The Year 2013 Dreamflights

29 December 2013

I am standing outside and I was looking at the sky when I suddenly see a lot of silver UFO discs flying over, spinning around very fast. Then I wished with all my heart that they would beam me up and take me with them. But instead the UFO’s fall like bricks out of the sky and turned into hollow cardboard UFO’s. They fall into my hands, pilling up as they fall. (Then I woke up because of the thunderstorm and suddenly I get the feeling of a huge Galactic ship hovering above my house. Then I felt they were in my room, making a curtsey visit).

Then just right after that I fell asleep and I was dreaming of meeting them. I meeting up with two galactic women, one of them was Selina. They take me to the ship and walk up on a sort of bridge that goes into the ship. They told me I wouldn’t remember this trip to the ship. We start walking in a circle…circle…until I wake up.

On this last dream I sit in a tree with a white owl fairy and I asked her to help me. I then was hanging upside down and I a bell from hell hanging on a branch next to me.


27 December 2013

I had a very scary and hectic dream. I find myself in the water, in a channel and it is dark. I can see the stars in the night sky. I am still in the water and in the distance I see a kind of hovercraft coming my way that seems to spit lava. It is a fire/lava cannon to get rid of the enemy. It comes closer and closer and it speeds next to me without touching me. Luckily they don’t hurt me. Then I see big enormous rats with red eyes on floating rafts. Some are peddling and others are holding big sharp spears in there paw. With those spears they are hitting the water with, trying to hit some enemy’s that are in the water.

I am now in the city and I see a lot of people and building just disappear in thin air. A big light comes down and then they disappear. I was wondering where they went to and why them?


20 December 2013

In this dream I am in sort of a game, a big real life game that is really dangerous. I remember half of this dream but this is what I can remember. In the first dream I am walking through a big castle and it is dark. The castle hallways are only lighted by burning torches. I am walking up the stairs and arrive on the first platform. On my right is a door opening and I decided to go through. I am walking into a half dark room. Suddenly I see in the right upper corner of the ceiling, two red scary eyes. Then the creature come more into the light and I see a brown sphere shaped head with those scary eyes coming towards me. I could see the veins running through his face, making it scarier. This monster also has big spider legs and a very scary voice. The monster lashes out but I run as fast as I can out of the room. Running up those castle stairs but then I can’t go any further because I reached a dead end. I see that monster coming closer and closer. Just as I think my life is over a man appears and throws me game console and yells “push the button so that your interaction with the game changes”. So I push the button and indeed the game changes. It seems now I am invisible for the character within this game.  (It is like the safety feature in on the holodeks in Star Trek Voyager)

In the second dream I am standing on a hill, the sky is grey. I am looking at building with a very big door. My kids are there too and my friends, Tauno, Troy, Babjij and Feilla. Suddenly we get attacked by big strange monsters and we make a circle around my children to protect them. We are fighting off these monsters.

On the third dream I am in the castle again, but now I am in a very luxurious bedroom. When I open the door I look into a hallway with a very high ceiling, white walls and red curtains along the other windows. I go inside the room again and I walk to the big window and look outside. I see the outer white walls of the castle and on the corner was a cylinder tower. (The castle reminds me of the Castle “Neuschwanstein in Allgäu”) It is dark outside and I see it had snowed. Everything is white and looks so frail.

My last dream I sit with my kids in the living room watching the TV. But this television is an interactive video player and everything looks like hologram style, very real (earth 3D?). I am showing the kids how it works.


17 December 2013

I saw an Amethyst in my dream, a beautiful purple/blue crystal. There was a huge crack in the stone but when I took my crystal, it would perfectly fit into the crack. As the crystal fills the crack, something happens; suddenly blue sparks of electricity comes of it as it melts into the big Amethyst. And then the feeling of this happening was amazing. Something special happened here.

The dream changes and I see Nolwazi in her orange pyjama and a woman (Tauno?) standing next to her. She would take up the responsibility to take care of Nolwazi while I am away. I had to go to a rehabilitation centre. In this dream I had the age 16/17 years old. I jump onto my bike, but on my way there, I get lost. I get at the rehabilitation centre at night. The primary caregiver of this institute was yelling at me, that everyone was worried and where have I been. I told him that I got lost. Once in the rehabilitation centre, I stayed there for months. But after some days, I already get bored and want to go home. I am standing in a hallway and I see a door open. But for I could think to take the opportunity a caregiver is blocking the door. But anyway, I take the chance and I sprint through the door. I am running over the lawn, but I am not getting far.

The dream changes but I am still in the rehabilitation centre and they want to do some tests on me, but I kind of fight them back.  They force me to do this test because it is a very expensive one.  I had to lie on a sort of hospital bed that was moulded in a human shape. There was a paper sheet on top of the bed. But I was struggling to get under that sheet. They said that my feet had to touch the back of the bed.  An old woman is standing next to me; she is going to do the test. She hooks me onto electric wires and sent electricity through them. I can see the monitor she hooked me upon and I see a lot of colours surrounding my body. Then my brain is next and put some wires onto my head. I see now my brain on the monitor and I see beautiful blue sparks of light coming from my brain, so beautiful to see.

I am home again and I am heavily pregnant and the woman (Tauno?) is there again with me. I feel my baby’s hand pushing into my belly, it feels so special. End of dream.


5 December 2013

I open a sort of hatch; it looks like those hatches in submarines. I open it for somebody (this hatch is a portal) to let them see that there is not only 1 dimension/world. The hatch opens and we see into a beautiful landscape.  First a see a semi-detached rock, surrounded by a wall of rock and waterfalls. The semi-detached rock is carved into the King on the left and the Queen on the right. In between those figures is some rock that has a green valley. In this valley is a town situated. On the bottom of this rock is some land where in the middle of the King and Queen stands a very tall silver birch with golden leaves. On the right of the Queen is an island. This island has a lot of autumn coloured trees. I take this person/friend hand and we fly into this beautiful, sparkly, landscape. We are in another dimension and we are flying over the island. I feel so free in this magical landscape.

The dream changes and I am in a sort of room (my suspicion is that I am in a Galactic ship). We (me and my friends) found a device that can bring us to another reality. But there is a spy among us, and I now this person who we can’t trust. We found something to distract her from our mission. We found small silver balls that act like magnets. I make a string of silver balls and it works…she takes it over from me and makes stunning configurations with it. Then suddenly, it seems that she has been taken over by a dark force. She stares in front of her with nothing inside. She doesn’t see anybody around her and says: “Maude must go to her Mater”. And she says this over and over again until she disappears around the corner. After that we try to open a portal but without success.

When I wrote this dream down I get following through: It is not time yet to open this portal, it can be done on the 21st of December.


4 December 2013

I was dreaming that I was on top of a hill looking down through a forest of pine trees interweaved with blossom flowers. In front of me was a path that goes down and in the distance I could see a lake and snow topped mountains. Everything felt peaceful and I stepped onto the path and walk towards this beautiful lake landscape.

Dream 23 November 2013

I was dreaming about taking a gecko out of my hair and I saw also a elephant.

Dream meaning Gecko: To see a gecko in your dream represents an agreement or affirmation. The answer to a decision that you need to make is “yes”. Alternatively, the dream signifies renewal.

On the same day I saw a baby Gecko crawling under our bookcase. So this meant something that everything is going to be alright.

Dream 22 November 2013

blooming of universal flower0001

I see the center of the Universe, I see a big black hurricane storm from above and out of the center comes a yellow/purple Orchid. And out of the Orchid comes the goddess of the Universe, putting here hands up into the air.

