Emmanuel Dagher: Energy Forecast April 2015 – The End of Contracts


My beautiful friend,

It’s such a blessing for me to connect with you in this way. As always, on behalf of all humanity, thank you for choosing to be dedicated to your inner expansion and your journey to Divine remembrance.

It’s because of your willingness to align with your Truest Self that the consciousness of the world is rising so quickly.

If March felt like a ridiculously challenging time for you, you were not alone. Many people felt like they were being pushed to their breaking point, to the point where even all the spiritual tools they had learned seemed to have lost their magic.

Breaking Down for the Breakthrough

To our Spirit, nothing is ever broken. Nothing needs to be healed, because at the core of each of us, there resides only pristine wholeness and perfection.

When we speak of a breakdown, it actually refers to the dismantling effect that occurs in the experience of the mind, when it feels like it has reached a tipping point where even it knows change has to happen.

This tipping point can feel very uncomfortable at times, which is an indicator that some type of internal shift is happening.

The mind is not the biggest fan of change, because it has been conditioned to register change as something that will take it away from the identity it has created for itself.

There are those who understand how to embrace change. We may know them as people who constantly reinvent themselves to become an even greater version of who they were the day before.

How are these people able to embrace change so easily? We all know someone like this in our lives. Take a moment to reflect on this person. You may notice that they may be someone whom you’d consider to be more of a ‘free spirit.’

The reason these people are able to embrace change more easily, is because they ‘think’ more with their hearts than with their mind.

The Spirit is fueled and excited by change. It thrives on change. Those butterfly feelings that we feel inside when something ‘big’ is about to happen in our lives, is our Spirit dancing with excitement, letting us know that a great shift is about to happen.

However, the mind, you may have noticed, registers the butterfly feelings in the stomach as nerves or fear, because it simply is not understanding what’s happening.

So when that happens, just let your mind know that those feelings are a confirmation that your Spirit is getting ready to create a wonderful experience for you, and for that reason … it no longer has to be afraid anymore.

The energies that came in with March have been nudging us to go way beyond our comfort zone. If we weren’t aware that this was happening, we may have found ourselves feeling lost, confused, and at a point of experiencing some sort of emotional, mental, or physical breakdown.

Remember, a breakdown is just another term for ‘the dismantling of limiting patterns that no longer serve our highest and greatest good.’ It’s the experience of no longer being able to find comfort in those limiting patterns.

A breakdown can actually be one of the most spiritual experiences we can have, because it gives us time to reassess our lives and create a new reality for ourselves.

It’s what we allow ourselves to learn from the breakdown that shapes what the next chapter of our lives will look like.

What’s causing these breakdowns?

The Contracts Expire

A big reason why everything seemed so challenging in March, was because many of the old karmic, energetic, verbal, sensual, and even written contracts, oaths, and vows we have consciously and subconsciously made have expired.

Here are some things that might be showing up as result of the expiration of contracts:

We’re being called to release a marriage or romantic partner.
We’re being called to move.
We’re being called to let go of our current job, project, or other business ventures.
We’re ready to align with new friends and release others.
We’re not fully clear on our purpose.
We’re experiencing a loss of appetite.
We’re experiencing unexpected feelings of loss, sadness, and grief.
We’re feeling more emotional than usual.
We may have experienced the transition of a loved one.
We’re finding ourselves trying to please others in order to ‘keep’ them in our lives (a tendency we’d thought we had overcome, due to all the spiritual work we’ve done around that issue)
If you are someone who has experienced any of these things, you are most likely experiencing what’s known as a Divine Completion.

The Divine Completion

A Divine Completion is a sacred time in our lives that signifies profound closure. It is the end of an old chapter, and the beginning of a new one.

Divine Completion is not about getting rid of anything or anyone from our lives with force. It’s not about fixing anything.

It’s actually about understanding that we have come to a point in our lives where certain contracts, vows, and obligations we’ve had with certain people, places, experiences, and ourselves, have been fulfilled.

A Divine Completion means that we have chosen to not run away or avoid something that felt uncomfortable or scary to us, but rather that we have faced whatever challenges needed to be faced full-on. We have learned our lessons, and are no longer in need of recreating that experience in our lives.

Divine Completion can even occur among Soul family members, and Soul mates. These seem to be the hardest for most, especially because we can remember feeling so connected to these beautiful Spirits at one point.

When a completion happens on a Soul level, a compassionate love still remains. If anything less than compassion still remains, completion has not yet fully been achieved.

