Road to full Consciousness 2012

What dreams may come

This page is about me stating my intent/request now every night to the Universe to return to full Consciousness. And the dreams /visions that follows:

Dream 5 December 2012

Dream 5 December 2012
The day before I did an activation of the Merkaba and last night I set my intent to look at my Akashic Records. I wished I didn’t, read for yourself how my dream night went. Also during the night I was battling my pains of my urine infection, and pain in the chest and right arm, I think that also enhanced my dream experience.
The first dream I was in a big ship, I think it was Earth, but I was inside, and everything was white. I had a mission to do, I had to drop a light bomb onto “Earth” . So I had help from little green men in an UFO ( looks like those coming from a comic book). But my husband was tailing me in everything I was doing, so I had to loose him by crawling through a tight hole in the wall that I knew he couldn’t get through, but I had to leave my kids behind. But they told me I will meet them before it would drop. I come at a spaceship that would take me and my kids of the planet, but one of the pods is malfunctioning. I meet with a leading ET, asking me why I was not on time. I told him we still could do it and use the spaceships to deploy it. Then I wake up from the pains.

A fell asleep again dreaming of me being in my room in Belgium. Fighting off a white polar bear with big big teeth, trying to bite me. But I hold him of by holding the wooden bed frame pushing him of so that he doesn’t reach me. There was also a friend of mine there trying to talk reason in to this polar bear. Then the bear changes into a fairy and I told the fairy to go out of my room. There was a fountain outside and she put a piece of paper into the water, but the water was acid.

The dream shifts and my mom and dad are visiting me on the boat, because they missed seeing their grandchildren. We were looking at pictures of my kids, going to the swimming pool and so on. They also missed our wedding, and I was showing them pictures of me and my husband in a limousine, he wearing black with white tie.

The dream shift again, and it seems I am in the city in a part that still looks like it is in the middle ages with cobbled stones. There was a doom coming over us, plagues of bees and other insects and people are rushing to us, to a save haven inside the doors. I ran outside to help a sick lady, I lifted her up and carried her inside. I also wanted to help others but some just refused my help and stayed were they are. Everybody was in and when I wanted to go in too, the doors were closed. I yelled and say he, I want to come in too. The doors were closed with chains and with some effort I could squeeze myself through. I see they wanted to close the second set of doors and say…wait…rushed…jumped over them… they thought first I was a monster but saw I was just human and closed. It felt like Apocalypse was coming down. So I was there with all the other people and saw that the second doors where breached and I saw the head sticking out of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Everybody is screaming and trying to find places to hide. Under the corridor there were three skeletons of dinosaurs and on of the men went inside thinking it will be strong enough to hold of the dinosaur. I thought it was also a good idea at first, until the Tyrannosaurus Rex saw this man in this cage and the Tyrannosaurus Rex was talking to him, thinking that he was safe in there, and that he would first chomp off his hand, because his hands were holding the ribcage of this skeleton dinosaur. In front of me I see another man in the skeleton looking very frighten. Then I woke up.

Then I am lying in bed, but the bed is in my grandmothers garden and I was looking up the starry sky. I could zoom in up into the sky seeing beautiful formations of clouds and stars, thinking of my start brothers and sisters.

The dream shifts to the haven of Hasselt, and I was walking along side a boulevard with a green park and trees on the right side. I see a old black man walking and holding along his bike, a very big guy with a stick going downhill the park path. There were children dressed like little cops, having fun giving tickets to those who parked wrong. And every time they get a certain amount they would get a black bag. One of the kids, a young girl, had already three bags and they went now for lunch. A bit further I sit with my friend discussing what we just seen and this reporter lady came to us and asked us , how can you tell something went it didn’t happen. So my friend and I recalled all the events, the man with the bike, the kids and the big guy and that it really happened. And I woke up again.

The last dream I was walking in company of men, one of them was a big tall man, but he wasn’t really human, he had some monster traits. He had white hair, yellow skin and he was very skinny. We wanted to go in a surrounded open low walled bunker, but it was protected by the military. So the big tall man ate them. We go in (it looked like those trenches in the World War) and we so lots of people wearing prison clothes but with different colors. It is night and some are looking over the low walls and look at the dark water. I see bubbles coming up assuming it were fish. Then a light was shining on the water and I see there a strange fish lying on the side, swimming like that. There skin was brown with black dots on it. So inside I see that there is also low water filled with those funny looking fish, but they look orange /red. As I walk through it I notice on of those fish leaping up to me with big tiny sharp teeth in the mouth. So I slapped it with my hand. Now I am seeing them everywhere and I don’t want to walk through them and sit on a high cabinet. But then a big fish leaps up with his big sharp teeth and I smacked it with a ping pong bat. Then another leaps up, and I smacked it again. So I decided to make a run for it and get out. When I am out, it is still dark and I am walking up a sand dune. Behind the sand dune it was rocky green and mountains. End of a long dream and a long painful night.

Dream 27 November 2012

I set my intent to have more exercise in remote viewing. I think the first dream is a got example of it , I think.

The first dream was a very nice and pleasant one. I was dreaming that I was on a spaceship, that looked on the outside white in the shape of a half egg, flat side up. We are in space in spacesuits and we see Earth in front of us. It is so beautiful and it seems that Earth has a golden light to it. There were other people also there and making pictures as I did. When I woke up from this dream I had a wonderful feeling.

