The Year 2012 dreamflights

27 December 2012 dream


Above artwork I made is what I felt/saw in the dream.

I had first some dreams, but I don’t remember much of them. But my last dream, oh man…that was an amazing blissful experience, dream… one I want a repeat on this. 😀

I was in a garden standing in front of a white fenced of little garden with roses that looked like Rose De Rescht, Abraham Darby, Falstaff, Graham Thomas, Lady Emma Hamilton and Windermere roses, with the colors pink and purple. I see my grandma attending to the roses. I touched one of the purple roses because I want see how they smelled. But they came of, every rose I touched. So I asked my grandma what happened. She didn’t know. Beside the garden I see a big log with crawling ants and I wonder if they have anything to do with this.

The dream changes and I am in a sort of classroom and the room was very dim lit and the walls were gray. (I feel like I was in a ship) . The almost square window, I saw a space with stars. There are also other people in the room. Suddenly we hear a voice saying: “ An OMEN is coming” and everyone was holding on tightly. I was still standing free and I see the most brightest sun orb appearing in front of the window. At this time I was aware that I was dreaming or astral traveling, I don’t know? Bright rays of energy comes bursting in through the window lighting up the dust particles in the room, and while everybody was holding on, I made a conscious,lucid decision to just let go. Not only physical but also mentally and spiritual letting go and opening of my heart and soul. Wow…I am levitating up in the air and I feel this energy going through me, keeping me in a very blissful state and feeling tingling through my whole body…. WOW…it such an amazing feeling…and then my alarm woke me up from this blissful state. As I woke up I still could feel the tingling and the blissfulness setting through my whole body.

But I didn’t get out of bed immediately and I went back to sleep and got following dream: I was walking on a dirt road, the landscape looked like Savannah type. Along the road I was walking with other people and I was taking to a very famous comedian. He was telling and giving tips how to make successful show without standing there with your mouth full. As we were walking along the road on the right I saw a small side road and we saw some people/tourists waiting for a bush ride in a game safari park. The comedian suddenly sees a good friend waiting there and he yells. This man walks fast to us and I see it is Steve Beckow and they are hugging each other on a friendly base. Then someone else, another good friend joins in. They invite us in a bar that was standing next to the road and tell our stories. End of dream.

Note: OMEN: An omen (also called portent or presage) is a phenomenon that is believed to foretell the future, often signifying the advent of change. Though the word “omen” is usually devoid of reference to the changes nature, hence being possibly either “good” or “bad,” the term is more often used in a foreboding sense, as with the word “ominous”. The origin of the word is unknown, although it may be connected with the Latin word audire, meaning “to hear.”

Saw this in a dream.Funny is the dimensions of this picture is 777X777 😀


7 December 2012 dream

I set my intent to have a relaxed visit at GLS Blaze:

My dream: I was waiting in front, at the counter , of a Chinese store/restaurant , to get something. As I was waiting I saw my parents eating something in the restaurant. The Chinese couple was talking to someone , I think family, and the conversation went on and on. So after some time I got tired of waiting and said something in Chinese to this man. The man was surprised that I could speak his language and apologized that he was talking to long and that I could take an order. By then I didn’t want anymore and said I would be back maybe later. The Chinese woman came with me and as we were walking she looked very down. I asked what was wrong and she said it was the financial that was giving problems. So I told her that something good was coming and that they wouldn’t have to suffer anymore. In the mean time we are in a kind of building wich, the walls were like (looked like the green metal of a bridge kinda of material) steel green and with an overlook with big windows to a space below that was filled with enormous steel statues that depicted ET’s. A lot of people around me got excited and we are also drawn to look what was happening. I told here this was prove that something was about to happen. Then the dream shifts and places me inside of one of those statues. There was a man in there and suddenly the doors open to this statue, it was soldiers wearing grey/black suits and were an army from the cabal. I shoved this men behind the door and I followed, closing/opening the door to the wall, protecting us from them. But they have one of our family members taken hostage and pressures me to give up the man I am protecting.

The dream changes and I am talking to someone , looking at pictures from Sarah when she was little , comparing it with pictures of Nolwazi. It shifts again and I am barging in a classroom giving some piano lessons and the teacher sees me and tells me to get out. But then I start to play the piano and he was so amazed at my skills that he let me play.

Now I am outside again, looks like a cafeteria area sitting on one of those picknick tables talking to a friend (Leslee?) and I was eating a cucumber grass style ( the cucumber was shredded so like it looks like grass) and we were talking about me, living here in South Africa and how it felt. And that she found maybe some work in California but wasn’t sure if she should take it.

We were standing now in what looks like a glass (looks like the London eye Ferris wheel)

but it was just half, the other was connected a building with a pathway (looked like the picture above). It seemed it was high in the sky because I could see skyscrapers coming out of the clouds and I couldn’t see the beginning, nor the end of the buildings. Another indicator was when I looked out with my friends, I saw a plane, made of glass and I saw a green landscape with black rock inside of it. My friends didn’t see it, but I saw it land beneath us. I suggested them we go and explore, but it would be a dangerous mission. As we were weighing if it was worth the risk, and that maybe we could end up dead. On of my friends tells us, we wouldn’t know anymore if we were dead. And we all started laughing. End of the dream.


Dreamflight 24 November 2012

I didn’t remember much about the dream. Stated my intent to do the exercise of the high heart on Aurora and stating my normal intent.

The first part of the dream , I don’t remember much, just some impressions of repeating stuff and we doing some kind of dress rehearsal.

I am now sitting in a dark restaurant , but it is Muslim restaurant and I am sitting there with my mom. They want us to put on a scarf around our head. They put one around my mothers but I refuse. But a bit later I change my mind and I am trying it out and found out it wasn’t that bad. It felt pretty good.

Now I am on the bike doing a trip around the world. I am meeting a lady and had a lovely talk with her. I camp down for the night but when I wake up I see she stole my bike and clothes. So later , I see that she had remorse because she brings back my bike and clothes even though my camera was still gone. I found them against a grey wall.

The dream shifts and I am at a racing track with racing cars and I am at the start line. I see racing cars all waiting for the go signal …I have my camera again and take a picture. Also a lot of dust going around. End of my dream

Dreamflight 17 November 2012

Tauno and me are ready to skip some classes at school, but we get caught by the director of the school. She send us a flying broom and we have to sit on it and it flies us to her. We have to stand in front of a class. There were no desks and the children (around 16 years) and I am first. I have to tell them who I am and how long I have been staying in South-Africa. Then I am standing at the back of the class, there is a long kitchen along the wall with fires. The kids are cooking an omelet in rectangle frying pan. We leave the class and I have to get down a really high step of the stairs, so I jump. But I land on my but. 😀

The dream changes and I am sitting at the directors office with her higher boss and he is talking good things about me. I see that Patrick Jane (from the Mentalist) that he is a Task manager. The dream shifts again and I am now walking past a stand alone booth with windows and there was a meeting going on with the director on the head of the table. She was announcing that there will be a 40% hike of paying electricity. She had a hard time, because everybody was against it. I had so much compassion for her that I sent her love and light. I am now walking with my family and we are approaching a counter where we buy something for our kids. While we are waiting there is a machine where you get something for your money (can’t remember) but the machine doesn’t work properly and eats R200. We needed that money to pay the toys for our kids so we called somebody. She says she can’t do anything, that is was our fault that we didn’t do it right. I got angry and I said a very nasty word to her. End of dream.

Dreamflight 11 November 2012 (11-11-12)

After I stated my intent to visit the ships Aurora, Athabantian and Blaze and others, I got a very interesting dream:

I was held captive with my friend in the strong hold of the Cabal. The were interrogating me and my friend about the light’s agenda. We didn’t talk and this woman who was doing the interrogating , looked at some sort of painting and talking to the people in it. I felt like really live souls were taking form in this kind of screen as I could see them leave, like a shadow across the wall, but also feel them leave. After a while she left us alone and we thought we managed to escape only to get surrounded by their forces (soldiers wearing blue/grey metallic suits and helmet, looked a bit like those in Star Wars) It looked like their base was underwater. The inside of the base looked a bit like the ships in Star Battlestar Galactica. But we escaped again by pretending we were fighting each other with Kung-Fu and when we almost out of the door, these soldiers came in, but they just left us alone.

I found a picture that has the feel to it, when I was in the cabal’s stronghold, see below


The dream changes and I am now on a parking lot talking to a lady from the dark side (cabal). As we are walking together she was holding my black backpack , looking for something. Because I didn’t want her to know what else was in there , I grabbed it back. She was looking for something to eat, so I gave her an apple. As we were talking we reached an agreement that she would help the light. So she got in here car and as we were saying goodbye I mentioned I forgot were I parked my car. She telepathically search the parking lot, and in the far end (like 5 rows before us) on the right end, she lifted my car up in the air, so I could see where I parked it. I thanked her for that. Then I was walking towards my car and as I have a sight on my car, I saw that all the doors were open. The car looked a bit like scout ship, white, red leather seats, on the side , like fins, blue lights. I see two little boys trying to get in the car and steal them, but when they see me coming they run off. Because an alarm was triggered by my car, the police showed up in front of my car. But instead of them helping me, they were threatening me and I gave them the finger. 😀

I am now waiting, talking again to this lady from the dark side and she was looking for her daughter that disappeared a long time ago. I said not to worry, because they were coming right now, because they managed to escape. The feeling of knowing and the ability of seeing, them coming around the corner. Because there was a lot of people I could see them running, her daughter and friend, passed us. But eventually we were catching up with them and the lady was holding her daughter in her arms, the daughter felt a bit uncomfortable. End of dream.

Dream 4 November 2012

As Blaze was calling me to pick up duty for opening portals, I set up my intent for Blaze.

Dream: I was lying on an operating table and the were preparing me for the operation.

The dream is changing and I am holding a train station building made from Lego blocks. I made a terrain with Lego blocks on the floor. So I put it on this Lego blocks surface. There was even a Lego Block train station chef. I made it so that the kids could play with it. Then I am standing next to it, holding weather/water maps and saw that they were from Atlantis. I got very excited and shouted that with so many synchronizations happening, something big was going to happen.

The dream shifts and I am standing in a rectangular shaped room and there were two man. One was half sticking out of the back wall and the other was sticking half way out of the floor. I remember the room being red/white. Somebody that was out of my view was saying that I was matched up with these to guys. They looked cute but looked like they weren’t really interested in me.

Now I am in another room trying to steal something. There were rhino looking people that had the ability to blend with the walls or going through them as also getting invisible. The people that was guarding the room and protecting the object I was to steal were there too. They saw me as human and so they wanted to arrest me. But my rhino looking friend helped me and touched me so that I was the same content as him. The guards touched me, but then saw that I wasn’t the human they thought I was. The boss was also there and I managed to pull over him a toilet seat. While he and the guards were wrestling ( the boss was screaming, because it was very tight around him and painful when trying to take it out) I grabbed the object and ran with it. Ofcourse, the guards saw it and they followed me. I looked back and trow somethings to trow them of my trail. I jumped over a balcony straight into the back of a pick up truck. I saw the mother of Linda (was once my best friend) and we smiled at each other, like we didn’t see each other for quite some time. We drove off, and the back of the pick up truck was filled with lots of different herbs and it was smelling good. There was also exotic objects in the car.

Dream shifts and I am standing with my kids in the garden. A funny looking bird, looked like a hummingbird , because it was flying so that he was hanging in the air quite still. But instead of flying forward , it was making a kind of sideways movement. The bird is very close to my youngest daughter and was picking in her hair. Then another bird shows up and is now very close to me, picking in my ears. Instead of chasing it away, I ran a bit further. Suddenly we are picked up by a million of this birds up into the air.

Dreamflight 3 November 2012

As Blaze was calling me to pick up duty for opening portals, I set up my intent for Blaze. I also set my intent for the Athabantian as I felt they could assist.

From the dreamflight I don’t remember much. This is what I could remember.

I was in a shopping mall and I was in a room where they were giving dance lessons. I wanted to join until I saw there was only older couples dancing. I decided not to join and I walked out of the classroom. I am walking past a massage shop and they were offering massage. So I went in and asked the prices from the lady behind the counter. When I saw that they were to high , I passed. Even though I had a lot of pain in my right knee. She said she could have a look at it for free. Then the dream shifts and I am with the doctor with my oldest daughter Sarah. She had so many wounds on her legs and feet that they wouldn’t heal. We went to the doctor for help.

Now I am walking again in the shopping mall but now my brother, mother and my two kids are there. In order to get down to the next level we had to go to a elevator shaft and there were bars to hold on and single bars to stand. While my mom was lowering the buggy , we (my brother and I) were beneath it, taking on the buggy. That was end of the dream.

Dreamflight 20 October 2012

Set intent to visit Blaze and Abi-Qor.

I am in a sort of classroom and I am making drawings in my diary drawing book. But I also posting them online, and some people don’t want to happen. Then the director came with some big puzzle pieces. She is handing it to me and say it will clear up the mystery. She is very scared and looked around if no one is seeing that she is given me something. I am not alone in the classroom and with others we are trying to make the puzzle. On one of the puzzles it is saying “ The 19th prince is kidnapped, not the 29th prince”. We are looking for tape and leave the puzzle for a few minutes alone. When we come back, we see that they are gone. Somebody stole them. We are going outside, I am walking down a hill and see someone burning some things. I am to late, all the puzzle piece are burned.

The dream changes and I am looking in the bedroom of the director lady, it seems I just can look through the wall. Some negative entity takes her and changes her and the bedroom in a cartoon reality. Then she is on the wall on the left on me, a part of a flower piece until she is pushed out of it into an other cartoon reality. I find myself also there, in the alternate cartoon reality. Then she is hooked up on a kind of toaster ( looked like in the movie “The Matrix” where the hook up those tubes to Neo’s head) and she want’s to overload her brain in order to leave this dimension. I am hooked up as well. With her, it succeeded but before it succeeded with me, somebody took me off the machine and I start to convulse. So when I sort of wake up, finding myself on the ground, I was looking up to the stars feeling very groggy. A nurse is there with me telling me not to worry, they are going to take care of me, providing me a bed and a warm pyjama. 😀

The dream changes and I am in Hasselt, ( looked almost like were I used to live with my parents, in the apartment building and next to it the church) , the church next to me is converted to a doctors practice and it was Dr Leen ( my former dentist in Hasselt). He asked me to come in and sit in a kind of dentist looking chair. He puts a line into my veins and give me some kind of drugs making me very groggy again. He said that I could just relax in the chair because other people also just sleep in it. After a while I try to stand up and walk, but it was like I was drunk. I managed to get home and sleep. The dream shifts again and I am in another part of the doctors practice. This is a big blue room and on a stretcher I see a sick woman. He is saying , she is dying and so am I. They are looking at some brainwashing movie that will poison there minds. I see hands and arms sticking out of the wall above them. I push them back with my mind into the wall and suddenly I find myself in another dimension, but in the same room. I am there with the doctor and my father. A kind of white reception desk is standing next to me and a guy is standing there. He looked like he came from a sci-fi movie, clothed in white and had a white helmet on and a kinda of grill looking thing in front of his face. We were in a room where they handled convictions for prisoners. They didn’t see us. The dream shifts again and I am sitting in a house with my dad in front of a big window. Two of my friends are sitting outside in the grass. I was talking to them, asking one of them to go and get my other diaries as I would need them to prepare ourselves for Disclosure, and we need to do this for the elections in November. End of dream.

Dream flight 13 October 2012

I am around 16 years old and I am on the run from social services. Along the journey I meet a blond girl who is also on the run. She hides herself in a dorms room for girls. There is a hatch in the floor that leads to an underground room. I find her there.

The dream shifts and I am in a flat with my mother and some friends. It is dark outside and also inside the light in the sitting-room is very dim. They are talking to each other and are very worried about there jobs and financial status. I said to them no to worry and that by the end of 2012 everything will be sorted out and nobody will be left out. I felt so confident when I spoke and also the first time I said it out loud. My friends looked at me very skeptical. Out of my eye corner I see outside the sun coming up. I tell my friends, look the sun is coming up, but the even look more worried because they didn’t see it. The sun was a bit strange, like a white shiny orb but also the light was very dim.

It changes again and I find myself with my friends in the cellar where a lot of things are being kept. We are doing a brown puzzle, not any picture on it, that had strange shapes and we are trying to get it together. We take some other stuff and put it neatly in a box.

Shifting dream. We are walking under a tunnel that supposed to lead to a Metro station but we end up in the hospital. I had surgery on my hand and I was looking for the doctor that operated on me. But I couldn’t find him , and the other doctor was looking for his patient. We told him that he already was taken to the theater. As I turn around, I see through the double door two women coming to us from social services. They busted us, but because my friend was above 18 she could go. I tried to run but without success. Then I woke up.

Dream flight 6 October 2012

I am setting my intention for the dream flight. I am parking my Lamborghini in a parking space, but they say my car can’t park there, I have to move it.

