went on a visit to a Galactic ship together with my kids.

1 April 2014

I am walking in a room and the room has an orange glow to it. On my left I see a half woman stuck in the wall. She looks like Lakshmi, Mother Earth/Tree and her many arms are roots of a tree that grows. She has a golden shine to her and I feel we share the same DNA, same faith. I see black tar trying to creep into the tree, into Mother Tree, but she won’t allow it. I feel I am going to go the same way, I feel like I am pulled into that wall.

Then Selina is there and she takes me into dream in a dream where I can explore where my fears and so coming from. I see myself riding on a bike… (Then I don’t remember but know that after that I felt exhausted. Maybe I was working through my past?) After this therapy, Selina picks me up and lay me down in something soft and comfortable.

24 March 2014

I was in the city with friends and we sit in front of some houses in a narrow street. As I look through the window of a house, instead of seeing the living room, I see the most beautiful sunset I have ever seen. The sun was setting down and was reflecting on the water. I was staring at a beautiful landscape with trees and a lake. I even felt the warm of this summer sunset day. Just for one second I look at my friends to see if they also see it. As I turn back the beautiful scenery has gone and I was sad. Then a lady comes around the corner and she says to me I had the rare opportunity to look into the fairy realm.

The dream changes and I see parents and kids flying in the sky.

22 March 2014

This is a very short dream but it had so much symbolism to it.

I kept on resetting my password in my body and soul. Explanation: At work when we reset a password it is not only because you forgot the password but also the propagate the password to new servers. So my translation of this is that resetting my password on my body and soul is because I have been downloaded with new programs or software and needed to reset to get it effective.

I dream then that I went to a lot of different parties, wedding party, birthday party twice and a baby shower. Explanation: The download went successfully and now we are celebrating it.

Then I read this amazing message that confirmed my explanations.

The gloriously radiant exhalation of portal energies, channeled by April Bender



21 March 2014: Happy Equinox

This the view you have when I told my parents a tornado was coming. The apartment block behind the yellow tree, there was the tornado coming from and torn of that roof and it was flying towards us. This is in Hasselt where I used to live.

This the view you have when I told my parents a tornado was coming. The apartment block behind the yellow tree, there was the tornado coming from and torn of that roof and it was flying towards us. This is in Hasselt where I used to live.


When I woke up this morning, wow, I was saying, what a dream. I also had a lot of visions, but they are too hard to describe.

In my dream I was back in Belgium, in Hasselt. I just went for a walk with my parents.  Back in the apartment I see that the ceiling is higher and has now a square dome on top of it, with windows.

The scene changes and I am standing in my bedroom looking out of the window. (we have windows that goes down to the floor) and suddenly I hear a loudly boom. Here I could look over the apartment block in front of me and saw a big yellow/red mushroom cloud appearing out of nowhere. I changed then in a huge black mushroom cloud that turned in to a big black raging tornado. It changed direction and immediately I ran to my parents that are now in the living room. I tell them that a huge tornado is coming towards us. In that time the tornado reached the apartments opposite us (will show in a picture)  and it tears of the big roof of the apartment block and throws it onto our roof. Immediately our roof cracks and the windows crack, but they don’t crumble. But there are huge cracks in the walls. We don’t have door anymore to our apartment and I see people running in chaos.

Our neighbors are inviting people in their apartment as that was still a bit intact.  I go out and I have problems to go down the stairs as it is full of rubble. I had to go down two floors down. I am outside now and see that our apartment is not located at the usual place, but is situated now in the town. I see people walking around in a daze and people who are taking advantage of this chaos. These people take people’s stuff for a very unfair prize. Because the people didn’t had anything they took what they could get.

One of this people was a man and was pushing a flat hand barrow and he looked so familiar to me, like a Deja-vu, but also the situation felt very familiar as if I dreamt it. And I kept staring at him, and staring.

Then suddenly my hair gets done by one of the fairies and next to me I see gnomes climbing out of the Earth and started to help the destitute people. Everything happens at once. When I look up into the sky, the sky is orange and I see a lot of space ships, big ones and small ones flying around as if they were battling an unseen force. It was such a spectacle, I couldn’t get enough of it and I tried to make pictures of the space ships flying around.

And then I woke up….

20 March 2014

Between brackets and bold are the words spoken by the paranormal detector

On my new work they were installing my new PC with animation software. My team-leader is there too. I have some advanced and basic animation drawings lying on my desk. I asked my TL if I had to start with the advanced ones or the basics. He says to start with the basics.