If you are someone who is experiencing a Divine Completion at this time, know that I am fully holding the space for your integration process to be smooth, gentle, and rewarding.

The amazing thing is that times like this really help us put everything into perspective, and allow us to appreciate the daily blessings in our lives.

Also, once a completion happens and the integration has been made, a fresh new day greets us with its sweet embrace, opening us up to miraculous new possibilities.

The month of April will bring a much lighter and more joyful energy, where these new possibilities can flourish.

As always, I’m profoundly grateful for you, and I look forward to connecting with you here again soon.

Till next time,


“Energy Forecast April 2015 – The End of Contracts,” by Emmanuel Dagher, March 31, 2015, at http://www.emmanueldagher.com/energy-forecast

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Crystal Connection 30 April 2013

other planet

Source picture:starseed411.org

I am swimming in a deep blue ocean, a small ray of sunshine reaches me , in the distance I hear blue whales communicating/singing to each other. It seems I start to zoom out on the water and it forms Blue Eearth. Around Earth I see instead blue space . My vision changes and I am now in the high white room again. In the middle of the floor there is that spiral but it is blue now.  The spiral is moving and creates a portal. I go in and get transported to another planet. Tauno is there with me. We are in sort of rainforest, but all around us there are very tall trees, taller then the seqoia tree. Their trunks are blue green and as we look up we see long crystal housing attached to the trees. We are greeted by light beings with fairy wings. They talk and touch us. We floating slowly up in the blue again and come back to the white room. AA Michael is also there giving us the blue flame. End meditation.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I had trouble concentration at first. Then I connected with my Heart and got a vision, White wings were coming out of a ray of aether Light from my Heart, a being was coming out , Angelic being of White Light ,  tall, slim and with wings, I saw a White Bird, I was this bird – Eagle and I was flying over a land from our past. Then I saw a face, then faces, S connected with me, I saw his face, wide face a bit rectangular, dark skin, I saw light dots and I was in the tomb, I saw many figures walking in long dark robes , they were walking one after the other and got out of the tomb, S remained there, there it came the Cat – Bastet

Crystal Connection 29 April 2013

crystal portal

crystal portal

Source picture:lightworkers.org and atlasobscura.tumblr.com

With concentrating on the El Ka Leem OM sounds of Tom Kenyon, I had following vision:
I see concentric circles in front of me, as they are made in water. It begins small but widens on the edges. The motion of action and re-action. The concentric circles begin to act like a portal, a water portal. I step through this portal as a new being. I see somebody else also going through , another light being, but I only see a silhouette. The silhouette goes into the light. As I walk through ( It looks almost like the Stargate in Stargate SG-1) I feel ONE with this water. This is a place of dreams. I see a gothic glass window in a church, it is dark inside. Then the clouds seem to go and a small ray of golden light passes through the glass window. The church has a transition portal , it is a waiting room to better places. I see a green landscape where lines and lines of people, waiting to be boarded through the portal. It is a clear and sunny day, with blue sky and white wispy clouds. They are going to New Earth. As they pass the portals, their bodies become crystal light. The vision changes and I am in the Himalayas and see monks going into the cities of light. I am standing in front of their doors, it is of crystal. I am meted with Tolek and he invites me to come in. I feel light hearted when I step in and then Tolek disappears. I see crystals everywhere, they are the energy generators of the world. There is a gathering of the council elders, they are coming together for this occasion. Message: “the wheel of Karma doesn’t turn anymore”. I am breathing thin air as I am standing on a Himalaya mountain again. I meet up with a yeti. The vision changes again and now I am in the Rocky Mountains in America and I am in an Indian sweat lodge. We are on the high snowy mountains and it is dark outside. The sacred smoke goes up in spirals to the starry sky. I am feeling ONE with nature. In the smoke I see strange looking creatures forming, they don’t look like the familiar animals here on planet Earth. I also see white mountains, green/blue grass and orange (I mean the colour) trees, it feels as if I am in Africa. I suddenly see a snake , holding up at some ruins. It is the opening of the time portals, we are balancing the fine ling, leaving 3D dimension, entering 5D dimension. The fire burns first higher until it dies down. The heart is loved.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw a pyramid of golden Light and a ray of Light coming from its top so that its top was not visible, the pyramid was like a volcano errupting  Light  upwards. Then I was in a forest of extremely green colour, green trees, golden green Light was penetrating the whole forest, I felt Lisa is there with me and we are walking through a portal formed between the trees, I said ‘ let it be Green” and the green colour became more strong, I could see a space in the forest with no trees, I remember a plant and the Sunshine there- golden green. I saw the butterfly that turned into a bee and dragonfly and I felt the Presence of my green dragon, a giant snake came and with its curving formed Yin-Young symbol of green color.