The second dream was a bit less fun but in my heart a good lesson to learn from. I was just outside the walls and I was fighting with a group of people that were coming from the other side of the walls. But they were with to many to fight with and they overpowered me and taking me prisoner. I can’t remember to leading up to this fight. So I am captured and brought to the other side of the walls. It seems we are on a big looking schoolyard and it looks dirty. I see that people are camping on this yard without a bed to sleep on or a roof over their heads. A bit further I see a row of people going to a table that was standing on the bottom of the grass hill almost against the wall. On my left was a school building. They were giving this people, medicines, food, drinks, clothes and warm stuff.
I see that my daughter Sarah is also standing next to me. It is cold and I am seeking for a warm blanket but I am afraid to go to the table and ask for some blanket. So I look a bit further and we find some nice blanket to wrap around ourselves. We seem to be shifted to the office of the leader of this community. The leader is coming in and sees us there and ask what we are doing here. He knows that we are outsiders and he is ranting to me of how unfair we treat them and that I didn’t care how the were living…and so on …and so on. Also he was looking for his plastic yellow and red toy cars. I said I didn’t take them and that before I came here there were some children playing in this office. I asked him if anyone on the outside knows how it is here behind these walls. And that we need to be with out judgement, so that we can set ourselves free. End of dream.

Dream 18 November 2012

It has been a while that I made the intention again to be returning to full consciousness. I think because of the daily meditations going on now, the dreams are less clear now.

I was with a group of friends (Leslee, Tauno, Troy, KP?) and we had all special abilities. But we were chased by the military because of that. I had the ability to fly and being an empath. Somebody else had fighting skills , while another one what the ability to get us from one location to another location, miles away in a blink of an eye.

Then I am at work and I am sitting in front of the Pc and I am following a course and doing exams. The teacher comes to my pc to see if I could follow and also goes through my notes. But I am a terrible writer and my notes are terrible.

Dream 23 august 2012

Stating my intention to full consciousness.

Dream: I was in the city, nothing but concrete streets and high buildings. There were bad guys coming out from huge comic books, and I was able to get them back into the book.

jungleI was high up on the mountain (Mt Shasta?) with my friends and other people. The snow is so deep, that it is hard for me to get up the mountain. Then a bit further, the snow isn’t that deep anymore and I am climbing higher up the mountain. When I go down, the snow was gone and I am standing on a small ledge of the mountain. There is a barrier in front of me, a rock sticking out. So I have to go round it, to pass it. When I look down, it was very deep. Strangely I wasn’t scared and made it without hesitation the other side, landing on a rock platform. When I turn around I notice an opening in the platform with a bamboo ladder going down. So I go to the ladder and proceeded downwards. It seems I am in a jungle garden. (Inner Earth?) I see beautiful tropical birds flying around in soft pink/purple colors. They are so tame. One bird flies up to me and changes into a Unicorn. (Looks like those Little Pony’s but then with a horn) She lies down and I am touching him on the back. My daughter is coming up to me and I say that she has to be careful. But she is afraid and won’t come near. Now the Unicorn shape shifts into a fairy and the fairy is saying comforting words to my daughter. She was very peaceful and at last my daughter isn’t scared anymore and goes up to the fairy. End of dream.

Dream 15 of August, 2012

I was like driving/flying to this big snake , looking white and pink, nested next to an altar. I am not scared of this big snake, I even lie down and this big snake coils around me gently. Then the snake starts to talk to me, because he wants to give me truly marvelous experience. But I had to trust him , because he is going to swallow me and then when I come back out, I would be transformed. So he opens his big snake mouth and here I am a bit hesitant. I ask the snake if I would be able to breath in there? But before he can answer this question, a lady appears with her pet companion and orders her pet to take the snake and put it into another dimension. Before I can react, the snake and the pet flies through a portal. This lady gives my special wipes, to wipe me clean so that no scent of the snake could be found on my body and would not be able to track me back. Before I can do this…..I woke up.

I then began to search for the meaning of this dream, and Ohhh boy, I was in for a surprise.

The meaning of the dream:

The altar represent of communication with me inner self through meditation, as for the snake also represents my power with in. So in the dream I was talking to my inner
self about the transformation that I will go through. I wasn’t afraid of the snake. So the snake represents healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is an indication of renewed energy, positive change.Snakes are highly charged, evocative creatures and when they slither into dreams they are an indication that the dream is not only of high importance, but also one that the dream is offering a great growth opportunity.