The dream changes and I am standing in the hallway of an apartment block. The light is very dim in here. I am standing halfway on the stairs, looking up. On the left I see my apartment door. I know that someone has been in my apartment. The neighbor’s door is open. I want to now why this man was in my apartment and what he has to hide. Suddenly I find myself in his apartment; I am in my astral body hiding in his statue that is lying down. I look up to his face and he takes something out a secret compartment in the statue. It is a crystal on a necklace and it has magical qualities, I can feel this. The man I see is middle aged. I am outside on the stairs again and decide to confront him. So I walk in and walk to his bedroom. He is now an old man and to what I understand, someone from the cabal. When I confront him with what I saw, he started to threaten me and keep my mouth shut about it. The dream changes and I am now standing on the beach.

(Something strange happened when I was re-visualizing what happened in my dream, so that I could remember as soon I wake up and be able to write down. But as I was reviewing it again in order, some new vision came between, and this was one of its moments: “I saw myself standing on the boardwalk and next to me was standing two men. They were run over by to blond little girls on a bike”)

So I am standing on the beach and I see a lot of colorful crystals lying on the beach, one of them is a Moss Agate. There are also some pebbles that looked like they were painted with bright color flowers and one stone had the word “shambala” written on it.

(Then again, with re-visualizing the dream, some vision presented itself: “I see a sort of Mayan keystone (Mayan calendar?”).

I am now on a kinda of Arabian market, but they are selling only stones and crystals, in every color, shape and size. It is so beautiful to see and I am walking past it very slow. I am back on the beach, (I feel like I am around 14/15 years old) and my parents sitting a bit further talking to some friends. Suddenly I find this magical necklace crystal from that cabal guy. I am standing to a very tall wall and when I wished to be on top of it, I was floating into the air and put softly on top of the wall. My parents looked a bit disturbed finding me there on top of a very tall wall, wondering how I got up there.

The dream changes again and I seem to be in the shower / changing area of a swimming pool. I was going to a deep sea diving contest, to get as many crabs as you could grab. My youngest sister is also going to do it, but she didn’t look happy. I told her if she didn’t want to do this, that she could stop. But she was determined to see this through and ask me if I could help her with some tricks. So we went to, that looked like a big shower, and there was a smaller swimming pool in it. As I am going in, I see at the door opening this cabal guy again, but much younger, talking to a girl. I have a bad feeling about this. But I carry on anyway showing my sister how to do it. Then suddenly this guy appears behind my little sister, bashing her head in with some tool and blood was flying everywhere. In an attempt to stop him, I was bashing his head…and then I woke up terrified. It didn’t sit well with me the whole day. I just don’t like this kinda of dreams anymore.

Dream flight 29 September 2012

I set my intention to join the dream flight.

I dream that I was being trained to be an architect. My lady boss tells me that I wasn’t fast and good enough, so she fired me. I am now with a different company and my boss asked me to do a joint architect project. It seems that it was with my old boss. So when she saw me , she said to my boss… I don’t want her. My boss defended me and said I was the best in the field. So we put some drawings on the table, it is a big building. I provide some good advice and admire the work. It was two buildings , next to each other with considerable space in between and the line of the building was slightly curved to the outside. The space in between was a path that lead to another building that had a lot of layers to it. Then the dream shifts and see a long wall with little domes on top. It seems to be in some Arabian country. The sun shines bright and the sky is blue.

The dream shifts again and it is in the middle of the night. I made my bed in the middle of the road. When I realize that, I quickly grab everything to get it off the road. Then two cars came along the road and I ran to the sidewalk, but some of my bedding’s stays behind. The first car stops and a woman came out. She asks me why in the hell I put it in the middle of the road. I asked her why she was driving without light in the middle of the night. She backed up and said nothing. I see on the horizon that something is wrong. In the distance I see lightning and I grab Sarah and we go. We pass a lot of people who are packing their stuff too and somebody gives Sarah something.

We are climbing a stair, Sarah in front of me and I turn around asking the white like dog animal if he could company us. But he had to be careful because my little girl was scared of him. (he looked just like Falkor, the lucky dragon in the movie “The never ending story”, but with blue eyes. As peaceful and understanding as that from Falkor)

I am now in my old school when I was young and we are out on the playground. There were other people standing there and talking. A big tall guy comes up to me, it seems (I feel it) that we are good friends. Suddenly someone points up in the sky and I see an eagle soaring by in the sky. End of the dream.

Monday 24 September 2012

I was dreaming that I was upgraded with light codes. Then I was dreaming, I was flying a super fast plane. Then I was participating in an art competition.

Sunday 23 September 2012

I was dreaming that I was packing/selling my things to move to Abi-Qor.

Dreamflight 22-09-2012

I put out my intention and got following dream:

My first dream was really abstract, and was about rules. What to do and what not.

The dream shifts and I am in the train station and see my nanny going to the toilet with my youngest daughter Nolwazi. I hear Sarah calling out my name. I realize that she is alone in the room. (The train station has little rooms to rent). So I go down the stairs and I see Marleen standing in front of our door. (Marleen is a old friend, who lived on the first floor of the apartment block) She asks who is shouting so hard. Then I open the door and introduce my daughter to her. We are standing still in the train station but now I see Linda (also an old friend) standing there with a stroller and in there was her daughter. I tell her how much her daughter looks like her. Then I meet someone’s mother and then I meet the daughter. She looks familiar, long black hair and I tell her how much she looks like her daughter.

Now I am sitting outside on a table on a terrace with my parents and a man. The way I am sitting, I am overlooking a green valley with wine gardens on the left and on the right I see odd shaped buildings. (Like my daughters painting). My parents asks this guy where the best place is to do some sightings. He recommends the area around Carmel (California). The dream shifts again and I am walking with my parents in a city, on the street. They tell me that they booked a long trip to America and if I was interested to come with them. At the moment I was doing some art school and was just about to write exams. I asked them how I would pay for it, if I don’t finish my school degree, I won’t find work. They agree with me. We are heading to a festival and we are standing on a bridge. On the left, close to use is a church and the doors are open. The procession is lead by a priest and the first one to enter the church. Then the dancers came holding Christmas ornaments. Followed by inflatable dolls that looked like politicians. The dream shifts again and I am applying for a loan for to go on holiday but they refused. Opposite the bank I see a store and a man comes out, wearing military uniform and guns in his hand, imagining shooting around.

Next I am in a working place in front of my PC and I have a locker just beneath me. My team leader is saying I have to take good care of my PC. I agree. I look into my locker and I see brown boots with red shoe laces.

The dream shifts again and I am now on a boat that is sailing on a river. I am in bed with my husband, but I can look out, because it has a glass dome over our bedroom. It is night and full moon so it is very clear to see outside. In the distance I see a cloud in the shape of a mermaid. As we come closer I see that the cloud contains of a million tiny water bubbles. And then she disappears in an instance. End of dream. When I woke up I was dizzy for 30 min. The room was just spinning.

Update 25-09-2012: I was catching up on my articles when I read this today:

“On one trip he was advised to leave the beasts of the field and the children of Israel at the foot of the mountain. It’s been suggested that these represent the thoughts and desires associated with the lower chakras that must be left behind, or at least detached from, if we are to travel up the higher chakras to know God.

The trip up the mountain to get the laws has been viewed as the kundalini energy rising up the sushumna canal to the crown chakra where we “get the laws” or realize God. St. John depicted the trip up Mount Carmel in exactly this way. Mount Carmel is represented as the human head, as the diagram to the left shows.”

Friday 21 September 2012

Dream: I was in a hotel together with my parents, but we had both separate hotel rooms. I am sitting in my room and my parents are just across of my room. Their door is open and I see my dad hitting a black scorpion. Then suddenly our legs are attacked by a thousand mosquito’s and we are trying to kill them with our hands. My father sprays some kind of poison because he is wearing a gas mask and him and my mother are cleaning up the mess. The mosquito’s are gone but something strange happens to my legs. Some kind of brown spider veins appear and disappears and appears… and so on.The dream shifts and I am now in the hospital. I am there with my daughters and husband. Suddenly I have a heart attack and the nurses/doctors put me quickly on a hospital bed and put me on a monitor. The heart charts are going crazy, going up in peaks and then dropping suddenly. The scene is again changing and I am now in a class doing some exams. I didn’t really want to be there. The teacher is going to choose the best. It was between me and a boy. He won. It changes again and I am now in a board school for girls. There are other new girls that are trying to find there room. I am going with this girl to find her room and when she walks in, a group of girls are in there. They start to make fun of her. The group of girls are a Wicca group and they ask her to do something. I encourage her to go along with it. There were three bowls with incense in it and she had to purify herself and them. She did it. Then they welcomed her into the group and she was smiling so happy.Next to them I see a book on a open page telling something about Tolan. I asked them if it was their deity, and they say yes. (Another link to Tolan?)

I go along my way and see that I am being followed by a large group of girls. They looked very threatening so I quickly go to the reception , talking to the receptionist. The group goes away after a stern look of the receptionist. End of dream.

19 September 2012

Last night I set my intention to board the GLS Athabantian asking for some guidance from Adrial, Noxy and Norim.

I dream that me and my friends were in a sort of containment by the dark forces. The containment looked like an urn. But with the help of somebody, we managed to escape. My friend was injured and he was wearing some of those roman sandals. As we progress, I got separated from the group. As I was trying to find them, somebody was saying to me that they were safe and should find them in house NR 174. So I see the house numbers are starting with number 600 , so I had a long way to go. I am walking through the main street and I see little girls with their mothers holding a pink urn for containment’s. This was a kind of celebration going on. Then I finally got to house number 174 and went inside. But the dark forces got a track of us and the lady of the house put a kind of spell on us so that we would be in a higher vibration and invisible for the dark. Then the dark forces enter the house and their leader is looking around in the house. We are all sitting in the living-room, including our families that are perceived by the dark. But our family can also see us. But they know of the danger and didn’t do anything to lead them in knowledge that we are present. The leader goes out of the door and closes the plastic blue door with a zipper, up. Before he closed it, he sees that one of my family members, who is sitting beside me, is leaning towards me to hug me. I warn her not to do this but the damage was already done. He opens the door and pulls out a weapon. In this moment we are again visible for the dark and we started to fight ending in me knocking out the leader. We are holding up a book that contains something important.We going outside, trying to escape and thinking to go over the roof.

The dream shifts and we are still for a way out of the house, but now I am alone and on the side of the house. There is a big wall that slides slightly down. (here I come aware that I am dreaming) It snowed outside, and I decided to slide down this downwards wall and then at the end of it, there was another one parallel to it. But the end of it was still high and as I slide down, I catapult myself into the air and land firmly but soft onto the ground, close to an earth hill.

I am walking now to the grounds, left of me are meadow, and see that my girls are being captive by the dark. I hide myself, and my brother takes the gun of a police officer and follows the dark. I don’t want to risk their lives so I stay put. The leader drives by in a black jeep. Then I see the police officer, and I know him. I say to him that my brother took his gun and went after the bad guys. He is shaking his head and goes after him. I see my girls are opening a gate that is leading to a bigger meadow and in the distance there are some animals standing there. End of dream.

17 September 2012

I had a very intense dream last night and still is leaving me feeling strange today. Anyone feeling like they are not themselves? Something is happening?

Anyway, my dream: I am dreaming that I am channeling ghosts and they also take over my body for a minute. Then the dream gets a bit of abstract and hard to describe in word. I can only say, it felt like I was transmuting some skeletons that were in my inner closet. Then I am walking along a highway and there was a car accident, someone was lying on the ground.

Here I felt the same, like I was transmuting some negative aspects of…..?

The dream shifts and I am running away from home ( Home , like in my birth home. My parents are coming to visit us here in South-Africa). But I don’t use the conventional way to get out. (My parents house is a flat on the second floor). I take the way out from the balcony. I lower myself onto the lower balcony until I reach ground. My friend is also there and we are now walking it seems a very green settled mall.

I wake up but then I fall asleep again having another dream. I am at the beach, and there is a shop (economy).I am discussing something with a lady about the camera (media)that is installed at the shop. She is the owner of the shop but she doesn’t have control access over the camera. The control is in the hands of the police who is working together with the local mob gang (cabal). I was a lawyer/detective (light-worker) and I was looking for evidence to get the control of the camera (media) to the shop owner(the people).

The dream shits and I am at a bus stop talking to my friend how mindless these gangs are. The one of the members in standing there and here’s me saying that. He turns around and aims a weapon at me. I am not afraid and I come closer, the weapon is resting against my shoulder/heart. I tell him to shoot. He looks at me, thinking I am crazy, and he turns around and leave. I say to my friend,you see…mindless.

I investigate further and we are now in a hotel, at a hotel’s restaurant.I ask the man, that seats the customers,if he knows a woman named ‘Rebecca’. I wasn’t sure of her name because I just met her once. And I describe her to him. He tells me that her name is “Hannah”. He calls her and she takes us into a lift. The lift is converted in a little kitchen and it feels weird when the lift, with the kitchen is moving up. She tells me about a silver necklace.

The dream changes again an we are standing outside the hotel. I am introducing my kids to aunt Anna (was my favorite aunt, but died when I was young) We go inside the restaurant and it is quite full. We are looking for empty tables to sit on. I notice that the tables are round and made from wood. Their was numbers painted on the table, it looked like a clock table, as the numbers ended with 12. End of dream.

After I woke up from this dream, I felt very weird, as something profound or something on a deep inner level happened. It felt very strange.I still feel this way, but now a bit less. What about you guys? And then I stumble upon this article posted by Stephen Cook.Is Something Special Due to Happen Today and/or Tomorrow? The Big Time Drop: 16 and 17 September, 2012.

Dream 9 September 2012 (Dreamflight 8 September 2012)

I only remember partially of the dream after setting my intention yesterday.
I remember it was a starry night and I am floating in the ocean and I was talking to somebody next to me (Babajij or Troy, I can’t feel clear on this?) and we were looking at the stars and trying to see if we could make something out of the stars. My friend sees an eagle and I see a whale. Under us is an UFO under water, spinning very fast. If I look at it in a special way, I can see the core of the UFO.
The dream shifts and me and my friends are running from something and we need to hide. There is a Japanese lady who wants to apprehend me but I shoot here with my paintball gun. We find a hidden blue room and there we relax on big couches.
The next thing I remember is being in an old storage room/warehouse and there were a lot of file cabinets. And I and my husband were looking for something. End of dream.

Dream 07-09-2012

I was dreaming that I was running away from my parents. I find myself in a strange city, it looks like a French city and I see the cities name “Addepp “and a second name behind it, but I forgot. To make some money and survive I am selling some paintings of my daughters. I miss them very much. A lady wants to buy them, but because it was only half of paintings she didn’t want any. Then another lady stops in front of me with a car. She says she wants to help to get me to my parents. The dream shifts and I am walking with friends in a metro tunnel going outside. Beside me , two men going out on a side door. When we are walking I notice that the ceiling has black tiles and they are starting to crack. I yell that everybody should get out as fast as they can. I am running to but don’t make it on time. The tunnel collapse on top of my legs and half of my upper body. People starting to dig me out. They called an ambulance; the people put me on a stretcher. But instead of putting me in the ambulance, they just leave me there. The dream shift again, I am sitting in a wheelchair looking for a hospital. I ask people which way but they same to direct me in the wrong way. After a wrong direction again, I wind up at a Canadian embassy. The receptionist feels for me and she calls the hospital, to come and fetch me. I am in the hospital now, in a doctor’s room. The doctor seems very old and not sure what he is doing. He is collecting urine from patients. He is a chiropractor and tells me there is something wrong with my back. The nurse gives me some of those sample bottles and tells me to go to the toilet to give them a sample. But the toilet is not nearby; I have to go down, pass restaurants and going a very long way. Finally I got it. The dream shifts again and I find myself in the theater and they were casting my legs, feet and arms and putting weights on it, lifting me up in the air. They also want to wrap my head but I prevent it. Somebody quickly grab a baby and put him on top of me.

Now the dream shifts again and I am standing in a sort of classroom with other people and we start to sing. It sounded a lot like the song “ We are the world”. So we are all starting to sing and dance together, a happy feeling sweeps through me and is very contagious. Then I start to sing solo and sing my heart “earth” out , to people who are sitting on the balcony, that they matter and that I and the world love them. End of dream.

Lyrics: “We are the world”
There comes a time when we heed a certain call
When the world must come together as one
There are people dying
And its time to lend a hand to life
The greatest gift of all

We can’t go on pretending day by day
That someone, somehow will soon make a change
We are all a part of Gods great big family
And the truth, you know,
Love is all we need

We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving
There’s a choice we’re making
We’re saving our own lives
Its true we’ll make a better day
Just you and me

Send them your heart so they’ll know that someone cares
And their lives will be stronger and free
As God has shown us by turning stones to bread
So we all must lend a helping hand


When you’re down and out, there seems no hope at all
But if you just believe there’s no way we can fall
Let us realize that a change can only come
When we stand together as one

[Chorus: x2]

Dream 26 august 2012 (Dreamflight 25 August 2012)

I set my intention to visit the ships – Aurora – Eui – Algiz – Blaze – Athabantian – Tulya – Space Wave and Chimera.

