The End Game into New Levels, Realms and Worlds as an Aware Architect ~ October 15, 2019

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Editor’s Note: This is a very deep post which for me is difficult to grasp in light of the positive changes we will be seeing in the near future. However, once my excitement is under control, I can begin to glimpse the “true” spiritual nature of this author.

Spiritual evolution is at hand and masked by our excitement and wonder of seeing our physical world change. Perhaps the significance of this article is to stop a moment in our excitement, know the reason for this upcoming change in our physical reality, and understand the importance of our BEing…



BySonia Barrett

Most experiencers of this life will follow the familiar map charted by those who came before us. To follow the familiar seems to be the safest way out and through. It is a map that forges the illusion of the same ultimate outcome while softening the blow…

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One response to “The End Game into New Levels, Realms and Worlds as an Aware Architect ~ October 15, 2019


    We may choose
    Among seven directions
    Of travel and exploration
    Before, behind, left or right
    Above or below, or the one
    That is less travelled
    The inner journey

    My heart glows
    To see your resolve
    To explore them all

    But let us not overlook
    The eighth direction
    The one over which
    We have no control
    – Inexorable time

    I am powerless
    To stay your journey
    Your choices are yours
    Even that tragic eighth
    Yet may at least give
    My heartfelt blessing
    That you will always
    Enjoy seven gifts

    Marvellous Mondays
    Tremendous Tuesdays
    Wonderful Wednesdays
    Thrilling Thursdays
    Fabulous Fridays
    Stupendous Saturdays
    Stunning Sundays

    In sum, my love

    Wish-fulfilling weeks

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