It strengthens this vision as the snake was white and pink colored. White stands for peace, cleansing, illumination, purity, innocence and the highest kind of understanding.And it promotes cleansing, order and establishes clarity. While pink love, joy, sweetness, happiness, affection and kindness, also it is healing through love.

snake crop circle After that I was decided to read some articles and came across the Galactic Free Press article 14-08-2012, and reading some snippet from Julia Contreras, about the latest crop circle in Crop Circle At Uffington’s White Horse, nr Woolstone. Oxfordshire, reported 14 august. “It is time to become NEW; to transmute the old skin; as indicated by the snake symbol in the this latest crop circle. ” A picture of a snake. Co-incidence?

source photo:

@July 16th 2012@

I set my intent for full consciousness and got following dream:

I remember giving my dad his passport so he could go on vacation taking the plane. My mom and I would follow him later. I am standing with my mom on the ledge of the hotel. We both jump from the 4th floor upon a roof. The jump went quite smooth and we landed softly onto the roof. I am again in the hotel at a bar and we are talking about jobs. A cleaning lady was there and I told here I also was in the same position as her but I have been upgrade to the administration job I now had. I go to my hotel room and find my mom in the bathroom wanting to take a bath. I wanted to giver her red roses for in the bath but she refused. So I am going outside and it is dark and I look up to the stars. There is a bed standing outside and my friend is lying in the bed. SO I climb in the bed too get warm. She is sleeping and suddenly starts to hit me. I woke her up. We were both looking up to the stars when I suddenly notice that something was different. It seems that our bed was moved from a closed,surrounded by green houses/apartments courtyard onto a busy sidewalk , with a lot of cars zooming by and strong orange streetlights. A lot of people were walking by us, but seems they didn’t notice us. End of dream.

@June 26th 2012@

Dream: I was in the hospital but don’t know for what. Then I was driving in a car and we past by houses with some of them colorful paintings. There was a snake on one of the houses and we went in. It was a snake farm and you could just walk
through the snakes. The snakes just went through our legs. I wasn’t that comfortable. I saw white snakes and green ones. The sand was also white where they were kept.

I am now in a girls dorm doing girly stuff. I move and I am now on a help desk, but I am not a help desk agent. I am there for doing some administration work.Then I am going out and someone is handing me some pictures of his son on vacation. And I am looking through it.I am now on a playground enjoying together with the kids that are playing there, sliding in the mud.

But then panic breaks out when snipers start to shoot. I see one sniper standing on the roof of the building. and I can see his face. He is pointing at me and shoots. My first reaction was just put my arms and hands before my face and expecting the bullet to impact me. But when nothing happened I look and see the bullet coming at me in slow motion, like in the matrix, I see the bullet coming closer and closer and then bend backwards and see the bullet passing my by very close to my eye, but it didn’t hit me. The sniper is frustrated that he missed.

Then I am on the phone talking to someone but I can’t here them clearly because I keep them asking what are you saying? I go into the lounge and there is a large table with a round couch all around it and I sit in the middle. Then when I hung up, suddenly the whole table was filled with big bosses , in suits and staring at me. I excused myself and ran off.

Outside a man comes towards me and I feel that someone behind me takes my arms and the man in front me takes my legs. Before I could react I was thrown in a big laundry basket, but I was not alone. There was also a blond girl inside, very frightened because we knew that those where the snipers that were on the roof. And because we saw their faces , they wanted to kill us. I managed to get out of the basket with the girl and we covered ourselves up with a plastic that was lying there so they didn’t see us that we escaped.

After I see them vanishing behind the building we stood up. We are walking but again, there were other snipers and they saw us. The man is pointing a gun at us and we running and screaming help. A bit further (it was a dark alley we were in) somebody was doing something in his car. When he heard us scream he took of a harpoon gun and shot the guy. There was also another guy holding a harpoon gun. End of the dream.

@June 22 2012 @

Dream: I was helping people getting into a cave (inner earth) to get hibernated so that they could be safe because of the outer changes we would do on outer surface Earth. Then I am in space and the Earth looked like a black canvas ready to be re-painted again. So we were re-painting Earth again and then everything went quite beautiful with a lot of green/water(falls). When I was on Earth I was feeling quite good. So I led the people out to joy the new earth. But something is wrong, I see T-rexen , looking like ash and black, coming towards us and people start running. I am trying to find a way in to Inner-Earth through the opening of a fire place. The first one I crawl into , I open a door that was over my head and I looked in a hallway and saw yellow lizards with yellow eyes, coming by. They look very scary so I closed it again very quick. (when i woke up and think of this scene the word “Archons”came by). So they open the hatch to see who I was, but they couldn’t get out because there were bars preventing going out. Then I tried another fire place and then I finally got into Inner-Earth, it was so beautiful , and the inner-sun shines so beautiful to.
When I woke up I felt like everything has changed and I hear that it is raining outside. It is quite fitting because rain means new life is coming. I got some download of pictures and lots of information followed by…. a conversation with Adrial . She was saying they were upgrading my crystalline body and that they would be doing every night.
Note: In the first line, I mentioned people getting in stasis so the Earth can be renewed. Leslee mentioned about Splinter-souls who go in stasis to send a splinter soul to Earth, to help with Ascension. It might be applicable to me because of this dream. I looked it up on the internet and found one of the explanations I can find myself in it.
Splinter soul: source:
A. A Great Lord in The Spirit Realm, say, The Nazarene, wants to return to the world to perform some particular mission. But his duties demand that He stay in The Spirit Realm and continue the important Work there. Such Souls have the ability to split themselves into many fragments, and be in several different places at the same time. These fragments are commonly called splinters. These splinters must return to the individual within a day or so to be reabsorbed, but a splinter CAN be sent into a newborn body where it will live out a natural lifetime and at the end of which it returns to its parent Soul to be reabsorbed. Sometimes splinters continue to interact in The Spirit Realm, taking on an almost separate identity. But they have to return to their creator to be absorbed and recharged every month or so, or they will fade and break down. This ability allows The Great Ones to do Their marvelous works. These splinters are often mistaken for true Souls. But They are actually only part of their creator.