I was planning to move to Belgium again and our house was almost empty. Now I am sitting in a kind of amphitheater and have a beautiful view over the African landscape. There were all students sitting there, attending a class. A teacher comes up to me and says something about a wolf.

I have moved but not to Belgium, but to Finland. My daughter is going to school and she is learning the language. She shows me her book where she wrote all the kids names in it. They were really hard to pronounce. I was there at her school and the teacher takes the kids to another building. Somehow I am upset about this and told her not to do that.

End of the dream

Dream 25 august 2012

I set my intention to visit the ships Athabantian – OctaWa – Blaze and Tulya (I thought it was the dream flight that day, only to realize it was only Saturday)

I was shopping with friends and I was standing at the till to pay for the full trolley groceries. It seems I forgot something because I left the till, left my bags there. When I got back, the lady at the till was in a panic. She told me a little boy thief stole my wallet.

The dream changes and I am backstage, dressed like Tinkerbell. I am playing Tinkerbell, but when I look into the mirror, I look really old with the blond wig. Somebody that I knew, but don’t like very much, came up to me. She was laughing @ me what I was wearing. I just ignored her. We have to practice a dance, but because it was my first time, I couldn’t follow that well.

I am now in another part of the shopping mall and I am at a sort of moveable doctor’s office, which is outside. The doctor was giving short consultations for little money. I gave him my x-rays and asked if he could find anything wrong with it. He glanced at it and said he couldn’t see anything wrong with it. But when he looked closer he saw some black dots on both sides of my bones, upper chest. He said to go to a specialist. (Here I got the impression that in my dream I shift from 3D dreaming to 5D dreaming) I was langlaufen (Track skiing is mainly about lightness of travel over undulating ground. It’s also known as ‘cross-country skiing’, ‘XC’, ‘langlauf’, ‘ski de fond’ or ‘sci di fondo’.) on the middle section of the highway, which has grass. And I was going fast downhill. At the bottom I arrived to this specialist place. There was some security, but when I said I was referred by another doctor, I got through.

This specialist introduces himself and I hand him over my X-rays. He looks at the dots and he is suddenly concerned. He is telling the nurse to put me on the bed because it was an emergency. So I rolled down the hallway of his home/hospital, and the nurse was asking him if it was really an emergency? He confirms. We pass his waiting room that is full off people. Quietly he passes by because he doesn’t want his patients to see him. Suddenly I find myself also into that waiting room and see that there is window that looks straight into his practice. He forgot the close the curtains, so everybody sees him. When he is aware of that, he comes into the practice and tells the patients, that I was an emergency, even though I was the last one to arrive. They let me go without a fight. I have to go sit into a chair, that looks like a dentist chair. Than a big needle is coming from the ceiling and penetrates my ………. It doesn’t hurt, and then the chair floats in to the air. After the results, the doctor said I am special and congratulations. You can move now freely from 3D to 5D and back. He says my DNA has been upgraded.

The dreams shits and it seems I am on a help-desk, helping people what to do when they get sick, what medicine to take. But because I was sick to, the didn’t put me on the phone. I saw we had a swimming pool in our office and we had to play a teamwork game. We were divided into two teams. We were sitting on the edge of the swimming pool, feet in the water and the rule was that the ball couldn’t touch the water. You had to throw it to the opponent group. There was a group of African, sangoma dancers, dancing around us. Suddenly the ball flies out of reach and one of the dancers picked it up and went into the swimming pool and dropped it into the water, causing the other group to win. I didn’t agree with that, so I protested. The sangoma got really tall and asked who was against his actions. I wasn’t scared and I said “I”

The dream changes and I am sleeping in the bed with my husband. My husband isn’t comfortable and asking to extend it. I have to push a button at the precise time the sun is going up, but my husband playing with me so I missed it. End of dream.

Dream 24 august 2012

I had a really strange night and dreams. Most of the times I found myself between waking and sleeping. My mind was in a really weird place and had weird experiences to. Up to that I made my husband awake, even though I wasn’t fully aware of me doing it. It was like my mouth was speaking but my brain wasn’t fully comprehending what I was doing. Then I had some painful spasms going to my whole body (Kundalini?) at a point I had to ask my husband to take my hand and turn me over on my side because I couldn’t do it at all.

Dream 22 august 2012

I first do the mediation from Leslee, the light show. I got following dream:

I was a broker of houses and I was being investigated. They also had access to my pc to look for suspicious actions. I also got a warning not investigate in an area in California.

Note: the next day I was reading the story of…

The dream shifts and I am going to the hospital with the car, with my mom and dad. They are doing some tests and they say I had to have an operation because something is wrong with my head and heart. I am again in the car with my parents and we are heading downtown Hasselt. There is some Chinese festival going on in the streets and a red dragon, carried by people, is coming out. The dragon goes up and down, and then hovers above my head. End of dream.

Dream 20 August 2012

I stated my intent to my guides, to show me what they want to show me.

And I dream: that I met Leslee , and we were gonna take a road trip through Canada and North America. Me and Leslee, we were so happy to see each other, that we gave hugs , and we were laughing and were so happy. But we were taking the road trip , not in a car, but a stage coach with real horse. I saw the flag of Canada coming by, and then other states we were crossing. Then we stopped @ a store and Leslee was buying a handmade necklace and she went to the till to pay for it. As the sales man takes it, he asks if the necklace was a hand made one. She says yes, it would cost her 29$. Then , I picked up a bracelet with a watch on it, that could read the heart rate. I wanted to pay, but a girl was filling in some forms, so I had to wait. Waiting, waiting,waiting…. and got very irritable with the salesman, that he had to move things along. Then finally I could pay. End of dream.

Note: got a note from a friend that Leslee was on the road again to Atlanta

Dream 19 August 2012

The whole weekend I was tired, got a lot of pains and cramps in the abdomen that forced me to stay in bed for most of the weekend.

Before I go to sleep, I am doing first Leslee’s meditation from Adrial, for the light show. It was a very powerful meditation and almost could see the wave of lights of the ships and it made me very happy.

The dream starts with me climbing a mountain with my friend. We were very high on the mountain because there was snow. As we walk we came across a deep canyon. So we had to jump over it, because that was the only way to go if we wanted to go down the mountain. So I jumped first and landed perfectly the other side. Then my friend jumped but got short by a few centimeters. He was quick to dig his pickaxe into the mountain. I lay down on my belly and see him trying to hold on. I give him my pickaxe and he uses that to lift himself up. He is safe.

The dream shifts and I am waiting to board a plane. I am going home to Belgium, but when I look at my ticket it says it will land in a German city Gotha(rd). So I am looking at what time we will arrive there so that I can notice my parents of the flight change. I am in the plane. We land and I am standing in a very long queue (probably to pass customs). Now I am outside in the hall of the airport, sitting on a bar, trying still to find out where the times are writing of arrival. Then (someone I know from my old school, we weren’t best friends) someone is telling me that I couldn’t claim for any payback money in a very mean way. I tell her that I was just looking for my ticket.

I am now in a hospital and I had a lot of pains (my pains are coming through in my dreams) and I collapse in the emergency hallway. Nurses and doctors come rushing to me and pick me up and put me on a stretcher. For some reason the nurses begin to cast my hands and wrists and also my feet, even though I still wearing my warm white/black striped socks. They just put the cast around it. I am wheeled into a room and it looks like a child’s room. The doctor (lady) is surprised and says I am not a kid. I said no, I am 38 years old, and I don’t know why they have put me here. She listens to my heart and said everything is fine. So I went out of the hospital.

I find myself out on the street and it is dark. It seems I am in a part of the town that has a kind medieval look. There is a party going on, a lot of young people are on the street, even hanging out of the windows. Then a naked young lady runs by and she is screaming, she looks drunk. I tell her to put some clothes on. Suddenly as she is running away from me, she has some clothes on. People around me start to laugh when I say that she had to wear some clothes. I pass also a naked couple wrapped around in a red sheet.

In front of me, I saw two men walking, two professors, and I approach them. I say something that sounds gibberish in my ears, but fair enough, they understand me. It looks that I asked them what was going on in the sky. At my left, looking through a medieval gateway, on both sides of the streets are houses, the street itself has cobble stones. The street is going down hill, giving us a clear view to the city beneath. There were a lot of blue and orange shining crosses floating above the city. Suddenly, some brown crosses are flying down the street, pointy and mean looking. I see mean eyes on the crossbar and the pointy end, has a mouth with sharp razor teeth. Everybody is screaming and running. I take the door of the gateway and flap it until it reaches the wall, creating a triangle shape space for me to stand in. I am holding on the door tightly because one of the crosses put his pointy end with sharp teeth mouth into the lock of the door, trying to get it open. I am not afraid, but hold on tight. After a few attempts and seeing that mouth with razor teeth very close to my hands, it takes off. End of dream.
Dreamflight 18 August 2012

I have put my intention the visit the ships: Aurora, Athabantian, Eui, Blaze and Algiz and others.

Before I put the intention, I was suffering with lots of cramps and pains. Eventually I went to sleep around 1 AM.

Dream: In the first dream I felt I was deconstructed and reconstructed again, over and over again.

I was in Belgium, in Antwerp and driving in the car. I had to go over a bridge, but the police stopped me. There was a big gap in the bridge so I had to take a detour. I asked the policemen what I should do. He shows me the map and points at a street that runs parallel with this road. I should take (victory road: I am not sure) that road. As I go in that road, the street was made of cobble stones. It was a very rough ride and I get lost.

The dream changes and I am doing an audition for a play. So I was singing a few songs for the audition, and trying to stay in tune. Then the director of the play is sitting on the bed to make decisions who made it in the play. First is a little North American Indian girl, but she wasn’t chosen. I felt bad because she had no parents. I was last and the director says to me: you are in, but I have to hire somebody to work on your voice, to get it better. I said to him if he was sure because most of the time I was singing out of tune. He said he was sure. Now I have to find a way to take a year off from my current work with the possibility to come back. The director says enjoy it is like a 12 month vacation. We all jump from a high cliff/waterfall into the pool beneath us. Then I find myself floating in the air, hooked up on a balloon. I see two beds floating past me, also hooked on a balloon going up to the opening of the dome. End of dream.

Dream 17 August 2012

Before I go to sleep, I am doing first Leslee’s meditation from Adrial, for the light show.

The first dream I remember it vaguely, like I was having a re-union with my star family. I felt I was taking to the ship, remember vaguely a silver rounded shape ship.

The dreams shifts and found myself running from the law, because I had done something that I shouldn’t have done. They catch me but I manage to escape again. Then they catch me again and to prevent me from running again, they tie me up with a rope very tight. So I am all tight up and we are walking down the street. As I look up, I see dark shadows passing over my head (like the one in the you tube movie (the shadows that come out of the clouds) about the lightening above the Olympic stadium in London: link: Lightening above Olympic Stadium ) But no one else sees them.

The dream shifts again and I am now in a mall, and I am not tight up anymore. There is a girl in front of me, looked like she was blocked in by blocks and she was trying to free herself. But the only thing that she could do that is if she let go of all the wealth she gathered around herself.

It seems we are making preparations for Ascension and there is a group that is doing all the coordinating. Some people are put in the front of the line, some at the back or far back of the line. And some are rejected and put on a different train (cabal?). All depending at which stage they were. But I said, no matter what, you will have all a change to Ascend if you want because God loves you very much, and there is no separation, we are all ONE. I am with the group that is coordinating the event, and they give me to files of German police officers that I had to work on. That was the end of my dream.

Dream 06-08-2012

I find myself in a sort of personal office/library and I am sitting with my teacher. He was showing me 4 rare books that needed to be kept safe. They were in a sort of wooden box attached to a long piece of wooden arm that was attached to the ceiling. In the ceiling you could see an opening where the box would fit in if you let go of the cord that is holding it down. You could remove the books, but just for a small period time and then you had to put it back. If not, the whole library would crumble down as a safety precaution that the books wouldn’t leave the library. He showed me a book with rare fantasy animals in, I remember a pink animal. I felt really important being there. There was a sense of wisdom flowing through the air.

pine sawyer beetle This is the beetle that I saw. Scarab Beetle

I wake up because my little girl wakes me up. After settling her needs, I go back to sleep. I am standing now in my living-room (looked like a new house) and also my girls where there. Then a large group of brown beetles come into my house, in and out. Taking stuff that was on the floor (paper-food) out of the house. The acted like ONE entity. They came back and my youngest daughter Nolwazi went under the table on the same time as the group beetles. I was yelling at her and when I looked under the table she was gone. I panicked a bit and looked under my orange couch only to find Sarah lying under there with a lot of beetles. She was screaming, telling me to get her out. After that my Nolwazi returned and I was relived.

I see rainbow crystal rocks lying on the floor, leaving a trail outside the door. I follow them outside, and next to the door there is a white painted cellar door. The rocks lead to it. I am a bit scared and I turn around and go in the house again. The beetles starting to come in again but they transform into beetle people, trying to communicate with me. As I go back outside, I see a lot of these beetle people standing outside, they were dressed very colorful. So I am asking someone if the saw Cora? The answer is no and I start to yell her name, but nobody reacted. I got scared again and ran towards the huge green gate, but the doors were closed and there were some electricity wires on top of it. But I don’t want to stay, so I climbed over and jumped. Hurting my back and my legs and feet. The beetle people got me up and one of them changed into a chair so that I could sit. They put a table with a blanket on top of it and over my legs. I knew somebody was sitting under that table. But I didn’t resist and suddenly a very bright yellow light came from underneath it. They were healing my legs and it felt the light vibrating through my legs. It also felt like warm and enjoyable. They asked me to stand up and I had no pains in my legs anymore, only in my back. I went inside and also the beetle people. As I am standing in the living room I see that they were reduced in size, they were very tiny. There was, it looked like a portal to another dimension and everyone was hopping into it, disappearing. I pleaded with them not to go, and I was crying. I find myself again on top of the green gate and I jump again. Then I find myself in an alley next to my house and was lying on a couch that was dumped on the streets. Lisa Gawlas was there and she was trying to hypnotize me. I shake my head and I said no, don’t do that. She is trying to tell me something but she is speaking very soft. I say to her that I can’t here her because I only can hear 80%. Even when she speaks into my ear, I still can’t hear. A young lady appears on the arm of the couch and smiles at me. She has blond hair and ponytails. Suddenly the beetle people are re turning to me. I said what happened, she said, you hit rock bottom. End of dream.

Scarab – Meaning: It seemed to the ancient Egyptians that the young scarab beetles emerged spontaneously from the burrow were they were born. Therefore they were worshiped as “Khepera”, which means “he was came forth.” This creative aspect of the scarab was associated with the creator god Atum

Scarab – Dream meaning: In ancient Egypt, the scarab beetle symbolized rebirth, cleansing and protection from evil, so a dream about a scarab beetle, or about jewelry in the shape of a scarab, can represent the beginning of something new in your life as well as your cleansing yourself of negative influences.

Dream 5 August 2012

Last nights dream: As very usual me dream 😀
The first dream I seem to be in the 1930’s and I was with my husband (not my husband of today) and I was cheating on him with another guy. But I made the mistake to bring this guy to my husbands shop/business. So I am there walking with this other man when I see my husband coming. So I duck and leave this guy behind. Then later I meet my husband and apparently he talked to this guy and new that I was cheating on him. He is taking me to his car and in the car he forces me to wear some funeral clothes.

He brings me to my best friend so I can talk to her what is really happening with me. My husband is going to another room. And then I woke up.

The following dream: (when I woke up I stated my intent to visit Athabantian)
I am in a apartment block and someone is selling there black chair. It doesn’t sit comfortably and my friend decides to burn it. Then I am with my family in the swimming pools changing area and it seems we were all under water. I , with others were holding our breaths. Then suddenly the water disappears and we can breath.
Now I am again in that same apartment block but I am standing at the mailboxes. I open and there was a lot of packages in there for me. I have trouble to get them out. On package contained German music.

I am standing now in the living room and standing next to the father of this girl , who is asking her dad why he didn’t learn her to speak German because he was from Germany and why he never told her. Now I am sitting in a couch and playing the music and I see ghosts appear in the couch. Next thing I am in a big place with a carrousel. One of the ghosts is there and he has no good intentions in his ghost mind 😀 In the room there was a lot of people there, and he speaks out a command and suddenly all the people are in a kinda of spell and make a line and stepping like robots past me. He says I have to do something so then he will release his hold on these people. I see a dead baby elephant and he orders me to cut it open and take capture his soul. I started but then I refused, because it was a trick , cause if I did it, we would be worse off and he never intended to keep his promise. Before I woke up I felt like a passed some kind of test.
Dreamflight 4 August 2012

My dream flight was as a lot about the same theme and when I woke up I felt the hurt in my heart from the dream, reminded me of something that happened to me 7 years ago. I recognized it for what it was, looked and examined it , transmuted it and let go of it. I don’t know if I did a good job at it and if I released it completely, only time now can tell.

<h2>Dream 31 July 2012</h2>
I set my intention to visit the GLS Eui.

