Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward – January 11, 2015

Matthew Ward 222

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. Before we speak about recent events, we say that throughout this year you will see the pace and number of significant occurrences increase as vibrations heighten. Earth’s energy field of potential, which looks like perpetual fireworks, reflects the light’s accelerated momentum due to lightworkers’ efforts and our universal family’s stepped-up activity on your behalf.

Two ‘accidents’ have been the cause of both grief and gratitude. It was not ‘good luck’ that some individuals who intended to be on AirAsia Flight 8501 were not: Their time was not up. They don’t know that is why they missed the flight; they and all who love them simply are grateful that they did. As heartbreaking as it is for families and friends of everyone who went down with the plane, the soul contracts of all aboard called for their transitioning at that time. Had they not left by that means, they would have departed suddenly in some other way soon afterwards.

The same would have been true about the persons who transitioned after fire broke out on the ferry boat in the Adriatic Sea. In this incident, contracts of all except those few souls did call for longer lifetimes. The hundreds who were rescued aren’t consciously aware of that, nor need they be to feel grateful, and the same is so with their families and other dear ones.

The outrage in the United States about the shooting of two police officers in a patrol car is serving to bring a degree of balance to the outrage about police using excessively harsh tactics with African American males. You could think of this as an emotional pendulum that’s been stuck on the end where law enforcement is perceived as biased in judgment and treatment, and suddenly the pendulum darts to the other end. Feelings on both sides are justified indeed, but the pendulum has to move away from both perception extremes so balance can come in police actions and the public’s reactions.

The slaughter in Charlie Hebdo’s office and subsequent killings in Paris united your world in sympathy, compassion and condemnation of terrorist acts. If any aspects of such incidents can be described as ‘heartening’, then these are: The people of France are as One in fearless rebellion against savage efforts to muzzle freedom of expression and world leaders are demonstrating their solidarity; the Muslim assassins and all others like them are being seen as exactly what they are—brutal, tyrannical individuals acting upon a deranged ideology that has nothing whatsoever to do with Islam; and there is an international call to root out and cure the cause of that extremism. This vital move toward overcoming bigotry, resentment and fear of differences had to come so that unity in respect and appreciation of differences can take hold—that is the foundation upon which a civilization builds a peaceful, loving, harmonious world.

It may seem as if we speak of tragic events with emotional detachment—this is the higher purpose being served and that is that. That isn’t the case. We do honor all who are playing their parts in every divisive or abhorrent situation, yet it is deeply sad for us that gaining personal and planetary balance entails so much violence and sorrow within our beloved Earth family. Especially heart-wrenching are the massacres and kidnapping of children and other unconscionable atrocities. It is difficult for us, as for you, to see someone’s agony and view it as another milestone in the eternal cycle of shared lifetimes in physical worlds and reunions in spirit worlds. Please find a measure of comfort, as we must ourselves, in knowing that out of tragedies comes soul evolvement; out of horror come a more spiritually enlightened and compassionate society and, ultimately, Earth’s Golden Age in full bloom.

And, perhaps a tragedy seems greater when 12 or 100 or 400 die in the same incident, but every minute many thousands of souls are dying and this is sorrowful for everyone who loves them. We wish that all who are grieving could know that they and these persons dear to them chose their experiences to help each other evolve. They still would miss their loved ones, of course, but that knowledge could lessen the profoundness of their loss.

“You said in your last message that everything happening here is purposeful. I can’t see any purpose in ‘The Interview’ film or the backlash. How far will damage spread because North Koreans hacked into Sony’s computer system? Everything about this seems like a step backwards for the light.”

Everything happening in your world is purposeful! However, while some issues may seem to you logical in that context, others could be considered a far stretch, and the film and ensuing backlash may be an example of the latter.

In previous messages we have stated that the entertainment field has been an Illuminati stronghold because what they provide influences public opinions and actions. The prominence of crime, war and other violence in films and games is to inure society to those kinds of behavior and motivate unstable individuals to mimic it. The entertainment manipulators create ‘box office stars’, put them on pedestals and reward them with exorbitant payment and various awards; that exalts a few souls above all others and widens the disparity between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots’ in your world. Reasoning minds see those negative effects as well as the positive inroads in the industry, but what is not in the public eye is the Illuminati’s darkest camp in the entertainment field—Satanism, sex slavery, pedophilia and pornography.

All of those seen and unseen situations are devoid of light, and Earth has reached energy planes where everything in low vibratory levels is disintegrating. What has been going on back stage, so to say, is moving onto center stage where the play that’s unfolding can be viewed by the public.

Backlash from the film is keeping the spotlight on ‘cyberspace war’. Whatever is designed for positive use can be directed into negative means, and your advancement in computer technology is a prime example. On one hand, medical breakthroughs can be shared worldwide, communication is swift, whistleblowers have a forum to publish their findings, and an abundance of information not reported in mainstream media is available on the Internet. On the other hand, the Internet is used to disseminate false information and some individuals illegally enter computer systems to release proprietary data, introduce viruses and disrupt business operations. Your national leaders, who know the benefits of sharing valuable information, are seeing the need to protect their countries’ interests by working together to prevent hacking globally. Any issue that initiates or enhances cooperation across borders is to be welcomed.

We don’t see Sony’s experience leading to “all our private information and communication can be used by anyone and there can be widespread power outages” that is causing some concern. If that results in some cases, it would be temporary. Wrongful use of anything, be it information or technology or a natural resource, emits low vibrations and activity at that level cannot be sustained much longer.

Our colleagues in Nirvana cannot verify that the complex hacking process originated in North Korea or elsewhere. It could be the work of black ops agents in the Illuminati-controlled faction of the CIA—they are here and there around the world—or a malicious, perhaps vindictive, individual or group. But whoever the responsible person or persons are, they did not intend their efforts to aid the light by producing the positive effects we mentioned.

“President Obama finally has done something ‘light’ in my opinion, with that executive order. It’s absurd that our government has blackballed Cuba for 50 years when right after WWII, we helped Germany and Japan get back on their feet. There wasn’t even a war with Cuba! Why is there opposition in both parties to what Obama did?”

President Obama’s executive order that opens the door to normalizing the country’s relationship with Cuba evoked that reaction from members of Congress who routinely oppose what he does, but a few who responded angrily did so on an emotional basis more so than political. Their hearts and minds are rooted half a century in the past, which precludes their seeing that resolution of a longstanding issue is in the best interests of both countries’ peoples. This step toward living together respectfully and cooperatively also is evidence that behind-the-scenes efforts are coming to fruition in consonance with ever-increasing vibrations.

Dear family, you may tire of our attributing everything to vibrations, but they are the ‘fabric’ of this entire universe! Everything in existence is energy vibrating at one rate or another, and the light increases as the vibratory rate accelerates. Every thought, feeling and action emits vibrations that accordingly manifest situations and their outcomes, and the amount of light in individuals determines how far along—or if—they are on the ascension pathway.

Let us clarify any misunderstanding that ascension is in conjunction with transitioning from physical life to life in spirit. Ascension is an evolutionary process and entering Nirvana is automatic ascension in location only. Persons who advance from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously during Earth lifetime enter Nirvana’s fourth density residential areas; persons who don’t achieve that status prior to transition enter at the lower density of their lifetime energy registration. Nirvana does offer opportunities to attain a higher density status, but that doesn’t come automatically. Many residents prepare via specific studies and the aid of more evolved souls to strengthen character frailties so the next personage in the lineage is better equipped to evolve during the physical lifetime.

It may be helpful if we remind you of density’s two definitions, scientifically speaking. One is mass or the location of a mass. Earth is third density in mass and fourth in location; Nirvana is fourth density in mass and location. The other definition is soul evolvement status. Gaia, Earth’s soul, always has been fifth density regardless of what density her planetary body is in; and Nirvana’s residents range from second to fifth and higher in some cases.

To continue our clarification, during this unprecedented time in the universe there are exceptions to the law of physics that governs ascension, and the misunderstanding may derive from what we have told you about souls whose original contracts are amended. Persons whose experiences exceed the severity of some contract provisions may petition at soul level to leave this lifetime before completing remaining provisions. Divine grace honors these requests by permitting the individuals to either experience the rest of the contract choices in Nirvana or be given full credit for completion. Either way, they evolve into fourth density during their stay there.

Personal ascension has been going on at an increasing rate ever since the planet started ascending 70-some years ago. Almost all persons who responded to the massive infusion of light at that time and advanced from third to fourth density spiritually and consciously transitioned to Nirvana some time ago. A multitude of souls who were born during more recent decades also transitioned after attaining fourth density status; all whose contracts were amended to permit early entry to Nirvana have it; and many persons in your society today have advanced to that status. All in all, several billion souls have evolved during Earth’s ascension process to date, and her journey into successively higher energy planes assures that many more will do so.

One last word about vibrations. We have mentioned before the importance of words, how their vibrations affect the persons who use them and all who hear them. Experiments performed by Masuru Emoto are evidence of this, which you can see in the Water and Words part of this site: Dr. Emoto came from a highly evolved civilization specifically to endow your world with those scientific discoveries, and when he transitioned a few months ago, he was welcomed by a throng of souls who know that he fulfilled his mission with grand success.

Beloved brothers and sisters, you light up your life and the lives of others by speaking kindly, and the ripple effects of your words are immeasurable. We journey with you in spirit and unconditional love.