The dream changes and I find myself in a big hall room and the walls have a black/metallic color. In this room is only a desk and at the desk was a secretary. The hall I was in was actually my house, or what it supposed to be. But I was not happy of how it looked. It was dark and cold. There are also double doors and they lead up to a meeting room. Now there are people around me and they are walking to the table that is full of food and drinks.

But because I wasn’t happy how my house looked I stayed out of the meeting room out of protest. The doors close and I am alone again with the secretary. I start to talk with the secretary and tell her how I envision my house to be. It should be mysterious, romantic surrounded by a fairy tale garden in a fairy tale village.

The dream takes me now (adventure) on top of a hill covered with green grass. I see a snake that stands up straight and it walks up to me. The snake doesn’t have the best intentions for me. Suddenly the branches of the tree I was standing next to me, sweep me up and brings me up to the top of the tree, out of reach of the snake.

I sit with my kids and husband in a very small room and we are sitting in front of a small television that serves as a telephone with image. We are phoning a couple who thinks of giving up their kids for adoption. We see the couple and say hi to each other. Now we have a lot of family in our room (it seems we have mixed couples, mixed with different colors) (I also have the feeling that I am surrounded by my Galactic family just of the mix). The couple introduced themselves and they were very impressed by our family.

16 March 2014

I can’t remember the whole dream but I remember this. I am sitting in a room having a very important meeting. I had a meeting with a high placed lady and two highly recommended scientists. We were trying to solve a question how we could accommodate our star brothers and sisters on planet Earth. One of the scientists said: “first on the Earth, nothing good was happening, violence, war, hunger…. But then somebody saw the light and spread the fire. Suddenly Earth was on the star map of our Galactic Brothers and Sisters.” Now was the question how can we help them to be able to come to Earth. I was thinking about an Universal space haven.

12/13/14 March 2014: Vision/dream

I don’t know if I was dreaming or had a vision as I was half awake. I felt fairies walking all over my body and they were growing leaves,flowers and grass on my body. Then I had the strangest feeling of being the core of a tree. And I had this vision also the next following days.

10 March 2014

I was build a skyscraper and was standing on the roof looking down. Below I see a fountain on a beautiful square. Suddenly the fountain blows up and the water squirts up sky high and wrecks the building. The building is falling down together with me. I found myself lying under some debris of the building and see in front of me a small gap and I see a big snake sliding in. I keep myself very still and the snake is sliding by. I am holding a bottle of wine in my hand and it seems that the snake is picking up this. I didn’t feel afraid but I didn’t want to make a sound either. The snake takes my bottle of wine and slides back out.

6 March 2014

I was dreaming that I was standing with my friends on an abandon dusty road.We were traveling but the road was blocked by a river overflowing the road. It was a big swollen river. We spoke among each other the best way to cross the river. So we decided to levitate a copy machine (yes I know it sounds funny)and this copy machine was a 3D printer that printed building blocks for a bridge. The reason to levitate the copy machine was because we wanted to be level were the bridge would be built. Now we are crossing the bridge and at the other end we made an emergency stone casket that would hold a book with instructions how to build a bridge. Suddenly one of my friends is gone and he was wearing a red jacket.

The dream changes and now we are on our way home in a taxi (South African taxi) Next to the road we see a lot of people walking the other way wearing all red jackets. I can’t spot my friend. Now the dream changes again and I find myself in a cave with somebody else and a big monster. It looks like a dinosaur (draconians?) and they were chasing us. My new friend wasn’t lucky and got caught by this monster. I am reaching a dead end but see an opening up and the way to reach it is to climb the fallen rock boulders. So I quickly climb up the boulders and when I reach the top, expecting to see my own world, I found myself on a different Earth/planet. It looks strange and it feels strange. Dorothy says”Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” (The wizard of Oz) The town, the houses look strange and I try to pay with my money but they don’t accept it and show me how money should look like. There was only pictures on it, no words or how much money it was. They show me also strange pictures.

4 March 2014: Merlin


This looks like the building that I saw in my dream. This building you can find in Hasselt/Belgium

Source picture:


This dream was very hard to write down, as in this dream I am occupying a lot of people, like a traveler within somebodies mind, but not really doing the interaction myself. So it was hard because I didn’t know from what perspective I had to write, mine or the people I was travelling with and had their experiences. But in the end, we are all ONE.