Dream 21 November 2013

I am sitting at my desk, a lot of things were lying on my desk, including my phone and camera. Someone was standing in front of my desk and tries to grab my camera. I ask him what he was doing. He just said that he wanted to take a picture of me because I was looking amazing, and not in a physical way. He asks if he can make a picture of me, to show me what he meant. I allow him to make my picture and he shows me…WOW…that is amazing, my whole face is covered by energy golden like lines, going all over my face. It was also going over my whole body…I knew instantly (and on a consciousness level) that I was closer to Ascension and I was being prepared. I felt the energy taking over me, I felt myself ascend (not only in my dream, but was aware that this was also happening with my body that was sleeping in the other reality) floating up to the ceiling, going through the ceiling, cause my cells were changing. A woman was standing beside me and I am taking her hand, we are both excited now as we levitate again into the air. We were Ascending.

Dream 13 November 2013

This was a very long dream consisting of multiple dream scenario’s.

In my first dream I was lying in a hospital bed connected to a lot of tubes. On of the tubes was connected to my intestines, and the tube was connected to a bag. Suddenly I start to convulse and nurses come run. One of the nurses gives me something to relax. She also says that it seems I had trouble breathing, so they decided to put a tube through my windpipe so that I get enough oxygen. I see the tube going into my mouth…and then I wake up.

I am dreaming again and now I am driving in my car, joining a bigger road right of me. A bit further I get in an accident and find myself lying on the ground. Next to me, on my right, I see a paramedic busy with me. He says I have a terrible head injury and he needed to treat me right away. I see him taking out two electric wires with electricity power on it. He puts some gel onto them so that the electricity conduct better. In the mean time, I don’t see anything good coming from it and I try to get away from him. But I don’t succeed and he puts the electricity wires into my mouth. I feel literally the electricity going through my body and I start to shake.

The dream changes and I am standing in a green landscape and in front of me, I see some ruins. My friend and my have to take something out of that house ruin. When we are inside, I see that there is a secret door that goes to a secret library. Inside the library I see a beautiful book full of drawings that belonged to the Mayan culture. Also a sort of  Mayan carved stamp. Suddenly I hear outside the noise of helicopters and the house gets stormed by US soldiers. They demand that I give them the stamp, but I managed to hide the book behind the band of my trousers, at the back. We are escorted out of the building. So quickly we walk to our mentor, the professor and showed what we managed to get away with it. The professor is so excited to also hear about the stamp , that he tells us, we must find a way to get it back.

I was making a futuristic city that was under siege by UFO ships.

I am alone again but I am surround by upright walking baboons. They are trowing things at me and hitting me. Then the leader of the baboons wants to meet with me.

Dream 5 November 2013

I was living in a new house, in a suburb where all the houses looked the same. Every house had a brown colour. In the middle of our street, there was a bridge that holds a waterway. Our house is a bit different as it is built on a high hill. The only house that is build on a high hill. The sky is dark and it is raining hard. It rained so long that the waterway was overflowing with water. All the neighbors of my street came running to my house. The children, the old ones, the couples, young people, every culture, age and stand of people came through. Sarah was playing with a friend outside and decided to play on the street. (it looks familiar, the white gate to the street resembles my grandmothers gate and street. I rushed to them because I saw a huge water wave coming towards them. But I saw I wouldn’t be on time if I opened the gate, so I climbed over it. Grabbing the kids and climbed over the gate again, just in time. Now I am in the house, in the living room and the walls are covered by lots of TV screens. On of the TV screens was connected to a satellite, that showed the weather in our area. There were a lot of people doing some things on some panels (inside a galactic ship?) Now we are in the garden and we look up to some flats. There are some people on the balconies pointing a gun at us. I try to protect the people who are in the backyard, including my husband. Then I see a lady walking into our garden with a gun, so I quickly hide myself. As she comes by, I jump onto her back and take away her gun. I point it at her but the gun doesn’t shoot.

Dream 3 November 2013

I was doing an assessment at work. I was the top performer, but I felt a big tired so I decided I didn’t want to sit at the front of the desk, but rather at the back. So I gave my best seat to a colleague that always wanted my seat. But later I thought it wasn’t a good idea and I claimed it back.

Dream 2 November 2013

I am standing on ice and far away I see a huge ice mountain. A earthquake comes through and a big chunk of the ice mountain breaks off. On my left a kind of pirate-ship emerges from the ice and is surrounded by a blue bubble. I see the captain of the ship and jumps off, and slowly, like he was crossing thick jelly, in a bow, lands out of the bubble.  Next to the bubble stands a big torch that is illuminated by fire. The captain touches one of the flames, and suddenly. it seems that the fire has a red boarder. I walk with the captain on the ice and we see we no longer standing on the ice. We are standing on the back of a whale. On the sides of the whale and on his fins some sea-lions were sleeping. When I turn around to talk to the captain he changed into a turtle. The turtle is whispering softly to the whale, to slow down. The turtle also tells the whale how to stop.

Dream meaning:

Turtle: To see a turtle in your dream symbolizes wisdom, faithfulness, longevity, and loyalty. It also suggests that you need to take it slow in some situation or relationship in your life. With time and patience, you will make steady progress. 

Whale: To see a whale in your dream represents your intuition and awareness. You are in tuned with your sense of spirituality. 

Sea-lion: To see a seal in your dream refers to your playfulness and jovial disposition. Seals also symbolize prosperity, good luck, faithfulness, success, security in love and spiritual understanding. You have the ability to adapt to various emotional situations. Alternatively, the dream symbol may also be a pun and indicate you need to put closure on some situation as in “sealing the deal”

Dream 26 October 2013

I did my clairvoyance exercise again before I went to sleep and I had following dream.

energetic dolphin

I was dreaming that I was watching a movie on a big screen television with my father and then my mom comes in. The dream changes and I am parking my car in a big parking lot, with lots of bridges with lanes going around it. I am locking my car and we went to the bus that would take us to a soccer game. When we enter the bus, we get offered free drinks, beer and coca cola. I preferred the coca cola and stepped into the bus. Here I meet a girl that feels I now her a long time and we are like twin sisters. She has long dark hair and she is beautiful. We are very close to each other and then something happens. She falls into the a small space and it was like I was resetting her, cause when she came out again, she didn’t know who I was. Then she suddenly falls to the floor and I see one eye open and see that here third eye is being activated, it looked red. Then the bus changes into a big room and big windows. I can see outside and we are next to a big and deep canyon with concrete platforms sticking out of the rocks. These are used for bungee jumping and I see people on these platforms ready to jump. Then this crazy guy comes passed me, screaming, saying funny things to me and others and because the windows were open, he just went on to the balcony and jumped. But he was also bungee jumping.

The dream changes and I am standing beside a big lake. Me and my friend dive into the lake and we are looking for treasures. Suddenly we found ourselves drowning in the water but we get rescued what seem like a dolphin and fairy, but they were made up with different swirling energetic energy colors. Very beautiful to see. Then a native elder comes to us and says that what we found in the lake must be given back. He takes my shell and white little cross and throws it back into the water. Then I am holding up a bag full of magical things and I pick something out for this native elder. It looks a bit like a thimble upside down. I said to him it will give him access to the underwater golden library in this lake. He is the keeper of this knowledge. We found ourselves underwater and we see the door to this magical underwater golden library. I encourage him to go in.

Dream 22 October 2013

I was dreaming that I was asking my guides if I would ascend. They showed me a banner, on one side, the left side, it was saying that most people would ascend. But on the other side of the banner that was for me and others like me it would say  UNITY IN ONENESS. They say I am not going to ascend as I am already ascended and that I only have to change my perception from 3D to 5D.

Dream 21 October 2013

Before I went to sleep I asked my guides to take my to other dimensional worlds. I was dreaming that I was living in the far future, but living in this future was based on elite, basically a separation of rich and poor. I was in the above elite and I was walking on a pathway that was making a spiral downwards. In the middle on ground floor of this, they were playing a preview of a movie, it was holographic. Suddenly I loose my balance and fall into the holographic preview of the movie. But instead of falling through, it seemed a portal opened and I felt into this movie itself.Then another portal opens and sends me back to the past and find myself talking to people, telling them how it goes into the future (possible future for them) I take a walk and found myself in a traveling agency, I want to book a journey to somewhere, thinking of London.

