Immigration rollercoaster to Belgium

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this blog, mostly because of being incapacitated by my chronic illness. With my newly bought laptop, I decided to pick up where I left off.

I don’t know where to begin. A few months ago, in April, I was still living and working in South Africa. The decision to move back to Belgium wasn’t taken lightly. But when we finally did, we didn’t know what we got ourselves into. Justify saying it was a lot of work, with its own set of problems. But on the 26th of May 2022, I landed with my family on Belgium soil. Now a new adventure awaits us.

My spiritual journey in South Africa was incredible, but due to the sheer amount of volume, it will take a while to talk about it and write out the transcripts. From the QHHT session by Tony Seef, artistically rendered guides by Ingrid Fischer to a full Akashic record reading by The Grove Apothica. As previously stated, it will take some time due to my chronic illness. I hope you will come along with my journey to explore. Even though some have taken years ago, some recently, I am just going to publish what I feel to publish. Thanks for patiently waiting all these years.

Credit: Thanks Leslee for introducing me with the application Midjourney AI.

3 responses to “Immigration rollercoaster to Belgium

  1. Welcome back, Lisa! Wow, it sounds like you have so much to share – I look forward to reading and seeing. And it looks like you’re having fun with MJ – that’s fantastic! It’s an amazing gift to imagine something and find image options so readily available, isn’t it?!
    Hearing about your chronic illness also inspires me to mention another resource/outlet that you may enjoy. There’s an app and website called The Mighty, that’s just for people with chronic illness and their caregivers. I know your presence there would be very welcome. It’s a safe place to share.
    Sending you a huge virtual hug!

    • Hi Leslee, I haven’t seen your comment, I was having too much fun on MJ, but I also found which gives you 1000 images for free, every day. I also found nightcafe on discord which you get every day free credits. It has been an awesome journey. I will check out The Mighty it sounds very interesting. I am so happy to connect with you again. Thanks for reaching out, my posts are coming, only have to find the time, mental strength, and physical strength to write. But things take time. Sending a virtual hug back.

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