A powerful dream on the last full supermoon of 2020, a ‘flower moon,’ on May 7.

Since last year I have been changing my habits, almost no sugar, no medication against my chronic pains, and since two weeks ago I am not eating meat. It seems to heighten my spiritual journey and I feel now much more into my core (heart).

I woke up at 5am determined to write down my dream as I felt supercharged. Here is a dream I had during this night of the supermoon. Even though I jump a lot in the dream, it is still the same story but different locations and with different people. The dream fell continuous.

I was in Belgium with my family and we were making ourselves ready to go on a vacation to New York. (Everytime I dream of New York, I feel this special connection to it, a special feeling that makes me happy) The dream changes and we are driving in the van but got lost and ended up in Miami,Florida. My father was not happy that we ended up in the wrong location.

But we managed to make our way back and I am now with my brother and sister in law in a bookstore. I see a higher presence, my guide, and I ask him why my brother can’t see that he got downloaded with knowledge. He says because his vibration is not on the level to understand what happened. My sister in law has a notion of what is happening.

The dream changes again and I find myself on a little square (thought of the Studio Ghilbli’s movie ‘The cat returns’ ,where Haru finds herself in this cute little square where the Baron lives) there I find a squirrel in the tree who acts as a guardian. He points to a solid black gate, a message to go through there. But it is not open, but there is enough space under the gate to wiggle myself through it. There I meet a blue fairy lady who gives me a light blue sparkly staff. She said that I have to learn to enjoy and create happiness and that is what the staff will do, teach me how to do that. I had actually fun creating happy things.

The dream changes and I find myself in a shopping mall with my friends now. A big brown ferris wheel was turning it’s wheel and I say to my friends, get yourself ready to get downloads. I see pillars of light coming out of the underside of the ferris wheel and we walk upon it. It is still higher than us, but when we walk underneath it, we get sucked up to the pillar like a magnet. I feel the downloads pouring into me, I feel myself light up. And as I look sideways, I see all my friends light up. After the download I find myself looking up at the glass elevator that is going up and feel the urge to warn the people up there.

I ran upstairs and warn the people that something evil is coming and that it is not safe to use the elevator. Some listen to me and are going down with me via the stairs, as we walk down we can see lifts full of people going down. One of the people next to me complains why they couldn’t take the lift. The moment he said it, we see the elevator plummet to the ground. When I am on ground level , I see dead people all strewn in the trees.

The dream changes and I am now sitting in a big mess hall with lots of people, my friends sit at a table behind me talking a language I don’t recognize and really fast. People are starring at them, some come to me to ask what is going on. I don’t know so I stand up and sit with them. It is as if I am getting a language download because I am starting to speak like them. I note I am speaking Atlantean, Italian and Latin. When other people come to me, I speak English to them, or so I thought. But they now can’t understand me either. I feel a big shift in the dream and feel healing,cleansing and a big white light going through me.

So that is why I woke up at 5am in the morning, I could still feel the dream going through me and the energies of the supermoon. I felt the power of these energies, they all got me so hyped up I couldn’t sleep. It has been awhile I felt such powerful downloads and cleansing.

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