Dream 12 October 2013: Fluid world versus Non Fluid world

Fluid versus non Fluid world

The above picture I made is what it looked like, even though I was swimming through the buildings and viewing it from the top to the bottom was even more amazing.

We are sitting in the living room, all my family members, and also my team leader is there. I want to put up a show by levitating tennis balls into the air. But nobody was impressed. So I took out my most impressive magic trick and now I levitated a person into the air. That got their attention.

I have a very interesting book in my hand that foretells the future but I say that they can’t have it yet as they are not ready for it.

The dream changes and me and my family are swimming under water. We are swimming what appears to be a very big round lake. We see on the bottom of the lake a round grey stone table with stone seats around it, occupied by skeletons holding a golden cup in there hand and it appears they are laughing.  They have the book of the future lying there, I take it for safe keeping.

Now I see the whole picture of what is going on, I can see what is under water and at the same time I see the city above water. I divided it into the “Fluid world” and the “Non Fluid world”.

The city in the Non fluid world looks like a city of light, it shines very bright with high rise buildings and colors gold by the sun rays. I looks like the city is floating just above the water.

Now we go below, to the Fluid world. I see separate building-blocks floating in the water, floating in the same place, like they are hold down by a invisible force field. The lake has a deep trench that has a funnel shape. Left and right I can see the rock mountains going very deep. The water has a green/blue color to it. The building blocks had most of them rectangle shape, but there were also not so conventional shapes of building-blocks. There were hundreds of those buildings, following the shape of the funnel mountains. I was a very impressive sight to see.

I am swimming down and down and it gets darker and narrower, at a point it is so narrow no buildings are there anymore. But I see somebody bend over on the bottom of the lake that is filled with grass.

Something happens, the phone rings and somebody is speaking. As I pick up the phone and say hello, nobody answers. I turn the phone around and I see very interesting shaped buttons on the bottom of it.

The dream changes and I am in a big mall with my family. We are standing near a football podium where people are sitting with their backs at us, watching the game below. On the other side is some sort of ice skating ring with people skating. I left some clues at the football podium for my family to follow. Follow the trail to something very interesting about the future. I go and look to the people in the ice skating ring and I know something is going to happen. Some energy ball comes out of nothing and people start to scream and running away. This energy ball explodes and knocks allot of people down. This is the end of the dream.

Note: When I woke up I had the feeling that I was in the fluid realm of Hitsusi. Also the Non fluid world is in a different dimension and vibration as the Fluid world.

Dream 30 September 2013


Above Galactic ship was an estimated plus/minus 15 km/9 miles long

Wow this was an awesome and sometimes hilarious dream. To me anyway. Before I went to sleep (having a high fever because of the flu) I asked my Star Brothers and Sisters to take me on board and heal me because my whole body was hurting. The dream:

I was in Central Park in Manhattan, and I was just standing under some trees. Soon I saw something amazing coming down, looking like very colorful flying pods with people in. They had a rotor blade on top of the pods. There were some people sitting in the grass picnicking, and the pods landed in between the people and even one pod landed in front of me. I say farewell to my father and brother and went home. I take out the key but it seems the door was already open. So I go inside and see that I landed into a student house and not my own home. Everywhere in the house, people were dancing and drinking, sitting or lying on the couches, having good fun. I walk through the house to the back into the garden.

Suddenly I found myself being chased by men pointing guns at me, but they never fired their guns. They just looked at me and left again. I also saw a man with a bandage around his head and one red eye staring at me. The skin around this eye was very burned and red. I also saw a kind of label sticking to his cheekbone. Later in the dream I saw him again as superstar, without the bandage but still the creepy eye and the label on his cheekbone.

I am in the garden of the student house again and I am sitting on a garden long-chair watching TV. I am watching those series (like the bold and beautiful kind of series) and then something strange happens with one of the actors face. His face started to change in mean big ET eyes, looking at me.And then it transform back into the actors face like nothing happened. (this happened like in a few seconds) By then some students sat around me on chairs watching the TV. I asked if they saw it to, but they just laughed.

The dream changes and again I seem to be in an office making a case about myself. There are two ladies there, a shrink and a lawyer (always a good combination 🙂 ) I felt very comfortable with them to talk about my life. Then we went to their dining room to have some dinner and she switches on the TV. It is a show with pigs in it and then the same happened again earlier in the dream. The pigs faces turn in to big mean looking ET eyes, looking at me and then it transforms back into pigs like nothing happened.

Dream is changing again and I am sitting on a toilet and I see the toilet walls on my left are just half way built. There was no roof and on my right side was  a complete wall with window. I looked out the window and I see a man putting something in the dumpster. He looks very suspicious and when he sees me , he runs and hide behind the dumpster. Then I see his head sticking out a little bit and looks at me. Then for no apparent reason, I look up in the sky.

I see a huge Galactic ship (see picture I made in the beginning of the dream) above me, most of the parts hiding in the clouds. I only see the back sticking out a little bit and it is like they heard my thoughts because the back was coming out more of the clouds, so I have a better look.The ship had silver/beige colors with black and light blue markings on it. So as I see this ship I go like….WOW…SUPER….this is AWESOME 😀  and I think I was shouting so loud, that they heard me. A retractable arm with a camera lens on it stretches up to me and stops very close to my face. I stare into a dark lens and I am not bothered by this. I say HELLO…I AM LISA… and waved into the camera.

Then that was the end of my dream. When I woke up I still had that WOW feeling.

Note: the last piece of the dream is a validation that they heard my request to get me on board and get some healing. “To dream that you are in the bathroom, relates to your instinctual urges. You may be experiencing some burdens/feelings and need to “relieve yourself”. Alternatively, a bathroom symbolizes purification and self-renewal. You need to cleanse yourself, both emotionally and psychologically.”

Dream 23 September 2013

Just before I went to sleep I asked my Star Brothers and Sisters for some healing as I was suffering of a terrible flu and fever. I was dreaming that they were making some changes into the house (my body) and I had to move out temporary while they were upgrading my house. I couldn’t understand why I had to move out because I just had moved and rented this house not long ago. Then somebody made a nice comment about my crystal. When the upgrading was done, when we moved in, everything in the house was bigger, better and looking very new. We even had a swimming -pool.

Dream 13 September 2013

I had a very interesting dream. First I saw baby pictures of myself as an ET. The dream changes and I found myself in a lab somewhere in a basement. The are planting a chip into my arm. They use it to force me into labor. The man who is doing this is around middle 40 and has a half long grey beard. The reason they want me is because I have to work on a very secret computer. They say I am the only one who can handle this type of computer. It is a very interactive PC and the name of the PC is HELL. I am escorted out of the lab and we are taking the lift down. We are going several floors down. When the lift stops, the doors opens to a long hallway (looks a bit like in Stargate SG1) We walk out of the lift. I am escorted by guards and then we stop at room 108. A man comes out of the opposite room and asks me if I have permission to be down here and particular to enter the room with the special pc. I pointed at the man with the grey half beard, and said that he brought me here. It seems that the chip in my arm also works like a key to open the door and to interface with the computer. Then the man with grey beard says the reason that they let me work on it is because I have a gift. The gift of seeing what is true or false. That was the end of my dream.

Dream 2 September 2013

I was dreaming that I was standing in a sort of big hallway of a theater or airport. There were a lot of people standing there, something was happening. The stairs up to the cinema was blocked by security guards. There was a red carpet on the steps. My husband was dressed in a suit and had sunglasses on. He pretended he was with security and got me past the security guards. I am now sitting in the cinema staring at the screen and I see important people coming in, looking for a seat below me. I am sitting at the back of the room. Then suddenly on my left , some chairs in between us, the president. I got very nervous, especially that I wasn’t supposed to be there. He tries to make a conversation with me. So I looked at him strangely and then I was looking for my husband who sat a seat in front of me. But he was gone. I felt so out of sync there cause I was just wearing my ordinary clothes.