The dream begins with me being abducted by an evil witch. The woman locks me up in a brick small building without any windows, with scary insects inside. Then it is like my spirit breaks free from this prison and find myself in the consciousness of my older sister. I encourage her to look for me. She encounters the woman who abducted her, and I gave her the feeling that this is the person who abducted me. The witch was carrying some knickknacks, and some small bones she uses to foretell the future. My sister grabbed the knickknacks because she knows it will lead her to my prison. She runs down the hill, dodging allots of bushes and she/I know she is trying to come after us.

Then the witch yells to my sister: “She will never be like her little sister, as she is a soul splinter off Merlin”. (Then I saw a picture in my third eye of Merlin)

I am now in the witch’s mind/body and we are standing in a bedroom and she calls two children who she abducted when they were little. Now they are submissive to her. It is a boy and girl, both 12 years old and both wearing a cobalt blue pyjama. The girl has blond hair and she holds something in her hand, a magic stone. The boy warns her about the stone and asks her not to use it. Also something white is lying on their beds, and the head ends of the beds were placed against each other.

I am standing now outside looking at a very European old house that was built in the middle ages. I am a friend now of the (my) big sister, and I point at the two golden windows on the first floor and told her that the woman who abducted (me) her little sister, was in that room and she was holding other children there. And at the same time she would find answers there.

She has a magic cape that will take here in the room. But before she could act, the enemy came out of nowhere. A lot of pirate looking men are trying to surround us. I am the big sister again and I am trying to escape them.

But I get captured by Draconian’s (I didn’t feel any fear) and they bring me in another part of the old house. It is dark in the room and I am suddenly holding a copper wand with a dragons head in my hand. Before me I see a circle opening with big teeth in it going up and down. The staff I am holding gets pulled into the hole and the Draconian were not happy about this. They all go after the staff, leaving me alone. (It occurred to me that the hole was actually the door to their ship).

I was happy that they left me alone but the happiness didn’t last long when I saw the bomb ready to go off any minute. So I jump out of the window (now the surroundings look like I am in Russia, Moscow) and I start running very fast. I was warning everybody that I passed, that there was a bomb going to explode. Everybody is running and then suddenly I hear a loud bang. I see a big black dust cloud with chunks of material rolling fast towards me. I am it the direct path of the cloud but suddenly on my right I see a big lane and I divert myself into this big lane, out of the way of the cloud.

-End of dream-

21 February 2014

This dream is very interesting if I tell the whole story and not only the dream. I have bought a Paranormal Detector for the computer so the day before it gave me the words: “ 1824 – destruction – 1664 and Usual”. Because I didn’t had paper and pen next to me, I decided to make a reminder note on my cell phone and set it for 1 pm the next day (1 pm – 21-02-2014).

My dream. I wanted to go on an expedition with my father but he said I was still too young for this. My older sister was chosen to go but actually she didn’t want to go at all. She was more a princess kind of girl. So I hide myself behind a scarf I could look through and put the some earing from my sister on my ears. He doesn’t see that it isn’t his older daughter. We go on the expedition and we arrived into a big, enormous room. There were a lot of blue beings and the protocol was for foreigners that you would bow your head every time you pass one of those blue beings. We come upon a counter and one of the blue beings was standing behind it. I bowed my head and looked at the ground. Then this being said there was no need for that and that I could look at him. He said to put my crystal (my crystal Amelen) away so that they could begin the deconstruction and re-construction of me… and just when he said those words..

My note reminder started to ring and I woke up wondering why it was ringing, because it was way to early to start ring as I set the reminder on the following day in the afternoon. The strangest thing was that one of the words that the Paranormal Detector said was destruction. I got goose bumps because it just woke me up just as this blue being said the word deconstruction. Even stranger is that my note started to buzz when it wasn’t supposed to be. Is this all coincidence?

12 February 2014

We are going onto a trip for a good cause. We are visiting a book shop and I get the opportunity to make a drawing of Winnie the Pooh’s interlocked into each other. The guy who is responsible for the books say my drawing might be chosen to go into a book. Now we are sitting outside looking at the stars and the full moon…then the full moon started to produce other moons, smaller and bigger, coming closer and then fading away. Wow that was amazing.

5 February 2014

This drawing is made of the dream when I stand on the steps of the mountain looking at the strange white structures in the distance going sides ways up and down.

This drawing is made of the dream when I stand on the steps of the mountain looking at the strange white structures in the distance going sides ways up and down.

Wow, this is a dream I can remember well and was so fantastic. It starts with me making a drawing of my former living place, I drawing of my apartment in Hasselt, Belgium. But my perspective of my drawing isn’t quite right.

