Crystal Connection 31 March 2013


I saw first a light being coming out of the mirror and then realized that it was Arachanai. We merge together. I see water and I am in the sea, something is happening. I see the land MU and Atlantis. I put my stone on the side of my sleep and I feel a connection going on with my stone as information got downloaded.

Note Tauno:

Last evening I saw a mirror too, the Shaman was looking at me through this mirror!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes, I was connected with the Sphinx, I saw the face and the aura of orange and golden colours around the face just in front of me. Then the Bear came again connecting with this Higher energy, the Bear asked for a means of Protection, Her claws were up and She received an object with many red dots situated at the edges of each of the rectangles that were building the net She received, a net of brown rectangles with red dots on it, this was a kind of shield the bear received, the Bear was with me all the time in my meditation, I asked about Lisa and received the image of the Wolf, this wolf was in a forest and was a bit separated but I saw the Wolf
A beautiful land I saw again, the mountains and the blue sky but I was watching this land from a kind of trap I was in , I could not escape from the trap.

Crystal Connection 30 March 2013


But I saw a golden circle and I felt it in my heart. I felt the circle is complete but also stands for eternity so you get, eternity complete. Before the mediation I saw a dragonfly. And after the meditation I had to think of my soul dragon.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, while meditating I was listening to mantra OM, that is the ircle complete you saw, this is amazing!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I connected with the Bear and the Wolf and I got a feeling of being underwater at first and then in Space. Then I had a vision of opening a door towards a balcony outside, I was at home but this place has little in common with my current home. I saw a blue sky and a Being came to me, big head like a Sun with rays and small body , the name of the Being is ZARA that in Bulgarian means – DAWN, it is amazing because this Being comes to me for the second time, I saw it in a dream and Babajij also has seen Dawn, he has shared this in STC ZARA is either the same Being Dawn or a Being from the similar origin.

The message I got from ZARA confirms my experience with the runes recently, ZARA advised me to have faith in the Runes about the problem I have now, it is amazing how I saw three Runes and then they appeared when I was asking for advice in the physical 3D world and now ZARA made me remember them and gave me the message to follow the Runes.

Crystal Connections 29 March 2013


I see a Ferris wheel, I see a sea star, I see stars in the night sky. I see I am connected with Tauno by a silver thread connecting our hearts. I am on Blaze and we are in a big soft white lighted room. I see people working wearing red tight suit, I am wearing one too and I am tall and blond haired. I am busy recalculating the vibration openings of the gates to guide earth safely through vibrations going higher. I see a dear and it feels like a safe haven.

Note Tauno:

Me too was on a craft, Lisa, I saw yellow soft Light, I feel the Arcturians connected with us again and felt high vibrations too, I think of You being the Angelic face I saw of a Being from Stars, a princess I feel, Elvi was the Pharaoh I feel, Les was on the right and I could hardly see her but she is also with us.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I was connected with the Arcturian craft and received DNA activation …there was Light of yellow colour there. A feeling of Space. Then the Shaman came again, his mouth was so close to my face and he was singing, then I saw his face through a crystal ball of clear quartz that was a kind of mirror at the same time, he is a Native American Shaman. My heart connected with the heart of Gaia and I sent the vibrations I was receiving into the core of Gaia through my Central Channel. I felt grounding and calming effect. Oh, I saw some Beings, I think three of them, a Pharaoh woman and another woman of Angelic vibrations and one more face.

Crystal Connection 28 March 2013


I see first the dreamcatcher and then the pentagram. I see a forest of birches and it snowed. Between the trees I see a crystal pyramid. I also see a white  mustang horse with dark brown spots looking @ me. I feel like I have a house nearby where I live with my family. For this moment I am alone, I see a red berry plant. It feels so peaceful. I see a native American shaman coming up to me handing me a feather of an eagle and he smiles. I see the dreamcatcher again. Then I see a bird fly up and a deer coming from behind a tree. As last image of the meditation I see the dream catcher again.

Note Tauno:

WOW, Lisa, we are so strongly connected, the feather of the Eagle, yes! I was flying like a giant eagle towards a portal and you were waiting me there home, where the forest and the snow were and the berry plant, I feel this place like Home, the dreamcatcher 🙂

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I was listening to Calling of the Hathor I saw a violet flower
Then my mind was occupied with things from my everyday life and things that I have said today and conversations I did, I had trouble concentration but I sensed strong vibrations listening to the sounds and to the shaman voice, I got a sense of being a bird with giant wings and flying slowly waving my wings and in front of me there was a Portal of golden Light, through this Portal I could see the New Earth that is already there, Mother Mary and the baby Jesus came to me as a vision and then I saw the face of Mother Mary in front of me, Her face was Giant and I sensed Angelic vibrations
Then I connected my heart with the Heart of Gaia and I saw the surface of the Earth , I sensed an energy in my Heart area and I saw a wood growing from my heart, the tree trunks of the trees in this wood were of pale green colour