@June 20th 2012 Winter Solstice@

First I was sitting on a desk doing paper work , but instead of sitting in a dull boring office, I was sitting with others on the edge of a high hill and we had a beautiful overlook on the hills under us. The next dream was not so lovely, we had to do a contest with three people and I was the one chose to undergo the torture. I was bound tight on a device and they where putting a lot of stuff on my face, sometimes I just couldn’t breath and tried to shout to them to stop. Sometimes to no avail. Later on a nurse was putting a needle in my head and that made very dizzy.

See below picture taken at Oribi Gorge on the suspension bridge and over 70 meters high, and looked a bit like the scenery in my dream.

Oribi Gorge, Kwazulu-Natal

@June 19th 2012@

Anyway I got this dream last night ( I stated my intent to go back to full consciousnesses and meeting Leslee in dream time). I was standing on a 4-way intersection, near my work. And I saw a wave of water coming towards me. But it stops as it reaches the four way intersection. Then I though, oh it is going to stop, so I went forward to have a better look. Then a big wave of water is coming over me and washes everybody that was there. Then I am floating in the water and two big boats come by filled with rich tourists doing sightseeing of the disaster that happened. They go past me , and they don’t help people who are in the water. Then I saw a woman with a white blouse submerged in the water and I grabbed her and pulled her over. On the side , was my daughter Sarah and next to here was a little girl who looked unconsciousness. I brought here back to life by doing CPR and trying to get the water out of her lungs. Then the direction were the water was coming from , a kinda of podium with drapes appear and when I try to look behind it , I see only light and in the distance a gorilla.

Then there is a balloon attached to a sort of mattress and it is floating up with me and my daughter Sarah on it. Sarah almost fell of it, but I could grab her on time. So I put here on my belly , as I am lying down on the mattress.

Then I am in a house with a lot of windows, but the curtains were handmade and hand colored. I like it very much but my mom not so. I was lying in bed when a woman walks in my bedroom accusing me of kidnapping her boyfriend. I said, just look in his room. When she goes, it seems I am transported to his room and see he is transported back from a spaceship. I was standing on a stage, behind the curtains, and a woman producer, it feels like it was you Leslee, was looking for someone to do a particular part a movie you were making. Of course I was very interested but then I saw a girl sitting next to you, long black hair, Tauno? and I nodded to you , to take Tauno for this. End of dream.

Note from Leslee about the hot air balloon: “Adrial says “Yes”, quite enthusiastically, the balloon represents Athabantian! So if we see balloons in our dreams, of any type or size, we can be confident we are connecting with her. We don’t have to “board” to actually “board”… We’ll be learning more about this…
How cool! No jets!!! :)

@June 16th 2012@

My dream: I wanted to infiltrate the Illuminati’s ranks by clothing myself as a very powerful woman. I was wearing a golden glitter dress.

Then I am standing in front of their doors with my friend. There was two guards in front of them. We tried to get in there by running in but the first guard grabbed me and stabbed me with his knife in my left side. My friend got stabbed in the heart and didn’t survive. I manage to get away from them. They are following me outside on the court yard. There is this Japanese guy who knows martial arts and starts to fight me. He was wearing black clothes. But it seems I can block all of his moves. The Illuminati sees that is no use to fight me so they run, leaving there Japanese guy behind. I told him, if he wanted, he could turn to the light. I am opening a double door and he steps outside. Above in the sky it is getting dark and forming a black vortex. I said: this is you, you have to transform it in to the light. When he comes in again he is wearing white clothing and I also could feel the change within him and trusted him. Then I ask him for help to remove the dagger out of my side. He does some ritual to remove the dagger but the wound must be healed by a woman, who was standing on my feet, who was a special healer in these kind of wounds. Then I see a small red dot pointed on my chest and realize it is the Illuminati aiming with at me, but they don’t want to kill me, they want to kill the Japanese guy. So I pushed him out of harms way. We are walking towards the lift, but we have to choose between two lifts. The lift that we choose looked likes it is coming from the late ’20 –‘30ies, and we go up. When we get out of the lift we are surrounded by the Illuminati again. I manage to break away and climb up on the houses, having grips on ledges and rain pipes. There is a man from the Illuminati just behind me and really looking mean. I climb as fast as I can and I manage to loose him. I am now in a room full with people and against the white wall there is a wooden hollow head buste standing on a piece of white rectangle block. I take it and open the head and I find a crystal seahorse ending in a knife. There is a man next to us who is interested what we found and introduces himself. He pretends that he is on our side but the feeling I had , was that he was from another faction of the Illuminati and didn’t trust him at all. He wanted us to meet somewhere and I told him he could go and that we would follow. When he left, we had no intention to go to that meeting place. End of dream.

Note: “The Oracle Report: For many, many years, much has been written about the December 21, 2012, alignment of our Sun and the center of our Galaxy. But what most people don’t know is that the real Galactic Alignment – the one that matters most – occurs just a few minutes before midnight EDT on Saturday, June 16, 2012. This is when the Earth will make the Galactic Alignment”

@June 7th 2012@

The first dream I had was without me stating to get to full consciousness. I dream about my youngest daughter Nolwazi who had a crushed skull and said to me to go to the hospital. As I was meeting my husband, he looked horrible. His face was full of painful red wrath’s and his dark skin was peeling of his back. I really woke instantly but refused to get scared of it.