I am now inside an apartment and I am visiting friends. I have a beautiful panorama view on the surrounding city with lots of houses, flats and green. I am welcomed by Karin and her husband.

Then somebody is coming towards us and tells us (me and my friends) that we all have super powers. Only we have to find it within ourselves, but he will just give us a helping hand. He takes out a golden key and put it in my lower back, unlocking the powers within. I transform and I am wearing now a blue tight polyester trouser and t-shirt with long sleeves. Over my polyester trouser, I wear a yellow cotton short trouser. To make the picture complete, I am wearing also a long blue cape around my shoulders. I can fly and as I am flying over my street below, I say hi to everybody below me.

One of the silver balls flies from the roof and it creates a portal to another dimension. I can see green forests and sandy roads and it looks so appealing. But also strange, to see this little patch of green surrounded by a steel jungle of the city.

One of the silver balls flies from the roof and it creates a portal to another dimension. I can see green forests and sandy roads and it looks so appealing. But also strange, to see this little patch of green surrounded by a steel jungle of the city.

Then the dream gets a bit vague but I now I got attacked by an evil person. Somebody who also has super powers can vanish into another dimension and timelines. I want to follow him, but it closes to fast so I had to make another plan. I fly along a tall building, but I fly very slowly so I had to kind of fly and climb up the building. I am now top of the building and I see silver paper balls lying on the roof. One of the silver balls flies from the roof and it creates a portal to another dimension. I can see green forests and sandy roads and it looks so appealing. But also strange, to see this little patch of green surrounded by a steel jungle of the city.

I don’t hesitate and my friend (who also has flying powers) and I dive into the other dimension. We fly over green forests and then we see a small village below. But we decided to land a bit further so that we don’t scare the villagers. We land, on what it seems, a deserted sandy road, but then we see this lady walking in front of us. She is wearing a red scarf around her head and holding a basket in her hand. I see that the lady hears something and she turns around, but as she turns around the whole landscape around us changes.

Probably we stepped into another pocket of a dimension. Before us we see a highway bridge surrounding a city and I see cars driving by. Then this dimension disappears and we are free falling through the sky. I wake up and I fly again but my friend’s mind is still in the other dimension and still falling. His eyes are closed and I can’t wake him up. I take him with his collar and pull him up. But we are falling to fast and I having troubles to slow down. We land with smack unto the ground and that wakes up my friend out of his other illusion.

We landed on the top of the mountain and we have a beautiful view over a city surrounded by lots of forest.  We are in Romania in another time line. In the distance I see strange white structures that swish forth and back, not sure what they are used for. In one way it seems that we landed in the past and on the other hand, we landed in the future.

We landed next to a small shed on the mountain, with very colourful walls. In front of us are very steep steps that will take us from the mountain. We have to crawl under a giant flowers stem, because it grows over the path. On the way down we see historical artefacts lying on the steps, but we leave it there. We are now in the city and everything looks strange but yet familiar. Above a building I see the big Star Trek Voyager ship above us, saying hello to us. Then I woke up and it left  a big impression onto me.

Friday 24 January 2014

dream 24 januari

This is a drawing of the Island I saw in my dream. Lisa

I was dreaming that I was on vacation on an Island that looked like a lot like the environment in Vietnam in Halong Bay. I am visiting a hospital where they are trying to heal children who are very sick. One of the children is a little girl, she is 4 years old and her hands were so much deformed. But I am not afraid of getting sick or anything, I just gave a big hug to the little girl, holding her tight. A bit later I am getting sick and they had to admit me into the same hospital but on a different floor. I felt like I was really there, lying in that hospital bed. My right shoulder and chest feels like it is swollen and they give me a blood transfusion into my right arm. But I don’t want to stay in bed, so I get up and walk through the hospital. When I look through the hospital window, I see more of the island I am staying. We are surrounded by white buildings; some of them are really high. I see it is a sunny day with clear blue skies. This Island I on a different level of dimension, so it is hard to find this Island. But every two weeks in a year, all the residents of the Island take vacation and then other people from other dimensions can come and work in the shops and businesses, because the residents take vacation. 

19 January 2014

I was a spy but now my employer wants to get rid of me, don’t know the reason why. But they out there to kill me and my partner. My partner doesn’t know it yet so I have to go warn her. I hide myself in a green changing cubicle because my partner is in the cubicle next to me. I hide because of my enemies following me. So I whisper to her that she had to get out of the cubicle using the other door. We sneak out and we run to my special modified car/ship. (My car looks a bit like the car Kit in the series “Knightrider” with David Hasselhoff). My car has bulletproof. My enemies found us and they start shooting at us. We duck into me car and they hit anything, because I also have a force field around my car. And we fly off into the sky.