Dream: The dreams start with me going through a test in a plane. But every time I want to do the test, the cockpit seems to be upside down. It happens twice. I am standing outside and in front of a tall tower. So in order to stop the cockpit from turning upside down , I put a powerful thought in my head , to keep it from happening again, and then I beam it through my right hand. I can see a powerful light-wave coming out of my hand towards the castle.

I am now in my grandma’s house in Oudegem and it is the middle of the night. The whole family is sleeping. Suddenly we get woken up by a crash in the front room. A big tree was uprooted and crashed into the front room. It made the house very unstable, because there was a big hole in the wall. So in a haste I take all my spiritual diaries and I go up to the bedrooms to take the children and tell my family to get out as quickly as they can. We all made it on to the street and then I see two angels appearing onto the street waiting for us. There was such a lovely feeling coming from them. Then I realized that we maybe not made it out a live.

<em>( See below a picture of my grandma’s house on the far left with the white door , and the white rollers in front of the window, is also the front room I am talking about in the dream. And the direction of the street I saw. The angels appeared somewhere were you see the car)</em>

<a href=””><img title=”Oudegem OL vrouwstraat” alt=”” src=”; height=”312″ width=”549″ /></a>

The dream shifts and I am in a synthetic body. It looks real like a normal body, but it isn’t. I am on a ship having a conversation with a woman about why they are hiding the bad things for us. I wasn’t a heated conversation, just normal.

Now it seems I am in a kind of machine with a glass kinda of bulb, and I am very tiny. There are three other ladies inside and they are wearing silver suits, just like me. But we are not physical there in the machine, we are holograms. If we look outside the bulb we see big humans wearing a white coat. We tried to talk to them but they couldn’t understand us. So there were some kind of half , silver, shaped pods, and the 4 pods were making a cross figure. We got in there and we laid ourselves down in it. Then we got into a meditation linking our minds together so that we could speak in ONE VOICE. Now they could understand us. We were warning them of evil and that they should be aware.

I am now in the car and my husband is driving. I am cold so I have blankets on my legs. He asks where I got them, I said remember we took them with us when we went on holiday? We are driving to Sandton City (Johannesburg) and I see two strange vortex clouds , but Oh so beautiful in colors. The first had orange/pink/purple/yellow colors the other yellow/brown/orange/grey colors. And I knew they where portals.

Dream shifts again and I am in a big canteen and there is a big party going on. A long table with people on it, having food on their plates and having fun. On the main table there is some plates of food where you can dish from. But before I reach that table, in a flash all the food is gone and most food on the plates is also gone. Here and there is a little bit food left, but mostly white plates on it.

I am now in dinning room ( it feels I am still in the same building as the canteen was situated) on the dining table and my friend was sitting next to me. Next to her was a lady sitting on the head of the table. On the other side, in front of my friend, was a man sitting and he was only staring at her boobs. I said something to him and he was not pleased. Then the lady with blond hair asked me why I had so many books about the <strong>Asgards?</strong> She asked me if I read them all? I said, some of them I read more than 10 times. She was admiring my collection of books.

When I wake up I repeat several times my dreams so that I can remember. When I fall asleep I dream that I am in the bedroom and I wanted to get up to write my dreams up. It felt like those dream in a dream kinda of dream thing. Thinking I was really awake and then I wasn’t but only dreaming. Cause the first bedroom dream, the door was on the wrong side. The last one, there was another man in our bed and I am asking my husband how he got in here. So this was the last bedroom dream and then I got up from the bed.

I am still in the dream.

I am walking to the canteen/living room, passing the kitchen. A lady was cooking by doing magic. So I get out of the door and into the hallway. I am sitting on some stairs because I have a lot of pain (my physical pain is coming true). As I sit, I see the same lady I was dinning with coming by. She sees me, but she doesn’t ask. She goes to the door I was coming from earlier. She opens and goes through it.

Behind me I can look outside the big windows and from my eye corner I see it snowing. I look outside and see snow on the grass. I thought that was weird because it was summer. So when I look a second time, the snow was gone and I only saw the green grass, and trees of the park that surrounded this building. End dream.

<em><strong>Asgard:</strong>Asgard, in Norse mythology, is one of the nine worlds and the homeland of the <a href=””>Aesir</a&gt;, the race of warrior gods. Located on the highest level of the Norse universe, it is surrounded by a high wall of closely fitted stone blocks. The walls surrounding Asgard were built by Blast (or Hrimthurs), who asked in payment the hand of <a href=””>Freya</a&gt; plus the sun and the moon. <a href=””>Odin</a&gt; agreed providing the walls be complete in six months. Hrimthurs had a magic horse, named <a href=””>Svadilfari</a&gt;, who helped him in his work. To Odin’s (and the other gods, especially Freya’s) horror, with but a few days left, Blast was almost finished. <a href=””>Loki</a&gt;, the trickster, turned himself into a mare and beguiled the stallion Svadilfari away. The job was not completed in time and no payment was given.</em>

<em>Source: &lt;a href=””&gt;Asgard&lt;/a&gt;</em&gt;
<h2>Dream 30 July 2012</h2>
I set my intention to visit the Athabantian.

Dream: I was on an island; there was clear blue sky and really yellow/orange beach sand. It seems to me I was on a Tropical Island. Along the hill was a sand road. As I am standing on the road, and I am warned that it is very dangerous walking on the beach. I see it is crawling of sand crocodiles that crawl under the sand. So I am staying on the path. A young girl doesn’t believe that it is dangerous and she walks onto the beach and dives into the sea. The sea if full of pink/purple sea monsters and I can see that one of the monster is catching her. She screams for help and I prepare to rescue her.

The dreams shifts and I am sitting in a car with my parents. We are standing still in traffic on the bridge. I am extremely hot as the sun is burning into the car. But suddenly I see big snowflakes coming down and on my right I see big grey and thick clouds rolling over the water towards us, heavy with snow. So quickly I try to dress myself again to get warm. I leave the car and my parents go on a trip without me.

I am now riding a kind of child’s BMX bike and I am entering a garage. But it is very dark in there and I park my bike with the other bikes. So I am going up the stairs and it seems I landed into an art show. (It looks like the inside of our cultural building in Hasselt, Belgium). On my left I see my mom sitting on the table, but she looks different. She has grey hair (real life blond 😀 ) and she was wearing grey. She has even a Netherlands accent and she is living in the Netherlands. I thought to myself, now this is not right and by the way my parents are on vacation. Also my grand father (on my mother’s side, who died years ago) was sitting there on the table. Maybe I was in a parallel universe?

Dream shifts again and I am on a parking with my mom looking for a parking space. End of dream.
<h2>Dreamflight 21 July 2012</h2>
After I set my intention to aboard Nine, Susan, Athabantian and other ships with matching passwords I got following dream:
The first dream I remember only the last bit of it. A friend and I went into a family car and I was driving. We come at a circle and I am a bit confused which way I should take. (Here in South-Africa you go left onto the circle, while in Belgium you go the right) I take the left but it is the wrong choice and I drive into upcoming traffic. Now I am standing outside, the car is gone. I see on the ground three stones that shift into knives and then two knives shift back into green stones.

The second dream I am in an airport with my parents and the ex–girlfriend of my brother. I don’t see my brother anywhere so me and my dad went back in and go through security. I see my brother waiting in a big row of people and I am relieved to see him. Outside I see he is with his new girlfriend and he is hugging my mom. I am standing on the stairs and I turn around seeing a very dreadful place, very grey looking place. People coming my way and I ask the name of this town, but they look very grumpy and ignore me. But there is a young man who stops for me and I ask him the name of his town. The name is so alien to my ears I ask him to write it down. It looked like Greek letters to me. Then my brother sees across a crime being committed and he runs down towards the thieves, trying to stop them. Our whole family is following him and I hit a guy with my pillow on his face. He falls down the stairs and get unconscious. I ran back up the stairs and I see security coming out of the doors running with a kind of, looks like a water hose, but another fluid is coming out spraying it on my family and my baby. They turned into statues. I am chocked and asked them how long they stay like this. Two hours. They say they gone ship my family back to America. I ask if they could unfreeze my baby, because she did nothing wrong. They agreed. The young man next to me starts to talk and I ask him if he could help me to free my family. He says this place is perfect and they don’t need crime. I told him to I would prove him that this society doesn’t care about the people and take away their freedoms.

The dream shifts and I am running through this city’s streets, followed by the security men, I even stop and fight them with some karate moves. I find myself now on a roof top and jumping of the roof tops to the lower down rooftops, chased by the security.

Now I am standing at the toilets and security agents are looking for a particular girl. I was hiding this girl in the toilet. The agent asked me to open the door, so I did. But no one was in there and I was relieved. When they are gone I need to go to the toilet and I close the door. As I turn around, the girl is back and standing behind me. She scared me and then I woke up. End of dream.

<strong>Déjà -vu</strong>: from French, literally “already seen”, is the phenomenon of believing an event or experience has occurred in the past.
<h2>Dream 20 July 2012</h2>
<img alt=”highlander” src=”; height=”187″ width=”140″ /> I had given no intention to do anything but got following dream. The dream was very intense and some part of the dream felt familiar. The feeling that I got was elements of real memories intertwined with dream elements. I was standing in an apartment, standing very close to a big window. (This is the part that feels like it was a kinda déjà-vu feeling) I feel a tingling feeling going to my body and slowly I am being lifted up in the air. It is a really neat feeling, but as I say, it was déjà -vu feeling and I remembered as I was going to float out of the window that the next encounter wouldn’t be very painful and unpleasant. (Like what happens in the movie Highlander when he gets struck by electricity/lightening that amplify his powers) So I was thinking I didn’t want that again and also it would attract unwanted attention. The force, the special tingling feeling, gently put me down again and I woke up out of the dream, still feeling that tingling feeling through me body.

I went back to sleep and the dream picks up where it left me. I am standing in the living room and I know the damage have been done, I already got unwanted attention of negative spirits who wanted to do me harm. Quickly I cast out a spell to put up protection shields around the room with openings, like doors, windows. But they were breaking through. As last defense I put up a shield that surrounds only the living room, shielding the big archway living doors. They try to break through this but the shield reacts like a spider web and they got all entangled with it. Then it seems I am on the run with somebody and we are hiding in a space between walls and I cast a spell so that the wall closed on us, hiding us from the bad spirits. But it works only half leaving an open gap big enough to look through. I see a blond woman peeking through but because it was dark she didn’t see us. But I made the mistake to whisper a spell to close the gap and she heard me. Again we are on the run and now we are hiding in a closet and speaking up a spell that will make the closet invisible for them. But they found us anyway and we start to fight each other. But I am not alone; my friends are there to help me. I get picked up by a giant worm but I manage to fight it and tie it into a knot. Then I fought together with a friend that blond lady and she was sitting on a closet shelf and I set it on fire. Then I woke up, end of dream.

<em><strong>Note:</strong> Interpretation of the sensation I had when I was levitated in the air by Leslee: “From reading what you write here, and checking with myself, I’m quite confident that what is happening is that your Guide(s)/Higher Self is/are taking “more” of you in your dreaming… In other words, your mind is more fully letting go of your body… And this is wonderful, because it indicates fearlessness.”</em>
<h2>Dream 18-07-2012</h2>
I set my intent to visit Abi-Qor.

Before I had the next dream I had first a dream where I saw two artworks. I can remember them. See these drawings below what I saw in my dream. The first one is people climbing the cloud stairs. The second one is Mother Earth embraced by the clouds and the forest.

<a href=””><img title=”cloud dreams” alt=”” src=”; height=”151″ width=”300″ /></a>

I left my work because felt like it didn’t suit me anymore, didn’t like it either. (for the record I like my job that I am currently doing). So I left to never come back and I went with a lot of people to this place, there was a lot of green, on my left I saw sand-dunes and the sea in the distance. We were holding a ceremony under a gazebo almost totally closed off by the branches/leaves from the willow tree. We had to drink a drink that looked like whiskey and when I drank it, I had a flash vision of a black/white ball. After that we went on out and we were building some houses. I see a being with big eyes looking at me. I must off looked away because the dream skips and I am looking for this being, and I am asking the people that are there but nobody saw anything. That was the end of my dream.

<strong>Impression of the dream:</strong> I was initiated as a guide in New Earth, preparations are being done for the move, and find myself in a new job… what I always wanted. Being in nature and guide who ever needs guidance…. That is my intuition on the fly
<h2>Dreamflight 14-07-2012</h2>
Stating my intent to visit at least, Aurora, Athabantian, Blaze and left also the intent if possible to visit any other ships.

I said all the passwords of the ships.

I can’t remember the first two dreams but ended up with a weird kind of feeling/image of a book that helps me to deal with my

feelings. (I must say something happened that day and I got very disappointing and asked before sleeping to AA Michael to help me with this)

I was in a sort of trailer community and people where standing before a silver trailer looking inside what was happening inside the trailer. I looked in and saw a circle of chairs and a bit on the right was sitting <strong>Patrick Jane (from the series Mentalist)</strong> talking to people. There were camera’s filming the event, the room was lit with a soft orange light. I saw two people standing. I asked someone who is at the door if there were any seats free? Cause I wanted to be part of it. He said there was 1 chair free. So I go in and I sit in the chair. But it wasn’t free, it belonged to the woman on my right that was standing up.A bit embarrassed I got up and left.

Now I am walking on a trail and on both of my sides there was green and trees. Suddenly Patrick Jane appears next to me and walks with me asking me a lot of questions. We got stopped by a river that was crossing the road. Suddenly I feel the urge to look for something and I go into the water and follow the river to the left. A bit further on the bank I saw a big white paper bag with handles. I opened it and inside there were letters and pictures in it. There were names written on the letters and I could also see the stamps from different countries. Patrick Jane asks me what I am going to do with them.

I am now on the path again but walking towards the community with the bag. But I know the content has changed and there a papers in there that shouldn’t be seen by anyone. As I entered the community I put the bag in some room and set it on fire. A lot of smoke comes out of it and engulfs the community.

I am looking again inside the same silver trailer, but from the back. And I see a detective asking questions to the people inside. I wonder what happened with Patrick Jane. On his right side , a small group of people are standing in a half circle. Then an old lady (Anne Haney:picture) was saying something upsetting to the detective. And then she vanishes in tin air before he could react. On the table was a little book that was opened, and I saw here picture and that she was coming from the future. The dreams shifts and I am standing on a rock looking down a very wild but clear wide water river with boulders. I see a man swimming and trying to keep his head above water. Suddenly I see a big anaconda swim towards him. I yell and warn him of the anaconda that is coming after him. He swims very fast to the shore, but the anaconda is very fast and the come face to face. I am to far away to do anything except trowing a rock at the anaconda and this helped. End of dream.
<h2>Dreamflight 07-07-2012</h2>
I stated my intent to visit the GLS ships, especially the Aurora,Athabantian,Blaze, Tulya and Algiz and stated the passwords. Oh and invited STC for a cuppa of tea/coffee/hot chocolate. I got following dreams. Note that the three dreams are all linked together as a dream in a dream kinda of situation.

I was standing in sort of a mall, but it was weird, like I was inside and outside all together because I could see the sky in the mall (no glass to see through) and I saw something odd with the little clouds. They looked like thunder clouds and instead of horizontal floating, the <a href=””>clouds appeared vertical in shape.</a> Little lightening’s came out of them. I knew something was going to happen, because there was a lot of people in the mall looking up at the sky. There was a woman sitting beside me and was asking if I could check on her son (baby) if he was all right. We were in sort of quarantine but I was one of the persons permitted to go outside the mall. I go outside and it is raining, grey and cold outside. I see a tent just in front of the malls door and I see two women holding a half-naked baby. I go in a give the baby one of my warm jackets to keep it warm and hold him in my arm for a minute. I had to go in again and told his mother that he was going to be OK.

I am standing now on a sort of balcony/platform with other ladies and I was looking down the scenery below me. I am still in the mall. I see some backyards and someone playing. I see a tree in one of the backyards and there is kinda of electricity going on between the tree and the ground. I mentioned it and one of the ladies takes of to investigate. When she comes to the tree she asks me where is it. Then I say that it is already gone. I look up to the sky again and I feel the heat coming from it and I think I was expecting magma come falling out of the sky. The sky had a golden color. A man was laughing at me because my prediction didn’t come true.

I wake up for a while , having a lot of a pains and hearing the wind blow around the house.

My second dream: I am walking past an apple orchard where black mini tornadoes are forming under the trees. I make a picture but they don’t show up on the pictures. A bit further someone is selling something and I see a rabbit tied to a turtle. The turtle was upside down. I thought it was so strange I also took a picture of it. Along the way I meet a man and we are on our way to the mall. When I open the door and go inside, (it almost looks exactly like the mall from my first dream) and I said to the man, it looks like the mall I had in a dream I had. But it was a little different, I couldn’t see the sky but the ceiling was gold painted. On the right of my there was the Vatican priests moving some artwork. The man and me both suggested them to get some paintings from Leonardo Da Vinci. We walk further and there are some stairs leading down to an game arcade. But next to the stairs there was a big lady statue lying down and you could use her legs like a slide. Which I did. Sliding down here legs actually.