So when I woke up I stated my intent and got following dream: I was a shy girl and working in a mall, there was a woman singing on the stage. Then I was at the back of the stage with a boy who was looking for the track I wanted to dance on because the woman offered me a chance to dance. But he was so slow and doing other things I got so frustrated , that I did it myself. Then I was on the stage, dancing and dancing , and doing flip-flops and impossible dance moves. I had so much fun.

Dancing: To dream that you are dancing signifies freedom from any constraints and restrictions. Your life is in balance and in harmony. Dancing also represents frivolity, happiness, gracefulness, sensuality and sexual desires. You need to incorporate these qualities in your waking life. Consider the phrase the “dance of life” which suggests creation, ecstasy, and going with what life has to offer you.

Note: It looks that from the dance classes in the Venus Transition I took the excel class and end up doing difficult dance moves. 😀

@June 5-6th Venus in Transition@

Captured 6 june , 6:56 AM

That was really a powerful night I had as I stated my intent for full consciousness but also asked AA Micheal, guides and my twin-flame Sabiene heal me and to show me things I needed to know.

So here is the dream:

On the first floor. I was standing in handcuffs in front of a door that leads to a closed facility for children. My dad is the cop. I have been led in and he takes of the cuffs. In front of me is a table with chairs and there is a woman sitting on it. There is also man standing left of me. He said that I mustn’t come to close to the table. Then the woman sits on the head of the table and she said to come closer. I start to tremble. She tells me not to be afraid. Then I am led in a sort of bedroom/living room and it is dark. My dad/cop says he wants to take me back out of here. But I don’t want so he tries to threaten me if I stay I will turn in an elzebub (whatever that means). So he left.

As I lie down, I feel my eyes getting wide open and my skin gets white translucent, transforming into a monster. But now I am not that monster, I am now somebody else watching someone transform to a monster and slip away behind the closet against the wall. So like a good old time horror movie, I sitting on the bed and they (they multiplied to 3 monster/ghost zombie ladies) pull my bed and I scream. (Like I said, good old fashion screaming of the victim in horror movies). Now I am wrestling with the 3 zombies and they try to eat me. I don’t know how I managed, but I managed that they eat there own arms and hands. When they do that they start to crumble down in black ashes, only one head remains on the floor.

From the ashes emerge three beautiful women, no monsters anymore. They don’t know what happened. We lead them out of the building to a temple across the street. We put them on some kind of thrones and everybody is bowing at them and giving them food.(Bowing like the Japanese, but still facing the person). When I look out I still see that left over monster head lying on the street and it is being snatched up by the cop (not my dad anymore) on a motorbike. The lady in question is shocked because it means he can hold power over her because of that. Then the earth starts to rumble, we fleeing out of the building out on the streets. As I run I see the earth falling away under my feet, but I am not falling because I am just safe enough not to fall down there. But my legs getting tired because of that, and the earth rumbles and rumbles. When I reach an open square then it finally stops. I walk a bit further so that I know I am standing on solid ground.

The second dream I am in the same building but now it seems I am taking dancing ballet lessons with my daughter Sarah. I am dancing in my tutu and standing on my ballet shoes on the tips. It feels so good to dance. Then I go outside with my kids, Nolwazi and Sarah. I am talking to the neighbors, but they are very scared to come out. Then I see a sniper up to the building and yell, sniper. The neighbors rush inside. We are a few doors further and wanted to get in when an old lady got scared of us and tried to push us out. But when she saw it was us then she let us in. We had some food for her to give. End of dream.

Note: The zombie women that turn to ashes and become beautiful women , reminds me of the Phoenix rising out of the ashes. And maybe the three women depict mind,body and soul?
Dance Class: To dream that you are in dance class indicates that you need to learn to let go. The dream may also be a metaphor that you are learning the steps to some new project, new process or new stage in your life.

@ June 4th 2012@

The day of the lunar eclipse even though we didn’t get to see one here in South-Africa cause were out of the zone. I made a special intent and asked my guides to bring me to full consciousness but also to show me what I needed to see.

As the dream was so fragmented, I only recollect some of it.

The first dream was so much fun that even the crocodiles didn’t scare me. Anyway I was with my oldest daughter Sarah as she was sitting on my lap. And we were sitting on the top of a pyramid, and when I looked down it looked very steep. But then we glide down of the pyramid, which was so much fun. But it was like the pyramid (UFO?) was suspended in air. Because we went of the edge and were floating down the ground. But I had to see were to land because everywhere I could see was crocodiles. As I landed in between them, they didn’t get disturbed, it was as if the were all napping. Then I found myself again on top of the pyramid with Sarah, and someone was trying to stop us, they say it was dangerous. I ignored it and there we went, gliding down and have a lot of fun and the same thing happened, looking for a safe place to land next to the crocodiles.

(Only remember partial) We were in the hospital seeing people wearing polar jackets. They were white thin jackets.