I was flying on my dragon, that was at the same time a bee, a snake and I was flying over a big and crowded city, the city was of lower vibrations and I saw a face forming down there, the landscape took a shape of a face/ Mars planet/. Then I was in the elven forest. I entered through the cave opening, at the entrance there were metallic four leaf clovers of green and gold forming an arch. I saw many small elves , fairies of white and golden Light flying, little elven Beings and a land of beauty, the crops were caressing by the wind and elves were the crops, Mother Nature connected with me and I got the message that they Are always here with us, we can connect with them when we think of them.

Crystal Connection 27 April 2013: A sacred connection

Normally I would post my connections tomorrow because of being late, but I felt this connection we had was very sacred. Below is the song I heard when I saw the blossom leaves being carried through the forest wind.

[Voice of the wind]
Ay ay ay ya
Ay ay ya

[Grandmother Willow]
Que que na-to-ra
You will understand
Listen with your heart
You will understand
Let it break upon you
Like a wave upon the sand
Listen with your heart
You will understand

[Voice of the Wind]
You will understand ..

I see two red foxes running through the forest. Then the forest is filled with little tree forest spirits. Also big tree spirits are there in the trees and I see grandmother spirit and she sings: ‘you will understand’ I see blossom leaves being carried by the wind, through the forest. Then the vision changes and I see Hitsusi saying we will meet in dreamtime (funny when I was writing dreamtime my dictionary changed it in realtime) using Leslee’s exercise. I also see Umbro, and all my other guides. I see a crystal surrounded by double helix. I see myself engulfed with rainbow colors and I feel like I am a huge being.Then AA Michael comes up to me and put his sword upon my body. I feel the healing and protection going through my body, I feel the light going through me. I feel so bliss after it.

Note Tauno:

Wow~ 🙂 Lisa! We are so strongly connected, these forest spirits, do you know that the Spirit of the forest has antlers , the tiny rose flowers are in connection with your smaller tree spirits-elves; Wow and AA Michael-Yes! He has a message for us, The Rune TIR is representing a sword, a warriour, the victory too, the Rune Gebo means cooperation and balance, Good job, my dear sister! Love you!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

Link to picture of deer

I saw a giant deer Spirit, the dear was raising head and merged with Wolf and bear Spirit, Fox Spirit too, I could see little rose flowers in the air around the deer, they were floating and hanging in the air , the deer was calling Hathor. I saw a city of Light, huge crystal building with many flats/living spaces in it, columns of white crystals and a fountain of huge rose flower emanating high energy and vibrations. The Shaman was calling the Spirit of Gaia…Magnolias of rose colours, green leaves
Tara – Mother Earth, I see the surface of the planet and I connect with the tree of Life, I am half merged with this tree and i see the black abyss under me, my shoulders are at the level of the trunk where is the middle, my feet are in and over the hollow black tube where the roots of the tree are and many people there, they want to get higher, I help them come higher and serve as a keeper of the portal for them.

I am holding OLA with my two palms and form an eye, the eye is at the crown of the tree of Life, I see goats there, flowers, green leaves, sunshine, I raise into the Higher dimension and I connect with the Angels, I connect with AA Michael and he is showing me the Rune TIR and then GEBO, He appeared as these Runes and in Golden Light to me, rose magnolia blossoms and rose flowers again into the higher dimension. Lisa, I also saw the White Pegasus and Unicorn in the higher dimension

Crystal Connection 26 April 2013


Source picture:http://www.etfriends.com/Bubbles.html

I couldn’t concentrate. I only saw fairy wings and in the wings was a spiral shape. And I had the feeling of being in the elven forest.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I am extremely tired today, no energy for connection, I can hardly walk and stay awake but I have a short lasted vision, the Tree of Life I saw and a ray of light coming from it and going upwards slightly tilted left/this means that the new direction of Life will be of more Spiritual nature. Then I saw the Tree again and a Dragon`s tail, I connected with an energy – perhaps Hitsusi and I felt Light of yellow color. OLA showed me a craft in Space , a huge craft in a shape of natural crystal point, the craft was white and under it there were hundreds of small balloons –  craft, the Mother Ship came closer and I could see her structure – made of millions bubbles , the craft was able to cloak and it disappeared in a while.

