Dream 13-02-2015: Dragons,magic and friendship

This is a capture of a dragon in the last episode; the loom of fate in the series Librarians.

This is a capture of a dragon in the last episode; the loom of fate in the series Librarians.

My good friend is a witch and told me that the world I am seeing now it not what it is in real time. He asks me if he can show it to me what he sees. I allow him to cast a spell on me to open my eyes of how the “real world” supposed to look like. The world I am seeing now is full of green gasses and I see people in a very deep sleep lying on the ground. The landscape around me is very dry and barren.

I get a tip/invitation from some unknown person to come North to come and collect something. I am going with a friend and the landscape we are driving through looks like we are somewhere in Norway. We arrive at a wooden house in the middle of the forest, but the person who contacted us is nowhere to be seen. The door of the house is open and we go in. There we find a book and a picture with 5 people I know very well. I thought they where dead, but this picture proofs that they are still alive. Also this person left a big map outside against the wall. But suddenly I feel trouble is coming our way and I tell my friend that we have to go out of here very fast. Outside I put the book and a bicycle (I am not figuring out why a bicycle) in the trunk of the car and we step in. Just as we are in the car a black car is coming in high speed towards us. They stop in front of us and start to shoot at us. I don’t let them continue and drive off in such a high speed, we leave them behind.

Now I am back in South Africa and I am driving home with my kids in the car. The very last strip of road I let my daughter (14 years old) driving the car. Just as I was resting and we are almost home, we come upon a roadblock from the police. I thought o no, I am busted. We stop and the policewoman gives me a ticket because I let my 14 year old daughter drive on the road. I said it was just one street, and we started to argue. It ended up that the police woman knocked me down and I ended up in the hospital.

In the hospital I am lying in bed and I have a gift to give myself a high fever because I didn’t want the police to take me back to jail. Before the doctor came in, some magic pencils where lying on the floor and I asked them to quickly disappear. They put themselves neatly on the rack next to my bed. I was thinking of the map I forgot and it seems the map heard my distress because it suddenly appeared on my lap.

The doctor, nurse and the police woman who knocked me in to hospital come into my room. The doctor is baffled why I still have such a high fever after these minor injuries. The nurse gave the doctor my fever history and noticed that the fever almost stays the same. The police woman asked the doctor if I could be discharged, but see says I need to stay in the hospital.

The dream changes and I find myself in a city that is situated against a mountain and has look over on the ocean, The road is winding around the mountain and I got follow it as I got an invitation to meet very important people (meeting ET brothers and sisters) and as gift I should bring some pencils. I am waiting at a bridge but then again I couldn’t stay as bad people where coming after me.

Dreamflight 1 Februari 2015 : Traveling through Time

Escape into the Potomac River

I stated that I wanted to make a dream flight visit. It seems I was training to have so time traveling under control.

I find myself at my workplace in the art school. I have to do some dance moves , but I keep on forgetting the sequence of the dance moves. My teacher boss isn’t happy about it, and pointed me that I forgot also other things. Even the big boss is coming to me and asking to speak to me as things are not going right. So I decided to quite my job as things is not going my way. They said to me if you change your mind we can always undo it for you.

Someone slips me extra medicine or drugs into my system and I am driving a bit groggy to work. I see on my right the building where I work with the little entrance to the garage.  I make my turn, but make my turn to wide because the drugs made my senses all mixed up, but luckily I don’t crash my car.

I don’t know where I am now, location unknown, but I feel in this space I can move through time if I make run as fast as I can. I go so fast and with my mind I launch myself through time, and I pass through a black locomotive that is not moving. When I am trusted out of the front of this locomotive, I land on the tracks in fetus position. My body was all steaming and my eye where closed. I was holding in my hands a fire ball. People come running towards me to help. As I get up I see that I landed in a black and white world, the sky is black and it seems that I landed in a war zone. We are next to a river and I see soldiers crossing a wide but shallow river. But the picture of this is strange, everything is black and white, but when I look down, I see green coming through the black and white making it like a two movies are pasted unto each other.

