Crystal Connection 30 November 2013


I see white crystal wolves swirling, howling up into the crystal sky inside my crystal. A red rose appears before my third eye. White kinda of ghost like beings moving towards me, I feel not scared as no harm is intended. I feel energy coming from them, positive energy, I see a white crystal city up in the green mountains , with with clouds and blue sky, a see crows flying over this magical landscape that is rolling out before my eyes, with golden fields below, shining in the sunlight, rolling golden fields as far as you can see. I see a huge crystal chandelier hanging down from the blue sky.

I see long blue beings with long arms and legs and those big black almond shape eyes, they are trying to say something…please stop what you are doing and take a deep breath…that means for all of us…

:let yourself be taken to a distant planet where there is only nature and green seas of trees as far as you can see, you life all in the tree tops , in tree houses that are a bit similar as the trees in Rivendel in lord of the rings, imagine yourselves there wearing those Elven attires… drift away on the Elven tunes, taking you wave by wave…you are relaxing, mist is covering the area so you don’t see far now, let your self drift away on the music tones into the mist of forgetfulness…and at the same time the mystery deepens within yourself to take a hold into the mystery world within yourselves, complete formed imagination worlds that lives a life of illusions, just as we do…go deeper into that world and go deeper, dig deeper and a spiral a golden spiral is in front of you , this is the portal to your inner worlds with no you dare to cross this threshold? here you can decide if you return back but for the ones that will move on.\…imagine yourself that you are getting a coat of energetic light on, spiritual light, put it on and come with me through this portal, we fall and fall and go deeper and deeper, describe the first things you see ” red, roses, hurt, white coffin, orange/pink clouds, angel, happiness, love, more then I AM” please keep on writing what you see or feel…..

slowly you go back through the spiral portal, back to wherever you are meditating from, back to you


Crystal Connection – Feilla

My connection is frail and chaotic today.

In the first session, I saw a series of Sirian telepathic communication signs:

1. 5 (without -) in orange beam  →
2. the last one of the first left row (pls see the attached file) in golden or white beam →
3. some one which seems to indicate the left-bottom direction in white or blue beam, but I forgot the exact form →
4. there is a 4th one, however, I cannot recall what it is.

Then I felt pretty uncomfortable and anxious in spiritual aspect. Again, I felt something wrong in my heart chakra. Finally, I saw something big which looked like also an insect. As always, I asked AA Michael’s help. Quite a long time passed and finally came some visions : A white Eagle turns into a white Wolf and then turns into a white Dragon, all towards their head to my right. I felt it’s Lisa coming to help/rescue me.

There were still some visions but in a blur, such as arch gate way in golden-brown tone. As Lisa, I seem to also see the trees. I cannot recall the other parts. Though my connection frustrates me, I still sensed/sense the Master Hilarion’s being and guide. Recently, lots of main questions about my researches are just being guided to the very clues to get the answers, it’s really incredible to me !!!

Crystal Connection 29 November 2013

crystal cave

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

Thanks to Troy’s guide, I could take advantage of a Salon of minerals here in Paris. Before taking the road, I’ve in fact done the divination for numerous times, since my time is so tight. However, I was indicated that I must go there this morning. In the beginning, I wondered if some stone(s) are waiting for me to take them home ? After being there, I got that this is not the only reason. I was highly recharged or even activated in that filed made by those stones. However, this also triggered my serious physical pain, such as headache, ear headache, nausea and vomiting….I still not get through it yet.

A good news to you, I found the Brazilian super seven crystal there and got it with an incredible price, really incredible, as well as a Selenite tour lamp.

I felt being just on the very (spiritual and physical) threshold after the last one that had happened about one month ago in the garden of South-West of France. Here I would like to thank specifically the ones who brought me these !!!

Today, though in difficult physical state, my connection was OK.

I first saw the top of the pyramid in whose center there was a big eye. This vision coming in a golden-orange tone.