Suzanne Ward

Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, January 11, 2015, at

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Dreamwalker: Umbro, 7jan2015

This is Umbro. Many of you occupied forms and lifetimes of the nations that you would call the First Nations. As you may be aware these societies were closer to Source than you are now. With less separation, and more connectedness. This experience was not separate enough to bring about the transition to the next age in a short amount of time, so it was deemed necessary by the collective consciousness to step separation up in a more complete way. You will notice that music from the ancient world was more complex than it is now, from a harmonic point of view, and this is one thing which was not completely hidden from view. In contrast, your music of today can resonate one or two of your energy centers, but pay close attention to where those are. Now imagine music that lights them all up at once. So much more than an auditory experience. So you begin to get a sense of what the technology in Atlantis was capable of, and this was but one of several advanced cities on the surface at the time. The picture painted by science is one of cultural evolution… Interpreting what they have at their disposal. You have a sense that perhaps this is upside down, as is the characterization of so – called “savages” as being anyone who doesn’t comply with the customs of the prevailing society. But this so at odds with the surrounding environment, your planet once being seen as “mother” and residents having that close a relationship with her.

Rest assured, a mother does not forget her sons and daughters, even if they might have a hard time seeing her as no more than a lump of dumb rock. It is an indicator of the separation necessary for the times. On the return wave now, you’ll start to see more indications of connectedness in strange and unexpected ways. Pay attention to your thought and make note of the times you think of separation and limitation. Then challenge yourself to find the opposite of those thoughts. If all is connected, then all solutions are relatively close at hand. Larger challenges will present themselves to you until you start using the corresponding ability that is being challenged by that problem. As a hint, your intuition plays a key role – the solution is the easy one right in front of you. But in separation, you need to present yourself with reasons to ignore that solution. Is it really character building to take the long way around? That may be, but sometimes it just takes longer. The end result is the same.We are always here to help, but observe silence out of respect for the process of discovery and achievement. The current 3D world by now may seem as an absurd farce – and that’s precisely what it is. Do not be afraid of money it too is a plaything that serves its purpose to entertain and educate. It is not the corrupting thing that it is made out to be – what you see here is the voodoo of lending power to an adverse idea. True freedom means something which does not include any form of thought control from someone else. Tempered with an understanding of your connectedness, you can and will accomplish great things.

We’ll check in again from time to time, and there will be more opportunities for in- person visits on the ships, for those who desire a reminder of thier connection with all things.

Thank you.

Source: Dreamwalkerdiaries

Kim Hutchinson: Prepping For Graduation To 5D


Earth is a classroom for the soul. For most of us, this is our last 3D incarnation. We are getting ready to graduate (shift/ascend) to the next dimension. In preparation, we are busy cleaning up loose ends from this lifetime and from prior incarnations.

Pre-Grad Stress

Preparing for spiritual graduation is akin to prepping for high school graduation. Students scramble to finish assignments and pass exams so that they can graduate with their class. Some work with tutors to bring up their grades and to pass challenging courses.

Others take full advantage of extracurricular activities. Most students feel ready to graduate, although many are apprehensive about the unknown future. Those who do know where they’re going are anxious to get on with their new life, and so interest in their present life wanes.

The majority are worried about leaving their friends, family and home. Many friendships and romantic pairings begin to fizzle out. It’s a time of poignant endings and exciting beginnings.

Mastery Learning

Earth is like a giant one-room classroom in which students of all levels are learning side-by-side. Within the classroom there are learning stations where students learn at their own pace through group-based activities. Students do not compete against each other.

They are focused instead on achieving their personal best. Frequent feedback is provided both internally (i.e. feelings, thoughts) and externally (i.e. events, actions) which helps them to correct mistakes. At the end of each trip to Earth school students self-assess their progress through a life review which provides them with guidelines for future instruction, called karma.

Souls start as a group and then move through the learning stations at their own pace. Some may skip a grade while others repeat, and others still may drop out of school. There is no right or wrong path back to the divine.

There are cosmic cycles of 13,000 years – half the Procession of the Equinoxes – which you might say roughly equate to the 13 years of grade school on Earth. At the start of each cycle, a new group of souls comes to Earth to begin their education.

At the end of the cycle, those souls move on to another learning laboratory. We are at the end of our learning cycle which means we are preparing to graduate from 3-D Earth into a new 5-D classroom. Before we move on, we have to finish as many lessons (karma) here as possible.

Karma Purging

The main task at hand for the majority of people is to resolve karma. Essentially, karma is unfinished lessons or learning opportunities. You accumulate karma when you act in a way that is not in alignment with your highest self. Each lifetime here, we chip away at old karma and we accrue new. Considering humans have spiritual amnesia, you can imagine how much karma we have accumulated.

Intense, Steep Learning Curve

In light of our pending graduation, the time for accruing new karma has passed. Now when we make a misstep, our karma confronts us almost instantly. Similarly, once we think we’ve learned a lesson, our mastery is tested right away.

We have no time to accrue new karma so we have to attend to it as we create it. Additionally, we are going through an accelerated karmic purge. Past life karma keeps coming up for us to heal and release. We no sooner get through one lesson (i.e. phobia, trigger, blockage), then another pops up.

There is very little time between tasks to rest. This can feel overwhelming at times. You may think you’re going crazy or feel that your life is a mess. It isn’t. You’re just tying up loose ends from many lifetimes.

3D Life Review

At the end of every Earthly incarnation, a soul is gently and lovingly guided through the process of a soul review. This helps us to appreciate the lessons we have learned, and to identify areas which require further study. For the impending graduate, however, the process is different.

We are preparing to step off the Wheel of Karma (the birth-death rebirth cycle). That means we have to undergo the life review process right here. This includes facing up to your mistakes and those of others, and then forgiving everyone involved. Needless to say, doing a life review and burning up karma while you’re still in 3D form is insanely difficult. Thankfully we have lots of help.

Cooperative Learning

Earth is a cooperative learning classroom so, as students complete their own assignments, they then assist fellow classmates with their karma. Helpers include healers and spiritual guides along with the undercover do-gooders (i.e. earth angels).

If you find yourself in this group, then chances are you are very busy helping to resolve karma for your family, friends, soul group, city, country, gender, ethnic group, and so forth. Even souls with no past Earthly lives (i.e. starseeds; crystal and rainbow children) are helping to resolve Earth’s collective karma.

Starseeds frequently say they feel like they were abandoned in an insane asylum. You volunteered to help, but nothing could fully prepare you for the challenges (i.e. violence) of Earth.

Spiritual Teachers

In the learning laboratory called life, we are all teachers and students. We are here to learn from one another. No one has all the answers. As long as you are still here, there are lessons for you to learn. Whenever you master a lesson, you automatically become a teacher for others.

Some souls have more past life 3D experience, and so these old souls frequently incarnate into younger souled families in order to accelerate their learning. If you feel like an outsider in your family, chances are you are a teacher for your loved ones.

Spiritual Tutors and Coaches

In addition to Earthly helpers, there are many off-world beings who are helping us prepare for graduation. These include angels, ascended masters, soul groups and higher selves, along with beings from other planets and dimensions.

You can call on them for help whenever you need. They will lovingly guide and inspire you, and help you in any way they can, short of doing your homework for you.

Graduation Day

Intrinsically we know graduation day is looming large. Most of us can feel the energy shifting higher and higher. We can see evidence of changes in our personal lives as well as on the global stage. You may not feel ready to graduate, but if you’re reading this article chances, you most likely are ready.

Still, you probably won’t have much time to sit back and reflect upon this, for we are like high school students who work until the final day of classes. So do the best that you can, and have faith that all will work out beautifully.

“Prepping to Graduation to 5D,” by Kim Huthinson, December 29, 2014 at

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Archangel Michael via Natalie Glasson: The Cycle of Crucifixion


In this new cycle, which is long-awaited as are all cycles of this time, we enter into a space promoting the energy of freedom.

The vibration, frequency, and consciousness of freedom is awakening from the very depths of your soul, like a candle newly lit, casting greater light where there once was not.

The dawning and awakening of the vibration and consciousness of freedom within your soul is born due to your continued acceptance of the Era of Love. It is akin to a new aspect of your soul, readily available to be fully born into your embodiment.

Freedom is such a powerful vibration. It fills all the senses with the questions, answers, and experience of life beyond the physical reality; life which is the life force energy of the Creator, the source of the Creator.

Freedom speaks of a time where the soul and spirit are free from limitation and yet still exist within a physical reality. How can this be? It is a process of being and it is the true reality of humanity upon the Earth.

Remember that unlike previous Ascended Masters, your goal is not to ascend beyond the Earth; it is to ascend with your feet firmly planted within the soil of Mother Earth, thus acting as an accelerating boost for all upon the Earth.

As the vibration of freedom awakens within you, it is immensely important that you more fully ground yourself into the love of your being and the manifestation of the Era of Love upon the Earth. This will ensure your energy of freedom, which is a true acceptance of the infinite Creator, holds a power and wields a power within you, which builds bonds of love and communication rather than pain and destruction.

Some who are not willing to embed their energies in love may be distracted by the ego’s grasp upon their awakening freedom, feeling as if they can achieve anything and everything without concerning themselves about the wellbeing of others. Be aware of these souls as they cross your pathway, and give to them only your love, compassion, and forgiveness, for they have yet to see the true value of this sacred time of evolution upon the Earth.

The vibration of freedom, awakening from within your soul as the most precious jewel of the Creator, is an energy which will yield and create new pathways for each of you to walk, achieve, and experience upon the Earth. We ask you to let go of what is, can be, and was possible in the past. This consciousness is no longer needed and is required to be erased.

You may call me forth, Archangel Michael, asking me to work with you to erase the possibilities of the past, which have become embedded in your consciousness, now existing as beliefs. I will support you. Please ask as often as you can, and use the affirmation I share with you as a reminder that the possibilities of the past are immensely different to the possibilities of your present.

