Restoring Energetic Balance Through Sacred Source Geometrics ~ September 20, 2019

If you want to see the pictures you can go through to Gaia Sophia link on the Top. When I saw the pictures I felt the energy coming from it, especially the first one. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: Interesting…another article for which the inclusion of any picture is blocked. What does this mean? Please pay attention to this article, see the clues it gives regarding moving from an entropic system to an eternal system, ask yourself, “Why does the Dark want to de-emphasize this article?”, and BE…



By Gaia Sophia

Planetary Ascension we are building a New Earth in this physical realm.
This is a new holographic reality for all. The creation of a
holographic reality at any level of Creation has to do with energy. For
many years on this planet, energy has been looked at as a consumptive
commodity. As in one must consume energy to live, in the form of food;
one must consume energy to drive, in the form of gasoline etc. This form
of consuming energy has created an imbalance on this planet. This
energetic imbalance lends toward…

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