Dream 30 June 2014

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I find myself in a hospital bed, struggling to breathe. A doctor examines me and says why it has been difficult for me to breathe. It is because I have a mild heart attack. Now I leave the hospital, and I find myself in a sort of reception room (It is like a tower where operators work to safely land planes at the airport) and I see a man and a woman with a sort of headphones. The woman said that she had received an extra-terrestrial message and I asked her to just play for me. We stare at a small TV screen and on the screen, what looks like an alien that he has a kind of green plastic mask. Everything feels fake, and I tell them that the message probably is false and that we should ignore it.

The dream changed and I am in one of the major corridors of a shopping centre and I look out onto the street. Suddenly I hear everybody scream of an alien attack and when I look up , I see thousands of ships in the air, ready to attack. I see one of the ships diving down. (When I look back on the dream, it seems to me the ships were from our own government, and it is a false flag attack). I quickly run home and go to the attic (my kids play there) where I pick up my children and bring them to safety.

We walk towards the mall, but now I see that there are two corridors where one can go through.  One of them seems to be a tunnel and there is a soldier in front of it. For one reason or another, I knew I had clearance for my children to pass through. The soldier let them through, but I did not follow them, I knew that they were saved. I’m going to the other entrance into the mall. Once inside I see another soldier pointing all people where they should go to shelter.  I finally find my children in the tunnel, it is poorly lit with candlelight and the kids are scared and crying. I grab them and place each of them on my knee and hold them tight to comfort them. (Then I had a sense of why we were there, because we all have the same energy signature that is why we were allowed to go into the tunnel)

Now I’m back in the same place in the mall and look out to the same street. I feel that something is about to happen, I feel a kind of wave energy coming through and suddenly there are brown birds falling onto the street. Everyone is recommended to listen to music so we are protected from this deadly energy wave. There is a music store close by and they sell cell phones. I take one of the mobile phones and listen to music.

The dream changes and I find myself in space looking down at the earth. The earth seems super big, I can only see half of the body and if I’m on the dark side. I see dark blue water and continents shrouded in black. I watch one of these Galactic ships sailing past and open a kind of wormhole. (It almost looks like when they turn on the Stargate (Stargate SG-1) and the swirl that comes out) Slowly I see the ship going into what looks like a water wormhole …. zoeffff … and they are gone. Ship and wormhole disappeared instantly.

I find myself in a sort of warehouse, cruise ship and I sit on a stone bench in a sort of auditorium. There are many people around me and it looks like they are very hungry. I’m the only one eating, and when I could no longer stand that they were staring at me, I stood up. I asked them if they wanted to eat something and everyone nods. Ok I say, I’m going to get food for you, and I saw all the faces lightening up with happiness.

Dream 27 June 2014

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I was in the city and the sun is setting on beautiful clouds. One of the clouds was shaped in the shape of a face and the sun was playing beautiful with different kind of orange shades. So I take out my camera to take a lot of pictures until it is out of side behind those tall skyscrapers. (Funny when I came home I saw almost the exact face in the clouds, colored by orange and yellow rays of the sun)

The dream changes and places me in a sort of twilight zone, between dimensions. I can’t see the dimension I am in very sharp, everything looks hazy. But the scenery feels peaceful, I see a couple of farmer houses with red roofs. Now I walk to the building to my far right and as I enter I see I am in a sort of pub. Young and old men are occupying to pub and one of them say I came to the right place.

I ask him what is the right place? And he says you are in the middle of everything. (In the dream I get a feeling that I am on an island, and not an ordinary island, but an island in the middle of the world and in another dimension. And from this place I go anywhere in the world, it is all the same distance.)

The last piece of the dream wasn’t peaceful but scary. It is night and I am lying in my bed next to my husband. We are on the first floor of our house. It seems the first floor is at the attic as the window is sloping and I can see out side. Below me I see a roof and another adjacent roof. Two men dressed in black are climbing over the roof, so I wake up my husband to tell him what is going on. He leans over me to take a good look outside. In my panic I want to close the window, but by then the two robbers where already opening the window. One of the guys has a big knife in his hand and tries to stab me…but I manage to take his hand and stab him with his own knife…then I woke up out of this terrible, but realistic dream.