Then I was led to the North lands, snowy ones, including the Arctic. I seemed to see the entrance towards inner earth. However, as the last days, I felt/feel so cold.

I again was in some crystal cave(s).

Pity that when writing this part, I can no longer recall the last part.

Crystal Connection 28 November 2013

spiritual tsunami

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was feeling extremely tired and the energies that were coming to me were so intense that I stopped the meditation before its end, I had a quick vision of many little mercury beads coming through an open portal downwards to the surface where I was, I was in a mountain of beige, brown and orange colours and was at a high place there, the sky was also orange and the mercury beads were grey.
I saw a pyramid and the profile of a Native American, the profile of his face was Huge and transparent and I could see through him. I heard a splash of water, like a huge tsunami wave inside my body and then I stopped the meditation, I have pains and I feel so tired

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I tried to the connection before sleeping last night. Though I was exhausted, and the connection didn’t last for a long time, I had an amazing sense of the elven forest in inner earth. I was in a lake which is surrounded by foggy forest. When I extended my head from the lake, I saw numerous white deer and white wolves were all waiting for me on the lake shore. Here, I want to tell my beloved sisters, I felt your being, no even guide at that that very moment.

I might also be again in the Crystal caves, and felt cold.

Crystal Connection 27 November 2013


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I see a white wall, flowers, little grey flowers on the white wall. I see pink and blue colors on the wall. So many questions, so much more answers. I see a white house with red roof surrounded by a meadow filled with forget me not flowers. I am waiting , standing on a cloud high up in the sky. The sky is golden orange/yellow and feels so peaceful. The wind blows through my hair. I feel alone, see the void again. I feel my DNA is been upgraded again. I am tired, this upgrading, I feel is not fast enough.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with my BA that is the Portal to my Celestial Soul and sent Appreciation and gratitude, soon I felt the Golden Light pouring down on me through the Portal and I felt the energies moving into my body and filling it with the elixir coming from the opened Portal

I got a few quick visions but I remember the two of them. A book, a hand of a being holding a book. The second vision was a face of a boy, the boy has blond hair , white face and is dressed in red and blue, similar to Little Prince but in flesh and bone incarnated here, I know it from my everyday life, the Spirit showed me a Soul of Light that is incarnated here and works directly with me
Then I got a feeling of Space, I sensed the Angels in me as the energies moving into my body and I sent them out in all directions
all the time I got thoughts from my everyday live till I got the message of the Angels while I was having a vision of a blue pathway in Cosmos- like a smooth platform that was leading higher
it is.

Dear Soul of Light, You are asking why you are still there and what the point is, now you are not directly suffering the hard 3D situations but you are still in them, You walk the path along with the many that are suffering the pains and troubles of 3D duality world…You are there for them! You have to be there because you walk alongside them to be their Light and thus they will find their own Power, just continue to walk, this part of the path is about to be completed and it is your service to be with the suffering now
I was given short glimpses of Angelic Presence in the Golden Light energies I felt.

I looked at OLA and there it came the Sirius star system , Sirius B is much smaller than Sirius A and they both were in my palms while OLA was shining with White Light and I could see the reflection of my face on OLA.

I made a Lotus with my hands and OLA and sensed the energies, I got a feeling of me connected with the Angelic Realms forming an octahedron together like this.

me beaming Light from the surface that came out of me and spread and Angels giving me Light from above that spread and where the two Lights meet it is the wider part and thus the octahedron of Light is formed

Crystal Connection – Troy

I am thankful for all the points of light across the planet.

Kundalini shiver to start.
Then I had a step back moment. Everything feels like I’m walking through thick syrup, like molasses. Everything I do, it is difficult. Then I see physically there is no barrier.. I have heard this mentioned by SaLuSa before. I take a step back and see that everything being so difficult is not “normal”, it is unique to the end time. Inertia. I’m connected to spirit / the feeling of this plane is not right, yet I’m somehow here anyways. It will get a bit worse then much better. Each year is a blip in our lifetime. We are free. We always were.
Push the rock and it will start to roll…
Crystal Connection – Feilla

Thank you for both your sharing of your marvelous connection. Lisa’s vision of golden orange/yellow sky seems to reminding me something and resonates with the orange rose that I saw yesterday. The “elixir” that Tauno mentioned just remind the liquid contained in a bottle, all in emerald that was given to me some day in this week during our connection.