Time is shifting again and I find myself in the year 1996 and because I came out of nowhere they men in black suits captured me. I find myself handcuffed and locked into a tight glass cylinder, all closed. I am standing in front of a judge.

Crystal Connection 28 February 2013

Source picture: http://www.makewav.es 

Note: I didn’t do a connection, but I thought it was worth mention it what I was doing during connection.

Wow beautiful meditation. I forgot again , to busy cooking, cleaning and watching the kids. @ the moment you were doing a connection , I was watching with the kids Mermedia, Barbie fairy movie rescuing a mermaid prince. How is that. Because I was thinking of you Tauno. Love and light.

Note Tauno:
It is beautiful, Lisa 🙂 we are connected anytime. Stay true to Your Truth as You Are. White Horse is a confirmation of all positive that is waiting for us, now I am releasing tension via music, hard music heals my pain till I Shine again like a SUN, I know we are SUNS, my Sister and Our mission is to Shine 🙂
And the mail I sent:

Photo0292Hi Tauno and Leslee , the picture I took now (see above picture) , it feels like they are watching me. Last night I couldn’t connect because I was so busy with the girls and cleaning, making food. But when I went to sleep i asked if I could visit the Arcturian ship. But when I woke up I forgot my dream. Then Arachanai said I just have to focus on the feeling I had from this dream and uncover the true meaning. So I did , and remembered seeing Iltheos and Sarafina , training me in my gatekeeper role. Also giving me love , support and healing. Then I think I saw a flash image of I think the ship (Maybe Leslee you can verify?) I was in a hallway with arch bows that gave soft pastel lights, yellow, pink, orange and green, they were all separate arch bows with different colors. The I also saw someone, a shadow. When I read your connection  I thought wow, we did it again, but also different time lines. Love Lisa

Crystal Connection – Tauno
Thoughts from my everyday troubles occupied my mind and it was hard to me to concentrate, I was holding OLA and listening to the sounds that passed without a chance to feel a connection.

At the middle of my experience I heard the running water and I saw Light into my third eye and then I saw the White Horse, this creature comes from elven realms and carries the vibrations of Pegasus and Unicorn, I realized I am connected and this is a sign from Spirit, a good sign for a movement and change for better, just a confirmation of what the Runes show.

At the very end of my meditation before I open my eyes I saw myself over the calm water of the river, the flat surface of the river under the night sky was Lightened by many floating Lights on the water and behind there was the river bank and the city

Crystal Connection 25 February 2013

Source picture: http://www.serbagunamarine.com

Too tired to connect. Saw Iltheos smiling at me and give me love and comfort. And I saw a glimpses of new earth. A summer purple flower field, swaying big green trees and an air of tranquility . Love Lisa

Crystal Meditation – Tauno

Shiva came in front of me giving Blissful energy. I saw two Roman priests doing a ceremony. Light was Golden and was coming from the hands of the Creator and the Earth was there in the Golden energy of Light. I was somewhere in South America and saw ancient color drawings on stone representing human figures with animal heads, I saw a stone monument of South American origin representing a God with human face.

Then I saw the Queen leaving , she was waving and smiling till the horses were walking into the misty land. I was standing in the Light of the New Era and was raised to a Palace of Light, I saw golden Angels in this Palace. Then I was on Earth again and I was over the ocean when Mother Mary/Jeshua – They Are One energy/Being came to me giving Blessing and i felt myself Ascending as I was giving light to the Earth, I raised high above the ocean in an aura of Blue Light and the feeling is unspeakable…total lightness and bliss , I radiated Light from my Heart

Crystal Meditation – 24 February 2013

Source picture: hindumythologybynarin.blogspot.com

Note: I didn’t do a connection but I wanted to mention this what happened, and how it connects with Tauno’s connection.

