Invited to a healing session on the ship Blaze

Ship Blaze – password Helix

Here I am again. I promised I would do some more blogs in the year 2018, but it seems I got a bit overwhelmed with all the things I was doing and ended up not doing much about this blog. I could say as a New Year resolution that in 2019 I spent some more time on my blog… but I am not sure if I able to, also because of my chronic illness that sometimes make me very tired and not able to do anything. Not even my art.

But yesterday it was my second day of having the crystal again with me, that I also haven’t touched for a while. I came out of a deep dream that I was trying to remember, it was still in the middle of the night. I am frustrated that I didn’t remember the dream so I asked my guides for some clarity. Clarity I got when I went back to bed with my crystal, but not about the dream.

I had an urgent feeling to write this post to invite you all on the ship Blaze for a healing session. There is a big wave coming. So hereby the following invite:

I invite you all to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (28 December 2018) during dream time.

You can go to for the dreamflight updates: Spirit Train Chronicles blog


Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)


Source Picture: copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Once upon a time in the land of light and shadow
there was a tale about an ordinaire lighthouse
That lighthouse became famous when a battle started a thousand years ago. 
In that lighthouse lived a man
who’s job was too guide ship’s safely to the harbor. One day the shadow of the lighthouse 
became bored to always lie on the ground
and asked the lighthouse if he would trade places for a day But the lighthouse had his pride and by the way he liked to help people, and ship’s safely and so his answer was NO!!!
So the shadow house got angry at the lighthouse
As revenge, for denying his request,
when the lighthouse keeper turned on the light and left the  shadow house would sneak in and put it out again.
And when the light went out the ship’s got lost and wrecked, and people died.
Eventually the lighthouse agreed to let him be the lighthouse for one day 
but once you taste what is good, you always want more, I say. So when there are times 
when the light in the lighthouse is not shining in the darkest nights
Then you’ll know , there is battle going on between shadow and light.

Story by Liesbeth S. (wolfke74)

This is the shadow of a lighthouse on L’aghulas. The most southern point in South-Africa.

I have been writing articles in my head for some time now but never had the time, the energy or the guts to write them down. Every time I saw a marvellous article being posted, I got insecure. Maybe it is time to follow my own path and own inner workings to establish some more confidence in me. The first person who showed me that I am an amazing person inside is Leslee Hare, who invited me to participate in the Spirit Chronicles that gave me a big boost to try and stand on my own with this blog I am now taking more care of. The second person who gave me more confidence in meditation and brought me up to new heights , new spiritual amazement is Tauno. I am grateful that I met Leslee and Tauno in my life. They are the drive in my spiritual endeavour. I also thank my husband who is so understanding in what I am going true and my two daughters who love me for who I am. The following article will be written by me and my higher self Arachanai, but there will be no distinction, or maybe you will spot it, of who is writing at a particular time.