‘Freedom of my Soul awakens new celestial pathways of Love for my experience.’

Love is your pathway now, and it is a greater pathway than anything you have previously experienced. As a soul, as your higher aspect and Ascended-Master self, you understand love.

Now we are all moving through and into New Dimensions of Love which have not been previously experienced. This is a great honor. As a being in a physical body, you have been bestowed with the greatest honor, as you are able to truly FEEL these New Dimensions of Love as a physical and spiritual being. This means that if you choose to awaken to the possibility that all dimensions of love are available for your experience and embodiment, this will be your reality.

Think on this for a few moments. Even the energies you perceive as beyond your reach are available to you because your soul and energy aspects on the inner planes are also working to embody the new dimensions of love.

As you connect more fully with your soul, embodying your soul consciously, which means with awareness, you allow yourself conscious access to all dimensions of love your soul has embodied, and so forth, meaning you are in connection with all vibrations of love.

You are love incarnate on the Earth. Many planets are achieving the same, and there will come a time when these planets such as Earth reach a percentage of love which allows them to connect together, beginning a process of integration, consciously.

This will first manifest as heightened waves of love consciousness, understanding, and wisdom, flowing into your entire being, akin to being continuously recharged with love vibrations. Some vibrations will be new to you, allowing further embodiment and unification of and with the Creator.

These are the greater possibilities of the Era of Love; you may see why we say you are only just beginning your journey with and as the Era of Love.

Returning to the vibration of freedom awakening from your soul, which in truth is minuscule and yet is powerfully impacting your entire being and will continue to do so; the vibration of freedom is causing a new cycle and the completion of an old cycle.

The time of Crucifixion is upon us. Master Jesus has demonstrated the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension on the Earth. I say this without reference to any religious ideas. Master Jesus is a soul the same as yourself, many have moved through the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension, and yet the journey of Master Jesus is most noted.

In the past, individuals chose to move through Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension. Now is the time for all of humanity to engage in this process, bringing the cycle to an end, thus changing the process and experience of Ascension upon the Earth.

And so I remind you of the affirmation: ‘Freedom of my Soul awakens new celestial pathways of Love for my experience.’

With the vibration of freedom, so the process of Crucifixion is activated from within you, an energy that moves through you and your life and the sacred growth of your soul in embodiment, asking you to let go of that which no longer supports you.

Crucifixion can manifest in numerous ways; I can reassure you it will not be as the harsh conditions of Master Jesus. You may experience Crucifixion in your mental or emotional being; the releasing of energies to allow a new rising of your soul within your being.

Please realize Crucifixion is not a punishment; it is a healing process brought forth as the part and aspect of the journey and pathway of love. Nor should my words create the belief of negative experiences in your reality; this is not the case.

Crucifixion is a positive healing and empowerment. It could be likened to sacrifice, please know the Creator would not ask you to sacrifice yourself. However, you may find yourself holding up energies to the light you do not wish to let go of. In these times, to make your journey easy, there is a need to ask yourself, “What is the truth of love?” If love is born from need, then it is not the true love of the Creator and is simply an attachment.

The Crucifixion is a process of dissolving attachment. For those willing to let go and remain in love, peacefully accepting freedom from unneeded reactions while creating from within all they wish to experience, the process of Crucifixion may not be noticed.

For those not wishing to let go, wishing to react and fight the process of release and healing, creating drama and chaos, then the time of Crucifixion may be turbulent and painful. Your experiences and reactions to your reality are your choosing. Allowing yourself to remain in and as love as much as possible will cause you to accelerate through many processes of ascension in the blink of your eye.

Moving through the process of Crucifixion, Resurrection, and Ascension will allow for you to complete a cycle you began long ago. Thus the process of ascension through pain will fall away, allowing you to enjoy the continuous process of Resurrection and Ascension on the Earth.

This is a journey for all of humanity. There cannot be a time placed on the completion of this journey, for all will dissolve the cycle with divine timing. If you allow yourself to consciously let go of thoughts, emotions, and all you feel is not an expression of your soul, love, or the Creator, this will decrease dramatically their manifestation into your physical reality.

We give you our Love, Truth, and Support,

We are One,
Archangel Michael

“Archangel Michael: The Cycle of Crucifixion,” channeled by Natalie Glasson, January 2, 2015, at

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Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young: 2015 – The Year of Discovery


Greetings, Dear Ones! How pleased we are, so pleased, to be in your presence today.

We honor you for coming on this magical day of celebration to anchor the energies of the group. And of course when we say group we mean not only those who are in the room at this time, but also those who will be experiencing this transmission on your internet at a later time.

We wish you a blessed solstice. What a wondrous time on your planet. 2014 has been a profound and pivotal year, not only for you individually, but for your entire planet. You have shifted from one age into another and you have done it brilliantly.

We would like to give you an overview of what has been going on with you, as well as a sneak preview, if you will, of the energies of the year you are moving into, and it is our greatest pleasure to do so.

You have been experiencing accelerated energies since mid 2012. You entered into this rapid moving energy with the first of the Uranus/Pluto squares that your astrologers have been speaking of.

This has been a series of astrological events that have been completely transformative in their nature. We liken these energies to being in whitewater rapids. You, in mid 2012, entered into the beginning of the rapids and started accelerating. Once you made it past that pivotal alignment of December 21, 2012, the acceleration was profound.

You have been in these rapids since then. So, let us think about what that means. When you are in accelerated movement, you are buffeted from all sides. You do not feel straight and smooth growth. You do not feel a steady, predictable trajectory of movement.

You go in one direction very quickly and stop, and then the flow shoves you in another direction very quickly, and it becomes so fast; so quick that you become very focused on just holding tight, in just not bouncing out of your boat, so to speak.

You may have water thrown in your face, you may feel cold, you may be uncomfortable, you may feel jarred, you may get bumped into by other passengers in your boat. Everything is churned up. There is no time to pay attention to what other people are doing because it takes all of your concentration to hold on.

It is unpredictable to be in rapids; and when you can barely see and are moving so very erratically, it can be difficult to gauge how much progress has been made because you are not even really able to watch the scenery as it goes by.

Dear Ones, you are almost out of the rapids, and we want you to think about what that means. When you reach the end of a series of rapids, the stream widens and the flow evens out. It still moves very quickly but in a smoother, more enjoyable way.

All of a sudden, you can start to see your new landscape. You don’t have to hold on as tightly anymore. You can settle down and start to enjoy the journey again. All of a sudden, from this new vantage point, you can see that your new creations are taking form and that you are actually getting somewhere.

You can catch your breath, and you can now see who is still in the boat with you. You feel tired but alive, strangely exhilarated by all you have been through. You are different, but whole, and amazed with your resiliency and new state of being.

So, we would say that because you are coming out of the end of this period of profound and radical change, that you will find 2015 to be The Year of Discovery. It will be all about learning what all of this means, now that you are landing in this brand new land, in a very different energetic space, yourself. This is exciting and momentous for you.

We had called 2014 The Year of Balanced Relationships, and that is very much been what you’ve been working on. You’ve been working on your relationship with self. Self-love has been a predominant theme through 2014. Your relationship with self and your relationship with Source have been first and foremost of importance this year, because you cannot create balanced relationships outside of yourselves until you have created it within.

You have had shifts in your friendships, in your dealings with others. You have moved into greater balance and boundaries with family members. You have learned the art of acceptance and allowing, in many cases. You have honed your boundaries. You have forgiven yourselves and others, and encouraged yourselves and others. You have expanded your ideas about love and unity consciousness.

You are evolving and it is showing. You have also been reevaluating your relationship with the planet and with the universe, as well, understanding that everything you do sends a ripple across the cosmos. All of this has been preparation for moving forward in earnest. So we would say to you that you have done the work, and you have done it splendidly.

We understand that this has been a long and arduous process of purging and releasing. We understand that this has been difficult, but the wonderful news is that after all the purging and releasing you have done, you are left with the pure essence of you. You are left with the divine glory of who you really are. You will be moving forward in your truth, in your transparency, in your integrity, in your beingness.

You have been cleansed so thoroughly there is no more hiding who you really are. Your insides and your outsides will finally be matching. It is from that space of beingness, of self-love and self acceptance, of finally owning your divinity and walking your purpose, that everything else will reflect that. It can be no other way.

Gone are the days of hiding – you simply cannot play small any longer. It will be too uncomfortable to try to compromise, to try to hide, to try to deny who you really are. We talk about solstice events as being save points. You have saved your light, your progress, every step of the way. There is no going back. There is only moving forward, and moving forward into 2015 means finally starting to be your real selves and starting to reap the fruits of your labor.

It is like an archeological dig. You have seen archaeologists who have painstakingly swept away debris with the belief that there was something magnificent below. You have all been your own archaeologists, and the purging and clearing that you have been doing has been to get to the treasure that has been there all along.

You can never be disappointed with what you discover! Everything is sacred and amazing when you make discoveries during your dig. And once you see the glory of what is inside, you will never again cover it up or hide it.

You preserve it, don’t you? You appreciate it. You learn more about it. You share it with others, because it is such a wondrous discovery. You are all beautiful, glorious treasures! We have always seen that truth. Now you are starting to see it is so.

We are so excited to see what you will do with this brand new year. It will be fun. You will finally start to see your abilities. You will finally start to live your truths. People will finally start to see you for who you really are. People will comment on your energy, on how shifted you are, on how beautiful you are.

Be mindful. Be true to who you are. Allow yourselves to shine. Know that from this actuated place you will be drawing to you, effortlessly, the experiences that you wish to have. From living in your truth and from shining your light courageously, the rejuvenation that you’ve been seeking will come. The healing that some of you have been searching for will occur.