I was at a party; some of my family from Belgium was there. They were hiding something from us. Then I saw leslee and I was looking at a big pile of artwork she did. Asking myself were she find the time to do all this. It was stunning artwork in aquarele , paintings of canyons with waterfalls and amazing skies, in different compositions and angles. Also some city and some of the paintings was snow and night sky. Then Leslee walked up to me and I say that she created amazing art. Then we were walking next to a swamp and some guy (looked like he came from a horror movie) rose up from the swamps. We were not scared and he was telling Leslee she has the talent of seeing. He said also something to Sarah (but I don’t remember). He said we should be aware of the witch and don’t trust anything she would say to us. End of dream.

@June 1st 2012@

I am standing outside a my house and on the other side there is a villa being built with a swimming pool. Their front yard is taking have of the street but cars can still drive by even though it is smaller. Now I am in an abandoned factory building and I am in some room with others stashing some money that we took from the Cabal. I hear someone coming and look in the hallway. I see a man, a punk coming towards me. He is startled when he sees me and takes out a knife and tries to cut me. I have the intersect loaded in my brains (if anyone watches the series Chuck) and I easily can take his knife and put it on his throat. Then a lot of his mates are coming towards me with their knifes pointed at me. I see a guy that strikes friendly to me and we agree to lower our weapons.

I am now in another part of the building, it is dark and there a lot of refugees hiding. They are terrified that I would betray them. I see an old couple before me and say that they don’t have to worry because I wouldn’t do that. They relax and believe me. Then out of nowhere men from the Cabal come storming in, trying to find me. I escape with the help of another guy with blond hair. We take different directions, he takes a mountain path. I see one of the bad guys coming towards him and yell at him of the danger. I try to hide under a bridge and then I find myself hiding under a very big leave and we are in a tropical forest. I most have slept because when I woke up my position was compromised and found myself captured by the bad guys. I was surprised I wasn’t tight up. I saw also the guy with blond hair was captured. I also see the refugees tight up on a big water wheel. They tight everybody up except for the smallest children. So the biggest children were also tight up there. I demanded to see the smallest children and they were fine. Then I looked at the guy with the blond hair and sad, if I yell you fight them off me. Then I said: GO!!! And I jumped towards the waterwheel putting things under it so that it wouldn’t turn and crush the people on it. And then I got onto my belly trying to hold it steady and try to stop with my hands from turning. End of dream.

@May 30th 2012@

After stating my intention again (must say I first fell asleep again before I stated my intent but was woken up around 10pm by my hubby)

Dream:( Note: I met a friend, an ex-colleague when I left work and he was telling me that his wife left him and I felt really sad for him) So this translated it to me in a dream. For personal reasons I won’t go into that bit of a dream. I only can say that at the end of the dream I was walking on a dirt road and on the right was a huge forest and water. And I saw a lot of people flying there Delta planes but as I look closer I saw that it was not that. The sky, the water and the forest was literally filled with fairies. I have never seen so much fairies together in my dream. It really was crowded with fairies. And the were laughing and playing and flying in the sky. There was a sense of relaxing and happiness in the air.It really was a bright sunny day with blue sky. End of dream.

Delta is the brainwaves frequency associated with the disappearance of a ‘separate self’ (and deep physical healing as well)… in most people, it is only experienced unconsciously in the deepest sleep… but long-term mediators are sometimes able to go into a Delta state while wide awake… people who use delta brainwaves entrainment consistently for a few weeks can also consciously experience powerful healing, and the deepest connection with all that is! (source: Peaceful prosperity) See also the word Delta in my dream on the 25th of May.

At the spiritual level fairies in the dream can symbolize an access to the world of the extrasensory perception ESP

@May 28th 2012@

My dream: I was standing in my living room watching a black screen TV and some metal pipes were floating in front of it. I felt so weird when I saw that. I saw also a bike siting under a fridge. (In dreams, anything is possible). Then a man’s face appears , but it is a see through, and behind his face I see a “green” dagger. He says to take it and use it because they (cabal) got something , and they revived it, even though it was prohibited. So I had to take on equal tools to fight them. He also showed me sea salt. When I spoke to him I felt myself rooted so deep into Gaia’s core. (the man looked like the “Green Man” or was he green because the dagger was green?) I don’t know because my oldest daughter woke me up with her crying.

Green Man: He represents spirits of trees, plants and foliage.It is also believed by some the Green Man shares an affinity with the forest-dwelling fairies since green is the fairy color.Present-day Western pagan thought identifies the Green Man as the symbol of the qualities of godhood within the male, as well as being an expression of the cycle of life/death/rebirth and its relationship with the transcendent life-force, the Goddess, the female expression of divinity.

@May 27th 2012@

I was boarding a plane and there were also others people on board. Some people get of the plane because they think they are on the wrong flight if they looked at their tickets. The flight is from New York to Spain/Madrid. I am on the flight, first I am in the lounge with some other people, it seems that they are hiding because it is a secret lounge on the plane. I am sitting now on the economic side of the plane and I am making notes in my spiritual book and observing people how the are reacting and if needed I was there to guide them. A lot of stuff happened on the plane but I can’t really call what. The only thing I remember is that we found the secret path to the lounge but you needed to have a leap of faith to reach it. Because you had to open the door of the plane and step on to an imaginary wing…the pilot of the plane took the leap of faith and I saw him walking on thin air. I was just holding open the door for everyone who wanted to take the leap of faith. Because I already came from that lounge , I was just there as a Gatekeeper.