On the bottom we meet a boy and a girl, with olive color faces and they were showing us a map of the predictions of the little twister I saw in the orchard and the vertical clouds. I told them about my dream I had about the vertical clouds (again I refer to the clouds I had in my first dream, it sounds now this dream was dream in a dream, or recalling my first dream in my second dream, weird)

We were standing on a kinda of platform along the main road of the mall and I see a group man passing by. One man in particular, I recognize like the man I needed. So I call and he looks at me. I wave him to come to me. He first looks around if I really meant him, but when I persist, he comes closer. I told him I had a job for him and he was glad that he would get a real job again instead of following these men and take notes.

Then I don’t know if this part of the dream was in front of the first second dream or it happened at the end of this second dream. But I am in sort marble hallway with a spiral stair. I am calling the pope, that I had a important message/prediction to tell. But instead of the pope a bishop is coming down the stairs with a lot of cardinals and some guards. They let us kneel, also the boy and the girl I met earlier. Now I see myself kneeling (I look like a little girl wearing a white dress) and I was prohibited to look at the bishop. And I had to tell my story like this. End of dream.

The third dream I was watching a movie about a man and the rabbit (referring again to my second dream when I saw a rabbit). I am in the room talking to a girl some secret plans but before I can say anything mayor spoiler I am whisked away to the room that joins us and see a lady with her ear against the wall trying to hear what we were saying. Before I could warn myself of the danger I woke up.

<em><strong>Rabbit:</strong> To see a rabbit in your dream signifies luck, magical power, and success. You have a positive outlook on life. Alternatively, rabbits symbolize abundance, warmth, fertility and sexual activity.</em>
<h2>Dream 06-07-2012</h2>
The first dream on Friday/Saturday flight I had set my intent for Blaze and Athabantian and also the intent to visit the healing-pods. Got my crystal in my non-dominant hand and went to sleep. But before I really slip of in a dream state I had to go to the little room three times in 1 hour before I slept.

Dream: I am on a big ship and I am sitting in a room. They say to us to really hold tight because we are going to accelerate really fast. We are sitting on the floor and a couple that I face, I see they are laughing and had an attitude like, yehhh right. Then suddenly the ship speeds off and the couple bangs hard, with their faces to the wall. I was thinking: they told you so (I wasn’t thinking that because I had fun, but just a reacting, like…why didn’t you listen)

Now I am on the deck of the ship and I look up and I see in the sky there is a weather balloon. It is stormy weather outside. I go lie down on the wooden deckchairs. The dream shifts and I am standing in a dark alley with John (from Chuck) and another female person. He is pissed and angry about me and he holds me up on my clothes against the wall. The woman tells John to let me down, because there is no need for it. He lets me down and we walk all to a door and I knock. The door opens and we walk in. Then the dream is a little bit vague on this one, but I had a big fight with someone especially accusing me or the person of trying to bribe me or someone else. It is not clear. To load off some steam and to calm my daughter we go outside and sit on a seesaw, my daughter is ecstatic.

<a href=””><img title=”lilac – Copy” alt=”” src=”; height=”150″ width=”150″ /></a>I am now walking into a patio with a very tall wall painted in to most suitable kinda lilac color. The place was so peaceful and when I looked up to the little sky I saw. It was mixed with a blue sky and the colors of a sunrise. I felt peaceful and didn’t want to leave.

The dream shifts again and I am living with my husband in 1 room apartment. Our beds are standing in the living room. My husband doesn’t like the color of the curtains so he takes them off. I want to go sleep but I can’t because we have visitors.

I find myself now flying high in the sky and my kids are holding on to balloons as they can’t fly yet. But suddenly their balloons pops and the start falling. I am lucky that a lot of rainbow dragons are also flying with me in the sky and rescue them. I see dragons flying beneath me in all sort of vivid rainbow colors. It is a beautiful sight and the sky is blue and we fly over very green forests. I am now standing back on the ground and I see dragons dropping of kids. Some kids fly/float the last meters to the ground.

I am standing now with my mother in front of a bar and I feel suddenly ill and faint. I feel myself picked up by people and put me closer to the bar. They think I had a heart attack and they give me some oxygen. I feel so tired I can’t even open my eyes or say anything. End of dream.

When I woke up I had a brief vision of men in Black. I woke up with a terrible feeling. My whole body was aching and my head was going to explode. I couldn’t move my head at all. My back was also killing me badly. After two disprins my head felt better but my body was still aching. When I checked out my messages I saw a you tube of an x1.1 solar flare on the 6th of July. I wonder if there is any link to it.
<h2>Dream 05-07-2012</h2>
I stated my intention to meet Adrial, Noxy and Norim from the GLS Ship Athabantian and also invited my twin flame sister Sabiene to discuss the matter about recruitment for Blaze. I hold on to my crystal in my non-dominant hand and fell asleep.

In the first dream I can’t remember specifics, but I was going to a swimming pool/ fun park and with lots of green. (maybe Abi-Qor?)

The next dream I am at a psychic ward trying to hide myself from someone, and the patients in there were helping me by building some blocks around me. The dream shifts and I am now in the office sitting in front of my laptop waiting for a green light that I could give some baby clothes. I bought one that was looking gray and looked like it was from a warm material. But it didn’t get through and I got a bit upset.

Now I am in the apartment, (it looked like the apartment where my parents live in currently in Belgium) and I see Nolwazi. I gave her for adoption to this couple. As I was sitting in the couch in the living-room looking at my little girl, I try to say hello to the woman, but she ignored me. So I got my intention to Nolwazi and called her to come to me. I hold her and tears start to flow when I hold her and saying that I was sorry, but we didn’t had enough money to support her and that we already had two kids. And then the woman also started to cry when she heard me.

Now I am sitting in the other section of the living-room, the dinning room and was sitting behind a computer trying to fix a picture, sunset. I was creating a fast spinning wheel, like the one in my last dreamflight. Then a man comes to me and shows me on a different computer, looks like a big screen lying flat and was showing me what you could do with it. He opens a program and a dog appears on the screen, and then a map with lots of green, it looks like you looking on the site from above.

Is end of dream. When i woke up , I was so glad that I had my two kids with me and that it was just a dream.

When I was awake and thinking about the dream I got a flash vision of me being greeted by other beings, I think 4. The surrounding was a gray, big tiled room. Maybe this is a confirmation I visited either Athabantian or Blaze.
<h2>Dream 04-07-2012</h2>
I made the intention to meet Norim from the ship Athabantian. I tried to meditate but kept falling asleep. I got following dream(s):

I am standing a bit aside and I see two groups of Angels. On my left I see an older group and on my right the youngsters. They where dressed in white and standing under a kinda of wooden shelter.

The dream moves on but this is a battle now with my body, it is soar everywhere at a point that I had to wake up and sit in the coach to get the pains to diminish.

After an hour or so I go back to bed and have following dream: I am on a merry go round (moving), and on the merry go round there were a lot of people making beautiful, tasty cakes. The merry go round stands still and Carmen (a friend from Belgium) gives me a voucher that I can spent on something. But because of my bad hearing I can’t understand her. I wanted to ask what she said, but she was off again. I see people having their vouchers and excactly where they were going. So I sat down and I felt forgotten and cried. I felt such a looser. I woke up with that still with that feeling and it is still hasn’t gone yet. (Maybe feeling a looser relates maybe reading all those magnificent stories of others. But I remind myself to be gentle and that it is not a competition 😀 all will happen in divine time)

Dreamflight 30-06-2012

I only remember a little bit of my dream. I fell asleep during my meditation, with still my crystal in my hand. The dream , I felt I was doing some administration about the ships. The dream I remember is I was somewhere in a place with a lot of attractions (funfair?). I was looking for people who where disguising themselves as light ones but in fact were dark ones. But in order to find them I had to go in one of the attractions, that was a big wheel that would swirl very fast, round and round. It was yellow and red.

Then I am in Russia and on the street there are long tables filling a couple of streets. It is near Christmas and there is some plates en cups on the table, like some feast is going on. But there is nothing on the tables and someone of the organizers came up to me, asking if I could help raise some money because of the crisis they couldn’t buy anything.Then I thought of a woman I could go to. I am sitting with her on a table, but I am not in Russia anymore, I am in Paris. But she is hiding something from me. After our conversation I manage to see what she is being hiding. I am standing on a cliff and I am looking down and see a grey big platform with space ships on them (as looking back, it looked a bit like a <a href=””>Lego spacestation</a>). She is going to use it for something, she has some plans for it. End of dream. When I woke up I got the word “balloon” in my head. It came out of the blue.

I also had a very clear feeling that I have been on the ships Athabantian and Aurora. Just an inner knowing.

June 28th 2012 (Athabantian)

<img title=”double circle sun” alt=”” src=”” height=”125″ width=”138″ />I had the intention set to make a connection with the Athabantian ship, with Adrial, Norim or Noxy. I had a dream (that I only remember half), and I dreamed about a very bright yellow circle (sun?) , and a smaller circle into the first circle. It was shinning so bright, when I woke up and still saw that light behind my closed eyes. To make the visual more stronger I try to connect with Norim because I wanted to make visual connection (in the form of an artwork) stronger. But I got a different dream: I was trying to rescue people who where trying to keep their heads above water. I swung a inflatable boat onto the water and jumped after it. The boat was blue and yellow. I didn’t sit in the boat because otherwise there wouldn’t be enough space for all the people in the water. So I guided the boat to them and helped them in. End of dream.

Dreamflight 23-06-2012

After the intention to go on the ships Tulya, Ahtbantian and Blaze and saying all the passwords for the other ships I got following dream: It looks like in a kinda of room/building that has the shape of an oval. It is pretty dark in it, and it looks like it was in lots of colours of blue. There are people and they are saying that Disclosure is going to begin and that we have to look for the signs and for the ships. Looking outside and looking for clues. I see out of the window a cigarette suspended in mid-air. I can’t say if it is blue sky outside or if I am in space. The feeling is that I am in space.

I am again in another space and it looks like we are in kind of cinema, watching on a big screen a movie of myself. Next to me sit my nanny that changes later and Leslee sitting next to me. We are sitting close to the screen.

I jump dream and now I am in a field, it is dark and at night but there is still a lot of people outside. There is a competition going on, throwing blue ballpoints as far as we can. But mine doesn’t go that far so I move to a more a empty space of field together with my friend. I throw but the ballpoint hits the electricity pole and a fire starts. Afraid that the pole would fall over we start to run over the train/tram tracks. As we run over them, from both sides, trams and trains coming at us. We can barely escape them. The train and trams are wine red. The trains and trams coming faster and faster and we end up standing between two passing trains from different direction. We run now to the grey brick wall and hope behind it, safe and sound. A fireman comes towards us asking if we are allright.

The dream shifts and I am standing like it looks like a police station. There are a lot of people walking around. I can see a man looking for a woman, after looking and looking he finally finds her. They sit together at a bar and she opens a map that looks of Switzerland. The dream shifts again and I am standing now in a strangers apartment. Someone is opening the door and I quickly ran outside to hide. There are two wooden platforms, balconies outside. I hide behind on the second one, which is suspended in mid-air. The apartment is on the highest top of a building. I see the woman from the police station coming outside and look in my direction. I ran and thinking she is coming after me, only to see they were after someone else. The shift happens again and I am now standing in front of the entree in our apartment block in Hasselt , Belgium. The woman (later when I woke up I learned that the woman is Adrial and that she for quite some time appeared in my dreams) , me and my husband having a BBQ and we have to take the meat inside because it seems it is going to rain. My husband looks at the sky and sun and senses that there is something wrong and that something is coming our way.

I am now in my working place and sitting in front of my laptop, working. I have a cool typing board because I can accustom it to my needs, it shifts in a different shape and some features are more visible then others. I go to another room so I can work more quietly but I fall asleep there. So I get back to my working place, finding it very busy now. So busy that I have trouble to find my working place again.

I wake up from the dream, half awake and I get a very visual image of a million crawling ants all over me. I try to shake that image, very scary. Then I feel I have a download again.

I dream now that I am standing outside staring at a grey brick wall with a hole in it. I see feet and legs coming in front of the hole and a voice of a girl calling for help. I fireman is coming to her rescue and when he makes the hole bigger she slides out and runs away. The fireman didn’t see that and he goes in trying to find her. I said to him that he missed her already because she ran out as soon he made the hole bigger.

I am now sitting in a market place and I have a special kind of A4 paper plate in my hands and a tool that looks like a potato peeler. There is also sand on the paper and when I go forth and back with the tool, text starts to appear in the sand. Very magical. It was so much fun I was doing it again and again. Then it became more like advertising text or cartoons. I see two women coming towards us and they sit with their backs against our legs without saying something. Me and my friend were going, WTF are they doing. We get up and walk away.

I am now sitting in a mall on a bench still doing the text in the sand thing. My husband stands behind my back talking to a guy. When I have enough of my toy I turn around and I see this guy working on his computer, making digital art. I am surprised and start talking to him, that I also doing digital artwork and using Photoshop. He uses another art program. I see he is busy with a big building with lots and lots of green around and on the building. (Abi-Qor?) End dream.

Explaining dream through Leslee’s note:

Hi, Everyone! A few quick notes about my recent dreams… I wouldn’t be surprised if you see some of these elements tonight, and Adrial agrees…

Recurring elements:

A large open platform, circular or octagonal or similar… like a huge landing of a set of stairs or escalators; May also look like a Sci-Fi transporter pad… This seems to be a sort of launch-spot from which we enter dreams…

A woman or man in dark red or red-brownish clothing may be Adrial. I’ve seen Adrial in dreaming as a young woman looking like Marie Antionette, and as a grandmother-like figure;

A balloon – hot-air balloon, dirigible, possibly even a toy balloon… This seems to represent Athabantian. It may have a basket-like gondola, and it may look like a weather balloon (silver cloth). Gunner, Lisa T and I have all seen this in dreams…

You may see Abi-Qor – I saw it like a huge resort or convention center, looking as if it were built out of laboradorite crystal. It was built in a valley, in a desert, and surrounding a small lake or large pond – or it might have been a huge garden. On some side there were low buildings, and on the other side were mid-height buildings, and then in the midst of them was a part of the building like a wide tall tower with and angled top. The material seemed glass-like, sort of grayish green, very iridescent…

Inside Abi-Qor, there are shopping centers, movie theater, common areas… for residential facilities, they range from large dormitories to hotel rooms, to apartments/condominiums. Adrial says there are neighborhoods with small houses with yards/gardens, but these are quit modest. In Abi-Qor there is little disparity between lifestyles, so most residences are similar in quality, and people may choose what type of residence they want. There are many common areas, indoors and out, which are beautiful and majestic, and shared equally by all.

While there, you may see or be introduced to people whom you feel you know. They also may be quite tall. You may be meeting your loved ones and partners, and they may be from “the stars” or from Inner Earth. These meetings may arouse a variety of emotions.

You also may experience a ride in a vehicle that seems to be mounted on tracks or a runway… This might be one of the Tulya scout or personal transport “ships”.

Our loved ones from Inner Earth may look like Adama – fair with golden hair, wearing pale colors, or they may look Indian, Native American, South or Central American, with medium skin, dark hair, and richly-colored garments. If we meet beings with blue skin, they may be either from Tulya, which means they may be Pleiadian or Arcturan, or Andromedan… we may meet others, but these are the beings we have the closest connections with.

That’s probably enough to spark your imagination, for now – sweet dreams, and I sure hope to see many of you tonight… and remember it, lol!

Thank you all so much for coming together!

In love & light, Leslee


Dream 29th may 2012

As I forgot to state my intention to go back to full consciousnesses, that is why I post it on my regular dream page:

I am in my new house, but it rained a lot and flooded my house. The only rooms that were free of water were the living and dining room. The other rooms, the water reached my ankles. I was so upset to see the furniture broken and rotten. It was just a new house. I went to my bedroom to hide out. My room was also dry. There was a mattress with some bedding’s lying on the ground. Suddenly people start to come in my bedroom, because there is an open house to sight the house. I am trying to get the people out of my room. But as they are not listening to me, I begin to shout at them and pushing them and screaming “OUT”!!!! But even then they are not moving so I get so angry I begin to throw forks at them. The forks hit the wall and then bounce around to another wall and so on. I was scared that one of them would hurt my husband.

Then I am on a roof top of a very tall building and a man is trying to scare/bully me with a snake. (It seems it is the same snake I have been seen in other dreams) The snake is pink/orange and tries to bite me. But the man keeps the snake close enough to scare me but far enough that it couldn’t bite me. Eventually he get’s what he wants and let me go. I lean over the railing of the building. When I look at the left it is evening and misty and beneath I see only a few black tall buildings, but smaller then the one I am standing on. They are black and the windows are red and instead of going in a straight line, the decent from high to low, like an arrow. When I look at the right, it is daylight and blue sky and the houses look like those houses in Norway. They were very colorful, pastel colors of purple, green, yellow and so on. The rooftops look like orange/red. I also see a very tall building that is bigger than the building I am on. It looks a bit like a crossing of church and a castle. Also the building had different pastel colors all in one building. Then I turn around and start to pick up my things that are scattered here and there because of the water flood. People come and they start to help me. End of dream.