Dream 1 September 2013

I was sitting in those big jumbo jet airplanes with lots of seats. I was sitting with some people who needed some medical attention, including me. There were also medical staff aboard. I see two medical staff a few rows before me. One of the medic’s had my documents in his hands. Then he shouted that he couldn’t take me on board because I just had an operation,just a few days ago. Somebody was walking towards him saying he had no choice in this. I also had a disease where I couldn’t produce enough oxygen in my blood (looked it up it calls: aplastic anemia) Later, during the
flight, I am not feeling well. I couldn’t breath and fainted.

Galactic Dreamflight stardate 17.08.2013

Wow I remembered a bit of my dreamflight, even though I was at first I bit disappointing what I saw. But when I looked it up…wow

The first bit of the dream I remembered was I was chatting with Leslee through a big screen chat kinda of service. We could upload live video’s through it. I sent some video’s through were I was happening and enjoying being in the swimming pool. Then Leslee also said she was happy and was experiences a lot of miracles within her being. She sent me a video of a Shetland pony in a meadow wearing a rainbow shawl.

Then the second part of the dream:

I was trying to capture a pink Tarantula. (When I looked this up on the internet I didn’t know that pink Tarantula’s existed, cause I thought it was funny that the spider was pink) But the Tarantula always escapes me.

I looked up the meaning of Tarantula:

Creativity and Weaver of Fate

A spider totem teaches you balance —
between past and future, physical and spirit, male and female.
She is strength and gentleness combined.
She awakens creative sensibilities
and reminds you that the past is always interwoven with the future.

Spiders are the keepers of the primordial alphabet
and can teach you how to write creatively.
Her body is shaped like the number 8 and she has 8 legs,
which is symbol of infinite possibilities of creation.
Her 8 legs represent the 4 winds of change and the 4 directions of the medicine wheel.

Spider’s message is that you are an infinite being who will continue
to weave patterns of life and living throughout time.
Do not fail to see the eternal plan of creation.

Those who weave magic with the written word usually have this totem.

pink tarantula

Then the pink Tarantula changes into a big white caterpillar that looked a bit like the caterpillar in Alice in Wonderland


Meaning caterpillar:
Means changes and growth can be made to make yourself into something/someone different.

White, an inherently positive color, is associated with purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, softness, and perfection.

Then I see a black dog dragging a big trailer of expensive things and black sport cars and runs away with it out of the door as if it is scared of me

Black dog: evil is running away?

That is the end of my dream.

Dream 14 August 2013: Dimensional shift

I had a strange experience during the night as I was aware that I was sleeping deeply. Then suddenly this strange feeling is coming over me, like I know something is about to happen.  I couldn’t breathe, I felt like someone was eating my breaths and I was desperately trying to get one. Even my husband said he heard me struggling to sleep. So suddenly after this, it felt like somebody pushed the reset button on this dimension, cause I could feel like everything was being resetted to it’s original blueprint dimension. I felt myself being resetted but also the room around me changed, I saw a wave going over the room changing everything. I was so startled with it that I jumped almost out of bed. But then everything went to normal again. But this is a feeling that is not new to me; I had these kinds of reset waves all my life. But it always comes in waves and periods.

My dream, I was dreaming that I plunged into the ocean and was wearing some divers gear. As I went down I also saw two other divers in black diver’s suit going down. As I going down, it goes darker and darker and I feel the pressure building up on my chest. We are at the bottom of the ocean, it is really dark, but there is a kinda of diffused light. We have to go through a kinda of scanning device before we can go in. I am going inside a bubble with air and we don’t need some oxygen from our bottles anymore. I look into the building and see a large white room and a door at the back that leads to a smaller white room. In this room I see people going up and down, but as I try to see their faces, it is all a blur in the middle. The dream changes and I am now standing in the white room in front of a desk. On the desk was a military man given me orders. Now I see next and behind him other desks with other military people sitting on them. Some faces I can see and some are blurred out. I have to go on a mission. But first I had to train somebody in Judo. I got a beginner and I was teaching him how to kick. There was also another lady, Anna, who was training a more advanced military.  Then I remember being in a boat, wearing black, my face was painted black, and we were in a rubber boat landing on the beach at night. We were on a mission.

Dream 17 August 2013: An Armada of space ships

I was dreaming that I was standing at a big lake and the sun was going down. But I saw the most beautiful sight I ever saw and I felt so excited and happy. A big armada of spaceships, small and big flew low over me. And I saw my space brothers and sisters in it and I was weaving happily, feeling so happy that finally things are going forward.

Dream 6 August 2013

I had a very interesting dream and afterwards some talk with my guides. I was dreaming that I was watching TV with my friend to what seems to me, a very violent movie. (Before we watched the movie, we were in the kitchen checking up some cutlery and cooking pans.) As the movie finishes, we go to the kitchen to get something (don’t know what it was). But when we open the drawers and cabinets, it is now filled with precooked food, sweets and so…Our lady friend, who didn’t watch the movie, was putting some empty boxes into the kitchen. I asked her what happened to the cutlery and pots and pans. She looked very strange at me and said that it never changed position. When we talked to this lady a few minutes went by. As we looked again, their was indeed the cutlery and cooking pans back on there same old place, where they have always been. End of dream.

When I woke up, I get a message through from my guides. “TV changes our brain waves in a negative way and make you see, what they want you to see. The illusionary world.” Then they gave me a task/experiment to do. From next week – 12 August to 18 August to stop watching TV and note any changes
in doing so.

Dream 2 August 2013

Thorn Limburg belgium

I am sitting in an auditorium, I could see that there were a lot of woman. This gathering was about schooling, but there were a lot of woman in this auditorium that were not schooled at the school we were sitting right now. So I saw one woman standing up (she had schooling) to protest against the reason that woman are not allowed to have schooling. (either through race or financial status) The moment I stood up, they say I forfeited my schooling as also the woman before me. Many others stood up in protest. (During these scene of the dream, an image comes through, I see a poppy flower with the flower heart, divided in the Celtic cross – circle divided with cross) When the gathering was over, we all stood up and proceeded to the back of the auditorium, through the doors. I came up on a platform that was on the first floor and I see steps in front of me that leads into the reception area on the right and left was the double door to get out of the school. Suddenly I hear an announcement made by security, that everybody who doesn’t belong to the school can come to the reception where they can sign them in for schooling. I instinctive knew that this was a trap, so I lowered my head and told my friend to do that also and we went straight for the door. Once out of the school door, as I walked out, I looked next to me through the big window that gives a sight onto the reception area. I see a lot of people getting arrested. Also a guy who has been pinned down to the window is getting cuffs. I knew that this was a trap. It seems we are walking through a small town with cobble stones on the streets. Suddenly a police van comes by with all the people they arrested at school, driving up hill. At the back was also a policemen looking over the arrested people. Our eyes meet each other and suddenly a spark of recognizing comes in the eyes of this cop. So I tell my friends to run. We take a side street and my friends were running to fast for me…I yell…wait for me…but they disappear around the corner. As I go around the corner, I had to stop, because there were stairs going down. My friends were waiting on the stairs for me. End of dream.

Dream 27 July 2013

Again I had a very intense dream, but now I remember a bit more. I was in a shopping mall with my friend and he dragged my to a certain store, that was actually a club. This was a very special club, and the only way to get in was first, solving a riddle. You could see people talking to each other, drinking a drink. We could see them, but the people inside was not aware of the people outside of the store. The light inside was a kinda of heavenly blue.