(Gatekeeper: “Metaphorically speaking, gatekeepers are not keeping the gate closed and deciding your fate. They are holding the gate open and inviting you through. Those referred to by AA Michael as “gatekeepers” are also called “the first wave”, or similar type references. These are individuals who have learned how to release the limitation they took on as part of their human experience, alter the frequency of their light-body, and experience life in a 5th (or higher) dimensional resonance. They are fully conscious of themselves as light beings. They usually have the ability to access the full information of the One Divine Consciousness. They are “way-showers”. They have taken on the responsibility of creating an energy template which allows others to discover their truth more easily.” Source website: Ascension Q&A )

Some time ago I heard a voice saying out loud Gatekeeper, just after I woke up in the middle of the night. After that I made a painting out of it. I will post it as soon as I get it scanned in.

Note: Since I can remember I felt always that I was monitoring people and their actions…why they compelled to do bad or good things. Sometimes i felt like I was just here on Earth to observe humanity and make notes 😀 .

@May 25th 2012@

I was in a big building/hospital and I was escorted to a hospital room. We went by a big window and I saw a big metropolis outside. It was in the evening. We are entering the room. It was a big hospital room and on my left was a hospital bed. And against the wall there was an alcove. The nurse led me to that bed and I went in between the sheets and lie down. Then she closed the curtains. I close my eyes and a bit later I don’t feel so good. And I am out of my body watching myself dying. (I was thinking, now I am going to see what is behind this curtain, but nope only saw myself on the bed) Then a nurses and doctors flooded in and are trying to re-animate me, and give me electrical shocks. I can feel my body going up with every shock. Then I wake up and everybody is relieved. They say they are going to leave a nurse beside my bed to monitor me.

I am now a soldier, and I am wearing blue attire. There was a game going on between us and a rival group. We must hide without being spotted. We are in an office environment, and we are crawling between and under desks. Then we are in a remote part of the building. And one of our group get sick so the captain said to me stays under this table with cloth and we will come back. So as I was lying under the table I had a beautiful sight on the landscape outside the building. It was all brown/red/orange/yellow tones, even the sky, but it was so vibrant and nuanced I kept on looking a trying to keep this wonderful landscape in my mind. (see picture I made of the landscape I saw in my dream)


Then there was a soldier also under my table and he keeps on harassing me. So I get out and try to stay out of sight of the others. I made it into an other room and was surprised to see my teammates and the captain. The captain was disappointed when he saw me because the other team had won every game. But what he didn’t know was, that I wasn’t caught yet. So when the other team came in and when the announced the winner. It was me who won and I won for the team. So they gave my captain a delta medal, looked like a sail of a boat in gold. And he was happy and came to me to huge me. But instead of hugging the captain I was now hugging a blond lady, who was still my captain.(like a reality shift). Then we sit down to drink some white wine, but something is wrong with the wine and tell everybody not to drink it. I ask my captain (guy again) for a gun and I went through the room to see what is happening. Then the blond lady (human) who was for a brief moment my captain came into the room with gunpoint. And I thought, not again. Then she pulls out a knife and attacks me and I can ward of the attack and knock her down. Then other aliens come inside, with strange heads, it looked like a big bump were all the brain cells were stored and very vulnerable. We know the soft spot and knocked them out.

When I woke up I felt a faint buzzing in my heart chakra, don’t know if it was there or I just imagined it. I saw also a kind of fire spiral.

@May 24 2012@

Dream: I was in a shopping center and I was very tired. So I decided to go to a sleeping center in the shopping center. The lady behind the desk, was middle aged and had blond hair. I asked if they had a bed for me. They did and I could go at the back. The bed was in a little room that could be closed of with curtains. I went to sleep and then I hear noise so I come out of bed. I see that the wooden floor beneath me is starting to cave in. So I ran out of harms way, but halfway I hear a girl calling for help. So I get in again and rescue her. She made it, but not me. The floor is falling away from under my feet and I go down, but manage to grab the edge of the floor. Then a kind of calmness came over me, knowing that everything was going to be alright . So I let go of the edge and I am falling, and falling (3 or 4 floors down) and then hit the ground. It was pitch black and I could feel some rubble holding me down. I manage to crawl from under there and next to me is heavy plastic. After fighting with the plastic I manage to get under and through it. I am now in a kinda big white hall and there is a doctor coming towards me. Helping me onto a stretcher. He is examining me for injuries and he called also the ambulance. While he was examining me I looked at the ceiling above me. Then suddenly a hole appears in the ceiling and a angry man’s face looks right at me. I tell the doctor, he looks up but the hole is gone. Then the manager comes and it is the same man I saw in the ceiling. He lights up a torch and he wants to set me on fire. I ran, with the help of the girl who I had rescued earlier , but we are stopped by women also holding a torch. And I wake up.

The following dream: I am in an oval room and the room is divide by a small arched wall. I was standing there, next to me was a SWAT team, in full gear, loaded guns. It seems I walked/dreamed into a hostage situation (that was what I thought in the dream). A blond lady is pointing a gun at me and tells me to sit down on the other side of the middle arched wall. There are chairs, I sit on the first one because the other ones were occupied by other people. They say that ET’s are going to do some surgery on us. We couldn’t escaped them. I half wake up in a hospital bed and see they did surgery at my feet and I see a big tube sticking out of my arm. Next to me I see people getting up and I see the ET’s getting them out of the bed, and doing some painful things, people were screaming. They came to my bed, but I wasn’t fully awake and they couldn’t get me out of bed. I said with a groggy voice to just leave me behind. They say: OK. Then a security guard comes to me and give me two pills to swallow. It were painkillers. I thought maybe these pills are going to kill me. They gave me water but I didn’t succeed to swallow them. Then I woke up.

