This story is so enlightening and comes with some understanding of my own journey when I left Atlantis before the fall to the Andromeda galaxy. And it explains my connection to Egypt. Thanks for sharing your journey.

Opening the Gate to Christ Consciousness

XdavidRananda Spears·Friday, November 27, 2015

Angel painting by Glenyss BourneOne of my other lives that I was shown by Master Kuthumi during the late 1990s, when He was acting as my Guide, was the story in installments, of a journey that I made with my family, from the Atlantean isle of Aryan to Mexico.

Atlantis was not just one city or island or continent. It consisted of at least five islands that were scattered across the Atlantic Ocean from near to The Straits Of Gibraltar to the island of Cuba in the Caribbean. Aryan was the largest of these islands and was located in mid-Atlantic.

There were many large pyramids on Aryan with temples on top where the priests lived. As our story opens, I was a mid-ranking priest in one of those temples. This was at a time when the dark ones were coming to power and attaining to positions in…

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