Crystal Connection 27 March 2013

arcturian upgrade

Source picture:

I first see a ball of white/yellow energy around me, as if it is a kind of transport device. Then I find myself on the Arcturian ship and I feel Tauno so nearby me, as if she is in me.
We are guided to a big white room and invited to stand into the circle. We both are standing in the circle facing each other and a double helix light is going around is, we standing in the middle.
I feel great, if feel blissful, I feel the pains go away and feel more energetic. We are there for a reason, it seems that we are upgraded, but also linked to each other to complete our mission.
We are encoded with DNA that defines our mission and will activate once we are back in our physical bodies, without the memory what the mission is, but our intuition and heart will guide us through. We are beings of light, we are the gatekeepers.

Note Tauno:

Lisa, now I remember a tall Being of golden Light in a room that was shining, the yellow color indicated the Arcturians indeed, at the end of my meditation I saw one or two faces

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a natural clear crystal cluster, a giant one and behind it there was a beautiful land, next I saw a waterfall like Niagara, streams of water were falling as separate sleeves from the rocks and the waterfall was long and slightly curved like Niagara. I got a sense then of being in a forest and at the same time in Cosmos.
Then I saw the Earth from Space like a giant cotton wool flower and the Light was extending on Earth as if the flowers in the garden that spread and gradually fill the whole garden. I received a message that was – do not give up beaming your Light far and wide, you have to be strong, put all your efforts in your mission because now the old paradigm is being destroyed, it is hard, it is painful for all of you but you fight for your freedom, it make take you long time but finally the victory will be yours and you will be as you want to be.

Crystal Connection 26 March

notre dame

Source picture:

I see first a rose window of the Notre Dame church in Paris. Then I see a winterscape and a big crystal pyramid. I go inside and I see the pool of water again but the water looks gold and silver. I go in and let myself float and I start to meditate, connecting with the golden and silver strings of the water. Connecting with the ONE , connecting with Arachanai. I ask about the 4 and the letter S Tauno saw in OLA. 4 is the four cornerstone that I am for everybody providing S stability . But S  also means spirituality , self awareness , safety and strength.

Note Tauno:

Next to S4 I saw an octahedron and an Angel there, the mermaid was also in and the Angel with the wings was like a butterfly and we were this Angel because our energy combines and this way has the power of an Angel.

Update comment : Lisa, as far as the meditation of 26th March is concerned – at this meditation at the beginning I thought of you and I received a vision at the very beginning of the meditation grey threads and had the feeling of grey long hair, grey roots of a tree, grey wizard`s beard, now as I read about you being in the hall of records as an old man I continue to be amazed of the potentials of our connection, this only has to be experienced to become believable, really amazing, I become more and more sure !

Update comment dreamwalker444(Troy) :

Lisa, these are similar themes to what I saw in my recent dream on the (Athabantian?) where I met Adrial… Stained glass windows, gold pathways, flowing water. I’m not sure which ship it was – next time I’ll have to try to remember to ask! :-)


Crystal Connection – Tauno
I had trouble concentration but I have got some visions,I connected with Egypt and I “borrowed” the Sphinx, I was there and was watching through the eyes of the Sphinx , I saw the Pyramids there and the people down and I sensed a strong vibration in my Heart, like the Sound of Burning, like a Sun.

The Rune GEBO came written of dots in yellow and blue color this way – yellow next to blue next to yellow next to blue… I thought about Lisa and our conversation that we had earlier today, as the conversation was going I had an inner fight that came from the thought of being separated from people that I feel very attracted to, this happens in my life with so many friends I have, I am separated due to different circumstances and interferences and now I do not want this to happen again. I got a vision of a craft, a shining Arcturian craft of golden and blue Light and I saw an Arcturian face, this was one of the crew who connected with me, the chin was sharp and the eyes were big and dark and I got this message ” You will never experience this separation again”

Then I saw a woman from Scandinavia, a shaman woman that I have seen on U-tube, she is tall, long blond hair and was dressed in a wide blouse with some signs written on it and she was walking before me and we entered a room, a lamp was on there and there were many shelves with all kinds of jars, bowls, plants, wooden items, pots, then we were walking in a forest, I saw her before me and the ground under our feet, I saw the autumn leaves on the ground and the path, the woman transformed into a Being with mantle, then Spirit, then I saw Mother Mary walking before me, and Angels too and we started to run, I was running after them and a Golden Light energy speeded our run and we started flying through the forest and there came a Portal and this portal was leading me into the New Earth, I saw again the mountains and the mountain top of pyramid shape, the blue sky too, it was so beautiful. Then I connected with the Wolf and we were so close together as if I hugged the Wolf.

