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Many people can sense something different in the air but can not quite put their finger on what it is. Something energetic is happening RIGHT NOW to those who are attuned to the current vibrations on this planet. The post Something Energetic Is Happening RIGHT NOW appeared first on In5D.

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Our Quantum Entanglement ~ Jenny Schiltz ~ 24 October 2019 — The Earth Plan


Image SourceSource: Jenny SchiltzThe other night I felt the need to journey. It felt like I was being called into the realms, but I wasn’t sure where I would be going. I decided to take a bath with the lights out to create a sacred, soothing place to explore. As soon as I allowed myself…

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The Twelfth Hour

Heart Star

Dear All,

Star family missions have been running thick and fast across various dimensional layers, ever increasing this year, so firstly, to those who have sent emails or messages that haven’t yet received a reply, heartfelt thanks for reaching out and sharing the love! ❤ To everyone dedicated to anchoring Universal Love on Earth through this year, assisting the ‘golden light over 2020’ to stabilize the highest trajectory for this planetary shift through increasing vibrational accelerations, always know that ongoing love, strength and supportive background actions are constantly flowing from the higher dimensions. Pause and breathe in that high vibrational refreshment, the embrace of love all around the Earth, whenever you feel over-busy or depleted, re-centre in your inner divinity and unity with the realms of pure love.

We’d like to talk here about what star family refer to as the ‘Twelfth Hour of Gaia’s arc of ascension’, which her…

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