As I look back at the year 2012 I suddenly realize that I let the end date, 21 December 2012 to live my life without taking responsibility. I have to admit that I secretly was hoping that our star brothers and sisters would force disclosure and everything would be all right. We wouldn’t worry about food, keeping us warm, worrying about money and so forth. But deep down I knew that it wouldn’t be like that but I choose to ignore it because I wanted to believe in a better world. Hence, I think we all wanted it to be like this. Now we are well into 2013 I see things differently. Now I know that I have to take my own responsibility to make my own happiness despite what is happening in the world. I started a journey into my inner self, not quite deep yet as I , for reasons unknown, still be afraid to unleash some demons that I stored somewhere in my closet mind. I think the dream I had last night would illustrate that much. (Dream I had last night: I had a very unusual dream, even though I don’t remember much. The only thing I can remember is that the devil was looking for me in person. I see him walk by in like a black bat cape with red and I managed to cloak myself even though he was looking in my direction but couldn’t see me. Then he almost caught up with me and my skin was turning red, like I was becoming a demon, but I could fight it of and become normal again. As I leave the room someone is giving me a card and it says “congratulation there is a pregnancy of 10 puppies on the way”)  It is apparent that we find a need in keeping our illusions alive even if there are much better solutions on the spiritual horizon. The fine line between knowing and willing to look at what is in front of you creates different perceptions of what is really happening. Can you see that even if you so spiritual advanced, we still look at everything through our own pink glasses?  But does this really matter? Now that we on the verge on uncovering ourselves, the true self that is in all of you. As the Earth rotates around in space, most of us goes on with our lives. But bit by bit, changes creep in without us noticing it, but it is there. I notice that I look at reality in different way than before, not only because of reading all the channellings of enlightened beings or from our star brothers or sisters, what also brought me to this conclusion is all the stories I read on reality shifts:  that made me a firm believer that you do can create your own reality. And I am still trying to apply it on everyday basis, even though it doesn’t always work, due to my doubts or I am not focused enough to create it into reality. As we are moving slowly to a different vibration, the vibration of creating it would be easier, I guess, to do it. A new reality is being created by billions of minds, creating a new tomorrow. What lies ahead can maybe scary but I trust that whenever you feel that little voice inside of you convincing you that nothing is happening, remind yourself that you are a creator and that nothing can stop you from being one. Our loved ones can help us with the path we want to be on even though you or they are not realising this.  Me, after 2012 I still have high hopes and dreams, and I really believe if we stay strong in envision a better world for us, it will slowly will become a reality. If we start to get doubts and stop what we are doing because we are disappointed, nothing will ever change. We have to hang in there and create a better world by having positive thoughts, positive attitudes towards life and treat each other as they are the most special person on Earth. Even Mother Earth is giving me messages of being ONE through my meditations with Tauno, creating balance in the female and male energy. This experiment we are doing as Gatekeepers, is strengthening the balance on Earth and hold out our hands to help the people through the Ascension gates. I still strongly believe that everybody will Ascend, maybe not on the same time and on the same level, but I know everyone gets a chance to make a way out of this illusion together with Mother Earth, the natural kingdom and so on…. We are the future, we are the one we are waiting for (even it would be nice to have a handy hand from our start brothers and sisters, and I still would love to meet them in person)

It is a lazy sunny Sunday here in South-Africa , Johannseburg. My youngest is sleeping and my oldest girl is playing outside in the sun, laughing and having fun. Me, I am struggling with a heavy (Ascension) flu, struggling to breath. But I now I feel centred and everything is just temporary. As the world is moving around me, I feel like I am in the centre of it all, let everything flow… I love you all. Lisa.

Some words of encouragements from Leslee/Adrial

Lately I am feeling like I am driving a certain direction, without knowing if it is the right direction. Feelings of doubt and sometimes fear and anger, pave my way. I do my best to be the observer in this ongoing Ascension path, but not always easy. Sometimes my emotions get the better of me and with some consequences. Then I realize how my vasana played out and I act accordingly , trying to take this example and not repeat it the next time. I had a lovely email from my soul friend Leslee and I had some questions that were plaguing me. See below the questions I asked.

I don’t know if I have a right to ask, but since you are not doing the crystal connections I was wondering if you can ask if we make any progress and if, what will this be and what is the purpose of doing it and because we are in 2013 if it is still valid doing it. I only ask because you are close to us but not connected to the meditations. I had a lot of disappointments to handle and now I am also battle with a severe tooth ache . When is this all going to end? Love you sweet lady, over and out 😀 Lisa

This is the answer Leslee provided me and hope you don’t mind Leslee that I made a post out if it. I felt it was important to share with you , as it maybe also benefit you, as it with me. I realized that I am still holding on to my old ways of thinking and reacting, the 3D old way, even though we are not in ‘Kansas” anymore 😀

When I ask about progress and purpose of the crystal connection meditations (as well as your other questions), here’s what I receive (from Adrial):

You already know the answer to this question ;), and you can help the meditations have more meaning for your personal path by asking for what YOU wish to gain from the meditations. This applies to the Dreamflights also. You may ask to be shown whatever you “need” to see, and to understand its meaning, and you are free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. Remember that so much has been done and accomplished already, and you do much of this intuitively and sub-consciously. Yes, there is always progress. And you make progress even when you simply make your way through your life. Be willing to spot stagnation and move on.

Leslee has been questioning this a lot lately, as well: “Am I getting anywhere with this work, and will I ever actually see any results?” She is concerned that her questioning might be an obstacle to progress. It is, somewhat so, however it is natural given your circumstances (for both of you), and the far greater obstacle is to “fight” or resist where you are. Accepting is the best remedy, the most calming salve to the challenges you both face right now.