I lost the first one third part of my connection today. The only two parts that I can recall is the tomb with a steel graved with the Khitan scripts and the face of Sanat Kumara, with white hair and beard, in golden aura, looked more similar to this picture…I feel so closed to him.

In regards to that Khitan tomb, I felt it’s mine or of someone of my family. The way that Russian calls China, Khitai, is in fact owing to their direct contact with these people who mainly acted in north, specifically north-east of China.

Their history (active between 10 and 12 centuries) :
The concerned funerary culture…please see :

I just realize that in contrast to you who are rather looking after the upside, I seem to be guided to work rather on the downside. In the last two weeks, I was sent to the subterranean crystal caves relatively frequently.

Today, it’s my first time to be relatively sure that I came to Agartha. No, in fact we were all there, in a sanctuary. We guys about a dozen ones took our places as a circle towards the center and did a worship, though in the center, there was nothing. It’s wired that we were all in black.

Before getting into Agartha, I sensed the water which might be some subterranean river. I feel so cold as the last days. Since this session began, I lose my memory of first part of the connection.

Then, it’s a vision at my left of a rite that I felt rather an European funeral, held somewhere similar to a palace a cathedral. At the feet of the outdoor flight steps, there are the guardians in black walking towards my right. I have no idea about this scene at all.

I have a extreme physical fatigue and the complicated moods that I cannot tell. I guess this might be the symptoms of shift/transmutation.

May you all have a nice Thanks Giving festival !!!

Crystal Connection 26 November 2013


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I see the sun & moon combined, like ying & yang. I see the stars, the universe. I see , I think a Mayan sunwheel. A big circle around little circles, big circle divided in 4. In the middle a spiral. See white star flowers, representing my friends. We are engaged in a sort in line dance holding each others hand, waving up & down. I see a hexagon portal that can be opened by a crystal, unlocking the secrets in your DNA. The reflections of past & future passes in the NOW. Be certain to acknowledge them & let go. Make a choice to make everyday a happy ONE, cause ONE = always NOW! I see the Mayan sunwheel turning , a new day = here. LOVE IS LIFE.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my Solar plexus Chacra feeling strong Sun energy circulating there as a little Sun as I was calling RA. I sensed Golden energies and had a vision where I was in higher dimensions of Golden Light and connected with a higher being. All the time during my meditation I sensed movement , platforms and a star shape appeared – 5 or 6 ray star of Golden energies and I had my 3d thoughts all the time, they just followed me but they were not unpleasant ones but thoughts connected with presents and things I want to have. I felt a happy and uplifting energy, saw a profile of a Higher Being , looked very much like Heruka

Crystal Connection – Feilla

Thank you, my dearest sisters for these nice connection.

I on the contrary seemed to come back to the warring era of Atlantis, or to be led to some contemporary battlefield.

The first vision is the ruin after the war or bomb attacks. Then it’s a short sight of a slick black graved work which appeared there for pretty a long while, seeming to remind me of something. However, it’s only a part of that stuff, I hence cannot tell what’s this is.

During the connection, until now I feel sad and cold, particularly cold in my heart chakra. I sensed this is for healing and being healed, so I sent violet flame, golden light and love to all the concerned stuffs, beings and places. However, I in fact saw none there. Then I even see a (nuclear) white bomb with red rear fin. I hence asked AA Michael’s help, and sent love and blue light to melt it.

Then I once saw a yellow/beige serpent. I didn’t have any negative feeling when seeing it, even believe it’s coming to remind me of something important.

symbol for healing transformation and change, a Big Change in your life, something that you Fear, something that is chasing you down, something you must face, something that keeps coming back around (like the coiling of the snake), something that WILL bite you in the arse if you don’t pay attention, accept, validate, grab by the handle, etc. etc.