The divine partnerships will happen. The soul groups that some of you have already started reconnecting with will come together with ease, with joyous friendships and relationships that support and uplift each other. The weight of the ascension process will be lifted. It will start to feel joyful and not as heavy because there are so many participating in it now.

For many of you, your purposes will change and shift. For many of you who have been part of this process for a very long time, you will feel like your load has been lifted. You will not be feeling the intense sense of responsibility that so many of you have carried. It will lighten up.

Allow it to expand into its full glory and understand this shift is likely to involve far more being than doing. Whatever you choose to do will be a true match to you, and will be far more joyful as a result.

There is nothing that you need to do other than to be your splendid self and to discover all of the gifts and treasures that already exist within you. What glorious times you are in!

We honor you for all that you have done. We thoroughly enjoy you in your human antics. You are so loved, so supported, so celebrated! Go forth joyously and know that you have done magnificent work, and that the fruits of your labor and the next phase of this Shift, are so well-deserved.

But before you come out of the energies of this channel, we ask you to simply open up and receive a divine blessing of love from us today. We are always with you and you will always have everything you need. And with that, we will bid you adieu. It has been our great pleasure.

Archangel Gabriel thru Shelley Young

“Archangel Gabriel: 2015 The Year of Discovery,” channeled by Shelley Young, December 21, 2014, at

To view this message at its source, click here: Shelley Young Trinity Esoterics

St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal – Part 2/2

An Hour with an Angel, November 10, 2014, with St. Germaine – Part 2/2

In Part 1, Linda discusses the current status of the Tsunami of Love and the next “can do” phase of building Nova Earth. In Part 2, St. Germaine discusses our role in the sacred partnership we’re in with the Company of Heaven.

Steve Beckow:  Well, the ninth wave, the last wave, so to speak, the really big wave is called the rogue wave — and we have as our guest on the program today, the gentleman who is often viewed by some as the chief rogue, the Scarlet Pimpernel. Other see him as the man who served kings and prime ministers and discovered new worlds, St. Germaine.

So why don’t I let you just make your transition, Linda. And with that we welcome St. Germaine.

Saint Germaine: And greetings, greetings to all of you. Yes, I am St. Germaine. Now, I would not suggest to you that I am such a rogue!

SB: [laughs] I think you are! I love your adventures.

SG: I am an adventurer. I am an explorer. And I am an alchemist, a healer, a wanderer like each of you.

So not only do I invite you to join with me as I do with each one of you to explore this entire planet, and the process of ascension, of transformation, of transmutation, of direct alignment of the planet, of the people, of the kingdoms, into what you think of as Nova Earth — what an adventure we are having. And, beloved ones, what an adventure we are having together.

For years now, I and many of what you think of as my ascended colleagues have been speaking to you, not only through this channel or various channels, not only through various books, but through your heart and through your soul, to your very core. We have been speaking, we have been asking, we have been extending the invitation in many forms and formats to enter into our sacred partnership.

Yes, the partnership of love, the partnership of creation, the partnership of what this channel has called “can do.” Because what is creation other than the picking up of all of your energies, even if they are discordant. Discordant energies can be extremely powerful. They only need to be transmuted.

So, pick up your energies and join us in this creation, or, shall we say, this restoration of Nova Earth. Often I have said to thee, my beloved family and friends, I will not return to Earth. Many of you query why, and I suggest to you, I have lived the life of a rogue, I have lived the life of exploration, I have lived, I have experienced, I have learned, I have traveled through what you would think of as the good, the bad, the ugly and the sublime.

My reason, my rationale for not desiring or requesting of the Mother to return has been that I, my efficacy, my efficiency, my ability to assist all of you and Gaia is more profound from where I am at this point in time and space as you think of it. I do not want to come back and be bombarded by what many of you know to still consider recalcitrant [energies], reluctant, chaotic, mayhem, nasty war, guilt, shame, blame — these are shrinking whispers, but I have no desire to ever engage in physical form in that morass again. Ever!

Now, do I wish to engage and invite you along in the adventure of experiencing Nova Earth, Nova Being, Nova you, the fullness of the new you, the fullness of the new Linda, the new Steve, the new Graham? Absolutely.

We have sat, long ago, many different incarnations, but even if we just bring you back to the time of Atlantis, to the temple of my violet flame, and we think of how we sat and talked, and planned and dreamed, and worked and created a society of such beauty, of such kindness, of healing, of consideration, of wonder and awe, a society where we were in harmony above and below, where we were in harmony with our star brothers and sisters.

If I bring you back there, and each of you can feel this in your heart, that miraculous time, the golden time of Atlantis, where peace and creation reigned prior to the running amok of control and ego, and the growth of separation.

In that time, you and I, each of you who listens this night, for many of you traveled from afar, and some of you lived there, but each of us planned, in depth, in detail, the structure, the organization, and the spirit of what Gaia was and was to be.

And in that, the beauty and the wonder, the magnificence of who each of us would be, Atlantis was destroyed. And there is no minimizing the tragedy, the sadness of that loss. But the dream and the promises that we make one another, even as the island sank – we knew the time would come again when we would gather. When the time was right, we would gather and we would create, once again, the dream.

And the dream was not something ephemeral or wispy or pie in the sky. It was a promise made to each other, made by the Mother, made by the ascended ones way back then as well as our star family that we would return. We would not err in the same way, and that we would come together in heart consciousness, in unity and community and joy, and complete what we started so long ago.

And in that completion was not the end, but the beginning. It was the closing of a very dark period, can we say, of history, when the human belief systems and all the institutions, the structures that went along with it went awry.

Have there been points of light along the way? Of course there have been, in every civilization, whether you think of them as religious leaders, prophets, political leaders, or social leaders. There have always been these points of light.

Martin Luther King said “I have a dream.” What do you think his dream was about? It’s the same as the dream we’re discussing today. It’s a dream of equality and fairness and kindness in creating societies and a planet that is of love. It’s a return to original purpose and cause.

The invitation that Archangel Michael, Gabrielle, the Divine Mother, Sanat Kumara, Serapis Bey, all of us have been extending is to come and hold our hands.

You say, “But you are not in form.” Well, there are times when some of us even do morph in and out of form. And when we say hold our hands and hold our heart as we hold yours, it does not need to be physical.

Most of what you have held dear, most of what you have held as immutable truth has certainly not been physical, and not only that — and I say this in the kindest of ways — it has been incorrect! And that is why I did not want to come back. I did not want to come back into form to have to go through this whole process of correction yet again!

Now, what an introduction! I am so verbose.

Now we are at a point — not of preparation. You have asked the channel about events. You are right there. You have actually even moved to what you can think of as a new house, (1) new dimension, new reality, but you haven’t ventured outside yet!

You aren’t realizing that the ascended masters and their star brothers and sisters came and moved you during the dark of night; it is broad daylight outside; and it is time to venture out. Come and play, come and create with us.

So, where do you wish to begin, Steve?

SB: Well, I wish to begin right there, St. Germaine, in the sense that we’ve been speaking in kind of generalities about building Nova Earth and about being in partnership with you. But how can we descend into the particularities?

And let me just give you a word picture of how it often is for me. I say I’m going to begin, but then I’m immediately confronted with the fact that there are no resources to really begin anything ambitious or seemingly ambitious with.

And, again, any steps that I take to enlist partners, that’s also going to require resources. So, how do we begin our partnership, and what do we begin that partnership with when we’re in this time of not yet having the resources to do anything really ambitious?

And I mean this particularly. I don’t mean this in a general sense or a mystical sense or a spiritual… well, spiritual sense, yes, but I think you know what I mean. I mean in terms of concrete action.

StG: Yes, you are asking for the practical suggestions. I can be quite practical, but I can also say everything is spiritual.  And you know exactly what I am referring to.

SB: Yes. Not the best choice of words perhaps. Thank you.

StG: Oh, it is all right. There are many times when I have misspoken and those words have come back to haunt me. [laughter]  So we can share this private joke, can we not?

SB: Yes, indeed, we can.

StG: So, resources are limited. Now — and I will say this is spiritual — that also is born of a belief system. Now, I’m going to leave it there because you will say, “Well, where is your [St. Germaine World] Trust, St. Germaine? Where is this revaluation? Where is that revaluation?” But let us talk about the nuts and bolts of what can be done today.

SB: That would be very welcome.

StG: Because if you think about it, in the nuts and bolts, if you are to join a company… And, by the way, you are already part of one of the most important companies in the universe, the Company of Heaven. You are not excluded from the Company of Heaven. You just forgot you were because you came on Earth and you got caught in this riptide, which is different than the Mother’s tsunami — so, you believe that there is limitation still.

Now, part of breaking — and I have done this as human man, time and time again — this practical belief in limitation is creating small. Yes, your code word right now is sustainability, even in this period of inertia, because I cannot ignore that.

Start small with what you have. When you join a company, by and large they do not say “Let me make you a captain of industry” when you have no experience or no knowledge of that particular industry.

You may feel — and it is a feeling — that you are being placed in the stockroom or stocking shelves, and really what you want to be is the manager of a string of stores. But promotion — if you can think of it in these practical terms — can be so rapid, daily, as to make your head spin.

So every single day, what can you do to create? Now, you will not be surprised to know that I eavesdrop on most of your conversations. Yes, yours, Steve, (2)  our listeners’, Linda’s, Graham’s. I listen to your team meetings. I do not share confidences, but I am always interested, and wish to be included as part of your team in this work of creation, in this work of sustainability.

What you are showing us, what you are demonstrating, even more critically and importantly, what you are demonstrating to yourself is that you know how to do it, that you are not simply waiting on the rain of gold from heaven, but that you are proceeding because you are fully aware of your own capacity to create, even if it is in what you are judging, not us, but what you are judging as the tiniest of ways.