Dream 18 June 2014


A Is my Galactic Pod Ship. B Is the ship that rescues us out of the ruble.

I only remember my dream in pieces, here and there.

The first thing I remember is entering my Galactic Pod ship that was custom made to my needs. See drawing A. I am off to space. The dream changes and I am now in a building on mission, a mission to rescue my family. I found Nolwazi and Sarah and some other family members. But there also others that don’t belong to my family and as we are outside, I am trying to keep the glass door shut so that they won’t come out. The problem is that some of my family was still trapped on the other side and I was wondering how to get them out whiteout letting escape the non member family. But before I could think of something the whole building explodes trowing me far away.  I see the building first in a big fireball and then crumbling down like breadcrumbs. Some of the rubble lands on my family and buried them deep under need them.

I felt so said until a voice in my dream said that everything will be OK with them, whatever it seems now. 

Me and another family member are left over but we are still in danger. A kind of small golden ship with alien symbols on it and blue half stones in the middle with strange markings comes by. It has handles on the end of the ship and we both hang on this handles and fly away. See picture B.

In my last dream I am hold prisoner in some sort of hospital with my friend who I consider my sister. They are doing some experiments on me and my sister to enhance our abilities. But one of the nurses is really mean to me and she saying nasty things about me and taking me to an open window threatening to trow me out. One of the nurses that was sitting on a bench next to me told the nasty nurse to quite.  As I looked out the window I can see we are on the first floor and what a great opportunity to escape. And that is what I and my sister do, we jump out of the window and run away.

It is evening and we are at a pool party, but some of the treatments are not for free and we don’t have any money. We decide to leave the party by jumping into the other empty swimming pool, and we have fun swimming across. We get out of the pool and we see in the darker part, another big pool but the water looked kind of dark. We jump anyway in it but as soon as I start to swim I don’t feel save. I feel like shadows are swimming along me and I get out of the swimming pool real quick. So I shout to my sister to come out of the water as it was not safe. Then I see a big lion shadow going for her and I am shouting, and shouting to hurry up. Luckily she made it out of the water on time.

After a week on the run and hungry we decided to get back to the hospital. We see that they were clearing the hospital, I see the guards and they recognize us and let us in. All the staff there were surprised that we came back. One of the nurses leads us back to the check up room to see if we were OK. Then one of the heart meters went crazy and I don’t know if it was mine or my sisters.

I wake up half and have a dream/vision/fantasy? seeing that I was the one having a heart attack (it was strange as I was both awake and seeing myself in my dream, dying, floating above my body). It was the military who wanted to get things along and they induced a  heart attack to raise my abilities, so when I got half conscious , I was able to float some medical instruments in the air and then I went under again. I am next to my body again and I see that they take my sister away as she was no longer needed. They were focusing on me as it seems my abilities got advanced enough and they are rolling me out on a stretcher, they are going to take me to a very secret location where they can experiment further and…. then I really woke up out of this crazy dream.

Dream Friday the 13th of June 2014 – this Full Moon in Sagittarius – June 12th/13th


Russel Crowe as demon in the movie "Winter's Tale" Source picture: http://www.joblo.com

Russel Crowe as demon in the movie “Winter’s Tale”
Source picture: http://www.joblo.com


Wow, when I read that it was a full moon from the 12th to 13th of June, no wonder I had such powerful dream. (*PD is my paranormal detector that said some words when I was typing up this dream)

Full Moon article:Musings of a Full Moon

I was in a student house again with a lot of people and friends. We are in the living room and it is very crowed. We are watching TV but suddenly when I saw some images on the TV and I had the urge to walk out of the house. Also some people wanted me to leave the house. I had this book with copper cover in my hands, the person who gave it to me , made such a beautiful painting on it.

I am standing in a building complex with a lot of green area park’s around it. So I am standing with two other friends and in the distance I see horses running to a particular building , away from it and come back in a circle movement. That was the way to go my friends. We were walking up to this huge building, because we now something dark is coming our way.