The riddle was on a little looking I pad, attached to the door. You had to touch the screen to see the riddle, but this I pad kinda of looking device, was given in holographic form. The riddle shows the number 3, a picture of the Orion constellation, a map of England divided into night and day and the letters GMT. As last image we see 3 crystals in descending order (from right to left).

I really wasn’t interested to be in that club, I only came to support my friend. My friend tries but he is not successful in decoding the code. I got a bit interested to see if I could decoded it. I was more interested in the riddle that trying to get in that club. So I was looking at the riddle and suddenly I saw the answer and resolved it. The door went open a little bit. (After this dream I got a message that even someone could resolve or decode the riddle, they still need the right vibration to get in, that is why there were not to many people in this club) I am now inside the club and I was talking to a man saying that I was attacked by team dark. I heard myself asking what I could do about it. He tells me to follow him and he leads me to a table were a lady was busy with tulips. He said that Tulips will help to ward of any negative attacks. End
of dream.

Meaning of Tulips: Tulips are also voracious sun seekers and will sway their heads in crazy contortions seeking out the best angle for light. This makes them a symbol of opportunity, adjustment, advancement and aspiration. They are commonly thought to represent attainment of spiritual awareness too. Because they are from bulbs, and return every year, tulips are symbolic of resurrection and determination.

Dream 23 July 2013

I had a short but powerful dream. It left me with a high sense of feeling. But sometimes I have a hard time to remember them and sometimes they are so crystal clear, that I can play them over and over in my mind. I didn’t
remember much, but I got through that I remembered to important ones.

In my dream I saw first the number 1 and then the color red. I am standing in the road and I feel I had to help out with those electrical storms I see in the distance. The lightening had different colors, saw red and green and other colors. The dream changes and I see myself just drowning in the pouring rain. I scream HELP for her and I suddenly feel like I am pulled out of this dream state and I feel heavenly bliss. ( I felt like I was been pulled out by my guides).

Dream 27 May 2013

I find my standing on a swimming pool filled with liquid chocolate. As I dive in , I see two people who are trying to prevent me from swimming in this pool. I dive into the dark chocolate and I let myself go. I see myself getting younger, I stare into my younger self face. After a few attempts, the two people get me out of this chocolate swimming pool. The dream is changing and I am moving with my family to a new house. The owner of this house is packing his stuff in a box when he says to us that the deal can’t go through. Than means we can’t rent it and we are back on the streets again. I see on the box the destination he is moving too. California. Then I dreamt I was holding a lottery ticket and could win 2.9 million rands. End of dream.

Dreamflight 25 may 2013 “opening portals:

I set my intention to open the portals with Leslee, Tauno, Elvi, Petra,Pin-chu and Troy. Then I set my normal intentions to visit my ship GLS Blaze and other ships. Then I invited Hitsusi to join us with the opening of the portals.

I first dreamt that when I looked in my closet for my crystals, I couldn’t find it. Then I realized that they were stolen. Somebody tells me that I had to go to this funny looking Buddha guy that was a opera/theater singer and he shows me a poster of him. I take it with me but I come to the conclusion that these poster is a fake and that the real opera singer is a woman. The dream changes again and I am kinda of swimming with seals, but they had to sharp their teeth and couldn’t find anything but me. But good for me they found something to set their teeth in. I go through a door and suddenly I got a snake in my one hand and the other one is trying to hold the head from preventing to bit in my hand. It bite me 6 times. That was the end of the dream.

Dream 21 May 2013

In the dream I find myself standing in an isle of a helpdesk. It is a bit dark inside and I hear the voices of the agents talking to the customer. I sense something strange, it seems like we are sitting under water. As I look up I see thin ice covering the water surface. So I swim upwards and break through the ice with full force. Jumping up like a flying fish out of the water, feeling so free. I landed on the thin ice and I see I am in the middle of small frozen pond, surrounded by mountains and snow. On the edge of the pond, in front of me, I see someone standing. It looks like a half man and horse and he is waiting for me. ( I felt like a mermaid as I was lying there on the ice)

Dream 20 May 2013

I was making pictures with my camera of the galaxy in front of me. (probably I was on a ship). I was making picture of a beautiful orange galaxy with a very bright orange sun. The dream changes and I am being chased by the police and I am falling on my knees. The police arrests me and take my pictures. You can see on the pictures some names and some portal indications written on it. They think they can make a map out of it that takes them to….. then I wake up from my dream.

Dreamflight 18 May 2013

In the first dream I was sitting in a kind of big brother competition for a free housing unit. We didn’t really play fair in there. The dream changes and I am standing in front of a big shopping mall window, close to the door. We are waiting in a queue (for what I don’t know) and when we looked outside, we saw suddenly a Tornado coming our way. It was big , gray/brown
devastating vortex coming with high speed towards us. We had nowhere to go. Suddenly we see handles  on a string hanging from the ceiling. The look a bit like those handles in the bus when there is no seat anymore you can grab one of those. The tornado roars over us and we are holding tight as we are in the middle of this tornado. But when the tornado is gone, we were still standing there in one piece without even a scratch on us. End of dream.

Note: The day after I was reading about that Oklahoma was hit by a tornado. Isn’t this strange that I was dreaming about this?

Dream 27 March 2013

god poseidon
Source picture:

I remember in this dream that I had my own trailer/restaurant, but I had some trouble to decorate it like I wanted it. I was looking at it from different angles. The dream shifts and I am standing on the inside playground of my old school the Urselinen in Hasselt. But I was standing on a kinda of podium looking down, the reason for this is because the playground was filled with water. (understand that this playground is surround on all sides with school buildings). I see men/teachers giving lessons to the students about the qualities of the water. The teachers almost look like the God Poseidon, white long hair and beard. Suddenly the teachers order everyone out of the water and they pull up like a big blue carpet over the water. The dream changes again and I see in front of me somebody wearing a white/clear mask and I see something is written on the mask. It says: KINGS 83:19 (I thought I wouldn’t find anything about this on Internet, but I got curious and tried my luck and I found: Kings James Bible (83:19) That they may know that is THOU alone whose name is the LORD, the most high over all the earth. ) Then I hear that an accident had happened on a lake. Some boats capsized with children into the water. As I was not far from it, I quickly ran to the lake and jumped in. I rescued some kids from the bottom of the lake. After all the kids were rescued I tell my friend that maybe this tragedy was foretold. I mentioned the guy I saw with the mask and I saw some words. So I take up the bible and look up and I showed him what was written. The dream changes and now I am with a particular group that made their own community. As I was talking to a priest I saw some apartment blocks around us. It is in the evening

Dream 26 March 2013

I remember half of my dream but I will put it here anyway. The first dream begins that I am at the airport buying a plane ticket home. But I was buying it from a Japanese company. But we got double crossed as there was no airplanes for us that would take us home. I see my friends bought there tickets with another company and they got lucky to have a plane. I see them boarding the plane and looking so happy. I was sad because I wanted to go home and leave South-Africa behind. In the second dream I am sitting in an airplane, the airplane is beige/brown with white concentric circles painted on the side of the plane. But we need to get out of the plane because it needs a health check up. So I am booking a hotel room and invited friends of mine to stay there because they couldn’t afford it. The dream changes and I am standing on a sort of ledge,it is night with lots of lighting around me. Beneath me I see people playing and having a party, it seems to be all young people. Then one of them looks up and sees me. He takes a big leap and lands just beneath me, holding on to the wall and it seems he had cat eyes. I get the message that we can do anything if we set our heart to it. So I take a leap of faith and jumped of the ledge and land very softly onto the ground beneath me. (the ledge I was standing on, was about 5 stories high).