Dream interpretation:

The house underwater. The house is representing myself. So it means that I am cleaning everything emotional/spiritual and physical, that not resonates with me.

“The left side is under the dominance of the “Self “or “ego”, while the right side is connected to the Higher Self, the spiritual and divine within you.”

So translated in my dream when I was on that tall building/skyscraper (=represented as myself). The skyscraper represents my high ideals, creativity, accomplishments and imagination. Always aim high at whatever I do.

Looking left: Self or Ego. Is what I saw, mist, night, black buildings and red windows and empty around this little group of buildings. My interpretation is that I worry too much in my waking life. But I also have delved deeper in my unconscious so that I can better understand myself why I feel so tired.

Looking right: Higher Self. Blue sky, colorful houses and big castle/church building. (The building reminds me of the movie Franklyn, when they focus on the parallel side, were religion is everything. A personal note, it was a very disturbing movie). My interpretation: Even though that my outlook towards the future is optimistic, I feel that I am not entirely acknowledging and dealing with some aspects of my feelings. Even though I know what I want in the future, in the present I feel I lost some direction/focus on my life. I am still defensive (castle) of certain feelings I have.

Dreamflight 26-05-2012

I didn’t see the invitation for the Athabantian. But after I stated my intent to visit the GLS Lightships and passwords and made a personal request to board my ship Blaze and asking to meet Umbro in the GLS Ship Tulya and I got following dream:

I was in a kinda of low tunnel that looked a bit orange and I was talking to a little girl. She tells me to wait here and keep out of sight because she was meeting someone.

Then I see a man coming and he is tall and not tall because he could stand right up in the tunnel. He had a long face and blue eyes and the feeling/energy coming from him was relaxing and someone you could trust.(UMBRO?) They are talking to each other. He sees me and walks towards me and he touches me. I fall onto the ground and I feel like a transformation is going inside of me. When I open my eyes he is gone and he went back in the mountain again. (Mount Shasta?).

I am now waiting at the dentist and the dentist I want is not there so I decided to go with my girls. When I am outside I am in the shopping mall and they tell us to run for our lives because there was bomb in the mall. As we are outside the bomb goes off. They made a big picture of all the people that didn’t make it. I didn’t know the people but I felt so sad and I was crying. Then when I turn around I see people and they are turning in to the people who died in the bomb blast and they were giving a message not to be sad. Then I saw the man again, the same one in the beginning of my dream and gave me something don’t remember what) and then I felt again a transformation 3 fold going on inside of me. That was the end of the dream.

Dream explanation provided by Tauno and Leslee:

” I think you have met a Lemurian, just like me in my meditations with OLA and Leos, I think of Adama, Umbro is somewhat connected with Lemurians, the little girl is a gatekeeper I am sure, and the shopping mall is a craft, I think of Athabantian”

“If I remember correctly, Athabantian’s Crew are mostly from Andromeda, and the Lemurians are of Andromedan origin, also… I have a feeling we are about to find out that Tulya is an advance ship that is part of Athabantian… ”

Dreamflight 20-05-2012

What an exciting day for the solar eclipse. After I stated my intention I got following dream. It was dark and I was lying next to my husband when he suddenly wakes up, confused and seeing things. I calm him down and say that this is because of the sun eclipse happening. Then I am teleported through time and landing in a scientist labs, surrounded by scientists. They were quite surprised to see me turn up out of nothing and asking what was happening. I said: this is because of the solar eclipse happening in the future, it is there 20 may 2012. They asked if we could handle such a big responsibility. I say yes because there are a lot of starseeds and lightworkers now on the surface of Earth to help out. I was standing behind a desk, and one of the scientist was standing left of me asking for some prove. So I started to levitate towards him. I also made some backwards flips to show him I also could live my life backwards. Then I had to go backwards again to live forward again. I am back again in my house and I am standing in the living room looking at our round shaped big window. My husband was in the kitchen and my oldest daughter in the back, when suddenly the big round windows starts to crack very badly and I told my husband to take our daughter and run and I will follow. (It looks I still hold on to things) But I couldn’t resist taking my laptop and was looking for my spiritual diaries. And then I woke up. In the distance I can hear somebody’s kid screaming. I fell asleep again and had following dream: I saw my parents closing a glass door and that one starting to crack also.

Then I was lying on a bed and I was tricked by someone. A lady is giving my something and puts the needle in my arm. It is a drug that forces my etheric body to live my 3D body. They want to use my body to commit some crimes. They are planning to do something similar like 9/11, but with a difference they want to target multiple cities. I find out that with my etheric body I can make it visible and solid but also invisible and hard to detect. So then I started to sabotage there efforts to do their crimes, so that they always fail. The last dream I was in a big tour bus and there were some kids trying to brake everything in the bus. But the bus driver was still driving and I thought: why isn’t he stopping. Then when I looked outside I saw a police car comes aside us. End of dream

What A Weekend!!!!

On Friday we had a cooking competition at work. We didn’t win.

I also had following dream on Friday/Saturday:

Dream: I am in sort of healing center and my psychologist is waiting for me. We can take cubicle 3. We sit down and talk.

Then I am somewhere in a park outside, picnicking on a picnic table with some people. Before we start to eat, our team-leader says: why don’t we swop our food with the person next to us. The guy next to me (on my right) takes some food from my plate but not all. So I said, why don’t you take it all. Wait, and I focus with my mind/eyes onto the mushroom sauce, and it starts to move like a river to his plate. With some effort I also manage to float things onto his plate. Then I am on top of a stair. As I am looking down, I see it is a long staircase. It looks like I am in a sort of soccer stadium, with cement walls and dark into the stairway. I am standing there with someone else and we are preparing to push with our hands, the person who is standing on the bottom of the staircase. But for we can do anything a guy comes up to us saying he is going to close, and it is a trolley door. He says, this is an European prison and it is time to close it. So we get out, down to the stairway. And suddenly it gets dark. I try to use the word Lumos (also the word used in Harry Potter) but it doesn’t work. I try a bit of an unworldly spell (sounds like the spells Merlin casts – in the series The Adventures of Merlin – when he summons the Dragon) and that works, we have light. End of dream.

Saturday 5 may 2012

5-5-5 (2+0+1+2=5). Also the day of the Super Moon and the meditation for World Liberation Day. I got whole excited. The day went calmly by and in the afternoon I was watching the movie: New World Order. Funny that they were playing this movie on this very important day. The movie ended with fear for NOW and the girl is so frightened about what she knows that she commits suicide. Before I went to sleep, I did my last cleaning meditation of the 7th chakra, imagining the Lotus Flower. After that I also did the Dimensional Attunement of the Pineal meditation. When I shut down my pc I had a very strong feeling of a lot of presence, but I also felt is wasn’t a threatening feeling.

Dreamflight 05 may 2012:

I am in Hasselt, in my parent’s apartment, looking outside the windows (side of the church) and I see it is raining. It is very gloomy outside. When I look again I notice something strange, the rain wasn’t falling down, like it suppose to be. The rain was going upwards and gave me a weird feeling, also with seeing unconsciousness people floating by the windows. (even when I woke up it still gave me that weird feeling). Then I am outside my parents apartment, at the back of it and I look at the houses, they look like the statues on Easter Island. I am standing now with some people at a big lake and we are putting some children into a trolley and giving them some food. We pushed the trolley into the water, but something is going wrong. One of the girls is not big enough and she is drowning. We pull out the trolley quickly.

I wake up and feel so weird, I can’t wrap my mind to it. My body is shaking shortly, but it disappears as quickly as it came. Some minutes later my husbands starts to shake violently. He says that he is very cold and asked me if I would warm him up. I asked him if he is OK a few minutes later and he responded with a weird question. Which part should I do over? I said I was only asking if he felt better. He said he feels like he is dying. The strangest thing was, I wasn’t in a panic, I was very calm and I was holding him and saying that everything was going to be alright. After that he was sleeping again. (was around 2 AM in the morning)

Then I fell asleep and had following dream:

I am with a group of people and we are very careful, hiding behind houses. Somebody is blowing up our houses. In the distant I see a city, with skyscrapers being built and on the right; there was a small apartment building that was being build. I felt something important was going to happen and I say: wait for it. And then in the middle of the building an explosion happens.

Leslee GR: 1:34:56 PM : fire

1:34:16 PM : enemy

Now I am standing in a parking garage, waiting for my husband. He is opening up the air-conditioner in the garage, because something is wrong with it. The have to dig deeper and then he comes with a little piece of the air-conditioning saying that everything is all right and that this piece was in tip top condition. Then I drove backwards out of a tight parking spot and then I go forward again, stopping in front of a boom barrier and next to me stands a parking guard.

Now I am in an apartment/office and I am staring at a big flat screen monitor. In the reflection I see it is night at our side. Seeing the dark brown sky and lights of buildings. I am having a webcam session with a lady. It is daylight there and she appears to be in a very green garden. I asked her were she lives. She says to me that I had to guess. So I opened Google Earth and I copy paste the tree that I was seeing in her garden in to Google Earth to find a match for that tree. The first one that comes up is Los Angels. She said no wrong guess. Then I am being teleported to her place and I look out of her balcony and see in front of me, divided by a river, a white wall of snow. I say, are we in Iceland. She said no, look closer. I look at the right and the river ends in a bay, and I see the bay is made of salt.

Leslee GR:12:54:32 PM : bright

12:54:08 PM : ice

Then suddenly I am in the street next to her house and I have to flee into the car because a big King Kong size gorilla is coming down the street, towards us. I say to my husband, floor it. We are speeding up. Then I say, let’s park somewhere, where that gorilla can’t see us.

Now I am in another apartment again and there is a secret meeting going on. There is a lady waving with some money and say she has the right to speak. She seems to me like a leader with bad attitude. She says that people don’t know what is happening and she looks at me. And I say: you mean that gorilla you let loose in the streets, that is creating havoc. She looks at me with a big scare and switches on the TV where the news was being played. We saw the gorilla making a huge mess. End of dream.

I woke up on time to do the World Liberation Day meditation. My husband is also up, saying he still feels that feeling of going to die. I said that everything will be all right.

The whole of Sunday I was so tired, I couldn’t do anything but watch TV and sleep.

Last night I had a dream that I was electrocuted because I didn’t want to take drugs or vaccinations.

Dream 29-04-2012

I am in prison with my husband, and I see the prison keeper cleaning the hallways and the cells with water. I see my change to break out but the prison has some electric fences and I get electrocuted. I can’t get out and I get captured by the prison keepers. They handcuff my hands on the back and bring me to some sort of platform where also other prisoners are waiting. One of the prisoners is telling scaring stories once the door is opening. A lot of prisoners run away. But I am not scared and stayed. The door opens and ordinary people coming true. One man is taking me, and takes me to his home. (no more handcuffs) and he introduces his family to me. Wife, son and daughter. I feel good and I tell my name (forgot it) and then I felt compelled to share my story. I open a bag and let them see my white leather medicine bag, enriched with some colorful beading. I told them I got this from my father who was a powerful medicine man. And then the dream ended.

Dream meaning:

  1. Jail/guard/water: I have to heal emotional to grow to completion of my psyche
  2. Electric shock/handcuffs: My own guilt/doubt/fear is holding me back
  3. Platform: Have to stop blaming myself so I will be free to express myself
  4. Door: I will get new opportunities and I take it with both hands
  5. Family/white medicine bag/medicine man: I am protected and have help from my family and friends to give me my self confidence to achieve my highest goals, to Ascension.

Dreamflight 28-04-2012

My dream flight was a bit of a mess, because I fell asleep before I could state my intention to join the dream party. After my first dream I woke feeling a very strong feeling that someone or something didn’t want me there. But it dissipated and then I remember that I forgot my intention so I did my dream flight intention to be with you.

I just want to tell you that the dreams I had were very intense, so I just tell the mainline, because some details I find to private to tell.

First I was attacked by a Tiger (funny my Chinese star sign is Tiger) and he hurts my arms and legs very badly. And I end up in Hospital

Then I am in prison, sitting outside and it is cold and raining. There is something going on there on stage, all politicians.

Then I am on the market buying food for the party in the prison and I invite people to come with me. Back in some inmates hold my by my feet upside down from a two story balcony and then let me fall. I got hurt.

Then someone tries to rape me, but I strangle them unconsciousness first.

Dream meaning:

Tiger/hospital: it means that I am stressed in my work, about my ill health and no time to do art.

Prison/rain: I am in transition of forgiveness and it creates renewal, blank slate

Police/Politicians: It is time for me to reclaim my rights en make changes

Outside prison/shopping/party: I have to let go and enjoy life

Upside down/falling: I understand what is happening and will find balance

Rape: I am successful in processing my child hood traumas

Dream 27-04-2012

I did my Solar Plexus meditation before I went to sleep. I was dreaming that I could travel through time, to the past and the future. I am now with my friends and I had the ability to hide our presence from the Illuminati, who I could see were searching for us. There was also a horse in our company. We were crawling through the trenches until we reached a common hall that split up in to two hallways. I see one of my safety measures failed and we are spotted by the Illuminati. They are gaining on us, from the two hallways, so there was no way out. But because I could time jump, I jumped everybody out of there through time. The dream changes and we are now in a domestic forest and I see a troop of soldiers crossing the path. It is also seen by a group of Black Ops and they went after them. I am now in a school surrounded by the same domestic forest. I see man of the Black Ops questioning everybody if they have seen the soldiers. One is coming up to me asking the same question and I said I saw them. End of dream.

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With my head in the clouds

Dreamflight 21-04-2012

In the first dream that I don’t remember but felt like going to the toilet very badly. The second dream I sat in a bus with other people and we were on or way to protest against all the things that were wrong (sort of occupy movement) Then we are standing half way Sandton Drive (is next to the financial district and also close to my work) blocking the way for everybody. There was police and they were hurting people, so I decided, because I organized the protest, to go to the front and stand in front of the people trying to protect them. I don’t remember being beaten but I ended up in hospital being hurt very badly. Then the doctors are examining me but they are not friendly with me. They did some very embarrassing tests that was not necessary because my injury was of a different nature. So even though I was badly injured I got up, saying enough and walked home in a hospital gown. The way home looked like I was in a sort of game and there were cupcakes leading up to my door and you had to eat them in order to get to the next level. I arrived at my door, it has the color blue-green ( Blaze?). (my house looked like the houses in the movie: The Grinch who stole Christmas). And I say my password “Home” but it didn’t recognize it. My friend says maybe because you are speaking without an accent, try with an accent. So I tried and it worked. When I got in my house was a mess, everything was hanging from the wall and everything looks broken. So I decided to throw everything out and begin anew. Even my walls were white, like a blank canvas. I couldn’t even see were the floor and the upright wall met. I almost got a floating feeling (Maybe I was in the creation rooms of Blaze). Before I started to create a new home, I began to meditate and it felt like I was going out of body because I saw myself meditating, but I looked like the goddess Kali. Then it was back and I started to create symbols and a beautiful painting on the floor and then I got up and was busy preparing 3 huge painting on the wall, very difficult paintings. One looked like the Ascension painting of Jesus. I felt so inspired and so spiritual I was a bit sad when I woke up.

The last dream: I was a boss of my media company and I had to go away for a bit so I left someone in charge of my business. I took out of my sheep clothes to do some errands. When I come back, I put on my sheep suit on again and when I walk into the room, I see someone sitting on the table having lunch and everything was changed. I got angry at the man who was having his lunch and demanded an explanation. He said, he didn’t know anything only that the guy I had put in charge sold my business. I look at the computer screens and I see patterns that all leads to my conclusion that it was sold to a big public media business controlled by Illuminati. So I said, let’s pay this guy who sold my business a visit. Then we all get up and suddenly everyone was kind of relieved, happy and we went down the stairs. On the main floor I get really happy and I started to dance in the kitchen, very happy. End of dream.

Dream 20-04-2012

I was in my living room watching TV with my husband some family footage. Then I was in the kitchen making some food and then I got a message through (I don’t remember much because my daughter woke me up to quickly) The only thing I remember is that our ships need a little bit of re-enforcement with energy and also with the “I AM” presence. So last night I sent some energy to the ships and re-enforced Blaze with my “I AM” presence.

Then later I was in a kind of space lab communicating with someone or something (is not clear) and the man next to me wanted to hack into my device but I gave him the wrong password. Then I was sitting in a moving vehicle and looking at the stars and noticed that there was something strange, the stars were not on their usual place, like something shifted. Then the lady that was sitting next to me said: yes, you are right…the planet shifted again on her axis. (don’t remember much about the dream because again my oldest daughter woke me up rudely out of my sleep).

Dream 19-04-2012

I think my dreams are going to a whole new level now.

