The Event – Urgent New Information – Its happening!

I watched this message conveyed through Laura Whitworth. Some of it rang through with me, it is happening. I have seen the signs. I only want to pay it forward, take what rings for you. As always use your discernment.

3 responses to “The Event – Urgent New Information – Its happening!

  1. Thank you! But, I have already viewed this Video last week, can you enlighten me on what you might mean? I will wait for your reply email. ….…… Thanks again Lisa.


    • Hi saucernut2,
      As I correctly remember some of the QHHT session was the coming of the rainbow wave that announces the Event, I have seen a lot of double rainbows and small rainbows and even rainbows in the clouds, little ones. For me personally is a confirmation that things are changing and of course the changes within myself.

      with love and light,

    • Hi Saucernut, I don’t remember if I posted this previously on STC, but here’s a previous session of Laura’s for further context of what is ending with “The Event”

      I interpret this to mean that anything currently dividing humanity is feeding the reptillian 4th dimensional controllers of planet earth. When we let go of these divisions and come together (possibly towards a common goal) is the day when they lose control. That day is soon. I’m not sure what happens to those people under reptillian control (it’s not Hillary!). I guess we’ll be here for them when that control finally breaks.

      We are after all, all brothers and sisters who share a common home, and also have much more in common with our galactic brothers and sisters than we might think. But I blame hollywood for that! 😉

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