Crystal Connection 25 March 2013

hall of records

Source picture:

I see silver stars up in the night sky. I find myself in an underground (between inner earth and surface earth}, in the library where all the knowledge, all the books that were written on earth and future books. I am one of the library protectors. It is late and I am sitting in a small library, reading a golden book , with golden letters, this book only contain two golden pages. Every time I touch it, it changes text. Next to me is my big round moss agate wheel , with carvings in it, star positions, universe, some strange configurations. Here I am a man, and I am wearing dark blue robe and I have long white hair. I feel I am @ peace.

Note Tauno:

We are progressing and become stronger together, I always feel when You are connected, Lisa, the dark blue robes appear recently in my meditations, the first time there was Mother Mary dressed in Dark Blue and watching the Earth with me from Space, next – the Being with dark blue robe and the hood that gave me Light from the Hert and the Rune GEBO that is a sign of cooperation and balance and also  a gift/I feel this Being carrying wizard`s vibes and today I got the feeling that this was one of the Norns – the Past because after this vision I saw the running people/, Elvi knows that she is one of Mother Mary`s incarnated facets here, it resonates with my feeling of her connected with Basted/ Bastet is connected with mother and female vibrations/, then I saw some nuns dressed in dark blue robes last night. I feel you were in the Hall of records and connected with the Sphinx /Feline, Cat , Lion Highly Advanced Race/

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw a caduceus of Light, it was in human form and from the heart area there was strong Angelic Light that was shining with White. Then Lotus I saw, a ray of Light from the lotus up into Space , more Lotus flowers situated on some kind of columns and connecting us with Space, then the Lotus flowers turned into big mushrooms and the sun was shining over them.
Then I saw the Rune ALGIZ and I heard the Angels singing again, then I remember flying with the Rune TIR above the New Earth, green mountains I saw everywhere , at the distance the mountains had blue peaks with white snow on the peaks, green valley and a river, the river was straight like a street, mountains everywhere and a clear blue sky above, it was so beautiful.

Crystal Connection 24 March 2013

delta river

I see Koi fish, and I am standing at the river, it is early morning. Now I am standing in the river, and with all rivers, streams, it is like life, it searches its way through untill they merge with the sea, the one. I am standing on the beach and I see a monolith with strange markings. Then I see the rune PERTH, after that I fell asleep. (When you read what the rune Perth means, just bear in mind that I knew nothing about this rune, only when I saw it in my meditation and I had to look it up what the rune I saw meant. Then when you read the one in bold, it is so in line what I saw here in this connection.)


Key Phrase

‘Make your own choices

and take charge of your own destiny.’

Associated Colour


Associated Herb


Associated Gemstone


Associated Tree


Associated Myths and Deities

Freya, Angrbode. Sacred to Frig – the All-Mother.

Manifestation Uses

Divination; new beginnings; enhancing psychic abilities, prophecy and insight; luck in action. To help to make clear choices; for fertility and growth on all levels. Prophesies.

Relationship Interpretation

Hidden aspects within the relationship.

Healing Colour and Qualities , Black.

To strengthen the mind and for the healing of mental disorders.

Pertho Drawn Upright

PERTHO is ‘Experience.’

Pertho is the seventh rune of the second Aett. It is the fourteenth rune in total and is one of mystery. It in itself, holds the mysteries of the Nordic Runes, as it is the rune of the Vitki or Runecaster of old; the one who seeks the mysteries of the Universe through the understanding of synchronicity. It is the rune of the warrior who constantly tests himself against chance and luck.

Traditionally, the Pertho rune is seen as either a ‘dice-cup’ or a game (chess) piece. This not only fits the shape of the rune, but also hints to the objects original use as a container in which to keep runes.

Pertho represents mandatory changes brought about by external forces. Pertho is the ‘width’ measurement of life. It indicates not how long you live your life, but how well you live it.

Pertho, in its essence, represents the happiness of being alive and the joy of living.

The Pertho rune’s basic symbology is that of a vessel or cup, nurturing and giving ‘birth’, keeping secret and hidden all those mysteries that can only be uncovered after the initiation of death, to rebirth. In this way, it is also associated with the womb, uterus or vulva as symbology for holding and containing life until birth. It is a rune of the feminine and is pertaining to female matters including fertility and birth.

The Perthro rune is closely tied in with the Wyrd and the idea and concept of ‘fate’; that the road we travel, regardless of what we choose along the way, is pre-determined from the moment of birth. The very act of being born sets us along a course of cause and effect, action and reaction. Pertho is the beginning of this process, as well as the tool for accomplishing it.

Throughout life, the games we play, both as children and adults, can be high-staked risks or games just for fun. As with all games, we experience them and learn from them. Pertho is the experiences dealt in the ‘game of life’. Through winning and losing throughout life, we gain experience. With this we learn lessons and gain wisdom. Pertho is therefore, a rune of self-awareness.