So, at the beginning of the day — and I only say that for practicality’s sake — or at the beginning of a week, or at the beginning of a month, are you individually looking and collectively looking, as a team, as a group, as a community of global citizenry, are you looking at what can be done right now? Not later, but right now?

Now, you have been journeying, (3) and yes, although I am not in form I most certainly have been attending all of your meetings, and I look forward to going to some more of them.

SB: We were joking that you were in the back seat, St. Germaine.

StG: I was in the back seat, dear heart.

SB: We do plan further jaunts, so you are most welcome to come along.

StG: And if it is good weather, I will ride on the hood! (4)

SB: Very good.

StG: So, when you have done these meetings, you have had the double-edged sword, but you have met brilliant people, with brilliant ideas.

SB: Yes.

StG: … with an absolute can-do attitude…

SB: Yes, indeed.

StG: … that their vision, their mission, their purpose is a reflection of love, is completely of love. And what they wish to anchor into form is that expression of the new.

Now, they are not — and I’m speaking in generalities to all of you, not merely to these smaller groups, but you are stellar examples, so I am using you — you are saying, “Okay, I do not have the expanse of abundance that I am desiring, but I am putting in place and planning and doing everything I can. And I am proceeding with two things — a shoestring budget, faith, trust, imagination, creativity, support.”

You are doing all of this. At the beginning of each day, think of things that you can do that actually, in your framework of your individual mission and purpose that is inextricably linked to the larger plan.

You cannot absent yourself from the Mother’s plan, and certainly you cannot absent yourself on 11/11, or any other day, for that matter, but I certainly look forward to 12/12. (5) So, what are you doing every day?

Now, the examples are, you channel, you do a radio show, you hold people’s spirits high, you encourage them, you support them, and you teach them about their spiritual currency that translates – not maybe, not sooner or later – into what you think of as financial wherewithal.

I was not always, in every position, a wealthy man. (6) Why do you think I focused so much on becoming an alchemist? Because I needed certain things to complete my mission. And then I also learned how, how delightful it was.

Each of you has a thread, some more than others, of this ability to be the optimist. But even if you didn’t, you are mighty, powerful creators. So, every day what did you create that is of the new in your community, in your home, in your life? What did you change? What old habit that drags you down did you get rid of? (7)

This is why core issues are so front and center right now. It is they which are up for elimination, to make room for the new partnership of creation.

But there are many things each of you can do. Did you set a goal of engaging with three people eye to eye, heart to heart, smile to smile today? Especially those who are bereft and tired and despondent and have no belief system whatsoever, other than they feel that they have been forgotten. Do you know what a smile or a touch, an encouragement means to them?

These are practical things. You are putting your plans in place, and you are demonstrating. Note that I say demonstrating, not proving. We don’t need the proof. You need the practice and the knowing that you are powerful enough to demonstrate and to bring into form what you want.

That is where you are. That is the event that is happening right now. So you are inertia, preparing for the biggest push you will ever have through that portal, collectively, (8) so that the planet doesn’t implode or explode. But you are also, in that, creating support systems, financial, political.

Many of you look at the political situation and say, “Well, it just got worse.” It gets worse so that people can see how despicable it is.

SB: You just said that we’re in that portal waiting for the big push. Can you explain what you mean by that? Because many of our listeners won’t know exactly what you are referring to. What are you referring to, St. Germaine?

StG: Archangel Michael has shared with you that you are at the doorway [of Ascension]. Many of you [go] back and forth, back and forth — you must be bored by now — at the doorway of Ascension. You, collectively, as an evolved spiritual group of masters have said, “We will not do this until the collective is ready.”

Are there some recalcitrants that will be picked up by the pillars? Yes. But you are ready. You are ready. And part of what we are suggesting to you, what we are guiding and sharing with you, is you are ready for that final birthing push of Nova Earth.

So what you are doing in your demonstrations is what you think of as little ways. But billions of people doing what you think of as little things create such a force that it changes the entire planet. You are ready as a collective to go through this Ascension portal, to create Nova Earth.

SB: Now, when you say “create Nova Earth,” you’re referring to an ascended Nova Earth, are you not?

StG: Gaia herself has no interest in anything but the ascended Earth.  So yes, that is correct.

SB: All right. One of the reasons that things haven’t gone as fast as they might have — and I’m saying this for the benefit of the listeners — is that, as St. Germaine has said, we’re working on Ascension from the point of view of having as many pass through the portal as possible, so this is taking longer than it might have otherwise.

Can we turn to the matter of timing and frequency, St. Germaine, please? I’m not sure that a lot of us, or all of us here understand that the events that we’re all looking forward to have not as much to do with timing, or very little to do with timing, perhaps, and more to do with frequency. And I don’t think we understand the mechanics of all of that.

Can you help us understand what it means to say that the events depend on frequency and how the Company of Heaven are working with frequency, please?

StG: Frequency is the explanation of how you can look at your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional … what level you are at in terms of the purity, the clarity, the love quotient, the grace quotient of your being. That is the very reason why the Mother has been giving you and continues to give you these gifts.

Now, how does that relate to time? And there is a difficulty in translation, but I will do my best having lived in this continuum that you think of as time. But also know — and I do not want to confuse the matter, but this is a complex subject and you are coming to understand the complexities.

We don’t want to keep you in the dark, so we will speak to you as equals. Sanat Kumara has shared with you that as a human collective you are also beginning to move in and out of what you think of as sequential time. That means you are jumping and shifting time and time-frames.

But the key to ascension is not timing; it is not 12:02 on the 3rd of March — and we understand the human fascination with time, because that is how you measure so much – but it is about the frequency. Is your frequency clear enough, high enough, that when you pass through what you can think of as an Ascension portal, as an energy field, your frequency matches? Or is it too inharmonious, disharmonious, that in fact it hurts you; it harms you; it electrifies you; it can’t be done?

Now, that is one of the reasons why we have encouraged you and begun to speak to you about being inter-dimensional beings, and encouraging you to bring in [your other selves?] and go exploring, even if it is through meditation or visualization.

You think that that isn’t real, and it is probably more tangible and more real, as you define it, than the current reality you live in. So we encourage you to get used to changing and exploring increases in frequency.

Now, you have been downloaded continually. If there were one explanation of the Mother’s Tsunami of Love, aside from the cleansing aspect, it was really the water. Think of it as hydroelectric power increasing your frequency, raising you up to a vibration and a frequency where you could transcend the field, and in that transcendence, you have to go somewhere.

You are going to the higher octave, the higher dimensions, the higher vibration, where the bulk of your consciousness is anchored within the heart and the heart knowing, the essence of love rather than what we have thought of as the ego-based experience of separation.

So it is like doing a fast or a cleanse where you are getting rid of the debris and you feel lighter and clearer and more harmonious and more creative after the sludge is cleared out — and I know; I have done many cleanses. That is what the rise in frequency is.

So the frequency not only is the individual… because I hear so many of you saying, “I am doing my meditation; I am doing my work; I am doing my prayer; I am sending energy; I am throwing the violet flame everywhere. Why have I not gotten through?” Well, usually you haven’t gotten through — and you usually have gotten through, by the way, as an aside — you haven’t gotten through because you are staying, raising the collective frequency.

If you leave, then the frequency of those left behind actually is at a lower vibration, not the higher vibration that you add to the collective jar.

So it has to be at a frequency, at a level where there is not this heaviness, this belief of separation, where you are continually — it doesn’t have to be a hundred percent, but pretty much continually — in the knowing and the living and the actions of love.

You say, “But this is so hard, St. Germaine. How in heaven or Earth are we going to do this?” And what I am saying to you, why I have asked to come before you and discuss this entire issue of Nova Earth and Nova Being is that most of you are doing it. Most of you are already there.

So I am asking, I’m pleading, remember the dream, remember the agreement, that we will bring this beautiful planet, and ourselves, in union, with the very clear presence of the masters and the many angelic realms, of every stripe and color, and all the star beings, back to this place of unity.

My brother and sisters, do you think I don’t know that this is what your heart most deeply yearns for? And in this life, in this part of the unfoldment of the plan, this is not done by removing yourself into a place of silence or retreat. It is not about going into the cave for your daily meditation and prayer.

It is about moving into society and community. It is about engaging with each other and doing the little creations, and in so doing knowing, “Oh! I can create! I did it yesterday, and I’m doing it today. It may not be the huge creation that I am aiming for, but I am part of billions of people creating this change. I am part of this global community.”

So, let us be practical. Let us talk about, for example, this subscription idea.

So perhaps it is a matter of someone saying, “I today will give a dime, I will give a dime to something that I support, because I believe tomorrow I will have that dime or dollar or ten dollar bill replenished. I believe I can create a dime or a dollar or ten dollars. I know I may be waiting on the big push, but I know today what I am capable of, and in knowing I am capable, I am doing it. I choose to do it.”

That is practical. That is real. That is tangible. That contributes to the growth of the whole.

SB: And I so agree with you, St. Germaine. I’d like to take everything that we’ve been talking about on the show and focus it on a concrete issue so that you can bring in the various strands that you’ve been talking about and show how lightworkers can actually be at work on something concrete.

The California drought. And I apologize to listeners in India and France and Australia that I’m talking about American events, but we’ve been down to California. We’ve actually seen that, and so I have to focus on something that I actually know and have seen. As an example of lightworkers having something to address, to work on, to do something about, the California drought is right there before us, and Kathleen is spearheading efforts to meditate, to address the California drought.

Can you talk to us about how this can be an example of lightworkers getting to work to build Nova Earth, please?