The scene changes and me and my friends are standing in a room. In my hand I have a golden curved sword or “scimitar”  with strange symbols written on it. A carpet is lying in front of our feet. My friend, she knows a bit of magic and she has some papers with strange magic words on it. My other friend is the first one to read the strange readings and she did a pretty good job. But when it was my time, I had some trouble to read them properly and my friend got a bit frustrated by it.

When I look down I see the carpet took on some red, green, blue and orange lighting colors. They were swirling through each other. My friend is still upset and said the magic didn’t do as it was supposed to do and she walked away.

As I wanted to follow her, suddenly the carpet was whispering to me, whispering to come and lie down onto his magic. As I couldn’t feel anything malicious from it, I decided to lie down.

Wow, what happened next it was really hard to describe but I felt powers going through me, I see colored flashes of light before my closed eyes. My whole body was shivering and shaking and feel a powerful power surge going through me. Electricity was building up in side of me and I felt so protected and so powerful at the same time. I fear nothing or nobody. Finally I come out of this state and I stand up.

In the mean time my friend came back and I talked to her fluently in the language I couldn’t  pronounce in the first place. She is overwhelmed with what she is hearing and asked me what I have done. I told her that the carpet was talking to me to lie down on it. She get’s really angry with me, I don’t know if she gets angry because I took a big risk or that she didn’t think of it herself.

Anyhow the magic is now in me and is there to stay (even when I woke up , I still feel this powerful electricity and a different me going through my whole body). We have no time to argue about this as we can feel a wave of darkness coming our way. Immediately I stand up straight and close my eyes and let the power surge through me. The first thing I do is make a wall of light around the building, next thing I roll down all the blinds of the windows in the room we are standing. The room is curved as also the windows and we seem to be standing in a big eating facility with small tables and chairs. Then this dark fog of heaviness falls on to the building and we find ourselves in the dark. We feel the attack but they are not getting through. After a while I get bored and I demand that they give us light. The fog lights up a bit but not a lot so I demand that they give us more light by stretching out my powers to them. Now we can see enough of what is going on in the room.

I know the fight isn’t over yet. From here it get’s a bit confused as I don’t know what happened first or next, but then I get this through that time isn’t linear also , so it really doesn’t matter. And on this note I just write it down as I believed it happened, or maybe I was traveling through time in this dream. (*PD 96)

We are sitting at the tables when we get overrun by the people we saw in the student house (in the beginning of the dream) but they are possessed by shadows. They start to clean the whole place and also clean the tables. One of the people is the girl who wanted me to leave the house. I thought now the roles are changed.

I stand now on a stage where magical three books appear that will help us to fight of the demons and the dark minions. But I don’t know how it will work, but I have faith that when it matters, they come to our rescue.

The reason the place is getting cleaned by these shadows as a very high demon is coming to visit us and we are going to fight. I sit at the table when the demon appears and sits in front of me.  (The demon looks almost like Russel Crowe in the movie “Winter’s Tale”).

The first book is lying before me and I told him that I have a surprise for him. I open the book in the middle and a hologram appears. It is a light hologram (it looks like golden-yellow sparkles) of a face that almost looks like Jesus, but then it changes into a woman and she kisses the demon. The demon get’s upset and then disappears in thin air. The first victory is in.

Now we are under attack again by shadows and I open the second book. A pot (*PD roll) comes out of the book with colorful bubbles. I tell one of the shadows to put his fingers in the pot of bubbles. Something is stirring and a lot of  rainbow bubbles come flying out of the pot, popping every shadow out of our room. A second victory.

Suddenly one of my friends fly out of the building , right were the dark forces are. I open the last book and kinda of machine with a retractable claw arm. Because of a lot of magic and dark forces out there, my friend was floating in the air. I see on the other side of the building another dark black machine with also a retractable claw arm but with evil eyes painted on it, trying to grab my friend. But I am faster and I reach her before they do and real her in. A third victory.

Then I wake up out of the dream and I want to hold on to the dream but then a voice says that I don’t need to hold on. The voice says that I passed the test and for me no need to remember or dream anymore. But as I woke up completely after this, I didn’t forget the dream at all, only a bit of memory confusion of what came first or last.


