Something’s UP?

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about it, or was it a way of the dark to stop me from spreading the message. After reading an article it felt like I was being freed from the dark spidersweb.

From the moment of the opening of the Lion Gate, I am experiencing synchronicities in life and dreams. What I would read in spiritual articles , it would fall in synchronicity with my dreams. I don’t believe in coincidences and I also keep seeing 717 saying it is time to invest.

I just wanted to share my dreams , that were chaotic but for some reason when I woke up , a message came along with it. I will share you the messages sometimes with the dreams I had and combined with article messages. Some where to chaotic to write down. What I sum up here below, it is for you to take what resonates.

9/8 Dream: The box was a sentient being and was protected to BE. I was exploring the Universe. Message: It is a time of exploration.

14/8 Dream: I found out that I had a lot of alien fragments of myself scattered around the world. The moment I realized it, they disappeared. I find myself at a place where one of my fragments was before it disappeared. I am standing in front of a yellow round flower disc console that shines bright. I think with my realization about my scattered fragments around the world, across space and time, now all fragments are integrated with me. Message: Timelines are collapsing. Article: The supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy just lit up and no one knows why.

16/8 Article: 5D destination? and Incoming wave, Timelines collapse. In conjunction with the dream I had on 14/8

17/8 Dream: I was on a tour guide in the mountains, we stayed with people the guide knew. Message: Re-union with Galactic Family and friends.

18/8 Dream: I chose for my dream the title ‘ Disintegrate the Illusion’ Message: In order to fix the future, you must fix the past

21/8 Dream: I felt expansions, wobbling dimensions and time lines. Article: Preparing for the shift/event.

22/8 Dream was to chaotic. Message: the seed is planted.

This is my journey through the ascension process and I am trying to make all sense of these messages , synchronicities and spiritual downloads.

Love and light


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