StG: It is a very powerful example, and it is a very practical example.

California needs rain. It needs moisture. It needs to have the water to sustain itself, the very Earth, the trees, the plants, so it is a practical thing.

Now, you do not need to apologize to your comrades all over the Earth because as you do for California you are doing for everywhere else that is drought-ridden. That is how it works: if you do it for one, you do it for all. So take that into account. You are focusing on the person receiving the healing on the bed. On the altar, as it were, is California, but it is for all drought-ridden places.

SB: That’s very good to know.

StG: The drought is lack and limitation.

California is a golden place. It is a city of light and it is one of the most creative places on the planet. If I were to incarnate this day, I think I would go and live in California.

Let me be practical now. You are learning and you are applying how you can, through your very thoughts. The belief in your thoughts creates energy, because thought and love are sheer energy. It is creation of a new belief system. You are a powerful creator, and you, in the embrace of the elements, Earth, wind, fire, water, you are embracing the elements in community, and you are talking to the element of water all over the planet.

And as human beings, in partnership with the elements, you are saying, “Will you come with me, and will you rain in perfect harmony and proportion in California?” You are learning to work with Gaia and the elements themselves. You are learning that you are part of a citizenry that is not isolated but that is breaking through these old barriers.

So every day you are talking to every molecule of water and saying, “Will you come with me and rain, and create a lush California yet again? And will you share this bounty all over Gaia in perfect balance and harmony?” When you do this, you are going to see proof positive of how powerful you are, not just in bringing forward a dollar here or a dollar there, but creating the beauty of harmony in partnership, not just with us, but with Gaia herself and with your community around the globe.

Now, that is doing what you are capable of.

SB: You’ve talked about sacred partnership with the Company of Heaven, and you’ve just talked about our meditation event. But is this not an illustration of that partnership? The galactics, for instance, are infusing plants with chlorophyll and moisture and keeping them alive even in the midst of this drought. Is that not an example of what the Company of Heaven is doing from its side? And then you’ve talked about what we might do from our side. Is that correct?

StG: Well, do not forget, you are part of the Company of Heaven. The division of this Company that you think of as the galactics and the inter-galactics have been holding the chlorophyll and a modicum of moisture to keep the plants alive while the human beings, in harmony with the elementals, learn this lesson: they are working to preserve and sustain Gaia.

Many of us, led by Archangel Raphael, who is the essence of the green emerald ray in itself, are also working with the trees, with the plants, with the waters, even with the fire, with the humans, to sustain Gaia through these droughts so that Gaia herself, the plants, the kingdoms, do not have to die.

So we are patiently holding the space, holding the life force, the frequency that can sustain life while this [correction of belief systems] is taking place. We are doing our job, and we are asking your cooperation in doing yours.

SB: So this is a very good example of the cooperation that you mean by sacred partnership, I’d imagine.

I have one last question and that’s that it was very startling for Kathleen and I to meet people in the West Coast Express gatherings so many of whom were polymaths, so many of whom could enter so many disciplines and feel comfortable and talk on so many subjects, and at the same time also to meet I think about five lightworkers who I would say have mastered universal love as far as human being in the body can master it. So, could you speak to that? Was that just a freak or an accident or are lightworkers…

StG: It is not a freak. It is you being given evidence that you are masters. Look in the mirror of who you are meeting and accept the wonder of who you are. I say this as the wonder man of Europe. (9)

SB: Yes, indeed.

StG: Accept the wonder of who you are.

SB: All right. Well, thank you very much for that. Again, another hour would not be enough time to enjoy all that you have to say, St. Germaine. Thank you for coming today.

StG: Oh, go with my delight and blessings. Farewell.

SB: Thank you. Farewell.


(1) Is St. Germaine hinting that the Earth has moved to its new place in the galaxy?

(2) Eeek! I’d better smarten up!

(3) On the West Coast Express.

(4) Archangel Michael said he has staked out the roof.

(5) What have they planned for 12/12?

(6) In his incarnation as Sir Francis Bacon, St. Gerrmaine left his treasure box open for all the family and servants to share in – and ended up penniless.

(7) This whole discussion is incredibly … well, germane to what we’ve been discussing lately about lightwork.

(8) The first stage of Ascension.

(9) St. Germaine was known as the wonder man of Europe. Everyone in certain circles of society had a story of running into him. He walked through walls, manifested diamonds, was never seen to eat at a party, lived for perhaps a century without ageing, etc., etc.

St. Germaine: You are Ready to Go Through the Ascension Portal – Part 1/2

An Hour with an Angel, November 10, 2014, with St. Germaine, Part 1/2

In Part 1, Linda discusses the current status of the Tsunami of Love and the next “can do” phase of building Nova Earth. In Part 2, St. Germaine discusses our role in the sacred partnership we’re in with the Company of Heaven.

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, with Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening and The New You. Also joining us is Steve Beckow, author of Building Nova Earth: Towards a World that Works for Everyone.  Our guest today is St. Germaine.

So, with that, I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. And just before we turn to St. Germaine, Linda, how are the 11/11 energies affecting you, since we’re pre-recording on 11/11?

Linda Dillon: That’s right. And the 11/11 energies, as you know, were originally an opening of a huge portal 11/11 1992.

And one of the things I think that people don’t always understand is that when that portal opened, it wasn’t an open and shut case. Those energies have continued to grow and morph and expand.

And I don’t know about you guys, but I am feeling the 11/11 energies since the wee hours of the morning, and they are powerful! But what I’m sensing is almost like electrical spikes, like power spikes. And I know that our being, our bodies, as we’re holding more energies, higher frequencies, are becoming more electrical. So I think today, today is another one of those upgrades.

How are you both feeling?

SB: Well,  the thing that I’m noticing most, Linda, is just that I feel myself expanding in love. I kind of am becoming like a pudding that’s been stirred and stirred and stirred. I’m just thick with love. So, that’s my dominant impression. Graham?

GD: Thick with love! [laughter]

SB: Thick with love! Well, thick with love, too! (1)

GD: You’re bathing in it, hunh?

Hey, you know, that’s all right. That’s probably something that we can all hope and desire to take on. And I would echo that.

I’m still feeling the human emotions and just staying in that observer/witnessing role, so that when things do come up and I maybe feel a little off or discordant — I was feeling that yesterday — I just sit with it and be gentle and have patience with it. I source what’s coming up and then release it, so I can get back to that state of my divine self, which is love and joy.

And today I’m feeling that for sure. I feel centered and balanced. And, you know, maybe it has something to do with the 11/11 energies; maybe it’s just part of the ride generally, but it seems that I’m stepping into this more and more and more, and I’ll take it.

SB: Very good.

LD: It’s where we need to live. And there is a huge portion of choosing to live in the love rather than being distracted.

And I know those distractions can be very strong and appear very real, but when we change our hearts and our minds and our belief systems and say, no, that’s not real. I’m going to go back and I’m going to stay in the love, we feel our wholeness, our divinity. We feel happier.

Another theme I’m really noticing is the invitation – it’ll be interesting to see today if St. Germaine talks about it – but they’re really asking us to embrace, right down to our toes, as Nova beings creating nova Earth, this can-do attitude.

Now, as I was meditating, I was thinking, we’re going to have to adopt that Nike slogan, Just do it! It’s that “can do” feeling rather than “I can’t.” Or “We can’t.”

GD: What you’re speaking to Linda is such an empowering statement, and the invitation is there and the opportunity is there. We can choose that.

We can choose the quality of our day-to-day experience, honoring the humanness that comes up, those human attributes, feelings, thoughts, emotions, but overall I’m definitely practicing that. And so I know it works and I feel really encouraged by that. We can choose it.

LD: We can choose it and we invite everybody who tunes in, whether it’s to InLight Radio or the Golden Age of Gaia or the Council of Love or anywhere, to just… to choose that “can do” attitude and to translate that to being the love. So, like Steve, we can all be thick in the love.

SB: That’s right. I may also mention that there’s a series of articles going up on the Golden Age of Gaia right now on how to work as lightworkers on the building of Nova Earth in groups. So that’s there as well.

Linda, if I’m correct, we’ve passed through the Tsunami of Love. We’re maybe in the pause. Maybe we’re coming out — I don’t know. But we’re also in the 11/11 gateway. Can you just talk for a minute about the progression of spiritual events that’s happening? Tsunami of love, pause, gateway?

LD: We’re not through the entire Tsunami of Love.

SB: Okay.

LD: I think there’s still another huge wave coming.

SB: All right.

LD: We feel that we’re through it. Many of us feel that we’re through it because we’re in that delicious soup and that warm water, and we’re just floating on our backs or riding the surfboard.

But when I’m talking to the universal Mother Mary (or the Divine Mother), when I look — I get a lot of visuals — I see this massive wave still coming at us from offshore.

She [the Divine Mother] is not going to quit! And we are going to continue – I was going to say to get pummeled, but that’s the wrong word! – embraced and washed clean and refilled and restored until every single human being has got it.

And so, everybody, whether they know it or not, has been washed and embraced and changed by the Tsunami of Love. And you had that wonderful article on the blog about the measurement of how things are just spiking with this phenomenal gift o the love energy, (2) but to say we’re through it? I think we’ll be through it when we’re all collectively washed through, together, through the ascension portal.

(Continued in Part 2/2.)


(1) I’m love-thick for Kathleen. Graham is “funning” me.

(2) “Udo Pelkowski : Life-Force Energy Increasing Dramatically“, as well as “Devapriya: Skyrocketing Life-Force Energy” at

James Gilliland: ECETI News From Mexico


James Gilliland’s newsletter, November 14, 2014

Thanks to KP.