Hi Tauno, again just finished unpacking . I realized now that when you move, then you know how much stuff you have. Wouldn’t it be great in the new area you just dematerialize it and in you new place you materialize something new and fresh, only your personalized you carry in a small bag, because everything will be digitized. Anyway was too tired too connect even though I had some private time at time of the meditation. I saw an eye and I felt connected too you and Leslee.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
The Moon and the Sun merged their Silver and Golden Light into a White Gold that surrounded my body, the Light penetrated my Pineal gland and became a ray of light that I directed down into the earth.

I saw the Tree of Life and its roots were around a Lake. I closed the circle giving Light into the roots of the Tree of Life as I was breathing out and as I was breathing in I absorbed the light from my Pineal gland. I saw Shiva`s Face watching me. At the end of the meditation I saw an Angel – AA Michael. Then Mother Mary came and gave us Her Blessing.

Crystal Meditation – 21 February 2013


This drawing depicts how I felt at on moment at time during meditation.

I was actually over tired because the move is on Saturday. I saw a moving sphere with around two opposite rings, moving both in a different direction. I merged with Arachanai and sit and relaxed for a while and then my vision expanded into me being the tree of life and inside was my whole inner universe with my heart a central sun, I was rooted into Gaia and my branches were reaching, grounding into outer space. I saw stars and then I saw a crystal bridge being formed, like the movie the last Mimzy (see picture below of what I saw), a bridge through time, space, dimensions ,universe, and I was traveling through.

the last mimzy

Source picture: http://www.ugo.com

I am now in the ocean, it is dark but the water is been brighten up with millions of yellow shining water stars. It is beautiful to see. Then a explosion of white and yellow light within me and I find myself in an Arcturian healing pod and I just let go, it feels so amazing and I open my heart to it. I see Iltheos smiling @ me and says I don’t have to be so hard on myself.

Wow, Lisa, the white and yellow light explosion was when I entered the Sphere, the Universe around me was of Golden/Silver Light and I also connected with the Arcturians and their craft
It is so wonderful to be connected this way
Love YOU

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had a difficulty to concentrate but I felt the Presence of a Huge White elven butterfly, later I saw the blue/green butterfly too and some of my visions were connected with White Angelic beings visions, Portals of dark blue color and energy like a smoke. I saw Arcturian faces again and their craft into the DNA spiral.

I entered the Sphere of All Possibilities and saw mother Mary`s face looking at me
All over there was LIGHT and the Universe around my Solar Plexus chakra was of Golden/White Light. I imagined my Future self as a White Angel working together with My Friends on a project for the betterment of ALL, Arcturians were also there, they were working with us and we can travel the Universe and experience total Freedom, the New Earth is clean and the air is fresh and full of potentials, the energies are uplifting. I asked Arcturians if it is their craft I saw, a big saucer with Light circles beneath and they were radiating rays of Light, I asked them if they are about to introduce us with the new advanced technologies and I felt – Yes

Crystal Connection 20 February 2013


I make a connection with my higher self Arachanaï and made a connection with the Arcturian energy. I see Iltheos waiting for me, he is holding his hands in a bowl shape and over his hands is hovering a energy orb. He keeps it afloat in the air. It is a pure white energy orb (the same one I saw in a dream)and as I approach, softly the orb is floating to my hands, also keeping the orb afloat in the air. Iltheos speaks: “ imagine that the universe is inside your belly, at the solar plexus, and your heart is the central sun of this universe. (see the drawing left I made of how I felt)

What amazing feeling just imagining this. My pains temporary fade away because I have put my crystal in my belly button and my hands on top of it. My hands got warm and pain went away. Then the tree of life grows out of my belly button and is huge and connects with the universe outside. Then the vision changes seeing an eagle flying over Abi-Qor. I have a feeling something is going to manifest very soon at Pagosa Springs.