[remove] Remove any sense of obligation or duty from what you feel you “should” be doing. Relax and allow your body to soften and regain its suppleness. You are tending to feel as if you have somehow failed or let others down, but those emotions are illusory.

Remember that your family is interwoven. You do not bear sole responsibility for what you experience. You, Thanda and the girls are all working things out together, and, for better or worse, you all currently share equally in events surrounding you, whether it relates to your health, your careers, or what happens for the girls at school. And your guides acknowledge that you know this, we are simply reminding you to reassure you.

There is much deep work taking place that will result in your releasing many preconceptions about how this world appears and “works” or “operates”. We are offering instances that provide opportunities for you and many others to let go of your old understandings of what things mean. Leslee is tired of hearing this herself, but we’re asking her to repeat it anyway: the more you are able to completely let go of what you expect for outcomes, the more opportunities you allow for Creativity to blossom and provide you with easier paths. When we say “Creativity”, we again refer to the creative power of the universe. [frighten] You, Lisa, are very creative, and yet please understand this is not an obligation for you to “create” or produce. Try to find moments to be still and listen. Trust that you and your family are protected, even beyond these bodies. Allow yourself the time to catch your breath.

[apple] Breath is one way your pain can be eased… try simply observing your breath, even when pain makes it rough and tight. Try to just be with it. Visualize the pain in your abdomen as if there are ropes binding you, and as you struggle they become tighter. You will know what to do, how to respond, and how to re-train your body to react when it senses discomfort. Trying this simple observing will show you many things, and will also show you the answers to the questions that you prefer not to ask out loud.

As far as the eternal world and the changes that so many wish to see in this realm, this is where Leslee gets frustrated too. She is beginning to see that her expectations for change demand a faster rate of movement than is currently appearing to happen. However we are finding ways to show people that gradual change is coming about steadily. When you meditate, ask to be given visions that illustrate examples of this for you. We are working directly with certain people now, and it is very true that a picture paints a thousand words. Imagery is far more efficient at conveying meaning, than words alone can accomplish.

Try to notice fear without judgement. Simply observe it and ask what ways you might respond to help it disappear most quickly.

The hardest lesson that people on Earth’s surface are learning right now is that the changes and solutions must come from within. External “salvation-oriented” solutions are products of fear-dominated minds, after centuries of cultivation by those who have learned to use fear to control and inhibit others.

Take a look at the time you have each day, and ask yourself what things you do out of a sense of obligation, versus what makes your heart sing. This may sound harsh, but please take a hard look at what you read and absorb from others, and ask yourself: Would you rather take a few moments for yourself, or tend to a blog? This is one reason we’ve not been communicating with Leslee much in this way at this time. The media world will continue to buzz from finding themselves in 2013 for another 3 months or so. Eventually things will settle down, but we encourage you, during this time, to go within rather than concern yourself with what others are saying.

Specifically: At this point in time, NO ONE has answers. That is by design. Earth-surface humans need to learn to stop feeling they “should” be “saying” something. Go within. Keep going within and you will find your deepest source of rejuvenation and inspiration. Yes, Leslee has detected that these words in this paragraph are coming from a source other than Adrial, but that is part of our challenge to her. To allow herself to share these words even though she cannot determine the source. Time will reveal more.

We are working to provide conditions to allow you to have more freedom, but it takes time to influence synchronicities, and this flow occurs more easily with people who at nearly at their wits’ end. We don’t plan it that way; that statement is based on observing people who are deeply accustomed to feeling trapped, and have become limited in how they see options arising for them. This psychic aspect has taken thousands of years to develop; it will take some time for it to dissolve. We greatly sympathize with that plight of so many, but one quality of the new energies is that simple truths must be honored. This is more essential than trying to make people feel good about their current situation. Please do not fear outcomes, and please understand that it can take several rounds of deep shifting and changing before things really begin to feel better or easier. This is the point at which many have chosen in the past to sink back down into the deep water. You may not feel as if you can reach the surface, but if you allow yourself to float in mid-ocean for a while, you will find you will not drown.