I am now in my ex-employer’s building, that is now become my enemy. They attempt again to arrest me but nobody has yet captured me. My partner, a friend and me are waiting in a very white hallway, waiting for 1 man elevators.  Even the elevators are white. The lifts are there, we all take one elevator. But before I enter the elevator, I mess with the electric wires to make sure that the elevator goes down and not up into their waiting hands. Once on ground floor we still need to go through security gates and fenced off with metallic fences. On the end of the fences there is a metallic swing gate. We are a bit nervous when it is our turn, but just when we are going to go the electricity shuts off. That is our queue to slip through the security and be home free. We are going again to my car/ship.

But I am not going with them because I will be the distraction for my enemies while my friends get away with the car. Now I am standing at the corner of a white house and I look around the corner and see a green floating armoured tank towards me. On top of the tank is a soldier holding a canon. I throw stones at the tank and the soldier got distracted for a moment. In that moment I see my change to swing around the floating tank around and push it to the other grey floating tank that was coming towards me.

I run away and I run past a lake, because they are coming after me. I see suddenly a dinosaur skeleton drinking from the lake but it sees me. It looked like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, looked very mean and I run for my life again. I run under archway kind of hallway (its looks almost like I am in a monastery) The T-Rex is coming after me and jumps onto one of those pillars supporting the archway. But I can escape the T-rex and my enemies.

The dream changes and I am now standing in a room talking with a friend spy (with high credentials) who will help us to escape for good. We make arrangements to meet each other at the crocodile cottage. Then a few months later we are sitting at a restaurant, in red couches, drinking wine and celebrating a successful getaway from our ex-employer.

10 January 2014

The city I saw in my dreams looked a bit like the French city " Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer" and look at the strange spiral clouds in the drawing. This is what I saw in my dream.

This city I saw in my dreams looked a bit like the French city ” Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer” and look at the strange spiral clouds in the drawing. This is what I saw in my dream.

I had a very interesting dream that I wanted to describe. It is dark and I am driving with my car on an abandon icy road. I could see the stars above me in the night sky. I felt like I was somewhere North of Iceland. The road is so icy that I am scared that I am going to slip. Then something strange happens, normally during winter, it should be cold and icy. But when I drove into this town, it seemed like I was on the Mediterranean side of the world (it feels like I am in France, in Saintes-Marie-de-la-Mer). It is summer in the city and the air is nice and warm.

Now I am in a theatre and I rented a room above the stage. I have a nice view down onto the stage. Normally I would have played in the play, but not this time. With regret I am watching the play from my room. The dream changes and now I am sitting on the first row, watching the play. On my left sits a friend of mine that is a bit mentally challenged. He is so enthusiastic that he sings along with the players on the stage. I try to calm him down. Then a strange wind blows past me and I feel something is coming our way.  The play is over and now it is time for presents. Only kids to 18 years will get some presents of Santa Claus. I just became 18 years old, so I was still entitled to have some present of Santa Claus. So I walk into the room where Santa Claus is sitting and an empty chair at the right of him was empty. He asked me to sit next to him and get the present. When I sit a photographer tries to make a picture of us, but he seems not to get the right shot. He sits now in the far right corner, but he gets distracted of what is happening outside. I stand up to see what is happening and first see a steel blue sky. Then I got surprised to see vertical clouds.  Everybody in the room gets excited and a wonderful feeling comes over me when I look at these special clouds. I look over this wonderful city and feel happy. In the distance I see the sea and a beautiful sunset with spiralling clouds. The vortex of the clouds is spinning clock wise. I have a photo camera in my hands and make a movie of the spiralling clouds.

I am standing now on a balcony and see the sun set very quickly, I try to make some pictures but soon it is too dark to take any pictures. Now I am walking to the other balcony that is closer to the water. I see the water splashing onto the landing place below me. The orange street lights cast some light play onto the water and the fog that is rising now.

I get very excited when as I see through the mist, a big black galactic ship that looked like a supersized boing 747 jumbo jet (first only seeing the tale of it) lifting of like a helicopter with no sound at all. Then it makes a sharp turn to right and they it flies over me to the left of me. As I am watching it, disappearing into the distance, the ship transforms into a big black mechanical bug (mosquito?).

On the left, on the shore I see another ship standing in so much light. It is a big green mechanical dinosaur ship and I quickly take out my camera to make pictures of it.

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