I had an amazing dream last night. First I was flying above Gaia and I saw the ocean and on the far right of the globe, close to the North Pole, I saw an island. The back side of the island was covered in snow, but the front side of the island was in stages. But it was covered in tropical green, waterfalls and buildings that were in the making. And in front all of that it was surrounded by walls and on the top of the wall there were stone sculptures of lions and lionesses. Then I was transported in the middle of the square and it was an amazing site to see. Everywhere you looked were trees and flowers, blue sky, crystal bows and buildings that were in the making, but they even looked beautiful even though it wasn’t finished yet. And also little ponds and streams and a lot of animals walking around. I was so happy there, I felt light and I didn’t really wanted to leave. (I think I was on New Earth being build, maybe I even helped).

Quick drawing of my dream above , here on the right will post later a better one:

In between the dreams I got the message “Gatekeeper” again.

The next dream I think situated in Agartha because it had the same energy as my previous dreams where I was meeting in the big stone egg, half human and half seahorse. Here in my dreams the almost looked like mermaids. The city I was in was amazing, lots of buildings in different colors, sizes, shapes, even a building had an outside stairs that went up to the roof and from there another stair was going to an other building roof. And I had beautiful panorama views of the landscape. Here I felt like a kid again, playing, going up to the roof and have those views.

Dream 17-04-2012

I was standing in the door opening of the front door and I was looking up the morning sky and noticed something vaguely shining through. I saw there were two golden dust particle moons and in my eye corner I saw the regular white shining full moon. My heart leaped when I saw that.

I remember that I consciously wished for them to show up and I am transported instantly to a kind of bay where spaceships land. As the moment I wished for them to show up, they show up, slowly rising up and made contact with us. We (there were also other people around) were invited to come on board. We step aboard and the ship looks like a bit as the Jetson ship but bigger. We are going and every body is so happy including me. We are going to visit the Mothership.

We are inside the Mothership and it looks like I am in a sort of market were you can find a lot of things, they even advertise. I am looking for some healing, so there is a room beside the market and I go in. The feeling I get when I walk in as I am in a shrink’s room. I see two people talking and I see it is Tauno and Gunner. As they talk, the walk outside without even noticing me. Tauno left but Gunner was still there, even though I didn’t see that at first. I was mumbling into myself about the two golden moons and what they symbolize and he hears me talking and became interested. We start to talk and we walk out of the market and go outside. It is the same morning blue sky and as we stand still on a wooden bridge suddenly those two golden dusty moons appear again. I say to Gunner, look there are the moons again. Then the golden moons fall apart and become like a dust waterfall. Then the golden particles disperse and fills up the whole sky, it is everywhere (this reminds me of an article Lisa Gawlas wrote about golden dust particles:

It looked just like this: Golden rain but imagine it with a morning darkish blue sky

I just wonder what it means, seeing two golden dust moons and the our ordinary full moon?

[NOTA: MAP 6.8 2012/04/17 07:13:50 -5.474 147.097 208.2 EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG, PAPUA NEW GUINEA

MAP 6.7 2012/04/17 03:50:17 -32.701 -71.484 37.0 OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILE

MAP 6.2 2012/04/17 19:03:55 -59.099 -16.693 1.0 EAST OF THE SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS]

Dreamflight 14-04-2012

(dream description written on 15-04-2012) I stated my intention, especially to go to the ships GLS Tulya and GLS Blaze and of course also the other ships. And I got following dream(s).

The funny thing is with this dream it seems I know what they represent, like the meaning was also given through me, it was very strange. I got also a very strange feeling last night.

The dream began with an invitation to the dream flight; it looked like a huge calendar and was standing up. In front of that calendar was a big pool with pink water and it was also a portal were different times exists. (meaning: don’t be afraid that you going to miss out, the pool of love is big enough for everyone. Also the time difference, don’t worry about the either everything is coming together). We (STC family) are going on a trip and we are looking for our transport. Now we are sitting in the front of the Locomotive and there is little space for us to sit, but we are still sitting. (meaning: even though it feels there is not enough space on our travels together, it will get better). We arrive at our destination. We sit in the dessert and it is dark. We see the starry sky. I have my camera with me and I see a bit further a big city castle build on a rock and it was lighted with pink light. So I set my settings on my camera so that I can take that picture. But when I want to take the picture the light was off and it was dark. In the front of me appear buildings with a lot of bright light and people talking to each other. (meaning: even when are goal is in darkness, and we are confused by the bright lights in front of us, we just have to find the right frequency to find our goal again.) We are now in a big place; it looks like camp rooms with lot of beds. I was lucky to establish a connection to call my parents without a phone. I used my transmission abilities in my head. (We have a direct connection to talk with our star brothers and sisters). I am standing in a street and I look up to a lot of roofs, it looks like the buildings were built against a mountain. It rises very high and at the top is a church. I see something flying by and I want to investigate. So I start to climb all those roofs to the top. Someone of my family is following me and I told her to go down because it was dangerous. When I am on the top a have a beautiful view on a green landscape with lot of trees and it looks like they are pregnant with energy. I feel like jumping, so I jump down, it is a long way down. But I have a big newspaper that I am folding into those hang glider shape And I land very softly onto the ground. (Note: when is was drawing the glider it reminded me of the shape of Blaze, so it is possible I visited Blaze and I was practicing creating new Earth) (meaning: we don’t have to be scared to take the leap now because the media will give us a soft landing. Also don’t worry about the people, who follow you, they will land safely on their feet). We now on our way to make a trip and we are taking the plane. We all have our passports with us. Then two Morgan Grimes (note: this actor plays Morgan Grimes in the series Chuck. The last episode I saw was that he got the intersect in his head, but it was infected with a Trojan horse) want to board our plane but we saw they falsified their passports. (meaning: the Cabal wants to try to infiltrate us with a Trojan horse but they won’t succeed). Then I woke because my oldest girl had a nightmare.

Then I fell asleep again with my daughter beside me. The dream: I am sitting in a small and kind of dark room and next to me on a chair sits a young girl asking a question to Wes. I don’t know what the question was but Wes answers that he lives close by the sea and he loves the sea. I tell him that I have to drive four hours to get to the sea. Now I am in our living room standing behind my husband who sits behind the table and we are watching a reporter questioning Wes. Then the dream gets a bit too much of images but I got the following meaning out of them. (meaning: They will try to discredit Wes but they won’t succeed at all because people are waking up to the truth.) And this was the end of a very long dream.

Dream 13-04-2012

This dream came after I did my fourth Chakra cleaning and I felt like the Kundalini serpent was moving up my spine until the serpent stopped at my heart Chakra. Then I made my intention to meet my friends on the spirit/dream plane. I was looking for a toilet but the only toilets that I could find were for kids and the other ones looked like capsules and de toilet looked like a spaceship chair. (After the dream I woke up and had to go to the toilet) I am in my bedroom (the only difference was that my bed was on the left side instead of right) and I was sleeping with my husband. I woke up of the cold and I moved the curtains and looked outside. I saw that it had snowed a huge amount of snow on the garden. (Also a difference, instead of the wall (see picture on page Lisa) there was a canyon, looked like Grand Canyon, one of those side ones, dusted with snow). I got all excited and I woke up my husband, (My husband never saw snow in his life) and told him that it had snowed. He got up and looked and got also excited. Then we got out of bed and went to the girls rooms where also the nanny sleeps and woke them up. I quickly get their warm jackets and we go outside. As we open the door I see we are on a plaza (looked like Paris) and then I noticed the girls don’t have shoes on. But I see a little girl standing just outside our door also not wearing shoes and it didn’t bother her. So we went for a walk and I had my camera with me to take pictures. Before we take the bus, we missed it; my husband needs to go to the toilet. I see the bus taking a turn around and coming back for us. Now we are on a street with shops on our right side and I saw that I could make a beautiful picture, with the light and the mist. It was so beautiful. But before I could make a picture, people started to move in front of my camera and I got frustrated. Almost everyone moved except for two men that were talking to each other in front of a burned out shop. I walk over to them and asked if they could move because I wanted to make a picture. The man with the big belly told me no and I re-acted on that. We sit in a bus now, with the man with the big belly, and my friend wanted to take revenge on him because he treated me unfair.

Now I am in a large room full of people and they are standing just there. I see a young boy and he is acting really weird. His body is going sideways really fast. The man says to me that he is going vibrate on a higher level and that our perception of him would change. Next to the boy stands a wax statue of an Indian lady. Then she is moved to a display of a boat and she sits in the boat. The boy disappears and re-appears behind the Indian lady as also a wax statue. I was curious what happened and apparently I also vibrated to their level because I can see them talk to each other. The people, the man who I had talked earlier disappeared.

I am in a large room again, but it seems I am in a flat. There are a lot of people there (STC family?) and I found a device that could call some spaceship. It looks like an egg-shaped blue green stone that was cut in half. I called the spaceship but it landed on the wrong place. People got injured and I am standing on the balcony and see a little girl with blond hair walking towards me. Then another girl came by, she was a bit big and her friends were also there. She looks up and she has the most beautiful face and her eyes looked extra-terrestrial. She walks on and told her friends that nobody told her that she was beautiful. Then I encounter that man again and he found a second device, but the tip was broken. I told him how to use it. End of dream.

Dream 12-04-2012

After clearing my third chakra I had a weird dream about being in a parallel dimension and being stuck their and no way back. And after that I met an old lady whose partner just fell of the bridge and drowned. The funny thing is that I could look into the afterlife and told her that he was going to be all right.

Dream 10-04-2012

I was standing in front of a podium and there was a North American Indian chief who was looking for 12 people who could take up the role of Wolf Keeper and showed the book. I was first and he takes a cloth and makes a face painting (something similar as Jesus Christ face on a cloth) of my face. After that, when I looked at the book, something amazing happened. I made a connecting, and I could feel the energy of the Wolf going right through me, lifting me up and levitating. I was so happy, and I still can feel that happiness when I remember that part of the dream. But then someone deliberated pushed me and the moment was gone. The chief couldn’t do a reading because of it, because it was blank. He said we will try later again. You know I kind of felt sad when it left.

added note: I remember an old face and a lot of wisdom in his eyes. Don’t remember the colors of the headdress, but he was holding above his head a very ancient old book, the cover was made of red wood, cause I could see the groves of the tree, the groves were going horizontal and on the cover was an outline burned of a WOLF. And as I was looking at it, a energy so lovingly enter my body and lifted me up. I felt like I was on top of the world.

Rememberd again :When I was looking at some dream-catchers I remembered I was wearing a special ornament chain around my neck in that North American Indian dream: see representation below.

I consist of a Jasper (Atlantis) stone, spiral and dream catcher.

Dream chain catcher

Dreamflight 07-04-2012

The first one is only impressions that I got, not really

A dream story: mountains, water, boat, golden rocks and White light and presents.

The second one: They were two guys stealing my red car, to find it back I have to look for clues. I am now a detective and I seem to appear in a kind of old detective movie study, with books and an old oak desk and leather chair. There are papers pinned down on the walls that are having clues. Then suddenly I open a door and I throw smoke canisters at the people that are in there and closing the door. Then when closing the door I find the actor Simon Baker from the series Mentalist on the floor and asking why I threw this canisters.

I am now in the kitchen and I am standing next to my personal cook and telling him what to cook and how to cook. I see he has all the right ingredients in a kind of compartment box, in one of them was wine , but it was written in Italian VINO.

Now I am in sort of a classroom writing something down in a book. Then suddenly the post is being picked up by Tauno, and she has a packet from my dad, with a R1000 in it. Then Catherine (my HR manager at work) comes by and says that it was not possible to get my package yet because it first has to be approved by the direction of the school. I get mad about this policy and that my dad would get very upset when I would come home and don’t have my package with me.

I am sitting on the floor waiting in a long queue in front of me. In front of me there are large tables and people from the school are standing behind it and there are lots of packages on the table. Some of the people behind it look familiar, like some of my family, aunts in Belgium. They are calling the barcode numbers of the packages. I am sitting next to Linda (old friend) and Astrid (old schoolmate) and I go: I forgot to look at the barcode numbers, I don’t remember. Then Astrid says that I don’t need to worry because she wrote it down for me. I write it with a pen on my finger: the code was : HO2 VLINDER (english translation for Vlinder is Butterfly)

Then my dreams end because my daughter needs me.

When I was contemplating my dream before I got up to see my daughter , suddenly a picture came to my mind about the butterfly:see link :

Dream 05-04-2012

After that very eventful evening , when I went to sleep , I stated my intent to be in the NOW and got following dream:

I am on a tour-bus going up a winding road, the scenery looks like English to me.It is a very bright sunny day, with blue sky and the trees and bushes were spring crisp green. I took my camera out to take pictures, especially the building on the end of the road. I am trying to get the whole building in it, but it takes me several pictures to get it right. It looks like the “Tower of Babel”.

I am inside now and I am in a bookstore and they are selling old books, I see books of Karl May, the Winnetou novels, but they are very old. They are selling them for R30 and I could not resist to buy them. (When I was a kid, I loved Karl May’s Winnetou stories)

The dream jumps and now I am in the ocean , there is a huge stone egg covered with some kind of roots, floating in the sea,there is much activity from people trying to find the entrance. I find the entrance, it is in the water at the bottom of the egg. Me and my daughters are invited with the seahorse people (half human, half seahorse). We could all breath under water. Then I woke up.

This is an impression of the dream 05-04-2012.

The First on the left is an impression I got from my dream, in the distance is the tower of Babel.

The second one is parallel to the second dream were a stone egg is in the sea. Made a dream impression from this on the right including half human and seahorse.

Dream 04-04-2012

I dreamt last night about being in the hospital too, but no socks :D and my best friend and my father was there.

Dreamflight 01-04-2012

After stating my intent I got following dream(s).

I woke up after my first dream having serious cramps that lasted throughout the night, throughout my dreams.

The first one I don’t remember because my youngest baby girl woke me up, I only remember that I was trying to match up some explanations about something and I wanted to be placed in that particular order.

The second dream: I think I am sitting in a boat, even though I don’t see the boat, but I feel I am not walking but sliding forward. So I am sitting in a boat cruising down the streets of San Francisco (In the distance I see down the hill, a cable car coming by and in the very distance I can see Alcatraz. I notice because I went on holiday in SF.) But the city looked really weird, like the 1 tree and 1 house were cut out, out of a paper and then copied and paste all over. It got the same tree over and over again and gave that weird feeling. Now I am in a sort of tunnel that is covered by a fabric that is made for umbrella’s and the color is black. It is raining really hard and it is actually pitch dark in that umbrella fabric tunnel. So I was thinking how to make light in here. Then I found a skeleton of an umbrella and stick the metal point through the fabric to attract the lightening. As soon as it was through the lightening struck on it and lighted the tunnel up in a sort of blue-white light. I could feel/see the energy going through the tunnel.

Now I am visiting someone in a house that looks like a very colorful shack. I see a woman in the corner, sitting in the dark, I can’t see her face. On the left side of me is a friend of mine sitting there. He says I should look first at the painting, maybe I recognize here because she is really famous. I pick up the paintings of dogs and unicorns, but don’t recognize it. When she came out into the light I still didn’t recognize her.

I am now back in my bedroom (still dreaming/or alternate reality) and I am sleeping next to my husband. And outside there is a light that is hanging on the wall of a house across the yard and swimming pool. (I’ll post a picture about that soon, what we see from our bedroom) And my husband startles and asked me what that is. I said that it is just a broken light (when I woke up I just saw that that light was still perfect and not broken) and he went back to sleep. Then suddenly my view changes and I look out over a futuristic city, with a very vibrant deep dark blue sky with a lot of stars. It was really beautiful to see.

Here is a picture of what I see from my bedroom. On the other side between the trees you see a stone wall of a house, right after the leading up stairs, there is the light I am talking about above.

My bedroom view

The dream changes again and I am driving in my Ford Ka (When I still lived in Belgium I was driving a Ford Ka) and I wanted to turn into a dirt road but at the left of me was a truck stationed. As I was driving to drive into the sand road, suddenly the truck backs up and I land under the truck. But the truck was really huge; it didn’t even touch my car. I look up and see the driver hanging out of his window. I am really scared and to get him to pay attention I am trying to hoot, so that he could hear me. But the hooter is not working at all; it doesn’t produce a sound at all. And the trucker is still backing up.

Now it seems I am in a kind of office/living room with very vibrant colors and there a lot of people. It seems they all there to talk about what happened with the truck driver and why I failed to alert him. I am sitting next to a young girl and just before me here dad was sitting. He wanted to sit next to his daughter so we switched seats. I saw a woman sitting in a red couch. End of dream and waking up again with terrible cramps.

Dreamflight 25-03-2012

Here is my dreamflight after stating my intention, especially for the GLS Tulya.

I am sitting in a room and the environment is reminding me of a spaceship, the wall is from grey metal, but the feel is warmer. I am looking outside the doorway and a man comes in. He is dropping a piece of paper and I see my name written on that. It looks like a ‘to do list’ and not a pretty one. He is looking for me so that he can kill me. I am not saying my real name to him. Suddenly a S.W.A.T team moves in to arrest him. Unfortunately for me I am standing to close to him and he takes me hostage. But the team turns on a sort anti-gravity device and I start to float and I feel a strong suction on my body and I fly right out of his arms towards the S.W.A.T team. After I am saved they captured the man.

