Invited to a healing session on the ship Blaze

Ship Blaze – password Helix

Here I am again. I promised I would do some more blogs in the year 2018, but it seems I got a bit overwhelmed with all the things I was doing and ended up not doing much about this blog. I could say as a New Year resolution that in 2019 I spent some more time on my blog… but I am not sure if I able to, also because of my chronic illness that sometimes make me very tired and not able to do anything. Not even my art.

But yesterday it was my second day of having the crystal again with me, that I also haven’t touched for a while. I came out of a deep dream that I was trying to remember, it was still in the middle of the night. I am frustrated that I didn’t remember the dream so I asked my guides for some clarity. Clarity I got when I went back to bed with my crystal, but not about the dream.

I had an urgent feeling to write this post to invite you all on the ship Blaze for a healing session. There is a big wave coming. So hereby the following invite:

I invite you all to join the next Galactic Lightship Dreamflight this Saturday night (28 December 2018) during dream time.

You can go to for the dreamflight updates: Spirit Train Chronicles blog


Crystal Connection 5 November 2012

I saw first many blue orbs colliding with each other, then a huge explosion and turning in a big energy ball. I see then again the Lotus Flower rising and it glows a soft orange/ pink color. The scene changes and an eagle soars over Abi-Qor. I am standing now between an encampment of tipi’s looking @ the stars, there is a gathering going on. I see a lady, blue skin color, looks Japanese and looks like she is wearing Japanese clothes. She was smiling @ me. I got the message i will be working on the Lotus (Flower) portal tonight. Then I set my intention to visit the GLS Athabantian and GLS Blaze and with closing I saw Adrial, she looked she was in sparkles.

As usual I looked around on the Internet about the Lotus Flower portal and got this interesting article written for November 2009 :

Archangel Michael: The Opening of the Rose Stargate – 11:11:11
The Energies for November 2009 through Celia Fenn

It is so a remarkable synchronization again. “This Rose, or in the eastern tradition, the Lotus flower, opens to create a portal to Cosmic Consciousness…” for more please follow the link above.

Dear Hearts
I could hardly concentrate and my body feels full of electricity and I can hardly sit and write, I feel strange but I received a quick update.
I meditated concentrating on my third eye. I found myself flying over a mountain – Abi-Qor, it was so beautiful there and I could see the many colors of the mountain. I saw a Being, a woman`s face that seemed to be drawn in the air with smoke or cloud of white/grey color, the woman had a vibration close to the vibration of the Stone woman I saw yesterday in my meditation. I saw some faces in this meditation too and was taken to another realm of Buddhas and I saw meditating Buddha/or a Being with similar vibration and the Being was sitting in an opened Lotus flower – pink and violet Lotus.
I saw quite vividly an Angel, a Beautiful Angel that came to me , this Angel was very kind and caring and I felt as a little child in front of the Angel, mostly female vibrations were in this Being I asked about a message and I received a vision.
A Human was standing on a high rock, beneath there was the abyss and the sea under the rock and a strong Light came from above and the Human Ascended. I received ” You will be saved at the verge of the abyss”
Thank you all! Namaste

Note: WOW, we are about to open the Lotus portal, dear Lisa! I will try too and I also saw the woman, wow
( ( SUN ) )

Opening Portals: Call out from GLS Blaze

Since last week, when I was doing my meditations, I noticed that a lot of my meditations depicting opening of portals. So I felt that something important was happening and that was confirmed by an article I read about opening of Personal Portals and Planetary Portals. As we now, there are to much synchronizations in information to ignore it. This was an article of Suzanne Lie: Arcturians Ascension Message 27 october 2012. Also as I mentioned in another post (Crystal connection 4 November) I immedaetly connected it with an experience I had months ago. When I was between waking and sleeping I heard someone saying “Gatekeeper”. Even though I could find enough descriptions of what a gatekeeper was but I couldn’t relate it to myself. Now, I do.

Last Friday I was driving home when I noticed the shape of the cloud. It was Blaze visiting me, reminding me …. and suddenly I got a message come true:

“That it was time for me to come up to Blaze, because I had to open the portals.”

Now today, as I was writing my post of the Crystal Connection 4 November, I had again a message coming true.

“ Everyone, who feels attracted to do this, a call from Blaze is coming out. To help with opening, maintaining and manage the portals.”

Love Lisa/Blaze