Dream 10 June 2014

Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com

Source picture: lucas2012infos.wordpress.com


I was in an big white classroom, huge and it felt like round where there was a lot of computers were we were doing art projects on. I was working on an animation movie in this art school. (I felt like I was in this huge ship) As I stood up I could see out of the window my old art school and the art student flat that they were renovating.

It was time to have some lunch and I seem to be in a big eating hall with a lot of tables that were all taken. It took me long time to find any chair and table to sit as I seem to go round this big hall.

Finally I see one empty chair to sit on. I seem to sit with a lot of people, but two guys are standing out to me. The look like two Indian twins but there eyes are so strange, they had almond shape eyes and there pupils were white with black. Very strange to see but also comfortable as one of the guys seems familiar. He introduces himself and told me we met in an very early stage somewhere else, in another course. They say they are Arcturians.

The dream changes and I appear to be still in the eating hall but standing up reading or making an comic book about Arcturians, but I don’t understand the drawings that was in the comic.


When I woke up I thought of an article I read ” Lightworker Series Appendix A: Your Now Future Space Career Job Descriptions & Ship Names” saying:

You are now attending ship-side schools aligned to your skill-set, talents, plus your higher self’s requests, as well as your Starseed races’ specialties.

In dream recall, you remember sitting in an amphitheater or in a classroom or perhaps taking tests. These memories are from your current ship-side training. Once you leave the Matrix – and are fully trained and synthesized into your One Multidimensional  Self  – you will be engaged in a job / mission within your long-term space home. 

You can read more on:Lightworker series

This article also applies on my dream A Bed of Roses.

Dream 9 June 2014


My daughter Sarah petting the donkey.

I dream that I am in sort of zoo but it isn’t a zoo, only the set up looks like a zoo, but it is actual an animal gathering. There are so many people around, a lot of them are tourists, some of the people are here for a purpose. The animals that were there were special animals. The funny thing is that it wasn’t the people watching the animals, but the animals watching the people.

The reason for this particular gathering zoo was that the animals could look into the inner beings of humans. Every time an animal acknowledge the goodness in this human, points could be earned.

I come in a coral where a huge big black horse is lying down and there are a lot of people taking pictures. As I come closer, the horse turns his head to me, as I am at the coral, he puts his head into my arms and acknowledges me.

Also some birds, a particular green bird comes and sit on my shoulder, again acknowledging me.

I walk further and come into another coral where a sort of horse/cow stands and the face has the stripes of a zebra. Also this animal acknowledges me.

Then this gathering animal keeper comes to me and says I am doing a good job and earned more than 3500 points.


I believe that in this dream(s) that I have been tested and seems I am doing a good job so far.


Dream 2 June 2014: A bed of Roses

I am in a student flat and I am ready to go to class, but I can’t find my schedule of what class I have now. I am looking and looking while other students are leaving, but I still can’t find it and I can’t go as I don’t know where to go. Then I suddenly got an idea for what I can draw and got below drawing in my dream mind (and stayed when I woke up)

Dream drawing idea: hands crossed and overgrown by white roses and leaves with thorns. The arms and hands are also white. The leaves will be green , dusted with some snow.

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

This is the drawing I saw in my idea drawing dream. Copyrighted by Liesbeth Swenne

Then I find myself in the art class and the art teacher was putting different bears on the desk and was making a contest with the students. I didn’t approve it and I also let him know I didn’t. That was the end of my dream.


Crystal Connection 30 June 2013

Source picture:patricia-mosaicoseconchas.blogspot.com

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Lotus flower floating on the river, a giant bird with big wings of white and golden color flew out of the Lotus and there formed a Portal. I concentrated on the sound and I was sending to all of you the codes I was receiving, I saw all of us holding hands in a circle and there was a triangle in this circle and a triangular portal formed

Crystal Connection – Frila
These two days, I was not immune from the strange noise that keeps disturbing me, or even more that that. So again, thanks to Kenyon’s mp3 that may help me shield from that.

Today, I felt strong energy/codes pouring in, though almost no vision was sensed, except a Rune Tir downward and a Rune Ingwaz (symbolizing protection, and contains the idea of a beacon, a light shining in the darkness, and therefore, spiritual inspiration.)