On that note, we’re sending Leslee to get some rest. Yes, we are in 2013 now, but things are still moving and yes, our treasure Lisa, you are making powerful progress. Hold fast to love, and continue to request to connect with the highest possible guidance. We love you and are with you constantly.

Wow, I didn’t expect so much of a response! I hope this offers some help and meaning to you… Of course, if it doesn’t resonate, then that may be part of the message too!

Here’s wishing you a quiet day with a calm body. I’m off to bed, will ask if we can visit astrally and talk more and meet others who can show us more. Thank you so much for your sweet, enduring friendship and love!

Hugs to my sister! Leslee


By Dreamwalker444: Adrial of Aurora: 22JAN2013

Please remind newcomers to the dreamflights that when they do not experience what they expect to experience during the dreamflight, it may be due to the fact that this experience will not benefit them at this particular point in time in their lives. There are many other experiences, in fact all experiences, contribute to one’s personal development. The dreamflight is another aspect of this but it is only one small part of a whole. So you may not be able to join a lightship “On Demand” although you may try to express your intent for an experience that will most benefit you at this point in time.

Do not be surprised if the thing that you experience has nothing to do with space travel – remember that the experience you have is specifically attuned to your benefit. Whether you have a “good” dream or a “bad” dream is a part of this process of expanding your awareness. You are so bombarded by stimulus during the day, and many of you are so busy, that sometimes it can be a blessing to have this time to simply “switch off” the mind so that the spirit may wander freely. So the mind as a conduit for “memories” may not serve the role of remembering your experience at that time. Rest assured that your intent is all that is required for your spirit to join us in whatever capacity that is needed, and the most benefit to you and others at “this” time. For in the now you are always with us, even if you happen to be fulfilling other duties in the “physical” world.

In due course humanity will have the opportunity to join their Galactic family and develop a greater understanding of being a part of the whole that is “all”. We also wish for you to understand that “Adrial” is a part of that whole, less so than being somehow “attached” to the Aurora. If you like, you may think of it as a large machine with many different functioning parts. That machine may have redundancies but this is a critical part of the system features. You / we are all a part of this grand machine.

Vision: Inside Abi-Qor : arrival and departure hall

I am being encouraged by a sweet lady, Leslee, to share a vision I had of Abi-Qor through dreams. She is getting strong messages that Abiquor arises through the vision of many. It was like a puzzle I had to fit together the image. It is a rough sketch and you are standing on a balcony surrounded by green and you look below the arrival and departure hall in I believe Abi-Qor. The blue patches are the windows that look out to the blue sky and the second arch is actually a dome, but my perspective is a little bit off. But anyway it is only a presentation. At the back you see a crystal pool with two fountains.

Abi-qor sketch0001

 copyright 2013 C

Crystal Connection 15 November 2012


We seems also together that we are spiritual connected because of the amazing synchronizations we had again.
I was struggling this meditation as I was falling asleep, then my breath stopped and woke me up to breath again. So I fell a sleep without meditation and woke up a bit later in the night and thought to do an experiment and did a meditation, reaching back how I felt around half past 9 , visualized Leslee, Tauno, KP, Suzanne and Troy to make a connection and got following connection:

I was standing in a mother ship, on a viewing deck, looking at earth beneath me.But this feeling was quite real, I really felt standing there and hearing/feeling the ship , as I was really there. And I was observing what was going on on Earth. The vision shifts, and first I thought I was in the Triassic period of the Dinosaurs, cause I was standing in a tropical forest with huge trees and even plants and I saw a sunset, beautiful soft pink and orange, coming up. I then realized that I was at the beginning of a new dawn, a New Earth and that we are rising out of 3D duality.

Crystal Connection– Tauno
I meditated with my eyes closed and I had many visions, first I saw a triangular gate, one triangle and then another and numerous triangles were forming a tunnel I was going through, I saw pyramids too. I saw a boat or ship sailing in the ocean and then a Light Ship shined in the sky. I saw my father, I saw my mother watering a plant, the water was so pure and so much Stairs.

