Crystal Connection 23 -27 december 2013

Atlantean Temples

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

At 23 & 24 evenings, I seemed to first get into the elven realms in inner earth, and led to the Master Crystals of Atlantean Temples. On those days, as well was the days before that, the one(s) that I approached is/are giant white crystal pillar or elongated conic crystals, whereas on 26, 27 I was activated or poured the energy by the Blue one. I’m not sure if the fire crystal that Tyberonn had mentioned is Ruby or something else. It seems that the Master crystal that I was led to in the last two days radiates rather pink light. I saw this kind of light even beyond the moment of our connection.

Crystal Connection 22 December 2013

J.M.W Turner

J.M.W Turner

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I connect with my crystal and he takes me back to a scene that looks a lot like J.M.W Turner, an English artist. I am standing at a long stretch of land that goes way in to the sea and from there I can look into the harbor and city. It is a bright, blue clear sky, morning and I see a white portal, long gothic white doors, opening in the air, it looks so unrealistic. I see ships (like the ones almost in the movie “children who chase lost voices” but these ones have white sails blowing up by the wind. I see thousands of thousands of souls upon those ships and can feel the happiness and love coming from them. I see in the portal appears a vortex and they go in, leaving 3D and 4D behind. I feel happy. I feel in the near future our turn will come.


Crystal Connection – Feilla

I first sensed a white tubular flower whose pistil was towards my 3rd eye. Then there was a very long time that I sensed nothing but energy. Then appeared successively a portal of a white ethereal rose at my right and then a wave of liquid platinum with numerous emerald oil dripping on it, appearing at my left. Very strange vision.

Crystal Connection – Troy

I had a brief look at a Dojo, it was in a gully between two gray slabs of mountain, pointing vertically into the sky. There was mist around the Dojo. It was at a high point of a mountain, so there was no rock above it. Blue sky behind it. The Dojo itself was white, it had a wood laminate floor. Japanese design. Outside could be any kind of weather, but inside there was always peace. It glowed with the warmth of many candles.

At meditation time today I felt my whole body shake.  My thoughts also turned towards gratitude to everyone who has helped me on my path. Thank you. 

I then thought about Santa of Agartha. Tauno mentioned Gandalf working with the elves… And I recall seeing myself as the Green man outlined in the grass this summer. The man who works with elves. Would the real Santa please stand up? Ha, I’m sure it’s a case of mistaken identity. Santa brings presents of light… It is up to us what we do with it.

Namaste (hohoho)

Love and good tidings 

Crystal Connection 21 December 2013

pearly white

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I see myself emitting out white pearly starry light, emitting innocence light out to the world in spirals I see my youngest daughter eyes of innocent in front on me and I tap into that innocence and emit it from out of my heart, I feel my self lifting up into the northern lights shaped in a heart and I feel like hanging there and emitting out that light, I see a white glowing cross, I see moments flashing by of my childhood and other momentum’s, I feel the retrograde of my heart and I feel the upgrading to innocence, I feel like I am at peace, I make connection with Pi , I see the pink blossom tree I feel light coming from his heart , it is blue electrical fire and it comes straight to my heart , I feel his love flowing through me, I understand, I feel the universe, I feel one, I feel like a child again.

Update, my hands got very hot when I was doing the meditation.

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I got relatively less visions in these two last sessions of connection and too many thoughts in my mind that distracted me seriously. Besides, after finishing them, I feel so tired to recall and take down what I had sensed.

Today, during the both connections, I still felt so cold. This situation didn’t change until the last moment when the second connection was almost finished.
1st session

During the session of the global connection, I saw a crystal pillar? which looked like bamboo, growing up gradually in the center.

I saw at my right a blond human look being which sex is hard to tell, obviously in beige ritual dress with golden lacing, wearing a crown in the same style, lying in a capsule which can barely contain him/her. He/she looks so serene as that he/she has slept for thousands of years. The head of the capsule was towards the 2h direction.

I might also see some pyramids, including the elongated ones. Besides, one’ peak was extending in the clouds of sky.

2nd session

I first was in an elongated pyramid, then saw successively various kinds of stuffs in space, that I cannot name at all. I don’t think what I saw were of their authentic forms/shapes. I sensed those might be some machines or devices, however, I have no idea at all about their function.