Pertho is a rune that says that deep transformative powers are at work. It is the rune of ‘what has yet to be revealed.’ It is the rune of taking chances. It can indicated mystery and secrecy.

Drawing the Pertho Rune tells you that you always have a choice in everything you do and say, in every situation or encounter. Your emotions and actions are your own and cannot be manipulated by others, unless you allow it. Pertho is telling you to claim your personal power in regards to the choices

you make in life, particularly at this time. Do not allow others to compromise your truth. Do not allow others to prevent you from doing what you want and need to do. Only YOU know what is right for you, so have trust in yourself and faith in your decision-making skills.

There may well be surprises, gains or rewards that you did not anticipate coming your way. The Pertho rune often brings in the unexpected and in a reading it is important to consider the other runes around it, upon interpretation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I saw a big pink Lotus open and a Portal going up from it, at the other side of the Portal there was an Arcturian craft with saucer shape. then more visions of Lotuses I had and a pink/orange Lotus too, the Mermaid was there too. Jeshua came of Golden Light as a vision and there were other Masters there too.
Light in my pineal gland I sensed and I saw a Being watching me, then a dead person and another, more dead people I saw and I sensed Santa Muerte`s Presence, I tried to move my focus from these visions to visions of Light but I only saw many people running in horror on the surface, I feel this was a vision from a past life because all these men, women and children were dressed like people from 19 century of before and they all were bare feet, Angels , Huge Angels Guardiand were walking after them and were giving an invisible support of the running people, then I saw many Beings of Angelic vibrations that were standing side by side and in a straight row, Perhaps nuns, with dark blue covered heads and bodies, I saw their profiles while they were praying and bowing, it was a kind of funeral ceremony perhaps. Then I entered a tunnel/Portal and I went faster and faster and the Rune TIR was leading me, I felt like flying as a racket with the Rune till there came Light and a Being inside the tunnel.

I remember what I saw at the end of the tunnel, the Galaxy, it was shining with all colors.

Crystal Connection 23 March 2013

golden clock

Source picture:

I see a white mermaid sitting on a rock in the water. I see dolphins jumping out of the water. I see from above a green landscape , it seems to be Abi-Qor. I see then at first only green around me. Then I see a golden clock and it seems to be tied to my moss agate. The numbers on the clock are fading and they disappear. And I see the past,present and future at the same moment.

Note Tauno:

– oh, I saw the mermaid, dragonfly , Angel, dear Lisa and I was connected with my green Dragon again before I saw the woman in white with the flowers
Love You my sister

– Lisa, I also remember when sending Light to Mother earth how the chains of the matrix of ignorance of Life are broken , Angels came through my channel right into the Core of Gaia and broke the chains with Angelic LIGHT and LOVE, it is so wonderful, we are so connected, now I am wearing my moss agate again, and you mention this

Crystal Connection – Tauno

As I closed my eyes I saw Angels coming to me as a beautiful living picture of a famous artist. I saw a woman dressed in white dress and she had dark blue color on her sleeves , the woman had long wavy brown hair and was on a green surface with white flowers, I watched her from above and gradually i started raisin higher and higher, the woman with the flowers became smaller as continued rising up and far into Space, I watched it from Space till this vision was left down the tunnel, I continued rising and this portal that I was going through rotated counter clock and  I got a sense of watching the Milky Way Galaxy.

Then I felt the Void, only My Presence was there into the dark, there came Angels next and I started to create a planet, I saw quite clear, as if i am not with my physical eyes closed a Spark, a strong shining golden Spark of Light, it was moving into the darkness, then another Spark came, they two connected with a ray of golden light and formed a kind of “bridge ” between them, then a third Spark I saw and they disappeared. I saw vague Light coming …violet, blue and white colors…a new world I saw and Angels were there, a sky of blue, pink and yellow lights and at the center two Beings – male and female sitting side by side as a representation of a GOD, they were sitting in a sphere of roses and rose, light blue and pink colors, the sphere rotated and turned into a Planet, i saw this Planet flying in Space and my Heart Chakra expanded and gave LOVE.

Then I was in the void again, only me and my presence, I realized that there is no fear because the Source is always with me and I live in the source and the Source lives through me, I am  infinite like the Source. A being with dark blue robe appeared, this Being was with a hood and came from Higher dimensions, a sphere of Light came from HIS/HER Heart …blue colors, into this sphere there were golden sparks of Light, The Being sent me Light from the Heart, the Sphere went into HIS/HER Heart and came up again giving me Light again  and this was it three times and the Rune GEBO appeared on the Sphere that was from this Being`s heart. I feel this Being  both as mother Mary and Santa Muerte and this connection was so strong with me. I saw some other Angelic Beings after this connection