Road to full Consciousness (dreams)

As the year 2012 passed by and I was focused on it , I didn’t state my intent to full consciousness. In the mean time, a lot has happened. We are in the year 2013 and I finally made a connection with my Higher Self. Now that things calmed down again, I started to set my intent to merge with my higher self Arachanai. Here are my dreams and explanations.

Dream 17 April 2013

Last night I stated my intent to deepen more my inner quest and my desire to become in full  consciousness  again. I was dreaming that I was doing a sword game with my friends, but by accident I stab my friend to death. I am alone now sitting on the boardwalk near a big lake. I see now my friend as ghost and master coming to me. He shows me a long small carpet of yellow flowers on the boardwalk and says to me I should walk it without disturbing the flowers. (this remind me of a walking on rice paper, so I did some research on this and came on this very interesting article from 2002 and  recommend  you to read it. Link: Psycological Ecology: Walking the Rice Paper by Andreas P – 04/2002) Then the dream gets a bit blurry but I was traveling all around and I was finally getting to my destination. At the end of the dream I had a very serious conversation with my specialist saying to me that they had to remove my kidneys and that I should think about it seriously because it was a big life changer. That was the end of the dream.


Dream 13 February 2013


set my intent to merge with my higher self and gain some knowledge about myself.
My grandfather gave me some information/knowledge and some things that could help me find my heritage (higher self). On my quest, everybody wanted to help, family, friends and even strangers. But the help was not genuine, they wanted to spy on me and if I found my heritage, they would steal it from me. Even the mob was after me in tinted cars. I am traveling through different layers of dimensions and I meet with my mother in a sort of strange garden. I felt my mother was a being from another universe/dimension. Then as I was traveling again through the different dimensions, I felt like I couldn’t breath.

The dream changes and we are in a room and there with me are two villeins, they want my heritage and they are looking for it. The room is filled with display cabinets filled with precious metals. One of the villeins is trying to get it open by trowing some steel cd’s.

But the glass doesn’t want to break. They don’t see me. I see beside a display cabinet, an opening is opening and slowly a golden statue within a orange/yellow glowing ball (looks like the sun, see picture) . The name for this statue is “Cassiopeia” Nobody sees it and I take it out of it’s hiding place. The statue is invisible for others and when I touch it, it makes me too invisible. But the villeins are feeling the vibrations of my heritage and the trying to locate where it is coming from. I have a hard time to avoid them. Every time I wanted to go to the door, they were coming my way, because they felt the vibrations. Then I succeed in going pass them and I feel like I am free. I take out my pyjama that was over my clothes and I was so free, I was able to fly up into the air. End of dream.

Cassiopeia: Translation: Queen of Ethiopia or Andromeda’s Mother

Note: This is again a reference to Andromeda and that my heritage lies there.

Dream 11 February 2013

I set my intent to merge with my higher self and gain some knowledge about myself. I dream that I was given a chance to change myself into a fairy. But it wasn’t a painless transformation. As I got smaller, I got more pains and pains. There was even a danger of me dying in the process or when I am changed, I couldn’t change back into human.

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