Dream 21 March 2013

I felt like this dream was some kinda of test. The interesting thing was that it just went on in my crystal connection. I find myself in a African looking landscape, low yellow grasses. I find myself walking along an earth path as I look back I see strange scary animals coming towards me. I see a blue tree and I climb in the tree to hide from them. The animals just pass without seeing me. The dream shifts and find myself in a room/library and on the shelf I see a book/video about wolfs. I take it out and and the wolf becomes real and he is a totem/teacher and without words,asking me to follow him. So I walk behind the wolf into a corridor that leads me to the continent of Africa. He leads me to a door and then disappears. I feel I passed a part of this journey test. (you can read here the up following crystal connection I had in my Crystal Connection)

Dream 20 March 2013

I was on top of a mountain and it was at night because the sky was dark. I saw in the sky some UFO’s fly by. Then I remember vaguely that I traveled through time and dimensions and I ended up again on the mountain. I felt something very special happened.

Dream 17 March 2013

I was in our new cottage (we recently moved to a cottage) and I was talking to my husband. Then at the back of the living room I saw a door on the right. Suddenly I see someone coming out of this door and go through another door that was on the other wall that was joining this door. I didn’t feel save anymore because strangers could come into our home. The dream changes and it seems I fell into a blue cave with white sharp looking rock knife coming from the ceiling. When I stand up, the rock kinda looking knifes are beginning to fall and I run for my life. I get hit by a few of them. Now I find myself in an underground bedroom and I see a young lady sitting on the bed. As I look out of the window I see diffused sunlight and I ask if we are in inner-earth? She says her name (forgot her name) and she says no. She says we have to go deeper to go to inner-earth. I didn’t really believe her but I asked if she could take me there? But she doesn’t want to bring me there. Then I see my children in the room with me and suddenly the room starts to shake because of an earthquake. Big pieces of rock starts to fall down and I flee with my kids, going upstairs. End of dream.

Dreamflight 2 March 2013

Source picture:

I met a lady, she was a kinda of an oracle. She was very sweet and we hugged each other. She told me to look within to what I desire. It was really difficult because I got what others desired for me. Suddenly I am in a field of brown/red/yellow weaving wheat flowers, very peacefully. She looks at me and smiles and says its her time to go to the other side(heaven).

The dream shifts and I am in a restaurant with friends and we were on a podium announcing we were making some kinds of clothing line and this lady who stands next to us is surprised and says she uses our line and that we maybe can work together.

Now I am in sort of tour bus and we were visiting a museum that used to be a the president Obama’s house and we are outside. It snowed, and we were looking at the beautiful crystal towers weaved with some deep brown hazelnut branches , WOW, it was really beautiful to see. We are now inside the house museum but were heading out, as I go down the steps this man is pointing at something on the floor. And I see some shapes lying on the floor and I pick it up and put into in my jacket. As I go out I have to go trough metal detectors and pray that those thing won’t beep. Luckily they don’t.

My father , mother , and me are getting in the car and my dad holds a handkerchief from the president but its black , he wants to throw it away. I ask if I can keep it. My dad says: “Sure you want it , its dirty black”. I am sure. My dad is called away so my mom is behind the wheels. I am sitting on the passenger seat in front and as I look out, I see we are in the streets of New York now. I ask her if she is going to be alright, our shouldn’t I drive?

Dream shifts again and we are now at the presidents party and I see my dad talking to president Obama and my father smiles at me. I have put the handkerchief and the things I found in a plastic bag and I showed my mom that magic was happening and that the handkerchief was already slowly getting clean/white. End dream.

Dream 20 February 2013

Source Picture:

When I went to sleep I stated my intent to visit a Arcturian ship. I had following dream: I was dreaming that I was on an enormous cruise-ship (mothership) , standing aside some people who were taking advantage of a white energy sphere that was levitating in the air. The capacity of this energy sphere was 85%. I told them that I could get them a white energy sphere that was on 100%. They look at me as I was talking rubbish. I say, come with me and I will show you. There was a mountain on the ship and I was climbing it along with my followers. When we were on top of the mountain I saw the 100% white energy sphere levitating in the air as I come near it. I hold my hands out and it lowers itself into my hands. I showed it to these people, but apparently all they saw was a golden sphere and they are telling me that is not what they wanted. (it seems that me and the people were vibrating on different dimensions and that would have a great impact on how you perceive your environment. I was on a higher vibration, so I saw the 100% sphere, they were on a lower vibration and only could see the golden sphere.) The dream changes and I am in one of the cruise chambers having a briefcase in my hand with the white sphere inside of it. There are some people who knows what is in it and do anything to get their hands on it.

The dream puts me now on a different area of the cruise-ship and it seems I am in a chapel or little church. There are also other people there. Something is going on. We are looking at a man, that seems to be floating in the air. The man has half long brown hair and brown eyes. But when you look closer it is like he is in a wall of water. He is a guide and he explains that this water is actual a teleportation portal that can bring you anywhere in the world. Behind him appears two Gothic church doors, but the doors are open and the wall of the church has become partial invisible, and we can see the world out there. We start to walk through those doors and we find ourselves standing next to a small concrete highway surrounded by a lot of green and trees. Once in a while a car passed by. Across there is an empty field and the guide says that in the future this place will become a place of peace. I had the feeling this road was somewhere in North America. Then it was time to go through the portal again, but some people had some hard time to find the entry again. An old man with glasses didn’t see the portals and I told him to take of his glasses and have a leap of faith. And by wonder he goes through the portal. I follow the others. End of dream.

Dreamflight 10 February 2013

I am dreaming that we are waiting in the airport because there was something wrong with our passports.

We are waiting for to go on an attraction, but my husband tells me to hold places for them while he is walking around with the kids. There is a square podium with seating’s and there were already people waiting for the attraction. So I sit in one of the chairs that was left open. Then it is my turn, but no sign of my husband or kids. So I climb a steep ladder going into a container room and see that the attraction is kinda of weird movie. I am standing a bit at the side and out of nowhere from the other side, I see my kids turning up. Because it was closed off that side, luckily there was a big gap underneath the closure, so Nolwazi crawls under it. Sarah is a bit hesitant, but I cheer her up and she also crawls under neath it.

The dream changes and I am standing in a field with hills and I see a bus with people and children driving off. They are being kidnapped/taken hostage. On the hills I see 5 people lying onto a sort of coffin, tied up, but it is a big bomb.

Changing again and I am now in a room with men. One of the men asks me if I wanted to some portrets. I said that this was boring stuff and I declined his offer. But a bit later I changed my mind and asked if he had the material for making portrets. He showed me the paint and the brushes and even the a paintingstand where I could hang up my paper.

So now I am standing on a big air bed jumping up and down. Beside me I see people making that looks like some sort of Thai-chi moves. I am trying them out too and I didn’t do that bad. The instructor sees me doing it and comes up to me. He feels at my back and say it wasn’t in a good condition to do this kind of Lotus exercises. End of dream.

Dream 9 February 2013

The images of the first dream I can’t translate it into words. But I can describe what overall of it was. It was about that, if you work together as ONE , Anything is possible.

Then the dream shifts and I am lying on the ground and a lot of people are surrounding me, including my friends. I am the main focus of everybody and they are worried about me. As I was lying on the ground, a ghost tried to enter my body.

I am standing now outside a building that looks like those America drive-in dinners in the sixties. I am standing at the door with my friends. Outside looks strange, on the parking it looked like it rained white/pink hail. We are walking to the parking place and we are looking for a car to borrow. My friend finds a black race car with a lighting bolt on the door. He turns around and comes along side me and tells me to get in. My other friends found also some transport.

The dream changes and I lost track of my friends except my friend that took the black sports car. Now we are walking in a sort of chalk tunnel and a lot of people are walking past by me. I see new friends coming along.  Our journey ends up in a big round cave and there was a restaurant that was selling some food. But you had to have money to buy. There were little tables with chairs and see some people eating some food. But most of the people who arrived didn’t had money, including me. There is a big difference between the have’s and the have not’s.