I hence envisioned the giant flower of life covering the whole earth, and all the nodes on this flower receiving sufficiently the divine light codes, and then we poured all the light and love to Mother Gaia’s heart.


Note Lisa 10-07-2013: When I was creating this connection I went WOW, when I read this. I looked up the Rune Ingwaz and suddenly remembered that I saw this sign in a dream not long ago

Crystal Connection 29 June 2013

Source picture:indianinthemachine.wordpress.com –

I saw my crystal lightening up with white light. I am in space, looking down onto the Earth below me. I see all crystals on Earth activate and sending light beams to the ships, the beams are blue in color. I see all the ships rotating to deflect this energy light back to Earth to power it up.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I closed my eyes and got a vision of a human Ascending, wings of white Light and a Portal opened. I connected with Lady Portia and there was a Portal – a metallic construction covered with crystals and gemstones of all colors, I started climbing this “tower” that had a very Indian look.

Then I was flying over the Earth, an ocean was under me and the waves were traveling with me, with each wave there was forming a new area of the surface – mountains of green and blue, the New Earth, an Indian Guide was with me. I opened my eyes and OLA was so crystal clear like a raindrop in the mountain, She was giving white light. I focused my attention and sight on OLA and saw her aura of golden Light. I gave her a program again with the words
Love, Light, Ascension into the 5th dimension, Joy, Disclosure announcement, Connections with Our Star Families of Light, Home

I sensed a powerful energy in my hands holding OLA. She was shining and I could see nothing but OLA and my palms and my veins. The energy came out of OLA into my veins and into my heart and then back from my heart and veins into OLA forming a closed energetic circle

Crystal Connection 28 June 2013


Source picture:www.sacredkingdomessences.com

I see a big sunset golden landscape that fills my heart and makes my heart be big as the landscape. Crystal shaped monoliths are hanging in the air, 4 of them rotating clockwise. A ship is hanging above, sending light to them and they generate light and energy to the earth but we as a group standing there in white we also get the light and around us are our Chinese lightworkers making a bigger circle protecting us in the inner circle, giving us energy and vice versa ,like a star, it sends waves of light through everywhere. We are standing in Avalon, we are  working now to get these energies through the grid, through China and over the whole world, we are in a void and we have to fill it with light, don’t doubt,be positive, be centered. I see Akhnaton , he gives me the sun rays, we take it and lay it over the world, the rays of Amon-Ra, everything flowers – we are strong

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I connected with Isis again, golden and yellow colors and Sun energy, I saw a phoenix , the tail of the phoenix was growing and was so colorful, the Phoenix turned into a bird with Golden wings and I saw Isis , the bird was the Goddess, Golden leaves appeared, they started out of the nothingness, no tree, no plant, just the leaves of gold were forming, I saw a deer with antlers of these golden leaves, then a head of a wolf/dog and Set appeared dressed in golden robe.

I heard the Cobra and then there came the White Owl from the north-west, the Cobra and the Owl connected, I wanted to be both, such a strong inner desire to be Owl, to be Cobra
then I received a message from the Goddess – I want to connect with the Ancient Wisdom, with the Knowledge and this Knowledge now comes to me, the two merged. I was in a mountain then and saw OcaTawa coming down to me as a young Native American woman, She was smiling
I saw a white flower blossoming and then Lisa came into the meditation. I saw Angelic Being waiting under a Portal to help us move higher.

I was in an Ocean and connected with the dolphins, I saw many of them. And another message came. I sensed a negative energy directed to me and then I got the message:

You are free Spirit, nothing can bring you down unless it is not your own desire. You now experience your Divine nature and all that come to you can obey your will because all is your own creation. You Are the Gods in Your Reality and in Your own Universe. The soul seeks to join the other part of its essence and this is a Balance and there forms a Unit of the Whole. The journey continues further by joining and merging into Whole/Home All That Is
I sensed the Portal opening above my crown Chacra, I saw a thin line – my central channel and directed the Light from the Portal into the core of Gaia.

The Cobra was dancing in my Head and I felt a pain in my neck and head and saw a DNA Spiral that was drawn by Cobra`s body