Note Tauno:
Lisa, I was using the Sphere of all Possibilities too, what a connection we made again, OLA was on my Solar plexus chakra. I remember many people moving and generating HUGE and Powerful wave of Light energy like an Ocean of Light in Space, People are using their Power Now, it is such a happy feeling! I am so happy, Lisa!

Note leslee:
It’s so wonderful reading these and feeling your connections with Iltheos and the Ocean of Light! Did I mention that I saw golden slits in the sky when I was flying from Phoenix to Portland on Monday? 😀

My response to Leslee: Hi leslee, yes you mentioned the slits in the clouds. How is it there, I read on STC that you are on vacation? That is wonderful. I had a dream last night that I was in Vatican city trying to uncover the secrets and I was chased by the Vatican guards.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had a long meditation with lots of visions and I may forget some of them while writing but this is also the Spirit guidance what to remember.

I saw a swirl of Golden Light, a fiery tunnel that swirled , then the color became green and yellow, merged, then green and a little red. I went through some tunnels and on was on a highway up and straight on. I saw a DNA spiral and inside of it a Craft, a Light came out from the craft, beams of Light, rays of light and more strands DNA were activated, the DNA changed form and instead of spiral became something like a straight tube/channel.

Angels and Lights appeared in Space and into the Light that was shining. I saw a pink flower, the flower was alive and communicated with me, it smiled and became a portal, I entered into this portal
I saw a black/white photo from the time of World War II and a woman there, this woman connected with me and wanted to tell me something, I saw another photo of the same period, a leader dressed in a military uniform was greeting some soldiers in front of a plane.

Then the Native American Chief appeared, he was wearing white and black macrame. Then I called my dragon and the Dragon immediately appeared – blue and green and full of potentials, I asked my dragon to take me through the portals and we went through some dark blue tunnels. Abi–Qor was waiting for me, I was looking in Abi-Qor`s direction and then the formation of the Sphere began. My Solar plexus chakra became the center of the Universe.

I imagined my Future Self living on the New Earth of beauty and perfection, everywhere is so clean and the energies are so uplifting and you have a feeling of floating in this ocean of Happiness, Joy and High energies, everything is possible I connected with my Future Self, I was working together with my friends on a project, we were giving help of other civilizations to evolve, the colors of the new Earth are white, blue and green mostly, as living in clouds and there is freshness of air and a feeling of Bliss

Update on this Crystal Connection by Tauno
WOW, I am still in the wonderful Golden energies of the new earth, it is so wonderful, all over there is a new higher energy, we are drawing it near and this is almost our reality, I cannot describe in simple words all this feeling, I saw the energies of Light coming to us from all over the Universe, many craft sending Light, the hands of the Creator, i was so close to all this, We Are Loved. Arcturians connected with me showing me their craft and i was inside their craft, I met a crew member and asked about the name – I got OMEGA, Arcturians craft is multidimensional, it has many facets in the many time lines, something similar to this dance of India where many people stand behind one and we see one person with many hands. Inside the craft I had a feeling of being in Open Space, it is beautiful.

I saw a crystal DNA codes that were sent to me and then Portal opened. There came a vision of a clear quartz pyramid too, it was in Space. The Arcturians are so friendly, I saw their faces again and i expressed my gratitude and became Pure LIGHT, I felt myself radiating Golden Light, I was like a Sun and my aura was the whole Universe and it was of Golden Light , there were some shadows there but my Light has the Power to transmute them into Light. I also saw many directions opened before us, a ladder of clear crystal was there, a Gate open too, everything is available to Us who are following the Spirit

Crystal Connection – Vee

I meditated holding my clear quartz crystal and amethyst.  I had a
vision of a structure.  It was shaped like my quartz crystal, very
tall. It had a design on it that looked like window panes that covered
the structure from top to bottom. Also everything looked white. I saw
three children at the base of the crystal structure doing something to
the structure but I couldn’t’ really see what they were doing.  In
fact, I’m not sure they were children. They seemed to be surrounded by
something white also.