Then I saw an orange rose.

I realized that these ruin scenes are for helping me to confront courageously my traumas, and fixing something, so I turned to envision our star. As the past days, I tried to send you light wraps. At that very moment, I saw the one already wrapping Leslee is so so so powerful. I saw numerous light blue beams inter-weaved us in and on our star.
Again, I want to thank our sweet sisters for this great connection that heals me so and brace me up.

Crystal Connection 25 November 2013

I see an Irish knot, it is a portal. I go through. I am in the middle ages and I see an European monk dressed in a brown dress. I am a high priestess again looking over the golden dust hills with forest. I feel peaceful in this magical dimension land. I encounter a unicorn and an owl. Then your name pops Feilla and then Tauno we shared some lives together in different dimensions

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my heart -third eye connection and I got a vision. A high mountain place, a plateau and Beings of Angelic Elven nature were forming a circle, they looked like plants or leaves and at the same time they were giving me the sensation that they are us, they started dancing and rotating in this perfect circle moving clockwise and then they came even more in number, the circle transformed itself into a spiral and then the energy generated moved in two directions, one of them downwards into the circle and one spiral continued forward.

Then I called Egyptian Gods and Archangels and felt very intense energies of Light coming to me, I saw Isis giving Golden Light, then Bastet – the Pharaoh woman with cat`s head and the Pharaoh crown. I sensed AA Michael`s energies and the energies of the Archangels. Bastet came again, She allowed me to visit Her Realm of higher vibrations, I was in her palace and saw her standing at a balcony with ancient Roman like columns and the sky was pink and blue and white, the Light was just Present there.

I asked Her what is Her message to us and I was given that the Great Jump to the higher dimension is already taking place.As I was holding OLA into my palms and forming Lotus flower I sensed a beam of Golden Light connected with me and Angelic Being there into the ray giving us Blessings

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first saw a white morning glory. I never knew this kind of flower has such a beautiful English name, since its Chinese one is not so.

Regarding its symbolic meaning, I think the first one might relative make sense to me.

source1 :

Morning glory is also symbol of death and rebirth. The morning glory opens in the morning and dies the same evening.

source2 :

The morning glory flower blooms and dies within a single day. In the Victorian meaning of flowers, morning glory flowers signify love, affection or mortality. In Chinese folklore, they represent a single day for lovers to meet. They also represent the month of September and 11th wedding anniversaries.

Then I saw a giant clean crystal pillar extended and rotated from the center of a circle sanctuary towards the sky. We were all there, surrounding it. I saw a girl with brown hair in white gown with blue belt. I sensed that was me, but also you. I was you and you were me. I, as that giant crystal pillar, spinning and ascending. I felt it’s in Atlantis, being with YOU.

At that moment, I recalled the first time when I expressed to get on Athabantian, I sensed myself and two other girls were beneath a disc which was covered by numerous red  luminous fibers that were long enough to  be hanged as the fiber curtain. Now, I’m sure those were you Tauno and Lisa.

I sensed we have incarnated many times in the same time-spaces, that’s why you could recognized me, sensed me this way. Getting this, I felt very powerful loving energy circulating in my physical body. The cold that annoyed me was gone.

How much I appreciate to be united again with you here. I hence sent you light and energy, particularly the ones who felt/feel drained, including you, my beloved sister, Leslee.

I loose the memory of the next part, then appeared about six to eight giant blue insects that I have never seen on earth. It’s their looking…they looked soft, in the form of half lemon with hundreds or thousands legs. I felt so uncomfortable, hence asked AA Michael’s intervention. Then they were gone.

I recalled the the message given via Ashtar trinity, and tried to lead the light and love emanated from Alcyon to earth, tree and water, even into the sun of inner earth.

Here, I want to thank you for letting me find you and be gathered together like this.