I walk past the eating people and see an opening in the wall of the cave. It looks upon some spaghetti grass field that was growing very fast. So when I mean spaghetti grass, it was grass made from spaghetti. I see a cow grazing the spaghetti and I see a man sitting on a horse, looking over the field. When I look at this man, he has painted stripes on his cheeks. He looks like Native American but also he has some extra-terrestrial look. That is the feeling I got, that he wasn’t from around here.

I see in corner of this window a bowl of sunflower seeds, and me and some other people grab with full hands some seeds out of it. My friends sees it and looks at me disapprovingly and I acknowledge my mistake to him. I turn around and put the sunflower seeds into my little pouch. Then some people come to me, gave me little things in order for some seeds, or they swop non valuable stuff with valuable so that they can buy some food.

The dream changes again and I am still in the cave but I am standing in front of a big circle table. There were people talking/standing on the other side. There is a lot of stuff on the table and I notice on the other side of the table , on the edge, I see a little crystal and it was flashing a little orange light. I see it and I take out my crystal to magnify this light. So I take my crystal out and put it in front of this light to magnify when a gentleman sees what I am doing and yells “ he, stop what you are doing” and he attempts to grab my crystal. But because he is on the other side of the table, he can’t reach it. I see the crystal growing and glowing and I know I am evoking the goddess inside me through this crystal magnifying. Suddenly I fall onto the table and I see a copper pipes sticking out of the wall. When I saw this, I knew there was a way out of this, a way out of the have and the have not’s. So I got up and looked up and saw my friends pulling some ceiling tiles. They were up there, smiling at me down here. End of dream.

Dreamflight 26 January 2013

I was making my intent to board the Athabantian, Blaze, Algiz and Chimera.

I was dreaming that I was sitting in a very green garden (Chimera?) with lots of flowers and I was drawing a star sister under the song: “Nocturne” from Secret Garden.

Now let the day
Just slip away
So the dark night may watch over you
Velvet blue, silent true
It embraces your heart and your soul

Never cry, never sigh
You don’t have to wonder why
Always be, always see
Come and dream the night with me

Have no fear
When the night draws near
And fills you with dreams and desire
Like a child asleep
So warm, so deep
You will find me there waiting for you

We will fly, claim the sky
We don’t have to wonder why
Always be, always see
Come and dream the night with me

Though darkness lay
It will give way
When the dark night delivers the day

Then at a certain moment I turn around and I see actually my star sister that I was drawing coming towards me, and I felt so amazing. The dream changes and I am now in a museum, and there is a reception going on. They display some installations of artists. One of the installations is a ramp where you would walk up to and it leads to a patch of snow and some fake snowy mountains. As I was walking up they gave me a box with some smell in it that would enhance the experience. But it was smelling so bad that I decided to chuck it away. It seems that the artist saw that , because as I was almost at the top he shoved me off the ramp. He was smiling at me as I was kinda of upset that he did this. For a few moments I was just hanging in the air and then I fell like a brick down the floor. As I was lying there, I peep through my eyes and see the artist is shocked when I am not getting up. So he rushes down stairs and as I see him very close , I shout bhooo…. 😀

Dream changes and I am standing beside a carousel. On this carousel were leather chairs mounted and in the chairs were people busy playing a game on the PC screen that was mounted on the right of them onto the column of the carousel. In front of you is your keyboard and you have to wear a special glasses because the game is in 4D, and you have to guess some signs of restaurants. A friend was playing and was asking me if I could take over. I sit in the chair and I get these special glasses on. First I noticed that the board was Azerty and not Qwerty and I say to him that I can’t work on this keyboard. He switches and magical the letters are turning and forming now a Qwerty keyboard, cool!!!
But the game was not so easy and my friend left me alone with it. But I couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go. But then I saw a bodybuilder man taking things from my friend, money, gold and other personal possessions. So I returned and told him , he couldn’t do this. So he put everything back neatly.

The dream changes and I am in another game but now lying on my back with my legs up. We had to guess influx or no influx of the people we know. Then the man who was playing against me, was asking the game master for some favors. The game master denies his request and says that he doesn’t have enough credit to ask for favors, because he only has 4’s. (4th dimension perhaps?) On the other hand, I had privileges enough , cause I had a lot of 5’s (5th dimension?) , and also because I could balance a drink bottle onto my foot. End of the dream.

Dream 25 January 2013

I was sitting with my youngest daughter Nolwazi on a castle wall. She jumps of and she flies with bat wings. I am doing the same, flying with bat wings. The dream changes and I am now with my friends and my two daughters. We are standing on the edge of a big waterfall. We all are jumping in the waterfall and I feel myself dragged under the water and I was a bit worried about my daughters. But I see that they are helped by my friends. The dream changes again and I sit now with my friends in a restaurant. We are ordering cake, but there was something wrong with my cake so I mentioned it. The waitress got very ugly with me and I threw the cake into her face. (I know is not a nice thing).

We now are walking outside in the street and I see a lady with her young son sitting on the edge of a crane. She was about to jump with her son. So I rushed up the crane and I can prevent her from jumping. My friend also followed me up there. But as the lady wanted to go down, she got shoved by a bad man and she nearly fell , but I could grab her and swing her back on the crane. The same happened with the bad guy , so I extended my arm, grabbed him and swinged him also back onto the crane. End of dream.

Dream 22 January 2013

I was in a room and was chatting with my parents on my I-pad. I feel a hand on my shoulder and a man was asking me a question. For some reason I felt immediately a sense of danger in the air and I was typing Help, we are being taken hostage. Then the hostage taker takes my I-pad and is very cross with me. There were other people in this big room (it felt like a room in an airport) and the herded us together. I got very ill ( at the time of this dream, I was very ill too) because of a virus I contracted and it was going all over the world. Before me I see a big TV screen with the world map and the color red in North America. Red was the color where the virus was effecting the people the most. There were also other parts of the world red. There was also the color brown and orange. My daughters Sarah and Nolwazi are also there. I feel really sick but I am not really prepared to die, I didn’t wanted to die. I feel how my energetic body comes loose from my physical body, but because I was thinking I didn’t want to leave my kids, I came back into my body. So I find myself on a hospital bed and they are helping me. Giving me oxygen.

Dreamflight 19 January 2013


Picture above: Imagine the chairs on the bottom gone and it actually the stage in my dream:

I made my intention to visit Aurora, Athabantian, Blaze and others,

I am standing in a field with other people, actually in a kind of trench. On this side there are only white people. On the other side of the field, like about 15 meters, North American Natives are standing on the other side. We are all carrying wooden sticks and other weapons. We are at war at each other and we are throwing sticks to each other, but we don’t hit each other with it. Then I think, this is not good, let’s make peace, because we are at war with each other because we think and do different, we judge. So I take out my white handkerchief and put it up high as I walk to the Native Americans to offer peace.

The dream changes and me and my friends of STC are walking in an underground tunnel and we are arriving in a big cellar. We are doing a surprise dinner for the graduates of the exams. I forgot something so I go back to get it. As I come back it suddenly becomes pitch black and someone grabs me. I scream Help and my friends come running and switch on the light again. It is the three FBI agents who were pulling me. We are thinking, oh no they are going to ruin our surprise.

I am now in my parent’s apartment but they made some change in the living room, the wall is three times as tall and it has small rectangle windows and on the other side I see classrooms and people studying in it. I am now in the classroom making my exams and we all got through the exams and to celebrate we took out the surprise dinner. Everybody went on the table and was eating, me too.