I had another vision a couple of nights ago during meditation. It
disturbed me. I saw an aluminum bucket with a clear plastic bag
sitting inside and it had a label on the front of the bag with
something written on it. The content was a yellow liquid. I felt it
was a poisonous gas.

Crystal Connection 17 February 2013


Source Picture: novelreaction.com

I connect with the moon that i see outside my window. I see a strange forest, and then it hit me that I am looking @ a underwater forest . I am standing in my lab, huge windows that look out on this strange forest. There is a huge moonstone in my lab and I take my crystal and connect with it. I have strong powerful feeling, Leslee and Tauno are there too, and someone I don’t know yet. The last image I see is Iltheos again. Love Lisa

Note Tauno: WOW, Lisa , it happens again, the underwater forest is the elven forest I was in one of my previous meditations and this evening I saw all of us in a forest again and this forest was connected with Abi-Qor
Love You!

Crystal Connection – Tauno
OLA showed me all of us standing in a row on a high place and watching Abi-Qor beneath, the place was beautiful, the ground unred our feet was brown and the rocks in the distance below were blue and there was a thin mist , then I saw us as Trees growing in the elven forest over Abi-Qor
I was receiving DNA activations, vacuum in memories, no definite visions
I saw the Shaman and heard the song, I heard the shaman drum too and became One with the sound, my Spirit was no there my Spirit was traveling somewhere till I saw AA Michael coming from above and I saw me as One with all Lightworkers, we were holding the Earth and there was a huge ray of Golden Light embracing the whole planet, we caught the Light and were holding the Planet, we are the Light knights of AA Michael`s

Crystal Connection 16 February 2013

light chamber

Source Picture: takepillsdie.blogspot.com

I am standing in , and I got told , Arcturian ship. I am welcomed by an Arcturian Iltheos ( I received a confirmation that it was indeed Iltheos coming to me, this is so exciting). He leads me, or zaps me to the healing deck. There is a lightpod for me, and I am invited to go in. My medical team is there too. I receive healing light but @ the same time I get encoded with new light DNA.I just let go and float in the light, I surrender. I feel it replaces my bodily cells and the feeling of being made of light. The feeling goes up my legs, belly, arms, all the way up to my head. I feel like being replaced. Awesome feeling . I also receive downloads and I open my heart and I let go of all the pains in this life and other lives. The vision changes and I am alone in the crystallarium in Abi-Qor , meditating in front of a big Lemurian healing crystal emitting green and gold healing light to me. End meditation. After a few minutes I hear some one calling my name. And the message , follow your heart.

Note Tauno: WOW 🙂 I am amazed that there is again so strong connection, Lisa

Note KP confirmation: Hello dear Lisa. Wow. Look at that. I have just seen your e-mail because I was listening to last week’s interview of Norma Milanovich, author of the book ‘we, the Arcturians’! And the link of the interview was sent to me by Leslee. Is this all a meaningful synchronization or what? . Iltheos tells me that it sure is . Yes, he tells me that it was him that came to you. One of the reasons is that we are connected in a very deep way, as same happens with the rest of our close friends. Our meeting is not random at all and another reason for your encounter, is that it is time for you to get closer in contact with the arcturian energy. Iltheos tells me that you’ll understand the reason(s) in due time. I’m so happy when these synchronizations happen ! Much Love to you, dear Lisa.

Crystal Connection – Tauno
I saw the Rune Gebo and the hands of a Higher Being of Light crossed in front of the breast and were forming GEBO
I saw the Owl that was looking at me.
Extremely green colour between the Sun and the Moon and the Lights of the sun and moon merged into Light that went into my pineal gland and I started breathing into a sphere of Light. AA Michael came and I saw Him with His Golden Light wings, A feeling of Bliss and Peace.