Once there also appeared an conic super seven crystal whose point was towards the 8h direction. This just reminded me of the capsule that I had just seen.

I was shown the number 4 not only once and a diamond which was penetrated by an axis.

Thanks to Lisa, that pink blossom tree just reminds me of the peach tree ( whose long leaves are relatively impressive) that I was shown.

I cannot recall the other part….

Anyhow, I’m so HAPPY to lead this wonderful moment with you.

p.s. The mulberry tree in Chinese legend is the very axis mundi. How could I forget it !!!


Number 4 resonates with the vibrations of practicality and responsibility, illumination and initiation, building solid foundations, stability and ability, determination and endurance, hard work and progress.  Number 4 also represents our passion and drive and encourages us to work harmoniously yet diligently to achieve our goals and aspirations. Number 4 is the number that represents the four elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, and the four sacred directions, North, South, East and West.

Angel Number 4 is an indication that your angels are offering you love, support, encouragement and inner-strength, enabling you to do what you need to do and achieve your goals with diligence and proficiency.  When you take positive action towards your highest intentions, aspirations and goals, the Universe works in your favour and helps you to establish solid foundations and advance you along your path.

Repeating Angel Number 4 indicates that your angels are around you and that you are able to call upon them for help, guidance and assistance whenever you feel the need.  Trust that you have all the skills, talents and abilities to overcome any obstacles and achieve your highest aspirations.

Angel Number 4 also encourages you to set things in motion with system and order so that you can achieve your goals and aspirations.


Crystal Connection – Jianping

Today is indeed a portal opened on the occasion , the energy is indeed powerful, quickly enter the state of meditation , I saw a long absence, full of sparkling starlight nal , excitement , think today is Saturday, the spacecraft should be able to heal , I would like to I asked to take me high to Ashta ‘s mothership , and soon I saw the head appeared over a large oval-shaped spaceship clouds, the middle of a very bright light flashing, I quickly rush past , and instantly I felt himself being sucked into it. The spacecraft into the past to see the different , not to see the room , and catches sight of the beautiful scenery , towering mountains spectacular large , dense lush forests, rippling lakes , I understand, I entered is indeed a carrier, because the carrier is the same as in planets , there is this very beautiful natural environment, but there are a variety of construction planning and orderly streets of the town , which I saw in the relevant video before, this time I did not see , just to see some of the natural scenery . After a long entered the large room , I think this is not a healing room it? While thinking while to walk , did not wait to see the whole picture of the room , felt dizzy lost consciousness, and so when I woke up , about a half an hour , this time, I have left the mothership and body Yu at the vast sky . In the road and saw a blue and white cloud , the center has a bright spot gradually spread outwards in a spiral -like manner , I wonder if this is a star gate or an energy node enters the center, this time there was a bright blue light points from the three rounds into the body , there was a moment of energy throughout the body , warm feel myself very comfortable , I am glad , once again in this supplemental energy. And so I ended up meditation , and found the whole meditation shared a one and a half hours . Tonight I though to a carrier, because the family did not see the alien planet , can not determine which carrier, but can get more room spa spaceship light healing blessing and I am very satisfied, again in this interstellar family Thanksgiving healing , thanksgiving high to me, guiding spiritual guidance and blessings help.

Crystal Connection 20 December 2013

mulberry tree

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

A very eccentric connection to me today. After waking up, it’s almost two hours later than our beginning time.

At the first half of hour, I sensed there were successively some tiny crafts staying above my heart chakra, and extending something like a thick pipe towards my heart chakra. I could not discern if it’s benevolent, hence asked the protection of AA Michael. However, there kept a least three ones who just did the same thing to me.

After that, I felt something hard was pressed down on my right face with its edge. That sensation was so distinct. This kind of situation lasted for at least 10 min. Then that part got pretty itchy.

I obviously loose the memory of the second part. It seemed that I was in some caves of crystals cluster. Then, I once saw a blue hill.

There was quite a long time that I felt so cold, though my spine/back was warm or even hot. This situation might last for almost one hour. My guts told me I need so sustain, I hence tried to center my heart. Then all my body did turn into warm by the end.

In the last session, I first saw a small young mulberry tree with buds at my right and a giant silkworm (in contrast to the seize of the tree) of light green color staying vertically at its/my right side of its trunk .