First I apologize for not being available lately due to traveling and dental concerns. I had two crowns prepared and a molar pulled in one day. I am also in Mexico at a place that will remain undisclosed.

There has been many inquiries as to what is happening on many levels. There is so much going on I almost don’t know where to start. Foster Gamble put out a youtube video concerning your money is about to change. [link to the Foster & Kimberly Gamble video]

I highly recommend watching it, mainly because it will save me a lot of typing. I am in contact and working with major key players as far as the currency re-evaluation, the movement back to universal law and sovereignty.

I am glad Foster and Kimberly decided to put out this information, yet there is more to the story. What is unfolding is in alignment with universal law, and the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. It is a step one of many. Eventually we will evolve to a civilization that does not use money as most advanced civilizations. For this to occur we must make the shift to unity consciousness.

The 9th wave the Mayans speak of is a wave of consciousness and energy that is exponentially increasing until all match its vibration or frequency. What is unfolding fits into that process. While there are some who are trying to create WW3, creating false flags, fake epidemics etc., to govern you through fear and dependency, they are imploding due to a much grander force. This force includes families and mega trusts aligned with a higher force for good.

Many refer to these negative factions as the cabal, zionists, illuminati etc. I have to ask what is so illumined and enlightened about separation, greed and actions harmful to humanity and the Earth. These are all base, primitive beliefs.

What they refer to as superior in action and belief is in fact inferior and not frequency specific to the evolutionary path of Earth. What they refer to as power has nothing to do with power. Power comes from source, prime creator and prime creator, God, Creator, Great Spirit, what ever you want to call it, is love.

Love is the ultimate power in the universe. So where is the love in their thought and action? Where is the nobel virtue? No love, joy, bliss, no power. What you have is a very primitive mind cut off from spirit and trapped in the false ego.

Those who operate under universal law, love and serve all creation are coming forward. They are riding the 9th wave. They are multidimensional and are a force beyond comprehension.

This force includes the benevolent Annunaki which are recalling the fallen ones left behind. Those who broke universal law are standing in front of the councils, facing their deeds and the consequences.The Pleiadians, Orion Council of Light. Arcturians, Andromedans, and a host of other extremely advanced off worlders or what others refer to as ultradimensionals are all coming forward to liberate the Earth and reset her back on her original course.

There is a massive cleanup of the archon network, a collection of demonic and degenerate Ets which is about 80% complete. This means their puppets here on Earth will loose their false power, protection and guidance by these dark forces. It is a recipe for disaster for the dark hearts, especially when the masses wake up to who they are and what they have done.

This is the big picture, yet there are many aspects to it. Universal Law demands that everyone do their part, make the necessary changes in their lives aligned with Universal Law. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Freedom and Prosperity for all is the base foundation for Universal Law.

It is was summed up in two sentences by one of your masters. Love God with all your heart and your neighbor as yourselves. There is one more sentence necessary. Honor the Creator in All Creation, the sacred circle of life.

We need to be kind to each other and all creation. Live a life in balance.

Now I have to ask how many of your institutions operate according to Universal Law? Your religions separate man from God and God from Creation, when in fact you cannot separate the Creator from Creation nor man from omnipresence. Your governments serve the corporations, souless entities which worship profit at any expense. This has caused the greatest suffering to humanity and the Earth.

The war industry is responsible the escalation of wars and the pharmaceutical industry is responsible for the escalation of disease. The oil industry is responsible for the escalation of pollution along with the nuclear industry, coal industry etc.; all unnecessary with todays advanced fueless energy systems. Your media is bought and controlled, designed to trap you in the external, disempowering you from making your internal connection to source.

This is all governed on the highest levels by the archon network, a grid which is being torn asunder as we speak. We are in that process and it is well underway. We still have free will to choose which world we wish to support and participate in, yet one world is coming to a close.

My best advice is to choose wisely in thought and action in the days to come, because that will determine your future or lack thereof. Let the archon network fall, don’t participate in it.

If you have played a big part in that network and benefited from it, now is the time to play a big part in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. Time to balance out the karma.

There is action/reaction, there is a grand uncovering where all iniquities will be shouted from the rooftops. Nothing will remain hidden, there is no protection other than forgiveness and right action from one’s karma. This is true soul repentance, not lip service. This must be followed by restitution.

Sound biblical? It is far beyond the bible or any religion. It is what is unfolding, and the path to freedom and survival during these challenging times.

We have the technology to end disease and regenerate the body. We have the technology to supply all our energy and transportation needs fuelessly. We have the ability through organic technologies to feed the world. The resources are there to end poverty, homelessness, all of the ills of humanity. This includes process oriented therapies to heal the mind of wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences.

The only thing missing is the leadership and the uprising. Both are in the wind backed by forces beyond imagination.

Be the force. Be well,

James Gilliland

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Matthew’s Message via Suzy Ward: November 14, 2014

Matthew Ward 222

Matthew Ward’s Message, as received by Suzy Ward, November 14, 2014.

With loving greetings from all souls at this station, this is Matthew. We are happy to address questions about our last message as well as requests for our views on recent events, and we begin with the robot satellite landing on a comet. Maneuvering an object so it can meet up with one whizzing through space is no small feat, and we say, Good show! Clearly, this merits celebration as a technological triumph, but we also see its greater significance: Your civilization is looking toward the stars peaceably—not all that long ago the intention of a few on Earth was to wage war in space. In time, your civilization will have the desire and capability to visit the distant homelands of universal brothers and sisters.

Now, our opinion of two widely-publicized elections—first, in order of occurrence, the people in southeast Ukraine voting to join with Russia. We see this voice of the majority being heard through a democratic process as a welcome step up and away from historic unfairness. Pertinent here is our reply to a question in a prior message:

What do Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine portend for that region? For the short term, general confusion and in some quarters, fighting. Putin wants the same that other national leaders want: a strong economy, a stable government and a calm citizenry. He didn’t realize the breadth of discontentment among Ukrainians or anticipate the outcry after those living in Crimea voted to join Russia, where the majority of voters feel a comfortable familiarity. Throughout your recorded history national borders have swayed to and fro in accordance with the victors of wars, ensuing gain or loss of control, and need for natural resources. Never have the few in power considered how this affected the populace, whose lot was to endure the results of a culture split into different national allegiances or the combining of different cultures under one flag.  [June 2, 2014]

It is quite a different matter in the United States, which of all large countries has the most extensive blend of races, religions, ancestral nationalities, ethnicity and cultures, a richness that can splendidly enhance a nation with wise governance. Souls at this station are apolitical and impartial, and it is without judgment that we see this country’s mid-term election making little if any dent in the status quo that economically and legally disenfranchises the majority of the “minority” populations. We agree with your analysts who foresee more partisan finger-pointing, obstructionism and legislative action favoring the interests of the wealthy.

But this is only for the short term and not cause for discouragement. It is discussions going on behind the scenes that will serve the greater good of all. Leaders in various governments, industries and the sciences are addressing issues such as peace accords, global economic stability, the environment, nuclear disarmament, refugees, impoverishment, renewable energy, pollution reduction, healthcare and new technologies, and some talks include members of your extraterrestrial family. Effects of these efforts toward international collaboration will be seen incrementally, and Earth’s steady course into planes of increasingly high vibrations assures that ultimately wise leaders, justness and harmonious cooperation will reign within and among all governments.

Moving on to two recent speeches, also in order of occurrence, we cite remarks that express other readers’ sentiments, too: “Why did Pope Francis’ open-mindedness about abortion and gays meet a storm of disapproval from the rest in the Vatican and some priests? Is he the only one who realizes our church is going to lose members if it doesn’t move out of the Dark Ages and start serving today’s congregation?”  

Pope Francis acts with genuine caring, honesty, humility and soul-level inspiration. Others in the church hierarchy act from fear that any deviation from dogma could weaken their control over devout adherents and worse, lead to more revelations about long-hidden truths. After disclosure some years ago that pedophiles in the priesthood were being protected by the Vatican, that body was determined to prevent any other secrets from emerging. To wit, it is the international headquarters of Satanism and houses art treasures and gold gained by collaborating with the Nazis during WWII; some cardinals are Illuminati; Christianity’s foundation was devised by early rulers of state and church to control the beliefs and pocketbooks of the masses, and through the centuries since then Catholicism added blatant falsehoods to cement control over their global congregation; popes who advocated reforms were assassinated. When those truths come forth, only spiritual aspects of that religion, and all others as well, will be retained.

In Vladimir Putin’s forthrightness about the state of your world at the Valdai International Discussion Group meeting, he also calls for change. We don’t view him as “hypocritical by accusing the United States of being the world’s troublemaker,” but he wasn’t accurate in placing full responsibility on that country for “meddling in events all around the world.” We wish he had said that all along it has been the workings of the Illuminati within and far beyond that government.

We selected some of his statements to show why we regard this speech by one of your most powerful leaders as a milestone for your society. Whenever information is taken out of context, the full meaning can be misconstrued; if you have interest and time, we recommend reading the speech in its entirety. []

“We have entered a period of differing interpretations and deliberate silences in world politics. International law has been forced to retreat over and over by the onslaught of legal nihilism. Objectivity and justice have been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. Arbitrary interpretations and biased assessments have replaced legal norms. At the same time, total control of the global mass media has made it possible when desired to portray white as black and black as white. ….

“Of late, we have increasing evidence too that outright blackmail has been used with regard to a number of leaders. It is not for nothing that ‘big brother’ is spending billions of dollars on keeping the whole world, including its own closest allies, under surveillance.” ….