@May 23 2012@

Dream:I was chased by the military/ soldiers but I escaped through the high grass and then, by taking a boat and flee over the water. Then I am in the city with someone that also escaped and we are going into the store. The chips, sweets and drinks we could get free, for the rest we had to pay.

Then I was in a dancing company waiting for the train. We were poorly payed and also the treatment was also not up to standards. At the end of the dream someone was saying to me, after the 22nd it is going to spiral out of control (what I don’t know) and then I got a , Vision: of portals, vortexes and galaxies co-existing together.

(explanation provide by dear Babajij:Ur Dream appears to Say that Human Control over the Earthly Activities will Eventually Spiral out of Control…Mother Earth,the Cosmos and Galaxy Energy will Be Given their Turn to Allow for Our True Nature to Grow…This is what i Get from Ur DreamScape)

@May 22 2012@

Last night I had again some intense dreams: dreaming about the sun eclipse that could fit in a triangle.

When I woke up I put my hand on my husbands side…and then something happened to my surprise…I can feel his body vibrating and then the vibrating caught my hand and it also went over to me. This never happened, I only feel it myself, not starting with my husband and then my body resonates to with it.

Then I fell asleep again and dream: I was walking in a dark street with my mom, looking for a hotel to sleep. It was late at night and on our left there were a lot of hotels standing next to each other. We saw a very nice hotel and we went in. But what we saw, made us turn back. Everywhere we saw body-parts and the lady owners looked like vampires. So we went to the hotel next door: The Fox. Then I am back in Belgium in a house, mourning family that was drowned. As I look out the window, I see the calm sea and the high sun reflecting on the water and sailing boats sailing calming over the water. As I look back inside I start to cry. They were killed trying to harvest some high grass.

@May 20 2012@

I only did the dreamflight intention as not to interfere.

@May 19 2012@

Next to the intent to full consciousness , I also stated the intent to clear/balance my chakra’s

Dream: First I was sexual assaulted (transmuting releasing sexual trauma) and I woke up bewildered. Then I am standing in a factory I we are trying to steal some information out of the computers about this factory. But security catch us and escorts outside. But we flee by gliding down a big slide and then I went over the slide holding the edge with my hands, going to the lower slide beneath me, trying to escape the security guard. I am now on the ground and I am seeing a kind of tripod structure drilling in the earth. I say, drill deeper so that we have a clearer communication but they refuse. I am now in a big building and I see they are digging into the earth, making more floors, but downwards. I try to convince them to stop because it is a big mistake, but they just ignore me. Even my model about the building half in the air, half water gets destroyed. I walk away and I see even my best friend is dinning with the enemy. Then I see some chemical stuff on my hands and warn other people not to touch it. I get in shock and can’t breath and they give me oxygen through a mask. (this coming part felt like really real, like the person really was above me) Then I see a face above me , telling everybody I was going into shock and that my airway was blocked so the did a tracheotomy, so when I heard that, and saw the knife going towards my throat I expected to feel pain. But nothing came and they put a tube in my throat. Now I am wheeled outside the hospital, so I could celebrate with the big party that was going on outside.

When I woke up I saw a white orb fly by on the ceiling , it was really fast and disappeared very quickly.

@May 18 2012@

Dream: I got stabbed by my husband ,2 times and then he wanted to stabbed a third time an I screamed and ran away. He was wearing an orange T-shirt. I see blood coming out of my stomach and everybody is looking at me, but not helping. Then somebody comes and without saying something, sewing up my wound with some thread. Then I am a soldier and I am visiting the Queen in the Palace and I am wearing white gloves. Now I am in a baby store looking at baby stuff with my mom. I am outside again and see to big men fighting each other and creating a big sun-flash that petrified the building next to them in stages, with people on them.

@May 16 2012@

I closed my eyes after the intent and I saw a Vision: Blue electrical light coming out from a brown circle (Gaia?), it was gone in a flash. The dreams that followed: I was in a kind of warehouse and I was under going an initiation (to become a member of …?) and the wanted to tattoo some symbol on my forehead. I am now standing on the stairs I am a cop. They are arresting someone, I look away and go upstairs standing along with the other cops. Suddenly I am the arrested and I had to stand for a long time on my feet, hands handcuffed behind my back and next to me was a chair that was empty. Then a man is coming to me and want to hit me, but for some unknown reason I am free now and flee. Now I am in a house and somebodies husband is mad at me because I killed his wife. I am going in the back room to only see that the wife is still alive and that we staged this together so that she could go away from her husband, taking with her, her daughter. Then people starting to come in, to say goodbye to the woman. Then I am outside and see a car crash landing in a swimming pool and the driver is still in there. I lift the car out of the water and rescue the driver out of the car. I see it is a friend of mine (long ago she was a schoolfriend of mine) and I start to cry, that she shouldn’t die. Then she coughs and I am happy she is still alive. I also see the numbers 555 in my dream and a orange fluorescent race bike.

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