AA Michael, He turned into a Dragonfly and an Eagle. Jeshua I saw dressed in White, I saw His feet and robe and He led me towards a corridor, there was something like a labyrinth and Jeshua took one direction, I saw a girl with blond hair and light blue dress that was lost , she did not know the right direction and was wandering into the labyrinth, Jeshua came from the labyrinth and He was over it and there was a path of Light behind Him, He was walking up towards the SUN and after Him there was a Light Path, He entered the SUN, I saw a Light in my third eye and a column of Blue Light, I received this Light and grounded it into Gaia

Crystal Connection – Suzanne
This was today while I sat in my room. The house was quiet.
We are standing in a circle we turn to those standing behind us holding out our left hand for them to join in to our life circle. We now stand holding hands as one collective of the Universe many races many kinds in joint meditation as above us the final veils fall and we see the true sky above Gaia. We begin to levitate to the sound of Angels around us, looking on are the Ascended Masters. A column of pure white light now radiates into our circle from central sun which has expanded to encompass the whole of Gaia. It is now that we begin to rise with our beloved family from the stars and Gaia into the fifth where we become the caretakers as the New Humanity begins their next level in peace, Love and Infinite light as One. Many cultures blend ,many schools of learning and study are prepared as we take the next tentative steps in joy. It is now I realize the crystal pool of my previous Meditation is on the New Earth and the Ascended Masters waiting at the top of the stairs are awaiting Humanities arrival. The doors with the carvings represent the five major Religions taught that have clouded the truth of who we are and from where we came. The Masters are returning to fill the heart with divine truths. The five Religions are Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism.

Crystal Connection – Troy
I saw the rune ” Mannaz” last night. I am not familiar with rune meanings but apparently this symbolizes “we are one” or “unity of humanity”. I guess we are indeed getting a fairly clear message in no uncertain terms…

Crystal Connection 5 November 2012

I saw first many blue orbs colliding with each other, then a huge explosion and turning in a big energy ball. I see then again the Lotus Flower rising and it glows a soft orange/ pink color. The scene changes and an eagle soars over Abi-Qor. I am standing now between an encampment of tipi’s looking @ the stars, there is a gathering going on. I see a lady, blue skin color, looks Japanese and looks like she is wearing Japanese clothes. She was smiling @ me. I got the message i will be working on the Lotus (Flower) portal tonight. Then I set my intention to visit the GLS Athabantian and GLS Blaze and with closing I saw Adrial, she looked she was in sparkles.

As usual I looked around on the Internet about the Lotus Flower portal and got this interesting article written for November 2009 :

Archangel Michael: The Opening of the Rose Stargate – 11:11:11
The Energies for November 2009 through Celia Fenn

It is so a remarkable synchronization again. “This Rose, or in the eastern tradition, the Lotus flower, opens to create a portal to Cosmic Consciousness…” for more please follow the link above.

Dear Hearts
I could hardly concentrate and my body feels full of electricity and I can hardly sit and write, I feel strange but I received a quick update.
I meditated concentrating on my third eye. I found myself flying over a mountain – Abi-Qor, it was so beautiful there and I could see the many colors of the mountain. I saw a Being, a woman`s face that seemed to be drawn in the air with smoke or cloud of white/grey color, the woman had a vibration close to the vibration of the Stone woman I saw yesterday in my meditation. I saw some faces in this meditation too and was taken to another realm of Buddhas and I saw meditating Buddha/or a Being with similar vibration and the Being was sitting in an opened Lotus flower – pink and violet Lotus.
I saw quite vividly an Angel, a Beautiful Angel that came to me , this Angel was very kind and caring and I felt as a little child in front of the Angel, mostly female vibrations were in this Being I asked about a message and I received a vision.
A Human was standing on a high rock, beneath there was the abyss and the sea under the rock and a strong Light came from above and the Human Ascended. I received ” You will be saved at the verge of the abyss”
Thank you all! Namaste

Note: WOW, we are about to open the Lotus portal, dear Lisa! I will try too and I also saw the woman, wow
( ( SUN ) )

Opening Portals: Call out from GLS Blaze

Since last week, when I was doing my meditations, I noticed that a lot of my meditations depicting opening of portals. So I felt that something important was happening and that was confirmed by an article I read about opening of Personal Portals and Planetary Portals. As we now, there are to much synchronizations in information to ignore it. This was an article of Suzanne Lie: Arcturians Ascension Message 27 october 2012. Also as I mentioned in another post (Crystal connection 4 November) I immedaetly connected it with an experience I had months ago. When I was between waking and sleeping I heard someone saying “Gatekeeper”. Even though I could find enough descriptions of what a gatekeeper was but I couldn’t relate it to myself. Now, I do.