Crystal Connection 24 November 2013

high priestess

Source picture:

See into my crystal, I see lots of codes, Egyptian , Mayan and other unfamiliar languages and symbols, the are downloading into me. I see blue light coming out of the crystal surrounded by golden dust. It brings me to Ireland, I am a high priestess in a druid group. It is full moon and I prepare a ritual. I in the high mountains of Tibet and I visit one of my yet brothers. I see also a connection with Atlantis, lots of water. I see a crystal water fountain.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I raised my two serpents – black and golden towards the pineal gland
I felt Golden Light in my head and I saw Lisa sitting at a table and dressed in a colourful dress and she was talking to me telepathically.

Then I saw Lisa`s Native American self – she is a mother with a son, the son is next to her and behind them I saw a green tree with fine little leaves and there was a green landscape behind the tree and the mountains were visible in the distance

Crystal Connection  – Feilla

How awesome both your connections are.

Today, after more than two months’ suspension, I tried to update my Chinese blog. However, it took all day long just for posting one report.

Today, during our connection, I sensed only the energy.

I’m still in a deep fatigue and seem in the course of detoxifying all my bodies and making efforts to release my anxiety about time lack.

Crystal Connection 23 November 2013

exploding universe

Source picture:

I see an orchid , violet, daisies, bluebells, forget me not, they form a portal to another dimension. I am sitting in a white salty water. Then I stand before a white gate, stepping through unlocking some secret inside, I feel it close to me like I can almost touch it, but it keeps eluding me. I feel like I have to remember something that I have lost.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I raised my Life Force in the shape of a Cobra up to my head

I had a feeling of water below me, energies were like water

dark blue and green colours

the energy has Golden colour

When I set my attention into my brain I had a vision of an Elephant, a holy Indian Elephant with head decorations I saw before me

Crystal Connection – Feilla
I have difficulty to recall what I sensed during our connection. As yesterday, I felt so cold when and after the connection

I got various visions of pyramids, and might have a glance of a future city. There once appeared a very beautiful white French window with the lightly floating gauze curtain of light pink/ Diana rose color. It seemed that beyond this window, it’s a very graceful garden in late Spring daytime Then the gate become a very long golden corridor, in which I kept moving on and attempted to pass through. However, the vision was gone before I got to see the other side.

Another corridor appeared in the next session. However, I neither saw its end.
Tonight, I got two symbols, one is Rune Ingwaz, whereas the other is the symbol of a vertical Versica Pisces. The number 22 or 23 seemed appear soon after that. Since I’ve felt cold that was caused during the connection, I guess I’m in the very course of getting the balance of water and fire, yin & yang,
Thanks to Lisa, I don’t remember it’s today or yesterday that I saw also a bluebell, a big and golden one.

Crystal Connection – Petra

I listened to the music… ;I connected the sound directly to my heart, absorbed it and felt that my heart chakra became wider and wider, expanding, my head was turned and I felt uncomfortable in my neck, like something was blocking the energy, after some while I felt my crown chakra opening up, energy went my spine into the earth, so beaming in 3 directions, heart chakra was moving like a spiral, crown chakra energy was moving like a spiral and so on…

Then the music was finished and I saw just nothing, felt being in a vacuum… ;and I remembered that we wanted connect. Then I found myself as being in space, above mother earth and I saw all of you coming from different direction, but I did not see you as person, only as light beings. We waited and the we took us by the hands and then others joined us and we formed a kind of a ball, like a origami ball, but without a special pattern, there was no one, but still there was a kind of symmetric, of special order. We swirreled around for some while, then it all folded up and we were again alone, still together in space, then we were sucked in from a kind of tunnel, a portal and after a while we moved towards a light planet / ball.

We came nearer and it was like a crystal, pure energy surface, we entered into this energy / crystal planet or whatever it was.

When we were inside we saw it was a spacecraft, we landed in a big room, windows around with view to the space.