(I wake up because my oldest daughter needs me.)

The second dream: I am in a sort of clothing shop alias doctors practice and the nurse tells me to put on some man’s trousers and shoes for the experiment. I also would get some drugs. I didn’t like the sound of it so I ran. Suddenly I am boxed in to a concrete room with the word BUS in front of me. It feels like a waiting station to wait for the bus. I don’t see any doorway to get out. Then I see one and go through it. Now I am standing in a big concrete building with long hallways and on the right it is very open with only pillars and it feels like I am in a hospital. I can feel that the nurse who was following me is hiding somewhere. So I shout to come out. She comes from behind some curtains with a needle, with the drugs in it. I surrender because there seems to be no way out. She sticks the needle in my arm and she also gives me two pills to swallow. The experiment is to get a near death experience. As I fall, the nurse walks away from me and leaving me behind. But instead of feeling the concrete floor, I fall softly into the grass. I see people around me and I try to get their attention but they don’t see me and they disappear. Then I think I am hallucinating and everything I see is an illusion. So the only thing I can rely on is on my inner knowing. On the left of me I see a river streaming by, but not the ordinary way, it is like a fast forwarding of a movie, like I am moving fast along the river even though I am standing still. In the river there are a lot of people having fun, they are in swimming suits and I see people going by with surfboards. On the right side I see a meadow and mountains with snow peaks, very calm surroundings.

Mountain landscape

(The funny thing is when I was reading Greg Giles latest message, 24 march, last night I noticed the picture and that was exactly what I was seeing in my dreams , see picture above) Now I shift and I am in the hospital again and I am floating over my body, which is lying in a hospital bed. I hear a voice asking the doctor when I will come out of that. He said it depends; she can wake up after the drugs are worked out or it can take days, months or even years to come out of that coma. End of the dream. (Tauno, maybe I was in the experiment section you saw in the hospital)

(My oldest daughter woke me up again)

The last part of the dream is that I am outside and I am looking at a very tall futuristic building, but it is so tall I can’t see the end of it. The building looks like from grey metal and is shiny. I still have to be cautious because they are looking for me. My friends are looking for a particular book so I am going with them. We are going into a library/shop and I am climbing a bookcase because apparently the book we are looking for is on top of the highest shelf. Once on top, I found the comic book he was looking for, there were even 2 of them. I hand 1 of them to him. End of dream.

One more note: last week I was talking to my mom how I was suffering from cramps and she was telling me that she had the same kind of problems. Leslee, I read only yesterday that you hurt your foot and had some fever. I hope you are feeling better and if not I sent you some healing love. The funny thing is that I got bitten on Saturday and yesterday evening my foot was sore I could hardly walk on it. What a synchronicity.

Wish you all love and light and have a lovely day


Dream 23-03-2012

So after my release the past meditation I got following dream:

I was walking down a rainy street and I was carrying a kind of blue-green hard plastic bag and in the bag were tucked away in blankets my two children as baby’s. I also had a trolley in my hand with the same color and material. The bag was heavy so I decided to were them on my back. When I was crossing the street I heard following: “Victoria Vee is the key to unlock the mystery and to unlock the third stage”. I walked towards the bridge with my family.

I was now on a sort of market and I could see a little golden statue of a man that looked he was coming from the middelages. I swear that statue was looking at me. We saw a woman standing there and we were asking where we could find a sangoma. The woman shows my husband where he could find her. He comes back with the Sangoma and we go a bit further on stand on some stairs. (. The sangoma provides a diagnosis through divination (= from Latin divinare “to foresee, divine”) is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation.)

We start to talk, I talk about that I did judo and other things. Then she is standing on the left of me and holds my hand. In front of us is a kind of huge swimming pool, but instead of looking blue, it looked like black with some lights of gold in it. Then she pulls me and we jump together into the water, and I am holding my breath when we hit the water. And we sink deeper and deeper and deeper. I try to hold my breath for that long, but it is impossible. (I wasn’t afraid at all when I jumped into that black water and we were sinking deeper and deeper) Then I notice that I could breathe under water. What happened next, I saw some images surrounded by a yellow/light and shows me: (here it gets a bit tricky because I can’t exactly remember what I saw and in which order it came) cms-2 (or the feeling /image I after I woke up and tried to remember the order, I got the image of Einstein and that formula E=mc2)

Formula E=mc2 Albert Einstein

The short answer is that space, time, mass and energy are all related; and “c” is the universal constant that ties them all together. The constant “c” would exist even if there were no such thing as light. The fact that light happens to travel at speed “c” has to do with the fact that light has energy but no mass, and the modern laws of physics demand that massless energy has to travel at “c”.

> How can energy be converted into mass (what is the reverse equation)?

There is no reverse equation, because E=mc² represents an equivalence, not a conversion process. It says that “energy” and “mass” are just two ways of looking at the same thing. For example, E=mc² predicts that if you add energy to a pot of water (for example, you heat it up), the water will _literally_ increase in mass and weight (which you could literally measure if you had a sufficiently accurate scale). But you may be referring to the situation where part of a system’s “rest mass” disappears and is replaced by photons of energy; such as happens inside the sun and in nuclear reactions.

The fact is, the reverse operation happens all the time; whenever a photon of sunlight strikes your shirt, your shirt momentarily increases in mass as it absorbs the photon. If your shirt then subsequently releases the photon (i.e. it reflects the light), your shirt’s mass decreases. If your shirt doesn’t release the photon, but instead turns it into thermal energy (i.e. it warms up), then your shirt remains more massive by virtue of being in that higher energy state. And as stated earlier, your shirt is _literally_ more massive. It

has a greater weight and a greater inertia. It’s just that the increase is so small that it’s exceedingly difficult to measure.

Then we are out of the water, soaking wet and the Sangoma asked if the ancestors said anything to me. I said that they showed me some pictures. The next thing I now is I find myself lying on the ground, having cramps in my stomach. The Sangoma is trying to find out where the source is and then sees that little golden statue close to me, the one I saw earlier in the market. She takes it and holds it close to my stomach, and I start to scream in pain. I push her hand with the golden statue away because I couldn’t stand it anymore.

I am better again and we are standing on the market again but this time we are close to a bar with seats outside. It seems we landed in the late middelages, because there were aristocrat’s people drinking there. I was poor here and they didn’t want us there. My husband created a diversion and we walked away with bottles of bear, bananas and cauliflower.

Dreamflight 18-03-2012

After my Solar Plexus meditation and confirmations of the dream flight, I got following dream:

First I was dreaming that I was in a hotel room watching some kind of horror movie, there was a ghost with red eyes saying creepy things. Then I felt someone was there with me in the room. The dream skips to were I am being chased by a T-Rex, big teeth…I was in a pasture and at the background was a cow eating grass, but the T-Rex wasn’t interested in the cow but in me. I wasn’t fast enough and got gobbled up by the T-Rex. I could feel his teeth going around my body.

I am now in a public swimming pool outside and I am with some with people, but they don’t like me very much and that upsets me. I say something and suddenly they accepting me. I yell at the people in the swimming pool to swim aside and then I jump.

Now I am at a sort of restaurant/center were they give parties , first I am at the front of the building and then I am at the back in the garden and I gathered with other people I know well, we all have a young tree with us with pink blossoms as a gift. Now I am outside, but I want to go back in, and I argue with the owner that I left my presents in there. He didn’t want to listen to me and didn’t want to let me in. I got angry and slapped him, but as soon as I did it, I felt bad and apologized to him and I wanted to make it right to go and work for him without pay. After this incident he let me in and we walk through the garden and I see all the gifts just sitting there. When the owner saw them, he also apologized to me for not believing me. And then I left. End dream.

When I woke up, I had to cry, I felt so miserable. It was really intense dreaming.

Dreamflight 10-03-2012

Don’t remember much of my dreams because I was waking up almost 5 or 6 times during the night. First I was in a tall apartment block and when I was looking outside I saw a huge wall of water coming towards me from the sea. Then I was in Hasselt, Belgium ( my previous home before I moved to South-Africa) and my car was broken, the steering-wheel was broken and I didn’t know how to fix it. Then I was in a huge room were we where playing a game of balance. As last I was at a party sitting on a long table with my family and everybody had some gifts to give to others. Mine was a gift of stamps, with comic book figures on it. End dream.

Dreamflight 03-03-2012

I did my meditation and intention and got following dream:

First I was with a lot of people in a hotel; they put us there because ‘they” wanted to protect us. From what I can’t remember.

Then I was at a big market of shops and restaurants and they were built on floating docks. There was not a lot of space to walk and I had to hang on for dear live on the bars so that I wouldn’t fall into the water. Finally a get inside a restaurant and a sign said that you can meet kings and queens there. There were a lot of people again, eating in the restaurant. And then I got the knowing that it were the boats of hope. Whatever that means.

Then I was in a big lightship standing in a big hall, it was green and grey inside. Again, a lot of people were there and we were staring at some kind of broadcasting system, it was oval in shape and inside it showed like a ball where lighting came from it in all directions and with different colors on a black background. And then a mechanical voice said that the Americans needed to know they can’t stop disclosure and that mass landings are going to begin. I don’t remember exactly what the voice said, but it was something like that. Because I remember being beamed down from the ship and I was in a shop with my husband and I told him what they said, and that I can remember clearly. But my husband looked funny at me. I went to the TV to switch it on and to look for some news, see if it wasn’t happening yet.

Then I suddenly was driving on the highway in a sports car with my husband. It was red and black and looked almost like the Sports car Peugeot 9009 1. But we were on a highway but the lining on the road wasn’t very clear and I didn’t know where to drive, in which lanes. Suddenly I see tunnels coming up in the distance. I was driving on a three lane highway, on the outer left one, and there was another side road left of me, that also goes through the tunnels but it was separated with walls and it had an arrow going to the right painted on the road. I decided to take that one but my husband didn’t agree. I went in it anyway, but as soon as I took that lane a black van came out of that tunnel driving reversed in high speed and then the van slipped and tipped over and fell down to its right-side. So I was forced to reverse too because now that road was blocked. But I couldn’t look backwards to check for oncoming cars so I was driving blindly and then caused a minor accident. My husband was angry at me and said that he is going to drive. When we were changing seats, I saw that the sports car looked more like a little cruiser ship and it was floating instead of having wheels. My husband took for one second of the cover and revealed it was just one seated car. When he put over the cover again it created two seats. I sat in the right chair and wasn’t happy. (Here in South Africa our steering wheel is on the right because we are driving left on the road but in my dream the steering wheel was on the left.) That was end of my dream because my big baby girl woke me up.

I got some interesting dreams these week, wrote them down in the dreams section.

I can’t wait to hear all your dreams. Love and light Lisa

Dream 02-03-2012

Got an interesting dream last night, after doing my light and purification meditation and stating my intent to visit New Earth.

I went for a walk with my youngest daughter Nolwazi (14 months) after a day at the forest/beach with her dad and sister. So I walked with her and came past our stuff that was still there. I told my husband if he could please clean it up. Then I turned around (and then it seems the image that I was getting, it felt like it was not part of the dream, but like it came in as something separate, message? It was a Mayan temple , and first behind the temple was a flash of bright light blue light, then a narrow beam of bright light blue light came out of the top of the temple a shot to the night sky) then I was suddenly walking with my daughter again. There was a puddle of water,(my daughter loves water) and she jumped in, but it was deep and saw her going under. I was quick to get her out.

I noticed lately that me dreams have a lot of water in them and the color blue.

Dreamflight 30-02-2012

Yesterday I did my solar plexus meditation, then stated intent to go on the ships and some help letting go of my trauma past. I am trying to clear everything even me trying to cling on that victim status…I don’t want to be a victim anymore…it’s time to take back my life and my right to be a spiritual being that I once was. Anyway I must admit that I learnt a lot of this experience as I am compassionate towards others.

But I got the following dream. I was in a bubble, a big bubble because Gaia/earth was in the 3D bubble. I was swimming in water, and it was rising and rising and also some fog came up and it was actually toxic fog. Above me was a very big bubble that was intertwined with the 3D bubble, I was told that it was a higher dimension. The water was pushing me towards the big bubble (4D?), the bubble had blue,white,yellow, and orange colors. Then I got a following message , that either I was going with the flow of the water and enter the bubble of blue/orange (4D realm?) or I was going to fight it and drown. That was the end of my dream. I felt actually good when I woke up, I felt it was important, so that is why I wrote it here down.

Little story: dream flight 25th of February 2012

I thought it would be fun to create a little story out of all the similarities that came through in the dreams that everybody had and a bit of artist liberty to create and interpretable some of the keys in dreams.

We were meeting – greeting – talking to a lot of people in a big hall with columns or tubes of light and everybody was wearing white or grey robes. There was a meeting going on. We are getting some instructions that will make a huge impact in a short time. Everybody is there to participate in this big effort. It was quite busy, so to gain more energy there was a buffet of sweets and cakes. There are fluffy cakes, with dark chocolate and vanilla; there is pudding and gelatin and so on. After the meeting, everybody disbursed themselves to do some spring cleaning; because there is much work to do and we have to sort things out before we can fly. So we are preparing ourselves to organize, clean up the mess and design our plans on how to proceed. Our next mission is waiting, and before we leave, we go to the healing rooms, healing from emotions, healing from 3D, healing from illusions … so that we are ready for the next take…

Next Fam Flight 18 FEB 2012, my dream experience

Because of my baby girl Nolwazi (means: mother of knowledge) keep waking up, I also was waking up so I don’t remember much of the first part of the night. Only that I was stricken or rejuvenated twice by a kind of bolt/buzz of light. The first dream I can only remember that we found a secret box that was pulsing blue light and it had something to do with New Earth. I woke up and heard a really strange noise, can’t remember how it sounded but it was strange. Then a helicopter flew by over our home several times (this means mostly that they are looking for criminals) Anyway….

The second dream I remember better. I was somewhere in a more desert kind of landscape and I could see a road winding up and down the hills. I was chased by bad ET’s. On the horizon I could see my friend’s car rushing towards me to rescue me. But as he rushes I see the mothership of the bad ET’s (mothership looked like a flying dome with a blue pulsating city inside) flying over beating my friends car and coming towards me. I think I was in a group but I didn’t see them. I only knew that we had to run for our lives. But to no avail, we got captured. Me and my baby daughter Nolwazi where put in a water tank, but we couldn’t breathe in there. Then I saw some kind of straws where air was coming out and I pushed my baby girl so she could breathe through there and me too. Then suddenly I was out of the water tank and I had to rescue my mom and my baby girl first, which I did. Then I had to rescue the others and also it was very important to rescue a cow with her calf. Next to the cow, who was guarding it, was a box. Under the box was a book and on the cover was a man. Then suddenly that man came alive on the cover and looked at me. I wasn’t really scared because I decided to take the book with me.

We are all escaping but suddenly our path get’s blocked by a nasty looking ET. I asked how he found us and he said, that he morphed into that book that I took. I don’t remember how we got passed the ET, but we escaped and we find ourselves in a huge lift with a panorama view over a future looking city. It was sunset and the flats looked like black with yellow , they were the lights of the windows. They were really skyscrapers, and it looked like it was divided in blocks and every block could move and turn separately. I even saw building what I would think it would fall down. So we are going down with the lift and got into a sort of basement hallway, divided in two by a metal fence. The right leads to a passage and the other goes into a wall. I press a button towards the wall; and I was creating a kind of different dimension as also a way to cover up what’s present. It leads into a mothership. The mothership looked like a black rectangle box and we are navigating in the the cities sewer system, avoiding detection by the bad ET’s. Inside the ship, through a glazed double door, I see the people I rescued being helped and taken care of by other people in white gowns. They are lying on a sort of stretcher bed. Next to me I see a mask hanging on the wall and we had to put them on for protection. It was kind of plastic, see through mask that once put in front of your mouth it would adapt to your face without you doing anything. So I got inside and see that the patients have a beautiful view on a scenery of mountains, river, forest, but I also saw cars driving by on roads and ships pass by and I thought: I have to change this creation to a more peaceful scenery, that means out with the cars and ships, everything that looks man-made. End of dream.

PS: I was browsing through the internet , looking for a picture that would best described the future city I saw in my dreams, when I came on a site with a picture where my eyes popped and my mouth just hit the desk :D, it looked a lot like the buildings in my dream. Here the link:

Dream 17-02-2012

I had a weird kind of dream last night, the first dream. It felt like i was being bombarded with a million beings (felt like light bubbles) trying to get fit in my body and mind. I started to suffocate and getting scared. So I ordered them to get out of my body and mind and the left with millions and left me a bit groggy and feeling I was not myself.

After that I had a dream that I was chased by bad aliens, we escaped. And then I sat down with a friend and we are looking over a map and I point to Wyoming saying there is a bad storm coming ahead there.

Then I was with family in a sort of houseboat that was standing over a low river, like a bridge. I see a woman coming and shouting and waving at me that their is a tsunami coming our way. I just closed on time the windows when it got hit by a huge wave.

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