Crystal Connection 25 April 2013

starry sky

Source picture:http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/beach at night

Blue bubbles rising up into the blue green ocean, we (Tauno and me) rise up like mermaids up to the surface and we see kingdoms of long forgotten pasts, see future cities of light to come. I am alone now in the green blue ocean water, the water feels warm, I am relaxing – I look up, the sky is blue without clouds, the day goes fast and now I am looking up at a starry sky , I see the milky way, and I feel getting ONE with the water, the ocean, the life, the fish, the creatures, the plants, dolphins come up to me and swim and relax beside me, they are talking to me – beautiful creator being, see the light in yourself, see the star that you are and shine on the firmament, just as those stars above you in the sky.

I feel golden light inside of my heart growing and glowing and it takes over my whole being, transforming me into a crystal being, I rise up in to the sky, I am golden being and I look down and sent my love to the dolphins. They look pinky from here.

The vision changes and I am in the woods, the mysterious blue green woods, it is dark but through the trees I see a white light shining through, it is the sun , I walk towards it and it is like I am walking into the light, into the sun. I meet up with Hitsusi, he is shining his light too and everything feels light, like I am in a white bubble, a crystal bubble, he smiles at me and reaches out his hand, I take it, I feel light going through me, healing light, I am transported in the big white ballroom again with the diamond spiral in the middle. Now the spiral is a healing device, conjuring up heavenly tones that are vibrating through me, as the tunes fade away I turn back to myself.

Crystal Conenction – Tauno
I was so tired but I tried to concentrate. I saw a lizard at the middle between the Sun and the Moon, it was like salamander. I saw a horizon and a town there, pyramids, buildings, mountains. A Being came in front of me – Ancient South American God, huge stone face and a mouth opened, stairs in the mouth and I entered this portal, I felt the Presence of a Being from higher dimensions. I remember another Presence, more Angelic and of Light.

I saw the Bear, she was climbing a thin rope and was moving upwards. The Bear Spirit was holding the rope with her claws and she was white and grey and emanated Light from within

Crystal Connection 24 April 2013

golden dust

Source picture:www.christianlorenzscheurer.com

I see Hitsusi and he guides me how to open a Lotus Flower portal. Imagine light growing in your heart and let then this light flow into heart of the Lotus Flower you visualize. The petals are opening and releasing the heart energy. The vision changes and I see snow, heavy snow and it I seem to be in a dark environment. Then a gold light begins to shine, everything becomes lighter, green grass begins to appear, blossoms and other flowers are opening their petals. A portal is being opened in the sky – looks like a Lotus Flower vortex and I see golden dust comes out of it. The dust whirls up and high and goes over the world. The seasons have begun, clarity comes to mind, Love is all around us. I see a native American Indian, he reaches out his hand. He sings a song of freedom and balance; everything is slowly getting in balance.

 Crystal Connection – Tauno

I started with my throat chakra centering, then Ajna and Crown. I saw a spider at my throat – red and beige legs, the spider is there. I was connected with Angelic Being of White Light, She was in the elven forest and as I looked closer it turned out to be HERA again, she was at the tree, she stepped down to us. Then I connected with the energy of the Ascended draconian Being, I saw a sphere of light that was burning like a Sun, a constellation in Cosmos with a shape of an eye appeared and I received a message.

I saw the Ascended draconian Planet and her inhabitants, at Home they are tall, slim and White Angelic Beings, here in the lower dimensions they have some features in common with reptiles/dragons. Petra connected with me, we did a strong connection, AA Michael came to me in Golden light and with His mighty wings, I saw a huge letter A. He came to us to give us Power and support. I saw AA Michael, me, Petra, Lisa and some other Souls moving the Planet on the right, we were doing it as if we were pushing a car, as if a huge stone had to be pushed on the right. Right is the position of Infinity/Reality in my meditations, we all together are working on moving the Planet into the higher dimension.