A big table were standing there unknown material and chairs and group of people were there.
Communicating telepathically, welcoming us and said we should sit down.

We sat down and somebody said:
We wanted to thank you our friends. You have done such a great work in implementing and spreading light on earth, working in different ways. You are doing great. We know it is sometimes very difficult for you to deal with the different vibrations, your heart sometimes suffers from the dark energy that is still on your world. But do not feel disturbed by that.

And in front of each a egg formed energy ball appeared, of pure light. This is for you, take it into your hearts. This is your flame, your I AM Presence, take it into you heart and know, that there is no more outer and inner, no more I AM presence above you. YOU ARE THIS I AM and you should never think something else, never think of being separated, never thing of energy above or around. IT is always inside of you, in your heart.

Know this and feel this.
Feel this and Know this.
Be it and know it and feel it..
Know it, feel it, Be it.
Be it, know it, feel it.
Feel it, know it, be it.

I am asking. Who you are?
We are pure light. We are only in a body for you to see us.

We say thank you and we dissapear.

I am slowly feeling myself back in my body, do not want to open my eyes. But I do and I am full of energy, my chest feels like double size, my head is light.

Love to you all my sisters.

Feel it, know it and be it. YOUR I AM PRESENCE

Crystal Connection 22 November 2013

ying yang kitten

Source picture:

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I sent the power of my Life Force into the center of my head and was waiting for signs. I got a single vision – a cat. The cat was a statue in my bedroom that came alive – like a black and white kitten coming out of the South wall of my bedroom – alive and real
Bastet is here with us the South direction is the element of fire – Sun and Bastet is a Solar Deity. Also I saw the eye of Horus next to a pyramid before the vision of the cat

Crystal Connection – Feilla

This evening, I seemed still trapped in the fear/worry of lack of time, and was not that positive on this. Fortunately, realizing that it’s not normal, and not what I’m, I still tried to do it.

I did the procedure that I’ve used to carry out, but just missed something. I seem to have sensed something, so envisioned first that the white energy sphere warping you, shielding you from the attacks. I then tried to do the purification with violet flame. Soon a black goat appeared at my left, bending his head towards me. At that very moment, I asked help both of AA Michael and Saint Germain. I felt my heart had been implanted something similar to metal, but of black color, that caused the difficulty of deep breath and the energetic circulation. When the cleansing was preceded, my heart hurt and had a series of cold shiver. During this long course, I once saw a big spider who came from the right to help mend my broken aethereal or astral bodies.

I hence tried to recall what brought this, when and how. According to my memory, it could only happen at daytime of yesterday. I just linked to a news which was post on a page where there was some very unpleasant photo. At that very moment, I did realize something wrong, but could not imagine its influence can be so.

I also tried to connect our Sirian family, and express my will to fulfill something. Then I feel there was a bundle of very powerful white energy poured in my crown chakra. I once have a glance over a pyramid.

I’m not sure if the problematic stuff was was thoroughly removed, but feel anyhow charging much less darkness.

Crystal Connection 21 November 2013

white landscape

Source picture:

I saw my crystal unlocking the key to the upgrade of my DNA. Then I see a crystal white landscape with crystal skyscrapers and a golden dust was going around every building. Unlocking the key to ascension.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I gathered my Life force and sent it upwards through my central channel to the Crown chakra. I got a vision, a pyramid and another pyramid that was located higher and was of aether and of Light, the second Pyramid was a triangular gate/portal that opened and gave Golden Light and at the center of this golden Light there was a core of White Light.

I felt Bastet`s Presence again , I just know when She is here. I felt that the two pyramids are about to connect sooner than we can realize. When I did Namaste gesture I saw a tall and slim Angelic Being of Light that appeared in a ray of Light.

Crystal Connection – Troy

Here is my connection for today. 🙂 I am sometimes concerned that what I receive could be similar to what someone else might receive, so they might go after me for plagiarism… and I think this could become more and more prevalent as we move closer to being able to clearly hear the words of the “speaker.”