The Arcturian Group: Allow the Clearing ~ January 13, 2020

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Clearing…well, what is clearing? This is the process of eliminating thoughts and emotions (which may lead to actions as well) from your mind/heart. As these attributes which are negative for YOU are released and no longer exist, mental/heart space is “freed up” allowing other thoughts/feelings to take their place – to occur – which brings an innate feeling of peace and happiness.

Please read this article, understand your true value exists when you are NOT in pain, or fear, or regret, or complacency, but rather to fully BE…



Dear ones you intellectually understand, but must actually accept that you are so much more than you have been led to believe. Throughout lifetimes humans have been manipulated and taught that they arelittle more than animals deserving of and needing harsh treatment and incapable of making proper decisions and must look to those more qualified to tell them…

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