Last Friday I was driving home when I noticed the shape of the cloud. It was Blaze visiting me, reminding me …. and suddenly I got a message come true:

“That it was time for me to come up to Blaze, because I had to open the portals.”

Now today, as I was writing my post of the Crystal Connection 4 November, I had again a message coming true.

“ Everyone, who feels attracted to do this, a call from Blaze is coming out. To help with opening, maintaining and manage the portals.”

Love Lisa/Blaze

Group Crystal Meditation – 27 September 2012

(from Leslee Hare)

Among Many Beings and Stories (by Leslee Hare)

Tauno and Lisa and I shared a simultaneous group crystal meditation today, and the results are so amazing, I decided to share them with you (I hope they don’t mind!).

I’ll give you our meditation descriptions below, with some comments of the sketch I did while meditating (posted above).

Tauno’s Meditation:

I got all the craft near me together with the bamboo and went into meditation

I saw a gate – quite fluid and transparent, open free for us, entered through the gate in the same cave I was in yesterday evening, the wand was not there but this time the place was familiar to me, I started flying, I saw that I was flying along a crystal MotherShip Lemurian and there were two smaller craft near it, our Galactic friends were with us

I saw quite a real and beautiful landscape here on Earth, sunset, dramatic clouds and Light over a town, there came an electric light from the buildings of the town …the mountain chain next to this town formed a beautiful sighting and gave me a sense of peace, people were getting ready to go to sleep, I think of Pagosa, the feeling is that this town is in USA, next to this town behind a thick cloud veil was another place – with a pyramid, this place was on the right of the town and there was stronger Light there in comparison with the town, the light was not electrical but it was coming from above ; then something happened and the place with the pyramid disappeared and only the town remained

Les, I connect this with Ascension of the awakened ones while the other who are getting ready to sleep remain in 3D
Then I saw a Being that was in fact two Beings on one face that was separating into two at times, thin long neck, big eyes and small mouth, It looked like Umbro or Morgan that I met before
I asked ” Please , tell me what to expect, what is about to come?”
The movie began – I saw chaos, as nothing was at place and nothing could be seen, a real mess and then the same peaceful place where I saw the town at sunset, the place was the same but without the electricity and town, only the place with the mountain and a great sense of PEACE there
“Thank You Spirit for telling me that Peace is coming”

I also have seen the layers of Gaya , a giant eagle was flying between Inner and surface Earth and I was following it, I was able to be both under Earth and on the surface world, also above the earth in the higher layer, the surface was separated from the higher layer by a thin veil that was getting thinner and thinner and more and more transparent and thus connecting these two layers of Gaya, breathe in – down, breathe out – up, with every breath the Eagle waved its gigantic wings and connecting these realities.

Lisa’s Meditation

When I closed my eyes I saw a kind a round crystal looking like a disco ball flickering , or reflecting light as it spins fast round and round. Then we are in New Earth, grass is green, sky is blue and near is a forest. We seem to be on a mountain because we have a wide view on a mountain range. The sun is really bright shining, it is warm and we are chasing butterflies like kids. The vision changes and  I am floating alone in space. A huge hand grabs me and I am now in its closed hand. A golden light comes from the hand and I feel safe. Suddenly a white light is bursting from my chest splashing me in billion pieces bringing me all over the universe. Then my daughter disturbs me and I open my eyes. But the vision doesn’t stop I see universes created, going by real fast. Then a thought came up that we three are from the same soul group. And I was questioning it if this was right and then I see AA Michael in blue light and then transform into just blue fire and then shifting into violet. That is the end of my meditation.

Leslee’s Meditation

Tauno and I had talked about including plants this time, and I was asked to bring tobacco, an osha root (healing) that I had gathered at Tara Mandala, and a reed flute (the Flute Player, planting seeds)… I was also asked to make a ring of seven steel safety pins, and set my small crystal bowl, holding the plants, within this ring. I realized afterwards that these represent dragon scales…)

osha root, tobacco, reed flute, Arkansas quartz, red San Juan River rock…

I began by gazing at the osha root, knowing that I would see faces of guides who would show me the meditation. I first saw same face I had seen in a piece of stone from Chimney Rock, this time from the front.

do you see the stylized profile of a face, on the right edge of the stone?

