Earth AND the Sun ERUPT within hours of each other – UNEXPECTEDLY ~ August 14, 2019

Rose Rambles...

Editor’s Note: This is a pretty interesting video from Mr. BBB which pretty well correlates with my ideas about Solar/Earth energetic activity. In other words as the Sun sends energy to Earth…things happen.

So…please be aware of energy, something we are ALL made of, and how these energies interplay with ALL, and BE…


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Now it Rises

Koyopa Rising

Vector infinite space background. Matrix of glowing stars with illusion of depth and perspective. Abstract cyber fiery sunrise over sea. Abstract futuristic universe on dark turquoise background.

For the past few nights, I have been receiving visions. It comes through a high vibrational download of feeling-knowing data within my cells and in sync with my inner sight. The true lightworker collective that is engaged with their greater soul purpose and absolute commitment to carry humanity forward into a higher-vibratory experience of life with Earth, has just recently engaged and secured its presence in the new grid. For extra-dramatic effect, I even heard the locking in of giant iron gears.

The vision was a rising of a new grid from beneath or inside the earth. It came up to overlay itself on top of the old matrix system. Now it rises above and will continue to rise and lift up all who are resonantly attuned to it.

It is very important that we remain conscious and anchored into what is real and actual now. Stay present. Resist the…

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Rose Rambles...

Editor”s Note: (Thanks to Galactic Connections for this one.) Uh huh…where have we heard about massive Light from the center of our Galaxy before? Wait…isn’t this a spiritual teaching now being verified by science? NOW may be the moment to ponder just how long it will take this massive light to reach our Earth. We must also consider how this Light energy will affect our Sun.

Haven’t many said our Sun will sneeze at “The Event” and change our world? Many think we are now in a dual-world situation with one world being 5D and the other being an “alternate” world since 3D Earth is gone.

It’s all a matter of vibrations, my friends, with Love being the strongest wave of vibratory energy in existence. The ever-increasing barrage of cosmic energies is releasing dark truths of various sorts on a consistent basis and this will only increase in the final…

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