“Maybe the United States’ exceptional position and the way they are carrying out their leadership really is a blessing for us all, and their meddling in events all around the world is bringing peace, prosperity, progress, growth and democracy, and we should maybe just relax and enjoy it all?
Let me say that this is not the case, absolutely not the case.” ….

“It is unlikely that someone could provide absolutely exhaustive, ready-made solutions right now. We will need extensive work with participation by a wide range of governments, global businesses, civil society, and such expert platforms as ours.”

Now then, while we were pondering how to reply to readers who questioned my statement in the last message, “Even God doesn’t know” about the timing of future happenings, God said He wants to do this.

My dear children, this is God here. It seems that some of you went all aflutter about Matthew’s accurate assessment of what I know, or in this case, don’t know. You’ve been misled by religion’s concept of who I am and “not my will but thine be done.” I don’t set anyparameters for any of my offspring! It’s all about free will, and I don’t know what you’re going to do with yours until you’ve done it. And I never interfere with what you do even when it’s not in your best interests, when you stray from what you had chosen to do. I doknow your choices—I learned when you put them in your soul contracts.  

      Free will is given to each of you by Creator, not me, but just like the head honchos of the other universes are bound to honor that gift, so am I in this universe. I have no disagreement with the arrangement. After all, the energy that makes suns and infants and flowers—everything that exists throughout the cosmos—comes from Creator’s Big Bang, as you call it. You can use that energy however you want—that’s what free will is.  

      I have a question. Instead of your having that gift, would you rather that I decide what you’ll be doing from one moment to the next, what your interests will be, whom you will befriend, what you must do about any relationship or job or where you’ll live and everything else throughout your lifetime?  Wouldn’t you just be puppets if that’s the way things were? 

      Yes, you would and so they aren’t. It’s your life, my dear children, not mine to live for you just as your life isn’t your parents’ to live for you. What happens is, I experience everything as you experience it, I learn as you learn, I grow as you grow. All of you and all the rest of the souls in this universe are who I am. I am as weak as the weakest, as strong as the strongest, as sorrowful as those who are grieving, as joyful as those who are rejoicing. I love each and every one unconditionally regardless of how they use—or abuse—Creator’s gift.   

      However, since I am all of you and we’re in this together for eternity, I do know the Big Picture, what our composite selves are manifesting in our universe. More accurately, we are this universe, and it’s constantly changing because of the unlimited free will choices of every single soul. They include all who want celestial bodies, all the people, animals, plants and other beings in every civilization and spirit world in every solar system in every galaxy. You don’t have a number that goes that high.

     As my “umbrella self,” as Suzy calls what I call amalgamation, I keep galaxies in orderly orbit, authorize my more advanced selves to prevent nuclear war—that’s the exception Creator made to free will—and to help my selves who request it, and I chat with the gods and goddesses who are my counterparts in the other universes. You don’t get involved in any of that, so I’ll bring this back down to Earth where things are as simple as everything you do, everything you think and feel, becomes as much who I am as who you are. This is because we are One, my beloved children, and evermore shall be.    

Thank you, God. Your reply was ever so much clearer than what would have resulted from our pondering. Some readers asked if our references to God and Creator in our last message mean they aren’t the same, and I asked my mother to locate the message that explains how He and Creator differ. [January 4, 2006]

Thank you, Mother. We also thank the gentleman who wrote the email that we cite in part because his thoughts and questions are similar to those expressed by a number of others, too, and we also shall answer additional relevant questions.

      “I thought it was a universal law that one or a group of persons/souls was not allowed to stop or limit the ascension of those who want to ascend.  If this is a real rule/law, why has the council refused to step in and remove these Illuminati and others? This council, who appointed those souls that reneged on their contracts, appears to have wiped their hands clean, turned their backs on us humans and abandoned humanity’s ascension.

      “The system has been stacked against humanity’s ascension. One has to wonder if planet earth is a place one goes to do whatever ones wants, without consequence.  A life is lived, destructive, constructive, whatever and when the soul returns it gets a pat on its back, a congratulations and gold star for a job well done.  So, any soul consequences seem pitiful, if trusted souls have reneged, and don’t care what happens when they return to this baffling place called heaven.”

When the souls reneged on the second part of their agreement, the council did not turn their backs on humans. They couldn’t deny the “reneging” souls their free will choice to continue creating havoc and despair, but they could plead with them not to. The means whereby the council acted at soul level was sending a profusion of light that would fortify the conscience of each “reneging” soul willing to receive it; and extraterrestrials living among you appeared in their native world bodies as extra emphasis when they told them what they would encounter in spirit life and the next embodiment if they did not honor their full agreement. We shall get back to that.

Contrary to the system stacked against humanity’s ascension, the council’s plan was designed with utmost care to assist Earth’s humankind in accordance with Gaia’s desire that they physically ascend with the planet. That’s why it included provisions whereby stronger souls could assist the weaker in addition to the intense light that powerful civilizations were beaming to Earth. The “reneging” souls had the right to refuse the light themselves, but they could not prevent anyone else from receiving it. Throughout the time that Illuminati-created turbulence and misery extended after the “cut-off,” which came about seventeen years ago in linear time, a billion and more souls eagerly and gratefully have embraced the light. That’s partly why your society’s advancement was delayed by only a decade, not more; still, no delay whatsoever was meant to be.

As for consequences befalling those trusted souls who reneged…when they return to this baffling place called heaven, what happens after they enter Nirvana, the proper name of Earth’s spirit world, is far more severe than you can imagine. Nirvana comprises many flexible energy layers, and in accordance with the laws of physics that govern life in this universe, souls transitioning from Earth automatically are drawn to the layer that is commensurate with their lifetime energy that was registered moment by moment in the infallible Akashic records.

You are souls having a physical experience, so most often we speak of individuals as souls rather than personages. Something stated in a message some time ago hasn’t been repeated as succinctly: It is the psyche and etheric body of the personage that goes to Nirvana’s appropriate energy layer. As the love-light essence of Creator, the soul is liberated, free to co-create another personage who, like all others in the lineage—like all beings throughout the cosmos—is an independent, inviolate, immortal soul energetically and consciously connected with all others.

To continue, congratulations and gold star for a job well done would have been in order for the “reneging” souls insofar as fulfilling the first part of their agreement. Because they did that to the letter, billions of souls—many of whom benefitted from the extra help provided in the council’s plan—attained their goal to complete third density karmic lessons and evolve into fourth. However, their refusal to honor the second part of their agreement consigned them to the basest layer of Nirvana, where they feel the very same emotional and physical pain they caused to all others after the “cut-off” time.

All residents of that layer fear the light, so only a pinpoint is constantly available in that dark world where they live with all the horrors they caused during their Earth lifetime. When they overcome their fear of the light, they move into a level that has a bit more light, and so on and so forth until they have absorbed enough to incarnate in some third density world at the consciousness level of slugs or short-lived insects, for instance. Starting at that point is an act of divine grace; it erases all cellular patterning that otherwise could influence other personages to take the same course as the one whose lifetime consigned him or her to that basest area. It also is divine grace that each sets its own growth pace, each accepts the light when it is ready, so reaching the “beginning anew” stage of incarnation and evolving to human status in a third density civilization may come relatively fast, say a thousand of your years, or extend into the millions.

Very few, if any would consider Earth today as the kind of magnificent heaven that many believe is the afterlife for “good” people—and Nirvana’s higher layers are!—but Earth shall become so. The ever-growing light—LOVE!—in your world is manifesting the paradise of Gaia’s vision that awaits you in the continuum.

Beloved sisters and brothers, always our words are with unconditional love and we honor your steadfastness in the light.


Suzanne Ward

To view this message at the original source, click here: The Matthew Books – November 14, 2014.

City of Light Update via Genii Townsend: September 1, 2014 – Divine Determination

Genii Townsend

Stephen: Genii writes that this latest message “was a short bit of guidance but looks to feel important…Sending Love? YOU BET !”

City of Light Update: Divine Determination, as received by Genii Townsend, September 1, 2014 –

Genii, Inner Question: ” As we begin a new month, what can be known?.. Any topic please.”

Divine Determination!

Answer: “The world you live in, lightworkers look to have a peaceful solution to all the warring and negativity that abounds across your video screens and shakes up this world you call home.

“It will take something beyond this world to shake up the darkness to its roots and release them to the universe.

“The first City of Light and Love resting now on the grounds of the Sedona, Arizona landscape will do that very efficiently.

“Darkness will scramble in its total confusion of what has taken place (that they had not planned on) and will be repelled by the excitement from the people of light of long standing serving in love’s purpose for this miracle.



“Continued dark ignorance pay attention. Take notice. it’s your turn is to learn or leave, never more to hold any kind of position to inflict these horrors on the innocent unknowing.

“So dear ones you who have prayed, supported and love the Primal Creator (known by many names) you will indeed see God in ACTION. It could be no other!!!! Hold on lights, as confusion erupts and clears the way and Gods light beams on and thru your planet.

“The confused mentality is clearing by many means ( including the weather patterns), while making way for Gods Grand Entrance in a wave of DIVINE LOVE (known to a very few at this moment).

“Those who have never experienced Divine Love have a surprise in store for, it is like no other.

“So light supports, be it Divinely and lovingly given. It is time to wake up as God is planning on showing you a place you never thought possible, much less walk into and get healed. What started with a vision in Gods mind many centuries ago now becomes a third dimension reality that you can actually see feel and walk into. Imagine that !

“Genii dear one, your message has just been given.. Enjoy!”

Genii: Thank you, to each unseen golden one who have guided me and so many other others. We await you next move with love and anticipation.

We hold the Light of Divine Love! which will never go out for any reason.

So light it be, in God name.

Genii Townsend ( trans-audio visionary.)