Then within that face, I saw a smaller female one. I closed my eyes

I saw a rapid series of images, Gaia transforming: all dimensions, all worlds, all realms, all beings…

The image of the osha root transformed into a mountain with a tree growing from it, with a tremendously vast ball of water below.

I think I sat for about 20 minutes settling and watching the scene unfold. Then I felt a very strong urge to draw what I was seeing. (Adrial has asked me to draw and paint more, to portray my visions. She says they are very valuable.)

Essentially, if you read Tauno and Lisa’s descriptions of their meditations, you’ll get descriptions of most of what else is in the sketch.

Within a field of vast space, I saw a sphere of water or a glass marble, like a huge droplet capped with a plate of land. Very little light surrounded this… just a few stars and planets far off in the distance, and lots of chaos. Atop the plate of land sat a mountain range, and in the center was a very large mound/mountain, with a tall, widely open cave. I could sense there were many beings and stories within the cave, but that I did not need to explore that now. I foreground, on the plain, many cities had been abandoned…

Then, on top of the larger mound, and out of it, grew a great pine tree, as tall as the world. From the pine tree’s leaf-tips sprung swirling rays of pure energy, extending in to the heavens, reaching towards the stars.

On either side of the pine tree stand a man and a woman, very tiny.

The Light Being holding its wing spread around and illuminating Gaia, was at first a dragon. As I continued to draw, it transformed next into a gryphon/chimera creature, then a Nibiruan lion-faced being, then an angel. Finally I removed the darkness between its face and chest and Gaia, blurring the edges, because this being has no real boundaries or specific name/entity. It simply holds, protects, and lights Gaia.

My journey: my insights

Since my work announced that we can’t go onto websites anymore during work I am now only able to go to STC on off hours. As I am having the late shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday’s I won’t be able to go onto the pc. But I try to log on, on Monday – Thursday – Friday and the weekend.  I also feel  a bit different now forced to take a sort of a break from STC and other spiritual messages, but it offered me a quite a new outlook on things. I would say, this happened for the best and forced me out of my comfort zone. At least it has been very interesting since last Wednesday.

When I came late at home from work, I noticed again the triangle stars in the sky. I don’t know if it was just a spell of my eyes or imagination, but for a second I thought it moved. Anyway on Thursday I had that amazing dream with the cocoons. On Friday when I drove to work, there is always on the radio where they pick people out because it is their birthday, and then they play the number 1 song that was a hit on their birthday.  But then after that they get to choose the song they want to hear. So I thought of Michael Jackson “The man in the mirror”, and how this would be my song to play.

That day was amazing, there was a BBQ planned for us by our manager. We had a good time.  I was reading an article by Sophia Love “Who hit the replay button” and was thinking of my last two dreams, who seemed a part was repeating twice.  Coincidence?  Wait, there is more…. I began to read a book “The Celestine Prophecies, an Adventure” by James Redfield. And I got hit by the first insight, not the mention the chills I got.  The first insight: “Feeling restless? You’re not alone: Everybody’s starting to look for more meaning in life. Start paying closer attention to those seemingly “Chance Coincidences” – strange occurrences that feel like they were meant to happen. They are actually synchronistic events, and following them will start you on your path to spiritual truth.”

Man, that book was really a revelation to me and changed me on a whole new level, my vibration level changed as I read through the book. Feeling addicted to it, could hardly put it down.  As the day went by, some thought kept on coming into my mind (reading only on Saturday about the seventh insight: “Once cleared of traumas, you can build energy through contemplation and meditation, focus on you basic life question, and start riding a steady stream of intuitions, dreams, and synchronistic coincidences, all guiding you in the direction of your own evolution and transformation.”) so I was thinking about “iamstasha” who comment on my article on “Tolan, brother of Ariadnei”. “

Hi iamstasha, you said you had the feeling that you know me from somewhere. As I looked at your picture, the same feeling came rushing over me. Maybe we met each other on another forum? Who knows, I remember once I dreamed about being in the tomb of Nefertiti. It is quite an amazing story you wrote, will comment more directly onto it later.