THE MULLBERRY TREE : is a symbol of wisdom, and associated with the goddesses Minerva / Athena. The mulberry puts out no growth whatsoever until all danger of frosts are past, then it works so swiftly that all the buds may appear almost overnight – according to Pliny: thus, the tree is both prudent and patient.

When the tree buds, the frost is no longer a threat. It is also an extraordinary truth that one single tree may put out leaves of varying shapes; and the trees reach a great age if cultivated with a little care, as they can easily be rejuvenated with good pruning.

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Again, I saw a vertical viscera pisces sign, then a Taiji disc on my heart, whose YIN & Yang were also disposed as upside and downside.

I finally saw a series of portals and gateways. Among them, there was one which looked like a white tortuous classical corridor. The last one turned into a Atlantis spiral in front of me.

My body turned all warm at that moment, however I feel so tired and sleepy after this long connection.

Crystal Connection – 19 December 2013

golden sphere

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Crystal Connection – Tauno

I concentrated on my 3rd eye doing an activation. I gradually received a vision. I saw an opened Portal in front of me, the portal looked like a Golden Sphere of light and stayed there in front of me, I was drawn to enter as I found myself on a mountain flat rock with brown colour

Crystal Connection 18 December 2013

acoustic waves


Crystal Connection – Feilla

I was seriously attacked by various kinds of acoustic waves at the very time of our connection, I hence could not concentrate at all.

My home has been surrounded by various kinds of noises for at least one month. Here, I want to thank to Lisa specifically and again for having brought the very divine message to me, leading me to get out of my home definitely to that garden. I hence could be activated in a very pivotal way. If I had not left my home in such way, my consciousness would just keep being blanked off by this kind of mind control waves. Once, thanks to Troy papa, I could have chance to be activated in some other way, however, there has been always interruptions. I can tell the distinct difference of my consciousness and awareness before and after the journey. So LIsa, without you, I could still be trapped in that desperation.

The noises or acoustic attacks becomes more and more violent recently…I just asked AA Michael’s help and hope can see the miracles.

Tomorrow evening, I won’t do and update the connection in time either, owing to the course that will be finished late.

Crystal Connection 17 December 2013

blak leopard

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Crystal Connection – Feilla

Last night, before sleeping, I tried to do connection. I was too tired to memorize well my visions, but the last one before falling into sleep, a big black female leopard, staying prone on a big branch which was towards my left. She was staring at me and reminded me of Bastet.

Crystal Connection 15 December 2013

When I was listening to Tara Lands , some peaceful emotion comes over me, and I didn’t had any vision at all, and I was thinking I wouldn’t get one.

But then suddenly this vision pops up into my third eye

I see a portal , I big portal big black doors opening and blue white light is coming out

I see tall blue beings going slowly inside through the doors and into the light, they feel like very peaceful beings, the feeling coming from it is very loving and peaceful, I see more beings going in, it felt like the leaving of the elves in lord of the rings,they are leaving, I feel actually sad, one looks behind and looks at me and nods with his big black beautiful loving eyes, turns back his head and steps into the light….


Elves leaving middle Earth: Lord of the Rings

Crystal Connection 13 December 2013

I am just updating my connections from last year as I want to close off the year 2013. I won’t be posting any connections for 2014. If I do you can always look them up on  Crystal Connections – Train Spirit Chronicles

inner earth

Crystal Connection – Feilla

I’ve difficulty to remember well the sequence of all the visions. I seemed to be led to the inner earth a while, then brought to the ships on the sky for another while, and then back again to the inner earth, and then again on the ship.

Not only once, I saw the giant crystal oblique in the space where I was, both in inner earth and in the ship(s). Besides, not only once I stayed and passed the crystal caves, or the crystal tunnels of star gates, whose sections are also circular.

There was once a giant circular or elliptical white ship hovering in front of me, from which stretched out a white path whose section is also circular. Most of these gateways are pretty long.

When getting down to the inner earth, I passed the crystal tunnels, caves, where there were also water.

I like to follow Lisa, so tried to call PI, however, I was unable to sense him. I hence tried to connect Max and then saw a crystal skull that I’ve never seen.

My connection is somehow frail today, and rather sensed the energetic effect.