The arena classroom changes in a half circle theater arena and it is three stories high. I am looking at my friend Carolina and something is happening. My friend is chosen by the council, and she looks at me surprised. Then her face lights up and she smiles, I am so happy for her. She goes to the council. I am still standing in the middle of the stage and at my right I see a kind of big kinda of cooking pot and next to it a little with shelves with some things on top of it. When I passed by it I was just stretching my arm and hand and suddenly one of the items on the shelves comes flying to me. It was levitating in the air. I look surprised at it and I see this Native American man standing next to it staring at me. Suddenly he summons to come to him and he opens his eyes and mouth wide open (and I mean really open, like taking it out of it’s joints) but it scares me and I am telling him that he scares me with that. So he stops and then I come closer. He wants to help me with my gift and he pushes me up, holds his hand on my butt and gives me some electricity energy of his to me. He says to me after this experience and would sit on the toilet for a very long time. So I also put of some of my electricity energy and suddenly I start to levitate upwards. We are no longer at the middle of the stage; we are at the side of me. And I am floating upwards to the ceiling and I can see people looking down at the arena. They didn’t see me levitate, fly upwards to the ceiling. I see Caroline going up to the council but she falls. So I rush down to help her up. Everybody was surprised to see my flying down. I take her arm and help her up. As not to disturb the ceremony, I quickly walk out of the way and I am outside now. On my left a phone rings. I look up, and way up high there was a painting of flowers and one of the flowers was ringing. It was a phone of the old days and I put it on my ear, I hear someone saying, can I please speak to Norman Zachs(man?) and I ask to repeat it again because I didn’t hear well. So the voice repeated it again and then I ask someone that was standing before if he knew this person? Yes, he was still in the classroom and he would get him. End of dream.

Dream 17-01- 2013

In the first dream I was with others and we got a snake as a present. Mine was blue/green. Then they were playing snake music to keep them calm and they were taking the snakes out and they gave it to us. I was holding out my arm, but because I was so afraid that this snake would bite me (what you attract, you get) that it indeed bite me, but in my back.

The dream changes and I am standing half way into the water. The water is at my belly and I see a black mini water tornado coming my way. As it comes closer I see a mini-evil face in that tornado and I got scared because it was consciously coming my way. So I started to swim frantically to get out, but as it came closer, I was praying to God to save me , cause I could feel the tornado coming closer. So , before I knew what happened , the dream changes.

I am now somewhere in a building and I see myself sitting at a bar. She is from another time line. She turns and looked at me. We could have been twin sisters if I didn’t know that she was from another timeline. Then she asks me if I didn’t miss my twin sister (twin flame?) in this life time?  (When I woke up and got me thinking, I was always fascinated by twins, could this be?)

The dream changes again and I am standing in a queue for customs. This wasn’t an ordinary travel. We were waiting to visit places in another timeline. The world I am in , in this dream, the air is clean and there is no pollution.  When my documents were cleared we went into some kind of tunnel airlock. It then opened to the other side and brown fumes were coming towards us and we all had to cough. We step into the other side and we are on a mountain side looking down onto London. It looks like we around the 1800’s , the sky was orange of all the pollution fumes. But despite of this, I was excited to explore. End of dream.

Dream 16-01- 2013

X connection 23 11

I was walking in the street and I noticed a kinda of umbilical cord going from my belly to up into heaven. It was silver/white of color. So I was kinda of curious where it would go and I just help myself and yank it, but nothing moved. The dream changes and I am at a kind of gathering. There are people sitting around a round table. I am standing on a round calender with concentric circles , looked a bit like a mayan calender, with symbols. I walk anti-clockwise on the circle and I can feel a big shift happening. I see the number 999

(Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue: 999: Get to work, Lightworker! The world needs your Divine life purpose right now. Fully embark upon your sacred mission without delay or hesitation.)

On the calender. Somebody is saying that if you read it the other way it was the number of the beast (Angel Numbers by Doreen Virtue:  666— Your thoughts are out of balance right now, focused too much on the material world. This number sequence asks you to balance your thoughts between Heaven and Earth. Like the famous, “Sermon on the Mount” the angels ask you to focus on spirit and service, and know your material and emotional needs will be met as a result.)

The dream shifts and I am driving on a highway that is in construction (road of Ascension?)  , beside me there is no security barriers, and I can see the road a few meters below me. The road below me was lighting up blue, kind of strange. As I was driving I got a lot of obstacles, a train track was dividing the road and I got almost hit by a locomotive train that was passing down the track. Then a bus was driving backwards out of an exit and was blocking the road. I was stopping my car and I woke up.

Dream 09-01-2013


Source Picture:

I had a dream last night that I really wanted to mention. In 2013 , I don’t remember most of my dreams, but this one stands out. Also before I had this dream, I had a vision of people working hard to get the prosperity funds out.

Dream: I was in a flat and I was talking to a friend. This friend’s live was in danger. Somebody was after him. But before they can capture him, he got away. But they captured me instead because I was his friend. I was captured by beings who look like the observers in the serie Fringe (see picture above of an observer) They are binding my hands on my back (or so they think) and put me in one of those desk chairs on wheels. They rolled me up in front of a open window (window was all the way to the floor) and as I look down, I see we are on a very high level because I can’t see the ground. Also I see next and in front of me, other high scrapers filled with observers and people tied up, standing on the edge of an open window. Every window of the skyscraper was filled with people. The observer who captured me was threatening to throw me out of the window if I didn’t tell were my friend was. Because he had a key that could open the two portals that were standing on each side of the town. Because they want to prevent it from opening and freeing the people. But there was also a key time that it should be open. Some of the observers got a bit premature and was trowing of people into the abyss. So I got really mad, and because my hand weren’t tied, I started to fight them. Suddenly I see the key they were talking about and I grab it. They see it and they try to grab it from out of my hands. But I manage to put the key in it’s rightful lock and turned the key. The portals (on top it looked like a cross divided by a circle) , and they starting to open, connecting each other with sort of laser beam. I see all the observers disappear from this timeline. People are celebrating and full of joy. So I find myself now walking on the street , holding up the key, and everybody is cheering. A guy with blue/gray skin comes up to me and hug’s me and is asking if I could help him with food and money. I said to him that prosperity funds are coming up and that he had nothing to worry about because he would get what his heart desired. He was so happy and let of go me and went his way. A bit further on the street a young guy tries to steal my key for his own gain, but my friend (the friend earlier in the dream that got chased by those observers) was there and I said to him, to arrest this young guy because he was trying to steal the key. End of dream.

I find these dream so in sync with Cobra’s latest article: Etheric Liberation:

4 responses to “The Year 2013 Dreamflights

  1. You know, that happens to me too…I’ve been a dreamer all my life but for awhile there the images weren’t lingering, only the feeling or sensation, frustrating but I learned to try not to fight it, like I just wasn’t meant to remember or because the imagery & symbolism would not jibe in my waking mind. Maybe it’s the “atmosphere” of the times, technology, or any number of factors…like with me age and cellular madness, but to hear someone young and fresh with such an amazing, imaginative psyche such as yourself say that makes me feel like it’s not just my own “numb” brain, that it may indeed have to do with some sort of dimensional grid or something!

    Lately I’m remembering again, and in color! Yea! …Lots of times I won’t remember when awakening, but later in the day something will fall into my realm from the dream and I’ll suddenly recall!…I’m sure that happens to you too

    I was so glad to find your blog again…I had forgotten the name of it and so it took me awhile to find my way back…enjoy your insights very much

    (Even your description of no dream recall is perfect: “flee out of my consciousness like water” !!!!)

  2. I am sitting here amazed and practically speechless after reading all of your dreams here…you are AMAZING. I don’t remember reading about anyone else’s dreams other than my own and Jack Kerouac’s “Book of Dreams”, probably because very few people possess the clarity and eloquent flow of words to describe these multi-dimensional perceptions so beautifully, you brought me through those visions as though I experienced them as well (some were so similar to dream visions I’ve had!) What a delicious treat for the senses and the heart, definitely the height of my day, I look forward to more…dream on!

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