Friday was also I saw a lot of 444 and 777. It looks I had a lot of guidance that day. As I wanted to drive home, before I got out of my workplace I remembered that I left my driving glasses in my locker so I had to go back. So when I am back in my car I turn on the radio, a voice just mentioning the previous songs that were played….one was…..yep….from Michael Jackson ‘’The man in the mirror” the song I was thinking of in the morning.

During the evening, before I went to sleep, I opened the curtains and looked out the window into the garden and into the sky. There was just one star flickering in the sky. I also knew it was Blue moon tonight. I meditated, focused on my heart and asked for my star brothers and sisters to show up. (Nothing happened on that, as always) But I felt a love coming from the trees, and I started to give love back. It was an amazing experience, so loving. As I look into our garden, I notice the light that casts onto our tree; it makes three spots of light in a triangle. I was quite surprised and thought of the triangle stars in the sky. The next evening I only read about the fifth insight: “The key to overcoming conflict in the world is the mystical experience, which is available to everyone. To nurture the mystical and build your energy, allow yourself to be filled with a sense of love.”

The reason that I didn’t read this book earlier, even though I saw it on the book shelves, is that I was quite ready for it. To receive what has being given.  Now it came onto my path again, and I felt such an attraction to read it immediately. I finished the book in two days. But I am dwelling now.

When I read the fifth insight and thought about what happened yesterday, I got really the chills again. Before I went to sleep, I set my intention to my guides to download some information, which they would think I would benefit.

I dreamt about I was on the internet downloading a trip advisor to France. But I was then investigated by people why I was doing this.

Then on Saturday I had some problem, but again by seemingly mere coincidences, it sorted itself out so nicely. With me trying to staying centred and not giving into negative thoughts that it may be going to cause a big problem for us. After that we went to a family party given by my work. A lot of people were there and my children had fun in the jumping castle.

When I came back I finished the “The Celestine Prophecies, an Adventure” around 11 pm. Again, after that (switching of the light) opening the curtains and sit in meditation, looking into the garden and the night sky. I felt so amazing after reading this book, which it even worked after that. That book felt like a drug. I looked at the trees and they started to glow white, it looked like an afterglow, like when you looked into the sun, and look back, you see the afterglow/picture of the sun.

I saw two triangles in the sky, making up a big triangle. Amazing sight, and as I was meditating, I set my intention to visit the Aurora for the 5th dimensional classes, the Athabantian, Eui and Blaze.

My dream, I don’t remember much because it was a very unclear dream. I only remembered, I was to find the 12 insight first to get to the 11th insight and then the 10th insight. And I remembered, more feeling then really remembering, that I had long discussions with a lot of people.

Even though I didn’t read the other books yet from James Redfield, I did a little search of what about the other insights mean. Here a summary:

10. HOLDING THE COLLECTIVE VISION The Tenth Insight is the realization that throughout history human beings have been unconsciously struggling to implement this lived spirituality on Earth. Each of us comes here on assignment and as we pull this understanding into consciousness, we can remember a fuller birth vision of what we wanted to accomplish with our lives. Further, we can remember a common world vision of how we will all work together to create a new spiritual culture.
::We know that our challenge is to hold this collective vision of a new world with intention and prayer every day.

11. EXTENDING COLLECTIVE FIELDS OF INTENTION The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision. For centuries, religious scriptures, poems, and philosophies have pointed to a latent power of mind within all of us that mysteriously helps to affect what occurs in the future. It has been called faith, power, positive thinking, and the power of prayer. We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be extended and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision.
::This is the power through which we hold the vision of a spiritual world and build the energy in ourselves and in others to make this vision a reality. Source:

12th Insight: Keep all the integrations in place: live in spirituality, expect synchronicity, stay in alignment, expect protection, listen to your guiding intuition, live in agape love and see through the lens of beauty, integrate spiritual information into your everyday life, and stay connected with everyone. Source:

It is Sunday now, and I intended just to write a little note on STC , but it became a really large post , so I am deciding to post it as a post.

I hope everyone is ok, I am reading your comments, all of them…but now I am battling pains and fatigue, and I can’t think straight to comment long comments…so I hope you will forgive me. But I say this; all the comments and posts are amazing.


Love Lisa