Crystal Connection 22 April 2013


Source picture:http://inhabitat.com/field-of-2000-wispy-dandelions-turned-into-breathtaking-art-exhibit/

I see crystal diamonds in a spiral, they are situated in the green grass. I look up and see crystal butterflies, I see a crystal forest. All crystals have their own tune. The vision changes and I am in a huge white room, the size a ballroom and outside it is snowing seeds of dandelions. In the middle of the room, on the floor I see the same diamond spiral, but now it has blue and purple diamonds.a. I am standing in the middle of this spiral and as I follow the spiral outwards, I start to meditate. The lines begin to change and it changes into a time portal labyrinth. I see your eyes tauno, they are purple and they are taxing me. I open my heart to you and Hug you. Then I start to fall deep into this black timeless space, I see a clock going backwards, time going backwards, I see stars, universes reversed and then I stop. It is pitch black around me, then a scene unfolds before me, I see light beings, I see myself in the sixth dimension, we are creating as we go, everything is fluid. hen it went pitch black and time was spinning forwards back into my time, myself . I feel like I missed something.

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw green Light and a little sphere of golden Light there. Then golden Light. I Am My Higher Self Veraneka and I radiate golden Light in all directions, I AM bigger than my physical body. I throw some negative thoughts into the Holy Violet Fire of transmutation. I get a strong impulse of energy as i beam upwards and downwards and I form a crystal octahedron that I am sending to some loving Souls here, then I form a bigger crystal octahedron and take me and Lisa in it for Protection. The Ascended Draconian Hitsusi connects with us, he shows me the evolution of draconian race, we the humans have many in common with draconian, I see a Dragon looking straight into my eyes, blue-green dragon, then a Snake, a giant snake I saw, the dragon turned into Snake – Kundalini, they evolved into human draconian beings of higher dimension of light and now they came here to help us move forward into Light, I felt Love,Eternal Unconditional Love minutes before the connection, deep Love to all Life.

Crystal connection 21 April 2013

blue sky

Source picture: http://bofaco.com/bms/blue-sky-wallpaper

I saw a blue sky and I felt free like a bird. Tauno I also sent you a rainbow light to strengthen your heart and spirit. And a lot of pinky love.

Note Tauno:

We met there at the end of the Portal under the blue sky, my sister! Thank You for the Light you sent to me, I know I can go through this! Love You so much Lisa!

Crystal Connection – Tauno

I saw the feet of Bastet, She bowed and then led me forward. I saw the dragonfly and the Butterfly Elf Mermaid, I was in the elven forest and i saw a high waterfall , the water was falling at fast speed and I saw an Angelic Being of White Light. I connected with the bear and the Wolf and there came the Owl too. I saw a Pyramid and there came a Portal that opened on the top of the pyramid, the portal opening formed a ring over and there came another pyramid from Space, reversed pyramid and the two tops connected, I felt this as the beginning of the end of aging for humans on Earth, a connection of two polarities make zero point, a Portal and everything becomes ONE in the everlasting NOW moment.

I received images of the past, ancient castle by the sea, there i saw a lady, she was sitting on the stone wall over the sea, the dragon was flying and curving like a giant serpent over the sea, he wanted to connect with me, I saw Blue Portal, i entered in and was moving at fast speed, the portal was round, then triangular, blue Light there, I emerged into a land of blue sky and white clouds. I was taken to Cosmos and i saw the earth from there, I was connected with the Light Fleet around the Earth to send my Light towards the Earth and to strengthen the Light around Her, I beamed my Light energy out and connected with All

Crystal connection 20 April 2013


Source picture:www.liv.ac.uk

I couldn’t concentrate. My heart turns into gold and then white sparkly light comes out and flows like ribbons over the world. I am watching the nightsky and the stars and then I am talking back to the being, he wants to gain my trust. We had a personal talk.

Note Tauno:

Hi, Lisa! What a connection again! I was doing White Gold Alchemy meditation, you received the Light too, Love You my sister. OLA has shown me pentagram, then a star with 6 rays – Merkaba and a turtle

the message is that we evolve, the Earth is now stronger connected with Cosmos and we evolve into Cosmic Beings! Now I see the fairy Butterfly Angel in OLA 🙂

My response: I saw also a pentagram in my meditation. I can’t say much yet about the being. Love Lisa

Crystal Connection – Tauno
It was so deep meditation, like a dream. I saw Golden Light and two deers met, one came from the moon and the other came from the Sun. I am in a magical elven forest and I see the elf Butterfly in Golden Light, there came the White Fox too. I also remember the Snake coming out of a hollow in a tree and moving in the air, the snake moves as spiral and is connected with DNA. I see the Pyramid with shining base, Phoenix flying there, a clock of golden fire in the Pyramid, it is 3o`clock.